November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, self-defense predates the U.S Constitution and Kyle Rittenhouse was rightfully found not guilty today. A non-violent protester was killed in the riot on January 6th and the left within the media called that an insurrection. Yet, Democrats will defend the violent rioters instead of the law-abiding citizen. The radicals on the left don’t believe in a jury system as was proved by the prosecutors in this case who were willing to undermine the Constitution to get a scalp for their cause. Then, President Biden alluded to the notion that Rittenhouse was a White supremacist. These are grounds for an effective lawsuit against the President for defaming Rittenhouse. The media is still trying to inject racial narratives and the 2nd Amendment into this case’s verdicts because that’s all that propagandists know how to do. Later, Congressman Jim Jordan calls in with his reaction to the House’s passage of Biden’s Build Back Better bill and his new book “Do What You Said You Would Do: Fighting for Freedom in the Swamp.” Jordan added that the Democrat Party continues to hurt America and must be stopped. Afterward, Democrats are fixated on funding programs that are destructive to growth including coal mines. Sen. Joe Manchin needs to make a clear decision to vote against the Build Back Better plan or West Virginians will lose jobs in one of their most important industries.


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The defendant will rise as the jury and hearken to its verdicts, Wisconsin versus Kyle Rittenhouse. That’s the accusation Joseph Rosenbaum made by the Kyle aged White House not guilty. As to the second count of the information, Richard McKinnis, we, the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the third kind of the information, unknown male, we, the jury, find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the fourth count of the information, Anthony Cuber, we, the jury find the defendant, Kyle Rittenhouse, not guilty as to the fifth count of the information gauge for us, cause we, the jury, find the defendant, Kyle, Adrian, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty, members of the jury. These your unanimous verdict. Is there anyone who does not agree with the verdicts as read? We wish the jury polled go OK. Hi, I’m Mark Levin. Innocent on all counts, as we knew he would be, because he is. Self-defense, self-defense is codified in our law, but self-defense has existed even before the United States has existed. If you believe somebody is going to do serious bodily injury to you, even to the point of killing you, you have a right to injure them or kill them first. That’s basic stuff. And in this trial, it wasn’t even close and all the facts didn’t even didn’t even come up during the trial, facts that would have helped Rittenhouse further. I did a monologue on Life, Liberty and Levin last Sunday, and I’ve talked about it much here and I’ve written an entire book on it, on Freedom of the Press, how corrupt the American media are, how they represent the American Marxist movements. And they have demonstrated through this trial. And through this day and through this evening. Just how despicable they truly are and they are joined by multiple Democrats on Capitol Hill. Who do not believe in self-defense when it comes to you, be you black, white, brown, yellow, red, whatever. But when it comes to them, they have an entire police force, Capitol Hill police force when it comes to them. And January 6th. They believe they were threatened, even though not one of them was touched. A non-violent protester was killed. They believe that was an insurrection. They believe that was the greatest crime against humanity. So when it comes to their persons, when it comes to their safety. They want private safety, public subsidized safety, their own police force, National Guard, whatever it takes. But when it comes to your safety. You don’t even have a right to defend yourself while the disarming, defunding, slashing the budgets of law enforcement while their party is directing police officers. To put down their weapons. And not stand their ground, but back up in the face of Black Lives Matter, Tifa, rioters and Phelan’s. Who are out to destroy society. Now. We really do need to make an assessment of the media in this country. If there is violence in any city, it is in the hands of MSNBC and CNN, is it on the hands of those so-called reporters who have been tweeting something, hands up Democrats in Congress. It’s in the hands of Joe Biden. Who made another stupid statement today, issued a stupid statement today, even though he said earlier today that he hadn’t watched the trial, so his handlers, his puppeteers who move his mouth and move his hands to sign things. They told you what they think. Because, you know, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve moved from systemic racism in the police force to systemic racism in society, particularly when it comes to white people. Now, this case had absolutely nothing to do with race, but there is Al Sharpton. There’s Al Sharpton and anti-Semite. There’s