March 7th, 2023

March 7th, 2023

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, a Mexican cartel murdered 2 American citizens, and the Biden administration’s response is all talk and no action. Democrats always talk about gun control for American citizens, but never about cartel gun control and their dominance of the southern border. Mexican cartels have invaded this country under the Biden Administration, and this will have dangerous effects for decades to come. President Biden and the Democrat party have used illegal immigration to unleash this violence on our society, and they’ve used it to try and affect the demographics of the country. We have a narco state south of the border using the same tactics as ISIS, because ISIS learned it from watching the drug cartels.  Also, American history isn’t American Marxism or the 1619 project, and Ken Burns knows that despite going on CNN to tear down Ron DeSantis. They hate DeSantis because he’s the only one fighting against this ideology taking hold in our classrooms and pushing the Democrat Marxist agenda. Then, Medicare and Medicaid funding is going bankrupt, and the Democrat plan to fix it is to tax families making over $400,000 or more to replenish the fund. Democrats don’t believe in a responsible budget but will continue to win elections like the Marxists they are, by pretending to be for the common people and to tax the rich. Later, Biden and his administration only care about diversity, not competency, which is how you get nominees like Phillip Washington to run the Federal Aviation Administration. Washington has no experience in aviation and was unable to answer basic questions for the job during a congressional hearing and has no idea whatsoever what he is doing. The Democrat party puts its racist CRT, DEI, equity agenda ahead of the safety of millions of Americans who fly on airlines.

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Hour 1 Segment 1

Now, there’s a lot to get into tonight from the release of these tapes. Too. So much more. But I want to start with. The Mexican cartel murdering two American citizens. What are we going to do about this? All talk. No action. They murdered two American citizens now. If they get away with this without any kind of. Violent retribution from us. This is going to happen more often, not just in Mexico, but all over the world. All over the world. So what should be done? What I said yesterday should have been done. A statement by the president of the United States and a warning that if any American citizens are harmed, there will be a military response within 24 hours. You know, the Democrats like to talk about gun control, but they never talk about cartel control. By the control of their weapons. More people are dying in America as a result of fentanyl than handgun or rifle murders in this country. You wear that. Depending on the year 15, the 17,000 Americans are killed, some by their own hand. But. If I do the aggregate, it’s a lot of people. So a lot of people. On the other hand, 100,000 or more are killed as a result of fentanyl. And now they kidnap American citizens. Murder. Two of them. One of them. Apparently this receiving treatment for injuries. We’re supposed to believe this was some kind of a mistake. They had North Carolina tags on their car. I just want to point this out. That this administration must do something and we need to stop listening to the appeasers, the fakes and the frauds who always want us to stand down. We shouldn’t stand down. We should stand up. And these cartels now have. Entrenched themselves in every metropolitan area in this country and in every state. And it has spread like a cancer under this administration. Under the Biden administration. And this is going to affect this country for decades to come, decades to come. And while you have these Democrat mayors and city councils tying the hands of law enforcement, slashing their budgets, these left wing judges. Or allowing these murderers to walk the streets. Recidivists everywhere. While that’s taking place. The barbarians. Their numbers are increasing in our country. So exactly the wrong thing is happening. Exactly the wrong thing. I want to touch on a few other things as we go through this. And of course, we don’t hear from Joe Biden. He’s a wall. Just as he’s been a while in Palestine, Ohio, as he’s been a wall on the southern border, except when he visited a Potemkin village. That is, they cleared out all the people, clearing up the streets, removed all the evidence of what his policies had done. So he’d have basically an easy walk through and and no problems. And that’s what he saw. It’s a lie. A complete lie. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have used not immigration, but illegal immigration and the violation of immigration laws and hence the violation of our Constitution. They’ve used it to unleash this violence on our society. And they’ve used it. To try and affect the the demographics of the country. On the one hand, they celebrated. On the other hand, they point a finger at you if you dare to mention it. Two Americans are dead. And. It turns out. But Americans are being constantly kidnapped south of the border. I know Somebody sent to me a link to Erick Erickson site. Retweeted out. He did the numbers. I believe it was last year, approximately 600 Americans were kidnapped. In one way or another, in one degree or another south of the border in Mexico. And by the way, Americans are being murdered. These aren’t the only two. A young doctor was murdered a few weeks back. His body was found rolled up in a in a rug or a carpet or something. I don’t remember. These things are happening. We have a narco state south of the border. These people were less than a mile over the border. And they were trying to get medical treatment or cheaper prescription drugs and so forth and so on. A mistake, but it might not be a fatal mistake. You know, icis learn. A lot of its tactics for torturing and killing people from the Mexican drug cartels. Decapitation. Hanging people from bridges. Gruesome torture. Burning people alive. Slowly cutting off limbs, finger digits and so forth. Fingers, rather. They learned this from the drug cartel. South of the border. And not only don’t we secure the border. We don’t react. Now, I hope that people in Washington can hear me. I hope many of them will. I hope even this administration, we know they monitor this show. Let us hope that they take action. But hope is all it is because it’s unpredictable what this administration will do. Well, if it is predictable, will be nothing. But it would be nice if they did something. Somebody said, we need to bring these perpetrators here to the United States and try them in the United States, and you try them in the United States. We need to kill them. We need to send masculine men with a lot of toxicity. To track down these cowards and kill them. Because this is war. It’s war on American citizens, and I’m sick and tired of it. Where we play. Marcus At Queensbury rules, while they’re pulling out pistols and rifles and machine guns and machetes. It’s enough already. What do you think Theodore Roosevelt would have done? What do you think Calvin Coolidge would have done? What do you think Dwight Eisenhower would have done? Or Nixon. Reagan. Trump. What do you think John Kennedy would have done, Truman? They would have done something. Rather than send out their. There spoke. Idiot. With her garbled words. I mean, if you’re not prepared to protect American citizens from this sort of thing, you don’t deserve to be president. You don’t deserve to be anywhere near Washington, D.C.. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Cartels kill Americans on this side of the border with drugs and now they’re killing Americans. On the other side of the border is guns. Why is President Biden so comfortable with cartels operating so close to the U.S.? Well, let’s be very clear. Let me take on the drug part here, because since you brought this up, because of the work that this president has done, because of what we’ve done specifically on fentanyl at the border, it’s at historic lows. Historic. This is absolutely unbelievable the way that she lies and Biden lies and this administration lies. And they get away with it. Fentanyl. The seizure of fentanyl is at historic lows. That which he said must reduce. How is that even conceivable when law enforcement’s hands are tied behind? Their proverbial back. That doesn’t even make any sense. And in fact, that’s absurd. And the evidence doesn’t show that at all. It’s really quite amazing to me, but it is monotonous on top of everything else. And this is going to keep up because they are not only liars, they’re pathological about it. And I think in Biden’s case, in many respects, he is just so out of it. He wants to believe. So he’s a true believer about himself. All right, let’s go on here. I want to tell you. This phony controversy around these tapes that were released to Tucker Carlson’s people and to him. And we have Democrats who are attacking it. We’re Republicans who are attacking it and attacking Kevin McCarthy. First of all, Kevin McCarthy has been doing exactly what I told you he would do. I understand that some of the people who held out the some of their friends in radio and TV are taking credit for it. It’s a safe, face saving gesture on their parts. I told you before, 90% of the rules that were enacted were already rules that Kevin McCarthy was going to enact. And so we have lightweights at Newsweek. At the Texas Policy Institute summit talk radio, some on television. They didn’t want to believe. And we’ll see how it goes down the road, of course. I’m not a special pleader now. I wasn’t then. And I won’t be tomorrow. But what’s truth is truth. Whether people want to believe it or not, is a whole nother story. And so he releases the tapes to Fox, which is a news organization to Tucker Carlson. Was he supposed to release them to NBC and Chuck Todd. Was he supposed to release them to? ABC and George STEPHANOPOULOS. MSNBC and Joe Scarborough. CNN and Jake TAPPER. Who was he to release them to? The New York Times and The Washington