November 16, 2021

November 16, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, there’s still no verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, but CNN and MSNBC aren’t covering the story as much as the other networks. Instead, they’ve kicked their propaganda into overdrive with former Republicans turned analysts falsely claiming that a white vigilante ran around Kenosha gunning people down. These are not news operations, they’re propaganda operations. Then, Chris Christie is getting orders from the Washington Post and the Bush Family, he’s no Reagan conservative. The Bush family, specifically Neil Bush, has interesting ties to companies linked to China via a space symposium sponsored by the Bush China Foundation. The left wants a soft military and China sees this. Later, Mark recalls his early days at the Action Agency in the Reagan Administration and discovered boxes of Saul Alinksy’s book “Rules for Radicals” that were paid for by tax dollars and passed out to the public by the leftists within the government. These radicals remain interspersed in our society today. Afterward, Attorney David Schoen, who defended President Trump in his impeachment calls in to discuss the charges against his current client Steve Bannon. Schoen says that Bannon is being treated very differently from many others charged similarly. What Congress is asking Bannon to do unprecedentedly violates the executive privilege of a President of The United States and is awaiting adjudication on that matter. Subpoenas for privileged information that cannot be produced is unreasonable and deceitful. Finally, Secretary Mayorkas scoffs at Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy and mumbles that he’d prefer to do away with it. Mayorkas added that missed immigration court dates are a misconception.


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MSNBC skips Kyle Rittenhouse defense’s closing argument after airing prosecutor’s case to jury

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Bush Family Scion Sponsors Event With Blacklisted Chinese Company

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FBI Tracks Threats Against Teachers, School-Board Members

Daily Mail
Prosecutors in Kenosha shooter trial WITHHELD high-definition video evidence from the defense that was ‘at the center of their case’ and initially shared a lower quality version of drone footage from the night of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

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There is no verdict from the jury and I do not intend to tell you that one might be coming any moment in order to keep you here. I hope you’ll stay here because of the substance of what we do. Obviously, when we get a verdict, I will immediately inform you of it, as will everybody else. So there’s no reason to leave. I don’t know how this all end. Nobody does. I’m a little concerned at the length of time this has taken, to be honest with you. But time will tell. We shall see. And I’m not going to speculate. I just pray to the good Lord that this young man is is not found guilty of any of these charges, because you and I both know that any one of those people pursuing him would have killed him. We also know that the riders have been killers in the past and we further know that the three people who were shot or had lengthy criminal records. But my question to you is this just how corrupt to a media organization have to be? Just what will it take for Comcast to take a good look at MSNBC as well as NBC? And what will it take for AT&T to take a good look at CNN? This from Fox, MSNBC SIP’s Kyle Rittenhouse Defense’s closing argument after airing prosecutors case to the jury, Joseph A. Wolfson. CNN also skipped the first hour of the defense’s closing argument. Now, why would they do that? Why would they do that? MSNBC snubbed the defense team of Kyle Rittenhouse during closing arguments on Monday after airing the prosecutor’s case to the jury that the 18 year old was guilty of murder Rittenhouse. His trial is coming to a close after weeks of intensity in the courtroom, with prosecutors arguing to the jury that he intended to kill Rosenbaum and Huber, as well as gross Kraut’s who survived following the altercation. The defense argued Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. We also but after hours of coverage dedicated to the prosecutors, both MSNBC as well as CNN opted out of covering the kickoff of the defense team. Closing argument, hearing the White House ceremony of President Biden signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, following some on air analysis of Biden’s legislative achievement. Big deal. They celebrate in Washington. When they spend your money, when they impoverish future generations and they centralized power in Washington, they celebrate, the media celebrate, and we’re all screwed. CNN returned to the Rittenhouse case, missing the first day of the defense’s closing argument. Meanwhile, MSNBC returned to its normally scheduled programming with deadline White House hosts Nicolle Wallace hyping Trump. Ally Steve Bannon surrendered to authorities after he was indicted for defying a congressional subpoena and I might add, an hour or two of this program. Second hour, the next hour, we will have David shown on the program. He is Steve Banon’s lawyer and he was one of the president’s lawyers and the impeachment hearing. MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson compared Rittenhouse to a school shooter and even declared him the enemy. While analyst John Heilemann High Hyomin said he was arguably a domestic terrorist