Al Sharpton, who became infamous early in his life about lying about police, the Tawana Brawley case. The Crown Heights case guy works for MSNBC. Everybody wants to know what Al thinks, right? I look. Look at the sleaze. That is the Scarborough’s. Look at it. They’ll say anything for a buck. They need the job to subsidize their lifestyle. Just watch. Watch the Democrats who defended the rioters, the violent rioters all through two summers ago. Watch as they’re angry to the point of promoting violence, encouraging violence. Because Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent by a jury. They don’t believe in the jury system, they don’t believe in the system. They’re worse than the rioters. They live off the fat of the earth. And at the same time, pretend there’s some kind of revolutionaries, the corrupt media in this country, worse than the rioters, the corrupt Democrats in this country, worse than the rioters. Truly unbelievable. Judge Schroeder, they’ve been smearing this man, judge did a fantastic job, if you ask me a fantastic job. The prosecutors in this case demonstrate an all too familiar pattern that they are willing to violate the United States Constitution, the orders of a court, and they are prepared to undermine justice. In order to count another scalp and play to the mob. If the mob hadn’t been riding in Kenosha, none of this would have happened. None of it. But they were. Jacob Blake’s uncle outside Kenosha courthouse. Why do I care what he has to say about this case when the jury already spoke? Why is he getting attention from the media on this issue when it has really nothing to do about race, had to do about three men who tried to kill a 17 year old and 17 year old that chose not to be killed and fought back. You’re not allowed to fight back. You’re not allowed to have a weapon. You need to roll over as they defund or slash the police budgets in this country, as they order the police to stand down against the rioters. As the governor of Wisconsin refused President Trump’s offer of National Guardsmen, as Pelosi did when it came to the Capitol building, Liz Cheney won’t be looking into that because she’s a fraud. Because the Chinese and the bushes and the rhinos and all the rest. Seek the destruction of Trump, you know, I watched this Chris Christie, it’s amazing he’s on Fox, he’s on MSNBC, is on CNN. He’s on quasi conservative radio, he’s on liberal radio. This guy is a chameleon. You’re very fat chameleon, but nonetheless, he’s a chameleon. And he’s written a book which will fail. Nobody’s going to follow Chris Christie. Nobody, Chris Christie represents the old Republican Party, not the Reagan Republican Party, the old Republican Party. The party of the Chinese in the bushes. The party of the Romneys. The party of the McConnells, that’s Chris Christie, and that’s a loser. That’s a losing prescription for this country. I don’t know why certain host’s colleagues or otherwise feel the need to promote Christie because he’s promoting a book, I don’t know. But I circled back. I want you to listen when we come back to Chuck Todd, because if there’s violence in the streets and by the way, Kenosha is very quiet right now, if there’s violence in the street. Chuck Todd, if there’s violence in the street, Eugene Robinson, if there’s violence in the street, Torleif Arcadium, if there’s violence in the street. Joyce Vance, these are the people. These are the mouthpieces all over the media. And they’re not alone. And yes, Kyle Rittenhouse should sue Joe Biden for millions because Joe Biden made it abundantly clear that he believed Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist and as a matter of fact, his ads demonstrated it because Trump wouldn’t wouldn’t denounce him. Trump wouldn’t denouncing. The Paula Jones case that the Supreme Court heard that I’m more than familiar with stands for the proposition. That as a private citizen, things that you have said and done are still subject to civil litigation, even if you become president of the United States. That’s what the Supreme Court of the United States said when Joe Biden smeared Kyle Rittenhouse. He was a mere citizen like the rest of us. No protection, right, Joe, who refuses to protect the executive branch and trumps rights under executive privilege? Well, guess what, pal? You have no executive privilege or executive anything. You’re naked. You are naked in front of the law. Should kill Rittenhouse, sue your sorry ass for smearing him for political reasons. And by the way, every single commentator, every single contributor, every single host. He’s been on cable TV or elsewhere. Was accused Kyle Rittenhouse being a white supremacist, a domestic terrorist in so many horrific lies, told about him asserting it as fact. You better get a good lawyer. Because if Kyle Rittenhouse wants to. He can sue your asses, too, for everything you have. And he will win. Is it a tough case? Typically, it’s a tough case, but if you call somebody a white supremacist and a domestic terrorist and you have no evidence whatsoever, none, that’s not a tough case, whether you’re a public figure or not. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

