September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, All Haitian migrants that had crossed illegally into the U.S, have vanished from the international bridge. Of the 30,000 migrants, more than 12,000 of them were released into cities across our nation. This administration is lying and constantly creating a state of tumult so that they can step in and save the day with big government programs. Yet the media will have you focus on a couple of horses. Then, Democrats are happy to diminish law enforcement agencies like NYPD, Minneapolis Police, and now the U.S Border Patrol but they never criticize the Capitol Police or the FBI. Without any investigation completed as of yet, President Biden says that the horse-mounted border agents will pay. Later, PJ media is reporting that the Arizona audit of the 2020 general election shows discrepancies that leave room for potential fraud. There were 42,727 impacted ballots ranked as “high” or “critical” severity—that’s four times the certified margin of victory. Afterward, why do we care about the wealthy? The left calls whatever amount they determine to be one’s ‘fair share.’ Joe Biden didn’t pay his fair share. The redistribution of wealth is going directly to Biden’s base in many respects. Biden’s federal plan to fundamentally change’ the economy is taking away aspects of what individuals have earned and created, their labor, through confiscatory taxes – this is an attack on your liberty as the central government seeks to control more of your life.


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All right. I don’t know what everybody else has been saying today, but my turn to jump in. So we have another hoax, we’ve been talking about this, but first things first, the international bridge. Everybody’s gone. Political or migrants are gone from the international bridge. In Del Rio, Texas, where did they go? Where did they all go? Well, it turns out there were 30,000 of them. 12,000, 400 of them were released and asked to please pretty please 60 days or so, can you come back for a hearing, a legal hearing so we can make a determination about your status? And I’m sure Politico, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Constipated News Network and MSNBC and all the rest of the reprobates are going to follow up on this in 60 days to find out exactly how many did come back for their legal hearing. I bet none of them come back. Because there’s no consequences, they know that Joe Biden, the Democrat Party. And the other saboteurs. At one point, they’re going to argue for amnesty. They know that with amnesty and cycles in this country come stay long enough, people will say, what are you going to do, throw them out? They’ve been here 12 years. What are you going to do? Throw them out? They’ve got families. Hey, what are you going to do? That’s the game. That’s the game. And rather than focus on the illegality of the illegal aliens and the illegality of this administration and the consequences to town after town, city after city in this country that are overwhelmed with illegal aliens, whether it’s law enforcement or school systems or health care systems, because they’re all going to be degraded, all of them. We just can’t handle this. These violations of law, which are now righteous, apparently. We’re supposed to focus on. A couple of guys on horses. Who did not do what they’re accused of doing. The lying. That takes place in this administration on the left, the push of racism is nonstop. They hate this country and they hate you regardless of your race. They want things in a constant state of tumult and chaos and anarchy. So they could step in and take control, you see, whether it’s the virus or the border or whatever it is. Joe Biden talks about these men in ways he doesn’t even talk about the Taliban. It’s incredible. We’ll get back to them to Taliban 2.0 is actually Taliban 1.0. 30,000, 12,000, 400 are wandering around the country, particularly in red and purple states. You got to wonder how that happens. I think they should all be sent to Delaware. And particularly in camp encampments around the several Joe Biden Hill Baggot Mansions. All the migrants are gone. Problems done. Now let’s focus on the the racist Horsman, I went and looked it up, over half of the Border Patrol is made up of Latino Americans. Brave, heroic men and women. Who are doing everything they could to get food and water. To these illegal aliens who are under the bridge, clothing. Tenso. They’re overwhelmed, they’re exhausted. They’re exposed to one disease after another, they go home, their families are exposed to one disease after another. Not a single question is posed to Joe Biden. Kamala Harris Psaki about those men and women and their families and what they have to put up with, not one. So now the Border Patrol goes the way of the Minneapolis police. Or the NYPD. Or the Los Angeles cops. Just another law enforcement agency to be attacked, except, of course, the Washington Capitol Police. Who we know are the best police in the world and are not racist or anything else because. But because they protect Nancy Pelosi. Now, let’s dig in on this again, I