March 8, 2021

March 8, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Under House Resolution 1 (HR-1) and Senate Resolution 1 (SR-1) Democrats aim to impose the most corrupt voting system ever. Democrats went into battleground states in 2020 and destroyed their electoral systems, not to protect minorities, but to protect the Biden campaign by usurping the federal Constitution. Legislatures are pushing back to regain their laws and President Biden is using segregationist rhetoric on them for it. If people are not on board with torching your electoral system Biden will call you a bigot. Biden is now seizing authority from the states to change voting laws and processes, in effect institutionalizing fraud, and it does nothing to help minority voters. Then, the US Supreme Court is corrupt and cowardly. Justices Roberts, Amy Coney-Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh have turned out to be huge disappointments that have succumbed to threats of pressure from the left. Later, the media has been covering up for Democrats for decades. Now, they’re covering for Biden despite his inability to serve as President. Biden can’t even remember who runs the military! Afterward, equality and equity are dissimilar, so why do Democrats focus on it so much? In order to institute equity, one can’t treat people equally as human beings. Instead, they are recognized for their skin color, for their genitalia, and what they do with their genitalia. This focus on inequity is where Democrats thrive and Biden is having a field day with Executive Orders to address the “systemic bias” they promote.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Well, Joe Biden signed another executive order today. About gender policy. Did you ever think the president of the United States would be involved in gender policy? Gender policy. To see the authority to be involved in gender policy. But yesterday, he signed another executive order, the King family was there and. He’s opposed to defending. Voting rights. From an minorities. And he says these Republican state legislatures are trying to take your voting rights away. And that’s enough, man, come on, that’s enough, man, enough of that. Let the people vote. And I watch the various news platforms and operations. And not one of them went through what’s in this H1 bill. I’ve gone through it with you. A couple of times I’m going to go through it again today, and I’ve decided I’m going to go through it again on my Fox Sunday show, I’ve gone through it on live TV because if I don’t explain it over and over and over again to as many people as I can, nobody’s going to. That’s clear. That is clear, so Biden marks the fifty sixth anniversary of Bloody Sunday by signing executive order to make voting easier. And he takes aim at Trump. Over voter fraud claims, an unprecedented insurrection in our capital on January six. Now we know it wasn’t an insurrection. Nobody was armed, nobody had a weapon. Nobody’s been arrested for having a weapon. The only shooting that took place was a Capitol Hill policeman shooting a protester, and she died a veteran. How do you have an insurrection without weapons was never an insurrection, it isn’t an insurrection, and I’ll continue to say that. It was violent and it was an attack on the Capitol building. That’s what it was, but it was not an insurrection. But they can’t stop and they won’t stop because the media are propagandists and they’re corrupt. Even in the midst of a pandemic, he said. The judges appointed upheld the integrity of the vote. We have a corrupt majority now on the Supreme Court, intellectually corrupt and politically left. They’re cowards. And the leading coward is John Roberts. I hate to tell you this, Amy Coney Barrett. And Brett Kavanaugh are in on it. They’ve had multiple opportunities, including today. To clean up this mess and uphold the Constitution of the United States and make it very clear what needs to be done. Clarence Thomas has said so over and over again. Sam Alito said so over and over again. No, Gorsuch has said so over and over again. The Barretts already a huge disappointment and Cavanough is, and I knew he would be. Now, let’s get back to this. Insurrection they talk about. The Democrat Party. Strategically and meticulously went into the battleground states. And destroyed their voting systems. Violated the federal constitution. What around the Republican state legislatures, not to protect minorities, but to protect Joe Biden in the Democrat Party? That’s what they’re about. And they did it in Pennsylvania. And they did it in Michigan. And they did it in Wisconsin and they did it in Arizona, and of course, they did it in Georgia with the help of RINO Republicans. And so these legislatures are trying to push back and get their laws back, and so Joe Biden is attacking them and he’s attacking them with the language that was used in the 1950s and 60s against the segregationists and racist Democrats in the South. So in other words, if you don’t support blowing up our election system to ensure the permanent Democrat Party control of this country, then obviously you’re a throwback to Jim Crow. That’s the argument. And we get no help. From the media, we don’t get help from the conservative media that have done a very poor job. Not all, but most in reporting on this. So I have a question for Joe Biden, which, of course, will never be able to ask. This this isn’t a Republican anymore, I don’t even know what what is this, what is this? He signs executive orders. Congress violates their own rules and ram