July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republican members of the House from serving on her January 6th inquisition (committee). Will Pelosi testify publicly and under oath so we can find out what she knew and when she knew it? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and recounts how he told Pelosi that Republicans will not participate in her sham committee if she won’t allow him to decide which Republicans will participate. She continues using proxy voting despite Republicans actually showing up to work. Members that reject America like Rep. Ilhan Omar and others are fueling the movement to re-elect Republicans in the House and Senate. Then, the teachers union pushes racial theories, while the non-existent media has become a cadre of self-aggrandizing propagandists that hold up the Jew-hating, lie-peddling and have the New York Times as their gold standard. The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and Jm Crow and will do anything for power. They use the instrumentalities of government to steal money, destroy capitalism and free speech, corrupt our judiciary, and relentlessly perpetuate racism. But, their false claims of White supremacy will backfire and We The People will rise up and lawfully reclaim our nation from American Marxism. Afterward, Legal Scholar Randy Barnett calls in to explain that “court-packing” or changing the number of justices to change how the court rules is a violation of the necessary and proper rule. Barnett feels that the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court will explore the idea of court-packing and how unprecedented this particular situation is. Finally, Pastor John Hagee calls in to discuss his new book, Absolute Power: Unlock Potential. Fulfill Your Destiny. Americans need a new dawn of hope regarding their own success. God’s absolute power transforms personal problems and the fake news that clouds any individual’s future. the past can’t control your future.


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Hour 1 Segment 1

We have Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy on the program who lays into Nancy Pelosi for her dirty work. In trying to prevent two Republicans from serving on her inquisition committee. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan to conservatives, because according to AOC, a. They were involved in the insurrection. Now, AOC is a classless, low IQ commie. Who should know something about insurrection? She embraces communism in Cuba, she embraces Hamas and Hamas terrorism. She embraces open borders. She doesn’t care how many people come across the border who are MS 13 who have the coronavirus. If they have long criminal records, she could care less. And of course, she’s the leading light of the Democrat Party, which means collectively a dim bulb. And in the final hour of the program, we will have a dear friend of mine. Pastor John Hagee on the program, he’s just fantastic. What is this, an evangelical Christian and a Jew best friend? Yes, we are. I couldn’t be prouder of it. He is fantastic. His whole family is. So is mine, by the way. And that is true. I wanted to mention something to you. We just got The New York Times information for. The book lists that they put out. For fiction, non-fiction, hardcover and e-books. And a non-fiction hardcover and nonfiction e-book. American Marxism was no one wasn’t even close. We’ll have numbers tomorrow and I will give them to you. You want to know why this is you? When I started talking about this three months ago, and it seems like three years ago. I told you, if we can get preorders up to 100,000. I felt confident that there was a movement afoot, a budding movement. We far exceeded that, we doubled it. And slightly more. And I’m going to tell you why. Because you’re not going to give up on this country. You want your kids to learn science and math. Literature in English. You want your kids to be prepared for the future. Not little fanatical revolutionaries brainwashed against their family, against their faith and against their country. And you’re not going to put up with it anymore. You believe in the United States of America, a real country with real borders. You do not accept what’s going on in the southern border. And the treachery of the Democrat Party and what it’s doing. You do not accept. The American Marxist agenda. When it comes to our economic system. The Green New Deal, whatever that is. You do not accept the use of climate. As a political weapon. By this spawned Marxist movement, there is a war with capitalism and your private property rights has no respect for you as an individual or your unalienable rights. You embrace our history, you embrace the founders and the framers. You don’t want statues pulled down, you don’t want books burned, you don’t want people canceled and you’ve had enough. And you want to learn as much as you possibly can about where this cancer comes from. So you can address it. Because regardless of your skin color, regardless of your. A fifth generation American or a first generation American? Regardless of your faith, we’re all in this together, and what do I mean by that? You’re a red blooded American. Some of us were born here. Some of us came here. We’re all red blooded Americans. There are people who hate this country. There are psychotic. They are fanatics. They have contributed nothing to this country. Black Lives Matter has taken from this country. Its leaders have gotten rich off this country. So-called professors who come up with these phony books about critical race theory, they didn’t invent anything. They’re propagandists, they become multimillionaires. Pawning their bigotry in their hate, there’s an entire industry that’s been built up in this country. Inside the Beltway. Spreading outside the Beltway. Where men and women. Radical Marxists, among others. Push their hate and dress it up. And dress it up as something