January 13, 2022

January 13, 2022

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) got it right when they struck down President Biden’s unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate enforced by OSHA, and got it totally wrong on the healthcare case where SCOTUS ruled that healthcare workers in facilities receiving federal funds may keep their mandates in place. Later, Senator Mike Lee joins the show to discuss the 84 million Americans who were victorious in today’s Supreme Court decision. Lee added that the Democrats are happy to take whatever they want to gain power. If Democrats succeed in destroying the filibuster, they will change election laws to make sure Democrats win and they will pack the court too. Then, the Department of Justice has indicted the founder of the Oath Keepers and 10 others with seditious conspiracy. Even this charge does not meet the legal standard to define January 6th, 2020 as an insurrection. The founder of the Oath Keeper is on record saying, “All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the patriots are taking it into their own hands.” This information only helps illustrate that Trump was not involved in any planned attacks. Not a single person has been charged with an attempt to overthrow the government. Afterward, Marxism labeled as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) continues to seep into our culture under the guise of preventing racism. Amazingly, bigotry now has an academic veneer. Universities are now attempting to hire tenured staff based on race because of this movement. Yet there will be no effort for diversity of thought, ideology, or political perspectives.


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Well, the Supreme Court ruled today mostly right and partly wrong in the vaccination mandate case, actually, more than one case. Now, the employer mandate was a six to three vote. All the leftists of court dissented. They have no problem with the plenary power of the centralized bureaucracy, but the rest of us do six to three. Roberts the chief justice, Brett Kavanaugh, Barrett. And the others voted the right way, but then there is the vote in the health care case. In other words, they said Obama does not have the authority to be issuing mandates and that the executive branch can’t do that through an administrative agency. I mean, these have far reaching mandates. And she didn’t have the statutory authority to do it. And the administration could have gone to Congress to see if they could get support from Congress. If they can’t, they can. If they can, they can. But in the health care case, the vote was five to four. Five, the four. With Chief Justice Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh voting with the leftists. Basically saying if you’re an institution that receives Medicare or Medicaid and there is that federal connection, therefore you can be forced. To be vaccinated as a mandate. I reject this completely. Absolutely and utterly. And obviously, Cavanaugh and Roberts felt they needed to cut the baby in half, and that’s what they did. That’s what they did. So 84 million of workers are no longer covered by this illegal mandate. Unfortunately, those of you who are in the health care field, working at hospitals and so forth, you’re still smothered by this unconstitutional mandate. But it does see Biden loses more than he wins when he goes to federal court on a whole host of matters, whether it’s immigration. Our mandates and so forth, because they’re so extreme, that is this administration, they operate so far outside the box that other than these Obama and Biden appointees on these district courts and the circuit courts, rational. Individuals who’ve been made judges understand that this really cannot stand, and so we will take a little bit more time discussing this an hour or two with Senator Mike Lee, who’s really led the charge on the legislative side against these mandates. And we’ll discuss this case with him in the next hour. Now, there’s a lot more to discuss. We have this series of indictments now brought by the Department of Justice charges against the Oath Keepers, including the individual who heads the Oath Keepers and founded the Oath Keepers. DOJ charges Oath Keepers was seditious conspiracy. As our friend Mark Tapscott writes over at Instapundit Dotcom, interestingly, the Department of Justice announcement describes the charges with reference to the statutes inclusion of efforts to oppose or delay execution of a law. Not its reference, quote, to conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States or to levy war against them. I’m just pointing out and he’s pointing out the part of the statute they’re using again, is the