March 9, 2022

March 9, 2022

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, our federal government, State Department, and White House are afraid of a stalemate between Ukraine and Russia because they feel Putin will use nuclear weapons. China has now pledged to financially support Russia in financing their war. So, the Ukrainians will continue suffering because Putin doesn’t care if he has to gas them in order to win. Then, the State Department is slowly realizing why the U.S should be interested in Ukraine after testimony in the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee over research from Ukrainian bio labs might end up in Russian hands if toppled. Later, America needs to be the muscular society it’s always been. We must embrace capitalism to lower the cost of gas and reject the phony green new deal. The progressives’ primitive look on energy is breaking the pockets of Americans under the ambiguity catchphrase ‘climate change.’ Afterward, Sen. Lindsey Graham calls in to discuss his call for Putin to be taken out. Graham blasted the Biden Administration for reneging on the deal to swap F-16 jets with Poland so they’d, in turn, donate Mig-29 jets to Ukraine. Graham made it clear that the U.S must be sterner and less afraid of Putin’s threats and instead fear what happens globally if he wins.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

A couple of interesting points as I opened the program here. I want to reiterate something, because it’s becoming more and more apparent that our government. That our Defense Department, that our State Department. That our commander in chief. Are afraid that if Ukraine is able to stalemate Russia or even defeat Russia in any. Effective way. Then Putin might use nukes. Therefore, the thinking goes, we can provide minimum. Support to Ukraine, minimal support. Just enough. To make it clear that we’re supporting our our allies in Ukraine, but not enough where they can effectively. Really take out the Russian army and so the Ukrainians are going to have to continue to suffer. They’re going to have to continue to die. The Russians are free to commit atrocities and war crimes, which they are doing as I speak. They hit a maternity ward today. Maternity ward. Because Putin doesn’t give a damn. He didn’t give a damn when his surrogates in Syria used mustard gas against the people there. Didn’t care about that in the least. He didn’t give a damn when they blew out the Chechnyans. Under another pretext that he manufactured. Slaughtering the civilians. He could care less. And yet it’s a very strange situation, many of the people now who are. We’ve come to the position that he’s unstable, that he’s a monster, that he’s a war criminal, some of them were once. Two nights. Claiming that we were instigating Putin, that we were provoking Putin. Of course, Biden left him open. He left the door wide open for Putin to attack, given what he did in Afghanistan and all the signals he sent Putin about his weakness and all the things he wouldn’t do. But now we’re having to listen to arguments or analysis. On radio, on TV, in the media generally. By retired lieutenant colonels. Among others. That we cannot allow the Ukrainians to win, we cannot allow the Ukrainians to effectively defend themselves, even though there are strong abrade people, I heard Petraeus effectively say this today. Because you don’t know what Putin might do in response, he’s so angry. U.S. spy chief say Putin may escalate despite Ukraine. This is Reuters. Leaders of U.S. spy agency said on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin may intensify the assault on Ukraine despite military setbacks and economic hardships resulting from international sanctions setting up an ugly next few weeks, our analysts, our analysts assess that Putin is unlikely to be deterred by such setbacks and instead may escalate, Director of National Intelligence Averil Hayne’s told the annual House of Reps Intelligence Committee hearing on Worldwide Threats, where she testified whether the intelligence agency director’s. She said with tensions so high, there’s always the potential for unintended escalation. Unintended escalation means providing. Ukrainians with the ability to defend themselves. Apparently, that’s what it means. Hain said Putin’s announcement that he was celebrating his nuclear forces readiness was unusual, but intelligence analysts had no observed changes in Russia’s nuclear posture beyond what was detected during previous international crises. We also have not observed force wide nuclear posture changes that go beyond what we’ve seen in prior moments of heightened tension, she said. Director of the CIA William Burns echoed her assessment that Russia is unlikely to back down. I think Putin is angry and frustrated right now. He’s likely to double down and try and grind down the Ukrainian military with no regard for civilian casualties. Burns said he and CIA analysts do not see how Putin can accomplish his goal of taking Kiev and replacing President Zwolinski government with a pro Moscow or puppet leadership. You said, I fail to see how we can produce that kind of an end game and where that leads, I think is for an ugly next few weeks in which he doubles down with scant regard for civilian casualties. Burns also said China’s leaders are unsettled by events surrounding the assault on Ukraine, despite refusing to condemn Russia or call the attack an invasion, they did not anticipate the significant difficulties the Russians were going to run into. I think they’re unsettled by the reputational damage that can be done by their close association with Putin, second, by the economic consequences at a moment when they are facing lower annual rate while these intelligence heads are so off the mark. That just announced he’s going to be providing economic support to Russia. So within hours, they got it wrong. They’ve got it wrong. Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, director of Defense Intelligence Agency, said his low confidence assessment was two to 4000 Russian troops have been killed. In other words, he has no idea. Tell me how many. Civilians have been killed in Ukraine. Do we know do we even get estimates of that? I haven’t seen any of you, Mr. Producer. How many people is Putin slaughtering? How come we’re not getting any numbers? How come we’re not getting any questions about that pesky or anybody else? Isn’t that relevant? So. In addition to what I think is a very important point. I want to underscore it from the other day. That people are now effectively saying you cannot allow Ukraine to win, you cannot allow Ukraine to even have a stalemate with the Russians because Putin might use nukes out of anger. Now, how insane is that? That means you really don’t give a damn about the Ukrainians and so be it, 44 million people down the drain, right. That is an outrageous thought process. And yet more and more people are coming to the point that I believe I first rage last week, I raised it early, mid last week, Mr. Producer. Then we later heard Lindsey Graham and I endorsed his position. Which was what, Mr. Producer, that they ought to take out Putin, right? And I had on my program last Sunday. Just a few days back, the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan for a period of time. Retired Colonel Richard Kemp. Who said, well, why wouldn’t we try and take him down and have somebody else take him down and support their efforts, that’s done in virtually every war. But Petraeus is out there saying, look, this is different this time because he has nukes, really, the nukes just show up today, is that right? Where is this guy been, I thought he was a general. Well, ladies and gentlemen. Putin needs to be taken out. He needs to be taken out. Because if it is the position of the experts, the generals and the intel agencies. That he is not allowed to lose, that there’s not allowed to be established because this guy’s lost his mind and he’ll press the button. And he needs to be taken out. And while you can criticize Lindsey Graham for many things, you can criticize him for this. And he’s asked to come on the program and he will be on the program an hour three, not to discuss judges. And other issues to discuss this issue. As you know, I don’t always agree with Lindsey Graham, but when credit is deserved, credit is deserved. He’s a senator who has spoken out publicly, not behind the scenes. You have these people say, what’s happened? And Ukraine is horrific, what’s happening, these people is horrific. Well, let’s help them get make 20. No, we can’t do that. That may escalate and instigate. Well, maybe if the Russian people, the people around peut, would take him out, that would be a good thing. That would that that might bring this. Now, that may instigate an escalating. What exactly are you saying? That no effective way to box and Putin. It’s acceptable because it might instigate an escalation that is essentially what the Biden government is saying. That’s essentially what the talking heads are saying in Washington. In New York, that’s essentially what the the scriptwriters for the remaining pathetic newspapers in this country are writing. And that’s what they want you to believe. Don’t believe it. And yet, if it’s true, more the reason that Putin needs to be taken out. And you also heard on Life, Liberty and Levin in James Carafano, as well as on this radio program. Make the point you cannot look at these countries, that is Iran, China and Russia. Individually, bifurcate one from the other. And what did China do today demonstrated the point perfectly. They’re coming in behind Russia to assist Russia. So you’ve heard talking heads say China is the greatest threat that needs to be our focus. Forget about Russia. Why do we care about Kiev? These people are dumber than rocks. The Putin wing of the Republican Party, the Putin wing of the media, Biden, his party, stupid as hell. In my humble opinion, of course. Meanwhile, the Russians are committing atrocities and they are committing war crimes, that they’re going to do more, even our own government says they’re going to do more. Ukrainian people want to fight. Well, Mark, there’s millions of refugees, yeah, women and children. Hand-to-hand combat breaks out on the streets of Kiev suburb New York Post, hand-to-hand