January 16th, 2023

January 16th, 2023

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day to recognize a great civil rights leader, and what made him so great was his idea that everyone should be treated as human individuals regardless of race. Critical Race Theory rejects the views of MLK and so do so many Democrats who push CRT. It is important to remember that the racism today camouflaged as something positive is still racism. Also, the new lie being pushed by Democrat mouthpieces like Jake Tapper is that Mar-a-Lago was much worse than Biden’s situation when in reality it’s the complete opposite. What President Biden has done is far worse as a matter of constitutional law than anything Trump did, and the documents in Mar-a-Lago were secure while Biden was surprised to find out he had classified documents. We know for a fact that President Obama did not turn over all classified documents to the National Archives, and that the National Archives lied about securing all Obama administration documents, because Biden’s classified documents were from the Obama administration. There is not enough talk about the failures of the FBI and DOJ and how they sat on the story for months, keeping it a secret during the Midterm election. The FBI was sent to secure the documents for the archives, but never conducted an independent search of Biden’s office. Later, Mark speaks with Stephen A. Smith about his new book “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes,” and about what it means to live the American Dream.

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We will jump in with both feet into the Joe Biden documents scandal in a moment. It is Martin Luther King junior day in the United States, a national holiday to recognize a great civil rights leader. And one of the things he was great about. What’s his view of his fellow human being? His entire effort and emphasis was that everybody should be treated as human individuals, regardless of their race. And he made famous the line about a colorblind society. That the color of your skin shouldn’t matter. It’s the content of your character. And when I was doing research on American Marxism, really digging into critical race theory and the Marxist ties to critical race theory. Critical race theory rejects Martin Luther King jr. It’s authors. It’s speech givers. They reject Martin Luther King jr. To our public schools and classrooms. Reject Martin Luther King jr. Many democrats reject. Martin Luther King Jr. Joe biden. Previously segregationist and racist. He today rejects Martin Luther King jr. Despite yesterday giving a speech at ebenezer church. Martin Luther King’s church. And his speech today because Joe Biden has pushed the effort of critical race theory and the view that you’re a racist regardless of who you are as an individual human being, regardless of how you live your life. Because of the color of your skin and you are oppressed regardless of how you live your life. And if you’re a minority. So Joe Biden does not represent Martin Luther King’s view. Our public schools do not recognize Martin Luther King Jr. View the Democrat party. The media do not recognize Martin Luther King Jr’s view of mankind. Because the racism and racialism that’s being pushed. His opposite is repugnant to Martin Luther King’s view. But the Democrat Party can’t help itself. Virtually its entire existence has been formed around the idea of racism. Whether was racism against black Americans. And the time close to its founding. Up until the fifties and sixties, anti-black racism to its position today, which is anti-white racism. It has to engage in racism. It always has, and apparently it always will. So will we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. His history, what he did, the horrific assassination. It is important that we remember that the racism today. That is camouflaged as something positive is still racism as it would have been yesterday. Now Joe Biden. First of all, Joe Biden still has a media, a picture Vanguard meeting. Remember, Jake TAPPER started his career as a Democrat mouthpiece for Handgun Control Inc for Marjorie Mezvinsky. A one term congressperson. Not unlike others who report these days. Chuck Todd, Democrat. As my friend said, Democrat operative. They’re very upset. They’ve been gleeful, celebratory. About the effort to criminalize the Presidential Records Act and to criminalize the Espionage Act against a former president, something that’s never been done in our history. The Records Act does not have a criminal enforcement or criminal liability mechanism. And, of course, the Espionage Act is something that wasn’t ever intended to apply against a president, even when it was first passed 105 years ago by Woodrow Wilson and his Democrats. I want you to get a sense of this as we lay the foundation, as we lawyers say. And this is why you should not watch Jake