November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden Administration, the public education system, and the media are sabotaging and betraying the people of this country. The American Marxists work together to politicize science for their own benefit. Democrats in the White House are crippling the American fossil fuel industry while inflation continues rising. All while blue-collar energy workers and their families bear the initial brunt of it. Then, climate change is profound junk science that wages war against capitalism, private property, and American individualism. This pursuit is propelled by the financial interests that follow reports of climate catastrophe, whether it’s accurate or not. Later, climate change, COVID, and Critical Race Theory are all designed to scare you and they should. Now there’s Omicron. A variant that even the Doctor that discovered it says causes mild symptoms. Moreover, the President of South Africa says there will be no travel bans or lockdowns. Afterward, Critical Race Theory continues creeping into American institutions and it has now taken hold of the Salvation Army, which has stated that all whites are racist despite knowing it. Sadly, the Salvation Army has departed from charity and embraced the divisive mantra of the left. Finally, Rep Chip Roy calls in to highlight how Democrats are supporting the addition of a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act to draft women into the military. Citizens across the country need to let Sen. Mitch McConnell know that this won’t be tolerated.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Did you miss me? I missed you, this big national family we have here. I hope you had a wonderful time. The government is. Repulsive. Many individuals in the government are unconscionable. And what’s happening now is we have something that is really bizarre. And evil, which is. An administration. A media and educational system that is both sabotaging our country and betraying us. Sabotaging and betraying, we’re going to get to Tony Fauci a little later in the program. He was on all three network Sunday shows, Meet the Depressed Face the Nation and George Stephanopoulos this week, all three. On Sunday. So they all work together. The American Marxists, the media, the bureaucrats, the Democrat Party and so forth, which is why we have the politicization of science. And autocracy is the response from the politicians in that party and from Renaults. And they ignore the science. Obviously, Florida is doing something right. Florida has the least number of cases and deaths. It has the number one best record in the nation. Despite the fact. It’s a hub for people coming into this country, including from the Third World and the Caribbean in particular. Texas has the fourth best record. Now, it wasn’t that long ago when Joe Biden and the rest of the idiots were trashing the governors of both of those states to say it doesn’t happen. Now their words don’t pass the lips. Of Joe Biden, his press idiot, his autocrat’s or the media? On Meet the Depressed Face the Nation and George Stephanopoulos this week, none of them said, hey, look. Used to attack the senses, he used the best record in the country, used to attack Abbott, he’s the fourth best record in the country. Vermont has the highest number of vaccinated people. It has one of the worst records in the country. How do you square these things as scientists and medical professionals? But they don’t ask them questions like that. And they’re not going to. Sabotage and betrayal. Maybe I should have kept that to myself. Maybe that’s my next book, Mr. Biden to increase U.S. oil lease fees 50 percent while accusing big oil of anti-competitive activities. This is Breitbart, but it’s all over the news because that’s what they’re planning on doing. Oil leases, they would increase them 50 percent if you’re communist China, fascistic Russia, slowmo Nazi Tehran or the inbred in North Korea, you are cheering. Or the inbreds who run Saudi Arabia, you are cheering. You can’t believe your good luck. That the American Marxists in the United States have a mouthpiece in the Oval Office and throughout his administration. We’re they’re literally going to further cripple the American fossil fuel industry. They’re going to further cripple the American fossil fuel industry while the price of gasoline, natural gas, oil, all petroleum products are going through the roof. While inflation is not only going through the roof, it’s going to get worse and it’s going to last longer. And so the. By Biden. And his comrades is to make it worse, to sabotage our oil industry, to sabotage our oil industry and to betray the American people. Under this false flag of climate change, under this false flag of we’re going to transition what we have in transition and who exactly is going to do the transitioning. I’m not talking about gender here. Who’s going to do the transitioning? Oh. The administration, just because they throw hundreds of billions of dollars around, doesn’t work that way. It’s never worked that way. It can’t work that way. There is no transitioning going on, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, there is little spurts and starts here in their little companies trying to get off the ground with massive amounts of government subsidies at the federal and state level. But there’s no brand new great technology. We would have heard about it already. In the meantime, they’re sabotaging us, the Democrat Party is sabotaging the country and by the way, not just in this area, but that’s where I’m focused right now. You would raise. You would raise. By 50 percent. The fees. To drill on federal lands for oil leasing. And by the way, just because you get an oil lease doesn’t mean you’re going to find oil. It’s an extremely expensive process. So the same companies that helped develop fracking. That helped develop fracking, that drove down the price of