don’t pretend to be playing these clips uniquely, I’m the cleanup hitter on the last in line. But we do hit our Grand Slams. Here’s Biden at the White House today, ABC’s Rachel Scott caught one go, you said on the campaign trail that you’re going to restore the moral standing of the US, that you were going to immediately end Trump’s assault on the dignity of immigrant communities. Given what we saw at the border this week, having, first of all, you disrespectful your reporter. I’m not a reporter. It’s not Trump’s assault. It’s President Trump. And it wasn’t an assault on anybody. The mayhem you see on the border. The way little girls are molested, it’s going on now. You may want to go down there, Rachel Scott of ABC News, and check things out for yourself. The way women are being treated, people are being kidnapped. And have been. And are forced to work for cartels and on and on the coyotes. This is what’s going on, on our southern border. ABC News doesn’t even cover it. Except they’re in a blinkered way, go ahead. And this is happening under your watch. You take responsibility for the chaos that’s unfolding. Of course I take responsibility. I’m president. But it was horrible what you see, as you saw, to see people treat it like they did, horses running over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay. They will be an investigation under way now and there will be consequences. Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let me tell the Stalinist something you don’t say people will be pay or pay. And there will be consequences, but there’s an investigation under the way. I’m sure all the civil libertarians from the American Criminal Liberties Union and all the frauds and big tech and all the frauds and big media and all the frauds. These left wing kook websites and so forth, I’m sure they’re very concerned about a president of the United States. Saying there will be. A price to pay. That these people will pay. Meanwhile, there’s an investigation underway. Any concern about the actions by the influence Biden’s had Biden? I’m not a reporter. Biden Dumi. Any concern about his influence over that investigation? This is why this Marxist totalitarian mindset that spews out of this guy’s. Limited vocabulary, unbelievable. There’s not a single eyewitness who has said. That a single Haitian was whipped, there’s not a single eyewitness who has said that the Horsman. For the Border Patrol had whips, not one, because they didn’t. There’s not a single eyewitness who said that they were using the horses to run over Haitian’s, none of that ever happened. The fact is that the American. Propaganda organizations, phony journalists that Joe Biden, who’s been huddled in his basement for decades, I think that I wonder if anyone’s buried there, but that’s a whole nother story. All these Northeastern liberals, all these phony, corrupt journalists. They have no idea how the border is secure. They have no idea what a horse looks like. What a Border Patrol horse rider looks like, what they used, the tactics they use, they look, oh, that’s is slavery. Oh my God, this this must be slavery. Did you see the Haitians who got violent when they were sent back to Haiti? Now, why did they get violent when they got sent back to Haiti rather than coming to America, where apparently we practiced slavery? The media in America are doing more to destroy this country than any other force. Any other force, they are loaded with, these American Marxists, they are loaded with them. And they lie and they propagandize and it does not matter. As you no doubt have heard all day long, because I saw it this morning. About the pictures. The pictures were, quote, misconstrued as whipping, the photographer said. You have a Border Patrol agent on a horse. You have him using what I’ll call the lasso to control the horse. You have the the illegal Haitian immigrant running, so you see the lasso is to the side of the illegal immigrant Haitian. And so the photo makes it look like he’s being whipped, but he wasn’t being whipped and the media today in the administration today is still saying. That the photos show something that never happened. The photographer New York Post, who captured the controversial images of Border Patrol agents using horses to keep Haitian migrants from entering the U.S. says the images have been misconstrued as showing abusive behavior. So this guy was there. He took the photos. The agents depicted in the photos have been accused of using their horse range to whip the migrants to prevent them from crossing the Rio Grande. One of the we think this is the Taliban whipping American citizens or young women now. An investigation into the situation is ongoing, but photographer Paul Radnedge says he never saw the agents with anyone. He said some of the Haitian men started running, trying to go around the horses. And that’s kind of when the whole thing happened. I didn’t ever see them whip anybody with the thing he said of the rains. He was swinging it, but I didn’t see him actually take whip somebody with it. That’s something that can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture. This is an