July 16, 2021

July 16, 2021

Joe Biden / Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden chose to run for president but would never release his medications list. Despite his many cognitive failures the media continues covering for his obvious decline. Using the guise of a COVID health emergency Biden’s senior staff has no problem telling Facebook what social media posts they want to be censored. The fact is there isn’t a single case of death related to anyone’s Facebook post about the coronavirus. Now, Jen Psaki says if an individual is banned from one social media platform they should be banned from all. What’s next, banning talk radio hosts or conservative commentary on cable news? Will dissent or disagreement be labeled as misinformation that kills people too? Then, Karl Marx was viewed as a prolific writer and fancied himself a journalist for the New York Tribune, this is why the Marxists in the media are a disaster and are indeed the enemy of the people. The American media have become special pleaders for the Americanized Marxist movement in various areas of our once open and free society. The silencing of opposition (repression) is their main tactic as they claim ideological purity. Later, Michelle Lette, a member of the Fairfax, VA Parent Teacher Association, called for the critics of critical race theory to be allowed to die. Even some parent groups have been compromised by the teacher unions. Afterward, Candidate for Governor of California, Larry elder, joins the show to discuss his run for Governor of California.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Joe Biden continues his role as Benito Mussolini. Impressing the case or pressing the case, I should say, of tyranny. War on freedom of speech. Further exposing these phony platforms and the oligarchs who’ve made billions of dollars off of us. Often without our permission using our data. To the litigation that’s been filed by President Trump, and you’ve heard many, many, many people throughout yesterday and today making that point. Good point. Which is why we’re glad we made it. So he is confronted by a reporter, he’s going to a helicopter, I guess he’s going back to Wilmington or whatever the hell he’s doing. I have. I thought, Mr. Blitzer, I wonder if he’s going back to Washington constantly on the weekends because he’s getting some kind of treatment. Now, I don’t know that to be the case, I don’t know that to be the case. Why don’t they release his medical records? Why don’t they release the medicines that he’s taking? I mean, they talk about Trump’s tax returns. Isn’t it more important to know about Joe Biden’s? Medical situation, isn’t it more important to know what prescription drugs he’s taking? Why don’t I start that push, Mr. Producer? What do you think of that? We want to know what prescription drugs Joe Biden is taking, and we want a release of all information relating to his mental faculties, including whether or not they’ve even taken tests. You know, I read up on these issues, for instance, you can do tests, will determine if somebody has this, I think it’s called tau. Growing in their brain, I think it’s a protein that is effectively interfering with the synopsize and the brain and so forth and so on. Why doesn’t Joe Biden take that test, because he’d probably fail it. And I don’t say this to mock the man, by the way, I don’t do that. There’s too many people in this world that have dementia, Alzheimer’s and so forth and so on. Now my point is he chose to run for president. The Democrat Party chose to nominate him. His whole family kept their mouths shut. His friends kept their mouths shut, their his doctors kept their mouths shut. And the Praetorian Guard media protecting him. And he has every indication of having issues. And now he’s president of the United States. Don’t we have a right to know anything? I mean, they said what we need to know, tax returns through the tax returns. That doesn’t tell us anything. I would like to know what prescription drugs. Joe Biden’s taking and I think we have a right to note, not out of a period curiosity. But that’ll tell us a lot about him now. Joe Biden is the most repressive, oppressive, suppressive president in modern history. He’s up there with Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. His abuse of civil liberties. There’s not a single Democrat in any leadership position in America who’s speaking out against this, not one. There’s not a single media fraud on the Constipated News Network or Melasti, the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post and all the rest of them. Concerned about the speaking out against this, no editorials, nothing. Now, they accuse Donald Trump of things like this, even though he didn’t do them, they were mad about his tweets, but they’re not mad about the fact that Joe Biden and his administration is working with big tech. Big tech. To censor people, to censor differences of opinion, that is an opinion that differs from the official position and worse. Pushing companies that handle the text platforms to spy on people who text to see if they’re texting things that Joe Biden and his administration do not like. Now, what do you call this? He called tyranny totalitarianism. Here he is outside the White House today. And he’s asked about this, you’ll hear the helicopter in the background, some reporters saying covid misinformation. What’s your message to platforms like Facebook now? You know, that’s a sucker that’s going to say something else, a phony reporter. Not throwing a softball, throwing a grapefruit. So even Joe Biden can hit it, if not with a bat, at least with his head. Cut three go. What’s your message