June 6th, 2022

June 6th, 2022

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show,  President’s Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan all recognized D-Day yet President Biden refuses to recognize D-Day for the second year in a row. The brave men that gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy deserve to be honored. Reagan reminded us that the allied soldiers didn’t bow their heads, they raised their heads to God whom they knew would nor forsake them as they battled their enemies in the world war.  Also, Iran is about to create a nuclear weapon, Putin’s intimating a nuclear strike, China has 2 million Muslims in concentration camps as they prepare to invade Taiwan, while our border is wide open, yet the democrats won’t hold a single prime time hearing on those issues.  Stalin’s show trials were designed to create an impact on the public. Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Committee is conducting such a trial in their prime-time hearing tomorrow night. America has never seen such a committee where there is no representation from the minority, but for the never-Trumpers hand-picked by Pelosi. Pelosi is criminalizing political disagreements. The committee has nine former federal prosecutors and U.S attorneys focused on painting Trump as a seditious criminal, while Trump isn’t allowed any representation and the witnesses can’t call even respond by calling their own witnesses or cross-examinations. It’s simply political theater, but instead of state-run media, it’s our own complicit press that will broadcast this sham. Later, what is Congress to do if states send competing electors to the Archivist? Many questions can be asked but sedition, it is not. It’s undefined whether or not it’s up to the Vice President to accept or reject electors, he’s taken an oath and there is no precedent for this ambiguous area of the law.   Afterward, former Governor and US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Hailey, joins the show to discuss how she helped President Trump pull out of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal. Haley discovered that the IAEA was useless in detecting whether Iran was actively enriching uranium. Haley moved to censure Iran at the UN while she was Ambassador, but the Biden Administration is doing nothing about their pursuit of nukes or anything else, for that matter. 

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