January 20th, 2023

January 20th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party is tight at the hip with the FBI and the Department of Justice, who has ignored a massive collection of evidence on the Biden crime family. In President Biden’s mind he has no fear of being charged with anything, which is the problem, because this has been a coverup since day 1. At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu is hated by Israel’s leftist leaders because he is a conservative, so much that the Israeli Attorney General is abusing her power in considering him unfit to serve. She is close to requiring Netanyahu to take a leave of absence because of an ongoing criminal trial – this is an utterly tyrannical and out of control court system in Israel. As bad as our court can get, this is the worst court in the free world. Also, somehow the word equality has been replaced with the word equity under the Biden administration. Equality without liberty is tyranny and totalitarianism, which is exactly what the Biden administration is. You can’t have Critical Race Theory and also live in a colorblind society. We are seeing a seismic shift in the fundamental principles on which this country is supposed to exist. The radical Marxist democrats are using the federal bureaucracy to conquer us and brainwash our children and change society. The Marxist left have done things in this country that we may not feel the full effects of yet.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

 Hello, America. Mark Levine here with the hiccups and the heck downs. Did you say $50 million, Mr. Producer? Maybe I’m in the wrong business here. $50 million. Wow. That means I’m worth $5 billion. No, you’re just saying. All right, That was a side conversation. You know, I was watching these folks sit here today and it’s a very painful experience, but she does reflect the idiocy of her boss. You have one idiot representing another. And of course, they go into this issue that the Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare. This is such a lie. It’s so grotesque. I’ve talked to you about this, that Social Security, Medicare specifically protected. They’re not discretionary budget items, ladies and gentlemen. They’re so-called entitlements. They’re not on the table. The military’s not on the table. Veterans benefits. The VA not on the table. And so you’re going to hear this kind of stuff. The fact is, if we’re in a budget situation, it’s due to Mitch McConnell and the 18 moron republics who voted with him. It’s due to Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats in the Senate due to Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats in the House. And it’s due to the clown in the Oval Office. Joe Biden. They rushed this through in December. They rushed it through. You didn’t know what was in it? I didn’t know what was in it. Members of Congress didn’t know was in it. They were just in a rush to get there before the Republicans are sworn in. The majority in the House. So they passed this spending monstrosity and then they tell the Republicans, Now you pay for it. Okay, we’ll pay for it, but we’re not going to raise the debt. You’ve got massive amounts of spending here. And you know what they did? Listen to me. All that money spent on COVID, hundreds of billions of dollars. They put that in the baseline. In other words, they’re including those monies as the baseline from which to increase spending even further. McConnell went along with this. Now, of course, the Republicans have to say no to this in the House and the Senate. They went along with it. Mr. Producer, would you be so kind during the break, at least to pull up the names of those Republican senators? They deserve marquee attention. That’s not what I want to talk about right now. I want to talk about the Marxist left, whether in America, whether in Israel, whether in any so-called democracy or republic. The Marxist left. Did things in this country which, you know. But may not really have sunk in as you were watching it in real time. The same Marxist left operating in the state of Israel. How many times do I say what happens here affects the state of Israel and vice versa? It’s true. In so many respects. Donald Trump is supposed to be a persona non grata. They have worked seven years. To turn him in the Hindu public enemy number one, seven years, the dirty work of the Democrat Party and the Republican establishment seven years. The corrupt media seven years. The corrupt Department of Justice, the corrupt Stasi, a.k.a. the FBI, the corrupt U.S. Attorney’s Office, the corrupt District attorneys, Democrats elected. They work overtime. Now, why would they be doing this? Because they don’t like his personality. Just think about it. Step back. Seriously. Pretend it’s a hundred years from now. Think about this. They come up with a dossier that is a complete fabrication that federal law enforcement uses to try and threaten and intimidate an incoming president. Then they use it to launch Democrat Party