stuff through. What are we living through here? They don’t have hearings. They don’t have congressional processes. In these committees, you and I are cut out completely. This is a representative government. Just because we get to vote, Joe Biden doesn’t get to stand there and defy the Constitution. The Supreme Court doesn’t get to sit on the sidelines and suck its collective thumb. And yet that’s where we are, the entire system is out of whack. Because I think the threats against the court by Schumer and the Democrats, I think those threats, and I told you this months and months ago, have had an impact. They’ve had an impact on Roberts. And the other five. Who are disgraced. Absolute disgrace. So let’s take a look at this again, what the Democrats want to do to our voting system. All authority for making electoral decisions. Which are placed in the states under Article two would be seized by the federal government. They would seize the authority of the states to regulate voter registration and voter processes, they would force every single state. To implement early voting. As Heritage points out here, automatic voter registration. Same day, voter registration, online voter registration and no fault absentee balloting, so that entire process. Which the federal government would never use, they hand out welfare benefits, food stamps, which the IRS would never accept when you file a tax return. Would be federal law imposed on every single state and the purpose of doing things this way is indeed to encourage and institutionalize fraud because there’s no way to catch up with this. Now, how does this help black people? How does this help other minorities? This isn’t about black people and other minorities. This is about the Democrat Party, which is a corrupt party. It is corrupt in our cities. It’s been corrupt from its existence, whether it’s slavery. Whether it’s. These various Democrat bosses running these various cities. Daily and so forth. So how is this the equivalent of a civil rights act? Why is it that empowering the Democrat Party and the Democrat bosses and ensuring their election in a one party country? How is that helping minorities? They use black people, they use Latinos, they use Asians, they use women. They press the hot buttons. Their propaganda is diabolical. What else would this bill do to help black people and minorities. It makes it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls through same day registration. Because there’s no ability. During Election Day to know if the person registering is supposed to be registering, maybe he’s registered in three different places. They’ll never know. So why did the Democrats support that? To help black people, to help Meynard? You know, minorities in this country should be furious and should rise up. Not against capitalism in the cities, not where black lives matter. Not with these fools and sports and these fools in the corporate executive boardrooms now against the Democrat Party, they use you. They use you to promote one party rule, they use you to promote corruption. Now, what else does it do? It requires early voting. Early voting in every single state. At least 15 days. It degrades the accuracy, the registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals, not citizens or individuals. Now, why would they register all individuals and not citizens? Why do you think? Why do you think the borders are wide open? Why do you think they’re handing out two trillion dollars to anybody they can? They’re buying votes. It’s like handing out cash at the precinct, but they do it from Washington and they drop it from helicopters, so everybody has it. What else does this bill do? What else does it do? Well, in addition to registering a large number of illegal voters, as I just said. By voting online and registering online, I should say. It’s an opportunity for massive voter registration fraud by hackers, by cyber criminals, by other governments with online registration. We can’t protect online registration any more than major corporations or the government itself can protect their databases from China, from Iran, from North Korea, from Russia. Or from hackers within the United States, so why would you do that? It’s unnecessary. Are you doing it to help black people? But now you’re doing it to help women vote minorities? No. To help the Democrat Party. It requires states to count ballots cast by voters outside their assigned precincts. Have you ever voted outside your assigned precinct, Mr. Producer. Has anybody? You know why you’re not supposed to do that, so they can make sure that you’re voting in the precinct that your address is in. So if you can vote somewhere else, they have absolutely no ability to know if you should be voting or if you voted five times. They have no way to know. So why are the Democrats doing this for the black man and woman now? Because. Correct. This is what Joe Biden supporting. This is the voter rights, you see, we’ve had enough. He’s with the King family. He wants you to remember Selma. He wants this has nothing to do with any of that. Mandate no fault, absentee ballots, which are the tool of choice for voter thieves, and we know this is a fact. It would ban witness signatures or notarization requirements for absentee ballots. Now, why would you do that? For the black man and woman. For minorities. Really? For states to accept ballots received up to 10 days after the election, as long as the date is right, who’s had to help? It’s all help the Democrat Party because they’re corrupt, right? New York Times, Wright, Washington Post. How come you haven’t gone through all these issues? Media. How come you ignored CBS and NBC and ABC? How come you ignore this MSNBC and CNN? How come you ignore this Washington Post? The New York Times? Because you’re in on it because you’re corrupt. I’ll finish when I return, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

