March 16th, 2023

March 16th, 2023

US President Joe Biden (L) waves alongside his son Hunter Biden after attending mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Johns Island, South Carolina on August 13, 2022. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the grounds for appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden crime family have all been met, but AG Merrick Garland refuses to do so even as more information is revealed. Hallie Biden is now the third Biden family member to receive payments from China. This would be headline news on every news platform if this were Donald Trump or any Republican, but because it is Biden’s family it is ignored even though they have been caught red handed again. Democrats and the media are in heavy cover-up mode for Biden now because there isn’t just smoke, but real fire. Joe Biden and his family are the dirtiest family to ever occupy the White House, and having so many financial ties to the communist Chinese regime while the entire law enforcement system either ignores or defends it is a scandal of massive proportions. Also, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, calls in to discuss the recent liberal mob attack at a UC Davis incited by the Sacramento Bee and UC Davis staff. Patriots aren’t allowed on college campuses even though they’re subsidized with our tax dollars, while tenured professors push their radicalism with no consequence. The American Marxism indoctrination has moved from the colleges to our children. Later, Mark speaks with Benjamin Hall about his new book, Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make It Home.

Daily Mail
Hallie is unmasked as the mystery THIRD Biden family member to receive China cash: Top Republican reveals Beau’s widow and Hunter’s ex got $35,000 in 2017 from $3M deal made by Hunter’s associate

NY Times
Poland says it foiled a Russian spy ring seeking to sabotage arms shipments to Ukraine

Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP

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More of the corrupt Biden family. Before I get to that eight. United States Code section 600.1 grounds for appointing a special counsel, the attorney General or who cases in which the attorney general is recused. The acting attorney general will appoint a special counsel when he or she determines a criminal investigation of a person or matters is warranted an a that investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by the United States attorney’s office or litigating division of Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the department or other extraordinary circumstances, and B, that under the circumstances would be in the public interest to appoint an outside special counsel to assume responsibility for the matter. Now, clearly, a threshold for a criminal investigation has been met in the case of Joe Biden, given the emails, the tax, given the laptop and given additional information such as the Treasury Department wire information. Clearly, that investigation. Should not be handled by his own administration, a U.S. attorney whom he appoints or an attorney general whom he appoints. So it meets that element of the law. And then finally, that under the circumstances would be in the public interest for another to assume responsibility for the matter. There’s simply no question about that. So this is what is supposed to direct that is compel an attorney general to appoint a special counsel, and yet he refuses to do so in the Biden case as more information is revealed. Now we have the Daily Mail. We talked about this the other day. Who is this mysterious third Biden family member to receive communist Chinese cash? Hallie Biden, it turns out. Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden. She also had an affair with Hunter Biden or they had a relationship. And then Hunter Biden cheated on her and had a relationship with Haley sister. So you can see how sick this whole thing is. But let’s go on. Halliburton received a cut of $3 million in cash from China sent to an associate of Hunter. According to Republicans who released information from subpoenaed bank records. Now, let’s just stop there a minute. Would that not be headline news today on every newspaper? On every news platform. Would that not be headline news even for the Today Show and Good Morning America? Would that not be headline news for the Yankees on The View? You damn well know it would be. Beau Biden’s widow was identified today as the third member of the first family wrapped up in Representative James Comey’s investigation and allegations they used their names to profit on business deals around the world. In a memo seen by the, Hallie received $35,000 and two transfers in March from Biden family associate John Rob Walker after he received a $3 million wire from the Chinese state. Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with the CFC. China Energy that’s the massive Communist Chinese energy front group goes on the White House or excuse me, White House hit back. In a blistering statement, they called the focus on Hunter Biden’s widow bizarre. Really? While I’m focused on Joe Biden as opposed to. Hal, you had dinner with Joe in Delaware on Friday. I was married to Beau until his cancer death in 2015 and then had a relationship with Hunter from March 2017 until 2019. The bombshell memo shows Republicans are expanding their investigation into whether the Biden family used their names. They cash in on ventures across the globe. The GOP is also investigating what, if any, services Walker or family members provided to receive $3 million in cash from China. In a memo obtained by the, comber, Asked why Haley Biden publicly reported to work that a school counselor received money from Rob Walker, the account holder who got the initial deposit from the Chinese firm. And then, of course. This guy, Jamie Raskin, who’s a read his father was a Kurmi father, set up the Institute for Policy Studies, a Soviet front group in many respects. He’s been involved in every effort to take out Donald Trump on the impeachments and so forth. And now he’s their go to guy still. But Comer also took a shot at Ranking member Jamie Raskin, who accused him of running a dragnet for personal financial information on Walker. He said Ranking Member Jamie Raskin mischaracterized the substance of the bank’s reference by referencing payments related to Mr. Walker’s miscellaneous purchases, such as Paper Giants and Coffee at Starbucks, he wrote, referencing a blistering memo by Raskin blasting the probe as strictly political. See this guy Raskin? He had no problem with going after Trump over nothing. But here we have something. And he accuses the Republicans of doing exactly what he did. Representative Raskin admitted material facts that Roberts and Walker LLC received a $3 million wire from a Chinese company in March 2017, less than two months after Biden left the vice presidency, and that Mr. Walker then transferred over $1,000,000 to various banks associated with the Bidens in the following months. Jamie Raskin doesn’t care about any of that. This is a big, big deal. And may I say, the Bidens have me caught red handed communist red handed. I just read to you what the appointment requirement for a special counsel is. How has that not been done yet? It’s case after case after case. Fingerprints, DNA, everything all over the place. The White House has repeatedly denied President Biden knowing family members business dealings he frequent, knows whether he distanced himself from his own family, his brother. His daughter in law. His son. But they’re innocent. You see, Joe Biden knows they’re innocent. But he doesn’t know anything about what they’ve been doing. He frequently continues those behind to socialize with family members traveling with Natalie Biden, Haley and Beau’s daughter to the West Coast this week and dining at Haley Biden’s home in Delaware last week, according to a pool report filed by a reporter traveling with the president. But they don’t discuss anything. No, no, no, no. White House spokesman Ian Sams accused Comar of cruelty going after Biden’s son and his late son’s widow. Oh, I see. It’s cruel. So don’t do it. Don’t look into it. The transactions cited by Comar are from 2017 after Beau’s death. After Beau’s death. This poor Beau Biden has been used by his family and their lawyers to try and conceal all their filthy, lousy corruption. It’s unbelievable. After Beau’s death when Hayley Biden and Hunter Biden were romantically involved. That’s. From 2017, what they’re looking at in part. The memo also references Biden associate James Giller. After that Chinese company wired Robertson Walker The $3 million the Biden family received approximately 1,065,692 over a three month period in different bank accounts. Let’s stop there. Second, what in the hell is the Biden family doing getting $3 million from a communist Chinese front group? Let’s just stop. And then they get money at the Pen Biden Center in Washington, D.C. to pay him $900,000 a year for sitting on his ass and picking his nose. Now, think about that. More Chinese money. What the hell is going on here and over there at the Department of Injustice? They’re all blind to it. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to hear. They don’t want to see. It’s unbelievable. And yet wait until you hear what the rogue Jack the Ripper Smith is doing in a moment. Comer says he issued the subpoena on February 27. And he says it was in pursuit of legislative solutions, a statement that recalls the court fight over Democrat efforts to get Trump’s tax returns. Well, they got them and there was nothing. And so they’re looking at these bank statements, they’re looking at these wire transfers that you can imagine. The Democrats had no interest in looking at anything if it didn’t have Trump related to it. So there’s real fire here. Not just smoke. There is real fire here. Where’s Woodward? Where’s Bernstein? Where’s Haberman? Where is Jeremy and his Peters? Where are the New York Times and The Washington Post and NBC and MSNBC where CNN and ABC and CBS? Where are the intrepid investigative reporters that are overpaid, slovenly buffoons? Where are they? Don’t they want a breaking story? And where the hell is Christopher Wray? And Merit Merritt, La. Are they interested in finding out what took place? Apparently not. Maybe we can get a local Republican D.A. to dig into this. A local Republican D.A.. Maybe we can get one of them to dig into this. A Republican attorney general. Problem is they’re not in Delaware or Washington, D.C.. Nonetheless. Maybe there’s one out there. Because this is heavy duty cover up mode. Heavy duty cover up mode. I’ll be right back.

