March 15th, 2023

March 15th, 2023

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 06: The early morning sun strikes the U.S. Capitol November 6, 2006 in Washington, DC. Midterm elections take place November 7, potentially changing the balance of power in the nation's capital. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are always about bailing out other Democrats and elite donors, but not every day Americans like the people in East Palestine, Ohio. The board of Silicon Valley Bank was filled with liberal crackpots pushing liberal causes like climate change and social justice, and in the end that was what ruined the bank. The Biden administration is destroying our economy and driving up inflation, because it is filled with people ideologues like OMB Director Shalanda Young lying about our deficit and national debt. President Biden is such a pathological liar, he is now accusing MAGA Republicans of wanting to defund the police because they didn’t want to pass his so-called inflation reduction act, which is just a social justice and climate change bill. Biden says it’s because he has no shame and has been lying for decades. Also, Marxists and populists are changing the language so if you believe that America should remain the #1 superpower and defend ourselves and our allies against the communist Chinese, fascistic Russians, or islamonazis in Iran, you’re a liberal. Unless you oppose providing aid and support to allies and turn the other cheek while innocent people are being slaughtered at rates we haven’t seen since World War 2, you’re a warmonger. Later, Mark speaks with journalist James O’Keefe about his new venture in citizen journalism, O’Keefe Media Group.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

A friend of mine just wrote me and said, So let me get this straight on this Biden story where he saw two well-dressed men kissing and his father is driving him to school. He’s a senior in high school, Mr. Producer. He said to him, the big issue was your daddy still driving you to school when you’re at school? Don’t you have a friend or somebody you can drive with? The whole thing is B.S. Everybody knows it. It’s been demonstrated 14 different ways. Anyway, I want you to listen to this first clip of Joe Biden as he does his Marxist class warfare. He’s now accusing the Republicans of wanting to defund the police. The guy is such a pathological liar. It’s just incredible to me. But that probably explains why he is the leading Democrat in America. Cut one. Go. My Republican friends say, where are you going to cut taxes for the wealthy? I said, No, I got a better way. I saved money. Not a joke. If in fact you limit the amount of money that can be charged to reasonable prices by the drug companies. You know, but you say that’s not a joke. SCHUMER You schmuck. All right, that’s enough. Hey, Ned, I’m thinking. How fast did Biden bail out his friends at this bank, the Silicon Valley Bank? How fast did he do that, Mr. Producer? In minutes. Many of the millionaires and billionaires. Took the limit of the cap of $250,000 for depositors. Has exposed the entire nation to a policy that would be utterly disastrous. How fast did he moved? There’s a Democrat bank, and I’m going to prove that in a minute. Meanwhile, as Kelly Sadler points out. In the what is this paper? The Washington Times could paper. Biden Rushes to Bail Out Silicon Valley, continues to ignore East Palestine, Ohio. You thought about that, Rick. Isn’t that amazing? So the Democrats are always about bailing out Democrats, the elite donors, the big wigs. East Palestine doesn’t even merit a visit by this moron. Now, you think about that, folks, and there’s going to be more about the money that’s gone to the Biden crime family from the communist Chinese and admitted this is unbelievable to me that there’s not an ongoing investigation of Biden and his family. Forget about Hunter Hunter’s just a little piece of it. The big guy at the top, none of this would be possible, but for the big guy. And yet they are covering up for this guy. Like there’s no tomorrow. Like there’s no tomorrow. Biden keeps talking about. Now the Republicans want to defund the police. Because they didn’t vote for his massive climate change bill that was dressed up as an inflation reduction bill that had all kinds of stuff in there. And we give money to states and cities. And he said that money could have been used to hire police, but the Republicans voted against it, therefore they defund it. This is why this crackpot was failing in law school and had a plagiarism cheat to get through a test because he’s an idiot. But if you’re an idiot in politics, you’re righteous. If you know how to lie and lie often. Even if you’re caught, Pete, you act like you’re telling the truth. You can become a Democrat Party apparatchik or an official as well. It’s just incredible to me. And then he sends his idiot OMB director. To the Senate to defend what is an indefensible, massive spending, debt and taxing bill. The worst we’ve seen ever proposed in the history of the United States, ever. And she’s up against the great senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson. I want you to take a listen to this. Cut to go. What would be a fair percent of total income taxes in your mind? For the wealthy to pay. So