So they talk about individuals registering. They talk about automatic registration. They talk about absentee ballots without signature requirements and checking, I should say, without witnesses. They talk about automatic registration. They talk about online registration. And we all know. What that susceptible to? And then it goes on. And you can vote outside your precinct. Oh, this makes it easier for people to vote. This is the answer. Well, then why won’t it all just make everybody, you know, wanted to say we’re all Democrats and that’s the end of it? What else does it do prevents election officials from checking the eligibility and qualification of voters and removing ineligible voters? You know, when you go in person to vote like I do every time they have a big, thick book of the names of individuals and their addresses and they want to make sure it matches up with your your driver’s license. And apparently this is way too burdensome for the Democrats. Well, now they can’t do that. Under this bill, if it passes, if it’s instituted by. By the fascistic president who sits there spinning out executive orders produced by the most radical staff in American history. So it’s really impossible for even nonpartisan election judges to know what’s going on to verify the accuracy of registration, registration rolls. People want to register same day. And by the way. If you’re trying to do that, you’re subject to criminal charges. And they also tamper with the First Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that organizations can, in fact, run ads on TV, newspapers, radio, promoting a point of view, not a candidate, but a point of view. They claim that they would outlaw that. Because they want you to get all the information from The New York Times and CNN. So what, expand regulation and government censorship of campaign and political activity and speech. And by the way, that includes online and policy related speech online. They would reduce the number of a Federal Election Commission members from six three of each party to five because they figure once they change all this, they’ll have a majority on there because they’ll make sure they’ll appoint them. Prohibits state election officials from participating in federal elections, require states to restore the ability of all felons to vote, transfer the right to draw congressional districts from the state legislature to these phony commissions limits access to federal courts for anyone challenging the bill and any judge rules against the bill or any vote is subject to questioning by a special commission.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So the Democrats want to impose on the entire country the most corrupt voting system in the world. That we would laugh at if it was applied anywhere else. And they always like to say, well, in Europe, well, in Europe, they don’t do any of this. In Europe, they reject the mail in vote because they tried. It was a disaster here. The Democrats embrace disaster because they embrace anarchy. Now, this is the point I want to get across. Not only will this fundamentally destroy your franchise. Because clearly, God knows and we’ll never know how many people will be voting who shouldn’t be voting. And the whole system will be turned on its head and be fundamentally unconstitutional as a result of who makes the decisions and institutes the processes, which was Clarence Thomas point and Sam Alito’s point, Neil Gorsuch point today and in previous cases. But here’s what I want to get to. I had two tremendous guests on my Sunday show, no, not Harry and Meghan, who gives a crap about Harry and Meghan. Honest to God, she’s a yenta whining and she gets into that family and then destroys the family trying to destroy the monarchy. Just crazy, and then people oh, what did she say? And then there’s Oprah. Anybody more irrelevant and out of touch than Oprah, a multibillionaire who’s down with the revolution. What an idiot. And this Harry, what is Schlup sits there like a bump on a log. No, I didn’t listen to it. I see the pictures. Why would I waste a second of my life on that crap besides life, liberty and Lavinia’s on? And I want to thank Fox, especially the news people in the afternoon who are promoting the hell out of Oprah and they’re what? But that for another day. So. All these things the Democrat Party wants to do to empower the Democrat Party. But they’re invoking the name of Martin Luther King. They’re invoking the name of the 1965 Civil Rights Voting Rights Act. They’re invoking the name of the civil rights fighters. Some of whom were actually killed and brutalized. To persuade you. That this is that. That enshrining corruption and fraud. And doing it in a way that violates the federal constitution is something Martin Luther King would be advocating. Or something all the civil rights advocates would have supported. Is that what they would have supported? And now here’s the thing. Like so much of what the Democrat Party leadership and power structure does, they’re invoking the name of African-Americans and Latin Americans and other minorities. To persuade you that this is being done. For you. That corruption, the enshrining of