investigations in the House. With thousands of witnesses, millions of pages of documents. They conduct two impeachments. One over a phone call. Which was perfectly fine. In another impeachment over January six where there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Whatsoever. That President Trump was responsible for it. Two impeachments. They even hold a trial in the Senate while he’s a retired president. They conducted a criminal investigation with the most partisan, awful prosecutors and the head prosecutor has dementia. For two years, criminal investigation of the president of the United States. He’s still under investigation by the Democrat radical Soros D.A. in Manhattan, by the Democrat, radical Soros attorney general in Albany, by the Democrat radical attorney general in a letter. And now there’s a special counsel. Investigating documents and January six. And what is the the requisite law that they’re investigating on January six. So they’re digging back to post-Civil War period. And and they’re looking to concoct arguments that should never be made. At all. Now think about that. Day in and day out and how the American people are deluged with propaganda day in and day out. But that’s not all they do. They interfere in the election. They use federal law enforcement. They use the intelligence agencies. They use the media. They cover up the scandal. In 2016 involving his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The thousands and thousands of emails that were used on her private server in her Westchester home. Nobody ever searched her house. Certainly not with a warrant. No FBI SWAT team there. And included classified information. She was no president gross negligence, the FBI director said Comey. So that’s not good enough. You need specific content. So why are they investigating? TRUMP Oh, it’s not over gross negligence. It’s over obstruction. What are you talking about? We wanted the documents and he wouldn’t give them to us. So it’s obstruction. Hmm. And we had a we had to get into that Mar a Lago boy. Despite the Secret Service and everything else, we knew of the documents wherever we needed to get in there. January six. Is a political issue. The transfer of power. They want you to believe that there was an interference by Trump with the transfer of power. The interference is called politics. Politics, working with state representatives. And I don’t know this to be true, I’m just guessing state legislatures. Talking about another line of. You know, electoral voters. And so for that matters to be resolved by the Congress, not by a grand jury in Washington, D.C., or a U.S. attorney. So basically, you have the FBI, the Department of Justice. Being politicized and effectively used. Against the Republican Party, against the Republican candidate for president, and ultimately against the Republican president and now against an announced Republican candidate. Again, Donald Trump, who seeks re-election. It’s amazing. It’s sickening. It’s the Democrat Party which is tied at the hip with the FBI and the Department of Justice. Now we go to Biden. I ask you to look at these homes that Joe Biden has in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Two, three, $4 million home, maybe more when you look at the house. The house in Wilmington. Two, three, $4 million home. This is a man who lived on a government salary for all but two years of his career. But two years. But speeches. Mark Speeches. What? He didn’t buy that Wilmington home when he was in the private sector for two big years. Same with Rehoboth. He bought those homes earlier. So he released his tax returns and everybody knows he and the doctors set up as corporations and their tax returns have not been released. Besides, tax returns reveal what you tell the government if you’re telling the truth. Money under the table. Money that they give it that’s given to Papa through other means and so forth. That’s not on tax returns, is it? No, it’s not. If the president, in the case of Biden, who is the head of the Biden crime family. That’s why they were covering up the laptop. That’s why the media didn’t want to know anything about the laptop. If it was a bunch of crap. They would have revealed it and then used it against Trump and the Republicans. But now. It is a massive collection of evidence to be used against the Biden crime family starting at the top. Joseph Robinette Biden jr. But there’s no special counsel to investigate that. None. Of course, they’ll look at the look at Hunter, maybe slap him on the hand. But not Joe specifically. Specifically they’re avoiding. Joe. They’re bifurcating the investigation of Hunter from Joe. How is that possible? They have a laptop. They have evidence. Even the New York Times and the Washington Compost admit that the laptop is evidence. Well, then what’s in it? Fingerprints and DNA. That’s what’s in it. Including Joe Biden’s. It’s really quite amazing, isn’t it? It’s amazing to watch this. Now, what does this have to do with Israel, for crying out