April 28, 2021

April 28, 2021

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Oprah Winfrey and Lebron James are frauds because they support movements that destroy our country while they reap the rewards of the free-market system that they have profited from. Yet the left’s mantra is “tax the rich.” Tonight President Biden will give a Castro-like speech at his first joint session of Congress. Pontificating about racism and climate change and proposing that the federal government steal money, by way of confiscatory taxes, from a workforce that earned it to redistribute it to a workforce that hasn’t. All in the name of ideas that Biden feels are noble. It’s so much easier to propose these things than it is to correct and remove them once implemented. Marxism has always failed and always will fail. Then, Biden is a liar and is trying to make it look like he saved America from the coronavirus and that infrastructure means whatever he says. Rep. James Clyburn supports the left’s reimagining of whatever they feel like as if the people working in government are the only ones that have a say, and not the people paying for all of this spending. Later, it has been leaked that in Biden’s speech he will say that the January 6th, 2021 riot at the US Capitol was the biggest attack on US democracy since the Civil War. The media will paint whatever picture they want to get their desired propaganda result. Afterward, the FBI raided the home of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Despite him and his lawyers agreeing to make themselves available to the FBI. However, the feds wanted to disregard any attorney-client privilege that Giuliani might have concerning the 45th President of the United States. Notice the disparate treatment between former Mayor Giuliani and Hunter Biden who has never been raided despite troves of allegations.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Well, I want to thank you, you went to Amazon and Barnes Noble and these other sites and you. Or preordering, the book debuted at number two, even though the book doesn’t come out for a few months. And the fact of the matter is, the number one book is a book that is supported by Oprah Winfrey in the Oprah Club. And I’m going to talk about this and then we’re going to swing into the Biden speech because they’re relevant and they’re related. Oprah Winfrey is a multibillionaire. She has the states not just all over the country, but all over the world, she’s private jet. She has a broadcasting business, TV, radio, she has a publishing business. She has businesses all over the place. And you know why she’s rich? Because of you. Because. Of our capitalist system. She’s rich because of you. And yet, just like LeBron James, she’s a mouthpiece. She’s a mouthpiece for the Marxist movement in this country, whether it’s black lives matter, whether it’s systemic racism and this book, that’s number one on Amazon, which is out now. Talks about how to overcome obstacles and so forth and so on. I just want you to think about this a second. She embraces an ideology and a movement that calls you systemically racist, whomever you are who disagree with her, whatever your race, you’re systemically racist. Yet she’s promoting a book that talks about individuals not based on their race, but based on psychological issues, how to overcome your personal problems and so forth and so on. She’s getting away with being a complete fraud. Oprah Winfrey is a complete fraud. LeBron James is a complete fraud. Bill Gates is a complete fraud. Warren Buffett is a complete fraud. They embrace these movements that are at war with our society, that want to undermine our capitalist system. While at the same times they are wealthier than any human beings have ever been on Face the Earth as a result of America, Republicanism and capitalism. You see, in other countries, it doesn’t matter how gifted you are, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, it doesn’t matter if you can invent a thousand things, it doesn’t matter if you have a personality that can draw a daytime audience of millions because you don’t get the chance to do any of those things. You don’t get the chance to do any of those things. So there she is, her book that she’s promoting. Number one on Amazon. And it is my goal with your help this evening. To overtake it, and again, to send a message to Oprah Winfrey, to the media, to the world. That you’re no longer the silent majority, that they have to take notice. Why the book’s called American Marxism. American Marxism. Now, what does this have to do with anything has to do with everything. You’re going to hear a speech tonight given by a doddering old fool. He’s going to have every syllable written for him. Which substantively. Is 80 percent. 80 percent, the kind of speech that Fidel Castro would give, 80 percent, the kind of speech Maduro would give. That is, there are still certain constitutional firewalls that haven’t been breached, although not many. Not many. But you’re going to hear Joe Biden talk about how he is going to eviscerate our existing society. Why it has to be eviscerated. Because it’s a failed society. He’s going to hit all the hot topics about racism and climate change. And of course, the way to fix it is to steal trillions of dollars. From people who earned it. Whether it’s a labor force like you. Whether it’s a business or whatever it is. And give it to a labor force that hasn’t earned it, the federal bureaucracy and state bureaucracies who will then redistributed based on what Joe Biden thinks are righteous and noble causes. Free nursery school and kindergarten, free community college, as Hillary Clinton once said, I have a million ideas, but folks, if you’re in the private sector or in your own lives and you have a million ideas, fine. But if you have a million ideas in the way you impose those ideas is through the iron