January 13th, 2023

January 13th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the timeline of the President Biden classified document scandal is absolutely shocking. This was a coverup for over 60 days until a leak to NBC news, and with no FBI search or search warrant for Biden and especially no SWAT team raid. They don’t give President Trump the benefit of the doubt so why should we for Biden and his lawyers saying they’ve returned everything? What Biden has done is outrageous, a threat to our national security and far worse.  Also, the Democrat party is effectively partnering with the Mexican drug cartels because Biden and his administration could care less about the wide-open southern border. Biden has no intention of securing the border and by leaving it open to smuggling illegal aliens, he’s the cartel’s best business partner. Later, the fear campaign going on now by Democrats and the media about the U.S. facing default over the spending bill is built on a lie. The current year spending is already paid for from last year’s budget, so there can’t be a default. Now Mitch McConnell will argue that we need to prevent a default, even though he is responsible for the trillion-dollar Omnibus spending bill.  Finally, the Democrat green energy bill is destroying the environment, and we can see it with the amount of beached whales washing up on shores near offshore windmills like in Atlantic City, NJ. These wind turbines are being built all the way down the eastern seaboard which is a disgrace. Nothing gets in the way of climate change Marxists, especially facts.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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This George Santo man. Santos, I think he’s been a freshman for about 3 minutes. The amount of media coverage tonight, Chase and Hunter Biden around, they haven’t chased Swalwell around. It is incredible to me. But all that said, so little consequence. It’s almost of no consequence. I want you to listen to something that’s going to be absolutely shocking. Oh, by the way, I’m Mark Levin. Welcome. Absolutely shocking. It’s about almost 2 minutes. Raise the volume if somebody is talking. Tell them. Just wait. Wait 2 minutes. It shocked me. Mr. Producer, did it shock you? This is Don Lemon and his sidekick Harlow on CNN today, which Schumer cut five go. This is our reporting. According to one justice official said in the White House, public statements earlier this week offered an incomplete narrative about the classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president reinforced the need for a special counsel. The misleading statements created the impression that Biden’s team had something to hide. That doesn’t sound that much different than the former president gone. There’s now a special prosecutor. Let’s see what they have to say. We can have all this speculation and comment. Let’s see what they have to say. And let’s focus on doing things that help the American people. I have to I have to get in and have to say this. You you seem much more measured about this than with the Trump documents because you call for transparency of the Trump documents. You wanted lawmakers to have access to the documents seized from the former president, his residence in Florida, which it seems like you. The bottom line is I said that night it’s premature to comment on what should be done and try to say yes for President Trump. That’s exactly right. I think that your statements are consistent. I’m sure do for both. You bet. Okay. So you said the president has fully cooperated and there’s no indication that he and the White House have not. But there is a real question about transparency and what the American people deserve. Let me just let the prosecutor get to the bottom of this and let’s let them do it, for God’s sake. We all want to buzz around all of that. But let me let me buzz for a minute. Let me let me buzz for one minute. And I promise we’ll get now. But it’s not just it’s not just us buzzing around. You’re the Democratic head of the Senate. This is a really important issue. It’s not just buzzing around. It’s not like we have. And if there were no special prosecutor, there would be you know, you might have a different thing to say, but there is. And now we have the law enforcement people who have the power to get all the facts out doing it. I support both. I think we should have a special prosecutor on each. I don’t mind your asking these questions, but my view is I’m not going to say anything but let the special prosecutors do their job. Wow. This is shocking on many levels. One, I wanted you to hear it before I comment. The Don Lemon and Harlow, by the way, is that a like a dance team? Anyway, Lemon and Harlow. Poppy Harlow. That’s why I couldn’t remember the name. Poppy Harlow This is shocking as number one that they’re actually pressing. Schumer Number two, the pressure that Schumer is a fraud. Of course, that’s not shocking. Let’s wait for the prosecutors to finish and say what they’ve done with Trump. You have commentators on TV even to this day talking about how basically he should be hung from a telephone pole by his foot like Mussolini. You had a former attorney general, Bill Barr, on TV saying this is a cut and dry case. I haven’t seen Bill Barr on TV lately, have you? You had what’s that? Fat guy’s name is married to Kellyanne Conway. What’s his