I will point out that you talked a lot about federal tax. Well, I also did. I also did total tax with about 24%. So in your mind, again, you have to use metrics here. When when will the top 1% pay their fair share? What percent of income taxes? What percent of total taxes will be their fair share? I’ll go back to a statistic I talked about earlier where some analysis show 400 of the wealthiest families in this country pay 8% effective rate. So let me start with the top 1% pay an average of 26% top rate. The bottom 50% pay 3.1%. So the bottom 50% pay 3.1%. The top 1% pay an effective rate of 26%. That’s pretty big. Delta. That’s a progressive tax rate. Again, I want to know it. What what should the top 1% pay in terms of total income tax? What should they pay as a percent of total total tax? What percentage there be right now is 42.3% of total income taxes, around 24% of total tax. Senator, I listen to I listened listen to how vicious and vile she becomes here because he asks a very rational question. Notice first, she talks about these 400 families. He’s not talking about that. He’s talking about all the wealthiest in the country. Not 400 families, tens of thousands of families. So he says, what should it be? Now listen to what she says. Go. I’m happy to share ours. Where now? I mean, listen, you don’t even need to look at it right now. It’s 42%. That’s your inheritance. Should it be 50%? Should they pay 70% of the total income tax? Should they pay 50% of total tax? I mean, in your mind to step away from rhetoric, at what point? Will you be satisfied that one, the top 1% are paying their fair share? I mean, you ought to be able to figure that out. Top your head. Yeah. Senator, I’ve told you, and I’m happy to share this analysis. 400 of the wealthiest families in this country. That’s. That’s not answering the question. See, And they’re never going to answer the question because Marxists don’t answer questions. They don’t have to. They’re ideologues and she’s not going to answer the question, the numbers that she’s using her publicly available numbers. I’ve used them before myself. The bottom 50% pay 3.1% of federal income taxes. The bottom 50%, the top 1% pay 26%. The top 5% pay 50%. He’s saying, okay, what do you want them to pay? And she won’t say. Why not? I don’t know. Maybe she needs a biologist. Mr. Producer. Although in her case, she needs a mathematician. Shalanda Young is her name, by the way, and she’s highly qualified for this position because she knows how to lie just like her boss. Your boss is out there today, as you heard him talking about how Republicans want to defund the police. And everybody’s scratching their head. Wait a minute. We have Democrat mayor after mayor, we still have Democrats in the House saying that which Republican wanted to defund the police. But he says it. Because he has no shame. He’s been doing it for 80 years. Cut three ago. 22 is 1.3. $1.37 trillion. In 2023, it’s projected to be over 1.5 trillion. He’s talking about each year deficit because they keep claiming this is going to bring down the deficit, all this massive spending. So this is 2022. You project the deficit just for that year to be 1.3 to 1.4 trillion in 2023. It’s projected to be over 1.5 trillion. And the president’s budget now is projecting 1.8 trillion. Go ahead. Since budget now is projecting 1.8 trillion. So from 1.3 to 1.5 to 1.8. How can you claim that’s reducing the deficit easily? Senator, my entire statement said over we talk about ten year budget windows over the ten year budget window. If you go look at 2033, the president’s budget would bring down deficits by $3 trillion or nearly $3.2 trillion, 2.9. But again, year to year. I mean, I think most people say when you’re reducing deficit, let’s stop. Let’s not what, ten year budget? What does this mouth China? Stalin’s Russia. Everybody knows ten year budgets are a fraudulent PR marketing mess that Congress use, particularly Democrats. Because no future Congress is held to what a past Congress has done. Certainly the Democrats aren’t going to be held to it. They’ll look for another emergency. Another another situation is say, look, we got to spend more and more and more and more because that’s what they do. Their economic ignoramuses. Go ahead year on year. So we’re going from 1.3 trillion to 1.6 trillion to now 1.8 in the budget. You’re actually increasing the deficit by about $300 billion in 2024. Is your projection over the 2023 projection. You’re increasing the deficit. And by the way, that’s a massive deficit, $1.8 trillion. What do you think is sparking inflation, which caused the Fed to start increasing interest rates, which is causing the run on these banks? At what point are you going to acknowledge the harm that these masks that this massive deficit spending is causing our economy? You’re certainly not recognizing in your 2024 budget, Senator. What I hope we all realize is that inflation is a global a global phenomenon. The UK doesn’t have the same laws over the last few years that the United States has, and it has inflation. India the same way when America sneezes, the rest of world catches a cold. And what he’s saying there is, what does that have to do with anything? We’re the ones driving up. Inflation sort of affects the other countries. The other countries