August 19th, 2022

August 19th, 2022

This is the Preamble to the US Constitution, It starts with the phrase We The People and shows only some of the writing from the upper left hand corner of the document of the Constitution, It is written on parchment paper that is now faded, showing its age. (Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, the Trump legal team has announced a major fourth amendment motion challenging the FBI search warrant on former President Trump’s private home Mar-a-Lago.  Trump’s lead attorney, James Trusty, joins the show to discuss the corrective action that Trump will be taking to attack the search warrant based on the fourth amendment and a lack of particularity.  Trusty noted that the government failed to meet the required standard of what was allowed and was not playing fairly. Critics are up in arms because there has been an uptick in threats against the FBI, interestingly these same critics were silent when threats were made against Supreme Court Justices.  Then, Democrats laud the passing of more tax-and-spend bills as if they are giving something to the people. They are not. Price controls are extraordinarily dangerous on prescription drugs or anything else. It’s simple math, by capping the price of any drug the Democrats have made it harder to discover new breakthrough drugs and treatments because drug manufacturers will have less money coming in. This will kill innovation and progress toward helping people in need. These price controls will hurt the American people. Later, FL Governor Ron DeSantis will not allow the biased media to malign him or the Jewish people with their Jew-hating rhetoric or trying to tie him to the same. DeSantis has been an unabashed supporter of the Jewish community since he served in the US Congress and continues to do so as Governor. Yet the cable hosts and the ladies at “The View” call for violence.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

 James Trusty, who is a fantastic former federal prosecutor, you’ve seen him comment over the years on Fox. He will be on this program in the third hour. He’s President Trump’s lead counsel on the on the raid on Mar a Lago. We can get a sense of whether he’ll talk about he’ll break it here. President Trump on Truth Social just posted the following. A major motion pertaining to the Fourth Amendment will soon be filed concerning the illegal break in of my home, Mar a Lago, right before the ever important midterm elections. My rights, together with the rights of all Americans, have been violated at a level rarely seen before in our country. Remember, they even spied on my campaign. The greatest witch hunt in USA history has been going on for six years with no consequences. To add to the scammer’s, it should not be allowed to continue. I’m reading off my iPhone. Now, this Fourth Amendment issue is something, of course, as you know, I’ve raised here. On several occasions since we learned of the raid on President Trump’s home. I’ve raised it on Levin TV repeatedly and I’ve raised it on my Fox show every Sunday. And I’ve said I believe it’s unconstitutional. Because of the. The breadth and width. Of. The document krab. The Fourth Amendments couldn’t be more specific about the need for particularity, and that’s the difference between complying with the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and a general warrant, which has been. Rejected way back by our framers and ever since. And so we’ll see if it relates to that, but Jim, I trust you, I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to, have I, Rich? He is a very, very sharp guy, so we won’t be talking to him in the third hour. I don’t think you want to miss that. And there’s been reports day in and day out that there’s a spy excuse me, a spike in violent threats. Since the raid on Mar a Lago. Now, ladies and gentlemen, there was a spike in violent threats when the Supreme Court ruled in the DOPs case. That the Constitution does not empower the court to make decisions about abortion, that that’s a state matter. We had, in fact, a few years back, the Democrat leader in the Senate specifically threatened to Supreme Court justices by name. We’ve had. Thousands of protesters there, still there. The media just choose not to cover. Hounding, berating. And, of course, threatening. Supreme Court justices at their homes. Well, there are some locations. Where they eat and we’ve had these organizations that have been paying people to do just that. And when we had that spike in violent threats. Nancy Pelosi said nothing. In fact, most of the Democrat leadership in the House has said nothing, most of the Democratic leadership in the Senate has said nothing. Members of the January 6th committee. Have said nothing. For the most part. And of course, the media said virtually nothing, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. Spike in violent threats. And it is in fact, it is, in fact. A felony to do what people have been doing to these justices and as we know. Meritless Galan has done nothing. To