name? George Conway. You had him on TV. Anyway, he was there and you had a whole bunch of people. Whole bunch of people who are saying that Trump was guilty. Let’s get this over with. And if he’s not charged and thrown in prison, that demonstrates that our system doesn’t work, right? Pretty much. Now, here’s the difference. Ladies and gentlemen, let me be blunt. This was a cover up. He worked for 60 some days. I think it was 63 days of May, counting, correct. Give or take. And then there was this leak last Monday evening when the show began. The attorney general of the United States wanted to sweep this under the rug as fast as he could. He gave it to a U.S. attorney pardoned by my you know, who was halfway out the door. He apparently recommended eight days ago that they appoint a special counsel. But notice Garland sat on it because Garland is not required to appoint a special counsel just because the U.S. attorney says so. And I might add, he didn’t need the input from this U.S. attorney who was hoping to get cover from him. And he didn’t. But it was all secret, even to the point of that recommendation being on Garland’s desk. So November 2nd, nobody knows what occurred before November 2nd. For some reason. An attorney and not just any attorney. We’ll get to that in a moment, too. An attorney with ties to Obama, an attorney recommended by Hunter Biden. Years ago for his father to hire That attorney was scrolling around in the in the Biden Pen University of Dunderheads office. And they just happened upon these documents. They were shocked. Biden had no idea how they got there. He was stunned. And this leaks out Monday evening and the leaks out after Chairman Colmer said he was going to look into the National Archives and how. The disparate treatment has been exercised against Donald Trump versus other presidents and against vice presidents. Suddenly it leaks because they want to get out of it. But they don’t leak at all. No, they don’t like it. The next day, NBC News reports. On December 20th, seven weeks or so later, they find another batch. In the garage. Biden’s garage next to his Corvette, open and notorious, as we like to say. But don’t worry, his garage was locked, according to Biden, was never opened. Not once. I’m sure. Right next to his coveted Corvettes. Of course it’s safe. Still the cover up. We hear nothing. They still haven’t sent the FBI in to do an independent search on behalf of the government. They send the FBI in to secure the documents and then remove the documents. Same on November two, but no FBI search, let alone a search warrant and a SWAT team. No. Then. January 5th. The U.S. attorney. In Chicago puts his report on the attorney general’s desk where it collects dust. Now, keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen. That the attorney general of the United States appointed this U.S. attorney to take a preliminary look. And we don’t even know what conditions he put on this guy. I bet he put timeline conditions on it because they wanted to get this over with as fast as they could before it got out. Once they learned the Republicans had won, they had a Harry. They had a Harry. Kind of hairy. But you understand. November 14th. And yet, four days later, he appoints a rogue. While. Phony prosecutor that the US Supreme Court. Effectively condemned in a unanimous vote overturning. Overturning his prosecution and conviction of the former Republican governor of Virginia. And, of course, his wife has the credentials necessary for a special counsel’s wife. She is not only a supporter of the Obamas. She did a documentary on Michelle Obama and her mother in law. His mother in law. Her mother is a big leftist. So of course, perfect to point him to investigate Trump, don’t you know? And that recommendation came out of the deputy attorney general’s office, and the deputy attorney general is an Obama hack and a radical left wing kook all make sense. It’s a special counsel, very special. A Trump hater. Meanwhile, they kept this secret through the midterm elections. They kept secret when they were appointing this rogue thug to investigate. Donald Trump. They kept it secret even after this second batch of documents were found on December 20 in Joe Biden’s garage. They certainly didn’t send the FBI to in to do a major investigation. Should the neighbors might notice. The neighbors might notice. And so. He has this proposal on his desk, lets it sit. And wouldn’t you know. They find one more document in Joe Biden’s library that is probably filled with comic books. And so. They have no choice. Backs against the wall. Backs against the wall. So. Garland. Holds a press conference. He doesn’t have the usual phalanx of left wing kook. Lawyers behind him from the various branches and divisions of the Department of Justice. No, no, no. He just has the U.S. attorney who provided him with the recommendation. Then he announces the appointment of a special counsel. Meanwhile, over at the White House, they want to know more. Least some of the reporters do. Who had access to the house. We can’t tell you this is under investigation. Well, why didn’t she keep a list? Why didn’t the Socialist Secret Service keep a list of who came to the house? We’ve dealt with this before. Next question. Well, you haven’t dealt substantively with it. Why did you do it? Next question, please. Why did you cover this up? I can’t answer