April 7, 2021

April 7, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Jim Crow Joe (Biden) is busy undermining this republic in every way that he can. Inhuman chaos at the border, massive debt with trillions spent every month, and crippling tax increases. Biden believes that using racist language will ingratiate him with the African American and Latino communities. Biden’s next move will be on limiting the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Biden is incapable of leading this great nation while our enemies are on the move. Russia, China, and Iran are focused on advancing their military and financial agendas while America has a weak leader. Later, now is not the time to be passive on the issues. America needs modern-day Thomas Paine’s. Don’t be shy or silenced by your enemies. If the media attacks, you push back! Attend your school board meetings and demand to see the curricula so you know what your children are being taught. The holocaust-denying left wants to teach your children to hate themselves and their country. Afterward, on this 80th Anniversary of the Holocaust (Yom Hashoah), Biden is giving the green light to Iran to continue their nuclear program.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Look what’s going on in our country, ladies and gentlemen. Jim Crow, Joe, that’ll be his name for from now on here, Jim Crow, Joe, because he’s had experience with Jim Crow, unlike any other politician on the American scene today, Jim Crow, Joe. Is busy. Undermining this republic in every way possibly can. Immigration, a disaster on the southern border. A. Inhumane. Chaos taking place for which he and his vice president have no interest, and yet he unleashed it. We have massive debt. We’re spending trillions of dollars every month, every month. They got the parliamentarian of the Senate to buckle. And so they can have up to four bills, they already got one at one point nine trillion, that was really one three point three trillion. They’ve got another one set for 2.5 trillion. Another one after that set for two trillion. Your country is being destroyed. By this insane, nasty old man. And his diabolical party. And God help your children and grandchildren of mine to. He has a massive tax plan set. That will set back this economy. And promote the Chinese economy. Because you’re going to place heavy taxation. On our businesses that are trying to compete worldwide. The communist Chinese. Are more into tax cutting. Then Joe Biden. They’re practicing more capitalism than Joe Biden. So debt, taxes and spending like never before in American history. What else? Joe Biden, a.k.a. Jim Crow, Joe. It’s a throwback to the segregationists. He’s a throwback to the racists. He believes his racist language. Will endear him to minorities in this country. And that by using racist language and repeating certain words like Jim Crow. That he will be viewed as some kind of friend. A black people and minorities, he’s no friend of black people in minorities, he never has been. He’s a user. So he will use them. He will try and create anger and jealousy and divisions to his political advantage. That’s it. He won’t lift a finger for black people. He won’t lift a finger for Latino people. What he’s doing on the border isn’t lifting a finger for American Latinos. What he’s doing there is creating chaos and anarchy, and he’s loving every minute of it, he’s sitting back and he’s laughing. He didn’t think it would be this easy. But his party is full of. Well, there’s not a single leader in the Senate, they all or the House, they all march in lockstep behind Joe. That they want to drag the rest of us off the cliff as well. And as I explained yesterday, now we’re changing words, infrastructure now means the entire neo Marxist socialist agenda, and if you don’t support it, then you don’t support infrastructure. Oh, and by the way, on top of that, you’re obviously a racist. So now we’re redefining, as I pointed out last week and yesterday, infrastructure. We redefined coronavirus relief. We’re redefining races and we’re redefining words, phrases. For what purpose? To advance Joe Biden, his party and their cause. Trillions and trillions of dollars. It’s very interesting. He says, and now they’re saying because they lie. That the Joe Biden massive deficit spending plan, massive redistribution of wealth plan, massive regulatory plan will actually create 19 million jobs. Well, they lied. It’s predicted 16 million jobs will be created without one penny spent under the Joe Biden Martz’s program. Maybe he’ll create two point seven million jobs. Maybe he won’t. But calculations have been done that would mean 830,000 dollars per job based on the trillions of dollars Joe Biden wants to spend in this next bill, 830,000 dollars a job. Only the government can do this and then brag about it. You won’t hear that on CNN or MSNBC, you won’t hear that on CBS, ABC or NBC. You won’t see that in The New York Times or The Washington Post. Because those numbers don’t help. Do they? And tell me how many senior investigative reporters for The New York Times and The Washington Post have been on the southern border? Like Republicans from Congress have been, how many? How many from 60 Minutes? Well, they’re