statutes, inclusion of efforts to oppose or delay the execution of the law, not to conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States or levy war against them. So it’s still not an insurrection. Just so you understand, Mark, you’re so technical. No, I’m telling you the truth. But as Tapscott points out by Watch the mainstream media and Schumer, Pelosi crowd will frame it rhetorically as if the defendants are being charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government. Nobody’s been charged yet with the conspiracy to overthrow the government if there was such a charge, the entire Democrat Party. What have a problem we’d have to put a crime tape around the Congress and the DNC, not to mention the media. So I wanted to point that out. As well, we’ve always said here that if you commit acts of violence, you have to pay a price for it. CNN reported the Justice Department escalated its January six investigation by bringing seditious conspiracy charges against 11 defendants, including the leader, the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes. Remember, they’re just charged, too, by the way, the latest accusations with a charge that had not previously been brought in. The department’s U.S. capital attack prosecutions remove any sense that prosecutors believe the ride emerged from just a group of overzealous protesters with new details about the planning and logistics alleged to have predated the capital breach. Not just wait a minute. There are these groups. And I don’t believe anybody would deny that there are these groups. That conduct themselves this way. But to make the leap about. That these were overzealous protesters, the vast majority of people, the overwhelming majority of people were protesters, some of whom were overzealous. They were not all members of the Oath Keepers. But CNN just can’t report the news flat out, Hannah Rabinowitz, Caitlin Palance, Tierney, Snead and Holmes LaBron one to look for them to read the indictment sheet. The Department of Justice, until now, been careful not to push the idea of sedition, instead charging defendants affiliated with right wing groups with conspiracy to obstruct the congressional proceeding on January six, the seditious conspiracy charge carries the same possible consequence as an obstruction charge, but is rarely used, politically loaded and has been difficult for DOJ to use successfully against defendants in the past. Well, they’re going to have to use them again. This time, though, they have a bunch of judges who are very, very sympathetic to the Department of Justice position. The new indictment brings to light planting the Oath Keepers are accused to have done ahead of the capital attack as they alleged recruited members stocked up on weapons and organized to disrupt Congress’s certification of the 2012 election. Prosecutors say they also continue to plot to oppose by force a lawful transfer of presidential power after the capital riot failed to block the Electoral College vote. And again, this is what the Department of Justice is charging. And again, I want to point out to you, they are not charging them to conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States or to levy war against them. And yet we still don’t know what Nancy Pelosi did to secure that building. We still don’t know now the timing of this is very interesting to me. It’s been over a year, right? Now we have this Stalinist committee led by Benny Hill Thompson and Liz Unhinged Cheney. And they’re busy leaking techs out about Sean Hannity and other people. I guess just to try and smear them or embarrass them, but they haven’t done either, considering what’s in the text. You have Adam Schiff, who’s back to his old tricks. Who is changing, quote unquote, evidence? And pushing it out there, he should be losing his law license, but all that said, isn’t the timing weird to you? It’s weird to me. Why does it take so long to bring these charges? These particular charges against the Oath Keepers. Why has it taken so long? Because on one oath keeper claimed to travel to Washington for a scouting trip ahead of January six, according to the indictment, the new court filings also detail accusations that defense stash weapons at a Virginia hotel and that they were prepared to rapidly transport firearms and other weapons to Washington to support efforts to stop Rhodes. I don’t know, to stop the count. I don’t understand something. But actually, that never was executed, was it, Mr. Producer? There wasn’t a stash of weapons brought into the Capitol building and used. There was an. Then. Rhodes, the head of the Oath Keepers, complains about Trump, he writes, All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no attempt