to platforms like Facebook? Really? Well, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And as a consequence, we don’t have a pandemic anymore. We don’t have a pandemic anymore. Among unvaccinated people, we don’t have a pandemic among any people. In this country. And no thanks to Joe Biden. Quite frankly. But we would like to keep our free speech. We’d like to keep our civil liberties. But he has a problem with that. Every single autocrat in the world uses opportunities like this or creates opportunities like this to squelch individualism and speech and freedom of association, and that is exactly what Biden is doing. It’s a health emergency, it’s always a health emergency, you know, it’s funny, I wrote about this in Liberty and Tyranny 12 and a half years ago. It’s always a health emergency and environmental emergency. There’s always emergencies. Always emergences. But we have something called the Constitution of the United States, and I would say the emergency is that they’re destroying it. In the First Amendment, religious liberty destroying it, freedom of association destroying it, free speech destroying it. And that’s what Biden is doing. They’re killing people. Where is the evidence anywhere linking somebody, posting something on any of these social sites resulting in the death of anybody? It’s like voter suppression. Republicans don’t want blacks to vote, will go to any Republican state. Where are blacks not allowed to vote in Republican states? Where are all the minorities, their names, their lawsuits, saying that they were prevented from voting because it was too difficult to show the voter I.D.? Or a signature match or that nine days of early voting, was it enough, they needed 48 days of early voting where all those lawsuits, they don’t exist. I wonder what the Brennan Center says, first of all, any center named after Associate Justice Brennan is a crap center. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. And not to be outdone, is Jen Psaki at the White House today. Cut for go also with the public, with all of you, to create robust enforcement strategies that bridge their properties and provide transparency about rules, you shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others if you are for providing misinformation. Wow. She didn’t double down, she quadrupled. Quintupled down. She’s truly of the totalitarian mindset, you see, if you’re banned from one social site, you should be banned from all of them. So say Jen Psaki on behalf of. Joe Robinette Biden, Jr.. You should be banned as a human being. What’s next? Ladies and gentlemen, what we have the communist Chinese social credit system. What do you think, Mr. Producer? I think we will. That Mark Levin loses a lot of points, why he doesn’t demand that people take vaccines, he needs to be banned from Facebook and all social media, he needs to be prevented from flying. He needs to be prevented from having a job with the government or any federal contractor. Don’t you see where this is headed, folks? The communist Chinese, that regime is learning from Joe Biden and Facebook. They’re learning from why didn’t we think of this? Call it a health emergency and accuse people who don’t abide by our demands as killing people. That’s right. We’ll turn everything on its head. Why didn’t we think of that, Joe Biden? So now we need social credit. Gratings. Is that far behind? How about banning talk radio hosts, as I mentioned the other day? Spreading misinformation that’s killing people in the course of an emergency. How about de platforming FOX, they’ve always wanted to do that, of course, shutting down The New York Post, The Washington Examiner or The Washington Times. Shutting down one America news or Newsmax, you know the list, it’s a short list. We can’t have these voices spreading misinformation, disinformation and killing people for crying out loud. They must be white supremacists, they must support Jim Crow, these people, they’re non-human. Let’s dehumanize them. And so if you disagree with Joe Biden and Falchi and the other lunatics. In the insane asylum that is Washington, D.C.. Well, then you’re out to kill people. Now this is where we are. You’re killing people. Even if you’re an expert. In the medical field. I’m an expert in infectious diseases. It doesn’t matter, you’re disagreeing. And disagreement is not allowed. This is what I mean by American Marxism, you’re staring it right in the eye. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

We’ve got to keep digging. Because Pisarski wasn’t Anton. Cut five, Mr. Deucy, go to elaborate a little bit on the Facebook administration, Facebook flagging disinformation and there’s also some reporting that we’ve had the Facebook maybe hasn’t been as proactive as the White House would like it to be in response to some of the process of how it works and whether it is amenable to this request. Sure. Well, I would say first, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we’re in regular touch with social media platform. No, no, no, no, no. It comes as a huge surprise that you’re in regular touch with social media trying to censor people. Who you say are killing people because they disagree with you. What kind of communist man, oh, man, I almost got banned from radio for life, Mr. Bruce. What kind of communist propaganda is this? They demonstrated every damn day, go ahead, touch with all of you and your media outlets about areas where we have concern, information that might be useful, information that may or may not be interesting to your viewers. You all make decisions just like. The social media platforms make decisions even now you’re you’re spinning now. You’re