arrest a single individual, not one. For violating 18 USC 15 07, nothing. Anyway, we’ll be very interested in hearing what the president’s lead counsel, Jim Trusty, has to say in the third hour. Now, I keep hearing things like. Well, the Democrats passed these fantastic bills, this is their accomplishment, passing laws, redistributing wealth, raising taxes, creating regulations, creating departments, creating programs, funding the left for the teachers unions, hundreds of billions of dollars still bouncing around out there somewhere, but. Let’s just point this out. One of them said today. That the Democrats have given the people lower drug prices. The Democrats haven’t given the people anything. They haven’t given the people anything, and this is a problem because. Since the early years of the progressive movement, a.k.a. the Marxist movement in this country, this is how they characterize things. This is their narrative. The drugs in this country are not created by the Democrats. They’re not created by the Democrat Party. Now they’re used by a lot of them, but that’s a different issue. All the Democrats have done is they’ve kept the price that drug companies can charge. For that which they produce, which, by the way, is an extraordinarily dangerous precedent that can be done in any aspect of our economy. What does the Constitution say that it doesn’t the Supreme Court has allowed the federal government to do that since the days of Franklin Roosevelt. In violation of the Constitution, but let’s move on. So, number one, the Democrats haven’t given anybody anything. They create nothing. Number two, and here’s the biggest problem. By capping the price of one drug or another. They’ve made it impossible. To invent new drugs. Particularly new drugs, as I explained the other day. For some horrendous rare diseases. Certain types of cancers, diseases we’re not even aware of. That can never fully be accounted for. Because as they say, you can’t prove a negative, and yet when you have research and development and you have investment. And you have these labs throughout the drug companies and the scientists and the other experts working full time to find some solutions to certain of the most heinous illnesses. To improve the quality of life, it takes an enormous amount of money. Tens of billions of dollars have been spent. To try to address Alzheimer’s, almost none of it. Has been fruitful. That’s burned money. Where do they get that money from? They can’t print it, they don’t rob banks. And so when you’re a drug company and I’m no special pleader, I’m just explaining one little tiny aspect of our economy and how it works. You’ve got to figure out what you’re going to charge for dragway in order to find something. That will help address Alzheimer’s or certain types of cancers or heart disease or whatever. When you slap a cap on that. When you just slap a cap on that and you say, look what we’re doing, we’re delivering drugs at lower prices, but you’re also doing is ensuring that some people are going to suffer and some people are going to die. What you’re doing is throwing a wrench in the gears of progress. And what’s interesting is when a drug’s been on the market for a period of time, like 10 years or so, what the price comes down. Like anything else, technologies. Computers. But when you kill off innovation. When you kill off innovation, you’re killing off knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge. And people who pursue knowledge need to be paid. And every time you pursue knowledge, you cannot have success. So there’s failure on the road to success. You are killing off avenues. For the improvement of the human being. Now, I doubt you’ve ever had anybody explain this to you this way. How many drugs will not be invented and developed, how many medical technologies will not be invented and developed? How many people will suffer? How many people will die because of these arbitrary caps that are in a bill? That was negotiated among two senators and rammed down the throats of the American people in one week’s time. We have no idea. And it’s never reported this way. And the Democrats will tell you we brought down the price of drugs. We brought down the price of hay. It’s like the person who has a home. Let’s say it’s on the ocean or it’s on a river and it’s in a mountain, whatever. But doesn’t want anybody else to have a home near them. They don’t want anybody else to have a home around them. And so they fight for zoning rules to prevent people from having what they have, which like a billionaire in this country, like a Gates or Bezos or others. Who’ve succeeded wildly under the capitalist system. And yet seek to deny. Others from succeeding wildly under that same system. It’s like individuals. To fly off on private jets. Or have exotic cars. And use more fossil fuels and the average person not even close. To try to deny the average person from having access. To available and low cost fossil fuels. Well, they use fossil fuels to travel the country in the world to proselytize. It’s the same thing. Oh, look at this. I wrote a book on this, it’s called Plunder and Deceit. I think it was the least successful book I wrote. I always wondered why. Since it laid this out in Stark, Peter. But always remember this when Washington gets involved in the end. There’s more suffering. There’s more poverty, there’s more dislocation. And there’s less prosperity. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

