May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Israeli police have been called in to keep the peace in an uprising in Jerusalem. Hamas took advantage of the crisis and fired rockets into the region hurting hundreds. The Biden administration is causing great damage by pretending that both sides are at fault when this was clearly a one-sided attack. Then, a Russian front group has Cyber-hacked an east coast oil pipeline. Biden’s softness is being tested and he’s called for both the cyber gang and the energy company to calm down.  Later, the IRS is claiming a backlog of tax returns because of faulty printers. The agency is behind by 32%. Yet, the crime of being a Trump supporter is clear. Individuals that merely attended the Capitol Riot are having their civil rights trampled and America is silent. 1500 inmates are kept in their cells for 22-hours per day as they await their trial. This egregious violation has made few headlines in Washington DC even garnering rebukes from Sen.’s Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin. Afterward, Biden claims that his American Rescue Plan is working yet unemployment is high, fuel costs are high, and the deficit spending has been unprecedented.


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First of all, there’s a lot going on. Looks like a Russian front group, a gang. Attacked one of our oil pipeline systems that affects the East Coast, so other Russia files on TV and radio and in Congress and so forth, and so Putin’s OK. It’s not a big deal. These are ideologues, these are neo liberal ideologues. It’s not that we want a war with Russia. So Russia has really excelled at cyber warfare and they are very effective at attacking us. We can get into that later. Now, in the Middle East, you’re hearing information about what’s going on and you might have a war in the Middle East soon, and the Biden administration is utterly incapable of handling this, telling both sides to calm down like there’s, you know, like both sides are at fault. Very, very little thumbnail sketch on history here. As you know, and I’ve talked about it before, the court system in Israel, particularly the Supreme Court, is extremely liberal. It is very, very left wing. Even worse than our own Supreme Court. And there were families, Jewish families that wanted to get their property back. My memory is about four. In Jerusalem, because what happened is in the 19 in 1948 during the war. The Palestinians Jordanians grabbed a lot of these properties that belonged to the Jews, and these are properties that belong to Jews over the course of, oh, I’d say a couple of thousand years. And so here we are in twenty twenty one. Well, they want their homes back. So it was a very long process. You’re very long judicial process. And ultimately, the court ruled those are their homes. That they get to have their homes back, so the way this is being spun by the international media and if you read on freedom of the press, you know how The New York Times and the rest of them are. It’s that the the Israeli Jews and the Netanyahu government are trying to take property away from the Palestinians. Then you had some kind of a riot at the Alaska mosque. And the Israeli police, because Israel’s in charge of security there. Had to go in and try and. And tamp it down, which they did. And so now it’s been used as an excuse by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others. To fire hundreds and hundreds of missiles at Israel, including Jerusalem. And to riot in Jerusalem, Ken, thumbnail sketch. And several hundred people have been injured, some have been killed. And as I speak, the Israelis are responding with drones and with jets. And the Gaza Strip. And so the anti-semite are coming out both in the United States and overseas. And that’s what’s taking place. The Biden administration is doing great damage to the situation by doing what the Democrat left in the media always do in this country. Which is pretending that it’s. It’s a matter of relativism, that is. Both sides are at fault if only the Israelis would be bargaining about Judea and Samaria, aka from their perspective, the West Bank. If only they wouldn’t build in Jewish areas that have always been Jewish areas. That this is somehow provocative. And so this is what you’re seeing and hearing, and it’s important that you go on the Internet and actually do a little bit of research on these things because the media is horrendous. Excuse me. They are horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. I’ve had very few of you even knew about the legal situation that I just spoke about. I just watched the coverage on my favorite cable network and the gentleman in Israel, I’m not a particularly big fan of. I suppose that’s why the Palestinians and even Hamas in the Gaza Strip give him access. He never said a word about that court decision. Not a word. And so that’s what’s taking place, and this is exactly what Hamas and Abbas and the rest of them do. They try and take advantage and exploit these situations are media, give them a great assist, and they know that the Biden administration will not be the Trump administration. So we’ll keep a close eye on this as it changes hourly, but I wanted you upfront to know about this and of course, you have to imagine. The Islamic Nazir regime in Tehran has its hands behind this, or if it doesn’t, it certainly will. Just a matter of time to try and exploit it. And now you’ll see what Joe Biden’s really made up and the and the goons that he appointed his administration, the European Union, the rest of them. You’ll see it’s not going to be very pretty, but some of the Israeli people themselves haven’t done themselves any good either. You’ve got a lot of conniving and backstabbing going on. Like by man, by the name of Naftali Bennett and Sahar, another one, these are former Likud members, former members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet. And when Bennett ran, he ran