March 31, 2021

March 31, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Marxism is fascism for the elite dressed up as a people’s movement. The Biden Administration and democrats are destroying this country and they’re trying to raise taxes and run out the clock because they realize that they may lose some power in the midterms. President Biden is an autocrat that is implementing the neo-Marxist agenda of the radical left-wing of his party. Spending trillions of dollars and working to make permanent the changes they’ve made in the name of the coronavirus. America will pay a price for flooding the border zone with massive amounts of people as we erroneously attempt to spend our way into prosperity through the American Rescue Plan. This is about the United States of the Democrat Party, not the United States of America. Then, a recent Levin surge to stop Al Sharpton’s propaganda has succeeded and your calls to Joe Manchin helped to oppose passing the huge bill on party lines. Biden now says that he is willing to break the bill into small bills to get it passed. Later, Economist Steve Moore joins the show to discuss Biden’s horrendous infrastructure plan. Moore highlighted that the way Biden’s plan is being presented isn’t true and it’s a clear display of big government in action. Moore says all of this absurd spending will lead to a crisis if the public doesn’t rise up in another Tea Party movement. Afterward, Victor David Hanson calls in to discuss the detriment that inflation would have on the American economy as a result of Biden’s atrocious tax increases and spending bills. Hanson remarked that Democrats reject the need for popular support from the people in favor of using raw power to push their measures by any means as if this were a socialist system.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Joe Biden is destroying this country, the Democrat Party is destroying this country. They are moving big and bold and fast. They’re trying to outrun the public, trying to outrun those parts of the media that are serious about informing the American people. And they’re trying to run out the clock because they know in two years they might lose some part of the government that they now control. As I’ve said many times, this is not the way America is supposed to function. This is not how a constitutional republic functions. We’re no longer a federal republic or representative Republican constitutional republic. And Joe Biden likes to say in a fortune cookie like statement, who’s going to win our democracy or autocracy? And the damn fool doesn’t realize he’s an autocrat. Autocracies winning an. And the reason, autocracies winning out. It’s because Joe Biden is an autocrat. And he’s implementing the neo Marxist policy. Of the radical left within his party. Foreign policy to. But we focus on domestic right now. They just passed 10 days ago without any Republican support, a one point nine trillion dollar so-called coronavirus relief package. The problem is only nine percent of what actually went to coronavirus related spending. Moreover, they want to make permanent aspects of this bill, so it’s actually a three point three trillion dollar bill, three point three trillion dollars. Today, he’s proposing a two point three trillion dollar bill, two point three on top of three point three. That’s five point six trillion dollars on top of a four point five trillion dollar budget, on top of six trillion dollars that was already spent to address the coronavirus when it was spreading. And that’s on top of another six trillion dollars. That the Federal Reserve has authorized the Federal Reserve was authorized to give out in loan moneys. We can’t even keep track of the money that’s being spent. Ladies and gentlemen, not even close. We are going to pay a price for this reckless, unconscionable, diabolical effort by the Democrat Party to flood the zone. To place as many people as possible on welfare and in our welfare system. To subsidize as many people as possible. To use the Marxist propaganda of class warfare and redistribution of wealth. And that caused people to believe that we can literally massively deficit spend ourselves. Into prosperity. All this going on. Even though a month ago. Even though a month ago the Congressional Budget Office, among others, predicted. That we would have upwards of a 10 percent growth, this GDP, 10 percent, well under six percent unemployment. This isn’t a depression, this isn’t World War Two, as I explained last week. This is a disgrace. This is all being done. So Joe Biden. Can be the the great progressive, really neo Marxist, if you will. And even more than that. He’s a disgrace because he lied his way into the White House. This is just the first half. We’ve had one point nine trillion, that’s actually three point three trillion. We have two point three trillion that he’s announced now and there’s going to be another over two trillion, close to four and a half to five trillion dollars and two bills here. His first one is the American jobs plan. The next one is the American Families Plan. I don’t know about you. But when I think of family, I don’t think of government. In fact, if I do think a family in government, I’m thinking of government destroying the family. Now, in this so-called bill, he would