February 25, 2022

February 25, 2022

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Vladimir Putin is a genocidal thug. This program has been clear in explaining why Ukraine is important to America and how specious Russia’s claims are. Despite the minimal support Ukraine has received, their gutsy president and cabinet have remained steadfast in their defense. It’s appalling to call yourself a conservative and support Putin. Lamentably, there is a fifth column within the conservative movement who supports Putin, who has clearly declared the U.S as an enemy. Some of them claim to be ‘America First’, yet none of this occurred during Trump’s presidency. Putin has always wanted Ukraine and he’s admitted to it. Then, President Biden has placed more sanctions on the American energy industry than he has on Russia’s energy industry. The courageous stories of Ukrainians preparing to defend their homes and neighborhoods with homemade Molotov cocktails, rifles, and pistols matter because what happens in Ukraine matters. Churchill once said if the enemy is taking you down, take at least one of them with you. Later, Texas gubernatorial candidate and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West says that putting the stranglehold on American energy has been painful and we must do the same to Russia. West added that the Democrats’ policies are not only destroying our country and US foreign policy but have led to the decay of African American families as well. Afterward, Curtis Sliwa former New York City mayoral candidate joins the show to give his thoughts on Putin.


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For weeks behind this microphone you’ve heard me talk about. The pro Putin. Russia fire wing of the Democrat Republican Party of the left and the right, you’ve heard me talk about how disgusted I am by the. You’ve heard me spend an inordinate amount of time, frankly, trying to unravel their propaganda and their spin. What’s the Ukraine have to do with us? Do I have to spend another second on this, Mr. Bettison? Do we now know what Ukraine has to do with us? That we now know how specious all the contrary arguments are and have been. And how humiliated and shamed these individuals should be. I have nothing but contempt for Joe Biden. We have 9,000 American citizens behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. It’s unbelievable. He’s paying the Iranians effectively. To build nuclear weapons. He’s done so much that is so wrong, even today, he nominates among three black women who are being considered for the Supreme Court, the most by far radical and extremist among them. Man doesn’t look for unity. He doesn’t look for moderation. He’s a disaster. He was a disaster. As Hunter Biden’s father is a disaster, as a United States senator, a disaster as a vice president, a disaster as president, it doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. But I am appalled. By people who call themselves constitutionalists or conservatives or whatever they call themselves. Who’ve been giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin for years, aid and comfort to Russia for years, aid and comfort to the Islama Nazi regime in Iran. The when Donald Trump took out Sulaimani, they attacked even Donald Trump over that and said it was provocative. Oh, well, so be it. A mass terrorist was killed, provocative. Anybody have any more questions on why Ukraine matters? I’m just curious. You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see, you know, one here. And tonight. By the dawn. They say. Kiev will be, I won’t say, under the control of the Russians, but will be encircled and. The Russians will be putatively in charge. These Ukrainian people are gutsy people, are they not? And the president of Ukraine and his cabinet, truly gutsy people. Truly gutsy people basically have a gun in between their eyes. And they’re getting minimal support, minimal. Minimal support. The fact is, as I’ve said now for weeks, we should have been pouring all kinds of weaponry into that country. We should have been muscling up NATO on the border of that country. The time to debate the accounting issues and the financial issues are later. And they are essential. NATO has a billion people. Russia has 160 to 170 million. NATO’s economic power. Is more than 10 times that of Russia. And yet, how does Russia have a stronger military? The army. President Trump saw that. President Biden attacked President Trump for attacking NATO, for failing to do its job. So we have this situation, but I’m worried about us. I’m worried about. A soft underbelly, if you will, a fifth column within the constitutional conservative movement. That has come up with spectacularly stupid arguments. To defend, if not openly and affirmatively. In action. A regime that does us says the enemy, I don’t know how you read what Putin wrote over the summer and it’s long, it’s 5000 words and I read it last night. I don’t know how you read that and listen to Putin subsequent to that and not realize he thinks we’re the enemy. And no, not because of anything we’ve done. Because that’s the mentality. Kiev. More broadly, Ukraine. We’re doing anything, the Russia. They we’re not going to become part of NATO. Nobody was even pushing for it. They were asking for it. So what? And as for whatever they want, but the enemy here is Russia, the enemy here is Putin. It’s not us. It’s not the Ukrainians, it’s him. And all the people coming on TV and