loud? Benjamin Netanyahu was hated by Israel’s Marxist left and their media despised. Why? Because it’s a conservative. Israel was founded by socialists. They set up a government similar to Britain’s, but worse. It’s more like Italy’s. They installed a socialist economic system. Netanyahu comes in. He’s a free market guy. Not only that, he’s big on defense and protecting his people. He doesn’t buy into this two state solution. And if you kill an Israeli while he believes in it, I. For an eye. The left in America hate him. The left in Israel hate him. The media in Israel hate him. The New York Times and The Washington Post hate him for all the reasons they hated Reagan and they hate Trump. And yet. He’s a tremendous leader. So Israeli Attorney General Gali, Merav Marra and the states Attorney’s office in Israel are considering. You ready for this? Declaring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unfit to serve. Due to a conflict of interest they claim created by his government’s plan. Judicial reform. In 2021, the High Court of Justice ruled that a conflict of interest arrangement formulated under the former attorney general was binding for Netanyahu. So the exactly the court and the judicial system that he, his party, Likud and the coalition parties that make the elected government Israel. Where they’ve said they need to be brought back into balance with the elected part of the Israeli government. That unelected part. It’s claiming they have the power. To declare Netanyahu unfit to be prime minister of the state of Israel. And that he can’t nominate judges or police commissioners or anything else. I want to get into this. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Can you imagine? An attorney general with ties to the judicial system, separate and apart from the elected part of the government. Declaring that the elected prime minister of the state of Israel through the coalition parties. Declaring the election null and void. If that’s not judicial Marxism, judicial tyranny, I don’t know what is. I don’t know what is, but this is the mindset on the left in our own country. With our attorney general of the United States and the Department of Justice and the FBI. That’s what I went through, all the stuff that they were working with, the Democrats, the Manhattan, Albany, Atlanta DA’s criminal investigation for two years, two impeachments, a phony Russia collusion dossier. The left is Marxist.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I have Mike Pompeo and I have Stephen Smith. I decided a long time ago whether in radio or TV or whatever. That I’m not going to do what the media do, even our so-called media do. That is where I interview Mike Pompeo. I’m not going to create a scandal or create a controversy with Nikki Haley and him and so forth and so on. We’re going to have a discussion. But his belief system. But the policies he was involved in about some fascinating, truly fabulous matters he raises in his new book. But you’re not going to find me doing what all these phony so-called journalists do. I want them to have an opportunity to speak. Not. Not the the group think the controversy. How many hits can we have? Can it raise ratings? I’m not going to do it. And the reason of having Stephen Smith on is because he’s actually quite a fascinating individual, and I think you’re going to see that. You’re going to see that. When we when I talk to him, she’s really quite, quite interested. And has a lot more in common with many of us than one might think in terms of his thinking processes. Its value system and so forth. So that’s important. And very interesting as well. So again, I’m not going to use the occasion to try and create controversy or anything like that. That’s not what I do. I give my own opinions. In this show. Life, liberty and love in. Is not there to just regurgitate things that have happened elsewhere and just create controversies. I’m not interested in that. I think you want to know more about these people in their policies. And in the case of Pompeo, things he did that have not been public. And I would discourage Republican candidates who are very, very serious about potentially running for president to take the bait. Don’t take the bait. Don’t take the bait. And I have found in. I guess it’s. 40 to 43 years with my involvement in politics as a young take and so forth. I have found that this is the best way to do things. I’m talking about in your own life and also in politics, run with your own agenda. So I would I would discourage Republicans from from doing that. Now, if they want to do it, they’ll do it. But don’t take the bait. President Trump attacks you, you get to decide. You’re going to take the bait. If a reporter brings out a quote in some of these book, you’re going to take the bait. Are you going to say, you know what, I’m not here to do that. I’m here. This is what I want to do. These are the issues I’m facing as a candidate and why I want to be president. What do you think? I’m an attorney general. Who can rule that the prime minister in Israel. Cannot be the prime Minister. Because it’s abusing his power by promoting registration and registration that could control the very people that he’s been talking about. I just think that’s shocking. And then we have this prosecutor roaming the countryside to try and take out Trump. I mean, let me tell you something. The prosecutor. The special counsel investigating a Biden guy is a relative pussy cat. But I’m going to tell you something that’s going to upset you, too. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but I am going to say it because. I’m sure many people who are doing investigations already know this. The predominance of scholarship. And I don’t mean phony experts of actual scholarship. In the position I’ve taken for 30 years is that you cannot indict a sitting president. Now you’ll probably hear this on the five on Monday or. From some legal analysts tonight or tomorrow. Having said it on the air here, because it hasn’t been said anywhere else. Mr. Producer. And I see things that we say here. Our man rushes to talk about the echo chamber. We know exactly what he’s talking about. Yet the president of the United States can classified declassify. The vice president can’t. CNN did their best to make a run at that. They made fools of themselves. But it doesn’t matter. You heard it here first. And this is one of the reasons I have concluded that Joe Biden is so cocky about it. I have no regrets, he says. Because in his mind he has no fear. They’re being charged with anything. That’s the problem. So I’m not. Uncovering here a secret. It’s just something I’ve studied for decades. It’s something that has been written about. By both Democrat and Republican assistant attorneys general for the Office of Legal Counsel. Is something that has been debated over the years. And the reason you might ask why. Well, ironically, here we have an attorney general in Israel saying that she may determine whether or not the elected prime minister of the country. Can be prime Minister. The problem there for here is if you have a U.S. attorney indict a sitting president, that means the sitting president. What I have to spend most of his or her time defending. And they would have to if they want to remain free. Or the threat can be made in order to influence the decision making processes or agenda and policies of a setting. There’s a lot of reasons why that’s the case. There’s a lot of reasons. So I’ve heard the question been asked to a couple of legal analysts, even couple on Fox. As the statute of limitations run. And they both said no, and they’re both correct. Why? Because Biden still has the documents or he did up until a few weeks ago. So the statute doesn’t run. During the ongoing commission of the offence. But their answer should have been no, the statute hasn’t run. Plus, we have another problem. You can’t be indulgent. And by the way, not that he would be by this Department of Justice. I guarantee you he wouldn’t be. He wouldn’t be. They’re in full cover up mode. I have told you now. Since the moment we learned. About this think tank file. I have told you on this program first on living TV. And on my Sunday show that this is a cover up. You can go on the Internet, you can go on my social sites. We’ve we’ve link to it. And it is a cover. And it’s spelled out right here in The Washington Post as the Biden administration continues to leak to try and cover the rest. One of President Biden’s personal attorneys. Writes The Washington Post. They to a very friendly, of course, enter the luxurious ten storey office building so near the US capital that its promoters billed it as front seat to power on a Wednesday last November to begin what seemed a mundane task, clearing out a rarely used office that Biden occupied after leaving the vice presidency. I don’t buy that for a minute. He waited two years. Nonetheless, the attorney, Pat Moore, went through a large closet and found nothing out of the ordinary person familiar with the matter, said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. These are the Biden people. Then he tackled a smaller closet. Finding its stuff with folders boxes and either. Oracle memorabilia, including documents related to Beau Biden’s funeral. Drafts of political speeches and boxes of personal books, the person said probably found a whole bunch of. Hustler magazine’s, I would think, Mr. Producer. But next, more made a surprising discovery a folder with a cover sheet saying it contained secret government documents. Immediately called another attorney and notified White House counsel’s office, which in turn contacted the National Archives, according to two people familiar with the matter. So now we have a third version of what happened when he found the documents. But if the way they found the classified documents was out of the ordinary, Biden’s lawyers were determined to be sticklers for the rules. What it happen to people familiar with their work. So here’s the cover up in part. Those first decisions