are based on the dollar to. And he’s asking very, very important questions here, and she won’t answer them. She won’t answer unless this involves the budget, This involves the future and she won’t answer them. And they are destroying our financial system, our banking system. But they keep at it with her because this is the budget proposal and this is the committee that oversees the budget. Now, Rick Scott takes a shot to see what’s going on. Excellent, Senator, as well. Shalanda Young again, OMB Director, Cut, Forego. Do you believe excessive government spending running big deficits causes inflation? I believe one thing does not cause inflation and inflation pervasive around the world. I mean, that was an answer. So that’s no. The federal debt has risen to more than $31 trillion since Biden took office. It’s almost $4 trillion. Do you believe that his budget reduces debt, the debt of the country? A senator one I would I use 24.7 trillion that is publicly held debt. The rest of the debt that you cite is other government trustees. Do you think his budget reduces debt? Our budget focuses on the deficit, which has an impact on that. That’s a no. Okay, that’s fine. So is President Biden’s budget balanced? Meaning does it are you going to have we spend more than we collect? Senator? No, because we believe that would hurt working families. Oh, okay. No, you haven’t hurt working families yet, have you? Do I have to go through it? Do these people not live in the real world? The answer is no. They get a government check no matter what. And it’s a big, fat, juicy check. These people come out of academia, they come out of activism, community activists. Most of them are utterly ignorant about the areas that the government there’s a. Posed to be overseen. It’s not that this woman is ignorant. She’s a propagandists, a propagandist for Biden and his administration. You’ve heard what she said as any of it makes sense. You’re going to massively increase yearly deficits and then you claim at the end of ten years you’re going to be cutting. That. Now, that is a lie. And so the Democrats are going to vote for this. Well, let me ask you a question. How is this any different from a financial institution putting out a document that lies about their finances? And if the S.E.C. found out about it, would they prosecute them? Wouldn’t they audit them? When the moron hit the attorney general. When he’s sick his his hound dogs on them. And yet the government does this every damn day. You’re hearing it right here. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Biden in California yesterday cut 15 out. Congressional Republicans should pass my budget instead of calling from the right notices flying everywhere but Palestine, Ohio. This amazing. You know, I was in California, raised money for himself. Go ahead. Congressional Republicans should pass my budget instead of calling for cuts in these services or defunding the police or abolishing the FBI. As we hear from our MAGA Republic, we hear from our MAGA Republican friends that they want to defund police or abolish the FBI. You heard from Matt Gaetz at CPAC, who did it really not as a serious way as a point of argumentation. But that said, his MAGA Republican friends make America great again. Isn’t that horrible? To make America great again. And what do we call Biden? I think we call him and his friends. Maggot. Democrats. Republicans. Wait the hell up and get into the battle. Engage Joe Biden and the MAGA Democrats. That’s what they are. No, we don’t want to cut the police. We want to increase their money, increase their numbers, increase their firepower. You lame brain low IQ moron.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know America. I’ll let you in on a little secret. My beautiful wife is off in Jerusalem running the Jerusalem marathon. I desperately wanted to go there with her and other family members, but I couldn’t. Because I’m working on my next book. It was a huge project. Now we adopted these two puppies. And I wanted them. There was one and I said, Let’s get the other. Turns out they’re not house trained. And I told you I’d been building Fort Knox around the kitchen because I want them to have a little bit of room to move around. But the bigger dog, Ronnie, is almost like a gazelle, and he is hilarious. And I can see he was likely abused. And I know I can do any of that stuff. And the little one. Was a puppy mill dog and spent most of his life in a cage. But between me and my buddy Mike, we walk them six times a day. Mr. Bliss. I early in the morning and late at night, he in between so I can prepare being a quasi professional for radio, for live in TV for my Fox show and work on this book. But it hasn’t gone as planned this week. And I just wanted to point that out. And these dogs are so precious. Many of you have been giving us advice here at the live in TV Empire, where I want to remind you, I also appointed myself the director of diversity, equity and inclusivity. So if my broad staff of two have any issues, they have to come to me. And by the way, any federal judge is welcome here. I will not shut them down. And so I finally broke down. One after another of you said you need to get these. These cages, and I’m not going to keep them in cages. I can’t do it. I don’t have the heart for that. But