Post, which were scribes for the January six committee, as were all the rest of the media. The only news organizations and the opinion hosts who raise questions. Which is what you’re supposed to do, are on Fox. And I’ll say Newsmax and Oann. That’s it. There are no others. Zero. Zero. And so now they keep pounding. Fox, another of Schumer member, Schumer had a frontal assault on the First Amendment of the Constitution and free speech. A few years back, he wanted to amend the Bill of Rights, and Schumer attacked the Article three third branch of government. Remember, he called for violence against two Supreme Court justices. Remember Schumer? I remember Schumer. Except they tried to remember him long before I have to eat. So why? Why give the information to Carlson? That’s number one. And then number two, they ask, why release it at all? It’s a false picture of nonviolence and so forth. And so because the vast majority of people who’ve been arrested and prosecuted and have had to plead, we’re not involved in any kind of violence. Period. Ashli Babbitt was not involved in any kind of violence and she was murdered. Period. So people don’t want you to know these things. And a lot of these things were actually known before. But it’s good to have this this tape, as far as I’m concerned. Now, I don’t know where I put this, Mr.. But it is you have Mitch McConnell complaining about this, I recall. Oh, let’s see here. Cut 14. So Mitch McConnell is very disturbed by this. Well, if you ask me, Mitch McConnell is very disturbed. He’s a fraud, a phony and a fool. Cut. 14. Go. My concern is how it was depicted, which is a different issue. Clearly, the chief of the Capitol Police, in my view, correctly describes what most of us witnessed firsthand on January six. So that’s my reaction to it. It was a mistake, in my view, for Fox News to depict this in a way that’s completely at variance with what our chief law enforcement official here. A couple facts. Well, somebody let down the security at that building. I don’t know if was the chief law enforcement official there, but I do know it was partly you, Mitch McConnell, and we still don’t know. We still don’t know about Mitch McConnell’s responsibility for failing to secure that building. He has some responsibility. He did at the time. What the hell did he do? We still don’t know. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

This will make sense in a few minutes. Ken Burns. You know, he’s a film maker typically on PBS, but other places, too. And he creates a an hour around himself the way Michael Beschloss used to as some kind of historian. Documentary tape producer. But Ken Burns is a leftist. And this last. Documentary he did on basically FDR and the Jews was disgusting. And he left out either wittingly or unwittingly. Either way, it’s the same thing. Significant evidence. That the Democrat Party’s great FDR, that academia’s great FDR, and they really loved him because he was really the earliest Marxist. That he. That he did so much. To confront the Holocaust, did what he could. In some cases, his hands were tied and so forth and so on. He did little and next to nothing. He did little and next to nothing. And I will prove it to you in a few months. But he did little and next to nothing for blacks, too. And I will prove that to you in a few months. And he helped perpetuate. Racism, and I will prove that to you in a few months. The great FDR wasn’t so great. Regardless of the best efforts of the left, the media, phony academia and phony producers to demonstrate otherwise. And what is going on now is with this Marxist ideology. And that’s what it is. That’s what it is, whether you like to hear the word or not. Everything now is considered through address, through process, through a soft Marxist ideology. That can lead us into horrific places. Whether it’s tax the rich, redistribute the wealth, and on and on and on. So there’s a reason why Ken Burns censors relevant material information related to FDR and why he takes information and twists it and uses his as propaganda against Governor DeSantis. And Tucker Carlson. Look, I, for one, don’t always agree with Tucker Carlson. But so what? He doesn’t always agree with me. But that’s irrelevant. What he’s doing here is very important. And a lot of what he does is very important. Well, I always agree with him or not. So here’s Ken Burns. They bring them on to CNN. Which is hilarious. Cut. 15. Go. You were moved enough to write about this bill and what’s going on with the whole idea of critical race theory and not teaching the full history of this country. Why now? This has nothing to do with the full history of this country. Don Lemon has always been a moron. Critical race theory is nothing to do with the history of this country. Ten years ago, it was considered the the ideology of the nitwits. Of the National Black Movement. It’s it’s it’s crazy, but it’s nothing to do with American history. In a few months, I will further demonstrate that, as I’ve already have an American Marxism. Go ahead. What makes America great is not the suppression of ideas