The insanity of the American Marxist. Could they be in the media, whether they be in the street, whether they be in academia, really never ends. I’ve heard some members of Congress, some in the Black Caucus, some not. Saying things like cow, Rittenhouse was a white vigilante, it’s a vigilante. You know, taking the place of the police for which he didn’t have authority now I just could have sworn that we were told the police are systemically racist. That they randomly and wantonly kill people, particularly minority. But now you see, we should rely on the police. Disarm yourself, do not help your fellow man, don’t help the community in which your father lives and other relatives lives in which you’ve worked and held a job, and so we’re. No, no, no, no, no. Leave it to the systemically white racist police forces that randomly kill minorities to protect the community. Well, which is it? It’s neither the insanity of these people, these American Marxists. Cannot be what we adopt and embrace. I’ll take it one step further. You ready? You ready? Media Matters and media and real Americans who love this country. Kyle Rittenhouse. Is a quintessential red blooded American. He went to this community, which is a neighboring community, which, as I say, had relatives living there and friends there. He worked there. Somebody had asked him to help protect his property. On the third night of riding, he comes there with a fire extinguisher. He comes there with a Red Cross bag, basically to help provide medical assistance, and he arms himself because he’s smart, because he knows it’s a riot. Situation with a mob has been hitting people, harming people, beating people. Killing people. You know, that’s been the nature of the mob all that summer long. And so he exercises his free will, he exercises his right to help the community. That’s not a vigilante. What you have to be in the Peace Corps, is that it? One grotesque individual, a felon who raped a little girl, chases him down and tries to kill him or harm him, but he shot and he’s killed first. Another one chases him down, smacks him in the head with a with a skateboard, and then in the neck comes at him again and he shoots him and kills him. Now, the third one points a gun in his.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Folks, folks, folks, being Friday, please don’t forget to watch Life, Liberty and Levin this Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The full hour president Donald Trump the entire hour. I tell you the truth, I just finished doing that show with the president literally about 90 minutes ago. He was absolutely spectacular, absolutely spectacular. And I think it’s fair to say that he and I and Melania and he and my wife and I, we have a special relationship in the way that we talk to each other. I do not bother the president. I don’t press for things and so forth. It asked if I would consider coming down to Florida and speaking with him about this fantastic new book that they’re putting out. And it is fantastic. As a matter of fact, it’s a significant book. It’s got photographs of the four years of his presidency with comments under most of them, or certainly many of them, that he wrote. He chose the photos as well. And I know you’re going to love this and I know you’re going to love the the discussion. I do not interrupt him. I let him speak his mind. And you’re going to see the Donald Trump that I see. Tact, he’s not undermined snot accusations. Just let the man talk, raise an issue, let him explain and you’re going to see how engaged sharp. Judicious words that you will not hear from his attackers that he is. It really is for me, it was very, very special, not not just to see him, but I think you’re going to see because a couple of people afterwards came up to me and said, wow, not because of me, but because of the way I do interviews that allows the guest to think about subjects, to think about what they’re going to say and make their statements. So I hope you’ll check it out. It’s not a typical interview with President Trump Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You can always DVR it. Your DVR is ready if you’re going to be occupied. Otherwise, this was what I was talking about. Joe Biden, August 27, 2020. Cut forego. The president has not talked about the shooting of Mr. Blake. He’s talked about violence at protesters protests in the wake of it. I’m wondering why you think that is, that he hasn’t actually addressed it. There’s obviously so here’s an attack on Trump, who has nothing to do with the Blake situation, nothing to do with the Rittenhouse situation. Joe Biden’s running for president. It’s August twenty twenty. And the question is, I wonder why you think the president’s doing this. I wonder why you think the president’s doing that. Go ahead. Instances around it. But the video obviously has been out there. Well, I don’t know enough to know whether that 17 year old kid exactly what he did, but allegedly he’s part of a militia coming out of the state of Illinois, is not part of any militia and never was. He says allegedly. That’s fine. Go