else. There are racism, but at the bottom of all these movements. Is the Marxist ideology, not in every particular, but in enough of particulars, as the book points out. We have to be willing to stand up to this. We cannot be passive. This is not a passing fad. We’re on our heels, our backs are against the wall. With corporations in America who we’ve expected in the past to stand up for capitalism, they don’t. They’re not run by capitalists, they’re run by corporatists, and corporatists are perfectly happy with big centralized government and partnering with big centralized government and taking whatever crumbs are thrown to them. We’ve learned the lesson. Some of us already knew, but we learned a lesson about the NSA and the about how these teachers unions view our children and how they view you, they despise you and they abuse our children. They are Marxist mouthpieces that push critical race theory and any other theory with emphasis on the word theory. At the most radical elements of this society are promoting. The media. What media? What media? A conga line of buffoons, low IQ clowns, self aggrandizing. Phoneys, that’s not media. That’s not media. The New York Times. One of the most hideous, inhumane, genocidal, supporting corporations ever to exist in this country. And somehow it’s celebrated, it’s celebrated because it is the newspaper, so to speak. Of these various movements and of the Democrat Party. It always has been, and it always will be. It’s a disgusting, disgusting propaganda sheet. Disgusting, and then there’s the Democrat Party. I’ve talked about this before, but I want to underscore the point. This is a party that’s never embraced this country. This is a party that does not believe in Americanism. The party of slavery in the Confederacy, the party of segregation and Jim Crow, something that Joe Biden knows a lot about. It’s a party that will do anything for power. So it moves from a party of slavery to a party of, quote, unquote, democratic socialism. It is a political party that uses the instrumentalities of government to steal our money, to steal our property, to brainwash our children. To treat citizens like second class citizens and foreigners like first class citizens. It is a party that is now openly at war with our economic system. It is a party that’s now openly at war with our constitutional system, trying to pack the courts, trying to pack the Senate. Kind of the filibuster and kill the whole purpose of the Senate. A party that rejects separation of power, a party that accepts elections only when it is. That has created a massive leviathan that passes most of the laws in this country. The Democrat Party. A very, very evil organization. Look at the speaker of the House, if you must. Have we ever had a more tyrannical individual with a totalitarian mindset? As speaker before, now we haven’t. She votes for members. Legislation comes through her office, not through regular committee. She puts fences around the Capitol, they call in the National Guard a little late, by the way, they call in the National Guard while she’s trashing cops and law enforcement in other cities. She’s militarizing police in Washington, D.C. and the Capitol Police. Spreading her authority into Florida and into California, have we ever had a speaker of the House like this before? No. A tyrant. And look at the pathetic Chuck Schumer. Who’s hunched over, walking around, waddling through the halls? He has no majority while they trash the framers and trash the Constitution. The Constitution gives the vice president, the United States as president of the Senate, a tie breaker vote. So they use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution. And Chucks in a Harry. They know their numbers are are limited, that the next election cycle, you’re going to rise up. And you’re going to throw these bastards out of office. No matter how many ballots they stuff, no matter how many laws they change. White supremacist. Ever heard that phrase used as often as you’ve heard it used in the last few years, white supremacists, they’re not even talking about the Klan, they’re not even talking about the neo-Nazis. They’re talking about white people, generally, over 60 percent of the population, white supremacists, are you a white supremacist? And if you’re not white, you’re black, you’re brown, you’re interracial. If you support the society or if you don’t throw in with the revolution, I’m not down with the revolution, then you might as well be white because you told. That that’s pretty much what you are. Free speech is under attack, academic freedom is under attack. These massive social media platforms that we were all encouraged to join where they’ve made billions and billions of dollars without our consent, using our consumer information. Selling it, trading it, God knows what they’re doing with it. They get a special privilege in ninety three or four, I guess it is. So they can’t be sued for doing exactly what they’re doing now, at least they don’t think so. Free speech under attack, freedom of movement under attack, your own health decisions under attack. Your communities are under attack without borders, and I can go on and on and on. You’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. Who are these people? What is this movement? We need to know. More about it not just what we see on TV or hear on the radio. We need to know more. We need to know who they are. We need to know where this is coming from. If we have a shot at doing anything about it. And we do, and it won’t be easy. In fact, it will be difficult. In fact, the challenge is complex and it’s daunting. But we Red-Blooded, Americans, regardless of who we are, we don’t roll over and play dead. Many of us have ancestors who have fought wars in defense of this country. Many of you have children who died in defense of this country. We must not be the first generation. That leaves our country worse off for our children and grandchildren. Then history will judge us. As having surrendered the greatest nation that mankind ever created. And giving it to people. Who prey to an ideology that has slaughtered more people, imprisoned more people, tortured, more people start more people than any other ideology. That evil and sick minds have ever concocted before. That’s why American Marxism. His number one on the bookless. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