to the right of Netanyahu and he said he would never join a a liberal left of center government, and he’s negotiating not just with a left of center, but hard leftist parties or trying to cobble together enough. And, of course, Knesset seats, if you will, to take out Netanyahu, and they’re on the precipice of doing exactly that. So who would you want as prime minister, facing down what’s taking place now, facing down the Iranians and facing down Iran’s best friend, Joe Biden? Who would you want? Would you want some backstabbing greenie? Like Naftali Bennett, or would you want a guy who’s been facing them down for over a decade? And so. The Israeli system and many of the Israeli people, not a majority, by the way, but too many are undermining themselves in this situation. So that’s a thumbnail sketch. Like, why do we care it’s 7,000? We care because these things have a tendency to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And we care on this program because we care about the state of Israel on this program. But right now, I want to get back to the state of the United States. Which is disastrous under the current regime. It is a disaster under the current regime. I don’t have enough time to get into this, we will get into this a lot more. There’s a lot to cover, lots going on over the weekend, plus things I want to talk about. And by the way, I want to thank you. You watched so many of you, life, liberty and love in this Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, or you watched it on your DVR. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and I just want to thank you, you’re the best audience anybody could possibly have. And I mean that American Marxism has been number one on Amazon since Life, Liberty and Levein aired last night. There’s a lot of competition there now. The difference is my book is being preordered. Their books have been released. But we’ve got to make this counterrevolution work. We’ve got to make it have been thinking about it all weekend. What we’re going to do and what we have to do. We’ve got to make it work. We’ve got to do what we did during the Tea Party revolution and on our other revolutions here. And we will. Except unlike them, we won’t be available. Did you see that man who was beaten to a pulp in Portland? Slightly handicapped gentleman. He’s a handyman. They blocked off his road to get home. He got out of the car and yelled at them to get out of the way. They literally pulled weapons still Leida. Still, I doubt they pulled out weapon systems and teeth and Black Lives Matter, he pulled his weapon out. They wrestled him to the ground, they knocked the gun out of his hand and they beat him to a pulp, multiple broken bones. And there was a police officer there who did literally nothing. And I’ll tell you what’s going on here, it’s very simple. Even those of us with weapons would carry permits. When we’re attacked, we’re afraid to shoot. Because it’s obvious. You’ll be prosecuted for murder, you’ll be prosecuted for assault, you’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the feds will come in over a top charge with some kind of a. Other offense, some civil rights offense, in other words, you really do not have the right to defend yourself in this country. You saw the couple in St. Louis. This gentleman in Portland. You don’t have the right to defend yourself. Because of the way the prosecution and the way the investigations are going now and one of the things I want to talk about when we come back. Man, I’m loaded, no, not with booze, I don’t drink. You know what I mean? I’m loaded. Is the way the men and women who’ve been rounded up. By the Department of Justice. Based on this January six event, the way they are being treated. It is horrific. I’ll be right back.

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You know, more wine is more clients, really top of the top of the hill, and you put out a statement there, ZOA, and he says on their multiple official and private Facebook sites and media outlets, the dictator Mahmoud Abbas, that’s Palestinian Authority, his Fatah movement, and all its Fattah elements and leadership, unquote, widely publicized their communique, directing every Arab to continue the uprising and raise the level of the confrontation. This communique was prefaced with Koranic verses in an attempt to incite an Islamic holy war against innocent Jews. Abbas and Fatah’s communique also called Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Terrorists called the Democratic Israeli government fascist and called for demonstrations at international sites. Furthermore, as documented the day after Apter shot and murdered in his. A teenager and wounded two other Israeli teenagers, Abbas’s Fatah movement widely broadcast a video message urging Arab Jerusalem residents to perpetrate more bloodshed against the Jews. The video quoted from an Arab song, Oh, Self Sacrificing Fighter, may your bullet hit their targets. Can you imagine if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set out such a demand of Israeli Jews? Netanyahu will be roundly condemned if the world is silent about Abbas’s provocations. Is there Arab Muslim privilege or is it just Jew hatred? In addition, senior Hamas official Fatah Hamad tweeted, People of Jerusalem, we want you to cut off the heads of the Jews with knives with your hand, cut their artery. From here, a knife costs five shekels, buy a knife, sharpen it, put it here and cut. Just cut off their heads. It cost just five shekels. But those five shekels, you will humiliate the Jewish state. You shall find the strongest and enmity towards the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists. The Jews have spread corruption, have acted with arrogance, and their moment of reckoning has come. The moment of their destruction at your hands as a right. Sounds like Nazis, doesn’t it? But again, the world is silent or blames the Jews victims of Arab violence as this Arab