radio making excuses. You know so little about history. People who claim to be. America first turned out not to be. None of this would have happened under Donald Trump. None of this would have happened under Donald Trump. Why? Because he was strong. Unpredictable. Respected. Despite what our media tried to do to him, it still tries to do them. That’s why. Putin was always going to try and take Ukraine, he didn’t need excuses. Brit Hume the other day was right. Nothing to do with NATO entering NATO. He wanted Ukraine. He’s always wanted Ukraine. He said he’s always wanted Ukraine. But even more than that, Ukraine. Is an incredibly materially rich country, natural resources. The fourth largest producer of wheat in the world. And what they have under the ground. Is unexploited fossil fuels even more than Russia has? And certain types of material elements that are essential for societies that haven’t been exploited either. And Putin’s been there grinding his teeth, there’s no historical justification for any of this, there’s no military justification, there’s no blame America first justification. This is Putin. He’s a rogue, evil, genocidal maniac. Turns out. My great grandparents almost all come from Kiev, we used to call Kiev and now it’s Kiev, as you know, but I’ll call it what I want to. And there are Russians. Because over the centuries, Ukraine has bounced back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, unfortunately, given its geographic location in Europe. Much like other central European countries. But Ukraine wasn’t always a territory of Russia. And look at me, I despise the Russian government, despise it. I want you to listen to this gentleman for a couple of minutes during his farewell address, January 11, 1989. What are the truly great presidents of the United States? At his farewell address. Hat tip, MRC cut go life has a way of reminding you of big things through small incidents. Once during the heady days of the Moscow summit, Nancy and I decided to break off from the entourage one afternoon to visit the shops and Arbat Street. That’s a little street just off Moscow’s main shopping area. Even though our visit was a surprise, every Russian there immediately recognized us and called out our names and reached for our hands. We were just about swept away by the warmth. You could almost feel the possibilities and all that joy. But within seconds, a KGB detail pushed their way toward us and began pushing and shoving the people in the crowd. It was an interesting moment. It reminded me that while a man in the street in the Soviet Union yearns for peace, the government is communist and those who run it are communists. And that means we and they view such issues as freedom and human rights very differently. We must keep up our guard, but we must also continue to work together to lessen and eliminate tension and mistrust. My view is that President Gorbachev is different from previous Soviet leaders. I think he knows some of the things wrong with his society and is trying to fix them. We wish him well and we will continue to work to make sure that the Soviet Union that eventually emerges from this process is a less threatening one. But it all boils down to is this I want that a new closeness to continue. And it will as long as we make it clear that we will continue to act in a certain way, as long as they continue to act in a helpful manner, even when they don’t at first pull your punches. If they persist, pull the plug it still trust but verify. It’s still play, but cut the cards. It’s still watch closely. And don’t be afraid to see what you see. The genius impression, Sir Ronald Reagan. Putin. His career, his life was born out of that communist Soviet regime. His father was part of the secret police. He was part of the secret police would later became the KGB. He worked his way up the ladder, the KGB became a. More than a mid-level sort of a senior mid-level. Operative, he was the chief in East Germany. East Germany was one of the most brutal communist regimes of them all. And Putin was a participant. In fact, he was an activist in that regime. And when he saw the Soviet Union fall and break up the 15 different pieces. He swore to do something about it. Comes back to Russia. Works his way up the ladder, becomes deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. Uses apposition. With corruption. We’re brutality. To play on the national scene. Uses his KGB buddies. The mobsters in Moscow. The oligarchs who he had worked for, some of whom he enriched and some of whom enriched him. To target Yelton. He works at this for a while. Builds up enormous IOUs. He and his KGB buddies create this massive attack on Moscow that kills many. They blame it on the Chechens. They go into Chechnya and they start wiping out those people. He rides that to a 40 percent victory in an election for president. With Yeltsin still as the premier 40 percent, some of the people he competes with. Well. Drop out. Because their lives are threatened and their families are threatened. Forty percent of the vote he gets. Becomes president. Threatens Yelton. Confronts him, tells them they have the goods on them if they leave. He’ll make sure that he and his family are protected, that they’ll have the money and they won’t be charged. Yeltsin is blackmailed out of office. Putin becomes the head of Russia. And he never gives it up. And people are defending this man. Fewer today than yesterday. I’ll be right back.