who crossed state lines with the intent to shoot people. Morning Joe co-host claimed in the House, actually, Joe Scarborough claimed Rittenhouse was just running around shooting and killing protesters. What a dark dystopian scene where a 17 year old boy is carrying around a rifle running around and gunning down protesters, Scarborough added. So if you’re just watching Melasti or the Constipated News Network, you have no idea of what the facts are. And every one of these individuals, if they spent any amount of time watching what took place in this trial, know what they’re saying are damnable lies, damnable lies. And this is what’s become of the American media, corrupt to its core, racist to its core black. Why does doesn’t matter who the host is, who the guest is. Look at Scarborough. What’s a republic? Look at this. Nancy Wallace. Nicole Wallace was a republic. So you have these republics, Republicans who will do anything for money. They’re grifters. They hang around Washington, hang they hang around New York. This case, northern Jersey. They can’t make money any other way. What can Nicolle Wallace do? Or Joe Scarborough? Joe Scarborough tried radio. He and what’s her face? Oh, yes, Mika. They failed at radio. They couldn’t make it. They said they’re going to take a little sabbatical and rework their content. Well, they never came back because nobody wanted to hear from them. So Scarborough figured out quickly joined them. That’s how to make money. I’m a failed politician. I’m a failed radio host. So that’s Scarborough when I was. Can I do. I’ll throw in with the left, Nicole Wallace. Same thing after sabotaging Sarah Palin. With McCain, she became a regular commentator on MSNBC, trashing her party, trashing Trump, trashing every hey, she’s good. And of course, they give her a job as a host, but there is no excuse, none whatsoever for a news organization owned by Comcast to intentionally censor, censor, excuse me, critical aspects of this trial, a Rittenhouse Twilight trial. And there’s no excuse for these same hosts to make the comments they’re making which are bald faced lie. And you would think after the Russia collusion disaster for the media and the country, you would think that after that these news organizations would recalibrate, would regrew would but have some kind of circumspection. But they have none because they’re not news organizations, their propaganda operations and Melasti, NBC, they’re among the worst. They’re among the absolute worst. So not only should this kid never have been charged at all, but he’s being destroyed in the media. So when he is or if he is cleared, what kind of life will he have? What kind of life they have, this is what the media do over and over and over again to young people even this is what they do. If they can’t beat you, they destroy the least. They try to destroy you. Look what they’ve done to Trump and his family tried to destroy him. By the way, that fat slob, Chris Christie is everywhere. He’s been on MSNBC. He’s on CNN trashing Trump. This is his routine. This is a slime ball routine. No, I’m I’m still friends with Donald Trump. And nobody I’m not I’m second to nobody in terms of supporting Donald Trump or giving him advice and so forth and so on. When he’s wrong, he’s wrong. And I Chris Christie, I’m self-righteous. I am a narcissist. I know when he’s wrong. And when I speak up, I will tell you that he’s wrong. So what he’s doing is he’s war or he’s walking a tightrope, all four hundred and twelve pounds. He’s on the high, on the high road, on the high wire. And then he says the never Trump is, you know, Ronald Reagan throughout the the Birchers and, you know, maybe have up the throughout the never Trump is. 75 million people voted for Donald Trump, are they all John Birchers, you’re going to throw them all away. Chris Christie is going to destroy the Republican Party. Let me tell you why he’s getting his orders from Fred Ryun, the head of The Washington Post. Believe it or not, who also runs the Reagan Library. Can you believe that he’s getting his orders from the other Ryan, the former speaker? He’s getting orders from the Bush family, from the Cheney family, he’s a ne reino, he was he’s sort of the Scranton, if you will, you know, Romney, his father, those kinds of Republicans. That’s what he is. It’s not a Reagan guy. What did he do for Reagan? Never did anything for Reagan. He’s appointed U.S. attorney by a Bush. So basically, he wants the Republican Party to return to its establishment roots is no idea what’s swirling around it. Now, he’s written a book. I’m going to monitor how many books he actually sells. He’s all over the the propaganda media they can’t wait to have because they go right after Trump. And so we have these saboteurs again, as we did in twenty sixteen. But in this case, this clown pretends he’s pro Trump. How many votes did he get in New Hampshire likes to talk about. He got sixty one percent of the vote when he ran for re-election. And when he left he had 19 percent approval, couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in New Jersey today, Trump got seventy five million votes. That’s what’s reported. So it’s said to be official, right? Seventy five million votes. That’s the second highest in American history. How many votes did Chris Christie get in New Hampshire? Remember, he drew the line in New Hampshire because he decided he couldn’t win in Iowa. He wasn’t organized well enough. I could just see this blowhard, this bully. Couldn’t you think people will be attracted to him on the campaign trail now? I don’t think so. But the same media that is undermining