every now and then, particularly when they make I’m 65, but I’ll say anyway, a boo boo. You’ve got to teach them. And the sooner I teach them, the better, because I want them running around the house and jumping on the bed and doing all the things the dogs should do. But they’re puppies. And puppies do other things. For instance, they tore two pieces, one of their beds. That took about a half hour to clean up, Mr. Producer. Ronnie, the bigger one, chewed through part of our wedding album. Thank God I have an understanding wife. I called her in Israel and I said, You know, I got a problem. She said, Don’t worry about it. We can get that taken care of. Okay, good. And I set the alarm for Ultra early in the morning. I go to bed very, very late night because I’m a night owl. You know, Joe Biden’s a night owl because he he just starts walking into walls late at night. He gets confused when the lights turn off. But I’m working late at night. I burn the candle at both ends, as they say, which isn’t very healthy. But I do what I do. The limited time on this earth and I don’t want to blow it. So there we are. I haven’t provided you with any pictures yet. I have a mr. Producer put on the social sites. I’ll do that soon. I’ll do that. All right. Back to business or the destruction of business, I should say, when we’re talking about Biden and his comrades. The New York Post on page 12 and 13 today. Give us a little insight into this Silicon Valley bank, which has a completely woke bank. Oh, don’t say that. You can’t say that, I guess, dead. And why they’ve been bailed out so fast. Not because of the finances of the country or anything. This bank was doing everything that the Democrats demanded. Everything. But Joshua Red Miller points out. SVP execs windfall eyed woke board behind failure links to Hillary and Obama. Wow. Can you imagine that? What does a Hillary Clinton megadonor who went to a Shinto shrine to pray after Donald Trump won the White House? These are board members. Another one, they white and another worked for President Barack Obama before her own political career spectacularly failed. A third board member is a prolific contributor to Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, who owns a Napa Valley vineyard just 15 minutes from his. That is his vineyard. Because you see, the Democrats are for the little guy. The tribe directors who were supposed to oversee fall in Silicon Valley Bank and prevent the catastrophic errors on Friday that threw the entire banking system into jeopardy, might not be household names, but now they face a series of investigations into their collective role in its collapse. The group’s lack of backing expertise may likely be a focus for investigators. You think? Just one current member has had a career at the top of the investment banking world. That’s one out of 12. That’s not bad. 8%. What’s clear is that the bank and much of the board burnish their democratic credentials as part of their strategy. Everyone knew it was the go to bank for CEOs, one source told the Post. They knew they were aligned politically. The company’s SVP loan money to all had a woke agenda. And here’s a who’s who of the failed SVP board director Kate Mitchell, 64, is a Hillary Clinton megadonor so upset by Trump’s 2016 victory that she went to a shrine in Kyoto that Thanksgiving. I prayed for me and asked to get beyond our grieving and shock and to figure out how to engage and listen to what happened and come back together, Mitchell told CNBC. The prayers came after she had donated $50,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. Wow. Prior to the election, Mitchell celebrated how 97% of technology company employees donate donations were going to Clinton. Quote 97% support of Clinton is mind blowing and really suggests that we’re pounding the table. Mitchell told nbc news. We think her business policies are going to be friendlier. Mitchell was a prolific donor in 2016, but much less generous in 2020, donating only $593,000 each to Democrat parties in Minnesota, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Board member Elizabeth Busy Burr Splits Executive Success. She’s now the interim CEO of Rite Aid after Heyward Donigan exited in January. With a rare hobby in provisional theater. The 61 year old credits being an improv troupe for taking her to the top. I’ve learned a lot from doing improv, and it’s influential how I think about leadership, she told Authority magazine. Oh, there’s one. In February 2021. Before joining Phoebe’s board months later in November, her woke credentials are not in doubt. In the same interview, she detailed how she saw her role as director as being. About forcing companies to embrace diversity, which is what we’re trying to do here on the Mark Levin show. What is your heritage? Ensign in Italian and Irish. Mr. Producer. What is Steven’s heritage? Mr. Koskinen What is your heritage, Stephen? He’s all he’s European, all over the place. And I, of course. They’re mostly Russian, if you can believe that. Not exactly proud of it, but here I am. So we have broad diversity here on the Mark Levin show, I would say. All right. Here we go. Gavin Kay Stegman, elected as FBS Board in 2012, was another serial Democratic donor. He owns the Stag Glen Family Vineyard, a 61 acres certified organic property in Napa County. Excuse me, Napa County. The 2019 Cabaret retells his days for about 300 bucks. 