specifics. This is under investigation now. By the way. The communist Chinese pour tens of millions of dollars into the Biden pen. Unhinged mental institution on imaginable amounts of money. Almost $1,000,000 of which goes to pay because it’s fungible. Joe Biden in a no show job. It’s a no show job. Did you know that, Mr. Producer? It’s a no show job. New York Post has a new story on this. He didn’t actually have to show up to get paid. I mean, he’s very busy. Joe Biden. Shuffling around from room to room. Wow. It’s amazing. So we learn more. Who is this lawyer? Former Biden assistant questioned by law enforcement over classified documents repeatedly appeared in Hunter Biden’s emails, writes Fox News. She’s part of the probe, exchanged emails with Hunter Biden on numerous occasions. According to Fox News Digital Cathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant when he was vice president. The Pentagon’s current deputy director protocol is among several former aides to the president to be interviewed by law enforcement, reports NBC. Chung and the others questioned reportedly. He helped move materials and belongings from Biden’s office at the end of the Obama administration early 2017. Wow. And throughout much of the five year tenure working for Biden during the Obama administration, Chang regularly communicated with Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, transmitting information about his father’s schedule on passing messages directly from the then vice president who backdoor communications. May I say I think I will. That’s according to the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Chung’s relationship with Hunter Biden also appears to date back before she worked with his father. The emails show that Hunter Biden recommended Chung for the executive assistant role when the previous horror the job. Michelle Smith departed the White House in the spring of 2012. At the time, Chung worked in former Senator Mark Udall’s office, Democrat Colorado, as his scheduling director. She had worked previously for Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman. Who was appointed to replace Biden. Well, I’ve got more. We’ll be right back.

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We’re going to have a fantastic show this Sunday, folks. Life, Liberty and in 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific, all times in between. I hope you’ll check it out. We’re going to have Jim Trusty, the president’s lawyer for these document issues on the program. We’re also going to have Stephen Miller talking about how the drug cartels are really a war with the United States, the fentanyl, the weaponization on the southern border and how this is now pouring into the United States. It’s something you really need to hear. He’s one of the foremost experts in the country and you know who he is. And, of course, my opening statement. So I hope you’ll check us out this Sunday, 8 p.m. Eastern. If you don’t think you’ll be home, you don’t think you can watch it live. Go ahead and set your DVR to record at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific. I’ve got a lot more on this, a short segment, as you can tell, because I went over in the last one. Stick with us. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Let us pick up before I was so rudely interrupted by our capitalist system as our producer Kathy Chang, Biden’s executive assistant who was involved in the search when he was vice president, and the Pentagon’s now current deputy director protocols among several former aides to the president to be interviewed by law enforcement, says NBC. She and the others questioned helped move materials and belongings from Biden’s office at the end of the Obama administration in early 2017. Let’s stop here for a footnote, shall we? The National Archives announced. When Donald Trump said that Obama had taken all these documents, you know. Classified documents said, no, he hadn’t, that they were secured in a proper facility under the control and ownership of the National Archives. And of course, the media pounced on that. But what the media have not said and I explained on HANNITY last night, was that these documents are Obama administration documents, those of which we are talking about right now. And. Apparently they didn’t have them. They were purloined. May I say purloined? I think I did. And throughout much of her five year tenure working for Biden during the Obama administration, she regularly communicated with Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, transmitting information about his father’s schedule, as we pointed out, passing messages directly from then vice president, according to emails obtained on Hunter’s laptop. Chung’s relationship with Hunter Biden also appears to date back before she worked for his father. Emails show that Hunter Biden recommended Chung for the executive assistant role when the previous holder of the job, Michelle Smith, departed the White House in the spring of 2012. Now, at the time, Chung worked in former Senator Mark Udall office, Democrat Colorado, as his scheduling director, and she previously worked just laying the foundation for Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman, who was appointed to replace Biden in the Senate in oh nine and is a longtime confidant of Biden dating back decades. So Biden has this thing pretty