January 24th, 2023

January 24th, 2023

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20: Former US President George W. Bush waves as he walks to a waiting helicopter alongside US President Barack Obama, US Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama,after Obama was sworn in as the 44th US president at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2009. (Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, all top government officials take documents home with them when leaving office, it just happens. That is why it is ridiculous to take Bill Barr and legal analysts and others in the press at face value who are out to get Trump and want him thrown in jail for this. Barack Obama, Bush, Cheney, Gore, and Hillary are uncharacteristically quiet about Biden’s current classified document scandal because they know they have documents too. The National Archives has been politicized to the point of it being a joke, and Merrick Garland and his team of Castro-like Marxists have created a terrible precedent indicting Trump. Also, there is an attempt to smear Governor Ron DeSantis because he is taking on the College Board and their Marxist African American Studies course. Why is it that only one Republican Governor is standing up to the College Board and standing up for our children. Stanley Kurtz calls in to discuss the attack on Ron DeSantis for rejecting the College Board’s racist curriculum, who is now putting out a new curriculum in February because of the pushback. Later, the Biden administration is giving millions of dollars to nonprofit illegal immigrant groups to fight deportation. The government is literally funding the lawyers to sue the government, and they’re using our money – we are funding our own demise. We have had millions and millions of people come into this country illegally under the Biden administration, and the damage Biden has done in 2 years cannot be reversed.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I want to say thank you to all 14 and a half million of you out there. It was an honor and a pleasure and a blessing. Second hour, we’re going to talk about this attempt to smear Ron DeSantis as a racist because he’s challenging the College Board AP course on African-American history. We’re going to bring Stanley KURTZ into the program, who is the number one expert on this subject other than the governor to take it apart. This is more Marxist CRT crap. That’s what it is. And Stanley has gone through the entire curriculum here, and we’re going to talk about it because they’re trying to do to dissenters what they do to any conservative. But he has the guts to stand up except for that guy Sununu who runs around like like you said, one too many ice creams. It’s hard to fight this stuff, but you have to. I want to get back to this issue of documents and will will deal with the smeared dissent at an hour or two. Now, ladies and gentlemen. The fact of the matter is, as I’ve been saying over and over again, these top officials, all of them are almost all of them have taken documents with them, not because they intend to sell them to the enemy, not because they intend to break any law. But it’s just what happens. And my comments at best understood that I approve it. But, you know, I never said I approve it. I’m giving you facts the way I give you law and the way I discuss the Constitution. And it’s been proven correct. It’s been proven correct. And it’s going to continue. If questions are asked of Obama and Bush and Bill Clinton and Cheney and Gore and the rest of them. It absolutely will be. And now see how ridiculous Bill Barr and these other sound that it is basically strict liability. You shouldn’t take these things with you and it’s a violation of law. Forget about obstruction. It’s a violation of law to have them. That’s what they say. So supposedly, then we should be locking up Trump, Biden, Pence, Hillary, of course. And all the homes should be swatted to see what else is out there. That’s how ridiculous this is. If you take these legal analysts and the Department of Justice at face value. That’s why I said back in August. Like it or not, this is what they do. And there is a different analysis given to a president becoming a former president, then a vice president, becoming a former vice president or a secretary of state, becoming a former secretary of state. And on down the line. It’s called the Constitution. Now, I know this concept gets complicated for people in the press, legal analysts and others, but it’s not complicated. Unless you’re out to get Trump and you’re obsessed with it, then you muddy the waters. Now former Vice President Pence. As a man of faith. He’s a man of family. He and I had been friends a very, very long time, although I haven’t talked to him lately, that’s for sure. He had a book come out. And the only reason I didn’t bring him on the programs for his book. As I thought the book was way too personal attacking of his former boss. And I’m just not into that. And I told him that and he said, Yeah, but look at the rest of the book. It’s a thick book. I said. But the attention, including on the back cover of the book, is all about January six and what you were told and all the rest of it. Because that apparently is what you wanted to leave with. I said, I’m not doing that. And I’m not. I