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And. It’s just amazing how dishonest the Democrat Party is. The whole damn institution, whether it comes to their lives about entitlements, their lies about inflation, their lies about the border. The racism and racialism. It’s just incredible and how they circle the wagons. For this mashed potato brain. I think the truth is that Joe Biden and his family. Ah, the dirtiest family to ever occupy the White House. I think it’s worse than Harding. And the people who surrounded. President Grant. This is a scandal of massive proportions. That the man who occupies the Oval Office by hook or by crook. Has so many financial ties, as does his family, to the communist Chinese regime. And that the entire federal law enforcement infrastructure. Defend him or ignores him. While trying to take out the leading so far. Republican for the nomination for president. A former president. Who has literally. Four Democrat prosecutors radicals are. When the attorney general in New York to the D.A. in Manhattan, to the D.A. in Atlanta. To the phony special prosecutor in Washington, D.C., under the tutelage of the Democrat attorney general appointed by Biden. Looking over every stone, every staffer, every family member, every business deal, every tax filing. Millions of pages of dark and nothing on Joe Biden. There’s an entire laptop in the possession of the FBI and the Department of Justice. They all look. Tony Bobulinski went in, spoke to the FBI for four or 5 hours, laid out the case. They never called it back. Goons from the Stasi go out. After Project Veritas and her friend James O’Keefe, hunting down a diary from Biden’s daughter. Since when does the FBI do that? Just incredible. And of course, the disparate treatment when it comes to documents, classified information. They’re not yanking people all around Biden from his Senate days to his vice presidential days to his presidential days. Advisers, secretaries, janitors, anybody who heard or saw anything to try and make some phony case. But they are with Trump. They are with Trump. It is incredible to me what this crooked family has gotten away with. And Joe Biden has been on the government dole for his entire life, except for two years, in which all of a sudden he earned $17 million, including money laundered through various institutions, from the communist Chinese to him, money laundered through family members, money deposited in different banks, money spent on his home and so forth. No novel legal theory necessary here, ladies and gentlemen, bought and paid for. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