this country embraces Chris Christie. Why is that? The same media that’s undermining this country embraces Liz Cheney. Why is that? Well, we know the answer, don’t we? Kyle Rittenhouse running around shooting people. Scarborough, what a lowlife truly or is a domestic terrorist. Now, this is racist. You ought to listen to my monologue that I gave on Life, Liberty and Livin on Sunday. You should listen to that monologue. It’s online. We’ve posted it on my social sites because I make it abundantly clear there, as I’ve had for years, that the media in America is anti-Semitic. It’s racist, and it hates the country. It is dividing the country. It is setting off fuses. It is encouraging riots. It is encouraging violence, along in many respects with the most radical elements of the Democrat Party. That’s what the media have become. We don’t have a free press. We have a tyrannical press. I want to have a free press, but we don’t have that. We have a tyrannical press, with few exceptions, very few. And they run in the same pack. They have a pack mentality. They run in the same pack. They say the same things and they do the same things. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

You know what’s interesting, these press people. We have an aristocracy in this country. We have an aristocracy in this country that primarily lives in the Washington, D.C. area, which is where the government hub is, and I’m not talking about bureaucrats or privates. I’m talking about the press and politicians. We have an aristocracy in and around New York. Wall Street in some cases, and again, the press we have in our aristocracies that lives and works in and around Los Angeles. These three metropolitan areas there, the tail, the wag, the dog, the dog being the rest of the country, everything in between. And that’s why you have somebody like Nancy Pelosi just north of Los Angeles. She’s the long time speaker. You have somebody like Schumer, he’s the majority leader for the Democrats who have enormous influence by individuals mostly elected on the East Coast or the West Coast, who become chairmen of these committees and push this agenda that is rejected by the center of the country. That is why you have people like Chris Christie and Nicole Wallace and Republicans like that who are perfectly comfortable with MSNBC and CNN, perfectly comfortable moving in and out of these sort of these these ideological social scenes. No problem. What’s the big deal? Chris Christie has spent his entire career trying to appeal to The New York Times, trying to appeal to The New York Times. But it’s not just him. These people are in Washington long enough, they spend most of their careers trying to appeal to The Washington Post, the same as The New York Times, really, or the L.A. Times on the West Coast. That’s their audience. The press is crucial. Why do you think their press secretary so they have communication directors to work with these propaganda platforms now, whereas Chris Christie has shown up on Nicole Wallace’s show on MSNBC, showing up at CNN. Mr. Producer, do we not reach out in various ways to Chris Christie to come on the show and we never got a response? Correct. Now, what does that tell you, folks? Chris Christie hates the base of the Republican Party, the Reagan base, the Tea Party base, the Trump base. He hates the base of the Republican Party. He’s perfectly happy to run in a heavy Democratic state move left, trying to attract as many people as he can from the suburbs and so forth to vote for him, particularly the suburbs outside of cities in New Jersey. That’s not a recipe for a victory nationwide. It’s not even a recipe for a victory in New Hampshire where he had to drop out because he was so lousy. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Now, listen to this. But nobody’s talked about this. I don’t know. But this is the free beacon Terracross Bush family scoring sponsors event with blacklisted Chinese company is going to the Bush family is. In other words, a member is lending his influence and family name to boost a Chinese government contractor blacklisted by the U.S. government for its links to the Chinese military. Neil Bush, the son of the late George H.W. Bush and the brother of George W. Bush and the brother of Jeb Bush, is a co-sponsor of the International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Space Technology that begins November 18 in Beijing. Three co-chairman of the former executives with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation that is CSC, a state control contractor that builds China’s military and space equipment. A subsidiary of CSC reportedly developed a hypersonic missile that the Chinese military tested in August. American official called the nuclear capable missile a national security crisis because of its ability to evade American detection. Bush’s sponsorship of the space symposium adds a veneer of respectability to the event amid growing concerns that China’s increasingly aggressive military and space activities that Trump and Biden administrations have prohibited American companies from doing business with CFC because of its position in the Chinese military industrial apparatus. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which tracks China’s military activities right CSC as very high risk to foreign nations security because of its links to China’s military and intelligence services. Bush has extensive business ties in China and has worked closely with some of the country’s propaganda organizations. He chairs the George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S. China Relations, which is cosponsoring the space symposium. The Bush Foundation received five million dollars in funding in 2019 from the China United States Exchange Foundation, a leading think tank in the Communist Party’s propaganda network. Bush’s business partner, the Chinese real estate investor Wang Tiang, is executive chairman of the Space Symposium. Bush is basically a power broker. He’s an access point for the Chinese to leverage, said Brandon Whitemark, a space security analyst and author of the book Winning Space. Weigert said the space symposium follows the classic Chinese model of using academic and business forms to recruit experts and investors in the West. He said one of their big missions is to get Western talent and investment to come to China to do cutting edge research and development. A spokesman for the Bush China Foundation said they are not concerned by Kasey’s links to the Chinese military, saying that the symposium will focus on the development of space technology for use in the health care industry. You believe this crap? We’re not concerned because it’s not relevant to the content of this particular conference, which is unrelated to Chinese military and instead focused on global space, technological advancement and rule setting, said Leslie Reagan, the communications director for the Bush China Foundation. She said the Bush that Bush does not have a financial interest in the space symposium and that neither he nor the foundation are paid to take part in the event. American policy makers disagree about whether the United States should collaborate with China on space exploration, they do, and it goes on in great detail. There’s another reason they hate Trump, by the way, because Trump put his foot down when it came to communist China. He put his foot down. Now, the Bidens have made money off of communist China. The McConnells have made money off a communist China. Feinstein’s husband, I don’t know where she is anymore. Her husband made a fortune off of communist China. The policies that made money off of communist China and the Bush family has always been big advocates of communist China. Was it the old man and ambassador to communist China think he was at one point? Now, what do you think about that, ladies and gentlemen, bipartisanship, right? Well, guess who blew up that bubble? Trump said enough is enough. They’re a huge problem. They’re trying to destroy us financially. They’re stealing our technology. Look what they’re doing militarily. And he imposes sanctions on them and tariffs on them, man had guts. And by the way, the man could see the future of what would take place with communist China. I’m going to tell you a little secret, what’s today? Tuesday, I guess. I will be flying to Florida on Thursday. I will be interviewing President Trump on Friday for Life, Liberty and Livin on Sunday, he’s asked me to come down and talk to him. He’s got a project he wants me to discuss with him in front of you. I don’t know all the details, but we will do that. I don’t often have Donald Trump on my TV show. This will be the second time in almost six years, I think, for five years. Um, but of course, I was more than happy to do it. And I think one of the things I’d like to do is discuss his presidency. You see, you don’t get that from the Chris Christie’s, from the Paul Ryan’s, from the Fred Ryan’s, from the Peggy Noonan and all the other reprobates. His presidency was a huge success, a massive success. I mean, look look at the mess now, absolute disaster. So this will be something I am going to do. I was going to wait toward the end of the week, but why should I hide that? Why should I hide that? And so I’m happy to to go down there and do that and look forward to it very, very much. But isn’t that interesting that one of the bushes is very, very tight with China? The Bidens are tight with China. Pelosi’s China McConnells Peter Schweitzer has done unbelievable reporting on this China. Look at Swalwell, look at Suwa, would you still in the Intelligence Committee? How do we know he wasn’t bought and paid for. How do we know he wasn’t bought and paid for? Probably was. He comes cheap, I understand. Very cheap. Now, there’s a lot more to get into here. You had Alejandro Mayorkas at a hearing today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Many of you’ve probably heard by now Ted Cruz really did a number on them. So did Mike Lee. Senator Lindsey Graham, in fact, so did all the Republicans. Little Dick Durbin’s out there going on about a pathway for citizenship for undocumented workers because it’s critical to our economy because you see, we need more workers. Excuse me, where at the lowest level in decades on worker participation, don’t you think the same welfare state in the same disincentives to working would apply to people coming into this country, foreigners coming into this country? It amazes me the Democrats never want to try a little bit of capitalism. They never want to preach hard work and personal responsibility. They never want to reduce the welfare state. They always want to increase it to damnable party. It’s like a foreign party in America. It’s a party that belongs in some backward European country. It doesn’t even understand the nation. It doesn’t even understand the purpose of this nation. Or the progressives are they’re not progressives, Biala, whatever the hell her name is and the rest that they’re Marxists, progressives stop using their name. They are exactly what I say they are. So what we’ll do is take a little break, then we’ll jump into this hearing today and was a lot more to get to as well. I’ll be right back.