oil and oil products, that made us energy independent patriotic companies were patriotic Americans working there, getting oil and soot under their fingernails. Hard hats, working oil rigs, truckers’. People who work the trains on and on and on blue collar workers. Providing all the energy for the elites and the white collar workers. You’re going to attack them as unpatriotic, these companies are unpatriotic, they’re so unpatriotic that prior to this presidency, fuel prices were low, they were affordable. We had energy independence. We didn’t have to rely on Russia and Saudi Arabia or anybody else. Now, home heating oil prices are going to go up. The New England area, the Northeast. Obviously, parts of the Midwest and Southeast and etc.. Going to be terrible. Terrible. This is how they they talk about the middle class and the poor people, how they’re going to take care of them, energy equity, environmental equity, this is what they do. They drag everybody down. This is absolutely outrageous, so so the Biden administration, Biden, Harris and the rest of them. They’re going to make the price of fuel even higher. They’re going to reduce the domestic supply even more. Even more. As they write a private part, the Biden Harris administration is recommending Congress hiked the cost of oil leases on government lands from twelve point five percent to eighteen point seventy five percent. The six point twenty five percent point royalty rate increase on oil companies contradicts the administration’s promise to lower gasoline prices. Biden Harris administration have asked OPEC to increase oil supplies. They asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate oil companies for so-called anti-competitive behavior. How come nobody can investigate the Democrat Party and the federal government and the bureaucracy for anti-competitive behavior? That’s what they’re all about. That’s what they’re all about. And what’s the federal government going to do with this money, piss it away, as it always does? As it always does, an increased royalty rate would be the first rate hike since 1920. And so there’s Biden bending over backwards to the degrowth, there’s the American Marxist movement. It’s really unbelievable what’s taking place in this country. Now, I want to talk briefly. About climate change. I’m going to talk I try to use these occasions to go a little deeper and a little broader. There was a magnificent piece, really great piece by Norman Rogers, and it was great because it was thorough, but it was brief, relatively speaking, originally in The American Thinker, the profound junk science of climate. A couple of days ago, when we come back, I really want you to listen to this, because everything that’s being done. Is being done on a fantasy, on a fraud, on a theory. Driving an ideology, it’s the war against capitalism, it’s the war against you, the working people of this nation. It’s the war against private property, it’s the war against home ownership, against vehicles. They want you in these tiny little compartments using public transportation, you know, like Moscow, 1937. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Speaking of books. America Marxism sold more books than Obama’s latest book, but Obama’s latest book is like number nine on the New York Times bestseller list and mine is not on it anymore, just so you understand what’s going on. My publisher informed me today that American Marxism will be in Costco another week or two. It’s been there really a record amount of time came out on July 13th, and it’s been there since. As you know, Costco doesn’t have a very big table and I want to thank them for all the support they’ve given to the book. But I want you to know it’s not going to be there long. It will remain at Barnes and Noble. It’ll remain at at Wal-Mart, at Target, at Sam’s Club, at all these other places that will remain there as far as we know. Now, here’s what I wanted to tell you. I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you this because it’s since Thursday and I haven’t been on the air since Wednesday. If you go to right now, the book is 50 percent off 50. That’s the highest it’s ever been. It’s fourteen dollars for a hardback copy of American Marxism, the number one book of twenty twenty one. Did you know it’s the number one book of twenty twenty one. Yes, because you listen to this program, you listen to any other program on radio, any program on TV, virtually any website. And you wouldn’t know that conservative radical kook anything. You wouldn’t know it. This is the number one book of twenty twenty one fiction and nonfiction. It’s 50 percent off for the holidays. Now Amazon is very fickle. They could change that in fifteen minutes. So I want to strongly encourage you get over there if that’s what you want to do for Christmas, Hanukkah, just start at Happy Hanukkah. To my Jewish friends, Hanukkah has started. Christmas is twenty six days away by my calculation. So everything is appearing now. Fifty percent off for a copy of American Marxism. If he wanted to give it for a gift, it’s fourteen dollars off. In other words, it costs. Fourteen dollars, you can’t get a fast food meal for two people for fourteen dollars. So now is the time to jump in if you have not. I’m quite serious about this. It’s time. It’s time to save money. So the retail price is twenty eight bucks, the best I’ve ever seen, it cut down to sixteen dollars and 50 or 60 or 80 cents or something like that. It’s 14 bucks. Fourteen bucks. All right. And I hope you got to watch the interview with me and my interview of Donald Trump on Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time yesterday. It was the part one, we part two this coming Sunday. And he was fantastic. And I think he’s fantastic because when you’re not taking cheap shots, you’re not going through the Democrat talking points to the Republican talking points. And you asked the gentleman a