So I’ve been telling you that what they’ve been doing to Donald Trump is really, truly grotesque. He is a he’s an American citizen. It was being treated in ways that no American citizen has been treated, let alone a former president or president. The Democrat Party now has gone full. Tyrannical, if not totalitarian. And I want to read you this piece with their friends in the media. The Santas knocked by Jewish leaders for rallying with Pennsylvania Republican candidate. I first met Rhonda Santurce when he was a little known congressman. From Florida. And I was invited to the subcommittee hearing. Where he was fighting like hell. Really, the first one, the most aggressive. To move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And Ron DeSantis is evangelical. And as a governor as well, he is probably the most. Supportive politician. Of the state of Israel. Of any politician I’ve ever met, maybe bar Trump, but. The sentence has been outspoken, he’s been at the forefront, he’s reached out to Jewish groups, not left wing groups, dressed up as Jewish groups, real Jewish groups. The third largest Jewish population now is in Florida. And he’s been widely received. But the Jewish community is divided into many groups, too, like every other religious organization, religious community, Orthodox Jews. Ah, politically, more conservatives reform, Jews are overwhelmingly Democrat. We have some Jewish groups like Catholic groups and so forth that are really, if you would. Really think about it, our front groups for the Democrat Party, like the Anti Defamation League, is now run by a former Obama hack. And Obama was, in my view, and I’ve said it before, and antisemite. I still believe that. And his sidekick, Biden, has been a disaster for the state of Israel. But all that aside. Here’s what the Associated Press writes, Florida Democrats and Jewish leaders join religious groups in Pennsylvania in condemning Gov. Rhonda Santurce for his plans to appear Friday with Doug M.B.A., the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania. M.A. ties to grab a right wing social media site that has become a hub of anti-Semitic and racist commentary have come under fire for the last few weeks. And I want to further expand this and by the way, I detest this gab and all the rest of it, but that’s not my point. I want to dig into this because what I’ve been warning you is happening. That is they try and take out the most conservative Republicans they possibly can. And this is the same party and media that embrace Taleb and Omar and all the rest of it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So Ron DeSantis, the most pro-Israel elected politician in America. It’s being painted by the Associated Press. Left wing Democrats who were Jewish, left wing. Jewish groups that are more democratic and Jewish. As embracing anti-Semitism and this is what they do. Again, Florida Democrats and Jewish leaders join religious groups in Pennsylvania condemning Governor Rhonda Santurce for his plans to appear Friday with Doug Mastrianni, the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania. Say M.B.A. Ties Tagab, a right wing social media site that has become a hub of anti Semitic and racist commentary have come under fire for the last few weeks and I might add, so has. MSNBC. With Joy Reid. And Tiffany Cross and others. So if the Democrat Party, where Black Lives Matter, which was in and is anti-Semitic and Omar and Talib. M.A. ties to a right wing social media site have come under fire. Do not go to Pennsylvania and do this, be bigger than this, be better than this, Democratic activist Fred Guttenberg appealed to Santurce, Florida governor and likely contender for the GOP’s 2020 for presidential nomination, is currently running for re-election. Guttenberg appeared on a Zoome call organized by the Florida Democratic Party with two Jewish leaders with one Democratic candidate for Congress from St. Petersburg, Florida. The sentence is, quote, encouraging all the bigotry that he himself expressing it by supporting Mastrianni. Now Mastrianni is the Republican nominee for governor and M.A. is at least one or two steps ahead of Ron dissents in fomenting this bigotry. Said Rabbi Marc Weiner, president of the Florida Democratic Party Jewish Caucus. If have a rabbi, president of the Florida Democratic Party, Jewish Caucus. Get my drift. And of course, I’m sure he supported Obama. And nobody questioned that they. The sentence is scheduled to appear alongside M.A. at a political rally Friday in Pittsburgh, requests for comment from the center’s gubernatorial office and