fist. Extraconstitutional means confiscatory taxes. Where are you going to steal from people? That is immoral. And it will also fail. It will fail Marxism. Even a soft Marxism will fail. The economic impact won’t be felt immediately, but it’ll be felt. And by the time it’s fell, it’s too late. It’s easier to impose these things than to undo these things. It’s easier to impose these things than to undo these things. What is it that Joe Biden? It’s going to be proposing, among other things. Well, I’ll give you an example. Three days ago, they were talking about one point five trillion. Now they’re talking about one point eight trillion and Bernie Sanders is unhappy. He wants it to be well over two trillion because he wants free health care and free prescription drugs. In the course of 100 days. Joe Biden has spent. Or intends to spend six trillion dollars. That does not even include the federal budget, which is about 4.5 trillion. He has a 16 percent increase in domestic discretionary spending. Six trillion dollars. No more do they pretend that this is tied? To the coronavirus, no more do they depend at this is relief. And they’re going to spend all this money by giving you the usual Marxist claptrap, that is. Tell you how they’re going to create heaven on earth. You shouldn’t have to pay for your prescription drugs, all these people who are developing these drugs. Forget about the pharmaceutical companies. Think about the employees, the scientists, the medical experts, the lab technicians, thousands of people working on one drug at a time. How are they going to get paid? And why would they invest time and effort? To developing anything. If the government’s going to take 50, 60, 70 percent of what those businesses earn. Why would they do that? He says it’s just going to tax the rich, he’s a liar. I’ll get into that later. Just remember, Joe Biden’s always been a liar and so is the left. What else are they going to do? He won’t secure the border. They’re undermining law enforcement, they’re pushing critical race theory. They want to destroy our constitutional separation of powers. And you should hear some of these proposals he has in here. Let’s go through some of them. And remember, I want you to listen to the speech in the context. Of a Marxist ideologue, because they’re going to Regina, we’re not Marxists, we’re not saying that we should own the production and we should own these because of course, you’re not saying that, but you’re doing it through the back door. I said this is American Marxism. That is an American form of Marxism. That’s what we have. These are the arguments. He’s going to talk about taxing the rich. He’s going to talk about the poor getting all these so-called benefits. He’s going to pretend he’s going to leave the masses. That is all of you alone, when in fact, that’s an impossibility. You’re his target. You’re his real target. He’s going to talk about the environment while he’s driving up energy prices, electricity prices. The price of gasoline has gone up, the price of food has gone up because everything’s related energy. He’s going to pretend like the worst of the Marxist, that he’s doing it in the name of the people, that he’s doing it for the people he cares about, the people, when in fact it’s the people he wants to control and his party wants to control. Here’s some of what he’s proposing to do, according to the Hill, because it was already released. Calls for 200 billion dollar program offering universal prekindergarten for all three and four year olds. Well, that’ll be great while they’re learning about. Transgenderism. And they’re learning about. Critical race theory so they can help them hate themselves and hate other people. So we’re going to expand public education of public control of your children, free universal prekindergarten for all three and four year olds, one hundred nine dollars billion for tuition free community college for any American who wants. Eighty five billion dollars to increase Pell grants to benefit low income and minority students. Now, I could have sworn we just spent hundreds of billions of dollars in two multitrillion dollar bills for education, particularly public education and so forth, but it’s not enough. Because they can never be satiated. And more than four billion dollars in funding for larger scholarships, certification and support programs for teachers. Because they’re doing such a swell job. They’re going to build on provisions of the American rescue plan. That was the first multitrillion dollar bill, you remember, where he was rescuing America by extending the Affordable Care Act premiums, their tax credits, and definitely make the earned income tax credit expansion for childless workers permanent. The. Just so you understand, because most of you aren’t receiving this. That’s basically a welfare payment. That’s basically a welfare payment. So what they’re saying is if you don’t have children. And you are under a certain amount, you will permanently receive this. Extended, increased sum of money, cash. Child tax credit fully available to the lowest income families while extending other aspects of the expansion of the credit, so you have a child tax credit plan that will go to people who don’t have children. It also calls for the creation of a national paid family and medical leave program. Two hundred and twenty five billion dollar investment. They call it what provide workers up to 4,000 dollars a month if they require leave to care for a new child, care for a seriously ill loved one, deal with an illness or another. Serious reason. Gee, that won’t be abused by any employee for thousand dollars a month on family leave. On family leave. 