All right this Sunday on Life Liberty and Levin we’re going to have Charles Payne and we’re going to have Joe Tacopina. Joe is President Trump’s lawyer in Manhattan and that matter and one of the great defense lawyers. And of course, Charles Payne is one of the brilliant economic analysts. And we’re going to have a very strong opening statement by me. Let me be very clear about something. I don’t always agree with people who I like. I don’t always agree with people who I might support. I don’t always agree with people who I will support. Nature of the beast. I don’t put on a uniform and wear a special hat and just marched behind politicians. I don’t do it. I never have and I never will. Obviously some politicians to me are more important than others are better than others. The golden era of great statesmen was when you had Thatcher as prime minister of England. You had Helmut Kohl as chancellor of Germany. You had Ronald Reagan as President of the United States. And in my view, you had John Paul the second. As pope in Rome. And they accomplished enormous things for freedom and security. They weren’t afraid. They were brave. Thatcher took on her establishment cold. Took on his establishment. Reagan took on our establishment and John Paul. The second was a truly unique pope in so many ways and helped take on the Communists. And there was success all over the world Africa, Central and South America and, of course, Europe. I don’t see such a coalition today. I don’t see it in Rome. I don’t see it in Germany. I don’t seen in Britain. And with Biden, of course, I don’t see it in the United States. I disagree with my dear friend Donald Trump on some of his foreign policy positions, but I agree with a whole lot of them, too, because I don’t think. He is, as described by so many. I think he’s a very clever individual in the way that he deals with foreign leaders. And people try and project onto themselves what Donald Trump is thinking while behind the scenes they’re trashing the man. And I consider. The governor of Florida, a dear friend. The family friend. I do not agree with him on Ukraine. In fact, I was surprised by the statement. I’ve read it over and over and over again. People say, read it very carefully. I have now for the 20th time. But I still think he’d make a great president, as would Trump again. But it doesn’t mean I have to agree with him all the time. And I think one of the things that bothered me about all these statements in response to Tucker Carlson was almost none of those who take the position of the so-called populists. Can you even define what a populist is? And most of all, don’t define their foreign policy. I’m an American first. What makes them an American first? Pacifism is not an American first. The enemy’s on the move. And yes, you can look at history and see situations. They’re not perfectly parallel, but they’re close enough. And history is taking down every one of their words and every one of their views. And people will look back on it. And decide whether they were right or wrong. Whether they were courageous or not, whether they were statesmen or not. And for some of these Republicans, I’ll be damned if I can even understand what their foreign policy doctrine is. Because I don’t get it. And neither do they. Neither do they. Foreign policy is not about democracy. We’re not a democracy. We’re republic. We’re not a democracy. We don’t always do what the people say they want us to do, because sometimes the people, as the founders said, act as a faction or there’s a temporary majority view. And so we we go with a republic, not a parliamentary system. And this seems to be misunderstood by a lot of people. Seem to be very confused by this shouldn’t be. And I love being lectured by people who went to private schools and Ivy League schools. Probably never met a blue collar worker. Through much of their early life and they claim to be part of We the people, the working class, while everybody else is an elitist. Am I an elitist? I want the Temple University. A public school, a college. They met after 11th grade, but I went there nonetheless, and I went to the University Law school. Do you want to know why I went there? Because we couldn’t afford anything else. And it didn’t matter to me anyway. Just give me my damn law degree and I’ll go out. I’ll make a difference. Wouldn’t have mattered if I went to Harvard or Yale or any of the others. Look what they cut coming out of Stanford, for God’s sakes. You are what you put into life buildings. They don’t matter names on buildings. They don’t matter. What you decide to do with yourself is what matters. My family didn’t have a ton of money. Some of these people who say they’re of the people and attack elites, they have a lot of money and they always had a lot of money. I don’t begrudge it in the least. But don’t be a hypocrite. But, Mark, you haven’t found any wars? No, but many in the family have. And there are people who have fought in wars like Tom Cotton. Michael Gallagher. Mike Gallagher. Michael Waltz. Dan Crenshaw. Who have fought. Who agree with me. And there are other people who fight who don’t agree with me. So why keep using that bromide? I do remember Abraham Lincoln being some great combat veteran either. If not our greatest presidents, certainly one of them. So the Sunday show is going to be a big show. I hope you’ll watch it. We’ve got tremendous guests. And as I tell you here, you folks in this audience, you’re the smartest audience out there. Why? Because I don’t do the talk show tap dance here. I just don’t. Sometimes they say things that annoy you and frustrate you. Sometimes they say things where you get up and clap. It is what it is. But I remember what the great Rush Limbaugh said to me once. And he and I were best friends. And I would do anything for him and vice versa. And he they Kennedy were my mentors and radio. Every level in the director of this legal division goes way back. Boy, time flies. And you said this, Mark. Never underestimate the intelligence of your audience. Never, ever. Never underestimate the knowledge of your audience. Never, ever. There will be flash flashes in the pan as hosts. You’re talking about TV and radio. They’ll be hot commodities for three, five, seven years. But he said, I’ve been in this business for decades. Not because I’m the most brilliant man on the face of the earth, not because I’m the most entertaining man on the face of the earth, not because I’m the most clever man on the face of the earth. But because I’ve never underestimated the. Intelligence of my audience. I never played them. Sometimes I upset them. Most of the time I didn’t. But you have to be yourself. I have never forgotten that. And yet I see more and more people, not just in radio and TV or columnists who don’t get it, and they don’t respect you. They don’t respect you and they don’t have the guts to stand up. And to say what they know is right. That’s the truth. I’ll be right back.