from Mastrianni campaign will not return. Gee, I wonder why. In April, Mastrianni paid five thousand dollars for Gaborik consulting Gabb bills itself as a champion of free speech, but because of its lax moderation policies, has become a gathering place for conspiracy theorists and extremists, much like the New York Times, including those who espouse vicious anti-Semitic and white supremacist redneck anti-Semitic rhetoric, much like The New York Times. Remember that columnists they just discovered? That he wished there was Hitler to kill the Jews in twenty eighteen, a Pittsburgh man with a history of anti-Semitic comments posted on Gabb about his plans to commit murder at the Tree of Life synagogue just moments before he’s alleged to have shot and killed 11 people there. So you see how this works. So, DeSanto, this is campaigning for Mastrianni. M.A. apparently paid this guy is a consult. Very stupid move, by the way, and. Then you have this guy who posted on Gabb who slaughtered these Jews in the synagogue, 11 people, and now we’re going to link it all the way back to the Santurce. They also don’t say here that this guy who slaughtered the Jews there was a Trump hater and never Trump. In early May, Mastrianni did a video interview with Gabb founder Andrew Taupo and characterize Taraba as he is standing up to censorship. Quote, I love my country. I’m not going to hand over the country to these people that want to turn it into East Germany with the ministry of disinformation. I want to blackmail people, you know, to thank God for what you’ve done. Mastrianni Totoaba. TARP has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism, a charge he denies. Last year, the Anti Defamation League, which is led by an Obama guy, wrote that Taraba has engaged in multiple anti-Semitic tirades on Twitter and Gabb, sharing a wide array of bigoted comments. The guy is, in my view, exactly as he’s described. He’s a sleazeball. And I’ve got with sleazeballs like him in the past, so there’s no excusing that guy. In July, Huffington Post reported new accounts created on Gabb appeared to be automatically subscribed to a handful of other accounts, including Mascarenhas posting as followers on the site from around twenty three hundred thirty seven thousand in a few months. And M.A. posted frequently on the site as well. A week after the Huffington Post report, the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition called on Mastrianni to leave Gabb. Good idea. I agree with them. But let’s continue to. M.A. distance himself from gabbin Taubira several days later called Andrew Torbert doesn’t speak for me or my campaign, M.A. wrote on Twitter. I reject any antispam. Excuse me. I reject anti-Semitism in any form. I don’t know, as Taleb ever said that or Omar. He added that extremist speech is an unfortunate but inevitable cost of living in a free society. He said that the policy views of his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Shapiro, were extreme as well. And they are extreme is a radical. But the incident continues to unsettle some, including Brooks. That’s fine. Brooke said that his group continues to have concerns about Mastrianni and wants the Republican to reassure the Jewish community as to where he stands and it relates to anti-Semitism. Faith leaders in Pittsburgh spoke out Wednesday against Dissatisfies appearance with Mastrianni. OK, so, folks. Mastrianni is the Republican nominee for governor. He pays for what his campaign does, obviously some kind of promotion on that site. He does an interview with this guy. He may not even know who this guy is, quite frankly, it’s like these photos that pop up. And people say, look, I’m shaking it, but I don’t know. But he clearly denounced anti-Semitism, something that people in the Democrat Party will not do something. Something that people on MSNBC will not do, something that people at The New York Times will not do. And I might add the Associated Press has a horrific record, horrific record. When it comes to its reporting on Israel, when it’s under attack by the Palestinians, it takes the side of Hamas and the Palestinians. And I can point it out a thousand times if I have to, and they’re not alone. They’re not alone. Now they write, M.A., a former army colonel, refuses to acknowledge that a Joe Biden won the election and that’s what really drives them nuts. The scientists, meanwhile, has repeatedly dodged questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Smart man to scientists, I adore the guy, why? Because he will not allow the press that is the Democrat Party. Activists dressed up as media. To drive his governorship or to drive his media or to drive his re-election, he will not permit it. And it is amazing to me that the Associated Press would write something like this trying to tag the scientists or something he’s not because the Democrat activists and the Democrat Party rabbis or otherwise. Try to do exactly that. Try to do exactly that. And meanwhile, within their own ranks. They’ll vote for Obama. The