June 24, 2021

June 24, 2021

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Police and first responders are on the scene of a building implosion in South Florida. They ran into the building not knowing if more will collapse. This is why you don’t defund any first responders. Passersby are rescuing children from the rubble because that’s what red-blooded Americans do. Another act of heroism involved a young man in Chicago taking a bullet for a young lady, not that it matters but none of these individuals were White. Then, an article in the Daily Caller made way for multiple hit pieces by Media Matters including two misrepresenting a statement made on this program. Comments that merely explained the 3/5 compromise of the United States Constitution were falsely made to look like a defense of the reprehensible. Later, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is a war on capitalism. The country doesn’t need a conservative climate caucus, perhaps they should launch a free market caucus. The war on capitalism predates critical race theory and all of the schemes which exist to destroy the free market. Afterward, Rudy Giuliani is being targeted by judges in New York and they have temporarily suspended his law license. This action eliminates any protections that former President Trump had including representation, attorney-client privilege, and their work product. Judges seem to be selective about where they decide to enforce laws. Interestingly Democrat attorneys like Stacey Abrams and Benjamin Crump have not been suspended. Finally, former Ambassador David Friedman joins the show to discuss his upcoming book and the focal point of violent extremism in the middle east, and how the Abraham Accords alleviated that threat.


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First of all. The collapse of that building in Surfside is unbelievable, isn’t it? It’s unbelievable. And. Right on the scene, the first responders, they go right into the building, they don’t know if it’s going to continue collapsing because it really collapsed in two parts. You’re watching. The first responders and so tonight, I’m not hearing about systemic racism among the cops. The cops target minorities. Defund the police. The cops, the firefighters, the emergency personnel. And others are on the scene to save people, to find people. Because we’re red blooded Americans and that’s what we do. This young man was walking his dog. You heard a little boy yelling out. Do you see me, do you see me? He had his hand reaching outside the rubble. That’s all that they could see. And the gentleman went over and said, I see you, I see you in, the little boy said, Don’t leave me. He said, I’m not going to leave you and he didn’t leave them. That’s what America is all about. Unfortunately, those other parts of America where you can see in Chicago a few days ago. A minor fender bender. And these guys get out of the car. They go to the car behind them where the minor fender bender occurred. They pull out the young man and his young wife. He apparently jumps in front to protect his wife, he is shot in the back of the head, she shot in the neck. The whole world has seen it. He and they run off. Was it a white person around, by the way? Just for the record, since apparently people keep records. Executed them. There’s that, too. There’s also a very diabolical, tyrannical. Totalitarian mindset in the media and in some cases those who monitor the media. There was a piece in The Daily Caller the other day was a very strange piece, and they were very upset. Because some guy that has some association with Media Matters is on the board of Cumulus Media Corporation. That’s the latest company that owns. These radio stations on which I am syndicated, as well as many other companies, by the way, their own radio stations I’m syndicated on. I have no idea who this guy is. But apparently he’s on the board. The Daily Caller was very upset. Because Tucker, one of the founders, is not the founder of The Daily Caller, has had a campaign against him to defund his TV show and. By Media Matters, which is a truly evil, diabolical organization, I’ll get to them in a minute. But the piece said, look, they don’t they don’t try and cut off advertising and funding to the Mark Levin Show in the Dan Bongino Show. I said, why are you writing this? You’re trying to encourage. A boycott of the Mark Levin and Dan Bongino show, is that your idea of equity? It was a bizarre piece and coming from all places, The Daily Caller. Since that piece, you can go to Media Matters. And you can see they’ve been writing two, sometimes three, whatever it is. Hit Jobs Army. After my radio show. So they got the message. Don’t just attack Tucker. Attack everybody. And so last evening, I don’t watch those people sent this to me. Here’s two headlines from the Media Matters that took the Daily Caller’s advice. Fox host Mark Levin defends the three fifths compromise. So first of all. What I said the other day about the three fifths compromise that the constitutional court had nothing to do with Fox. I didn’t say on Fox. I said it on my radio show. But they’re targeting Fox and hosts on Fox. I didn’t defend the three fifths compromise, even the transcript as you read it. I explained it. I defended the effort by the north. To minimize the representation by the slave states, so Media Matters turns that into me defending. Three fifths compromise. No, they