busy chasing down an honorable man, the governor of Florida, how many of them are on the southern border? None. How many CNN hosts and MSNBC hosts are on the southern border? None, and yet FOX hosts have been on the southern border. Just close your eyes to what’s going on, ladies and gentlemen, close your eyes. Your school systems will feel it, your hospital systems will feel it, your local law enforcement will feel it, you will fill it with higher taxes. God knows what’s going to happen when people come in here more. MS 13, does Joe Biden seem to give a damn about anybody other than himself? He screwed over the people of Atlanta and Georgia big time. And he’s doing the same to the rest of the United States. What did I say a month or six weeks ago? Well, of course, you don’t remember why should you, quite frankly, but I remember because I said it, the entire nation is a sanctuary nation. The entire nation is a sanctuary nation. I wonder how people in the inner cities are going to feel. When they and their kids can’t get jobs. They can’t get jobs. In the local stores and the fast food restaurants, when high school kids can’t get jobs because they’re competing with illegal aliens. I wonder what they’re going to think then. People coming into this country, they’re not even being processed, they’re just being released into this country. We have an open border, ladies and gentlemen. It’s wide open. It’s wide open, they said they wanted to abolish ICE and the Border Patrol when you have 40 percent of them. Handing out diapers and milk formula and all the rest, you have effectively done exactly that. When you refused to deport even criminals, you was affectively done exactly that. Anybody concern anybody concerned in the suburbs and the rural parts of the country, anybody concerned in the cities in this country that delivered their vote to Joe Biden, are you concerned at all? Apparently not. Apparently not. Joe Biden’s next move, he’s got a whole lot, he’s got a million of them. It’s on the Second Amendment. And according to Politico, Politico, an axios of their favorite sources for leaking, there’s an announcement expected tomorrow. An announcement is expected tomorrow. Joe Biden will direct his administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of so-called ghost guns, homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers to undergo background checks. According to three people have spoken to the White House about plans. How many people make their own guns at home? I mean, I’m just saying. Where does he have the power to do this? Can somebody point to a statute? He can’t point to the Constitution. And are these guns killing people? People making guns at home. I don’t know what are the statistics on that, Mr. Producer, like zero. Other executive actions remain unclear, but advocates have been in touch with the White House, have speculated that the president could announce regulations on conceal assault style firearms, whatever that means, prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted, convicted of domestic violence. Does that mean Hunter Biden can own a gun? Mr. Producer? Prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners. Alerts the law enforcement agencies. We still have those undermined when a potential buyer fails a background check and federal guidance on home storage safety measures. Now, I’m of two minds on this, number one, most of this isn’t going to get the damn thing about anything. I would have no effect on the mass murders that took place. None, zero, nothing. But number two, where does he have the authority to even do this? What next, the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, what next? More than 100 House Democrats wrote to Biden last week urging him to take action on the concealed assault style firearms. Which is similar to the one used in the Colorado shooting in which 10 people were killed, concealers thought style firearm, then they use an AR 15. But this is not a rifle. I know it’s a rifle, I have one. So what do they mean, concealed assault style firearms? That’s a mouthful. Politico, does anyone at Politico own a weapon? Do they have any idea what the hell they’re to know? No idea. They don’t have to. They’re just writing. Biden is also expected to announce David Chipman, a long time former ATF agent, to be his nominee, to be the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Now, why is that a big deal? He’s a senior adviser. At Giffords, a group advocating for firearms restrictions, so Biden looks for the most radical person he can. And appoints them to these positions. But I have an objection with the appointment of this gentleman. He’s white. And so that persay is racist. And Biden is expected to be joined at the White House by Attorney General Merrick Garland, members of Congress, groups pushing for firearms restrictions, community organizations and gun violence survivors. Several people planning to attend said in interviews they had not been briefed on what Biden’s actions would release. So they don’t care, they just want to do it. Biden hasn’t just received criticism from these groups, but a recent poll whose poll we don’t know, it’s just a recent poll. We don’t know what kinds of questions they ask, but it doesn’t matter. Politico is cherry picking. 