spinning now. That’s not what you’re doing, giving information and telling people to make decisions, you’re telling them that people should be censored, that misinformation, disinformation should not be allowed. It’s not just you doing it. It’s the sergeant. Of arms or what do they call them? Yes, him. The surgeon general. Now see how they play games, it’s like they play games, games on critical race, or you don’t want us to teach about slavery. Who said that? What does that have to do? A critical race theory. They’re not even teaching slavery on a critical race theory. Go ahead, sector company and different, but just as an example, so we’re regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narrative’s dangerous to public health. You see, ladies, singer, they are tracking those who provide opinions that they disagree with on social media. And let me tell you a little secret. They’re not just tracking people with whom they disagree on the virus or vaccines. They are tracking people, period. That is what they are doing. Now, the question is, how does this manifest themselves so they picking up the phone and calling and say, you know, ban this Dr. Ban that group, ban that other individual over there, what are they doing? Are they sending them blacklists? People who are supposed to be prevented from getting on social media? Get a scarlet letter. If we had a serious Congress with oversight that wasn’t controlled by the same party. Then we get some answers with some oversight hearings, but again, the Democrat Party is all in on censorship. They’re all in. Go ahead. And many other Americans seeing are seeing across me and many other Americans. It’s many other Americans. And I. Not to correct her English, Mr. Producer. Go ahead. Social and traditional media, and we work to engage with them to better understand the enforcement of social media. We work to engage with them in order to censor people. We want to engage with them to make sure their tax returns are proper. We want to engage with them to make sure they’re not they’re not involved in activity that is counterproductive. We just want to engage, that’s all. We’re engaging with them. Not engaging with them. Government has enormous power in the hands of Biden and his lackeys and lapdogs. Who are more than willing to use it. It has a tremendous amount of power. I wonder now, and I’m serious about this, if there was pressure from the Biden campaign in camp to ban Trump, would that be so far fetched, Mr. Producer? I wonder. If Biden and the Democrat Party and his campaign and even subsequent to his election were pushing to ban Trump. And why would that be far fetched? He’s killing a lot of people, you know, he led an insurrection, he doesn’t agree with us on this. That and the other is misinformation is disinformation. They hate him more than anybody. I don’t put any of this past them, though. Because they’ve showed us some ankle, the ankle of American Marcos’s. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Now as Peter Doocy demonstrates every day every weekday in the White House press room. He’s really the only serious journalist who’s allowed to ask questions. He is a incredibly polite and decent and serious journalist. Jim Acosta could learn a lot from Peter Doocy, but he won’t because he’s an arrogant ass, but that’s a whole nother story. So Peter Deuce’s following up here, he said, wait a minute. How long he’d been spying on people’s Facebook profiles, cut six go and then speaking of misinformation and announcement from yesterday, for how long has the administration been spying on people’s Facebook profiles looking for vaccine misinformation? That was quite a loaded and accurate question, which I would refute. How? Well, Peter, first of all, as you know, we’re we’re in a regular touch with with a range of media outlets when he’s talking about a range of media outlets. We don’t get to participate. On the platform of The New York Times in The Washington Post, we don’t get to participate on the platform. Of any of these media outlets. Social media was set up in the mid 1990s with protection for the big oligarchs so that these platforms would be an open communication avenue for all of us. It’s not the same thing as a news network. All right, newspaper. And so this is absurd. And what he’s saying is what we’re saying, what everybody’s saying is, except on the left, of course, is wait a minute. You’re censoring people, people who previously had relatively free access and can provide their opinions, they’re not clansman. They’re not Palestinian terrorists, they’re not the Taliban, they’re American citizens, some of them who are experts in the field of infectious diseases and vaccines, who want to provide different opinions. Look how wrong the media have been before. Look how wrong the Biden administration. Look how wrong our government has been. The whole point of a representative republic with a constitution and a bill of rights and free speech. It’s to be able to do exactly this. So we don’t have access to The New York Times and The Washington Post and those platforms, but we do or did the Facebook and Twitter and all the rest of it. One has nothing to do with the other. You know, we’re always trying to provide information in the media. That’s why we hate the media, because they’re a mouthpiece for you. We got that. But the new media is supposed to be different, and that’s why they’re protected differently than the old media. And yet they think they have a great talking, but, you know, we’re always trying to influence range of media outlets. As a matter of influencing a range of media outlets, you’re trying to ban people who have