January 11th, 2023

January 11th, 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, a second batch of classified documents were found by President Biden aides in a second location separate from Biden’s Washington office according to a leak to NBC News.  A special council was appointed to investigate President Trump in November while at the same time AG Garland was aware of Biden’s missing classified documents. They kept Biden’s documents a secret and covered it up through the Midterm election and beyond as they continued to pursue Trump.  While they’re pointing the finger at Trump, they should be pointing at themselves, and the media and all past presidents and vice presidents know it. Bill Barr, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton, all know it too. We have the coverup, the lack of a special counsel, and we have a situation where more documents can still be out there. Also, we have a handful of individuals who are trying to re-write the definition of conservatism and its role in national defense, playing the role of a new Aristotle. This isolationist movement existed prior to World War 2, which caused us to not be ready when Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor because our military and our training was not adequate. The isolationist crowd was dead wrong to ignore the facts then just as it is now. Communist China now is a nation preparing for war with technology they’ve stolen from us, with a serious navy and air force. China is consuming Hong Kong and Taiwan while setting up military bases within striking distance of America. To ignore what Xi is saying and what China is doing is insane. Later, the FAA had to shut down their entire system, the first airline shutdown of this size since 9/11. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is supposed to be in charge but he’s never around and always has an excuse. This is what we have to fear when we hear Democrats talk of more centralized government; they can’t keep track of anything.

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Top Oversight Republican opens INVESTIGATION into Biden’s handling of classified files: Rep. James Comer also launches probe into ‘political bias’ at National Archives for ‘failing to disclose’ president’s top secret records possession to GOP

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

You’re at the right place. Of course, if you want to hear people blow hard and do that sort of thing, you’re at the wrong place at the right place because we deal in knowledge and facts and information. And as I’ve said, we have no idea. I said yesterday or the day before, that’s Monday. Tuesday, we have no idea how many documents Joe Biden has taken, whether they be classified or otherwise, because there’s been no subpoena, There has been no FBI independent review of the one location or any other location. Mr. Producer can produce an entire audio list where I said that. But why bore you with that? And of course, the politicization of the National Archives, which turned into a a political weapon against Donald Trump, is now without dispute. And, of course, the attorney general is the biggest hack to be attorney general. And there’s a lot to go through here today. Stick with me because we are several steps ahead of the curve. A special counsel was appointed to investigate Donald Trump in mid-November, more than two weeks after the same attorney general in the United States was aware that Joe Biden had secreted wittingly or unwittingly, but used some wittingly classified information at his so-called office, at the pen, whatever the hell it’s called, but immediately raised a concern here with us in which I said, have all of his locations been searched? How do we know which just ten classified documents on the say so of his private lawyers? Why isn’t there a SWAT team? Why isn’t there a warrant? At a minimum? Why is that there a subpoena? Questions have never been answered. In fact, even today, they weren’t asked for two months. For two months. The attorney general, the Department of Justice, the Biden administration, White House, the National Archives, among others, kept this secret. They covered it up through the midterm election and while beyond, they were hoping to sweep this under the rug as they continue to pursue Donald Trump. Why has there not been a special counsel appointed ladies and gentlemen? Is there not an appearance of a conflict of interest involving the president of the United States? The answer is yes. Well, that’s the standard that triggers such an appointment. And yet on many grounds, whether it is violating the immigration laws, whether it is violating the Constitution when it comes to which which branch of government is responsible for making spending decisions. Where Biden has on several occasions on his own, attempted to usurp that authority, including with student loans and so forth. These are big issues, not a phone call. These are very, very big issues. So we have the cover up, we have the lack of a special counsel, and we have a situation now in which more documents have been found in another location. So everything I suspected is true. It’s not because I’m Nostradamus. It’s because I keep telling you and I’m going to keep saying it. Almost all of these officials have taken documents with them. Including classified documents. Our friend Karl Rove was on FOX. We invited Karl Rove to come on this program, but we were told Mr. Producer was told that he’s out at a dinner event. Is that correct? At a dinner event, probably having peanut butter crackers in the basement as he’s watching the History Channel. But nonetheless, I want to Karl Rove come on the program, because he made such an attack on Donald Trump the last 24 hours, trying to present differences between the Biden situation and the Trump situation. And even before I asked him, I had no idea about the second group of documents, I was going to ask Karl how he knew there were only ten documents, how those documents got there. And he says that this