fraud, is being done for black people. To make it easier for them to vote. As if black people don’t know how to get a driver’s license and they go to a voting booth. Or to get an absentee ballot. With a signature or a witness. Now, Americans have been doing this for a very, very long time voting. And what the Democrats are suggesting is. Up until today, unless we pass this bill. People have been oppressed, suppressed, repressed. They’ve been unable to vote. That is a lie. They lie all the time. And they seek to destroy our voting system, to empower the Democrat Party, and they’re invoking the name of civil rights leaders and they’re invoking the name of black people and brown people and other people. In other words, they’re using you, they’re abusing you in order to try and retain power forever more so we don’t have competitive elections. That’s what H1N1 is all about. And this is why they will not make Joe Biden available for a real press conference, No one, as you’ll see, he’s utterly incapable of doing it. We have a man in the White House and it’s frightening. Who’s mentally incapacitated and if they take him out, they’ll be moving Harris right in their. But the other reason is there are no good substantive answers to this, none. Nancy Pelosi brought this to the floor for a vote the Democrats are trying to push it through without a single committee hearing. So you can’t attend because they’ve got. Fence with razor wire at the top and 6000 National Guardsmen there, so you can’t get into the bill, so you can’t talk to your members in person, you can’t lobby members, you can’t peacefully protest. You can’t do a damn thing. And Nancy Pelosi’s pushing these bills through without going through committees. So you’re a member of Congress isn’t even voting on them until they hit the floor. So she is destroyed. Representative government in the House of Representatives, which is supposed to be the body closest to the people. They’ve destroyed representative government in the Senate. And we have a president of the United States who’s signing bills like he’s King George, just one after another, after another after another, which are fundamentally changing the culture of this country, the economy of this country. And now they want to change the voting system in this country without ever amending the Constitution because they know they’ll not get the votes. The reason why Biden doesn’t take his proposals and run them through Congress because he won’t get the votes, even with, you know, Democrats have a 10 vote majority in the House and it’s tied in the Senate with Harris breaking tie votes. No, no, he’s going to do climate change and critical race theory and destroy the voting system and open borders with the signature of his of his hand. That’s it. So I want to ask Sasaki a few questions. And Joe, you can chime in here to just wake him up. I know it’s past his bedtime. I believe it’s 640 Eastern Time on the East Coast. And so I have a few questions for Psaki, it’s Soki no, here it’s Masaaki. Me. Why would you have automatic voter registration when the list that you use are notoriously inaccurate, people’s names appear on all these lists, a variety of lists, so perhaps they’ll get multiple ballots. Why would you why would you do that? Why would you have same day registration and then at the same time say if a local election judge raises questions, he might be criminally charged to overflow the system? Why would you vote an online voter registration when you know it can be hacked or no fault absentee balloting where you require people to actually match their signatures or have a witness? And why do you claim that this is for black people? You’re demeaning black people, you’re stereotyping black people. It’s appalling. This is what the left wing of the Democrat Party do all the time. To make it easier to commit fraud, you make it impossible to prevent it. By degrading the registration system and threatening anybody who raises a question, so I have a question, Joe, may I call you Joe? I think I’ll call you Joe. At least you’ll recognize your name. Why are you doing this? And why are you talking about registering individuals and not citizens? Are you suggesting individuals should vote even if they’re not citizens? Why would you specifically put that in the bill? Isn’t that shocking? Why do you ban state voter ID laws, including driver’s licenses? Why do you do that? You don’t do that for people to get here into the White House, you have a far more cumbersome process than that. Any federal building, any state building, any 7-Eleven where you want to buy a six pack of beer, you got to show your I.D. Why is that OK, but not when you vote, which is far more precious than a six pack of beer. Why are you outlawing advertising? Are independent groups from communicating their views during the course of an election that violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, the Supreme Court already said so in Citizens United. So you would violate the Constitution with a statute. Why would you reduce the FCC from six? Three Democrats, three Republicans, bipartisan to five. Turning yet another. Independent commission are caught in the partisan hackery. Why would you force all states to allow felons to vote? Because, ladies and gentlemen, the vast majority of felons who do vote in the states that allowed vote for Democrats, we all know this. You’re going to transfer the right to draw congressional districts from the state legislatures to so-called independent commissions with unaccountable members. This