eliminate. Right to work. Twenty seven states, a clear federalism issue, he would eliminate slip language into this bill that eliminates right to work. What is right to work? What’s the principle? It affirms the right of every American to work for a living without being compelled to belong to a union. Compulsory unionism in any form, union shop, closed shop, agency shop is a contradiction of the right to work principle. So what Biden would do is take the. The state laws that exist in these blue states and impose them on the red states. So then, in fact, unions in particular, private spheres of our economy. Could compel. That individuals must join the union in order to work. Why is Joe Biden doing this, because he owes them, that’s why why won’t Joe Biden demand that the Chicago school system in L.A. school system up their schools? Because he needs them, that’s why. This is really quite shocking. Talks about autocracy. He’s an autocrat. Two point three trillion part of this bill. One hundred and seventy four billion dollars for electric cars. Only one hundred and fifteen billion out of two point three trillion. Not even the point, three trillion part 300 billion. Only 115 billion are for roads and bridges. Please listen to me. Only a hundred and fifteen billion out of the two point three trillion. Are actually for roads and bridges. 213 billion, they’re going to build two million homes. The federal government’s going to build two million homes, 213 billion dollars. I’m sure nothing will go wrong with that. So it’s in the homebuilding business, it’s going to be in every business. Ten billion dollars for a civil climate change corps, so we’re now going to have young people indoctrinated as degrowth anticapitalist zealots. Ten billion dollars for a climate civil climate corps. How about a civil capitalism corps or a civil Liberty Corps now? Indoctrination. Of the next generation. One hundred billion dollars. To address the racial equity issues in the job market. One hundred billion dollars to address the racial equity issues in the job market, you see exactly what’s going on here. He’s an autocrat, he’s a demagogue. He’s using your tax money. He’s using money we don’t even have. Future generations are going to suffer regardless of background, race, religion or anything else, money flying in every direction to support the radical neo Marxist agenda. Because this dimwitted, nasty old buffoon. What’s a legacy? He wants to be remembered. As the greatest progressive in American history. So you’re going to pay the price your children and grandchildren are going to pay the price. I don’t care who you are, union, nonunion, Democrat or Republican, you’re going to pay the price. So look at the anarchy and chaos this man has created in the first 100 days. This phony relief bill. The American jobs plan, which will destroy jobs infrastructure, only 115 billion at a two point three trillion actually going to roads and bridges. Next, the American family plan, which will be a flat out redistribution socialist plan, a neo Marxist plan hatched by AIA and her ilk. The border is wide open, it’s only getting worse. We may have two million illegal aliens in here in one year, the first year the Biden administration, does he seem concerned about it? He’s laughing about it. He thinks it’s a joke. Kamala Harris actually did laugh about it. Future Democrats, that’s how they see things. Remember what I said? Remember what I always say? This is about the United States of the Democrat Party, not the United States of America. I hope my friends on cable picked that up. The United States of the Democrat Party empowering the Democrat Party, expanding the reach of the Democrat Party, more and more people bound to the Democrat Party through the welfare state and the federal government, the federal government has become the Democrat Party’s plaything. And then I look at the headlines of the story. About what Biden is actually proposing here. It’s repulsive. It’s disgusting. Let me pull this back up. Biden, let’s see, news headlines. Biden unveiled sweeping two trillion dollar infrastructure plan, that’s NBC News, really. It’s a once in a generational investment in America, Biden unveils ambitious two trillion dollar infrastructure plan that CBS this is why. Three fourths of the nation don’t know what the hell is going on. The Associated Press, Biden announces huge infrastructure infrastructure plan to win the future. Los Angeles Times President Biden, bolstered by strong marks on covid-19 pandemic poll finds. What else? Washington Post With political future at stake, Biden returns to Pennsylvania to rally voters around economic agenda. What else? Just appalling. Meanwhile, Joe Biden won’t stop lying about his tax plan. That’s a perfectly good headline over there at National Review. I want you to listen to me, because this man is a serial liar and plagiarist. Philip Klein. Making the pitch for his infrastructure and tax hike plan, President Biden said, quote, I start with one rule. No. One, I’ll say it again, no one making under 400,000 will see their federal taxes go up, period. No one. But this is a lie. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the 400,000 refers to families. In other words, people would combine household incomes of 400,000 dollars. That’s the only way for the Biden plan to produce the revenue it claims to write to. It needs to to raise the funds, it says. By definition, no one refers to one single person, and so the plaintiff’s interpretation for an average person watching today is that he’s talking about individual income No. One. No one. But if you’re a family. And your combined income is four hundred thousand dollars. You’re going to have their health taxed out of you to. You understand? That’s why he keeps saying No one. Who earns 400,000 dollars or less? No one. But families will be taxed. Small businesses will be taxed. These people are liars, they’re deceivers. There’s dishonest as they come. These bills combine not only the Unheard-of. Unthinkable, unimaginable amounts that they’re talking about. The level of interference in families and businesses and jobs. The racism. The sexism. That this man and his party are pushing. Are an abomination, an absolute abomination. And they’re moving fast because they know by the time. We catch up with them, it’ll be too late. They won’t matter what the voters do in two years, that’s their bet. It just won’t matter because they already will have done all the damage they intended to do. And so what if they lose in two years and they lose an election cycle, they figure they’ll be back? In four years to take the presidency and whatever happens, they’ll blame Trump. And I’m sick and tired of the way Biden disrespects President Trump, so for now on, President Biden will not be called President Biden on this microphone. He’ll be called Biden because his references to President Trump are constantly Trump. Got that Biden. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Well, we learned today that G. Gordon Liddy passed away yesterday at the age of nine. I didn’t know him well, I knew him in passing years ago, he was a quintessential American, in my view. He would not. Be silenced and he would not be put down. A remarkable man in many ways, of course, the left hates him, and that’s one of the reasons he’s a remarkable man and he succeeded at many, many things, including talk radio. There was a time when Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy were the two biggest talk show hosts in America. And remember that well. And he was an actor, an author as well. And in any event, Jimmy Carter commuted his sentence, which was a good thing that Jimmy Carter did, but he will be missed. And I didn’t want time to go by. Where I would be remiss in mentioning the fact that G. Gordon Liddy has passed away the man who made a definite impact on our society. Again, the left hates him, but the left hates me and the left hates you and the left hates. So when I worried about how they how they view of people that we that we admire and yes, I admire G. Gordon Liddy. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

All right, folks, I want to thank you and congratulate you. We had a Levin surge. To counter what Al Sharpton was trying to do, threaten mansion and cinema. Manchin of West Virginia, Sinema of Arizona. Pressing them to back. This H.R. one is one bill. Which, of course, would destroy our electoral system and ensure the Democrats would win the presidency, the Senate in the House. Well beyond our lifetimes. In an effort to turn the nation into California, California, a formerly red state now in many ways a hopelessly blue state. And I said we needed to have a live insurge and we had to live in search for two days. And you succeeded, at least so far, I put nothing past these people. And as reported in Fox News, Biden opened to breaking up controversial voting bill after Manchin opposes passing on a partisan basis. Democrats efforts at massive federal election bill appear stalled after Manchin opposes passing a huge bill on party lines by Tyler Olson, Fox News White House press secretary Jen Psaki said today. Their President Biden is open to dividing Democrats controversial election bill into multiple parts after Joe Joe Manchin last week said he didn’t think Congress should pass the entire thing at once. Now, this is their backup position. You make calls Thursday and Friday of last week, you sent emails Thursday and Friday of last week, you had an impact. This program is monitored, I won’t say by our adversaries or opponents, but I now consider them our enemies on Capitol Hill, in the media and elsewhere. So the Democrats come up with a plan to let’s break it up into small pieces because. Live ites and others who oppose this will be caught off guard, I’m never caught off guard. We’re going to keep an eye on this. Hatzakis comments come after the Senate held a heated hearing on the legislation. So American America’s declining trust in the government and each other makes it harder to solve key problems, Manchin said the trust will continue to diminish unless we as members of Congress. Transcend partisanship to strengthen our democracy by protecting voting rights, implementing common sense election security reforms, and making our campaign finance system more transparent. That’s kind of a stupid, meaningless statement. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Doesn’t really matter. So I’m just giving you a heads up job well done, Patriots. But we need to continue to monitor this, because I don’t trust Biden, the Democrat Party or frankly, mansion or cinema. We stood in here from cinema, by the way. Now, we didn’t hear from senator. But we did hear from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Aiya on Instagram live last night. Where she did not come to the defense. Of the defenseless children. Children of color, brown children coming across the border at the behest of Joe Biden. And his imbecility. Encouraging a surge. Encouraging anarchy. They stand for giving these damn foolish speeches, he’s a front man for Eocene, a front man for the neo Marxist left. He gives a speech and he hustles off the stage. Because he runs out of energy and in common sense. But she goes to Instagram last night, and rather than pointing out the disaster on the border because she’s an absolute fraud and a fake and a phony. She attacks white people. Not Joe Biden, who I last time I checked, is a very white person. White people. Count one go, they want to say, what about the surge? Well, first of all, just gut check, stop. Anyone who’s using the term surge around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame. Quite lovable submerge is now a militaristic frame. Serge. Is a militaristic frame. No, I don’t think surge is a militaristic frame. It’s what we call the English language. You can have all kinds of searches. You can have a surge of anti-Semitic left wing kooks who are elected to Congress like her. That’s a surge and I certainly don’t mean that in a militaristic frame. Who is this idiot anyway? Go ahead, and that’s a problem because these this is not a surge. These are children. First of all, it is a surge. It can be children. And it’s not just children. It’s a lot of individuals. I think I read 70 percent of whom are individual males, can individual males be a surge? Mr. Producer? I think so. Go ahead and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded, which I say they’re not insurgents who are not being invaded. But what are we being? Here comes go ahead. A is a white supremacist idea philosophy. It’s a white supremacist idea and philosophy. So the president of Mexico is now a white supremacist. He believes there’s a surge. Is he a white supremacist? And so now you see what hey, hey, by the way, is a moron, she’s actually quite stupid. I know there’s certain commentators who say don’t ignore, don’t there. There are forces behind her, writers behind her, scholars, behind her, thinkers behind her, not particularly intelligent, but they’re ideologically motivated, just as Joe Biden needs cards and so forth. She is told what to say. And I know this because she has refused all this time to come on this program, my FOX program, my living TV program. She refuses to come on to a program where she would actually be challenged. OK. That’s the truth. Go ahead. That, if other is coming in the population, that this is like an invasion of who we are, you’ll understand more of this and you understand a lot of it already in a few months. I keep referring to a few months. I can’t get into specifics, but I. I’m tackling all this. Moreover, she continued cut to go, so let’s talk about this, because so much of our national conversation, which is not a conversation, then why did you call it a national conversation? It’s not a see, we’re dealing with an absolute moron. Who’s promoted by the media, but she’s an absolute moron. Go ahead. Migration is driven by people who could not care less about immigrants, often people want to say, why are you talking about the border crisis or why are you talking about it in this way? Well, we’re talking about it. They just don’t like how we’re talking about it. How are you talking about it? All you do is attack America. You attack America, people are pouring into our country, a surge, you might say, an invasion, you might say people coming into the country. And you keep attacking America as a white supremacist nation, then why are people of color pouring into the country? I tell you, we’re dealing with a an absolute idiot. Go ahead, not a border crisis. It’s an imperialism crisis is a climate crisis. It’s a trade crisis. Oh, it’s an imperialism crisis. Because you see. Many, many years ago. The white man invaded, came from Europe, started with Christopher Columbus, actually before that. And they took over these these lands, you see. We’re talking 600 years ago, maybe 700 years ago, so we have this white imperialism, that’s the problem. Don’t you see? Plus, climate crisis climate is forcing these decisions by Joe Biden, and then we have the trade crisis, you see, because capitalism somehow is an unjust system when it comes to people of color. So all these things are fusing together. That’s what’s called this cause this border issue, not a crisis. Of course, notice she hasn’t said a word of compassion about the people in the Obama Biden cages. Not a word. Have you noticed that? Go ahead. So it’s a carceral crisis, the. Because as I have already said, what? Go ahead. Even during this term and this president, our immigration system is based and designed on our carceral system. Those are some of the problems. What about the solution? Well, number one, our solutions need to be rooted in foreign policy because our interventionist history. I’m so sick. She’s such a propagandist. I guess when she went to college, she was a blank