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The Iraqis are amassing their army on the border with Ukraine. The Chinese are more aggressive and threatening the island of Taiwan, the country of Taiwan than ever before. The Iranians are ignoring every effort by the appeasers, Biden and his people to come to the table, to negotiate, to negotiate what we don’t know. Not enough to negotiate while the Iranians are selling 500 million barrels of oil to the communist Chinese in violation of world wide sanctions. You see, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the deal, as soon as Joe Biden came in office and he brought this guy Blinken with him and he brought Austin with him, he put this national security adviser with him. And all these people, our enemies knew our enemies knew that they were in for a good ride and that if they were going to act, they would have to act. During this presidency. They were rooting for Joe Biden’s election as they were rooting for Hillary Clinton’s election. They wanted nothing to do with Donald Trump, like the American Marxists in our own country, and they never trump in our own country. Now, Joe Biden has created this situation and what happened in Afghanistan put an exclamation mark behind the fact that our enemies were relatively free to do what they want to do. I mean, after all, if the Taliban can do it, jeez, looking at his own military and saying, gee, they’re nothing compared to us, Putin’s looking at his military since the Taliban is nothing compared to us and Iran saying we don’t have to compare ourselves to anybody, we’re going to get nukes and there’s not a damn thing Biden’s going to do about it. He’s not going to attack us and he won’t back Israel if Israel attacks us. We are in very treacherous waters right now, very, very treacherous waters, appeasement encourages provocation, and that’s what you’re looking at. You’re looking at massive spending, trillions and trillions of dollars. Do you know the the deficit for this year alone has reached two point seven trillion dollars, and we haven’t even finished the year that in addition to the one point nine trillion the Democrats passed when Biden came into the Oval Office and the one point twenty five trillion they’re spending now and the multiple trillions they want to spend now and in the future with the next one, we still haven’t passed a budget. And Biden is proposing a six trillion dollar budget, which is more than a trillion dollars over what the last budget was. The havoc that he is going to unleash on our economy, you’re just tasting a tiny bit of this, the ideological advance as they’re trying to make, whether it’s our schools or our military, brainwashing them, the open borders. We’ve now had over two million people trying to get into this country, some successfully. Two million. Two million. That’s bigger than the city of Philadelphia. Trying to get into this country and about 400,000 have come into this country illegally and are unknown, walking our streets, walking our streets. Now, the kind of money we need to spend on research and development when it comes to our military, we now have people in our military who are on food stamps, people in our military who are having to go to these food banks to eat. And this isn’t the first Democrat president under whom our military has suffered like this, they’re being taught Marxist racist ideology. This is this is a big problem we have here, folks, they want our military to be soft. They want our military to be ideologically hard left. And God forbid, if we’re attacked, they want our military to go to war without the proper weaponry and support. China sees this, China is on the move. She has the ambitions that Hitler had. Now he’ll use different tactics to conquer different parts of the world, choking people off economic blackmail. We have not modernized our nuclear armed or nuclear missiles. I’ve told you this. Russia has modernized now almost 80 percent of their nuclear missiles. China’s bound by no agreement. China is now busy building as many nuclear missiles as they can. They’re moving towards 2,000 warheads. There hypersonic technology, they stole it from us, they built upon it is more advanced than ours because we’re not putting the research and development in. We’re busy spending trillions and trillions of dollars on other stuff and opening our borders to illegal immigrants. And rather than celebrating and encouraging the private sector, we’re going to regulate it and tax it to the point that it cannot compete. I’ll be right back.