don’t explain it in the headline, but the headline is blaring out there. You see the point, Mr. Producer. The poisonous cancerous insinuation is that I must support. The idea that African-Americans are three fifths of a human being, it is the most disgusting, deplorable and I’ve talked to my lawyers about this. I’m keeping an eye on these guys. And then there was another headline. Same night last night, Fox’s Mark Levin, again from the radio show, having done and doing my Fox show, attacks the military. And says if America were in a war, he would be amazed if we won. I didn’t attack the military. I tax specific generals and admirals and the leadership in the military, and I think I specifically said, Mr. Producer, I’m not talking about the rank and file. One of the greatest proponents and supporters of the United States military. This is how they write their headlines. And, of course, what I was talking about and I’m not going to do the show all over again. You can go to the daily recap on the Mark Levin Show website. Was the way. Millie and the head of the Navy and the secretary of defense, but really the former two. We’re embracing a Marxist racist ideology. And it was being pushed, quite frankly, throughout the military. So that means that I hate the military. And with leadership like this, it is difficult to see how we defeat the communist Chinese, in other words, we need real generals and admirals. Not this. That was a marquee headline. Now, what Media Matters does with these headlines as they push them out to the rest of the media. Media meteorite, which is like Media Matters, it’s a front group for the radical left and Democrats does the same thing. So it’s a complete perversion and distortion. But they don’t care. It’s the big lie. They are the totalitarians that I say they are, that we know they are. That’s exactly what they are. And they do it on behalf of the Democrat Party. And the far left. I hit back. I don’t roll over, it’s a very important lesson to No. I told you about that time and I was a little kid, what my father told me to do with these bullies and I did it and it worked. I want to thank the first responders in Florida. Who are constantly being berated, constantly be attacked. Cops being called racists, systemically racist white supremacists, even when they’re not all white. There are fantastic. Fantastic, and just remember this, the people who criticize them, they’re nowhere near the scene to help anybody. They’re not there to help. I was thinking about this today. Joe Biden has been in public office since he left law school, first the Wilmington City Council and then the United States Senate, elected when he was 29, sworn in when he was 30. Its entire life, really. Chuck Schumer goes to law school. And on the way out of law school, he gets elected to the state assembly. In New York, it’s his first real job. After that, he gets elected to the House of Representatives and then after that he gets elected to the Senate. That’s all he’s ever done. Nancy Pelosi, terms of her career. Was a. A progeny of a guy by the name of and a radical leftist Democrat. She eventually becomes head of the California Democrat Party. She decides that she wants to be a congressman, and so she becomes that in San Francisco, works her way up the ladder, become speaker. Her father had been mayor, Baltimore and so forth. Her brother was involved in politics in the rest. And I think to myself. One of these people ever done for this country, I’m not talking about running for office and passing laws and raising what have they done? What contribution they made. All they know is government. All they know is making a loss. All they know is raising taxes. All they know is spending money. They don’t know anything else. They’re myopic. They have no broad real world experiences. I’m not talking about family, I’m talking about real world experiences. They don’t have to create jobs. They know how to kill jobs because it’s government centric, that’s their mentality, and then it’s ideologically centric, that’s their mentality. Anyway, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I would tell my friend Thomas Lifson, and he is my friend over at The American Thinker, another. You know, journalists, so many of them are unethical. That’s the point. We know that they want only keep confidences, that they want to keep keep people anonymous, that they want to keep anonymous, we know. That’s the point. So don’t be surprised when they got. That said, I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years. I worked in the Reagan administration for eight years. I never once. Not once leaked anything. To a newspaper or media outlet ever. Let alone The New York Times and their ilk. Certainly not about the people around me. Now, I could go further into this, I’m not going to. But it a serious misunderstanding. Of one’s role. Love, loyalty. And character. Let me leave it at that. I used to be approached by the likes of a Brian Stelter, Oliver D’Arcy at CNN. I never sat down with them. Never leaked anything to them. Years ago, when I worked for the attorney general of the United States, they tried to penetrate the office of the attorney general, will write a great story about who the chief. I rejected all of it. How can I look myself in the mirror? Plus, I had good parents, they taught me to be a. You know, stand up guy. You see, this isn’t a game to me. I’m not positioning