well nailed down right now. He plays rope a dope. When I did my documentary, I came into my office for six years and I didn’t know what was in there just because the file said private. I remember when Weiner responds to her message, Hunter Biden responded later. The job would make her the primary gatekeeper of Biden’s and would be, quote, involved in everything that goes on outside of policy. Kathy Chung and Hunter Biden discuss an opening for then Vice President Biden’s executive assistant position in May 2012. Call if and when you want me to tell dad you’re interested. And I’m sure Michelle would also want to talk to you at some point. I don’t know who else they were considering, but I thought you would be great. Now, first of all, you can see the extent of Hunter Biden’s involvement in Vice President Joe Biden’s official situation, personnel issues, messages, the hunter doing. Look. One month later, on June 13, 2012, Chung emailed Hunter Biden informing him she had been offered the job. I cannot thank you enough for thinking about me and walking me through this. What an incredible opportunity. Thank you, Hunter. And then Cassie Chung informs Hunter Biden that then Vice President Biden had selected to be his executive assistant in June 2012. I mean, she had all the credentials. She had been a scheduler. Dozens of additional emails between Chung and Biden’s son showed various levels of correspondence between the two in one instance from October 2015. So this goes on for years. Hunter Biden and Chung communicated to scheduling meeting with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. This almost sounds like a. One of the spaghetti westerns. Disney Mister Producer. Fox News Digital previously reported that Hunter arranged a video conference with his father and Slim. And by the way, the guy is not slim, and I believe he owns a chunk of the New York Slimes with whom Hunter was seeking to do business at the time. October 30, 2015. Another instance from earlier that year. Chunks and Hunter and other members of the Biden Crime Family an invitation to attend a State Department luncheon hosted by his father honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping. But the Chinese really have their hooks into the Biden stopping. The Communists. Hunter Chung, invited by the Army excuse me, Biden family members to attend State Department luncheon honoring JI Hunter Biden and Chung even communicated at times about birthday gifts for relatives and assisting friends children with college admittance. No wonder they. Assigned her the duty of removing the stash. February 2017, After Biden left the White House, Hunter Biden suggested that Chung, who appears to have continued working for the former vice president after the Obama administration should come work with him and his business partners, Eric Schwerin and Joan Mayer. Actually work for me and with Eric actually do actual work. Hunter is is not a poet and he didn’t know it. He’s just illiterate. Hunter Biden tells Kathie Chung she should work in Maine in February 2017. Adding that he can, quote, make everyone money, unquote. Multiple occasions. The pair coordinated schedules for meetings with former University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann. Shortly after taking office, the president selected Gutman to be the U.S. ambassador to Germany. Wow. What do you say? In a sleazy operation. Quote, VP will be meeting with President Gutmann on February eight of January 11 a.m. at the lake house in Delaware. Chang wrote in an email to Hunter Biden. Again, Biden knows everything that is Hunter. Other family members and several White House officials in January 16. V.P. hopes that you will be able to join him for this meeting. Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you. You found all this, Mr. Producer. Tom believable. Now, after Chung invited Hunter Biden to another meeting with Gutman in April 2016, he suggested in a follow up message to his business partner that he may need to reschedule a previously scheduled meeting with the Prime minister of the Ivory Coast. And he added that the government meeting is a must attend for me. Per Dan Yes, because they just name this place after Biden. All this money has flowed into this place, particularly from the Communist Chinese government, their front groups, their energy company, I should say. This is a must meeting. So the Ivory Coast prime minister has to go to the back of the line. Hunter Biden informs his business partner he would need to reschedule a meeting. Gutmann, meanwhile, participated at the ceremony, making the grand opening of the pen Biden’s Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, the president’s think tank in Washington, D.C., in 2018. Now, you know, if this were Trump, they’d be investigating a quid pro quo about now, wouldn’t they? The White House revealed that a series of classified documents dating back to bide his time as vice president had been discovered in his pen. Biden Center, of course. But they’ve been totally transparent, ladies and gentlemen, have they not? You didn’t tell us about the stack at Second Stash? Oh, well, we work here now cooperatively. Oh, they’ve been transparent. You didn’t inspect the third document. Oh. What’s the problem? We worked cooperatively. We had no intent to cover up. None whatsoever. Wow. What do you make of this, folks? But I