combat has broken out in the streets of Kiev, suburb of Urban, which has been devastated by relentless Russian bombing and shortages of food, water and electricity. There’s real street fighting now. Ukrainian paratrooper named Stoss told AFP, the French press agency. In some places there’s actual hand-to-hand combat. The paratrooper, who did not provide his full name, said the Russians have staged a huge column 200 men, 50 light armored vehicles, several tanks in the small town. And they’re showing you images of what they’ve done to this town they’ve obliterated in this city’s almost ruined the district where I’m living. It’s like there are no houses which were not bombed, a young mom told Reuters while she was holding a baby. The older people, those who cannot use their feet, they remain. They can’t leave. They’re still hoping to be saved, she said of the town’s elders, adding that everyone able to walk has fled. Residents said constant attacks have made living in the town hell Ukrainian actor turned soldier partially was killed in action March six in a Russian shelling in Japan. The Russians are positioning themselves in residential buildings, apartments, shops, soldier Konstantin Lucka Matzke told AFP. After that, they started shooting exclusively at civilians. This is my third war, but this never used to happen. No one shot at civilians back then. They’re trying to pick off the civilian population. Peikoff, the civilian population. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Went a little long there, this segment will be shorter, like, say. Why is it believed that the provision of MiG 29? To the Ukrainian Air Force will result in a nuclear response. I don’t get that either, Mr. Producer. We’re giving them javelins, right? We’re giving them mobile ground to air missiles to take out helicopters and jets, right? They’ve taken out some helicopters and jets. So if they get MiG 29, Putin all of a sudden is going to start firing off nuclear warheads. Where does this kind of thinking come from? It’s a straw man. We can’t ignore the fact that the man has nuclear weapons and we’re not ignoring the fact that the man has nuclear weapons. Then they talk about and this race really drives an off ramp, he needs an off ramp, he’s not taking any off ramp. And so I’ll go back to how I started this program and the point that I raised. All right, people basically saying that the Ukrainians are not allowed to win. That the Ukrainians are not allowed to succeed in defending their own people. Isn’t that what effectively you’re hearing, because if they’re too good. At taking on Putin, that will upset Putin. Which will result in. Him using nukes, I don’t believe that for two seconds. And I’ll leave for two seconds, but Mark, that’s fine for you to say, I notice we’re putting Patriot missile systems, defense systems in Poland. How did we come about to have Patriot missile systems? Remember that. I mean, if you build these these Patriot missiles as Star Wars, you’ll provoke the Soviet Union to attack us because you’ll be able to neutralize their nuclear arsenal. They were wrong about that, too. If you put medium range nukes in Europe, just like the the Russians did. You’re going to cause a nuclear arms race didn’t happen. There are always wrong. Always these pundits in Washington, the neo con artist.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You will recall, ladies and gentlemen, on these MiGs. First. The word was out that MiGs were going to be transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force, that those pilots were going to come to Poland, Hungary, Romania, get these MiGs and fly them across the borders then. All of a sudden. It was next then all of a sudden. We get Blanken this Sunday. Who says that they’re trying to work deals out and see if it’s possible, in fact, to transfer MiG 29 to the Ukrainian Air Force, remember that, Mr. Producer? We played audio to that effect. The polls announce. Yes, we’re prepared to send MiGs and we’ll send them to the United States in Germany at the Air Force base there to be sent to the Ukraine. Then the administration says it was caught off guard, how are you caught off guard when you’re involved in negotiating these things? When they announced it without telling us maybe they’re trying to push you to get it done, so whether it’s the MiG 29. Whether it’s oil. Whether it’s the financial system, Joe Biden hasn’t let a thing, he hasn’t let a thing. But there’s now we learn bio research facilities in the Ukraine. Bio research facilities in the Ukraine, and now we fear they’ll fall in the Russian hands. Russia has made known its interest in Ukraine for a long time. I don’t understand why we didn’t muscle them up when we talked about it on this program prior to Russia invading. Or dismantle these labs or do something. Count one, go. Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? Ukraine has a biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. So we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those. Wow. Why are we interested in Ukraine, ladies and gentlemen? Well, there is one answer among a thousand. Go ahead. Falling into the hands of Russian forces, should they approach? I’m sure you’re aware that the Russian propaganda groups are already putting out there all kinds of information about how they’ve uncovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release biological weapons in the country. And with NATO’s coordination, if there’s a biological or chemical weapon incident or or attack inside of Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind that 100 percent it would be the Russians that would be behind it? There is no doubt in my mind, Senator, and it is classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy, what they’re planning to do themselves. It amazes me to hear the Democrats speak this way about the Russians. You know, I’m old enough to remember Ronald Reagan. I served in his administration for eight years. We call the Soviet Union. He did the evil empire. He was attacked when he took steps to try and defeat the Soviet Union. He was attacked. And let me make this abundantly clear. Reagan did not believe in all the propaganda you’re hearing today. Mutual assured destruction. That you have to accommodate and live with the Russians. He wanted to destroy the Soviet Union. And he plotted and planned on how to destroy the Soviet Union. And it was economic. We have the economy being destroyed in our country by Biden and his party, starting with. Fuel energy, fossil fuels. What do you think Reagan would say about. What Biden is doing to our. Oil industry and then your lies about it, then he blames them for price hikes. So a little Marxist, Biden, no more this nonsense about moderate. Centrist his whole life, now he’s a hack Marxist, that’s what he is. In his old age, that’s where he has settled politically. That’s what he is. It’s not that I’ve misdiagnosed him politically, it’s that’s what he is, he just have to step up and accept it. And. The idea that if you help the Ukrainians enough with weaponry and so forth. That they might actually be able to take the Russians or at least push them back or at least stalemate them, that’s an escalation. That’s a provocation. You would think Reagan would have believe that. Is that what he believed in Afghanistan or Angola or other parts of the world? I got no. It’s not I see our new good friends Venezuela has released to Americans, so obviously they’ve been promised billions in ransom. As he enslaves and slaughters his people, they’re about to cut a deal in Iran, which ensures that those people are slaughtered and enslaved, but even more. Nuclear ICBMs aimed at the United States, this guy, Biden, and this administration is going to leave the world. In such a way, reengineered in so many ways, it will be a complete destruction of our. Of our security. You talk about. Vladimir Putin and nukes, just imagine the Islamic Nazis with nukes. It’s really appalling. So this administration has gone from supporting the use of 29 to opposing it, to supporting it, to opposing it. But don’t worry, they’re leading. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and their freedom. The people are being slaughtered. Clearly now, without question, war crimes and atrocities being committed. That’s how they intend to win, that is the Russians, Victoria Nuland. Well, I don’t want to get to her at John Kirby at the Pentagon. This man is a disgrace, an admiral, I don’t know why he is an admiral. There’s a good bootlicker, I think that’s why he’s Nabal. Here’s his final. Proclamation on the issue of MIG twenty nine to Ukraine go now, the secretary also had a chance to discuss with Minister Blush the proposal to send MIG twenty twenty nine fighter aircraft to Ukraine and specifically the notion of doing so by way of transfer to U.S. custody. Secretary Ostin thank them, the minister for Poland’s willingness to continue to look for ways to assist Ukraine. But he stressed that we do not support the transfer of additional fighter aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force at this time and therefore have no desire to see them in our custody either. So now we’ve gone even further. We don’t want. Ukrainian pilots, the Ukrainian Air Force, to even have these mix, regardless of how they might get to Ukraine and I said last week, I smell a rat. I smell a rat that it had to be Biden and his administration. That reversed course originally going from yes, we want to get the MiG 29 into know then later. Yes. And now, of course, definitively, I think no. But the first time it was No. And then Sunday on the Sunday shows, Blinken is talking about how we’re working with our allies to figure out how to work that out. No, they weren’t. They were never going to give them the minkes. Because it might escalate, it might provoke. Now, it seems to me bombing a maternity ward and killing little babies, that escalates. So the Ukrainians are not really allowed to defend themselves in a way in which they can assure. That they’ll have more muscle. They have to have one arm tied behind their back. Because after all, Russia is nothing but a third world country with a. Massive number of nuclear weapons. That’s pretty much what it is. That’s pretty much what it is. It’s got a lousy