225 billion. That’ll be a trillion dollar program before you know it. What else? Forty five billion dollars in a meals program for children. I thought we had a meals program for children. What’s food stamps for? Unemployment insurance reform, now, that’ll mean for the first time ever, there’ll be no permanent. So the federal government on top of state governments paying for unemployment, so all you folks that need to hire workers, you might as well give it up. It ain’t happening. Two hundred and twenty five billion for investments, they love that word in child care. 15 dollar minimum wage for early childhood staff and expanded child care centre accessibility, what they’re doing now is anywhere the federal government is there mandating a 15 dollar minimum wage. And the reason they’re doing that is so in all these areas of our economy where you cannot pay a fifteen dollars minimum wage and you do not pay 15 dollar minimum wage, you will now be pressured to do it because otherwise the the workforce is going to be flowing to the government, flowing to government programs, flowing to government contractors. So you’ll be competing with them. And there’s much more. And Bernie and the others are very upset that it doesn’t basically give free health care and free drugs, expand Medicare for all that sort of stuff. This is Marxism, that’s what you’re watching. You don’t have to control and own the means of production when you can coerce, threaten, bully, fine imprison people who don’t do what you tell them to do, this is actually more. Pernicious, then straight out Marxism, because you’re using our economic system to destroy our economic system more when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Got two and a half more hours is a lot to cover, I’ll get to Rudy, I promise. So you’re going to hear things in tonight’s speech and I read it undoubtably that I’ll tell you where the greatest people on the face of the earth, there’s no reason people should go hungry. We can do these things so you can hear a rallying call like that. Well, the man who has called you systemically racist. This is the way the Marxists, they talk out of both sides of their mouths, the one hand they want to appeal to you as Americans, you need to join forces. You need to unite behind this counterrevolution, against the American Revolution. You need to breach all the firewalls in the Constitution with us, all the freebies that are going to come, all the dislocation, all the redistribution of wealth. We’re going to reinvent the world. We’re going to reinvent our country. You need to participate in this. Even if you lose your job, we’re going to create millions of jobs. You’ll get a new job. Don’t worry, you’ll get a new job. You can’t pay health care. You’ll get health care. Don’t worry. Don’t worry at all. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of the Oprah Winfrey’s of the world. I’m sick of all of it. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So we are systemically racist. We’re systemically racist, right? And yet we make Oprah Winfrey a billionaire, we make LeBron James a billionaire. We make these corporatists. Wildly wealthy. We provide all the money and have to pay all the debt of all the reimagining that’s going on. Outside our constitutional order. To pay for Joe Biden’s legacy, to pay for Marxist Bernie Sanders agenda. And yet you are systemically racist, what’s wrong with you? We have to reimagine you. Now, isn’t this about as. Preposterous, absurd, insane and unhinged as it gets. They rely on the vast majority of the American people to pay for everything, to do everything. I just talking about white people, I’m talking about hardworking Americans. And so as a result, they’re going to tax us and the more successful you are, the more they’re going to tax you. Doesn’t matter if you’ve invented something that’s absolutely essential to this society. Doesn’t matter how many people you employ. Does it matter how many people for whom you contribute pension money and medical expenses and all the rest people can put food on the table? No, no, no, you are successful. You have to be punished. Says who? Says unsuccessful people who succeed at one thing politics. Marxism. You’re not going to hear a word tonight about the federal government taking over. That is owning the means of production, what you’re going to hear is the federal government controlling it, regulating it, taxing it, directing it as if it owns it. So what’s the difference? Fundamentally, there is no difference, except this is more pernicious, they want you to believe that we’re not autocrat’s Joe Biden and the rest. We’re not Marxist, but kind of a joke is that we’re just telling people what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where they do it, or telling them what they can’t do, when they can’t do it, how they can’t do it. Really, is there a huge difference between the two? In the end, they violate your individual liberty, your unalienable rights, your property rights, your constitution. That’s what you’re going to hear tonight with the right frame of mind when he’s up there talking about what he’s going to do to rejigger society, to reengineer society. Racial equity, economic equity and all the rest. When you hear all that. That’s not the brainchild of a man who’s a halfwit fact is a nitwit. Where did they get this stuff from? And why do they pretend they don’t get this stuff from, you know, who? Well, it’s time to speak the truth. We have an incredible. Anomaly going on, you look at the. Amazon, the richest man on the face of the earth, he’s a liberal. He owns The Washington Post. And at the top of the list of books right now. Is a book promoted by Oprah Winfrey. So you have Marxist oriented surrogates, Marxist mouthpieces, people who have earned a fortune off the backs of you because of what you do on Amazon, because of what you’ve done with Oprah. You’ve made these people filthy rich. And they turn around and they dismiss you. This has to stop. This has to stop. Never again should an Oprah Winfrey Book Club book be number one on the Amazon list, never