So we’re going to move on, I promise, I want to thank all the friends we have in the radio business people, wonderful hosts, wonderful program directors, been terrific. I want to thank all the all the hosts who have been supportive on FOX. Just terrific. Suzanne Scott’s been unbelievable. Suzanne Grimes over here, Westwood and Teresa Gage and everybody else. Everybody else, thank you. Now, when we come back, it’s a short segment, I didn’t really watch the clock carefully enough. We are scheduled to have Kevin McCarthy on the program, and one of the things we’re going to discuss, of course, is what Nancy Pelosi just pulled in, telling the Republicans who they can and cannot have on this January six committee. It’s obvious what’s going on here. And Liz Cheney is in full, outrageous, preposterous mode as she gives cover and aid and comfort to Nancy Pelosi and the other Marxist movements in the Democrat Party. Shame on her. Shame on her. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Kevin McCarthy, as you know, is the Republican leader in the House. Hopefully soon the speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. How are you, sir? I’m doing well. Congratulations on your book. Remember, I want to buy one for every member of my company. Wouldn’t that be cool now on the head? No, I’m going to we’re going to talk offline. I’m going to buy one for every member of because this is we’re on the air now, you know, in a day. I know we are. I know it’s OK. But watch what Pelosi did today. This is what I want to talk about, because this is unbelievable. Go ahead. I’ll shut up, OK? Never in the history of Congress, a committee she wants to pick, who can go on? Look, she calls me today to object. It’s her it’s her select committee that just pure politics about January 6th. She doesn’t want to answer the question why the National Guard was not there. She didn’t want to answer the question of why they weren’t prepared. That’s the answer. Why did we let these Capitol Police down? Why weren’t the National Guard there? They knew on December 14th, the head of the Capitol Police knew what was going to happen, but they have to answer to her. She tried to pick and choose who Republicans could put on. She objected to Jim Banks. She didn’t object when Jim Banks served in the Navy and fought in Afghanistan. She said next to Jim, Jordan was a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee who has oversight to this. I mean, this is her absolute power trying to control everything. So I just said we’re out, which was very, very wise. I think a very, very good move. You don’t have to put up with it. She doesn’t get to control both parties with an iron fist, does she? No, it’s the people’s house, not Pelosi’s house. This is nothing but a sham, and it just shows she was never serious about finding the truth. Now, you pointed out she’s destroying this institution. She’s been destroying this institution for a long time, hasn’t she? Yeah. Now people have to understand this. She has now changed everything in the house she removed, which we’ve always had there. But the minority can offer a last amendment because she the majority controls the rules. We never took that away. She takes it away. She makes magnetometers of whether people can get on the floor. Members of Congress, whether they got there, already checked before she brings them proxy voting. So in her pocket, she always has the votes. OK, wait a minute. Right there. Wait, wait, wait right there. Is that still in place? I’m fighting it in court. I’m taking it to Supreme Court. It is still in place. Why? Because this is the dirty little secret. If she didn’t have proxy voting, Republicans would beat her on the floor because we show up for work. She’s got members who have not been there. You know what else she did? She created this box up on top of the of the chambers with plexiglass. She allowed people that actually had come over to come in because it’s the only way she could win speaker because you had to be in person to vote that day. God, is she power hungry? What’s going on with this this person person? I think that’s the phrase. What’s going on with the speaker of the House? She believes in absolute power. She literally said to me on the phone, we had a pretty intense conversation when she told me that she wanted to go back. And I said I checked with the historians. This has never happened in the history of Congress. She just I do know this is unprecedented, but this is what I’m going to do. She said her members don’t want these people. They don’t have a right to that. She has destroyed the institution, the institution. I don’t care if it’s this committee or any other committee. I don’t like who she put on. She puts on Adam Schiff, who lives the American public. She sits on Raskin, who subjected every presidential that he’s been around wanting to impeach the president before he did. But I respect the right that she has a person. The package was now she wants to tell who Republicans can pick, the only Republican that will follow her as Liz Cheney. We understand why, by the way, she’s gotten even worse. Oh, my God. She is just like lost. And she agrees with Speaker Pelosi. Now, I want to ask you about this, the spending. Yes, I mean, unfortunately, you can’t stop it in the House, but in the Senate, this guy, Schumer, 50 50, they want to put amnesty in it. They want to put all the destruction of our voting system in it. I mean, have