don’t know. The Trump situation is worse. Why? Obstruction. Andrew Weissman. That little brick brick and your Iceman song with the Morning Joe. Morning, Joe. Basically running the equivalent of a National Enquirer show there with the lovely Mika Brzezinski. Peasants can. Well, what does he have to say about all this? Cut three. Go. I tend to think that Merrick Garland was right in both situations to appoint a special counsel. It gives the public as much as he can an assurance of fairness and balance. And here, the Department of Justice in both matters, I think is acting responsibly and independently. I think the real focus is on the White House. I think that we still have no evidence whatsoever that the current president did anything intentionally and willfully, let alone, as you pointed out, obstructed justice. The two cases are likely to be quite different in the eyes of the two special counsel at the end of the day. Doesn’t it sound like he’s sitting on a carrot or something, Mister Producer? Ah, now let me tell you why. Andrew Weissman is a fraud and a phony and a fool. And Mika Brzezinski has the intelligence of a month old pumpkin. The statute the Espionage Act does not require. Our intent. GROSS negligence. That’s the test, not specific content. And yet. On the criminal side, it is a strict liability crime. In other words, all you have to show is that it’s a classified document meets the elements of the statute. And you were involved in placing it in a in a situation where it was not properly stored. That’s why this is very dangerous to criminalize this sort of thing. Comey pulled back on Hillary Clinton, even though if you’re going to prosecute anybody, she would be doing life in prison over this statute. Her situation is worse than anybody who’s ever come before or will come after. But she’s still roaming the countryside. He saw roaming the earth. Now. Andrew Weissman talks about obstruction, what he’s trying to say there. But Mika’s too stupid to figure it out. And Weissman is pretty stupid, too, to be perfectly honest with you, is obstruction, because, you know, the Department of Justice asked Trump and his people for the stock and he wouldn’t give them up. I wouldn’t give them back. Then a lawyer sign a document saying they gave them everything. Clearly an effort to obstruct justice. Clearly preposterous. They had been negotiating with the Department of Justice and the National Archives over these documents. Donald Trump said in front of numerous witnesses, Tell us what you want. And we’ll give them to you. Negotiations were going on and they suddenly stopped. For a two month period. And all of a sudden, the FBI SWAT team showed up as the sun was rising over West Palm Beach. And the no seems were biting the hell out of the out of the joggers. That’s right. They decided to pull the trigger and criminalize it because they were looking for January six material and then plan B because they found none. We’ll look at this. We can slap him with that. He talks about intent as Vaisman Reisman. Talks about intent said sound like intent to obstruct when you’re negotiating. Does it sound like intent to obstruct when they know where the documents are and they tell you to put another lock on the door that is obstructing us? Did somebody stop the FBI from gathering the information? No, there’s no obstruction. But they want there to be obstruction. And Mika. You don’t know this, but at night she’s studying to be a. A lawyer. Oh, yes. Yes. You don’t think she’s hanging out with that schmuck, do you, Joe? An intentional and willful. Obstruction. You see. The case of the Biden crime family and the classified documents is a thousand times worse than anything that Donald Trump could possibly imagine. And the media now talking about three special counsel out there. But there’s not a special counsel to investigate the most important of all the issues. Joe Biden’s bought and paid for relationship with the communist Chinese. Do you see these pictures, these videos when they show you his Corvette in his garage? Do you see the house? Do you see the estate? Well, apparently Hunter would stay there often, and it may well be Hunter’s house. Oh, wow. And I’m sure the Southern District of New York or somebody up there is going to take a very close look. Because we know Joe Biden’s paying rent every month on it. So many things to look at here, folks. I’ll be right back.

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How many non-classified documents have the Bidens purloined? Hmm. Now, I don’t know if they did things intentionally or not, but they don’t give Trump the benefit of the doubt or DeSantis or anybody else. I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt. Why should I? Joe Biden is a serial pathological liar. He’s been from the moment they dropped him on the floor when he was given birth. Speaking of Bush, ladies and gentlemen, by a vote of 210. Every single Democrat in the House voted against giving medical care care, rather, in a case where there was a botched abortion and the baby lives every single one. SPANBERGER Oh, she’s such a moderate. She’s got a CIA background. Gottheimer Oh, he’s part of the what is it, the bipartisan group or whatever they call themselves. Every damn Democrat. Every single one voted against it. Do you support that, America? Just want to know, do you support that? We’ll be right back.