or the pursuit of every corner. Those ideas may lead us. Or the facts. So I guess you spoke out, didn’t you? Mean Elon Musk and his team. Expose the suppression of information on Twitter. I guess you spoke out. When the media censored the Hunter laptop. I guess you speak out now when the media all but ignore the the Biden crime family and its ties to the communist military regime and China and the millions and millions that they made. I guess you spoke out. When 40 was lying repeatedly and almost religiously to the American people. I guess you spoke out over the lie that was and is Russia collusion. And yet I don’t remember you speaking out. Ken Burns. Because you didn’t. You are a fraud and a phony. That’s right. Go ahead about who we are and how we investigate who we are and celebrate. We’re not. We’re not. All white people are not oppressors and racists. Ken, maybe you are. And all minorities, especially black people, are not oppressed and victims can. Don Lemon isn’t. And so why don’t you first explain your thorough knowledge of what CRT is. So at least we can make sure we’re having a conversation about the same thing. You moron. Go ahead. But we are all of these bills that DeSantis and others are doing limit our ability to understand who we are and are not inclusive. They’re exclusive. Excuse. Excuse me, dimwit. The lack of academic freedom in our colleges and universities is coming from the Marxist left. Your people. The lack of free speech, free speech in the culture is coming from you and your people on the radical left. The changing of words, the twisting of words, inclusive when they want conformity. Inclusive when they demand you use certain words that don’t even make sense in certain contexts. Wokeism That’s them. That’s not us. We’re more than happy to compete on ideas and have debates and use free speech. They’re not. And when he demonstrated it, as I said. Elon Musk is a hero. And there are other heroes out there. Who demonstrated day in and day out. But if you’re going to teach American history, American history is not American Marxism. American history is that the 1619 project, this clown should know that with all these Pulitzer Prize winning historians who are not all right wingers, you know. Coming together in condemning the 1619 project. And critical race theory. As the crackpot ideology that it is. That’s not American history. And the reason they hate to say it is America. Because he’s the one guy pushing back. He’s the one guy reaching into public school, government school classrooms to make sure this ideology doesn’t take hold. He’s the one reaching into subsidized entities to make sure they’re not pushing the Democrat Party Marxist agenda. That’s not free speech. That’s not a competition of ideas. That’s the iron fist. That’s totalitarianism subsidizing your own demise. Creating generations of people who hate themselves and hate their own party. I mean, a country. Our history. Why don’t they talk about the history? Joe Biden. As a racist segregationist. Why didn’t he do a film on the Democrat Party? The Democrat Party, the vessel through which slavery was promoted and supported and defended the Democrat Party, the vessel through which segregation and the Klan. Was promoted and supported the Democrat Party. The great FDR. Who shipped up 120,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps in the center of America and took their homes and their businesses away. Why don’t they do that documentary on the Democrat Party? Which filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. And many of those filibustering those racist segregationists were mentors to Joe Biden. Why don’t they do that history? Why don’t they do the documentary? I’d love to see it. But they won’t. Why is that? Why is that, Ken Burns? Go ahead. They’re narrowing the focus of what is and isn’t. American history is terrifying. It feels like a Soviet system or, you know, the way the Nazis would build a Potemkin village. Tucker Carlson is doing this. Okay, hold, hold, hold on. Potemkin village. Obviously, the guy’s a listener, even though he must hate me. The Potemkin village was built by the Soviets. You dumb bastard. I just want you to wake up to that fact. The Nazis weren’t interested in proving anything. To the outside world. They made their intentions clear, including to Franklin Roosevelt, including to The New York Times, including to the Washington Post and the American media that helped cover it out. European papers didn’t. American media did. The Potemkin village. Mr. Historian. Documentarian. Is that are the hard left. The Marxists. The Russians? The East Germans. The poles under communism. The Potemkin village. They wanted to show you how fantastic communism was. So they built these these fronts, these town fronts. That’s all they were. And that’s where they would take people. To show them. You know, much like Biden did when he went to the southern border, the Potemkin village. I keep talking about how they cleaned up the streets and everything. So. BIDEN Oh, look, my policies are really fantastic. The Democrat Party