administration has been cooperative. Well, so was Trump. There was just a disagreement. And you resolve those disagreements, you don’t send in the FBI. I also wanted to ask Karl Rove if George W Bush had received or taken any documents or Dick Cheney or any Cabinet official in his administration being deputy chief of staff and on how he could ensure that they had not. But Karl’s at a dinner engagement. Maybe he’ll come on tomorrow. Well, we don’t want him tomorrow. Do we have a huge guest tomorrow? Maybe you’ve heard of him. President Donald Trump will be on the radio show tomorrow in the second hour, 7 p.m. Eastern time. So please, please take a listen. We will have President Trump on the program in the second hour, 7 p.m. Eastern time to discuss a number of things. And so this time the information was leaked to NBC because they know that Chairman James Comas Hall ready to roll on the National Archives. And I want to repeat for those who weren’t here yesterday, those of you who were just short the question that I had asked Sunday on Life, Liberty and Live in Chairman Coma, which helped launch all these leaks, I guess, and try to get in front of him once they learned what his plans were with what was once a backwater agency called the National Archives. This is from Life, Liberty and Levin last Sunday. Go the National Archives. I’m hoping that you folks will take a look at how they have applied the rules to past presidents, past secretaries of state, past attorney generals and so forth, because I don’t believe in 2 seconds that no past president or vice president or attorney general secretary of state doesn’t have some document at home or didn’t destroy some document, I don’t believe it at all. Is that something you’ll look into? Yes. In fact, the National Archives is under our jurisdiction in the Oversight Committee. This used to be just a sleepy government agency that was required to give us an annual report in the Oversight Committee. I was the top Republican, so I had to be there. And the chairwoman was Chairwoman Maloney from York. Well, I think we were the only two in attendance. The last time they came before the committee. So they never really made any news. And you’re exactly right. We’ve gone back and investigated. Every president and vice president has inadvertently taken documents with them. There was never a raid on their private residence. I sincerely believe and I don’t have the evidence we’re going to look into this, but I sincerely believe that that raid on Mar a Lago was triggered by the January six committee just doing a fishing expedition to see if they could find anything, anything they could use against Donald Trump. So that was wrong. Every request we’ve made to the National Archives, they’ve referred us to Merrick Garland. So, you know, they’re not in a good position with the Republicans. Now, this is another agency that I was wanting to withhold their funding until they came in front of us and answered a lot of questions that we had. Unfortunately, the Senate again, didn’t do us any favors, but know September 30th will be here before you know it. And we’re going to again demand that they give us some answers as to what went on and what actually triggered that. Right. And we have evidence where other president in both parties had inadvertently taken documents home before and nothing like that had ever happened previously. All right, back live. So there’s a lot more when we come back. I want to add something else here. I want to repeat something because there’s a lot of disinformation going on. Over 90% of the rules that are being used now by the House Republicans had been agreed to by the Republican caucus. After the November election. While it’s true from August to November, the Freedom Caucus wasn’t making a ton of progress. It’s also true that after the election, the vast majority of the rules the entire Republican caucus agreed to. Which is why 60% of the Freedom Caucus was not part of the 20. Which is why Jim Jordan was not part of the 20. Jim Banks was not part of the group. I can go on and on and on. That is that’s why the vast majority of the conservatives in the Republican caucus in the House didn’t go along with the Tea. So they squeezed out a few more. And the one that they really got that the rest did not want was the ability of one person to cause a vote on the removal of the speaker. That was really what the fight was over. I just point that out because if you’re happy with what’s going on right now and I am and we talked about it yesterday, then you should be happy that these people seem to have united around a conservative agenda, which they appeared to unite around right after the election. So those are the facts. The gentleman you just heard, Mr. Comber. He was always going to do this. Jim Jordan was on my show a couple months ago. They were always going to have a special committee. They had to figure it out. You know what the call and where we’re being called the Church Committee and call it the Ernie Grabowski committee. These things were already in play. What they wanted to do and why they were angry and upset is they wanted to get them instituted. So I just point that out to you, because the facts need to be stated and we do not rewrite history here. That’s a footnote. And I want to get on with these documents because this is important. This is very, very important to show how the Democrats and the media and even these Republicans like Rove and others, go on TV and try and take out Trump, even though he’s a private citizen, make excuses for Biden, are circling the wagons. And yet, if the Espionage Act means anything now, we’re going to be rolling up a bunch of ex-presidents, a bunch of vice presidents, a bunch of attorneys general, and every damn one of them knows exactly what I’m talking about. Every damn one of them knows that I’m right. That is that while they’re pointing the finger finger, they should be pointing it at themselves. The media know that this has taken place. Obama knows it. Bush knows it. Rove knows it. Gore knows it. Cheney knows it and Biden knows it. They all know it. Bill Barr know it. Eric Holder knows it. Hillary Clinton knows it. They all know it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