myself. This is deadly serious, this is the real world manners here. The real world matters here. It’s hard enough to be a conservative on radio and TV. It’s hard enough to be conservative at a newspaper. Without people leaking against you. Just remember that. And I think many of you already know that. So don’t be surprised when journalists lie or deceive or leak themselves. That’s the problem, isn’t it? Now, we were talking the other day, and I’m not going to play all this about how many times in the last two and a half or three months we together. How many times I mentioned. Tea Party, the need to push back, the need to have a movement, the need to organize, and there were so many times Mr. Producer couldn’t couldn’t write them all down is not true, Rick. But he pulled some audio. I won’t bore you with it. April 7th, April 21st, April twenty seventh, May 12, May 26, June 16th, and many times in between. And my my rallying call is we need to organize, we need to have a movement that we will have a movement that we need to take them on critical race theory, transgenderism, the war against capitalism, the war for open borders and so forth and so on. Those of you who listen to this program understand that we keep a running tally. The program four years work on our website. Mark Levin Show dot com on the daily recap. That’s probably where Media Matters and media go in order to pull their their brilliant stunts, the very hard working, serious journalists. These people there on the payroll of the left. That’s what they are. That’s what they are. If you will, there, they’re sort of media brownshirts. Now repeat that voice so I can use it and send it to all my listeners. I’ll be right back.

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Don’t ask him for a middle ground, there is no middle ground talk with Mark Levin now at eight, seven seven three eight one three eight one, and this administration is negotiating with the Islamic Nazi regime in Tehran. To give them money, to lift sanctions, to breathe life back into that that regime. And if they get intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, they’re going to aim them at our own country. This is insanity. Absolute insanity. And they just elected, quote unquote, a president in Iran, but we’re really not in a position to question other elections at this point, are we, ladies and gentlemen? And the guy is considered the butcher, Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi. There’s an excellent piece in the Tablet magazine, which is an excellent magazine by Miriam, Mama said. And I want to take a few minutes to walk you through this, this is the regime now that the Biden administration is going to help prop up. There’s the Biden administration gives every indication of removing most sanctions on the world’s top state sponsor of terror in pursuit of its nuclear deal, that regime has produced a new president personally culpable and sanctioned by the United States for large scale crimes against humanity. As they handpicked 60 year old Ebrahim Raisi is also likely to succeed the ailing Ali Khamenei, in other words, run the whole country as the supreme leader is deeply disquieting. Record and mindset warrant close examination. So who is this guy? Raisi. Has it been reported on any cable news program has been reported on any network news program? Of course not. Raisi became an Islamist idealogue as a teen studying in the seminary in Combe after the revolution, when he was only 19 years old and lacking any university education, he was appointed as a prosecutor, rising over the following four decades to fill the positions of Attorney General Teep, a deputy chief justice and most recently, chief justice of Iran’s theocratic dictatorship. Most notably, race was one of four members of a death committee responsible for the 1988 execution of thousands and thousands of Iranian prisoners of conscience in the space of a few months. The ideologically motivated mass executions constituted both a crime against humanity and genocide, a cleansing of religious infidels, according to international human rights expert Geoffrey Robertson. It was a massacre, he says, comparable with those at Srebrenica and Katyn forest. Raisi would typically spend only a few minutes with each prisoner, some young children, asking them questions that test their allegiance to radical Islam. The prisoners, mostly leftist revolutionaries who had helped bring the regime to power, typically refused to feign loyalty even after prolonged and brutal torture, which in some cases was personally directed and overseen by Raisi himself. It’s estimated that a minimum of a few thousand and as many as 30,000 were killed by hanging or firing squad. The massacre is still shrouded in secrecy, with the regime continuing to deny information to the families of those murdered, including about the location of their loved ones remains. What is known is the speed and efficiency of killing with hangings, using forklifts every half hour and the dumping of dead bodies in piles on trucks, a method in place that traumatized the executioners themselves. Virgins were systematically raped before their execution to circumvent the Islamic prohibition on killing virgins and to prevent women and girls from reaching heaven. The executed were ordered to write their own names on their hands before they went to their death. Sounds very much like the Nazi regime, doesn’t