eyewitness. This is eyewitness. But it doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter, the truth does not matter. You cannot be an American Marxist, a radical leftist, an extremist without being a full blown pathological serial liar. You have to lie about everything, you lie about the economic system you promote, you have to lie about balancing budgets and pay pay papers. You have to lie about American history. You have to lie about systemic racism, you have to lie and you have to lie all the time. But Kamala Harris showed up on The View with a Yantis, except two of the yentas, it turns out, have the coronavirus. And so they had to chase them off. And then they put the vice president in a, I don’t know, a padded cell where she did a virtual interview. And Kamala Harris, who’s supposed to be in charge of the border, who’s supposed to be in charge of what’s going on, looking at the actual sources of it. Well, here’s what she said, cut to go, even discussing those disturbing images of US Border Patrol agents on horseback, inhumanely corralling Haitians at the Texas border. And you’ve been tasked with immigration. How do you how do you explain this? Well, first of all, I’ve been very clear about the fact that what are the if you know the facts, why are the pictures disturbing? If you know the truth from the photographer, why are the pictures disturbing? Disturbing if you continue to lie about them. Go ahead, both of those law enforcement officials on horses, I was outraged by it. It was horrible and deeply troubling. There’s been now an investigation that is being conducted, which I fully support, and there needs to be consequence and accountability. There’s an investigation. What if there doesn’t need to be consequence and accountability? What if they didn’t do anything? Like the photographer said, you’re nowhere near the damn border. Neither is that Neanderthal who pretends he’s president of the United States. Go ahead, being should not be treated that way, and as we all know, it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history in. Had nothing to do with slavery, nobody was whipped, nobody was run over by horses. Why are you a liar? Why do you keep lying? Why do you keep lying, Biden, keep lying, the media keep lying, the Democrat Party keep lying. Media Matters. Why do you fools? You sickening propagandists keep lying. Nothing happened, nothing. By the people who were there. And yet it’s time to want to destroy these men and matter of fact, eliminate all horses. Which is used often, we’re told, by the Border Patrol, to save people’s lives. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I don’t remember Latinos having slaves in the United States. You must produce with over 50 percent of the Border Patrol being American, Latinos, Latino Americans, it’s sick the way they talk sick. So those pictures are worse than slavery and January 6th is worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. This is the propaganda that these are the big lies that they keep pushing and they’re going to keep pushing. Now, Kamala Harris is my understanding. She was the attorney general of the state of California, the highest. The highest law enforcement official in the state, does she not understand due process? Which he throws out the window, literally. So these Border Patrol agents are guilty. Why aren’t the media showing us other photos like what’s going on in these various encampments with little girls and little boys down on the southern border, why aren’t they showing us what’s going on with the women being raped and the little kids being molested? Why aren’t they showing us what’s going on with the cartels and the coyotes and all the rest where all those photos.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The news is what the Democratic agenda is, ladies and gentlemen. And if you dare to question it, you’re going to be attacked. It’s the nature of the beast. Here’s Media Matters for America, Democrat Party and American Marxist surrogate. Paid for by dark money behind the scenes, billionaires and millionaires, you remember how much time I spent last night, the first hour, how careful I was explaining in great detail what I viewed as the the racist attack on this country. So here’s the headline from Media Matters. Fox host Mark Levin brags that he’s been spreading the white nationalist replacement conspiracy theory for 12 years, but white nationalist replacement conspiracy theory. So when I say what the Democrats say, what their academics say, what their media say all the time. Or what their goal is or what they’re striving towards in a rational, thoughtful way. I’m now spreading the white nationalist replacement conspiracy theory. These are the hemorrhoids of human society. Media Matters, media organizations like that. They’re the hemorrhoids of American society. There’s more I’d like to say, but I better not. And so you always risk these kinds of big lie. Assaults that the communists, the fascists. I really good at, but I don’t care because I have a platform and I can push back and I show. And we will. And we’re going to talk about something else I’m not supposed