again. Some people out there, some of you not many, but some of you, you’re thinking, boy, she is terrible, and then you’ll buy a book she recommends. Why? Why? Talks about systemic racism, she’s into that whole movement, she’s into that whole movement multibillionaire. Lives better than kings and queens before her. I think she did it all herself. You did it. You did it. He like Oprah, he like the way she ran her shows. You buy the book, she recommends, you watch the show she promotes. But she hates many of you, she despises many of you. She throws in with the racists and the racialists. What Black Lives Matter, the corporate black lives matter. She’s been pushing these white. Systemic racism books left and right. Did you know that? She has their authors on her different platforms. She said it was a great awakening to her great awakening, their. And yet there she is. Squeezing every penny out of the system. There is Joe Biden in his party. They’ll be jumping up and down like clapping seals. About all the ways Joe Biden is going to punish you all the way, Joe Biden is going to steal from you, your labor, your intellectual and physical labor, where you get up every morning and you’ll work and you come home every evening and you’re a law abiding, taxpaying citizen who was trashed by the Democrat Party. You’re trash by the Marxists for who you are, your skin color. You’re accused of slavery, you’re accused of segregation. You don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about. But that’s you you’re painted as a as a reprobate, especially if you supported Donald Trump. You’re lower than lower your lower than dirt. But they’re happy to steal your money and redistribute it. They’re happy to increase your taxes. This has to stop. It’s time for some pushback. We need to expose to these people. This isn’t just your old Democrat party, these aren’t old fashioned traditional liberals. No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not what’s going on here with the class warfare, with the race warfare, with the open borders, with the attack on capitalism, the attack on constitutionalism. No, no, no. That’s not what’s going on here. And then when you look at this. They don’t have a mandate for any of this. They almost lost the house, there’s a six or seven. Person majority for the Democrats hasn’t been closer in 100 years. It’s 50/50 in the Senate, and our Constitution gives the vice president the tie, tie breaking vote. They’re hanging on by their fingernails, which is exactly why they want to kill the system and replace it with something that gives them the hammer and sickle where they’re in charge of everything. That’s the speech you’re going to hear tonight and they’re going to wrap it in the usual crap that the Marxist wrap it in. Which is what we’re doing this for the people. It’s time for reform, it’s time that we move into the 21st century. It’s time that we do this. It’s time. No, no, no, no, no. What about liberty? Oh, no. I wonder how often you’ll hear that word. What about private property rights? You work your whole life and you know what they want to do, massively increase the estate tax? Well, don’t worry. That’s just for millionaires. Let me ask a question. Many of you out there, have you seen the inflation growth of the value of your home? You have local assessors who work for counties and cities and say they’re driving up the cost to your home so they can get more taxes from property taxpayers, you all of a sudden you turn out, wait a minute, my house is worth 60000 more. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But you can appeal. Don’t worry. You can take time off from work. You can appeal, you can spend time, you can get lawyers, you can write a letter. We’re not going to change it. But you can do that. You can go to your school board. You. Hey. You just said my house is worth X, Y, Z, not mine, my property taxes are gone through the roof well. He got to pay for the streets and the cops. OK, so what does Joe Biden say? He looks at a farmer. He says to a farmer, maybe it’s the fifth generation farm. We’re not talking about agribusiness here. We’re talking about family farmers, the people who put food on our table. Well, if your farm’s worth more than three and a half million dollars. We’re going to whack the hell out of you. We’re going to hammer. The hell out of you, even though you’ve been paying property taxes, state income taxes and most state federal income taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes when you die. We’re going to lower the amount that you can pass on to your children to three and a half million, that’s the value your farm. And we’re going to increase the tax above that amount to 45 percent. So. If your farms now where four and a half or five men, but you’re not worth in terms of liquid money, cash. Four and a half or five year property has been deemed to be worth that amount. If you can’t pay the taxes on the difference between three point five and 4.5 or five million, they’re going to take your property from. And that’s why we lose family farms and Joe Biden thinks this is a great thing because that’s one of his proposals, he thinks it’s swell if you have a small business and you keep pouring your capital back into the business over and over and over again, you take a little salary out for yourself and pay a handful of employees at the same thing. You’re going to lose the business. Now, people never lose food stamps, they never lose welfare payments, they never lose free this and free that, it’s always increased. Oh, well, we need free nursery school and kindergarten. Oh, well, we need free community college when we got to wipe out your student debt. Oh, it’s only the people who break their asses trying to make a living, trying to put some money together for their children and their grandchildren who are following the rules and paying the taxes. And don’t ask for a damn thing. They’re the ones who lose everything. There’s never any cuts. When it comes to public sector unions, there’s never any cuts when it comes to the bureaucracy. There’s never any cuts when it comes to these hands outs in these programs. The more and more people are on the dole, the better. Well, don’t tell me that’s capitalism and don’t tell me that’s constitutionalism. And don’t tell me that’s Americanism, because it’s not. And you’re going to hear this all night with this buffoon. He wants to be greater than Franklin Roosevelt. A real head case. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Going to give you an example. Very soon, what big tech is up to now? So, Mr. Producer, open your mic. Let me show you the kinds of games that big tech Amazon play. You drove the book to number two and at the top 100 sales yesterday. I’m talking to you about let’s overtake Oprah in her hypocrisy. Enough is enough. Which means those of you who are going to order, please preorder. Now, the retail price is twenty eight dollars. But what happens is during the preorder period, if they discounted it goes lower, you get the lower amount in the end when you receive the book. But order your first edition copy. If you’re going to get it, please get it. Now, if you’re going to get several copies and give them out to your college students or high school students so we can get this mission underway. So the silent majority is not silent anymore. So we are sharing the tools that we have to have to understand what’s going on at a very substantive level and what we you and I, me and you are going to do about it. Please preorder now. Now, you moved to the number two in one day, Mr. Producer. What did Amazon do to try and slow that down? They just did it. What did they do? So yesterday when you typed in American Marxism on Amazon, you were number four. You were fourth on the list today. When you do the same thing, your number 14 all the way on the bottom of the page. So they changed the algorithm. In response to you, my audience. Now, some people would say, all right, I’m going to walk away. I’ll do that. No, no, no, we have to defeat them. We can’t get rid of Amazon, Amazon is not going anywhere. We have to defeat them. We have to show them that we have muscle, that we have power in numbers. We don’t care if they put a number 14 on the list or number 4000 on the list, the book is called American Marxism. It’s written by me, Mark Levin. It’s easy. You type it in. There it is. And that’s what I’m hoping is in response to their change in their algorithm and in response to Oprah Winfrey, multibillionaire hypocrite who throws in with the counter-revolution and systemic racism while she’s taking your money. I’m hoping we have enough grit and enough strength that if you’re going to buy the book, preorder it now. Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, there’s other places that have online opportunities to to do it. There’s others, too. But so when you listen to Biden tonight, I want you to think about what I’ve been talking about today, what I’ve been talking about yesterday. Again, I’ve barely touched the surface of the surface. But listen, for the buzz phrases, the buzzwords, the oppressed and the oppressor. The rich versus the poor, he’s in it for the people in the middle class, on the one hand, we have a severe systemic racism problem in our country. On the other hand, we Americans, we can do all these things. You’ll hear him talking out of both sides of his mouth. Just keep notes, even mental notes about what’s going to take place here and everything. Everything he advances involves the growth of government, involves taxation, involves bureaucrats, not liberty, not the private sector. And then he will claim on top of it all is, if you don’t understand, is if you don’t get it. That is going to destroy millions of jobs. He won’t say that, but he’s going to create millions of jobs because government creates millions and millions of jobs, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t. When does government when it’s government than that. What has government done that I want you to keep in the back of your minds, particularly you folks who work with your hands on assembly lines? In the energy sector. In the smelting world with steel and so forth. People who make automobiles, he’s going to lie to all of you, he’s going to tell you people in the coal mines, people in the oil fields, truckers, electricians, roofers, plumbers, construction workers, people who who lay asphalt for our roads and everything. Listen to what he says, because you’re the target. You’re the enemy. And he’s going to persuade you that he’s going to create new jobs. I have a question. He shut down that Keystone XL pipeline, how many jobs that the government create for those people who lost their jobs? Not one. No, no, no, you don’t understand how many good paying, not just jobs, we’re going to create good paying jobs. How many did they create? None. This is an attack on the industrial heartland of the country. He’s going to talk about climate change. How we’re going to decarbonize different aspects of our society, that we’re going to get to 100 percent no carbon emissions by 2050 when most of us will be dead in 2050. How is he going to do that? I’ll tell you how he’s going to do that. He’s going to turn the greatest, most vibrant economic system on the face of the Earth that has provided more wealth and more opportunity to more people than any other system on the face of the earth. He’s going to turn us into an impoverished state. We’ve heard this crap in Venezuela. We’ve heard it in other places, too. And you’re going to hear Joe Biden speak and go on and on. And I want you to think about something else. China is going to have a more capitalist economic system by the time this fall is done. Then we will. I’ll be right back.