it? That’s why I call it the Islama Nazi regime, the massacre is a trauma etched into the collective consciousness of all the Iranian people throughout the country and throughout the diaspora. At the time, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, who had been designated to succeed the revolutionary leader, Khomeini condemned the mass executions in an act of dissent. In response, Khamenei rescinded Monterrey’s these clerical rank, cancelled his selection as the next supreme leader and condemned him to house arrest. And in his place. Rose Raisi. To this day, Raisi, proud of his role as a dutiful mass killer. In 2017, he posted to his telegrammed channel a video in which he justified the massacre and in 2018 called it divine punishment and a proud achievement for the revolutionary regime. Why am I going through this? Because these are the people. Who Joe Biden is going to hand hundreds of billions of dollars to his. During his tenure as attorney general from 2014 to 2016, executions spiked significantly compared to previous years. And during his time as judiciary chief 2019 to 2021, the regime shot to death at least 1500 peaceful protesters on the streets and more than 200 cities and imprisoned, tortured and executed countless more. And the biggest act of state violence since the 1988 prison massacre. Anadan idealogue Raisi believes that state violence is not only justifiable as autocrats, as autocrats typically do in their commitment to regime survival or national security, so-called, but that it’s godly is not only justified, but exalted the Islamist theocracies violence by elevating it above all other violence on Earth. And by the way, this he and they have in common with the Marxists. Because Marxism is really a perverse religion, that’s what it is. Historian Late Environment is an expert on the Iranian revolution and documentarian of the Islamic Republic’s four decades old commitment to killing off its political opponents, including her own father, a Democratic dissident who was assassinated by the regime in Paris in 1991. She writes, Raisi considers the Islamic regime to be the embodiment in this world of God’s governance. Therefore, state institutions are sacred and holy and by definition unaccountable to the Iranian citizens. Again, like Marxism. Citizens vis a vis the Islamic government are like creatures facing their creator, they have no rights of their own. In this race is a faithful follower, the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. He is a proponent of Islamist totalitarianism. Twenty nineteen and by the way, you never hear Omar or Talib or Alsi or any. Of the Democrats of that ilk, the radical hard left Marxist Democrats ever criticized the Iranian regime. We even have some Republicans, we don’t have some broadcasters who defend this regime. 2019, on the fourth anniversary, when the Islamic Republic took 50 American hostages for 444 days, the United States sanctioned Raisi for his role on the death commission as well as for the execution of children and the repression of human rights defenders in recent years in his capacity as chief justice and for his role in the brutal crackdown on twenty nine of the Green Movement protesters. The sanctions targeting Raisi were imposed as part of a set of sanctions and the supreme leader’s inner circle. More sanctions were added later. The leadership’s powerful foundations, which are the Mafia states primary mechanism for control of large swaths of the Iranian economy and illicit financing. These included one of the regime’s largest, the Austin Cuds Razavi Foundation, which is directed by Raisi, this so-called foundation has aided the Syrian dictator, Bashar al Assad, making Rossie complicit in crimes against humanity, not only in his own country, but in Syria. That Trump administration, which imposed these long justified and necessary sanctions, made clear that the sanction individuals and entities were designated because they had repressed and robbed the people of Iran. It cannot be overstated how profoundly this action impacted Iranians who yearn for decades for an acknowledgment of the grotesque injustice inflicted upon their families and their loved ones. Over 30 years after the prison massacre, Iranians saw those most responsible for killing and torture, as well as for the confiscation of their personal and business assets finally held accountable if not in a court of law, even if not in their own country, and even if the culpable continued to wield power. Khamenei salivation Arazi to his right hand, is met despite both the Iranian public and the United States in recent years, Iranians have been more overt and. More unified than ever in their struggle for a peaceful overthrow of the corrupt theocracy that has forfeited any semblance of popular consent to its role in response to the so-called election that ultimately brought race to power with a supposed 50 percent of the vote. The other day, they staged an unprecedented nationwide boycott. Empty polling stations were broadcast by satellite TV channels back in the country and echo the people’s largest campaign of no to the Islamic Republic. I hope local police officers, including deputies, allowed the counting, are paying attention to what I’m reading here. Iranians see no prospect for reform of the rodding theocratic system that is crushing them, except for the wholesale removal throughout the Arab world to people living in the