don’t do interviews that way. I don’t decide to do books that way. You’ll notice when Pompeii was on Life, Liberty and Livin on Sun. I didn’t dig into things he had said or felt about Nikki Haley or anybody else. I’m not into it. I’m into the substance. The substance. And it is a hell of a good book, by the way. Pompeo’s book. It really is. Now, it’s very interesting. It’s not like I’m hiding with the number one Sunday night show on cable news across America on Fox. Hannity’s audience is massive as well on on Fox. This audience is bigger than both combined. And of course, we have live and TV and all these platforms. I pointed out that all these officials question them. And see if they have documents. Obama is on character, Rick. Uncharacteristically quiet. The Bush crowd. Uncharacteristically quiet. Cheney, Gore. None of them want to talk about this. And in addition to classified documents as the issue of non classified documents around classified documents under the Presidential Records Act. How many of those have been removed? And there is the issue of the University of Delaware. What is the FBI going to get the how in there and see what. What other Senate classified documents This guy. He took them out of the skiff. He didn’t have somebody bring them to them as a senator. He went into the skiff, took documents and removed them. And if, as Durbin and the others say, it’s almost impossible because of the security and the cameras and so forth, that tells me. He did it kind of Sandy Berger now maybe put him in his jacket or whatever. So he didn’t just walk out there with. Top secret information, skiff information in his hand, gently concealing how as to How did he get it out of there? I’m quite serious. And of course, the National Archives has been utterly politicized to the point of a joke. Where has the National Archives been with all these folks? But if you would listen to Bill Barr, if you would listen to the legal analysts. If you had listened to all these people. You’re not allowed to have classified information if you took it. It’s a crime. It’s that simple. It’s strict liability. It’s the way it is. It’s that simple. And they all committed crimes. Now, that’s ridiculous. That’s absurd. And it was absurd when they were playing at the Trump, which is my point. Now. You can see now with the graphics in the comments, even that clown Schumer they’re talking about, we have a systemic problem now. They’re saying we’ve a systemic problem now because, again, they want to muddy the waters because Biden is the worst offender. And before him, it was Hillary. Biden is the worst offender. Clearly, it’s a senator and vice president. He didn’t have the power to declassify regardless of what idiots say on CNN. Of course, Hillary didn’t have the power to declassify. She ran a whole scam out of her house with her own servant to purposely avoid these various laws. And yet the president has never had a SWAT team show up at his house. And ex-President Garland has taken this way beyond the pale. And that’s what the legal analysts should be saying. He’s created a horrible precedent. Now, what is he going to do? What’s he going to do? Have a special counsel on advice for former Vice President Pence. What’s he going to do? Going to have a grand jury. So same with January six. The precedent they’re creating. They’re the Department of Injustice and the Stasi. And that that rogue U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C., is a disaster. Candidates, state legislators, state legislatures are not going to know what they can and cannot challenge when it comes to an election. Pretty outrageous. They shouldn’t have any role on that. Unless somebody actually committed acts of violence, then they should be punished. But they’re investigating more than that. Taking people’s cell phones, including members of Congress. The U.S. attorneys are taking the cell phones of lawyers trying to create conspiracy theories. And they know they’re going to have an anti-Trump jury. I don’t know of any individual that’s been charged with an offense in the District of Columbia related to January six, even minor offenses. I don’t know if any of them have been found not guilty. Do you? They want to empty our prisons and murderers and rapists. And serial criminals recidivists. But these people, they want to lock up and throw the key away. Now. This systemic failure of our system. Just take a brief listen. September 26 and then January 9th. January 10th. I’m almost pleading. Jan 11th, January 15th. With the rest of the media. Including talk radio, including my friends and brothers sisters at Fox to pay attention to what I’m saying, that this is a systemic problem. It’s a systemic problem. Does it make it right? Doesn’t mean nothing should be done. And I’ve never said that. That’s a bizarre conclusion. Cut to go. And I would ask Bill Barr right on this program right now. He’s listening. He can call in. Did you ever take classified information home and even bring it back the next day? Did you ever read classified information in the vehicle in which your driver was taking you to one place or another? If so, you violated federal law, you committed a felony. And I’d like to know if you ever did that. Just curious, are any former federal prosecutors just curious, are the current attorney general