ahead. I heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists, OK, white supremacists. Now, that’s more than an implication. Why bring up that phrase? If you don’t believe Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t. Here’s what I do know, Donald Trump never had any association with white supremacists. Joe Biden did openly so. And embrace them. And embrace them. Racists in the Senate. He did anyway, those are grounds for a very, very effective lawsuit. I want to go to Chuck Todd on MSNBC today. You all know that I despise this guy because he’s a hack, Democrat, American Marxists in journalist drag. And I remember I used to enjoy watching Meet the Press, even though I didn’t always agree with the host. Whether it was Lawrence or Tim, but not Chuck, Chuck is a fraud. Listen to this cut five go and David, I think you said it well when you were talking about how the prosecution should have thought about basically doing everything they could to sort of take some of the politics out of their presentation, take some of the politics out of their charges. And I guess ultimately, what is this case revealing about us as a society? You know, is this a case of we’ve got a we obviously are divided on race. Our gun laws are very polarizing in this country as well. It is interesting to me that you’re going to have folks on one side of the political aisle see this through the prism of race. And I think on the other side of the aisle claim they’re seeing it through the prism of the Second Amendment. Why don’t you stop? This was a self-defense case. You’re the clowns that keep bringing up racism and gun control and everything else, and so there’s pushback against your narrative. Because people like me who love this country and believe in the Constitution, all of it, well, well aware, if there had been guilt found by the jury in any of those charges, you would have politically interpreted it as finally jury standing up on race or finally a jury standing up. Against the Second Amendment and so far, because this is all, you know, your political. Not even animal, reptile. I guess that’s an animal. Go ahead. I guess the question is going to be, if you’re an elected official in in Wisconsin, what are you looking at? Are you looking at your gun laws? You’re looking at your gun laws. Folks, it’s a riot taking place. People are burning buildings. People are attacking, many of them are using guns at all, using knives, skateboards, baseball bats, frozen bottles of water, hard boiled eggs. That is baseball’s. Sharp objects. They’re using flagpoles, sharpening the edges, using them as spears. We saw that in Portland as well. You’re going to look at your gun laws. Ladies and gentlemen. The jury system worked. Ladies and gentlemen. The gun laws worked. The good guy lives, the bad guys. Two died. One was injured. This is exactly how it should have turned out, and I’ll say it again. Kyle Rittenhouse is a quintessential American, a red blooded American, regardless of race, who came to that community to help out. He’s not a vigilante. Just listen to these Democrats and these American Marxists. Trashing the cops over and over again, systemically racist, that people are frightened of them, then, on the other hand, trashing a citizen. Who volunteers to help his fellow man? Unbelievable. How about this, Chuck, all three of these men who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse had long felony records, long felony records. Why were they out of prison? Maybe Wisconsin needs to look at its criminal code. Maybe it needs to have tougher sentencing. I’m not even going to waste my time with David Henderson, who’s a cherry picked moron, but he’s a former federal who cares. Now, Jacob Blake’s uncle is outside the Kenosha courthouse. Why? Here’s what he has to say, cut six go, but when you have the guy who’s presiding over the whole thing, put his hands on the scale and a house, this young man learned to walk out. He gave a pass. He didn’t allow evidence. The judge did it. The Democrat appointed judge put his hands on the scale and let him walk out. I guess Jacob Blake’s uncle isn’t aware that there was actually a jury. Actually, a jury that sat there day in and day out, hours at a time had to go through all the minutia. No, no, no, no, no. Jacob, Blake’s uncle knows the truth. Jacob Plague’s uncle knows what justice is in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. Jacob Blake’s uncle is the media focus because Jacob Blake’s uncle. Fills the narrative that the media are pushing, go ahead, Marty said they’re going to kill somebody with it after 30, 40 days and they actually do it 40 days later. That’s good evidence. If somebody isn’t off before, that shows the troublesome to go into a bar at 17. It’s a good evidence if somebody has a knife, it’s a good evidence. If somebody used to beat up their significant other, is that good evidence to that? They’re quite capable of killing another person. It was that good evidence to say good evidence that Jacobsson was a violent felon and rapist, multiple counts of domestic violence, Cuber multiple counts of domestic violence. Is that good evidence