Islamic Republic’s imperial domain are taking great risks to push back against the media cabal that is robbing them of dignity and a future in the name of God. The new president of Iran is a menace, a bulwark against these courageous aspirations and a signal of ever increasing determination to stifle and repress. And Khamenei knows the fury of the people in Iran and the region has been fueled in great part by the crippling sanctions imposed by President Trump. Which President Biden may soon undo. But also by the administration’s truth telling about the brutality and corruption of the regime. Biden’s appeasement 2.0 policy has already given the regime a new lifeline, with a selection of Rossie, Khamenei is puffing out his chest, showing that he knows that the United States has abdicated its own strong hand in favor of a losing one. The regime has studied and sought to shape the ideological underpinnings of the Obama Biden outlook on the Middle East, a so-called realignment toward accommodation of a regime at any cost, and emboldened by the recognition that Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Malley will stop at nothing to re-enter the nuclear deal. Khamenei feels unconstrained in choosing his potential successor. And untroubled that making the American capitulation look even more desperate and devoid of morality. The regime uses its nuclear program as a means to extort the United States so it can survive. But as much as the Obama Biden playbook may want to keep the regime in power as a counterbalance on the region, quote unquote, a nonsensical phrase, since the other side being balanced in this formulation would be the United States and its regional allies. The regime itself knows it is an irreparable, irreparable it is in an irreparable legitimacy crisis, no matter how much the United States accommodates it, so. Biden administration is breathing life back into this administration, into this regime. But it knows with its monstrous network of patronage and corruption, it is incapable of addressing the compounding existential crises that have galvanized it. That downtrodden and whose name the revolution was originally waged knows that any measure of freedom and openness that may grant to the Iranian people will only be used to press for a wholesale regime change. Khamenei is a student of the Soviet Union and the KGB, he knows how glasnost and perestroika backfired. His regimes decay is undeniable, and the Iranian people’s determination to fight him will only grow. But he’s decided the only recourse is further brutality to which he hopes to make the United States a de facto partner. Khamenei wants to put the United States in the best position of not only lifting sanctions, but lifting them on a president who’s committed crimes against humanity. He wants to terrorize the people of Iran further and show them that they have nowhere to appeal to and that the standard bearers of freedom and human rights prefer to send pallets of cash to mass murderers than to support the legitimate and peaceful aspirations of ordinary Iranians. And by doing so, he intends to fortify the culture of impunity is created for his yes men and himself, he wants to make the Iranian people lose their deep and abiding faith in the United States while he doesn’t have to do that. Joe Biden is doing it for him. That’s Iran. You know what’s going on in Afghanistan today. The Taliban are on the march they’re taking over the country. Now, I’ve been thinking about this a long time. Can you manage being a gold star family, Mr. Producer. Having lost one of your beautiful children. And the war in Afghanistan over the past 18, 19 years. And it’s come to this. That’s an unimaginable pain. Unimaginable. People sacrifice their lives for their country. Something Black Lives Matter Antifa. Most of these reporters in Washington, in New York, have never done and would never do. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

It is worth listening to this piece, though. This is from April 21, 2021. So this is two months ago. Cut three, Mr. Producer, go. You know, you and I together, many of you, we helped launch the Tea Party movement, will take credit for anything, but it was very, very important. And in part, that was done as a result of liberty and tyranny. But it was simultaneous. I’m hoping we can do something similar here because we’re going to need to we need to save our country. Our country is under attack from forces mostly within, and we better get this resolved or we’re going to lose this country. We’re going to lose our children in these classrooms, these indoctrination mills, they’ve already taken over our colleges and universities, they’ve already taken over our newsrooms. We need to get our act together. We need to have something to rally around. We need to have some ideas about what we’re going to do about this cut for go. I want this to be the the Thomas Paine moment. I want this to be the American crisis moment that I’ve talked to you about year after year after year. I want this to be the moment that we push back. And this, I think, is the book. This is going to be the way we do it. And I know many of you were very upset and very frustrated. I share your beliefs. All right, ladies and gentlemen, you get the gist. Many of you are really, really unbelievable. You’ve jumped in. You’ve preordered American Marxism. The rest of you can do the same thing. Let’s get ready, baby.