50 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Biden has handled gun violence as president, with opposition from both Republicans and Democrats, 42 percent approve. What does that mean exactly? I disapprove of everything this jackass has done. So does that mean I support him or that I want more gun control? A senior administration official recently confirmed the White House was wrapping up their actions and could announce them in a series of stages. Oh, good, they’re going to fill all these loopholes, you know what loopholes hard to the left, Mr. Producer, you know what loopholes are to the Democrats. America, your freedom. Your freedom. Oh, my goodness, there’s a loophole. We forgot to close the loophole. That guy can actually buy a gun legally and legitimately, we’ve got to close. Lupa. That guy can actually keep some of his own money and not paid to the government in taxes. Well, that’s a loophole. We actually have to close that loophole. But there’s one loophole Joe Biden never wants to talk about, there’s one loophole Joe Biden supporters never want to talk about. But I’ll talk about it, as I have in the past, but I want to underscore it when we return. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let’s start it now. Let’s start out now, Jim Crow, Joe. Jim Crow, Joey claims other people are practicing Jim Crow, but he did and Jim Crow, Joe is also loophole Joe because Loophole Joe has used loopholes to avoid paying Social Security, Medicare taxes and Obama related taxes loophole, Joe. And it is Dr. Jill White. And this was pointed out by Christopher Jacobs way back in September, we highlighted it here and it’s worth noting again. He points out back then, reporters should dig into Biden’s tax returns in the same way they’ve shown a seemingly unquenchable curiosity regarding Trump’s for one reason. Biden claims to support Obamacare, but has consistently avoided paying Obamacare taxes. He said. I noted last year that Biden’s 2017 2018 returns showed a tax avoidance strategy that allowed them to circumvent over half a million dollars in Medicare and Obamacare taxes. According to their own records, Biden and his wife, Jill, did the same thing in 2019. Since he left government in early 2017, the Bidens funneled their income from book royalties and speaking fees through to corporations, Celtic, Kapre Corporation and Djakarta Corporation. What’s he part of the mob or something, Mr. Producer? They paid themselves modest salaries through the corporations on which they paid for Social Security, Medicare, taxes, that is on their salaries. But the Bidens took most of this book and speeching come over thirteen point five million, not as wages, but as profits from two corporations taking that income as corporate profits allowed them to avoid payroll taxes on thirteen point five million. Now, the New York Post brought this up the other day as well, and they say this is perfectly legal. There are others who say, no, not quite. This is a a very serious question. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

While we’re dealing with this idiot Martin Van Buren type in the Oval Office. China is on the move, Russia is on the move, Iran is on the move with the assistance style, the United States, as I explained last night, even the Palestinians are on the move with the assistance. Now, the United States, again, we’re going to be funding them. Funding them. And their terrorist regimes. We’ve gone from the Abraham accords and peace breaking out in the Middle East to Biden, undermining those accords and the peace movement in the Middle East to now funding Abbas and his family and his Consiglio Arie’s. A terrorist operation, no other way to describe it. And, of course. Funding and helping the Iranian Islamic Nazi regime. This is what happens when you put an unhinged mental case in the Oval Office. Pilton. Is militarising. The Arctic. With no pushback from us. China is on the move and what is Biden doing, Biden is at war with Georgia. I remember when Russia was at war with Georgia, where different Georgia. He’s at war with Georgia. He’s trying to destroy our electoral system. He’s trying to destroy the Republican Party. You have to wish that this. President. Would use his. His his sleazy tactics against our real enemies, but now he uses them against us. Now I want to get back to his taxes. He and Dr. Jill. He’s never been asked these questions on the Joe Scarborough show. Why? Because no one, Joe, is a dumbass. And number two, his head is so far up the ventilation system in the White House, it’s not even funny. The truth. Since Biden left office. In early 2017, the Bidens funneled their income from books and royalties. And speaking fees through to corporations, the Celtic Capri Corporation and the Copper Corporation. They paid themselves modest salaries to the corporations on which they paid full Social Security, Medicare taxes because Social Security taxes only apply to the first hundred thirty two thousand nine hundred of income and twenty nineteen. The Bidens didn’t avoid paying the taxes that fund that program, but the two point nine percent Medicare tax applies to all