My need to find a second batch of classified documents at new location. This was the breaking news at about 5 p.m. Eastern time. NBC News. Aides to President Joe Biden have discovered at least one additional batch of classified documents in a location separate from the Washington office, which he had used after leaving the Obama administration, according to a person familiar with the matter. Now they’re trying to get this stuff out because of what you just heard. The Mr. Komar is going to be really digging in here since November, after the Discovery documents were classified markings in his former office, Biden aides have been searching for any additional classified materials that might be in other locations he used, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to provide details about the ongoing inquiry. This was a planned leak. The White House did not return a request for comment. The Justice Department had no comment. And then we had the initial discovery of classified documents on office used by Biden after his vice presidency. The classified level number and precise location of the additional documents was not immediately clear. It’s also not immediately clear when the additional documents were discovered. That’s a very important point, too. And if the search for any other classified materials Biden may have from the Obama administration is complete. Biden aides have been sifting through documents stored at locations beyond his former Washington office to determine if there are any other classified documents that need to be turned over to the National Archives and reviewed by the Justice Department, said the leaker. The search was described as exhaustive, with the goal of getting a full accounting of all classified documents that may have inadvertently been packed in boxes. Now, a couple of things. Why do we assume that they were inadvertently packed in boxes? How do we know? How do we know? Why does the assumption go one way with Biden and the other way with Trump? That’s number one. Number two, his aides, his lawyers are sifting through the boxes. Shouldn’t the FBI, at least at this point, be sifting through the boxes to different locations of classified materials? Hmm. The answer is yes, of course. And number three, how do they avoid the appointment of a special counsel under the regulation? For an appearance of a conflict. Now, there’s some information here that we need. For instance, if the U.S. attorney in Chicago has done and has already put a report on the desk of meritless Garland, this second batch that they’ve found, when do they find this? After the report was done. Before the report was done. Is the search done? We have no idea. And these are all very, very important and relevant questions. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment3

Monday evening I guess a little before 6 p.m. eastern we came on the air. The first story broke by CBS about the first group of classified documents approximately 5 p.m. Eastern time this evening. The second story broke. Now, Ed O’Keefe is the White House press person for CBS, and he was pressing this Jean-Pierre, on Biden’s classified documents very aggressively because that was their story that was leaked to them initially. And it’s worth listening to because this is actually an act of journalism, which is probably a big surprise cut 17 go on the documents case. Again, you’ve laid out that the president’s lawyers, the special counsel, are dealing with the legal side of this. You’ve now laid out that you have not had a conversation with the president about this. But this was reported Monday. It happened in November. Are you aware of any conversation in the West Wing, among others? People other than the president about disclosing this once it was discovered. What I can say is somebody I was asked by your colleague if he if we we talked about the documents themselves. The president said he does not know what was in them. Right. But I but but also just wanted to clear that up. I look, I understand you guys are going to have a lot of questions on this. I get that. I know you guys are going to have a lot of questions on process and specifics. And what I can tell you is that I’m not going to go beyond what the president laid out. I’m not going to this is the press keeps saying, not this gentleman, but others. The transparency that Biden’s been transparent, that they acted lawfully, that they move quickly, they follow the process, and then when they’re asked about the process. When did you first know about it? Did you talk among yourselves about not reporting it to the American people for two months? Are there documents elsewhere that this they stonewall? They absolutely stonewall and that’s what they’re doing. Go ahead. Counsel, colleagues have stated I would refer you to them for any other specifics or additional information. I want to be prudent here. I want to make sure that we do this in appropriate the appropriate way. We’re going to ask them, because that’s our job. I understand. And my job is to answer your question. So here we go. Let’s go. We ask This is because unlike day two of this administration, when he saw all of you, when the president said, quote, I’m going to make mistakes, when I make them, I’ll acknowledge them and I’ll tell you and I’ll need your help to help me correctly. So you’re the one here? Yeah. Mine was about this. That’s why we’re asking you. So let’s just remember that I when he said and I’m. We don’t need we don’t need to have this. We work very well together. I don’t. We don’t need to have this kind of confrontation. Ask your question, and I will answer them the best that I can. Part of the reason we’re laying that out is because you’re laying out your part of the job. Well, yeah, I know, but I’m just saying that we don’t