vote for Keith Ellison in Minnesota. The vote for Bernie Sanders, a self hater, in my view. And Israel hater. The vote for Omar, they’ll vote for to leave the Support Black Lives Matter, they’ll paint their names, they’ll paint their their symbols in the streets. I don’t think Rhonda Santer’s needs any lectures from any Democrat. No Democrat. Respecting his support. For the Jewish community. And Israel Nuna. None. The Democrat Party has a lot to answer for. Look what Donald Trump did with Israel. And still, the liberals, whether they be Jewish or otherwise, hate them. Look what he did. For the state of Israel, look what he did with the Palestinians in the terrorists, he cut off their funding. Cut off their funding. Look what he did with the Abraham Accords that broke out peace all over the Middle East. Nobody ever saw anything like it before. Iran, a grave threat to the United States, to the Gulf Arab states, and, of course, to Israel. He had his foot firmly on Iran’s throat. Biden has surrendered American security and the security of the Middle East. The Islama. Regime, the Islama Nazi regime. And what is the Anti Defamation League say nothing, what is J Street say they applaud him. And what does the Associated Press say, nothing. But this is what they’ll try to do to a dozen Santas and a cruise and a cotton and everybody else. I’m just warning you. But people say, let’s let’s move on. Come on. I can’t take it. This is what the Democrat Party and their media are all about. I’m not a big M.B.A. fan. But its opponents, Shapiro. Should he be elected governor? Well, further destroy the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And their goal is to make it a Democrat stronghold forever. And so you need to keep that in mind when you’re voting. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Most of these individuals put party before face. I’m not just talking about he’s radical, left Jews, radical, left Catholics, radical left Protestants, radical left, whatever you call it. No particular religious affiliation, but they put party before faith. And they put party before country. My wife likes to say their faith is their party. And she’s right. Most of the people I quoted, not all. But most of them. When I say not, I’m talking about the Republican. A spokesman for the Jewish Committee, but all the Democrats, they hate Netanyahu, too, they hate Netanyahu. The Netanyahu. Despise Donald Trump, who together did more. To advance the cause of the Israelis than any president. And I would argue any prime minister, certainly since Banat Kambangan. They despise them. Now they despise the Santurce, they want to hurt his chances in Florida for re-election. That’s what’s really going on. The Santos is running against a radical leftist. Who is much like Obama when it comes to ideology, who’s accomplished nothing and has a big mouth? Or she was in charge of agriculture. She’s qualified to do absolutely nothing, including agriculture, by the way. So that’s the game, you cannot trust the Democrat Party. Because the Democrat Party hates America. Time and time again, it’s demonstrated it with its open borders. Whether it’s the war on the cops. I mean, the Democrat Party is not expelled, it’s antisemite, won’t even call them out by name, they embrace them. Call them progressives. Now they’re Marxists and they’re Jew haters. But the head of the ADL will never say that. But they are they’re Marxists and they’re Jew haters. Talib Omar, and they’re not alone. Not alone. Ron Widen and the Mrs. Collected a fortune. And a government program. That Ron Wyden had voted on. They’re multimillionaires. They’re going to be a criminal investigation. Is there going to be any kind of investigation? No. Nancy Pelosi. And DUI, Paul Pelosi have made tens of millions of dollars since she’s been in Congress, especially as big mouth of the House, I mean, speaker of the House. All kinds of conflicts, I would argue. They never discussed not once when they were together. But, Bill, she would bring to the floor, not watch, no. It just so happens that DUI, Paul. Knew a week or two or a month in advance how to move his money around. Now, that hasn’t caught the attention. Of the political hack, U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C.. Massive graves. Oh. We’ve got way too many FBI agents focused on public enemy number one. Donald Trump, we’re going to get him somehow, some way somewhere. We’re going to get him. We’re going to get it. We’re going to get. We can’t be bothered with. Ron Widen and Mrs May I say, Mrs, I think it will. Our Nancy Pelosi and the Mr. Mr.. I can’t all right, DUI, Paul. Can’t do that. Now, we’re not going to investigate any of that, they’re Democrats, after all. How did the Obamas become worth a quarter of a billion dollars doesn’t matter. We don’t want their tax returns. Oh. How did Al Gore become worth a quarter of a billion dollars? No, we don’t want his tax returns either. Why would we? Dick Cheney and Halliburton not OK. OK, been there. Done that. I’ll be right back.