is supposed to be a political process, not a bureaucratic process. Besides, you guys always steal the bureaucratic processes. You’re going to limit the ability of people to sue, to challenge the law and to challenge elections, they have to bring their case to the district court for the District of Columbia. Which is loaded up with leftists. But everybody doesn’t live in the District of Columbia or Maryland or Virginia. And if I want to bring a case in Colorado or Arizona or if I want to bring a case in Maine or Alaska, why do I have to come to or bring a lawyer into Washington, D.C.? And by the way, all the cases are going to be pulled together. So even if you hire a lawyer to do all that, your lawyer is going to be devoured. By all the other lawyers and cases that have been pulled together, now, if a judge rules, let’s say this district court judge in the District of Columbia rules in a way that raises questions about the statute or some voting activity that took place, they’re going to establish a commission, you know, like Stalin would do a commission to promote or excuse me, to protect democratic institutions. This is what the Marxist left does. They steal the language. And then it’s the opposite of what their intentions are. The Commission to Protect Democratic Institutions. Now it’s the commission to create a permanent Democratic Party society. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. It has the full authority to compel judges to testify and justify their legal decisions. So in other words, the courts are no longer independent. Now, Joe Biden supports this. Have you heard a critical word anywhere? I read the Associated Press and Reuters. It was disgusting and CNN that the Republicans are trying to prevent people from voting. And this is the greatest election reform in half a century. That’s the way CNN, the AP and the Reuters reported. Not that this is an appalling, unconscionable abuse of power to make permanent the Democrat Party control over our government in our lives. And their horrific use of minorities, particularly black people. As foils to advance their power. That’s what’s going on here. And it only took me about 35 minutes to explain what commercials, Mr. Producer? So the media are censoring this, the media want this, why? Because it’s not a media, ladies and gentlemen, these are propagandists for the Democrat Party and the radical left. It’s that simple. They’ve destroyed themselves and now they want to destroy us. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

And I want to thank you. Secondly, the former general, I keep calling him general, my, my the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we just talked about and for recommending these two women for. This is Biden today who cannot remember. The name of the defense secretary’s name is Lloyd Austin. He cannot even remember what department he’s talking about. He can’t say secretary of defense, the Defense Department and the media sit there with their thumbs up their nose. And the media are responsible in part. And Joe Biden is and, of course, the Democrat Party for advancing this man’s candidacy. Knowing full well with the greatest country on the face of the Earth that the job of president, it’s the hardest job on the face of the earth. But they didn’t care, you need to understand this, they don’t care about this country, they do not care about this country, they care about power. That’s it. That’s it. And Saturday, pretty much the same thing took place cut to most of it is the vast majority of economists left, right and center from Wall Street to the to the private private economic policy initiatives. Economic Polling Commission. Go ahead to the left, right and center, say, in addition to the needs the people have, we need this to grow the economy. It’s just a part. It’s not funny. It’s appalling. It’s shocking, to be honest with you, that the whole country pretends this isn’t happening. That our corrupt media promotes this, that his family promotes this, that the Democrat Party promotes this. They covered it up, you know, they used to cover up Kennedy scandals and his illnesses, they used to cover up LBJ’s womanizing, they cover up for Obama and his corruption with respect to the IRS. This this is this is. Bigger than that. He is not fit to be president of the United States. As he signs his outrageously radical. Fascistic. Documents day in and day out, this is why they keep talking about Trump. They don’t want to talk about bein. Meanwhile, Biden’s popularity is at, what, about 60 percent, Mr. Blitzer? It’s because the public has no idea what he’s doing. I read these executive orders, I read what he’s doing. You know, if it’s legislation and you have members of Congress debating and I want to have this in part, I fault the Republicans. Look who they’ve chosen as their leaders, McConnell. McConnell can’t even communicate this guy, John Thune, he’s like a younger, taller McConnell. He’s like Mr. Polished politician, he says nothing, he never says anything. And go right down the list of the McConnell leadership, they are all losers or losers. Then you get to our buddy, Lindsey Graham is on cable TV at least every other night. And what is he doing? He wants to work out a climate change deal. He wants to work out an immigration deal. None of them want to work out a freedom deal. None of them want to work out a security deal. None of them want to work out a constitutional deal. They should be standing on the floor of the Senate and raising their voices so the whole world can hear.