TAPPER on Sunday and Chuck Todd on Sunday. Most of you don’t. That’s why the ratings are tanking and my ratings are strong. Let’s listen to James Comer and Jake TAPPER cut through ego. There’s a big difference in how President Biden and his team reacted and how President Trump and his team reacted. The FBI asserts Mar a Lago because Trump for more than a year refused to turn over documents to the National Archives and the Justice Department, which was trying to get them back into secure hands. Trump and his lawyers lied about it. Trump lied about not having classified documents, did not keep them in a secure location, did not comply with a subpoena, but said he had, and that that search warrant, which Trump forced out into the open through his legal machinations that cited laws that Trump might have violated, including the Espionage Act. All right, let’s stop. That is an outrageous piece of demographic of a demagogic crap. You’re a liar, Jake TAPPER, a liar. They weren’t trying for a year, but even if they were, they were negotiating and that’s what they do. There was no obstruction. They were negotiating. There’s no need to criminalize it. The FBI had access to Mar a Lago. The FBI knew where the documents were in Mar a Lago. The FBI told the former president’s staff to put another lock on the door at Mar a Lago. They denied, as we learned on Sunday, on life, liberty and live in from jim trusty a skiff. They would not permit the national archives a skiff. To be built in Mar a Lago, which every former president has had because a former president can ask to read even classified information that is as newest today. Did you know that? Vice presidents don’t get skiffs. Vice presidents don’t get classified readings. They don’t have access to classified documents. And of course, as I’ve explained, and now the backbenchers have regurgitated a president. Can declassify anything and classify anything. Why? Because the president is the executive branch under our Constitution. That’s why a vice president is not and has no such powers. So if a president decides to take a classified document with him. Into retirement. The assumption is the implication is it’s declassified for those purposes. It doesn’t mean a sitting president can’t call it back. Or demand it back. But that’s the implication. Period. But it’s certainly not a crime. Because we know, as a matter of fact. That Obama did not turn over all his classified information to the National Archives because these documents that Biden had. Well, Obama administration documents. We know, as a matter of fact, that the National Archives lied when it said it had secured all of Obama’s classified and unclassified documents because these were Obama’s classified documents that we’re now finding or Biden’s lawyers are claiming to find. So when Jake TAPPER gets on, there is all worked up that there’s a big difference. There is a big difference. What Joe Biden has done is far worse. As a matter of law, as a matter of constitutional law, then anything Donald Trump did that his documents at Mar a Lago were far more secure. Then Joe Biden’s. Joe Biden didn’t even know where his documents were. He was surprised, he says, to learn of their existence. And, of course, Jake TAPPER and we don’t even have all the facts yet. The facts that we have now are bad enough. What was going on before November 2nd. To motivate a hack lawyer. And that’s what she is. To go into his closet and to find this file marked private with classified information in it. Why wasn’t the FBI immediately after it was informed on November 4th by the National Archives? Why wasn’t the FBI sent into his office, sent into his Wilmington, Delaware home and his Rehoboth home sent into Hunter Biden’s various places? To secure any documents that might be there. They would have secured five weeks earlier the classified documents that were sitting in his garage in Wilmington, Delaware, and next to his Corvette. They would have secured the one document they later found at his home. They would have secured the six additional documents they found over the weekend. How did the FBI determine not to look at his facilities? Why was this subpoena not issued? And were any Biden lawyers or anybody else required to sign a document representing that this is all they knew about under penalty of perjury? See, Jake TAPPER is not a reporter. He’s not a news man. Jake TAPPER is a left wing Democrat, intellectually corrupt. And that’s why that’s why he now reports for the lowest rated news cable channel in America. They constipated News Network. Go ahead. It’s my understanding that President Trump did let the National Archives go through on numerous occasions, Mar a Lago, looking at the documents. What my understanding is and again, we don’t know because we haven’t been briefed, was that President Trump was arguing with National Archives over what is classified and what