slate. And a little commie tenured professors got a hold of her and filled her with this crap. And she’s good at mimicking them. It’s a carceral crisis, you see our interventionist foreign policy, it’s the white supremacists who hundreds and hundreds of years ago conquered the lands, you see, and this is what’s doing it. Plus, capitalism is destabilizing the economy south of the border and all these people rushing into the country. May I say Russia’s that a is that a military term? No. All these people rushing into the country, she can’t explain it. Why doesn’t she? Why doesn’t she explain all the people of color who are leaving the country? Which are none. Why is that, if she’s telling the truth, if she’s right? The opposite would be happening, people would be leaving America and flooding these magnificent cultures and societies and countries south of the border, but they’re not they’re flooding ours. Surging, you might say. Go ahead in history. Shut up, you idiot. We don’t need a history lesson from you. Go put your head in a toilet. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

I want to ask the never Trumpers, I want to ask the Bush family, I want to ask other Republican SACE King Czinger Liz Cheney. Pat Toomey. I want to ask Murkowski, Collins. And so many other of these Republicans who take responsibility for nothing, are you happy now that you brought us Joe Biden? Are you happy about it? This conservative never forgets. Those so-called conservative, more likely pseudo conservative news sites, opinion sites. Trashing Trump at every turn. You happy Biden now? What do you think? Trashing Trump’s policies, what do you think about these policies, you’re excited about it now, how come we don’t hear from the never Trump? Of course, the Lincoln Project’s under investigation. Apparently, one of the guys can’t keep his pants up, but that’s a whole nother story. They made a fortune, they’re happy, the Lincoln Project. How about Larry Hogan? Is he happy, the idiot D.A. in Massachusetts or is he happy? All these great progressive, forward looking. Republicans, why do you think how come we don’t hear from them now when it comes to Biden? They were trashing Trump left and right. They don’t seem to be trashing Biden. If anything, they’re very respectful of the man. Nothing, we don’t hear a damn thing. Meanwhile, Biden’s going through our. Our Constitution and our economic system. Like Sherman through Atlanta. Like Crap’s or a gross. All right, ghost, maybe. You know, the word is out, people are abandoning their overpriced wireless, you know, before I get to this. Mark, Matt Gaetz, Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, ladies and gentlemen. We learned absolutely nothing about markets yesterday. About the allegations that have been raised against him in The New York Times, about the allegations he’s making, everybody’s befuddled. Why would I spend more than one minute on this? Why don’t we wait to see how things. Break out, I don’t understand this, people will spend an hour discussing what they don’t know and how they’re befuddled. The whole thing is strange. Why don’t we wait and see what happens and that’s it, I’m done talking about it until we know more, so don’t ask me. J.A. Jackson, Mississippi, Don, did you say John, John, how are you, sir? Hey, Mr. Levin, thank you so much for taking my call. You bet. I want to ask your opinion. Thank you so much. I see kind of intellectual history line here between John Russo and this notion of the general will and the notion that the citizens excuse me citizenry may not be aware of what’s in its best interests yet. Nevertheless, the legislature is empowered to implement policies and the citizens best interest. And the next Karl Marx, where he has a class system with basically in the final analysis and intelligentsia who understands the laws of history and is implementing policies that are in the best interests of the proletariat, and presumably they don’t know what’s in their best interests. First of all, before we run out of time, you’re right on. Rousso, Hagel stole some for Russo and Mark stole a lot from Hagel. And you’re exactly right. They have certain things in common and other things they don’t. But one of the things they have in common, which you’re pointing out, is they don’t believe the people generally can look out for themselves. They certainly reject the idea that the individual. Has free will and that the individual can self realize as as an individual, that they all have to be part of a communal, they all have to be part of something bigger. And for Rousseau, it was the state, for Hegel, it was the state, and for Marx it was for a certain state, and then that would eventually wither away. And of course, we know the communist state rules with an iron fist and brass knuckles and it never withers away. So you’re quite right. And this is why I say the idea that progressives in their most extreme form are not neo Marxists, some of them are actually Marxist is preposterous. And it’s time, John, we actually use the language. So you are well read. You understand what you’re talking about. You’re right on. And I encourage people. I’m not hawking it. You can go back to rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressivism. It lays it all out. We’ll be right back.