income. And the point, nine percent high income tax created in Section nine of 15 of Obamacare applies to all wage income, over 200000 for an individual or 250000 for a family. Notice the Bidens have never been asked about this, not even before the election, not by a single debate moderator, not even Chris Wallace, not a word. Taking their income as corporate profits allowed the Bidens to avoid paying this combined three point eight percent payroll tax. Well, no more than thirteen point five dollars million in income they receive from 2017 through 2019. The tax avoidance strategy, so they didn’t pay their fair share towards Medicare or Obamacare and of course, Obamacare was invented by Biden and Obama. And Medicare is heading for bankruptcy, as is Social Security, but Biden. Protected is thirteen point five million, so he didn’t pay a penny of that in the Medicare or the Obamacare program, not one penny. Now. The tax avoidance strategy, save them less in 2012, 2019, that in prior years. On the other hand, Biden earned much less that year. To most ordinary Americans, however, the Bidens still circumvented a staggering amount of taxes, five hundred thirteen thousand five hundred forty dollars in total over three years, whereas the Bidens avoided 390 1912 dollars on Medicare taxes from 2017 through 2019, the Urban Institute found that a couple with average earnings retiring this year would pay a combined 160 1000 and Medicare taxes their entire working lives. Bottom line is the Bidens didn’t pay over half a million dollars in payroll taxes to Medicare and for Obamacare. Through a tax loophole. A loophole. Even as he released another set of tax returns showing his continued willingness to circumvent Obamacare taxes. The Biden campaign continue to run ads in which Biden claimed Obamacare is personal to me. Personal to him, likewise, Democrats had attempted to subpoena Trump’s tax returns. Refused to even delve into Biden’s. In 2017, Biden paid himself a paltry salary compared to the 10 million dollars in corporate profits, he received an arrangement that might violate IRS compensation guidelines. So The New York Post is a little too quick to say this is perfectly legal. That’s not clear at all. But here we go again when it comes to race, Joe Biden is the only man in Washington, D.C.. Who supported Jim Crow? The only one. And now he throws that term around to attack his Republican opponents. Who never supported Jim Crow? And now he talks about loopholes, tax loopholes. And he used a particularly pernicious tax loophole. To evade payroll taxes on Medicare and Obamacare. Programs he claims to support because he’s from the middle class, don’t you know? I tried to explain last evening. What a diabolical man Joe Biden actually is. That Joe Biden has always been for Joe Biden, he will do and say anything for power. He will do and say anything for attention. He will destroy people. We will destroy careers. He will. Align himself with segregationists. Now he’ll align himself with Marxists. And other forms of neo Marxists who seek to overthrow the the society and the culture. He will bankrupt this country, your children and grandchildren and future generations. So somebody will write a book about him and his magnificent legacy. Because Joe, after all, wants to live forever. Meanwhile, our enemies abroad are very, very pleased with what they’re saying. Trillions and trillions and trillions. Destroying our own energy sector. Committing suicide here in the West. Well, in the east, they’re on the rise. They can’t believe their good luck. They can’t believe their good luck, which is our bad luck. The only countries that are worried, of course, our allies, the little state of Israel now. Because Joe Biden is saddling up to the Islama Nazi regime in Iran and they’ll they’ll eat his lunch, as Joe likes to say, they’ll eat his lunch. Because we’re dealing with in the Biden administration’s appeasers, some antisemite, almost all anti-Israel. They look at him. And today, they announce their support for the Palestinian regime. The Palestinian Authority. When’s the last time Abbas had an election, a legitimate election? They don’t have those anymore. Have you ever heard of any opposition groups or people in the Palestinian Authority? No, they don’t make it through the night. And so they’re going to begin funding the Palestinian regime again, which uses some of its money to commit terrorists, to fund terrorists and commit terrorist acts. It’s not just going on with Hamas, it’s going on with Abbas. This is really quite shocking. And you can see all the frauds who defend this stuff, all the frauds. Now, Mr. Basso’s. Who’s worth a couple of hundred dollars billion, give or take, even after his divorce? He has come out. In support of Biden’s infrastructure plans, including the tax increases. Because, ladies and gentlemen, Bezos is an oligarch. And he knows full well. That Joe Biden can raise taxes to 100 percent and he’ll still have a couple hundred billion dollars. Because Joe Biden can’t touch Babesiosis wealth. Despite all the talk from the nitwit. Elizabeth Warren, about a wealth tax say, well, tax would be unconstitutional. He can’t just reach back and steal somebody’s property, not yet anyway, they’re getting their. So Baso says, we support the Biden administration’s focus on making bold investments in American infrastructure, both Democrats and Republicans have supported infrastructure in the past, and it’s the right work together to make this happen. What the hell is this buffoon talking about? Infrastructure. 