few questions. You can see how insightful he is, how substantive he is, how how intelligent he is, and he has an opportunity to speak. That’s what I do on my show. That’s why it’s different. And so we went more than the hour and so we continued and it’ll be the major part of next Sunday show, which is very, very interesting things to say. It said very many interesting things, but I noticed not a single news room in America picked it up because it was positive. Because it was positive. Otherwise, they would have gone nuts with it, of course. Plus, I’m detested, that’s the other reason. All right. Let’s begin now. We’ll have to do continue after the bottom of the hour, the profound junk science of climate and I have discussed this at great length, even in Liberty and Tyranny. Almost 13 years ago, Norman Rodger’s climate change prophecy hangs its had on computer climate models, the models have gigantic problems, according to Kevin Trenberth, once in charge of modeling at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. None of the models correspond even remotely to the current observed climate of the Earth. The models can’t properly model the Earth’s climate, but we’re supposed to believe that if carbon dioxide has a certain effect on the imaginary earths of the many models, it will have the same effect on the real earth, the climate models and, you know, on Life, Liberty and Levin as well as live in TV. I’ve had many guests discuss this. The climate models are an exemplary representation of confirmation bias, the psychological tendency to suspend one’s critical faculties in favor of welcoming what one expects or desires. Climate scientists can manipulate numerous adjustable parameters in the models. They pick change to tune a model, to give a good result, quote unquote, good in the sense of what result they want. Technically, a good result would be that the climate model output can match past climate history. But that good result competes with another kind of good result. Not other. Good result is a prediction of a climate catastrophe. The sort of so-called good result has elevated the social and financial status of climate science into the stratosphere. In other words, it’s not become an ideological pursuit and a financial pursuit. Once money and status started flowing into climate science because of the disaster its denizens were predicting, there was no going back. Imagine that a climate scientist discovers gigantic flaws in the models and the associated science do not imagine that is discovery would be treated respectfully and evaluated on its merits. That would open the door to reversing everything that has been so wonderful for climate scientists who continue to throw billions of dollars a year at climate science. If there were no disasters to be prevented, they wouldn’t is the point. I want to continue. This is very important. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

That’s too bad. Lee Elder, who used to play golf when I used to watch it has passed away, was 87. I don’t know if he was the first. African-American golfer? Probably not, but he was a great golfer and he was a lot of fun to watch and I’m sorry to hear that and very decent, classy guy to. This is when Americans try to get along with Americans. And if some Americans weren’t being treated right, try to do something to address that. It’s going on today is absolutely disgusting and evil, but let me continue where I was. See, I’m not your typical host, a typical host would have been done with this issue, moved on to five others by not tap the brakes. I want to move back to climate change. Let me say again, once money and status, American Thinker started flying into climate science because of the disaster its debt denizens were predicting, there was no going back. Imagine that a climate scientist discovers gigantic flaws in the models. And some have. Many have. And the associated science do not imagine that his discovery would be treated respectfully and evaluated on the merits, that would open the door to reversing everything that’s been so wonderful for climate scientists who would continue to throw billions of dollars a year at climate scientists if there were no disasters to be prevented. No, the discover of any flaw would be demonized and attacked as a pawn of evil interests. Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer come to mind and there are many, many others. Even in my latest book, American Marxism, I have a chapter, as you know, on climate change fanatics, that’s what I call it, climate change fanaticism. And those gentlemen, among others, are very, very important. There are many more skeptical scientists keeping quiet and varying degrees, testing a model against past history and assuming that it will then predict the future is a methodology that invites failure. The failure starts when the modeler adds more adjustable parameters to enhance the model. At some point, one should ask if we’re fitting a model or doing simple curve fitting. If the model has denigrated into curved fitting, it very likely won’t have serious predictive capability. Now, a strong indicator that climate models are well into the curve fitting regime is the use of ensembles of models. The International Panel on Climate Change, part of the U.N., the IPCC, averaged together numerous models and ensemble in order to make a projection of the future and why they did this. Rather than try to pick the best model, they say that the ensemble method works better. Why would averaging worse models with the best model make the average better than the best? This is contrary to common sense. But according to the mathematics of curve fitting, if different models of fitting the same multidimensional data are used and each method is independent but imperfect, averaging together, the fits will indeed give a better result. So, in other words, averaged together. Defective models somehow makes them