is a Potemkin village. The media are a Potemkin village. They’re all frauds and phonies. Academics, 90, 95%. Democrats 90 95%. Marxists. Another Potemkin village of academia. Joe Schmo. Go ahead. Range from one six. It’s just a kind of rewriting of history at the most dangerous level. It’s a huge threat to our republic. I’m doing Don, a film right now. I’m working on a major series on the history of the American Revolution. And I can tell you that Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine and George Washington and John Adams and James Madison and Alexander Hamilton are. Shut up, you idiot. So he is he’s doing a historic film on the American Revolution. Oh, that’ll be fantastic. I thought we’re supposed to hate Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. And James Madison. I thought we were supposed to hate them. They were all slave owners and anything they did, even creating the most free and prosperous society on the face of the Earth was to be diminished and degraded. I thought that was the truth. That was the case. He won’t do a documentary on W EB du Bois or Dubois. Why not? Why not? He cited all the time. He cited during Black History Month, mostly by white people. He’s cited by members of Congress on the floor of the House and the Senate. Why won’t they mention him? He was a marxist who broke from the ACP eventually near the end of his life. He was a big fan. Of Stalin’s. And later, he became buddies with Mao. Late in his life. And he’s one of the great leaders you see that we’re all supposed to look up to. According to CRT, and I don’t have a problem with complete history. I have a problem with ideology dressed up as history, and this moron doesn’t know the difference. He’s doing a film now on Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and John Adams of Madison, an adult, and they’d be rolling in their graves. Graves Why? Because they believe in critical race theory, because they believe in sexualizing five year olds. Because they believe in the destruction of private property rights and the Constitution and the declaration, all of their babies. Is that why, you idiot, you are a true idiot. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You know, I’ve been reading all this stuff from the litigation involving Dominion voting machines have been reading mediocre. I have been reading about experts who are appalled. But the reading, of course, is the nature of litigation. Lawyers cherry pick stuff and they put it in their briefs. And it’s really the trials that merit attention because so much of this is extraneous. But it does cause me to raise a question. Is there a reason why CNN and MSNBC and NBC and ABC and CBS and mediocre right and the George Soros front group Media Matters and all the rest? Is there reason why? They haven’t inquired. As to why other news organizations weren’t sued by this company like NBC. They raised questions about voting machines before the election or why certain Democrat members of Congress weren’t sued to raise questions about voting machines and voting software, including dominion before the election, is a reason why universities and colleges and their so-called experts. Haven’t been sued as well for raising questions about it or cyber experts raising questions about it. You know, the funny thing is I don’t believe I ever talked about it, certainly not much, because my focus, as you know, was on the Constitution, you know, on how. Democrat politicians were unconstitutionally changing their voting systems in order to help Biden so far. And I also remember before the election that Democrats and the media were talking about the disappearance, the secret disappearance of mailboxes, particularly in Democrat and minority areas. Remember that one? And they were attacking the postmaster general. But I do have to wonder about the politicization of this whole thing. About why these other media outlets haven’t been sued. And why these other sources, they were raising serious questions about voting machines weren’t sued. If you’re a plaintiff’s lawyer, you saw a very broad blanket. And create defendants everywhere. But that’s not what happened here. That’s not what happened here. Why is that? Now, if you’re not even intrepid journalist, just a very average or even below average IQ and some level of curiosity, you would look into this. No, I’m not talking to anybody. I’m not coordinating. I’m speaking for myself. I always speak for myself. Always. But that’s my question. I raised it a few weeks ago and I’m raising it again. Why weren’t these other groups, these other news outlets sued? CNN itself. Why wasn’t it sued? Why weren’t other hosts sued at other networks and news platforms to raise questions to. Why is that? I think we know. Why don’t we could certainly surmise certainly draw their own conclusions. And why are these other news groups piling on? Many of them have been sued. And I, I notice they settle very, very quickly with other litigants. The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, the rest of them. Why do they do that? Probably right back.