is not. As we’ve heard the president say before, the president has the authority to declassify a document. Now, the question is whether or not the president actually declassified the documents. The vice president does not have the authority to declassify. Actually, the vice president does. There’s a big difference. Vice president. Did he just say the vice president does have that authority? Go ahead. As you know, we vice president excuse me, Jake TAPPER and ignoramus, the vice president does not have independent authority to declassify documents. He’s not the head of the executive branch. He absolutely does not. So why did you say that? Because they’re desperate. They have to lie. And the new lie is this was Mar-A-Lago was much worse than what Biden did. The opposite is true, ladies and gentlemen. Go ahead. I disagree that the vice president does, too. Matter of fact. The reason the president does is because of the Constitution. Did something happen to Barack Obama that enabled his vice? Isn’t it, to declassify information? No. It did not. But there’s more. Cut for a go. What do you saying to viewers who don’t understand why President Biden’s documents seem like a big priority for you? President Trump, who took hundreds more documents, did not comply with the subpoena, did not reach out to the National Archives or the Justice Department to say, I will help you because time is of the essence and I don’t have enough time to waste with Jake Tapper’s idiocy. Donald Trump’s been treated to the criminal process. Joe Biden was not just because you’re issued a subpoena doesn’t mean you bow over, back backwards and give everybody what they want. You negotiate it. You negotiate it. It’s not a criminal process. And it turns out the National Archives has been politicized. That’s what I say, Jake. Are you now persuaded? Of course you’re not. You’re a hack. I’ll be right back.

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We only have a minute here. More on this after the bottom of the hour. And so a footnote here. I saw this guy good from Virginia on TV. I forget who he was with on Fox. I think it was. CAVUTO And he said they’ve now empowered the speaker of the House, McCarthy, to fight. And if necessary, they don’t want to but shut down the government as the perhaps the only tool they have to fight the big spending. No, you didn’t empower him or anybody else, Mr. Good. The Republicans already agreed to that among themselves. That wasn’t one of the things you got, quote unquote. The debt ceiling issue had already been resolved, that they were going to fight this. So I just want you folks to understand the rewriting of history. All that said, I’m glad the United now the government’s been shut down 20 times in the last half century, and it’s still there, bigger than ever. It was shut time six times down six times under Ronald Reagan. If that’s what has to happen, then that’s what has to happen. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Another footnote and then we’ll get back to the safe Stephenie Smith on at the top of the next hour and this goes to this debate took place the other weekend elsewhere and notice I commented that you know when I was a young guy and I would watch Milton Friedman on PBS and read his fantastic books and Tom Soul, God bless me, stole what I was doing, his writing, and I would read National Review and watch Firing Line and so many of these fantastic, great conservatives. And they worked in the Reagan campaigns in 76 and 80 in the Reagan administration. And I took to them all, but I never agreed with them 100% of the time. Agree with them a lot, but not 100% of the time. When Reagan picked Schweiker as running mate in 1976 as a last ditch effort to defeat. Gerald Ford. I was very disappointed. But I didn’t write a diatribe or smear the guy. I wanted him to win in 1980, and he did. And I wasn’t thrilled that he picked Bush George H.W. Bush. But he had a fantastic presidency. And I could go down the list. I never thought that it was betrayal that he picked Schweiker. I understood exactly what was going on. Or betrayal by any of these men or women. These are good people. They set the foundation for the pushback against modern Marxism, the New Deal, and the rest. It’s very interesting. You know, as a Jew, we have we all have it. But you may have heard of the Talmud, which is which is a holy. I guess I’ll call it a book, The Midrash. And these are writings, fairly ancient writings by some of the most brilliant rabbis handed down from generation to generation. And it’s the kind of literature that is studied. Not just read studied. And what are the core features that is taught by the Talmud? Is debate. Disagree. Debate. And you can disagree in debate with somebody you revere can be your own rabbi. Somebody you revere. But it’s also abundantly clear. That you can debate, but the philosophy is to debate the