better. It works better because there’s a mathematical artifact coming from having too many adjustable parameters that allow the model to fit nearly anything. Well, one may not be surprised that the various models disagree dramatically, one with another about the Earth’s climate, including how big the supposed global warming catastrophe will be. But no model, except perhaps one from Russia denies the future catastrophe. And I did a show on Life, Liberty and Land Live in several years ago on this. And it turns out the Russian model has been the most accurate. You know, I. Because Russia doesn’t fund climate change, radicalism and extremism. It’s not because they’re scientists are smart, we’re smarter. It’s because they don’t politicize the process. There’s a political reason for using ensembles in order to receive the benefits flowing from predicting a climate catastrophe, climate science must present a united front that is a unified front. Dissenters have to be canceled and suppressed. If the IPCC were to select the best models, dozens of other modeling groups would be left out. They would no doubt form a dissenting group questioning the authority of those that gave the crown to one particular model with ensembles. Every group gets to participate in a rewarding conspiracy against humanity, and I might add every group gets to participate in the massive amount of money that is being spent on this. Fitting the model to eliminate excuse me, fitting the model to climate history comes up against the fact that past climate history is poorly documented or even unknown. There are scientific groups that specialize in examining and summarizing the vast Treva past climate history. There’s some reason improving on their summaries, improve on the original data in ways that always seem to support global warming catastrophe. The website Real Climate Science Dotcom specializes in exposing this tampering with climate history. Because so much of climate history is unknown, climate influencing aerosols, the modelers have to make up as an example, the missing history. Each modeler is free to make up his own history. So the various models fit different assume past climates. It would be very surprising if modelers weren’t manipulating their fabricated climate to make their models behave better. Scientists are always cautioned not to fall in love with a theory or a method. If they do, they will lose their objectivity. Facts that support their love will be celebrated. Facts that casts doubt on their love will be ignored or forgotten. But if you spend years, even decades married to a modeling methodology, divorce becomes less and less likely, and I might add. The money is enormous if you push this agenda. If you don’t, you get no funds, it dries up. The push back better build back better. Bill, they don’t give money to any scientists or any organization that questions climate change, a man made climate change or or that the world is heating and therefore we’re all going to hell, not a percent. The National Academy of Sciences is a private organization in Washington that touts itself as the science adviser to the government. Their advice has some common threads. They never criticize the scientific establishment and they always promote spending more money on science. Like the teachers unions, they pretend to support the common good but actually promote their constituency special interests. The Academy sponsored a report on the future of climate modeling. They apparently saw nothing wrong with staffing the study committee, where professional climate modelers, that is, the people who are doing the modeling. The report advocated more money for climate modelers and urged hiring professional public relations people to present their results to the public that supported climate catastrophe. Ahead is 100 percent junk science. If the unlikely climate catastrophe actually happens, it’ll be coincidental that it was predicted by climate scientists. Most of the supporting evidence is fabricated. There is no out of the ordinary climate change taking place that constant comparisons of the current climate with pre-industrial climate are nonsense because according to climate theory and the models, the effect of CO2 was extremely minor before 1975. Since 1975, nothing points to a climate catastrophe or a new long term trend in the fake climate. Catastrophe has spawned a fake energy paradigm, replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar electricity. Wind and solar are claimed to be cheaper than traditional sources of electricity, but not fake. Accounting reveals that wind or solar electricity costs five, even 10 times more than traditional electricity. Exclusive, of course, of government subsidies and mandates. The reason it costs so much is that the erratic nature of wind and solar requires maintaining the traditional electricity generating system intact and ready to operate. When wind and solar fail, solar fails every night, every cloudy day and more often in winter, wind fails at random times, or some are predictable times and often has a seasonal cycle. If the renewable energy advocates were logical, they would be advocating for nuclear. Nuclear is reliable, does not produce CO2. But they oppose nuclear to folks, climate change and wind and solar electricity are snipe hunts, diverting the country from serious problems in favor of imaginary problems with imaginary solutions that enrich the promoters and their political friends with status and money. Norman Rogers. Has a master’s degree in physics and was on the board of the National Association of Scholars and so forth. Now back to context. Joe Biden and his band of Merry Conrads. The Reds in this administration are going to drive up the cost of fossil fuels even more by driving up the course the cost of oil drilling. On. Federal lands, that is, federal leases are going to be massively increase the cost by 50 percent. At the same time, gasoline at the pump is going up, at the same time, they’re telling us that home heating costs are going to go up 50 percent or so at the same time. And then he says it’s the industry that’s ripping you off the same industry that’s asking the drill, the same industry that wants to produce the same industry that developed fracking, the same industry that made America. Energy independent with the policy, something of the Trump administration. They’re sabotaging us, this government, this Democrat Party, whether it’s our classrooms where critical race theory, whether it’s the nuclear family, with the with the trans movement or whatever you want to call it, every aspect of this society is under attack. Because they are sabotaging us, they are sabotaging us from within, there’s simply no question about this. More when I return