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Like many of these pro-Putin pacifists and their pro-Putin because they never attack Putin. And in their written statements, not in their own words, not in their argumentation. Also attacked Donald Trump when he took out Suleimani, the head of the Iranian Kurds force. The Iranian Kurds for now. What did the Iranian cuts force to you? Watch TV, you see tunnel the terror to see all these other efforts. To help people who have lost limbs, their eyesight, head injuries and so forth. Well, many of those people that you see, not all many. On the receiving end, on the receiving end of Suleimani’s terror against American forces. Trump had enough of it. He took him out with a drone attack. Trump was attacked. By the same ideologues who want you to believe that they represent you. And then they try and create the the battle between the DC rhinos and New York Times tries to pull this. And so they’re constantly quoting Lindsey Graham. Our Joe Scarborough, who’s a moron. You know, you can be a traditionalist. This isn’t a battle. Between the establishment warmongers. And the president. We the people. This is a battle between. Traditional conservatives. And phony populists. The apparently don’t even understand what populism means. Starting in the late 1800s, hijacked by the Socialists, Woodrow Wilson and the rest. They claim to represent the people. How so? On what basis? What did you see? The polls. The polls. We’re a constitutional republic. The poll seriously. No, I didn’t see the polls. But speaking of the polls, I want to tell you about a breaking story involving them, because now we’re supposed to hate the polls, you see, because they’re sending jets to Ukraine. They are aggressively trying to help Ukraine against the Russians. So now we’re going to be against Poland. You see, still works. Shouldn’t have taken out Suleimani because it may provoke the Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran. That’s what they say. Go ahead and Google it. It’s all there. How stupid. How wrong were they? And by the way, Iran didn’t do a damn thing. Because they feared Trump. Where the war mongers and by the way, are industries, the patriotic industries that provide the armaments for our men and women in uniform. We’re supposed to hate them, too, because they’re profiteers. Now they’re trying to meet the orders that are given to them to protect our men and women in uniform and our country. You know, the same businesses that the communist Chinese, the Islamic Nazi regime in Iran and the Russians are stealing our technology from Americans work at those companies. You know, my friends. What? Only other companies should make profits. Only solar energy companies should make profits. Well, how the hell are they supposed to exist? They even sound like Marxists. This is breaking news, literally. 6 minutes ago. Give or take. Now, an hour ago, Poland says it foiled a Russian spying ring seeking to sabotage arms shipments to Ukraine. Warsaw, Poland. On Thursday, New York Times said it had detained nine foreigners accused of spying for Russia and preparing sabotage operations to disrupt the flow of Western arms in the neighboring Ukraine. The presence in Poland, a member of Naito of a Russian spy ring intent on damaging Polish infrastructure used to transport weapons and ammunition to Ukraine would signal a risky escalation by Moscow, which has so far avoided striking it targets inside alliance territory. Now, if you’re part of this phony America first crowd, which is an America last crowd, they’ll blame America for this. Not Putin. America it’s hard for. Now, you do not have to support Joe Biden. You do not have to support Joe Biden. And unlike Russia over Ukraine. That’s not how this works. Joe Biden’s an idiot. He’s destroying America. He’s destroying every country he touches. This is nothing to do with that. All right. I’m going to move on. I’ll be right back.