substance. Not the integrity of the individual. I’m not talking about us debating Marxists and leftist. I’m talking about among ourselves conservatives. And this is something I think that a lot of the young guys and gals in particular who want to make names for themselves, who want to be the go to columnists, who want to hear their names on radio and on Fox, who want to be the next Bud Buckley or the next. Milton Friedman or the next Tom Solo, however, whomever. This is something they don’t comprehend. Some of them are Jewish, but not all of them. The brass knuckles against the enemy is one thing. But if you revere somebody or something or you respect and admire them, you can challenge them, you can debate them, you can disagree with them till you’re blue in the face. But you don’t treat them as the enemy. So this has been handed down through. Somali philosophy for Jews. For a very long time. For a very, very long time. And it’s something I have lived by. When I served in the Reagan administration for eight years. I didn’t agree with everything Ronald Reagan did, but I didn’t resign in protest and start smash mouth thing to man. Some of my support initially supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primary in 2016. Then I supported Donald Trump and I have supported his. His innocence through all these attacks on him, probably like few others. And yet I don’t always agree with Donald Trump. But you see the lack of character where people just step out and they start trashing him, or they’re grifters, they try to make money. All this goes against Tamala Dick Law. All this goes against my belief system, my personal character. So when I see others do this, and often to me, but also Ted, Shawn and other people, I say, you know what? You’re not a thinker. You’re not a scholar. You might be a wannabe. And that’s what you’re always going to be. That’s why I almost never read the comments on social media. The television ratings on life, liberty and living are as strong as they’ve ever been. They were last week. They will be this week. The radio ratings are very, very strong. Fact, we have more support than ever before Sponsors, radio stations, radio companies. So this hasn’t affected the broad listenership, the vast majority of whom agree with me. But I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing. Conservatives disagreeing with each other. This is how I grew up with debate. We would debate. I debate in high school. I would debate in college. Conservatives. Libertarians. We debate it all the time. And afterwards we were good friends. But the idea that people should have should should resign from their positions. The idea that people should be trashed as they don’t meet the standard. Are you kidding me? I’m 65 years old. I’ve been fighting this cause however you want to define it since I was 13. And I’m not alone. There are many others. And you have the Never Trumpers. They’re the same exact way. They’re no damn good. They have the least character of anybody. Again, disagree all you want. But the venom and the hate you claim to be. The true Republicans are the true conservatives. It’s pathetic. A complete lack of character. I just point that out. Why? Because about once a week I have this fantastic Chabad rabbi, and I want Gentiles to hear this, too, about once a week. On Monday mornings. I’ve about a one hour session. The sharp eyed rabbi marked him out. Rabbi. And he once said to me, But a year ago, before we did this, what do you want to learn? I said I want to learn history. That’s what I love. I want to learn the history that goes way, way back. And so this is where we we talk to each other about. And of course, the Talmud is very, very important to us. And as I was listening to this, I got to thinking to myself, it’s very inspiring. Christians. I recommend you do the same thing in your faith. Other faiths do the same thing. Faith is very, very important. It influences your politics. It influences how you treat other people. How you know friend from foe. Why you revere certain people, why you revere certain philosophies and so forth. Very, very important. I guess that’s more than a footnote since I broke off from Joe Biden. But we’re going to we’re going to return to Joe Biden When I return. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