78 year old and his wife Sherry, bought the estate in Rutherford in 1985, putting them in elevated company. Less than 50 minutes away is the Napa Valley Estate owned by Democratic speaker emerita. Nancy Eva Pelosi and her husband I have another Paul stagnant has donated to Pelosi but reserved his biggest donations for national figures. He gave the Biden Victory Fund 10,000 in 2020, sent 54,000 to Hillary’s Victory Fund in 2016 on top of 25,000 the previous year. Back, Barack Obama with 35,820 11 gave the DNC $10,000 last year. All bailed out by you and me, by the people in Palestine, Ohio. Wait. Now the most politically connected independent director, as they say, is Mary J. Miller, 67. Mary J. Was Obama’s undersecretary for domestic finance at the Treasury Department from March 2012 to September 2014. In her role, she implemented the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that set the regulatory framework in which SVP operates, meaning she would have expert insight into the thinking of regulators dealing with the now shuttered bank. But her own attempt at a political career ended in disaster. A longtime Baltimore resident, she ran to become Charm City’s mayor in 2020, but finished in third in the Democrat primary after an extraordinary race row political action committee working on Miller’s behalf, sent an explosive email to potential donors, saying her campaign strategy was to target white voters, which would leave the two African-American candidates to split the city’s majority black vote and clear her path to victory. Local station WBEZ first reported. Oh. He’s kind of like Biden. Biden was a long time bigot, but not anymore. Confronted with the emails two months before the primary, Miller insisted the PAC’s Citizens for Ethical Progressive Leadership had nothing to do with her. Then we have Tom King, 63, CFO, BS newest direct only board member with a career at the pinnacle of the banking world. He spent 35 years in investment banking, much of it at Citigroup before joining Barclays in 2013. What about Greg Becker? Opponent by RSVP is president, CEO and 2011 lauded as a champion of the innovation economy. That’s scary right there. Innovation Economy. When he joined the firm in 1993, his company profile shows the 55 year old Indiana University business grad urged RSVP investors to stay calm on a conference call Thursday as it stock plummeted 60% during the afternoon trading. But less than two weeks earlier, he dumped more than $3.5 million worth of stock in the company, records show. Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department and the SCC are investigating the failure of SVP. Wow. What? A board. I don’t understand how a collapse it was doing everything the Democrat Party laid out. Oh, yes. I was involved in diversity, equity, inclusiveness. They had parties. Oh, lots of parties. Donated lots of money to Democrats. They had no diversity on the board. There are left wing crackpots. And they killed the bank. And they were giving all this money out for solar panels and batteries and I guess propeller hats and electric socks or batteries socks. I don’t know. The investments didn’t pan out. And now you’re on the hook. Just like you’re on the hook for all these students who took out loans, who want to destroy your businesses and your families and your country, who attacked judges who attacked Charlie Kirk. Yes. You should be subsidizing them, too, don’t you know? And of course, you hate the police, according to Biden. And of course you support the rich against the poor, according to Biden. Biden, who still hasn’t stepped foot in Palestine, Ohio, or hasn’t gone to the border when the border was actually the border went to a Potemkin village that was created for him, much like the Marxist thugs of the old Soviet empire. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Did you know if if you believe Ukraine is in the right, in Russia’s in the wrong, that you’re a liberal, you’re not even a neocon. You’re a liberal. Did you know Ronald Reagan was a liberal? Did you know George Patton was a liberal liberal? Oh, we’ll have some fun with this next hour, of course. But if you support Putin or Russia, you believe in America first. Yes. Erica, first, amazing of a lot of kooks and crackpots out there. There just aren’t. So I learned the other day, the other evening, Mr. Produce. That if you support helping Ukraine defend itself and defeat the Russians in Ukraine, the Russians who’ve invaded Ukraine. Then you’re a liberal. Just like everybody on MSNBC and CNN. You’re a liberal. I thought to myself, Why? That feels weird. I haven’t ever been a liberal. And a lot of people I know. To think, as I do on the subject, they’ve never been liberal either. And then I’m told, forget about Ronald Reagan, forget about him. He’s old news. These are new times. Just because he defeated the Soviet Union and pushed them out of Central and South America. And just because he pushed them out of North Africa and just because he beat their ass in Afghanistan, just because he worked with Lady Thatcher and John Paul the second and Helmut Kohl, and they had this magnificent alliance. Forget about him. It’s a new day. You all must be liberal.