by him to do anything. So the Patriots are taking it into their own hands. They’ve had enough, he allegedly said on signal at 138 p.m. that day, shortly after the siege began. It now isn’t that interesting. Now, what’s interesting about that. That clearly demonstrates Donald Trump has no role. We already knew it, but there’s just overwhelming evidence, no role. And what this group or anybody else did on the Capitol building? None. Let me quote you again. This is in the indictment. All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the Patriots are taking it into their own hands. They’ve had enough. He allegedly said on signal at 138 p.m. that day, shortly after the siege had begun, right, CNN. So Trump’s not in touch with these people. He has no idea what they’re doing. They’re frustrated with Trump because he’s taken no action. Shouldn’t this be the headline, shouldn’t this be the headline? Of course. Of course. They were planning to use force, perhaps weapons, but apparently they didn’t use weapons, did they? But isn’t this the point? While the Oath Keepers may applauded and this has to be proven OK, they were indicted by a grand jury, they haven’t had their day in court. But whatever the outcome, here’s the point. All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. Case closed, no, no, no, no, we have to have texts from Sean Hannity. No, no, no, we have to have text’s. From people who weren’t even there or weren’t even on the staff. Like Sebastian Gorka, we have to have his, but what did he have to do with it? Nothing. But we want to look and I go down a whole list. This is why this committee has more information that’s actually helpful, supportive. Of Donald Trump that is making known to you and me and so does the Department of Justice. And so does the Department of Justice, this is why they settle on language on this committee, this Stalinist committee on. Dereliction of duty because he didn’t do enough. And yet it’s Nancy Pelosi who was derelict because she was in charge and she didn’t do a damn thing, she even turned down the National Guard. So read these things for yourself, folks, as I do read them for yourself. This doesn’t condemn Donald Trump, this doesn’t condemn the hundreds of thousands of people who were on Capitol Hill that day, this condemns 11 people. And they’re frustrated. Because Trump’s not taking any action. Trump’s not to pay attention to main media, you clowns, you morons. Pay attention. Quote, All I see Trump doing is complaining, I see no intent by him to do anything, unquote. Writes the head of the Oath Keepers. When they Capello’s under attack. And when Donald Trump told people to peacefully assemble. Subsequent to him offering the National Guard to protect the building, what kind of dereliction of duty is this? I’ll be right back.

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If the Pelosi Stollen committee has any any shred of new. If Donald Trump’s fingerprints on January six, let’s see it. Let’s see it now, they have enough information, they said they want to do an interim report. Now, you know, if they’ve had it, they would leak it by now. Where is it? The Department of Justice doesn’t have anything, nothing even under this politicized regime, they have a damn thing. If they had anything, they would have leaked it by now. Instead, we get the Oath Keepers. I don’t know what the Oath Keepers are, but whatever it is, it is the Oath Keepers. The head of the Oath Keepers frustrated with Donald Trump for not taking action. I’ll tell you what else is interesting. Let me read this to you again. This is from the Department of Justice. It’s in a CNN report, CNN report, by the way, the Department of Justice indicting documents, quote, All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything Rhoades allegedly wrote. So the Patriots are taking it into their own hands. They’ve had enough, he allegedly said on signal at 138 p.m. that day, shortly after the siege began. Now, what’s interesting also about this is it says quick reaction force teams were prepared to rapidly transform firearms and other weapons into Washington, D.C., in support of operations aimed at using force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. This is a very strangely worded indictment. They were prepared to rapidly transport firearms and other weapons in Washington. Did they do that? If they did it, wouldn’t they say they did it? Mr. Madison? What do we know about these weapons in the Capitol building and the use of the weapons? Again, I don’t know what this group is. I’m just trying to read between the lines. What you’re not allowed to do. You know, you just salute, move on. Just very, very odd wording to me. I’ll be right back.