meritless? Garland? How much you want to bet Obama has documents, including classified documents? We know he has a lot of documents. How much you want to bet George W Bush does? How much you want to bet Al Gore does, and Dick Cheney, how much you want to bet? How about you, Bill Barr? Not saying you do, but now’s the time to come clean if you do. What about Eric Holder? What about Hillary Clinton? Did she retain any of those before she destroy them? And I said that, you know, other presidents and so forth have documents. I’ve said this all along. Having served in an administration, I know that they had two former attorneys general, former secretaries of state, former vice presidents and former presidents. And what did I say even when they were attacking Trump a few months back? Has anybody investigated any of these other people to determine if they have documents or not? Mark, I have. You know, I remember I can’t prove a negative, but how much you want to bet they all have a. Obama, George W and the rest of them. So we have the cover up. We have the lack of a special counsel and we have a situation now in which more documents have been found in another location. Okay, so everything I suspected is true. It’s not because I’m Nostradamus, it’s because I keep telling you and I’m going to keep saying it. Almost all of these officials have taken documents with them, including classified documents on this program on my radio show, my parents is on the HANNITY and other shows on this network. I have been saying for months that all presidents. Vice presidents, attorneys general, secretaries of states have taken documents home and some of them have kept them and some of them have been classified. And that needs to be looked into. But I guess because I’m not officially a legal analyst, I just had my own show and a constitutional lawyer and a former chief of staff to attorney general. Many people didn’t pay attention to it. And when we come back, the icing on the cake. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Martha MACCALLUM played, I believe, part of what I said. I didn’t see it on Life, Liberty and Levin. And I want to thank her Saludar. Because when I said it two weeks ago, it actually had an effect on events, as we know here with James Comer. On January 8th, we had the discussion, the National Archives, and I’m hoping that you folks will take a look at how they have applied the rules to past presidents, past secretaries of state, past attorneys general. You can see I’ve been hammering this over and over and over again, because I don’t believe in 2 seconds that no past president or vice president or attorney general, a secretary of state doesn’t have some document at home or didn’t destroy some document. I don’t believe it at all. Is that something you look into? And he said, absolutely. And I have to go to a break. Ari Fleischer. I was asked about that. And I want to play his response to you. And, you know, Ari Fleischer was the press secretary for a period for George H. Excuse me, George W Bush. I don’t know him. I understand He’s a very nice guy. Like I say, I have no idea. But I think you’ll be interested in his response. You know, a lot of the types like McConnell and the rest there are letting letting Trump hang out there dry. They would attack him. Potential presidential candidates retired now. They’re all kind of quiet, aren’t they? I think they are. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Right now for Mike love n cheese. It’s just unbelievable that they’re trying to put in federal prison the case we talked about couple of months back of the gentleman who had all the kids and they sent an FBI SWAT team in there scaring the hell out of the family, which they didn’t have to do The matter that went into state court and was thrown out by a judge that this gentleman pro-lifer violated the FACE act. And the trial’s coming up in Philadelphia. And you know what they’re doing? They’re bringing these cases in these cities. Where for the most part, the defendant doesn’t have a shot. All the trunk cases are being handled by judges, by grand juries. By juries in Washington, D.C.. Now they’ve heard the news, they’ve watched Schmuck tard and charged up a lobster and they watched him all. They know what’s expected of them. You can’t get a fair trial as pure a January 6th in Washington, D.C., or if you’re a Trump supporter and it’s not possible. On the other hand, if true, the opposite. You’re not going to be convicted. We saw that, too. Now they’re bringing this gentleman, this pro-lifer Jerry picked in Philadelphia. He’s going to be painted as this pro-life extremists who got into a fight with a guy on the side. They didn’t get into a fight. The guy was mouthing off basically to the to the pro-life, her son getting in his face. And it was a shoving match. But Mireles Galan and his team of Castro like Marxists. This is what they focus on. This is what they do. Ari Fleischer. Here’s Martha MACCALLUM at Fargo. Here’s Mark Levin, though, talking about his understanding of how all of this works. Let’s watch. All presidents, vice presidents, attorneys general, secretaries of states have taken documents home. The Department of Justice unleashed a criminal investigation of the former president, President Trump, in ways that have never been done