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Unfortunately, I’m going to be preempted on Sunday on Life, Liberty and Levin. The powers that be want live coverage from Ukraine and so forth, you know, it was my suggestion. Well, you know, we can do both. Because I’ve talked to Allen West and James Carafano, these are men that know a hell of a lot about war and a lot about that area of the world, and I’ve spoken to both of them and they are fantastic. But that’s not going to happen. So it’s my understanding that you’ll get live coverage from in theater. I even thought about Mr. Producer. What about a split screen? We could do that, too. Or what about just preempting and or breaking in, not print. But it didn’t fly. So I can only do what I can only do. I’m the host. There’s nothing I can do about it, but I wanted to give you a heads up, so if you tune in, you don’t see life, liberty and live in, that’s what’s going on. It is important to know what is going on. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the fighting that’s going on, we’re not seeing any of it. We’re not hearing any of it. They’re looping in the same missile strike, one or two missiles that hit outside Kiev. There is apparently significant fighting going on still on the eastern border between Ukraine and Russia. You’ve not seen any pictures of that. Belarus, where they’re attacking a problem. You’ve not seen much of that. And, of course, they’re now going to be doing in Fabius attacks through the Black Sea. You’re not seeing much of that. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing, ladies and gentlemen? If corporate America. If athletes and these professional athletic leagues. The American media. All the organizations, all the individuals, the raid. To attack the state of Georgia after the Republicans dared to pass even a more liberal voting system than existed before the pandemic. Boycotted Georgia. Tried to destroy the economy of Georgia. If you will, used BDS against Georgia, wouldn’t it be wonderful if these same entities would do the same to Russia? And a Putin. Has anybody heard anything? From LeBron James. About Putin and Russia, anything. How about Oprah Winfrey, anybody heard anything? How about the gaggle of goons and goofballs that pretend to be journalists at the Constipated News Network? And MSL, us de. Wouldn’t it be great if The New York Times and The Washington Post and the Times in the past special pleaders for Stalin and Hitler and Castro? Oh, yeah. Wouldn’t it be wouldn’t it be great? If they spent as much time. Trashing Putin and his government as they did Trump and his administration. Instead, the Democrat Party and the American media used Russia as a foil to try and take out our elected president. They used them to try and take out our president. I want you to listen to Joe Biden in 2019. At two and a half years ago, not that long ago, hat tip, rumball cut to go, it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to make up for all the damage he’s done internationally and nationally, his network of thugs and co-conspirators are going to continue to try to undermine our democracy in the meantime. Imagine what he can do in another year. Imagine what can happen in Ukraine. This is the biggest punk to ever be in the Oval Office. And we’ve all been punkt to. Joe Biden, the biggest phony fraud. To ever serve in that office, the biggest empty suit ever, serving, the dumbest human being to ever serve in that office. The media and the Democrat Party and his family gave us him. And now look what he’s done. Look what he’s done to our country. Look what he’s done to other countries. Afghanistan. Ukraine. Ivan, I understand the Taliban and Putin, nobody’s. I’d take second seat to nobody on this stuff. But these things didn’t occur until Trump, did they? Which is why over at Melasti, the backbencher’s, they have to keep attacking Trump when they bring these issues up rather than the current commander in chief such as he is, Vladimir Zwolinski is a very courageous and brave man. Very few people would do what he’s doing. He and his family are remaining. In Kiev. You think Biden would do that? I don’t think so. I think Obama would have done that. No, no way. Trump, I think he would. But here we are, Vladimir Zwolinski, in an address to his nation last night. Translated Cat three go according to information we have, the enemy has marked me as target number one. My family is target number two. They want to damage Ukraine politically by destroying the head of state. I find it remarkable in listening to some people. On cable and elsewhere today, who seem to forget what they said the day