Hour 1 Segment 4

When America’s had pandemics, we didn’t shut down our economy. We tried to build up our economy. We didn’t subsidize people not to work. We insisted that people work harder. Are people on their own worked harder? We didn’t crawl into a corner of our basement. Wearing masks and paper bags over our heads and rubber boots and goggles. Until the government said the coast was clear. That’s not who we are, that’s not what we do. We did insist that people commit Hari Kari against their own small businesses or their churches or their synagogues. And self destroy them. And then claim that’s all righteous, that’s all science. What’s going on right now is worse than mediæval. It’s worse than medieval. And we have a man who had every single network Sunday show. Had Tony Foushee every single Sunday from. He was so busy promoting himself, the fact is the guy is a quack. If he were could be sued to be sued for malpractice by millions of people. The guy’s a quack, in my humble opinion, just my opinion. Mr. Producer, let’s get Scott Atlas on the program, perhaps Wednesday. He’s got a new book out, I think now’s the time for some sober thinking from somebody who’s been a real scientist for a long time, not a bureaucrat who’s managed to claw his way to the top at a young age and and retain his position. I don’t believe in medical fascism or scientific fascism, ladies and gentlemen. But this is apparently what we have. And a lot of it. Now, first of all, I want to remind you of the Democrats. Just a year ago, just a year ago. On the vaccine. On the vaccine, cut three go. I think it’s going to be a very skeptical American public about taking the vaccine and it should be. We can’t trust the president and take his word and take a vaccine that might cause harm to us if and when the vaccine comes in, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that needs to be and the trials that are needed to be done. Let’s just say there’s a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election. Would you get it? Well, it’s going to be for all of us when we finally do. God willing, get a vaccine. Who’s going to take the shot? Who’s going to take the shot? We will need to have access to the vaccine results so we can make our independent assessment to make sure that Donald Trump’s fingerprints are not on it. You can be the first one to say, put me sign me up. They now say it’s OK. Is the vaccine safe? Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion. And I wouldn’t recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government’s opinion and the question of whether it’s real when it’s there, that requires enormous transparency. Would you trust that vaccine? There’s very little that we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump is found. We cannot take for granted. This process will be free of political influence. I don’t trust the president and I don’t trust the FDA. If Donald Trump give answers, an administration can’t give answers to these questions. The American people should not have. Khufu, you’re wrong to say to the American people. Now, here’s a vaccine. It was no, it was done quickly. But trust this federal administration and their health administration that it’s safe. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump. How confident are you in the approval process, the FDA right now? How confident are my. I’m not that confident. Yes, I would be hesitant, but I’m going to ask a lot of questions. You’re going to need someone other than this FDA and this CDC saying it’s safe. You’ve got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation so they can look and see if there’s a consensus this is a safe vaccine. What I’m worried about is that there’s some sort of October surprise and that there is a pressure put on the decision makers here to announce a vaccine. In October of twenty twenty, we’re going to put together our own group of doctors and medical experts to review the vaccine and the efficacy and the protocol. And they say it’s safe. Then I’ll go to the people of New York and I will say it’s safe. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it. We had a full scale. Democrat Party, Democrat media propaganda campaign against vaccines in order to try and take out Trump. Fullscale. Full scale. And they were so loathsome as to insist time and time again with their graphics on the monitor. You know, I kept pointing it out, the graphics on the monitor, the graphics on that, and look what they’re doing. We’ve never seen anything like this before where there’s a pandemic and they blame a president. And that’s all purposeful. And then Biden’s in office and they stop. More people have died. From this virus. Under Biden in the last year. Then under Trump. In his last year, and Biden has three vaccines and therapeutics developed initially during Operation Warp Speed that obviously Trump did not have. And as I’ve said many times, and I’ll say it again, weather here on my Sunday show, Hannity, wherever, how is it that Joe Biden is not responsible for every single death that is now occurring?