we don’t have a contention. We don’t need to be contentious with me here. And the president was asked yesterday but did not answer this part of the question. Why didn’t he or someone in the White House inform the American people when these documents were discovered on November 2nd? Did it have anything to do? Because people are asking this part of it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that the election was just a few days away. Again, this is under review by the Department of Justice. It is literally under review right now as we are as as I as I am talking to you, It is under review. So I’m not going to get beyond the process. I’m not going to get beyond what the president. That is ridiculous. Being an old Justice Department. Guys, I can bring some knowledge here for you. It’s not under a criminal investigation. They’re free to say whatever they want. Whatever they want. Nobody has been targeted as a subject of the investigation. They’re treating it totally differently than they have with Trump. So, of course, she can answer a question about why they didn’t say anything, who found out what and when, and all the rest of it. That’s perfectly legitimate. So they are stonewalling. It’s a cover up right now. Go ahead. White House counsel, my colleagues in the White House counsel laid out a very detailed information about what this particular issue. And now there are questions that they’re trying to ask. And you’re not providing answers, which suggests to me two things. One of two things. Either Biden is an absolute crook or they don’t know if Biden’s an absolute crook and he purloined documents. And this is the trap they set up for themselves, as they have for every former vice president, every former president. And this is what Bill Barr should have said in all the occasions he went on TV to trash Trump and all the rest of them, that this can get very hairy, it can get very complicated and they know it. And they know it. Go ahead. I’m just not going to get beyond that. The Department of Justice is independent, as you know. They’re they’re doing a review. And I want to be prudent here. They’re not asking you about the Department of Justice. They’re asking you about Biden. There’s nothing you can say that will interfere with their investigation. In fact, whatever you say might be useful to their investigation. So speak away. Talk up. Tell them everything you know. The American people. Doesn’t interfere with their investigation. Go ahead. I think it would be more appropriate for my colleagues in the White House counsel’s office to address this. Then we walk into the briefing room where we hope they can come soon to discuss this. But there’s another thing. There was nothing stopping the president of United States from disclosing the discovery of these classified documents in his former office. Before it was under Justice Department review. Well, there was nothing to stop them from disclosing it, period, even if it was under review. But you’re certainly right about that, that before it was under review. Go ahead. Oh, what I can tell you right now is what the president is is. All right. So it’s rope a dope. Just keep repeating yourself. It’s a cover up now. They’re in full cover up mode. That’s why there needs to be a special counsel. That’s why they’ve already waited too long to do a sweep of these various locations where Biden used to hide his phony offices and so forth. That’s why all of this has to be done now after the fact. And they’re still sitting on their hands. Now, imagine if Chairman Comar had begun his investigation this year, next week, and he came across all this information. That’s why they’re leaking bits and pieces of it out now, because if he had come across it, it would have been absolutely a huge cover up understood by everybody as it is now, by the way. But now they can keep saying, we followed the rules, we did this, we did that. Now, one of the requirements is and they didn’t follow it, is to inform Congress and they did not. I’m talking about the Department of Justice didn’t tell Congress anything. Neither did the National Archives. Go ahead. That said to all of you. Right. Which is he was surprised by this. He definitely truly just going to keep repeating herself. Number one, she’s dumb. And number two, she’s in cover up mode. Go ahead, dear. And also, when it comes to classified, he takes classified documents very seriously. No, he doesn’t take them very seriously. Apparently takes him out of the Oval Office or takes them out of the old Executive Office building. That’s the only take he does. What do you mean? He takes it very seriously. You’re going to just keep repeating the big lie. Like the border is secure, like there is no inflation. Go ahead. And I’m going to leave you to the information that the president provided to all of you. And also, he didn’t provide them with any information. He played stupid, too. He didn’t know what was in the documents. He was surprised that they’re there. That’s what he said. But they had a very fulsome statement. No, it was a cover your ass statement. It wasn’t a fulsome, substantive statement about anything. Go ahead. Front in front of any of you or your colleagues. And also what my White House Council colleagues showed on Monday is the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee today, like they did after the raid of Mar a Lago, have asked that the director of national intelligence conduct the national security assessment of this apparent discovery of classified information. Has the president asked for one? Right. And I would refer I will refer you to what the president said before, which is nothing. And I will remind you that this is being reviewed by the Department of Justice. So, please, we have this magnificent relationship and you and I and, you know, on the recent past, he used to regurgitate whatever I fed to you. Yes, But we at CBS, we actually broke this story because one of your people leaked it to us. I mean, here we are. Go ahead. Justice here. This