access to this platform, including a former president of the United States. And I’m now of the opinion that Democrats were involved in that decision. Because they fear Trump. Go ahead. As well. Let me finish as we are as we are in regular touch with social media platforms. So this is a confession. OK, this is a confession that the courts are going to need to hear. Then regular touch with media platforms about what? About correcting misinformation. How do you correct misinformation on media platforms? The Facebook platform is in a news operation, is it, Mr. Producer? These aren’t news entities that produce news. That’s certainly not their primary purpose. It’s called social media. Social media. And so, again, what is nothing to do with the other? So what she’s confessed to, again, is that, of course, we’re in touch with them like the rest of the media, and what are you trying to do, influence them? OK. And yet Joe Biden goes to the helicopter. And when he’s going to the helicopter, what is that cut again, Mr. to say cut three. Let’s play it again. Go. What’s your message to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, people? I mean, really well, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. Actually, you’re the only pandemic we have, you jerk. Yea, the pandemic. So they’re killing people for having a different opinion, you see, and of course, you’re killing people and it’s an emergency. They’re tracking individuals. Off the Internet. And then there they’re pointing them out, their finger him to these various oligarchs for a reason. They’re not fooling us, they’re not fooling anybody with their castra, like propaganda. Now they’re spinning, as we do with all media outlets, a wide range, but these aren’t media outlets. They are social platforms. It’s an important distinction. Now, let’s go back to Peter Deuce’s, question to Mr. Producer, cut sex, go quickly, open information, people sharing information online, just as you are all reporting information on your news stations. OK, so these 12 people you have on a list of 12 individuals, do they know that somebody at the surgeon general’s office is going through their profiles? I’m happy to get you the citation of where that comes from. There’s no secret list. I will tell you that these are people who are sharing information on public platforms, on Facebook. Information that is traveling is inaccurate RB. I see. So you see, this is fascinating. So they’re tracking people, but they’re not keeping a list of people. Now, that is an absurdity if you’re tracking people, you’re tracking them for a reason, you’re keeping information on them. What do you mean you’re not keeping a list of them? Of course you are. This administration is violating civil liberties, it is violating free speech. This administration is totalitarian and mindset and inactions. And you heard Biden, well, they’re killing people, get shut up, you idiot, dentures back in your face. They are killing people, you’re killing people, you, Jack. With your attack on the cops, your refusal to secure the border. You’re telling people, look how they talk, these idiots who are killing people can’t even have a rational discussion. They’re Jim Crow, they’re racist, they don’t want black people to vote, what kind of crap is this? What kind of throwback idiocy is this? Unbelievable. I’ve notice how she cut them off, she wouldn’t let him finish. Now we have. We have to spend time on this, folks, I understand some people getting impatient, come on, let’s move on then. You’re not for me and I’m not for you. We have somebody named Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She’s Facebook’s oversight board member and former PM of Denmark WO. What does this genius have to contribute to America cotinine going and what are we trying to find? Of course, I think many of us who engage in this conversation is that is that middle road. How do you moderate content and when how do you find that balance? Shut up, you idiot. I can’t even understand what you’re saying. Now, there’s tiny douche donnay, douche bag, ladies and gentlemen. A midget in size and brain power. May I say I think I will. And don’t do this on the morning show with another Donny, may I say that Mr.. By the name of the morning shmo, now there’s a lot of people on TV who have very low IQ, but nobody says lower than Joe Scarborough. I’ve told you many times. Joe used to be an actor. That movie Deliverance, tough movie to watch. There he was on the bridge playing the banjo. Playing the role of a child of incest, but of course, we know Joe’s not a child of incest, right? Just looks like one. May I say, with all due respect. And here’s Donny Deuche speaking up on the morning show show Cottan go, half the people in this country get their news from Facebook. I’m going to say again, half the people on Facebook, which is which a market capitalisation is in the trillions. How dare Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg allow this continue to happen on their platform? This guy, same same ilk. Same milk. Same mindset, they bring this puke on TV, I don’t know why. I don’t know what this jerk has ever done while he was a marketing expert. He’s an idiot. He doesn’t understand liberty and individualism and free speech and all the rest. A hat, he comes on their. They waste money on makeup and hairspray. Hey, guys, the guy is a puch. Everybody who’s Donny Douche, who is this guy, I don’t know. I don’t know, but he really does seem like a dony to me. Go ahead. OK, it’s a tiny fraction and just say we are going to do an immediate task force and clean up our platform. This is on they have blood on their hands. Here we go