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On January six, as I read further, prosecutors are alleged the Oath Keepers stationed themselves around the D.C. area, some near the Capitol, others providing security to a third group waiting across the river in a Virginia hotel with a cache of weapons. At the Capitol, some members moved in a military stack formation into the Capitol, where they fought with police in a small group, unsuccessfully looked for a House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, according to court documents. This will all play out in court. Boy, what a bunch of kooks these guys are, by the way. What a bunch of whack jobs. And so I have no problem with the law enforcement tracking this down. I have no problem with them bringing a case and I have no problem with this going to court where the matter should be litigated in due process. Respected. Some of these judges, however, in Washington, D.C., have shown their hand and are very. Hostile to our Bill of Rights. But these guys. Really, if this is the case, it’s really quite appalling and then I wonder if you had people. Who were in three different locations. I’m just trying to think this out, three different locations and some of them were battling the police on that day, some of them were in a hotel and so forth. When you need more than 11, Mr. Producer. I’m just sitting here trying to use common sense, OK? If I’m a prosecutor or an investigator, I’m 11 or they’re going to be more who are charged. On January six, the allegation is the Oath Keepers stationed themselves around the D.C. area, now there’s 11 of them who have charged, some near the capital, others providing security, and a third group waiting across the river in a Virginia hotel with a cache of weapons. At the Capitol, some members moved in a military stack formation into the Capitol where they fought with police. Well, how many did that? Not all 11. And as I say, are there others? I don’t doubt that they did. I’m just wondering, I’m curious. And so some attacked. The police. Well, what’s it say here? It says some moved in a military stack formation into the Capitol where they were police. A small group unsuccessfully looked for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And then according to court documents, then there was this third group. Three groups out of 11, that’s about three and a half people. Sort of being interesting to know more as this goes throughout the day now, we now know more about the Oath Keepers, not enough, but we now know more about the Oath Keepers than we know about what Black Lives Matter was doing and Antifa does. Will be nice if we can know what all of them are doing. Seems to me. But these are 11 people. Not half a million people, not a quarter of a million people, not a million people. That’s what they are. Seems to me the building needed proper security as well, so we look at this and I go back to the beginning. The head of this organization, some kind of militia, I guess. He’s really frustrated with Trump because Trump’s not taking any action. All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything because he didn’t do anything. And he specifically told people to be peaceful and even before he finished his speech. The building was breached. So let’s remember all these things now, the fact that with you I’m exploring this because it just dropped tonight means that I will be attacked because I’m exploring it. There’s still some gaps to me in all of this. For instance. It suggests they were armed to the teeth and they had this rapid response team ready. But nobody was shot. By the Oath Keepers or whatever this group is, as far as we know. Nobody was shot, nobody was stabbed, nobody was slashed. But they were armed to the teeth, by the way. That worries me a lot. So, again, don’t get me wrong, but I’m trying to figure out when they talk about. The breaching of the Capitol, it’s not like 1954 where five members of the House were shot. It’s not like 1971 with a Weather Underground actually blew up part of the capital. Now, you’re not allowed to just gather weapons, I take it, for the intent of doing grave harm. And so it’ll be interesting that what they’re charged with, these sedition charge, was sedition, but based on what they’ve said and based on what I’ve read to you, Mark Tapscott over at Instapundit is exactly right. The charges. With reference to the statutes inclusion of efforts to oppose or delay execution of a law, not its reference to conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States or to levy war against them. So if they have this massive cache of weapons, if they had this special hit team or whatever they call it. Why weren’t they charged? To conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy it by force, the government of the United States, because that seems to be the fact pattern that they’re laying out without the actual charge being brought. You see what I’m saying, Mr. Producer? This is all going to have to be sorted out. Now that aside, and let’s look at the politics. We have nut jobs everywhere, nut jobs like the Oath Keepers, nut jobs like Black Lives Matter, nut jobs, but we also have them in the media and in politics. Nut jobs. And so. What they’ll do, of course, is say this proves everything this proves about Donald Trump, even though there’s language in the indictment that, in my view, disproves clearly. And the members of this committee. Like Adam Schiff, with the impeachment, they know that Donald Trump didn’t do anything. Didn’t do anything affirmative. To encourage an attack on that building. So we know about it or they quoted. They know it. All right, let’s move on the filibuster again, more on the Democrat Party and the American Marxist efforts to fundamentally destroy our republic. Tom Cotton went onto the floor of the Senate yesterday. And he had these words to say, now it’s several minutes, but it’s worth listening to cut one go. Right now we are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis. We’re