economy, it’s got a lousy industrial base, it’s got a lousy financial system, but it’s got a big military. It’s got a big military. And so we have people let’s wait and see. We have people with their maps on all the channels and I get it, and it’s actually very helpful to understand what’s going on. But the Ukrainian people this isn’t about an analysis. This isn’t about waiting and saying this. This is life and death right now. Right this minute. And. You see, Hungary’s taking in a couple of hundred thousand people so far, Poland’s taking in hundreds of thousands of people, these Eastern European countries are taking them in. They’re taking them in. Because they know. That they’re next in line. And so I go back to another question I’ve been asking. Next in line. So if and when Potente done with Ukraine any. He aims his sights somewhere else on the Balkan states. I would ask the Putin wing of the media in the Republican Party, what then? How about Hungary, what then, how about Poland, what then, how about Romania, what then? What then? He’s still going to have those nukes, you know, he’s still going to threaten to use them. So what then? It’s not our problem, you know. Taiwan is not our problem, Middle East isn’t our problem. The rest of Asia is not our problem. Europe’s not our problem. Oh, I see. Sounds like we have a world war on our hands then, doesn’t it? Yes, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

We have to act like the United States of America. We have to get our our bearings back. Rather than becoming shaky old men and old women, we need to be the muscular society we’ve always been. You’ve got two sets of voices at least out there, who keep dragging down the psyche of this country in the spirit of this country, the American Marxist movement. Which has caused a great amount of cynicism. And confusion and anger in the Putin wing of the Republican Party dressed up as nationalists and populists. If you really think about them, keep trashing the country to. That’s why we’re constitutional conservatives. That’s why we believe in the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, so we don’t get into some new movement, whether it be a Marxism or the mobocracy, one or the other. We need to steady ourselves. America. The world needs to respect us. The world needs to fear us. Now I understand the knucklehead who’s in the Oval Office, he’s a disaster. I understand what surrender in Afghanistan meant. I understand what surrender to the Iranians now means. I understand what surrender to Putin on whether his pipeline or whatever the issue was, what it all means. I understand that Biden failed to muscle up the Ukrainians prior to the invasion. He even fails to muscle up our military, which needs it, apparently. We’re running out of F-16. Who knew? But this is very important, ladies and gentlemen. We’re red blooded Americans, we have phony. America first, those who say that we’re just going to run into a war again and get obliterated, nobody supports that. Nobody that I’m aware of. Then we have the American Marxists who are quietly and some of them not so quietly rooting against the. Then if you raise your voice against them, you must be. Making money off of this. What are you talking about, morons? Does it make any sense whatsoever? Get ready for the next shoe to drop. Oh, yes, the next shoe to drop. Iran. With the Russians negotiating on our behalf, where did you first hear that you first heard that here, nobody was telling you this. It’s amazing to me. I should own The New York Times of The Washington Post, don’t you think, Mr.. But I don’t want to go bankrupt like they did so anyway. The Islam, not a regime that wants nukes and aims them at us. The Russian regime, which we’re told is headed by a nut, right? Unstable. Madman, a monster leading the negotiations. For the United States working with China and Iran behind the scenes. And the Russian negotiator said as much that they’ve basically pulled the wool over our eyes. They basically said as much. So think about this. It’s incredible. Really outrageous. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. And then on the oil. That’s not the fault of Joe Biden and the Democrats and their policies. Sure it is. And sure it was. It’s their fault. They did it and they should take credit for it. You bet. And we’ll get into this one of the things I also want to get to today. Is this unbelievable undercover video? We’ll play the audio by Project Veritas James O’Keeffe’s group. Matt Rosenberg, Matthew Rosenberg, New York Times national security correspondent, Pulitzer Prize winner, but then again, who isn’t? They hand those things out like lollipops. He talks about how January 6th. Has been overstated and overplayed by the left in the media. And yet he’s written some of the most. You know, outrageous pieces on the subject. I know there’s a lot going on this evening, but I don’t want to forget to do that and we won’t forget to do that. And then finally, an extraordinarily rare appearance by senator that appears almost everywhere. Lindsey Graham, that’s our three, we’ve got a lot to do, a lot to go over you and I, and I’ll be right back.