30 percent of what’s being proposed is actual infrastructure, so we’re being told. After all these years of education, after all these years of experience, that infrastructure doesn’t mean what we used to think it means. It means the entire neo Marxist financial and economic program, that’s infrastructure. That’s infrastructure. So every fascistic regime and every Marxist regime and everything in between that spends their nations in the bankruptcy, enslaves their people to the state, takes their money to build up the government. That’s just infrastructure. What are you worried about? Maybe Mador in Venezuela can can hire a PR firm, maybe the same PR firm, they used to advise Biden to get the nomenclature right. What he ought to say is I’m not a Marxist. I’m just trying to spend money on our infrastructure. Redistributing wealth. The rich have to pay their fair share except me, of course, Medoro, I’m worth 40 billion. But, you know, that’s a whole different story except me, of course, Biden. I’m worth tens of millions of dollars. And I. I play the tax loophole. But everybody else we’re talking about, of course. And Bezos, of course, I keep hearing I don’t know if it’s true that Amazon didn’t pay one cent in taxes last year must reduce income taxes. No wonder he wants a change. Because he’s under attack. We’re supportive of a rise in the corporate tax rate, says Bizos, we look forward to Congress and the administration coming together to find the right balance solution that maintains or enhances U.S. competitiveness. Now, what does that mean? Nothing, Tasos announces the cofounding of the climate pledge at the National Press Club. Back in September say he understands as a corporatist. That you got to get in front of the mob. You got to get in front of the mob. So he supports. Changing the economy for climate change, he supports increasing the corporate income tax and look from his perspective, he got even richer during a pandemic. If every single retail operation in this country collapsed, he’d be worth ten times more than he is today. And that’s the nature of these corporatists. I’ve coined that phrase over and over again over the last 20 years, the corporatists. That is just as the Democrats and the Democrat Party leadership put their party first, the corporatists. Put their companies and their own profits first. Now, I don’t have a problem with that as a theoretical matter. I believe in the free market. I have a problem with that. When these oligarchs. Use their power and their money. To destroy capitalism and competition for the rest of us. That when they position themselves and they angle. To advance their own personal. And corporate interests at the expense of the rest of us. So he favors more infrastructure. Have you noticed all those trucks out there, they’re not just UPS, they’re not just FedEx, are they, Mr. Producer? They’re the Amazon premium trucks all over the place. You and I should pay, you see, to make sure. That those deliveries. Are easier, more efficient for Mr. Bezos, that’s what he’s thinking of. And redistribute redistribution of wealth, he could care less, they can’t we can’t touch his 200 billion dollars, that’s just money going forward. But he’s a he’s a leader, the little guy is Pazos, he’s for the little guy. All these billionaire Soros and Bezos makes you wonder, doesn’t it? They don’t seem so little to me, do they, to you to why do they support all this? Because it slaughters their competition, that’s why in the case of Soros, he’s betting on the currency to collapse, as he did with the British sterling pound. Case of Basso’s, he’s counting on small businesses to collapse. Because for them, it’s not even about money anymore, it’s about power. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

If America’s racist was sitting here thinking about if America is systemically racist, if every aspect of this society and culture, of course, except for the Democrat Party in the left. Our diabolical. They need to be fundamentally transformed. I have a question, America, then why are we spending two and a half trillion dollars on infrastructure? Why invest one penny in such a corrupt country? One cent in such a corrupt country. Why? And on July 4th, when Joe Biden draws attention to himself and the founding of this nation. Why are they celebrating July four, 1776? I thought the nation was founded at 1619. It’s about time we set this damn thing straight, ladies and gentlemen, with a man in the Oval Office who’s a racist and he’s always been a racist with a man in the Oval Office who turns a blind eye to genocide in communist China with a man in the Oval Office who is propping up terrorist regimes in Iran and the Palestinian Authority with a man in the Oval Office who doesn’t give a damn what’s happening to people, Latinos and Americans who are Caucasians on the southern border. He could care less. I’ll be right back.