to talk about very shortly to. And that is. What took place in Arizona? What took place in Arizona, Mr. Producer? All right, over at PJ Media, another great site, Matt Margolis is a sharp dude. Ignore the mainstream media. Here’s what the 2020 Maricopa County election audit actually says. Now, somebody told me. So I went and did something I really do. I went to the Drudge Report. It big red headlines. That they saw that actually found that Biden got more votes rather than less. Because Drudge has a problem with reading comprehension and he gets very excited orgasmic. When he can attack people he doesn’t like, nobody goes there anymore. A draft copy of the 2020 Maricopa County, Arizona, election audit has been leaked to a Phoenix based radio station. The validity of the draft report they obtained was confirmed by audit spokesman Randy Pullen, who said it’s not the final report, but it’s close. The media are already spinning the findings of the audit, like Drudge, quote, the partisan review of Maricopa County, two point one million ballots in the 2020 election fund, a vote count nearly identical to what the county had previously reported, said CNN. They’re worried about partisanship. That’s pretty funny, CNN, like other liberal outlets say, right, CNN focused on the results of the hand recount part of the audit. As we know, hand recounts may account for slight discrepancies and counting, but do not address irregularities or potentially illegal cast ballots. Got that? That’s why CNN focused on that, that’s why Drudge regurgitated it. They’re playing with the stats. So let’s look into what the audit actually says, says Margolis. What has been found, this is a quote, What has been found is both encouraging and alarming. The report’s summary reads, On the positive side, there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the county. But the summary concludes, and I quote, However, while it’s encouraging for voters, it does not allow all the concerns. None of the various systems related to elections had numbers that would balance and agree with each other. In some cases, these differences were significant. There appears to be many ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election. Files were missing from the electronic from the election management system, MS server ballot images on the MS were corrupter missing logs appeared to be intentionally rolled over and all the data in the database related to 2020 general election have been fully cleared. On the ballot side. Batches were not always clearly delineated. Duplicated ballots were missing the required serial numbers. Originals were duplicated more than once, and the auditors were never provided chain of custody documentation for the ballots for the time period prior to the ballots movement into the auditors care. This all increase the complexity and difficulty of properly auditing the results and added ambiguity ambiguity into the final conclusions. Now, does that sound like a clean bill of health, Mr. Producer. The audit team faults Maricopa County officials, Democrats, for not cooperating with the audit, but of course, they’re not partisan, writes CNN, which would have resolved many of these obstacles, says by the county withholding subpoenaed items, their unwillingness to answer questions, as is normal between auditor and audit. And in some cases, actively interfering with the audit research the county prevented a complete on at, the summary explains. This didn’t stop the primary goal of offering recommendations for legislative reform to the Arizona Senate. Because the Senate initiated the audit, but it did leave many questions open as to the way and manner the 2020 general election was conducted. As a result, while many areas of concern were specifically identified, our full audit results validating the 2020 general election are necessarily inconclusive. Somebody sent this to Chris Christie. The Kate Menorca. While the media are claiming that the audit report confirms Biden’s victory, it does not, writes PJ Media Margolis. He says there are sufficient discrepancies among the different systems that, in conjunction with some of our findings, suggest that the delta between the presidential candidates is very close to the potential margin of error for the election, the audit summary explains. Why do these matter, because according to the state certified results, Biden barely won the state by ten thousand four hundred fifty seven vote margin. I can tell you, if this were a Bush one of the Bushes, this would matter. It would matter to Chris Christie. It would matter to all the rhinos and establishment pubes. The tiny margin of victory in the state certified results means that these discrepancies are very troubling. There were 42000 727 impacted ballots ranked as high or critical severity. That’s four times the certified margin of victory. Now, if you include medium severity discrepancies, there were 53,000, 214 impacted ballots. That means more than five times the certified margin of victory. Overall, there were fifty seven thousand seven hundred thirty four impacted ballots. These findings don’t prove fraud, but certainly