 So Raphael Warnock was asked on ABC’s This Week if the buying classified documents should have been revealed before the midterm elections, which he won by the skin of his teeth. Correct. Go. Do you think the White House knew about this back in November, even before the midterms? Do you think that they should have told us about this earlier? I’m glad to see that the president and his administration are cooperating and they should continue to cooperate. Let’s stop let’s start with the big lie in the propaganda. They’re cooperating like they have a choice. You see, Jake and Rafael, there was not a subpoena issued against Biden and his people. Nothing there to negotiate. He sat on these documents for six years. Cooperate. They say cooperate is not part. Of either statute that they’re looking at. They’re trying to hang that on Trump. The lack of cooperation, a.k.a. obstruction. It’s a lie. And so they take that lie from the Department of Justice against Trump. And they keep saying, But see, our guy Biden, he didn’t do those things. No Biden had no power to declassify. He sat on the documents for six years there in multiple locations. There was never a subpoena issued. So when they say he’s cooperated. He’s taken as good damn time. Anyway. Go ahead. And we need to get to the bottom of this so we don’t see this kind of thing happen again. What should they have set us? Told us about it in November. I mean, there’s some some Republicans are alleging cover up. Even some Democrats have expressed some concern. Look, the Justice Department is engaged in the investigation, and that’s one of the questions that I think they will explore. And I don’t want to get in front of that investigation. That has nothing to do with the investigation. The question is, should the White House have revealed it before the election? Nothing to do with the investigation, but you can see it doesn’t matter. It’s of no consequence. So it has been a cover up and others have not called a cover. I’ve called it a cover up. I’ve called it a cover up behind this microphone on live TV in two. Sunday’s in a row now. On my fox show. Life, liberty and Livin. So Rafael won’t answer. Now let’s see how Chuck Todd conducted himself for Senator Ron Johnson. Chuck Todd. As an old time Democrat, his wife makes a fortune as a consultant to Democrats. Chuck Todd should never have been given a new job. First of all, he’s an incompetent. Second of all, he’s a boob. And third of four, he’s a Democrat. Ach. Cowan, go. Do you have a crime that you think Hunter Biden committed? Because I’ve yet to see anybody explain. It is not a crime to make money off of your last name. Wah, wah, wah wah, wah wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Actually, that’s not just what he’s doing with his last minute career. So stupid. But when somebody tell you this. What? If in fact you’re selling influence, that is a crime. Selling influence is a crime. A no show job or a no show position where you are earning millions and millions of dollars because your name is Biden. That’s selling influence. You have no idea what what Hunter Biden has told his father. We have plenty of evidence on the laptop that his father was engaged, and that’s the purpose of an investigation. Todd. I’m fairly certain there’s tax violations. We now learned just recently that Daddy was paying him perhaps $50,000 a month to rent the home or vice versa. Well, who owned the home? Who’s doing what? Did you look into that, Chuck? And of course, we’ve had Republicans who’ve been prosecuted. For not registering as foreign agents. And if anybody represented the communist Chinese, it was certainly Hunter and his gang. So there you have some information, Chuck. Go ahead, Chuck. You ought to read the Marco Polo report where they detail all kinds of potential crimes. You know, Senator Grassley, let me stop you there. Potentially, this is about about about ten children and about 30,000 about potential is in you on innuendo. Now, listen to this, Thunderhead. I don’t have the power. Ron Johnson doesn’t have the power. Grassley doesn’t have the power. To convict somebody of a crime. That’s why the senator is saying potential violations of law. It’s not an innuendo. An innuendo is when people keep demanding Trump’s tax returns, claiming there’s criminality in there in the released and there’s not a speck of criminality in his tax returns. Go ahead. I mean, cha cha cha cha. Is it a crime to be soliciting and purchasing prostitution and potentially European sex trafficking operations? Is that a crime? Because Chuck Grassley, I laid out about $30,000 paid by Hunter Biden to those types of individuals over December 2018, 2019, about $30,000. Just about the same time the President Biden offered to pay about $100,000 and for Hunter Biden’s bills. I mean, again, that’s that’s just some information. I don’t know exactly what I don’t get. All right. So it doesn’t it doesn’t really look, it sounds sleazy, as you know. I’ll take your I’ll I’ll I’ll take it. Your word that you’re ethically bothered by Hunter Biden. I’m curious, though, you seem to have a do not doubt about it. I’m a journalist. I figure you are. You not even facts. It’s says center. My question to you is I’m always worried. I have skepticism of both parties. I sit here with skepticism a lot. Shut up. You’re a fraud. Everybody knows that you’re a fraud. And you should have a Sunday show. You shouldn’t have any show, and you need a new barber. I’ll be right back.