before yesterday and the day before that, it’s really appalling and shocking. That people aren’t held to account for the comments that they make. I don’t mean fired or necessarily that sort of thing, but challenged. Some of the people who. Wondered why we were involved at all Ukraines, not our business. What do we care about Ukraine? They’ve completely genuflected, and today they’re asking why we didn’t muscle up Ukraine with more weaponry over the course of the past many months, have you heard these people, Mr.. It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable. Here is. More of Zolensky from today cut forgo the prime minister’s schmiel is here, the party leader is here, the head of the president’s administration is here and obviously the president’s here. All of us are here, our military are here, and our civil servants are here defending our independence and our state. And we mean to keep it that way. Glory to our allies. Glory to Ukraine. This man, this man will go down in history one way or another. He will be remembered by freedom movements and freedom fighters. For centuries. For centuries. He will be remembered. Biden will be remembered to. For failing to help him in any way he could short of sending infantry. The various Tokyo roses and the media, they’ll be remembered to. The video, the audio, the written word, they’ll be remember to. And so 50 to 100 years from now, when people say, how did this happen? As they look back on the Holocaust. And other genocides, they’ll see how it happened. The same way the others happened. By good people failing to speak out and stand up. It’s been an appalling. Exposé of certain of these people, certainly these organizations, certainly these networks and corporations. It’s easy to trash America from a basketball court or a football field or an ESPN studio, it’s easy to trash America. From the caucus of the Democrat Party in the House of the Senate, T.G. to trash America from the studios of CNN and MSNBC. In the buildings of The New York Times and so forth and so on, that’s a freebie. But going into these countries where these genocidal dictators and Marxists mean business, that’s a little harder, isn’t it? And yet we find it certainly in the early stages, so many of these individuals, these American Marxists and so forth, embrace them. But not just them. The phony American nationalists and populists of exactly the same thing. Oh, and how fast we forget Justin Trudeau up north. Mr. Dictator. We have. Petro Poroshenko, he’s the former Ukrainian president on CNN today, cut five go. We don’t have any heavy artillery and we don’t have tanks. We don’t have an armored personnel carrier because we launched this process just a couple of days ago. But we create that for the two days. This is the long line of the people who want to enlist in the battalion, but we don’t have enough arms for that. And this is the only limit. Why the civil defense, the normal ordinary people sometimes never been in the army, stayed in line now to join us. This is extremely touchable and extremely great demonstration, how Ukrainian people hate future and how we are against Russian aggression. This is very clear. How long? Do you think you can hold out? I think that Putin never will catch Ukraine despite it, no matter how many soldiers, he cares how many missiles he has, how many nuclear weapons it has, we Ukraine and our free people with a great European future. This is definitely like that. Now, you folks understand that he puts a target on his forehead. This is the former president of Ukraine, the current president of Ukraine. These are great leaders. The sky, despite the propaganda wing in our own media. These are great men, these are great leaders. They know they’re outgunned. You heard what he said. We don’t have tanks. Folks, they have no air force to speaker. Insignificant. They had nuclear weapons, as I educated the conservative movement, my friends on Fox, my friends and talk radio. Over the past few months, the Budapest Memorandum, even the media weren’t talking about it. Ukrainians gave up their nukes, now that’ll never happen again. You’ve heard them talk about this on talk radio. What do you think they get this stuff from? Further, says the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, cut six, go deal with Putin like the man of the law, Stresa, and he’s just he’s just simply mad. He’s just simply crazy. He’s just simply have to come here to kill Ukrainian. Ukrainian, who is being lost now about 130 Ukrainian soldiers. That’s exactly why we shall secure Ukraine today. And to support your families. And tomorrow, I have a feeling that I am a