before in American history. They didn’t bother to look at Obama’s records or Clinton records or George W Bush’s records. Ari, start with you as you write. Well, we don’t know about that yet. I mean, who knows what records they’re looking at now or what questions are asked? Are you kidding me? Ari, seriously said the best you can do. I know you’re trying to cover for George W Bush. Yeah, we do know that the FBI certainly when I said that two weeks ago, had not asked any former president or vice president because we would have heard about it by now. We do know they didn’t search their homes because we would have heard about it by now. Maybe they’re doing it tonight, not the FBI, but the private lawyers. But they didn’t even do it to Biden when he had his DNA and fingerprints all over the place. Who are you kidding, Ari? I understand. George W Bush and the Bushes. I got it. But that’s not good enough for the rest of us. They need to look at Obama’s records. In fact, they have these records that Biden has had as vice president through the Obama records. But they need to look more at his homes as multiple homes. All over the country from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii excuse me, Hawaii to Martha’s Vineyard. They have a very tough. What about Dick Cheney? Nobody’s asked him. And going on and on and on. So the argument. Well, we don’t know yet. It’s preposterous. You know, 100%. Based on the lack of a reaction to the lack of information. National Archives hasn’t made an announcement. Department of Justice, FBI, they haven’t made an announcement that they’re going to do a thorough review. Hell, even when it comes to Joe Biden, they still haven’t gone to the University of Delaware, which they need to go to. Where the hell is the special counsel? Already they’re busy still changing the curtains in whatever office they’re setting up for this guy. It seems that way. Now, I haven’t heard Obama say and I haven’t read anything or George Bush say and I haven’t read anything on Twitter or so forth or Cheney or the rest of them that I don’t have any classified information. Mike Pence foolishly said that on November 15, 2022. Here’s what he said. Cut three. Go. You take any classified documents with you from the White House? I did not. Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified documents with them leaving the White House? Well, there’d be no reason to have classified documents, particularly if they were in an unprotected area. Okay, This is why you need to be careful what you say. This is why there’s absolute silence from Obama. George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the others. Absolute silence. And I promise you that these former attorneys general, secretaries of state, vice presidents and presidents are now trying to look through their stuff just to make sure, as Pence was. This wouldn’t be a big deal in the sense of the criminal system would be a big deal that it’s done. Don’t get me wrong. But it wouldn’t be criminalized because Merrick Garland set that precedent. I understand the legal analysts and the disgruntled former attorneys general and everything got very excited this past summer. But now now they are they’re confounded. What do we do now? Yeah, we talked about obstruction, but in this case. You know, we also talked about Trump stealing documents that weren’t his in violation of this and that don’t appear like Biden’s been doing it in every office he’s ever held. Hillary did it. She’s been rather quiet lately, hasn’t she, Mr. Producer? And she’s never quiet. She’s a big mouth. She could be on The View. Another yenta. And and so forth. So we’ll see how this breaks out. Let’s look at this. REPORTER two Jump here at the White House briefing today. Cut. Seven Go. And does the White House believe that other former high office holders should now go back and check their votes on some of these prior finally figured out the question to ask. The media hasn’t asked this question for months and they didn’t even ask it until until Vice President Pence, Pence’s people came forward. Yes. What about that? Go ahead and do this. Some caution to make sure that they’re not holding on to classified documents as well. That’s not something I can comment from here. I don’t even we don’t I don’t even know the you know, the the reasoning of what the news that we heard about Pence. So I’m just not going to comment from here. I’m not going to comment on it. Let me help you. Dimwitted and she’s obviously dimwitted and they’ve obviously know it. So they told her to shut up. Leave it to the dimwitted spokesman for the White House counsel’s office. I didn’t even know you have a spokesman for the White House Counsel’s Office. And the answer is yes, of course they should. Of course they should. Or the FBI should. Certainly. Of course they should. I understand that McConnell and the boys, some of the girls over there in the Senate on the Republican side, they were quiet, especially the McConnell and the McConnell lights that that band of casket carrying funeral types that you see standing around in. And they loved it. Trump was out there hanging all by himself. They were never going to speak, you know, ever going to interfere. Then Biden basically McConnell comes to Biden’s defense because, you know, they’re both been around a long