demonstrate the potential for fraud in these impacted ballots have not been vetted. So they say, has Biden’s victory been has Biden’s victory been proven, Margolis wrote votes not in the least. The truth is, we’ll never know the truth about how many ballots were impacted. The mainstream media knows this, which is why deep down in CNN’s report about the audit, it laments that the draft report, quote, shows the cyber ninjas and their subcontractors are still seeking ways to cast doubt on the election, unquote, pointing to the thousands of ballots that were flagged. The bottom line? The number of ballots impacted by discrepancies far exceeds Barden’s Biden’s margin of victory in the state. Both sides of this debate will claim the report validates their position. But in truth, without proper vetting of the impacted ballots, we’ll never know if the election results were legitimate. And that’s because the Democrats in Maricopa County wouldn’t respond to questions and subpoenas. That they have nothing to hide, why not even if the audit was able to investigate these ballots and determine that enough fraud occurred to alter the results, too late to change the election results, he writes. The fake news is lying about the Arizona auto report, Donald Trump said in a statement the leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, fake votes to change the outcome of the election four or five times over. Trump also noted the number of potentially fraudulent votes as many more times than the so-called margin of victory, which was only ten thousand four hundred fifty seven. Now, I would ask CNN, MSNBC, I would ask the broadcast platforms and radio and TV. I would. The Cape may orka. Paul Ryan. And their ilk. I would ask them all. Do you dispute these numbers? What about this audit is an accurate. Have you read the audit? Does it not concern you? That the Maricopa County Democrats. Wouldn’t assist in the audit, does it not concern you, the number of issues that were raised? I’m not saying who won or lost. I’m just saying we’re going to have future elections of the state of Arizona. By my calculation. Should we get to the bottom of these things in these states? Apparently not. Russia collusion, baby, that’s it, cover up Biden’s ties to the communist Chinese and his own father. That’s it, baby. Cover up Hillary Clinton and her corruption. That’s right. Raise all the questions you want, phony lying questions about the 2016 election. By 2020. Despite tens of millions in dark money, despite the Perkins Coie law firm, despite Marc Elias and Marc Sussman, despite all of them, the use of the FBI and the intelligence agency’s. Despite Comey and McCabe and the other reprobates now. Do not even look at it on it. That was done in Arizona. Because then you’re a crazy, you might even be a white nationalist. But you certainly won’t fit into the Bush clan. Erby invited to the endless dinner table that we call the Chris Christie meeting in. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Al Sharpton shows up on the morning shows, Chris, my music on the morning show just in the background. Al Sharpton shows up in the morning, show schmo show who I am. I said a curse word there. And what does he have to say? Cut. Go. Do you want them to stop the deportations? I said that yesterday in our press briefing that we said that in cash, gas fired along with Britain, Freddie Haynes. And you all were part of our delegation. And we called on that there. I talked to the understanding this man, is he speaking? Go ahead, said that they must stop immediately the deportations and define what is the asylum policy. Why don’t you read it, you schmuck? It’s in the law. Can you read? Read it, you jerk. We know what the asylum requirements are. We know what refugees are. We’ve been doing this a long time in this country and we know what illegal aliens are. Regardless of who they are, you, Jack, so stop the deportations, this is the position of the Democrat Party, open borders, kill the Border Patrol, investigate them, punish them before you even have an investigation. Destroy ice, turn them into nursemaids. That’s right. That’s how you do it. And then open borders. Everybody’s welcome. Come on in and make sure you come back in 60 days for a legal proceeding. Oh, OK. I sure will. And over 95 percent of them never do. Does Al Sharpton and his ilk. Do they care about this country? Do they love this country? Hell no. But MSNBC, which is part of NBC, which is owned by Comcast and sleazeballs like the Morning Shmo show, promote this jerk, this reprobate. That’s right. I said it. Otherwise, he paid his taxes this year. I’m just curious, no accusation, of course. But look how the Democrats rehabilitate. These sleazeballs, the way he treated Jews, the way he treated other people, what he said about his own country. Now, look, he’s a mainstream, whatever it is, host Quassey host on MSNBC. Look, Joy read her social media filled with homophobic slurs. Now, look, she’s got a primetime show on MSNBC. And notice it’s MSNBC even more than CNN. Incredible. They sound like white nationalist Armenian neo-Nazis, maybe clansman. I’ll be right back.