specific target of the Russian already eight years. And this is me. Is it just the symbol? We are not afraid of them. And just now, while we are here, we have a report from our civil defense that in five minutes we will have a Russian bomb by the center of it. And we have a bomb shelter right to 100 meters from here. But I am not going to interrupt our our interview because the information which Putin make against Ukraine is the part of the hybrid war he do against us. For that is the Russians are going to send many of their special forces. The argument is in the. Into the capital city. And they’re going to take their uniforms off and put on civilian clothing. Hoping that the. The armed forces there, as well as the citizenry, don’t know who is who, and in that confusion, they hope to. To make great advances tonight. Kyra, Rudek is a member of the parliament of Ukraine. Cut seven go if the Russians are in fact, pushing in here from the north to where you are in the city center, how long do you think you in the city can resist? Look, I really do believe in Ukrainian army. I’ve been supporting it for eight years and I’m a member of parliament and the leader of the party, it is my duty to be here. I understand it’s like the events are happening very close to where I am right now. But I’m armed and I have my crew armed and we have a couple of sets of people, territorial defence, who are also armed and who will who will fight for every inch of Ukrainian soil right now of Kiev soil not to let the Russians in. There is lots of disinformation coming in and out. So we we are very careful with what we hear now and what we can or cannot confirm. I know that there are fights right now at the north of the city and members of my team are going in there right now to support our troops and help them fight, help them not to let Russians into the center of the city. I listened to this woman. These courageous people and I ask myself, America. That summer, two summers ago, when you watched the rioting and the burning, when you heard the hate for our own country and our founding and our freedom, the hate for our economic system, the hate for our police force and our military lies about our history, the racism being spread by groups like Black Lives Matter and others embraced by large corporations, including broadcast companies, their names painted on the streets by Democrat Party mayors and so forth. I wonder. Do you think half the country. Would fight to the last man or woman to defend this country, I think about half would. Mostly from the red states. A handful from the blue states, but I think we’d be fighting this foreign enemy and on our backs, we’d have to be looking over our shoulders. The American Marxists, their BDS movement and all the rest of it, I really believe this. I’ll be right back.

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You know, folks, let me say this, these sanctions that we’re putting in place. I really not our sanctions, that the sanctions that the Europeans will agree to and nothing more. Germany is a weak link. Germany is a weak link. So rather than lead, we’re following. Do you realize we’re not putting sanctions on the Russian energy industry? Let me repeat then, we’re not putting sanctions on the Russian energy industry, so let me put a finer point on this and underscore this, and I bet you’ll hear this phraseology tomorrow. But that’s good. They’re all listening and writing. Joe Biden has put greater. Sanctions on our own energy industry, then on Russia’s let me repeat that for the slow of hearing, Joe Biden has put greater sanctions on the American energy industry than he has on the Russian energy industry. He has prevented drilling on federal lands. The problem is the federal government owns about 25 percent of the landmass of this country where much of our natural resources are our natural resources aren’t in Newark, New Jersey. They’re not in Scranton, Pennsylvania. During the great Midwest and the West and off the coasts. Much of which has been nationalized by our government. And then on top of that, the regulations and what he did, he reversed on ANWR. So let me repeat if you’re going to sanction our own energy industry. And not sanction the Russian energy industry, what the hell do you think’s going to happen? People are buying Russian oil and gas and they can’t get it from us and we’re among the ones buying it. I’ll expand on this next hour when the Biden administration puts harsher sanctions on the American oil industry, driving up our costs, cutting down our supply and our production, but won’t do the same to the Russians. That’s a loser agenda, folks.