time. They have a connection with the communist Chinese and so forth. And now, of course, since we’ve had more documents, two or three, four or five more situations, now, of course, they’re worked up about it. Now there’s pence and they’re quiet again. The quote again. Peter Doocy John Pierre at the White House press briefing today. Correct. Go after the special counsel is named before the. Surged. President Biden went to his house in Wilmington. What was he doing in there? I would refer you to the White House counsel. So it was something relating to this case. I would refer you to the White House Counsel’s office. Okay. Do you think that this story was leaked? Do you think do you think Joe Biden has a dead body buried at one of his homes or so? Doesn’t that sound like what’s going on here at his lawyer’s White House? Can I refer you to his lawyers? I refer it basically. That’s what she’s saying. I refer you to Mr. Cutler. I refer you to his lawyer. Mr. Cutler, I refer you to his lawyers over here. What was he doing there? I’m afraid to his lawyers. Go to the lawyers. I refer you to the Justice Department. Go there. No comment. No comment. Say what? And so the simple question, what was he doing in Wilmington? Everybody always wants to know what he’s doing in Wilmington, unless you remember the press. But we’ve always said, what is he doing there? A padded wall. So when he walks into them, he doesn’t get hurt. What’s a deal? These mansions all over the place. The guy has on the government side. It’s unbelievable. Go ahead. Try to bruise the president politically ahead of a re-election announcement. I would refer you to the White House counsel’s office as they have been the ones who’ve been closely involved. Okay. More basically, how do I get this job, Mr. Produce? What is she paid? He takes it very seriously. And I refer you to the White House Counsel’s office. Any any idiot can do that. Any moron can do that. How much does she get paid? She? 200,000. 180,000. 175,000. I know she’s a historic first, but whatever it is, that’s a pretty good gig, if he can get it right, folks. What do you think about? I refer you to the I haven’t finished my question. I refer you to the White House Counsel’s office. Now, the documents, we take that very seriously. The president has said, what else do you want me to say? She earns 180,000 a year, and that doesn’t even count the pension and health care and all the rest. Whereas every penny, if you’re a criminal, the case of buy from it and think of does he have bodies buried somewhere? Does Hunter have bodies buried somewhere? What’s going on here? I am referring and I refer you anywhere but here. Anyway, I just. I refer you. Please stop asking. You do know he’s the president, right? We have a few. I refer you. He takes a very seriously. Takes what? Seriously? The documents? Yes, he takes the documents. And when he takes them, he’s very serious, you know, very seriously. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Crime family. And how a man on a government salary acquires several mansions and lives a lifestyle like Joe Biden did. Corvette. No, I’m not saying the senators are nothing. They weren’t around 200 grand, 180 grand a year. But they can’t afford the lifestyle Joe Biden has had for some time. Not on a government salary. It’s not possible unless you’re 40. And things were obviously left off of his tax returns. His as corporation returns have not been revealed. The wire transfers of money. From corporate front groups for the Communist Chinese Party, among others. That’s not been made public to the American people. They obviously sold his office. He’s lied repeatedly about knowing about his son’s businesses. He knew about them. Why do you think his son was doing them? You think you think governments are hyper to hire, you know, drug addled individuals that have really no professional reason to be on some of these board of directors or to be receiving tens of millions of dollars to manage and on and on and on. It’s the big guy. Mr. 10%. You have a man sitting in Rikers today. I don’t know him. And then he was the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. Because he gave gifts to his son and his grandson. Basically, he didn’t report the value of his driver and car from work to home, and he didn’t pay taxes on that and things of that sort. That’s peanuts compared to what the Bidens have done. And I don’t want to hear Garland is evenhanded when it comes to justice or anything of the sort. They’d be jumping in with both feet. And I really do think there ought to be demands for some tax returns now, actual tax returns on these corporations. As well as other Democrats. And we’ll see what happens. We have a select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. The members are now known the chairman. It’s a it’s a killer throw. It’s great. Chairman is Jim Jordan. Members include Darrell Issa, Thomas Massie, Chris Stewart, a Utah Elise Stefanik, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, Chip Roy, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, Greg Stubby, Dan Bishop, Kat Cammack, Florida, Harold Hagaman, who thank God defeated Cheney. And I hope that they will go after the Democrats who truly are crooked the way they went after Republicans and Trump who truly are not. I’ll be right back.