about to step into the abyss. I want to talk for a few minutes why we are on that precipice and why we’re looking into that abyss. Let me first ask a fundamental question. What is the crisis that calls for the undoing of two centuries of tradition? Our senators merely doing their jobs as legislators, responding to a generalized public calling for the abolition of the filibuster? Clearly not. It is not the American people at large who are demanding detonation of the nuclear option. The nuclear option is being pushed largely by the radioactive rhetoric of a small band of radicals who hold in their hands the political fortunes of the president. Constitutional scholars will tell us that the reason we have these rules in the Senate, unlimited debate, two thirds to change the rules, the idea that 60 have to close off debate is embodied in the spirit and rule of the Constitution. That is what the Constitution is all about. And we all know it. It is the Senate where the founding fathers established a repository of checks and balances. So like the House of Representatives, where the majority leader or the speaker and snap his fingers and get what he wants on important issues the founding fathers wanted, and they were correct, in my judgment, that the slimmest majority should not always govern. The Senate is not a majority in body. The bottom line is very simple, the ideologues in the Senate want to turn the founding fathers, what the founding fathers called the cooling saucer of democracy into a rubber stamp of dictatorship. They will make this country into a banana republic where if you don’t get your way, you change the rules. Are we going to let them? It will be a doomsday for democracy. If we do, I, for one, hope and pray that it will not come to this. But I assure my colleagues, at least speaking for this senator, I will do everything I can to prevent the nuclear option from being vote, not for the sake of myself or my party, but for the sake of this great republic and its traditions. Those are powerful words, but they’re not mine. Every word of my speech today was originally spoken by our esteemed colleague, the senior senator from New York, Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer spoke so eloquently in defense of the Senate’s rules, customs and traditions, when the fortunes of his party looked a little different. My how times have changed. Now it’s Senator Schumer’s fingers that are hovering over the nuclear button, ready to destroy the Senate for partisan advantage. Think about it. The narrowest majority in Senate history wants to break the Senate rules to control how voters in every state elect senators. Could there be a better argument to preserve the Senate’s rules, customs and traditions so before it’s too late? Let us reflect on the wise and eloquent words of Senator Schumer, words that are as true today as they were when he spoke them. Even if Senator Schumer is singing a different tune today. That was brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and most of the media totally ignored it because Schumer is intellectually corrupt. It’s one of the most dishonest. Scoundrels in politics and always has been. I’ll be right back.

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All right, let’s jump in, Jim Jordan on the floor of the House today, listing the Democrat hypocrisy kind of letting go. The Democrats have objected to counting the presidential electors every single time this century of Republicans being elected president. They spent four years trying to overturn the 2016 election. Democrats spied on a presidential campaign. They did impeachment in secret based on a so-called whistleblower whose identity only Congressman Schiff got to know this Congress. They have closed the Capitol, enacted proxy voting, kicked Republicans off committee and for the first time in American history, denied Republicans seats on a select committee that was chosen by the minority leader. They’re trying to make D.C. a state in the Electoral College. In the filibuster pact, the court destroy executive privilege, take federal control of elections, and are currently allowing in jurisdictions illegal immigrants to vote. And finally, the January 6th committee has altered evidence and lied to the American people about it. But somehow they tell us it’s President Trump and Republicans who are undermining democracy. Give me a break. Undermining democracy, because we actually think you should show a photo ID when you go to vote in one year’s time. In one year’s time. While Democrats are doing all that in one year’s time, they’ve given us record crime, record inflation, record illegal immigration. And as bad as all that is, it’s not the worst. The worst is how they’ve used the virus to attack our freedoms, how they’ve used the virus to attack our First Amendment rights. And here’s the irony. They use the avowed virus to attack our liberties, even though everything they’ve told us about the virus has been wrong. They told us they didn’t come from a lab, they told us it wasn’t going to function research, they told us it was only 15 days to slow the spread. They told us mass work. They told us we have a federal plan. Joe Biden said that himself. They told us there would never be a vaccine mandate. They told us to vaccinate people to get vaccinated, can give the get the virus. The vaccinated can’t transmit the virus. And they told us there was no such thing as natural immunity. Think about this, think about this at the same time, Democrats require you to put on a mask, show your papers and an ID to get a Big Mac at McDonalds. They don’t want they want to allow the federal government to stop states from requiring a photo I.D. numbers expire. This is ridiculous. Well done. Genius rant for two minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to dig very deeply into this voting issue on Sunday on Life, Liberty and them very, very deeply. I please I hope you’ll join us live. If not, DVR the program. I understand there’s football on.