inside the airy office complex, the Biden Biden Senate and one on one Constitution Avenue launched a 71 day push by Biden’s team. Federal archivists and the Justice Department. To make sense of the startling discovery that culminated in Attorney General Merrick Garland, its decision to the deep consternation of many in the White House to appoint a special counsel. It’s not exactly the way it happened. Interviews with people who are directly involved in the discovery and the subsequent fallout provided new details on the effort to handle the crisis created the intersection of politics and intelligence and law. Republicans and other critics say the White House was, at a minimum, slow to seek the truth and level with the public. Well, why is it just Republicans saying that it’s a fact? Biden’s aides say they were simply proceeding cautiously in a sensitive probe and taking their lead from federal investigators in mid-November in a communication that was not previously been reported. A senior official in the Justice Department’s National Security division wrote a letter to Bob Bauer. Mr. Fixit, Biden’s personal attorney, asking for his cooperation with the department’s inquiry. The justice official specifically that Biden’s legal team secured the materials from the PEN Biden Center and refrained from further reviewing them or other relevant documents that might be stored at a different location. According to the letter, the contents of which were shared with the post. So obviously, these are Biden’s lawyers leaking this. If I were Mr. Comber and Mr. Jordan, I’d make sure Bob Bauer was brought front and center. Attorney client privilege be damned. The justice official also requested that Bauer give the department formal consent to review the materials. He provide a list of other locations where relevant materials may be stored. Mr. Department waited the proper protocols for future document searches. It’s called calling in the FBI. Now you see the leeway. You see the leeway the Department of Injustice gave to the Biden people? Have they ever treated Trump this way? So the Biden people were told and the Post adopted a strategy of caution and deference, making only limited moves in coordination with federal investigators to determine the number of documents involved, their significance and how they were mishandled. They hoped that would earn the trust of investigators. Avoid comparisons with Trump, who’s under federal criminal investigation for his own mishandling of classified materials. And by the way, at least we can say Joe Biden’s under federal criminal investigation to. And end the matter quickly stared. You wrote a political firestorm and repeated accusations of obfuscation. And instead of a speedy resolution, they now face a special counsel. But what’s the key thing that took place here? What’s the key thing that took place? I have to take a break and I will tell you in a moment. We’ll be right back.

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Now, here’s the big part. As you could tell, The Washington Post is doing a kiss now story for the Biden lawyers. But then they reveal this. You ready? This is very important. The Washington Post writes, and you got to dig into the article. It’s a long article. Early on, Biden’s attorneys and Justice Department investigators both thought they had a shared understanding about keeping the matter quiet. I said cover up and it’s a cover up. But it was blown up as a result of Chairman Comas appearance on my show two Sundays ago. It’s pretty cool to watch the show if he can’t watch a live to DVR. The White House was hoping for a speedy inquiry. They would find no intentional mishandling of the documents, planning to disclose the matter only after Justice issued its all clear. Federal investigators, for their part, typically try to avoid complicating any probe with a media feeding frenzy. Deputy Attorney General Lisa monaco. She is this fingerling. Who runs the Department of Jobs. She is a radical left wing commie. From the Obama administration. Deputy attorney general. Don’t forget a name. Lisa monaco declined at a news conference on Wednesday to say whether law enforcement officials suggested Biden representatives should keep quiet about the case. But the approach would end up prompting accusations that Biden’s team at purposely kept the public in the dark. The White House and the Justice Department conspired. To cover up this investigation. And to get it over with as fast as they could. This is what I told you on day one. This is why I’m so thrilled you’re here listening to this program, even on a Friday evening. It is a cover up. It remains in large part a cover up involving the National Archives, the FBI, the Department of Justice and the White House. And, of course, they’ve put out their talking points to the corrupt Democrat Party media, which is we’re not Trump. There’s no obstruction. We’ve been transparent. This is a cover up. Part of it has been revealed, but it’s still a cover up. I’ll be right back.