again. Now, folks, these people aren’t inciting anybody, are they? No, no, no. You’re killing people. Says they halfwit nitwit who poses as a president of the United States. They have blood on their hands. Oh, they’re not inciting anybody at all. They believe in Jim Crow and won’t let black people vote. Well, that’s not inciting anything, is it, ladies and gentlemen? No. Not in the least, he’s a very rational people, aren’t they? Go ahead. We have a very isolated situation where half of all this problem is getting the news from one place and we still. All right, that’s enough. That’s enough. I don’t know why anybody cares about this puch. Really. I have no idea. You know, it reminds me this guy Iwanaga. I’m not saying he is. I’m sure he’s very ethical. Plays by the book, but he reminds me this guy shows up. He seems very swarmy to me. I can’t put my finger on it, and hence I won’t, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Killing fields, the two biggest vaccine deniers who were killing people were, of course, Joe Robinette Biden and Kamala Kamala Harris. Here’s a montage kind of go, so let’s just say there’s a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election, would you get it? Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us if and when the vaccine comes in. That’s not likely to go through all the tests it needs to be and the trials that are needed to be done. When we finally do, God willing, get a vaccine. Who’s going to take the shot? Who’s going to take the shot? You can be the first one to say, put me sign me up. They now say it’s OK. And the question of whether it’s real when it’s there, that requires enormous transparency. You’ve got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation so they can look and see to this consensus. This is a safe vaccine. If the president announced tomorrow we have a vaccine, would you take it? Only if it was completely transparent. But other experts in the country could look at it only if we knew all of what went into it. If Donald Trump can’t give answers and the administration can’t give answers to these questions, the American people should not have confidence. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it. Hmm. How do you like that, and I don’t think Facebook banned any of them either, the two did they? Ladies and gentlemen, you’re quite an army of patriots out there. I try to keep you up to date on what’s going on, because this is a movement we’re developing. Many of you already. As I look on Amazon, there’s a book called I Alone Can Fix It, being pushed very, very hard by Manchurian Hosts. And reprobates on CNN and other places. These are two Washington Post reporters. It’s another trash mouth smear job on Donald Trump. It’s number one. Number three is a book called Landslide The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, another attempt to smear President Trump by Michael Wolff, who’s a hit man, in my opinion. Now, the book in between these two, number two on Amazon is American Marxism. This is a book that many of you have already acquired. You may be scratching your head, well, how is this other book, number one? Because this is what they do. It’ll be a hot book for a month or two and then it’ll go away. The problem is they don’t go away. That is the people who are doing this to this country. And so. The overwhelming majority of you. Have posted in comment that you appreciate the fact that this book was written, that it that it fuses with all the events that are swirling around us. And so but then there were a handful and not already enough already who just want to go by the numbers, paint by the numbers. And these are people who are not going to help save the country. These are people who expect everybody else to save the country for them. So I reject the. I ignore them. If I can spend six months of my life writing this book in the last three months of my life talking about it in the next several months of my life again. Trying to promote what’s in the book. Then I think it’s OK. That we go over some of these issues. During a little section of the program to try and convey what’s going on, wouldn’t it be weird if I wrote this book and I didn’t talk about what’s in it and yet say, go form a movement, go be activist, go to this, read chapter five. What does that mean? I mean, it’s nothing. It’s idiotic. This book is what we do every day. This book is about what’s surrounding us every day. And it tries to provide answers and solutions, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. So I should tell you that The New York Times is sitting there really for a week to. And hoping beyond hope. That this anti Trump book, I alone can fix it by two Washington Post reporters. Succeeds and is the top of the list. Because this is the game they play. Now, here’s the good news. Even during the course of this week. You folks have been going to Wal-Mart. Or Costco or BJ’s or Sam’s. You’ve been going to Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million and Target and so many other wonderful retailers who actually have the book and you’ve been buying it. You’ve been going online to Amazon.com. And you’ve been buying it. You’ve been buying it. Because you want to read it. And when you get it, take your time and go through it. Pete Hegseth is going to be hosting Life, Liberty and Lovin this Sunday, he’s going to be interviewing him. He read the book. Jesse Waters asked me to come on his program Saturday. He read the book. Both men have said to me how remarkable this is, how crucial it is, how important it is that we get the word out. And that’s what I’m trying to do, get the word out. I’ll be right back.