you ever seen a party that conducts itself like this? They’re trying to do everything they can in the next year or two because they don’t think they’re going to have power in one or both parties know. But always remember Venezuela. Hugo Chavez came in a democracy and they changed it changed the rules, just like what Pelosi is doing. Pack the Supreme Court. Then what did he do when they declared that he changed the Constitution? They are breaking up. The reason we have inflation is because the Democrats are spending the reason we have crime and street in the streets because of what the Democrats have done to defunding the police then what they did in California. You don’t get charged if it’s a thousand dollars or less. So people just walk into the stores and walk out. Target has to close down. The reason we have gasoline prices this high is because he he stopped the pipeline in America, but gave it to Putin and Russia to be able to go into Germany. These are Democratic policies that are changing the course of history for our nation for the worse. Mm hmm. And look at the border, for God sakes. They I mean I mean unprecedented. And when I spoke to him and the vice president in the Oval Office, I brought up the border. You know what? He told me it was broken and his eyes fixed it. But it is you know what? Last month was the worst month. You know, the worst month before that. The month before that. In the month before that, he’s opened up the entire border. And this is worse. What does that mean? It means fentanyl came into our nation 300 percent greater. So people are dying. We are catching people on the terrorist watch list. And they’re not coming from Central America. They’re coming from Yemen. Why are they coming here? Who are they talking to? What do they have planned? And they ignore it. You think that enough information is getting out to the suburbs and other places in this country where they’re going to really go down to defeat big time this this election cycle? I am feeling a movement I have not seen before. And you know what’s most interesting, Mark? It’s not just conservatives. I’m hearing it from independents. I’m hearing it from Democrats. I’m hearing it from Democrats, moms who are waking up of what’s being taught in their schools when they shut down the schools and let people go and they put it on. Zoome People never paid attention to what these individuals are saying and teaching. They are teaching you to hate one another based upon the color of your skin. Remember, I imagine it’s in your book. What is a Marxist tactic? How do you destroy America? Yes, you try to destroy the foundation. You want to hate the nation instead of love the nation. I mean, think about who they have in their party. Congresswoman Obama, born in a country that wasn’t stabilized. She goes to a camp. And what does America do? What America does best opens up to arms and brings her into this nation. She becomes a citizen. But what do we do that no other nation will allow you to do to assimilate? You have just as much responsibility to anybody else. You become a member of Congress. Less than 30,000 people have ever had the privilege. You would think she would love this nation instead of hate this nation. You would think you would want to duplicate this instead of try to tear it down. You think you’d want to emulate it, because when she became a citizen, Abraham Lincoln was the liberator. Martin Luther King spoke of her dreams and now she wants to criticize it. America is exceptional. We’re not perfect. We strive to be a more perfect union, but they want to tear us down. And what they’re trying to do is teach into schools. People are waking up and are not going to take it any longer. Just tell. I’m not going to take it from Nancy Pelosi. This is fantastic. And you should know we’ve been working hard here. Behind this microphone are millions and millions of listeners. They are organizing. They are rising up. It’s not just a school board here, are there? There are plans to do a whole lot more. And I want you to know something. Future speaker. I was involved in the Tea Party movement and the Reagan revolution and ultimately the Trump revolution. I feel that I smell it, too. You’re exactly right. The nation look, this is not a popular uprising by the people trying to overthrow their government. This is a popular uprising by the people trying to save it. That’s what’s taking place now. This is trying to save the nation so the kids have the opportunity that we had. So the next century is the American century. It’s for the people who understand America’s more than a country. America is an idea. So when they see those people who crave freedom in Cuba and bring the American flag, they don’t think it’s racist to have American like they don’t think it’s some negative to have an American flag. They understand what it stands for. They understand what people fight for. They understand that it brought people together. Same thing with 32 years ago when we went to Tiananmen Square and they built the lady of democracy. Looks just like the Statue of Liberty because they carry freedom of speech. They understand the greatness of America. And that’s why we need people to join with us. It doesn’t matter the party you’re in, but join a cause that’s bigger than yourself because you need it now more than ever. All right. Well, we’re cheering you on. Keep taking it to her because she’s definitely trying to take this country down. Kevin McCarthy, thank you, sir, and good luck to you. All right, my friend. Congrats on your book. Be well. Thank you, Will. He’s more fired up than ever before. Don’t you think, Mr. Producer, this is good folks. Because they are pushing everybody to the point to the brink. Whether they’ve had enough. Even some people on Capitol Hill. Well, they’ve had enough. People who live on the southern border often vote Democrat, they’ve had enough. People who live in the most dangerous cities in this country, they have had enough. The good old days when Donald Trump was tweeting looks pretty quaint now, doesn’t it, America? Looks pretty quaint. We have these autocrats, we have these Marxist movements spawned. By Marxism, we have the Democrat Party, that is the. It is the warehouse of these movements. It’s exactly what’s taking place in this country. When we come back. I want you to hear from a mom at his school board meeting. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Here’s a mom at a school board. I think there’s over 13000 school districts. I went back and looked in America. We’re not sure which school district this is, unfortunately, but she’s had about enough of critical race theory and what you’re going to hear. Is more and more people tying this to Marxism, more and more people? Who are fully informed with the history of what they’re talking about so they can run circles around their proponent’s. Of these outrageous movements. Got one go. I love that we start each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance where we all agree that we are one nation, one people, indivisible. Imagine my disappointment when I read this material from a mandatory DNA teacher training that states that America and I quote, America is a racist country built on racist ideas. It goes on to say, and I quote, Privileged white people, oppressed people of color and heterosexual people suppress gay people. This training went on to encourage teachers to, quote, use your voice and educate and share the truth about racism with others and help organize or attend protests. That hateful, divisive material teaches teachers to hate America and ultimately break every person down into privilege from the oppressed. This is the exact definition of critical race theory. CRT is not a noun as we’ve been using it. It’s a verb. CRT is the action of a Marxist movement that teaches people to hate America and its segregates people into privileged and oppressed. Sounds a lot like this training verbally chooses to call this training DNI so you can tell the public and the State Board of Education that you don’t teach to CRT. You can call this whatever you want to the material CRT. Here’s my biggest concern. In the late in the last board meeting, you mentioned having DNI committees at each school. What oversight do these committees have? What are you doing to ensure this material is not being taught to our children? Recently, one of you out there was quoted Blue Valley is going to insert DNI into everything we do and we will rewrite curriculum to insert DNI. If this is a material being taught as DNI, it needs to be stopped immediately. And parents need assurances that this hateful, divisive material will not be built into our curriculum. It’s absolutely unbelievable. The extent to which this brainwashing and indoctrination is going to occur is expected to occur. It is absolutely unbelievable. This counterrevolution is well underway. It is it is in every corner of the schools. And but for the pandemic, most of you wouldn’t even know about it. Now, I take it how much time do I have left Rich? When we come back, some of you have seen this report on Fox News, a fascinating and fantastic bit of journalism. What the Department of Education under Biden and the Biden administration was. Foisting on elementary, middle and high schools. And I know it was a mistake when they got caught. Oh, it was a mistake. They were linking to a radical racist Marxist organization. To assist teachers and administrators on. On how to teach racism, basically. You and I, every school, we’re going to have these committees, does this not sound like a communist movement to you? Because it is. That is, I’m not going to defend the unwitting who go along because they think this is what we should do. It’s the winning. Who knows exactly what they’re doing? And we’re going to need to stop it. And this is just one of them. I’d love to hear. From all the big mouths in professional sports, what they think about this. I’d love to hear from all these so-called elected moderate Democrats who go back to their districts and say, you know, I’m not part of that movement. What are they doing to stop it? If you’re a mother and a father out there and this is affecting your children or your grandfather and grandmother and this is affecting your grandchildren, you need to know who’s promoting and who’s not. You need to know who’s trying to fight it and who’s celebrating it. You have not heard Nancy Pelosi denounce any of this, you have not heard Joe Biden denounce any of this, you’ve not heard Chuck Schumer denounce any of this. They support it. It is promoted by the propagandists at CNN and MSNBC, it is promoted by the propagandists, especially at The New York Times. Were they promoted Stalin, were they even promoted Hitler to the extent they could, and they also cover it up big chunks of the Holocaust? Then they certainly promoted and helped install Castro. That’s The New York Times of the 1619 project that wants to ruin and destroy the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We have General Mark Milley, the Pentagon today. General Mark Milley, you know, we’re not reaching. Racism and Lloyd Austin, who acts like nothing’s going on in his department when a lot’s going on in his department. This is a pernicious movement, an ideology, multiple movements. That has already leached into our. Elementary schools leached into the United States military leached into our corporations. This is no joke. That’s why they had to be called what they’re called. Oh, you know, they’re a democratic socialist. This is beyond economics. So obviously that’s included to this isn’t about democratic anything. What’s going on in our classrooms, the the brainwashing. That’s not about democratic socialism. And so we’ve got to get our language back, we got to take back the narrative and we will I’ll be right back.