Muslim privilege. And so they also criticize US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who is a slimeball for it, misleadingly expressing, quote, serious concerns about planned evictions of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem. Now, here are the facts, a little bit more detail. Centuries ago, Jews bought all the land and Sheika area and named the area after Simon Saddiq Simon, that just this was a Jewish neighborhood until 1948, even though the Arabs constantly attacked the air, the innocent Jews who legally live there. But in 1948, Jordan illegally captured the area and banned the Jews from living in this formerly Jewish neighborhood. Jordan gave Arabs leases to these Jewish homes in the area, became an Arab neighborhood living on legally owned Jewish land in the 1967 Defense of war. Israel recaptured the area and the Jewish owners legally reclaimed their homes, which were stolen 19 years earlier. The matter went to court and the court said the Jews were the legal owners. Nevertheless, in an extraordinary concession, it was agreed that the Arabs could remain as lezzies if they paid a fair rent to the Jewish owners while the Arabs never paid. And this became a legal issue for half a century. In addition, some Arabs entered the homes as squatters on leases expired. Finally, a recent court decision stated, if the Arabs refuse to pay rent or squatters or their leases had long ago expired, they could be evicted. Just as any renter, squatter or holdover anywhere in the world who refuses to pay rent for years can be legally evicted. So this legal eviction notice was the phony pretext for the recent violence. You’re saying that the Arabs have launched against the Jews and Jerusalem. So that’s what’s going on. None of this, of course, was explained by the even the guy at FOX reporting from the Middle East or anybody else on American television. It’s a disgusting disgrace. I mean, you sit home and you listen to this stuff and you say, wow, what’s going on here with the constant now you know you know what’s going on? I only have a minute. When we return, there’s a very, very important story that was done, Just the News, which is an outstanding site founded by John Solomon. They have great reporters here, including my buddy David Brody. And the headline is D.C. Jail Treatment of Capital Defendants Draws Bipartisan Outrage. Ladies and gentlemen. These people are being abused. Their civil rights are being violated. They’re purposely being put in under awful conditions. Now, compare that to what went on in New York and Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Philadelphia. Nobody’s talking about this, but we shall soon as I return. I’ll be right back.

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From just the news, a short drive from the US capital. Fifteen hundred inmates are stuck in their jail cells 22 hours a day. Until last month, it was twenty three hours a day and they were also barred from going outside. A smaller group of inmates may have it even worse. Those awaiting trial for alleged crimes of the January six capital riot. They’ve been placed in restrictive housing, a maximum security designation. The plight of nearby inmates has received surprisingly little attention on Capitol Hill for the better part of a year since the District Columbia Department of Corrections issued its medical stay in place policies for covid-19 that only changed in late April, and it flipped the partisan script. Representative James Komar, ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee, demanded better treatment for the inmate population at large, while Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin spoke up for inmates accused of insurrection to keep Donald Trump in office. This is how bad the conditions are. The issue could complicate his bid for statehood. This house is not in order, and the solution is not to grant it even more authority through statehood, Comber said. Representative Clay Higgins, Republican Louisiana, also cited the Washington Post report in an April 22 floor speech against D.C. statehood, alleging the city has been essentially torturing inmates for more than a year. That is ultimately a violation of the Eighth Amendment, he said. Is this what we can expect from a D.C. state? The January six defendants are being held in pretrial detention on charges ranging from knowingly entering or remaining in restricted grounds without authority to conspiracy, assault and obstruction of an official proceeding. Oh, my lord. Ladies and gentlemen, what the hell do they think has been going on all over this country, by the way? Asked about December six defendants specifically. Congress and Commerce Office provided just the news, a statement he said reports that January six defendants who’ve been charged but not yet convicted of a crime are receiving even harsher treatment. That is, the people who’ve been convicted of serious crimes is equally appalling. A Department of Corrections spokesperson did not answer e-mail questions and declined to speak on the record in a phone interview. A lawyer for Jan, six defendants told Politico that lawmakers should contact him if they were concerned about the inmates treatment. Marty Tankleff himself exonerated after decades in prison for a wrongful murder conviction, told just the news. No one has contacted him nearly three weeks later. His clients include Ryan Samso, who alleges a prison guard beat him so badly he suffered permanent eye damage, and Edward Jacob Blang, an observant Jew who claims guards disparaged him as a false prophet as he prayed for other inmates. In a March order denying a defendant’s removal from restrictive housing, this one really bothers me. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth have only known for 40 years, said the D.C. attorney general, who placed all January six defendants in such housing, quote, for their own safety and safety of the jail. Politico reported. Solitary confinement is a form of punishment that is cruel and psychologically damaged, damaging, Senator Warren told political. And she fears the January six defendants are being singled out for punishment so they can break them, so they will cooperate with federal prosecutors. Why is it Warren, Elizabeth Warren, who’s making these points? Where is everybody? And what is John Royce Lamberth doing, for God’s sakes? I know him to be a good man. Durbin was surprised to learn about the restrictive housing, it should be a rare exception, with a clear justification to be used in very limited circumstances, he said. Anybody here, McConnell? Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger. Anybody hear from those Three Stooges? Staffer Durbin, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Warren, a member of the Senate Democratic leadership, did not respond to queries. Neither did leaders of the House Judiciary and Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committees. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the D.C. delegate, she refused to answer, they’re all refusing to answer. You want to know why these people are being abused? Abused. Just the news could not find a definition of restrictive housing except for a Dossi policy Department of Corrections last reviewed in August 2019, it calls single occupancy with no other restrictions listed. It’s reserved for inmates who are sexual predators, engaged in a sort of behavior, aren’t likely to be or are likely to be exploited or victimized or of any other documented special need. Now, the lawyer who represents some of these defendants, Tankleff and fellow lawyer Steve Metcalf, who share in New York practice, told just the news there January six clients have been placed in two forms of 23 hour solitary confinement. One is in the box where inmates are sent for disciplinary infractions. They said they characterized the other administrative segregation as not punitive, in name only. Tankleff said the clients weren’t given notice or the opportunity to challenge the designation, which is also unusual. And the lawyers have faced hurdles, starting with actually meeting their clients, a contact visit requires an inmate to quarantine after after work for a minimum of 14 days in a space that includes the inmates. It’s not the safest place for staying covid free, Metcalf said, already goes on. Ladies and gentlemen, these people have been convicted of a damn thing. Not one of them is charged with a gun violation. Because they didn’t have any weapons. It is obvious to me. That the treatment they’re now receiving. Is politically based. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be arraigned and so forth, I’m saying this treatment that I’m reading to you here. The way and by the way, they’re being treated, Elizabeth Warren actually has a right. And they’re trying to get them to plead the things they didn’t do. That’s one of the reasons they put people in conditions like this. But this is the United States of America. This is going on in Washington, D.C. You don’t hear a damn thing about it. But for this article. No investigative reporters from The New York Times. CBS, NBC, ABC. And Washington, D.C., is crawling with cockroaches. I mean, reporters. We’re Chuck Todd, that clown where George Stephanopoulos, that fool. Where any of them? The Department of Corrections has faced scrutiny. For strict jail conditions going back to the start of the covid-19 pandemic. But especially in the past month. D.C. is an outlier among jail systems, even its own backyard report of the post, inmates in Montgomery County get two and a half hours outside of their cells, three hours in Prince George’s County. While officials said the 23 hour lockdown set largely stop the spread of Kowit. Congressman Colmer seized on the psychological and physical harms the policy would reportedly cause you have people who have been hunted down by the FBI all over the country. If they see you in a video on a picture, even if you’re not in the building, if you’re on the steps of the building. They’re taking these people into custody and we never hear from them. We don’t hear from them. Unbelievable. Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon. You have case after case of assault and brutality, people carrying weapons, Molotov cocktails run at a federal courthouse interfering with their business, their. There’s obvious disparate treatment, there’s no question about it. I just hope some governmental official who can hear my voice. Whomever they are, wherever they are. We’ll take up this, cause I understand that it’s unpopular. I understand they’re trying to destroy anyone and everybody who ever supported Donald Trump and Donald Trump. I understand that’s why they’re parading Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney and their ilk on their shoulders from one television studio to another. I get it. But this is unacceptable in the United States. Of America. Simply unacceptable. Some of these people are being accused of trespass and nothing more, which is a misdemeanor. And some of them didn’t even trespass, and they’re being accused of trespass. Some of them have had the book thrown at them on charges that simply cannot be supported and will not be supported, so they in particular are being brutalized to try and get them to plead to something they know they can never get in a court of law. They’re throwing all the resources they have with the federal government at this event. All the resources they had. Meanwhile, federal law enforcement there was trying to take back the courthouse in Portland. They were called storm troopers. By two of the three top Democrats in the House of Representatives. People are literally being beaten to a pulp, police officers are actually being attacked again. And you hear not a damn thing about their prosecutions and their imprisonments. All you hear about is, oh, white supremacy. I’ll be right back.