is again, this is handled. I would refer you to Department of Justice on this particular issue that’s being reviewed currently. Wow. So transparent. Top oversight Republican That’s Comber Opens Investigation into Biden’s Handling of Classified Files. Representative James Comer also launched his probe into political bias at National Archives. This is out today. All right. Last night rather, um, four into political bias for failing to disclose President’s top secret records possession of GOP. Now, this is exactly what he and I talked about Sunday night on life, liberty and living without knowing this. Without knowing this. And in his letter to the National Archives, Congress suggested political bias was at play in its handling of Trump’s possession of classified documents, which culminated in an FBI raid on his Florida property versus the more low key situation with Biden. And then you’ll have knuckleheads with white boards, among others. Go on cable TV and say, Here’s a difference between Biden and Trump. They don’t even have all the facts with Biden. They kept talking about ten classified documents. And what did they tell you? We don’t know how many classified documents he has or doesn’t have. So why are they coming to Biden’s defense without having all the facts? Why don’t they want Biden investigate it? And for that matter, ladies and gentlemen, shouldn’t we know the extent to which Obama took classified documents and Gore and all the rest of them or not classified documents, for that matter? Who’s done a review of that? Nothing. Well, if you’re going to go after Trump and if your effort is to put him in federal prison over this cockamamie bullcrap, well, then guess what? Applied across the board. Across the board. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

So I got a text just now telling me, you know, only the president can declassify. So even the vice president, when he takes the documents, can’t even use that as a defense number. How? We discussed that last night, Mr. Peters. Yes, we know. We know. We’re way in front of the curve here. Have you noticed the virtual silence by the Senate Republicans on this issue, America? Have you noticed it? Have you noticed that Mitch McConnell has not spoken out? I don’t care if the Senate’s not around. I don’t care if he’s at home. He knows how to draw attention to staying in front of a bridge like he did with Joe Biden. But stand in front of a bridge without Joe Biden. How about Bob? Bob, Bob, my past career path. Have you noticed? Have you heard from them? That’s our biggest problem. And the reason is the connection between McConnell and Biden and the Communist Chinese Party. And this from Wendell, who Sabo over at Breitbart, at least $54 million. This isn’t new, but I want to underscore it, $54 million has been donated by Chinese Communist Party linked individuals or entities between 2014 and 2019, a five year period to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington at the University of Pennsylvania, according to public records reported by the New York Post, where it was revealed this week that Biden had stashed a trove of classified documents. See Bidens bought and paid for his The Manchurian President University announced it would create the Biden Center in 2017, the same year Vice President Biden left the White House. Most of the anonymous donations were given to the Biden Center after the university announced the PEN Biden Center, the Post reported. You know, a Biden salary was a mister producer, $900,000 for all his brilliant work. Does anybody know what work he did? According to the Washington Free Beacon, a great site. Unlike Newsweek, some of the funds were given by Shanghai real estate developer GZ Jung, who reportedly had no immediate connection to the university. In 2011, Zhou faced corruption allegations in China, but was never charged with a crime. An expert on the Chinese Communist Party, the American Foreign Policy Council, Michael Subotnick, told The Beacon that Zhu’s non-prosecution suggest he has a close relationship with the Communist Party. In April, a government watchdog and LP seized government integrity project as the US prosecutor gave advice to look into the anonymous donations as part of the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged hacking gun attacks and gun violations. We’ve asked Weiss to pursue the larger network of individuals and institutions who benefited from millions doled out by foreign interests connected to Hunter Biden, his work in China and Ukraine, said the director Tom Anderson and Alps. He stated in his 12 page complaint that the Hunter Biden laptop reveals a 2017 text linking CFC China Energy with the Penn Biden Center. CFC Energy. China Energy apparently tried to lobby American politicians without registering as a foreign lobbyist at the same time. Hunter. You see the interconnection. Hunter had been trying to work a deal with CFC, this energy company in which Joe Biden would receive a 10% equity stake in the deal. So you see the funding for this PEN center. You see the naming of it after Biden right after he leaves the White House. You see the enormous salary he earns for doing nothing. You see how his son’s involved in this process. You see how the CFC, China Energy, the guy who runs that made a huge donation to the PEN Biden Center. And you see how Hunter was working with the same energy company to make a deal in which Daddy would get 10% equity. And that’s according to whistleblower Tony Bobulinski. But we don’t need a special counsel. We’re going to wrap it up real fast. Real fast. University of Pennsylvania has denied that the Penn Biden Center received any money from anonymous Chinese donations. Mm hmm. Well, we shall see, because the public record suggests otherwise. But no special counsel. We’re going to get this thing wrapped up. The Biden Joe Biden has handled this by the book. The Democrats assure us the media circus. His spokesman assures us, and she thinks repetition will convince him. I’ll be right back.