to. And what was the third one whose name escapes me and thank God it does. What was he doing illegally possessing a pistol? As it turns out, he was illegally possessing a pistol. Where’s Rittenhouse? Was not illegally possessing an hour, 15. What about that Jacob Blake’s uncle? Go ahead. You know, his ideology, they talk about harming African-Americans, they talk about harming minorities. And he did talk about harming African-Americans or minorities. Why are you saying that Jacob Lane’s uncle about Kyle Rittenhouse? Why are you saying that there was no evidence introduced saying such a thing, you know, cow, Rittenhouse has a civil action. Against Jacob Blake’s uncle, I don’t think he’ll do that, but he does. Because now they’re out character assassinating the man. Go ahead, are you tell us why you got a free ride. His was raised by the probably the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, the skinheads. Are they plugged up in this courtroom? Do we know the history of this child’s bail money was raised by the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazis and on and on and on. Do we know this judge, was he on somebody’s payroll to go ahead and write to these people this for many years? We know the people of Kenosha have been racist as hell. The entire population of Canossa has been racist as hell, so you see, ladies and gentlemen, everything that took place in the court of law doesn’t matter to Jacob Blake’s uncle, but Jacob Blake’s uncle. He’s just a mouthpiece for the American media that believe exactly the same thing. The rule of law, no. Go ahead. Well, that’s it. Well, there you have it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Tammy Baldwin, senator from Wisconsin, attacked this decision, she’s a disgrace. She’s a disgrace for attacking this decision. Absolutely appalling if the House Democratic campaign folks saying this decision was disgusting. It was disgusting. You have media folks, I’m not going to play them all, Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post. I think he’s on the Pulitzer committee, by the way, on MSNBC today. To the extent that this legitimizes the line of thinking, action is very dangerous and worrisome. This is a divided country. Hair trigger, a lot of issues in a country where there are more guns than people. What did that have to do with what took place? I don’t remember him being concerned about violence and more guns and people when the riots were taking place, they were mostly peaceful. Right. Tali Farhadi and Weinstein, whatever NBC News legal analyst, dangerous combination, effectively saying of self-defense laws and proliferation of guns. That’s a legal analyst, Joyce Vance, another MSNBC legal analyst, compares Kyle Rittenhouse to a bank robber shooting at people trying to stop the robbery. Why do they have to make parallel arguments? Why do they have to argue in the alternative? We know exactly what took place here. And I want you to know, folks, it’s no thanks to MSNBC and NBC, and it’s no thanks to CBS and ABC. It’s no thanks to The New York Times in The Washington Post. It’s thanks to independent free press, journalists, journalists like journalists at the founding of this country, the corporate press. Listen to me. America’s corporate press, these big corporations that own these newsrooms are thoroughly and completely corrupt and dishonest. They are propagandists for the left. That’s it. Case closed. If it wasn’t for the independent free press, young people working for The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, working for Blaze, working for themselves all over the place with video. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have this information. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t know the truth. Instead, we beginning propaganda from the likes of Chuck Todd. And so many others. Thank God for our new free independent press that work outside these social regimes of the New York, Washington and L.A. corporate jets, AT&T owns CNN, Comcast owns NBC and MSNBC, and on and on down the line. Thank God for these brave young men and women who put their lives on the line, why in the world should you even believe the press on anything anymore? They covered up the Holocaust, they promoted Castro, they pushed the Russia collusion narrative, which was a lie from day one. They covered up the Hunter Biden scandal, they’re covering up the Joe Biden scandal, they had joint bank accounts and so forth. These are disreputable, dishonest individuals cloaked. Cloaked in roles as journalists, this is the corporate press, they are corrupt, absolutely corrupt as they sit silently and dare not comment on what China is doing to the wiggers. Yes, they have their press passes pulled and can’t go into that genocidal regime, that genocidal regime that is now poised to attack Taiwan after the Olympics. Unbelievable. All right. When we come back, what the Democrats in the House of Representatives are trying to do to this great country. Every single phony moderate voted for it except some clown in Maine because it didn’t go far enough. Every single phony moderate voted for.