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You know, the Democrats have been importing illegal aliens for a long time now because they said Americans don’t do certain jobs and the illegal aliens will do jobs Americans won’t do. Now, of course, are importing illegal aliens and they’re also handing Americans checks not to work. And Biden today says, of course, Americans want to work. We’re going to spend some time on this next hour, because what Biden is doing, again, is destroying the work force, destroying our financial system, undermining our economic system because he’s an idiot. Every time someone correctly states that one of these big tech tyrants are censoring conservatives, the media downplayed and act like we’re making it up. So what are they saying now that Facebook’s, quote unquote, independent oversight board upheld a ban on Donald Trump? Was the president of the United States at the time, by the way? Well, they love it. They’d like to see these companies censored conservatives more. You see, Joe Biden’s getting seventy one percent approval across the country for the vaccines. Mr.. This is what happens when you have a media that lie and you have a president who lies and they lie together and there’s no counter on these programs, are you seeing something interesting happen in some states? And that is litigation against critical race theory, which we congratulate. But you’re also seeing other things take place in some cities, and that is. The expansion of critical race theory. So let me just tell you, what we’re having here now is a segregated educational system in our public schools by segregated, I don’t even mean by race, segregated by ideology. And I wanted to briefly touch on something that we’ll discuss more certainly in two months or so. Have you ever heard of Herbert Marcuse? We’ll be talking about him in the next few months at some length, Herbert Marcuse was an avowed and extreme Marxist. He was born in Germany. And. He was part of a group of Marxists. And he could never accept the fact. He could never accept the fact that the Third Reich Nazis. Succeeded where the Marxists did not. Now, what do I mean by that? He thought there would be this great proletariat uprising. With the fall of the democratically elected government. And instead, there wasn’t a great proletariat over. And he had trouble understanding, had trouble explaining it. The fascists had won the day, not the Marxists. By the way, imagine the insanity. So he had to figure out what what is going on here? So he in this group, he belonged to the so-called Franklin group, we’ll call it for our purposes tonight. He’s credited with hatching the critical theory ideology, so critical theory ideology didn’t start with race. These critical theory based movements were launched in America. Why were they launched in America? Because he escaped Germany and came to the United States. Much like Omar as a refugee, she comes to the United States, hates America, she’s a Marxist, and she pushes her radical left agenda. Well, Marcus, unfortunately, was 100 times smarter than her and. He formed this critical theory. Movements and launched it in America. Particularly in the 1960s, since part of this Franklin School, the political theorists, so this is all in the book, American Marxism. And so he’s best known for attempting to explain why the so-called proletariat workers in the United States and elsewhere have not risen up to overthrow the capitalist system of the ruling bourgeoisie. And again, we’ll get into this more later. Do you want to know his main argument, one of the main reasons he said you folks didn’t rise up and overthrow your own country? Because he said America is just too tolerant. I know you’re scratching your head shaking. What does that mean? America uses tolerance to repress the population, he said in 1965. And so the dominant culture. The dominant culture uses tolerance that’s not really tolerance, it’s really repressive. It’ll accept protest. They will accept this agreement, it’ll accept lawsuits challenging. The institutions. But it won’t ultimately accept the overthrow of these institutions, the overthrow the government, the overthrow of the country. And so what it does is it creates this notion of tolerance, we’re the most tolerant society on the face there in order to oppress minorities, in order to oppress people with minority views, in order to oppress the poor and in order to oppress the proletariat. And you see the proletariat and the poor and the rest. They’re just too stupid to understand what’s happening to them. It needs to be explained to them that this isn’t really tolerance, you’re being subservient. You just don’t know it yet. He talked about the systematic moron ization of children and one of the things I’ve learned all these years, but particularly in research on this book, is how these phony academics make up words. They make them up, they try to coin them, they try to be clever, and instead they sound sophomoric and verbose. So we’re tolerance toward that, which is evil. That which is repressive. And so this developed into a legal theory, critical legal theory, and to jump to today, really the 1970s had developed into what they call critical race theory. That is, that this white society pretends to want equality, pretends to want a colorblind society, the entire civil rights movement was a ruse. Martin Luther King was a fraud, colorblind society. And this very short thumbnail sketch is how critical race theory began will discuss this great length. So we understand exactly what we’re dealing with. This is an American Marxism. I want to strongly encourage you levitates and your Patriots please preorder today if you have it, and go to Amazon or any other place and order your copies. Now, remember, we are silent no longer.