March 5, 2021

March 5, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, We have an absolute disaster on the southern border and the Biden administration doesn’t consider it a crisis. President Biden has created open borders, effectively eliminated ICE, and is allowing illegal aliens to pour into border towns, some of them infected with COVID. He is creating anarchy on the border and making it impossible to secure this nation. Biden has created this situation, and Washington Democrats are thrilled. Biden is a human wrecking ball, destroying our institutions, with the media cheering it on. Energy prices are already rising and pressure on inflation is on the horizon. Our schools and health systems will be overrun with this kind of immigration, and we will be the ones to suffer. The country is going down the tubes all so the Democratic party can take total control. If Biden were to run for president again today, after weeks of lying to America from his basement, he’d lose in a landslide. Later, Gordon Chang speaks with Mark about the likelihood of China attacking Taiwan and if America should help Japan arm up their military.


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America, we have an absolute disaster on our southern border right now, absolute disaster, and does it seem like Joe Biden and his administration are treating this as any kind of an emergency? Not in the least. Not in the least, they’ve effectively created open borders. They’ve effectively eliminated ice. Our detention centers are now overwhelmed with children and teenagers. ICE is now rapidly processing individuals in and out of these centers into the United States. Individuals with the virus. And now circulating throughout the population of the United States. The Biden administration isn’t even testing individuals who are coming into this country. It’s the border towns that are overwhelmed, that are trying to test them. And since they have nowhere to put them, they have to release them. Joe Biden has created this situation. The radicals and extremists who he is surround himself with have pushed this agenda. You hear no complaints from Democrats on Capitol Hill? None. They are thrilled. American sovereignty is being destroyed, our borders being overrun. Then we’re going to have another push, another push. For amnesty, then legalization, then citizenship, then voting. He immediately stops the wall barrier that was working, that was being built. Stops it before it can be completed. This administration knows exactly what it’s doing, it is creating anarchy on the border, it is making it impossible to secure this nation impossible. People are coming into this country, we have no information on their backgrounds, they’re coming so many at a time. Coming from poor country, so it’s truly impossible to get the kind of information we need. So people are coming into this country may well have violent criminal backgrounds. And then on the other side, the Biden administration is unilaterally also decided that people have committed horrific crimes. Horrific crimes. Assault, including assault on officers, DUI and on and on and on, that they get to stay, they’re not going to be deported. That’s not what immigration is about. Send us your brightest. Send us people who want to assimilate into this country. No country can survive this, not for long. Now, this is intentional. The same people. He’ll want to take over our energy and destroy that. What the left is about, what Joe Biden is Joe Biden is about is he is a human wrecking ball. This civil society is being undermined. Our institutions are being destroyed. The media are for it, the Democrats are all for it, they’re part of it, they’re doing it. They are going to pass a two trillion dollar bill. They have the votes, every single Democrat in the Senate is going to vote for that two trillion dollar bill. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of pork barrel spending. Hundreds of billions of dollars for projects that Pelosi wants and Schumer wants and some others want hundreds of billions of dollars to blue cities in blue states, redistributing a distribution of wealth from Republicans to Democrats. It’s just shocking what’s taking place here, absolutely shocking. And they insist on a 15-dollar minimum wage while they’re opening the door to illegal immigration, people who will be paid under the table. The squeeze is on the middle class of America and not just the middle class, the squeeze is on the lower end of the ladder in America. Now, who am I talking about in specific? I’m talking about poor black people and poor poor Latino people, people who live in our inner cities. They are the ones who are going to suffer the most. They are the ones who are going to suffer the most. And who else? High school students looking for their first job. They’re going to be now competing with illegal aliens. And first job, fifteen dollars an hour. That in and of itself means they’re not going to get a job. No high school student can contribute fifteen dollars an hour worth of productivity worth of value to any small business. The Democrat Party is dragging us over the cliff, they’re hollowing out our economy. After half a century trying to be energy independent, we’re finally energy independent and they are destroying the basis for energy independence. So energy prices are starting to go up now. And by the way, the pressure on inflation has already started to today. Today, it started. U.S. inflation expectations hit decades high as yields research Bloomberg U.S. Treasuries tumbled anew on Wednesday, driving long maturity yields to their highest levels this week, pushing up inflation expectations. Inflation. It’s on the horizon. The borders are open. The Border Patrol and ICE have been effectively eliminated. People coming into the country with diseases, including the virus, so many, we don’t even know how many there are. But clearly, they are. And they’re not even testing for it, by the way, she hasn’t said a word about this, he’s trashing the governor of Texas. The governor of Mississippi won’t say a thing about Biden and what they’re doing on the southern border, which is outrageous. It’s atrocious. And they act like they care about these kids in these teenagers coming into this country. They don’t give a damn about them parents sending their kids and teenagers a thousand miles on a trip. God knows what’s happened to these kids. And they wrapped themselves in self-righteous, oh, we’re compassionate. Now, what’s going to happen to our local school systems? They’re going to be overwhelmed. What’s going to happen to our local health systems and our hospitals? They’re going to be overwhelmed. Who’s going to bear the brunt of the cost? You are. You bear the brunt of the cost for everything. And seven damn weeks. This guy is destroying our energy sector, he’s destroying our immigration system, he’s destroyed girl sports and high school. They destroyed any semblance, any semblance of any kind of fiscal responsibility. They are massively redistributing wealth for purely political reasons, purely political reasons. They haven’t even got to tax increases yet and a wealth tax, for God’s sakes. And they had their eyes on their power, they want to destroy the voting system that’s already been passed by the House of Representatives. I honestly believe if Joe Biden were to run for president today with his policies in place rather than his serial disgusting lying. It’s misleading of the American people as he sits in a basement. Now that his policies are right in front of our eyes can’t be missed. Because he lied to us, he covered them up. I don’t think he can win. I think he’d lose in a landslide. I really believe in. And this Jen Psaki. What a propaganda she is, what a disgusting propaganda she is. Let’s go to Cut to Mr. Producer. She’s asked a question by Kristen Fischer of Fox Go House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He’s requesting a meeting with President Biden about this issue. He’s also asking you to acknowledge the crisis. Will President Biden take that meeting? And I’ll ask it again, will he acknowledge that there’s a crisis? Well, first, the president and this administration’s focus is on digging out of the dismantled and inhumane immigration approach of the last admin. Listen to this slimeball. The inhumane and look how she talks, she’s robotic. Immigration approach of the last administration, that’s the problem, anybody remember these issues going on in the last administration? No, you don’t wear these caravans coming into the country and Trump put a stop to it. But she doesn’t answer the question, it’s always trashing Trump. That’s getting a little old. Go ahead. Immigration bill that would not only address the root causes that leader McCarthy referenced, the root cause, I’m so sick of hearing this crap, what root causes? You build a wall, you have an immigration system. We have an immigration legal system. You get along with everybody else, you get interviewed. We want to see your papers. We want to know what’s up. We either say yes or we say no. That’s how it works. We don’t need a root causes. We don’t need comprehensive immigration reform. I’m so sick of these platitudes and these lies, people need to respect our borders, starting with Democrats. Starting with these immigration front groups who think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Right by the Biden administration is turning ice long term detention facilities for migrant families into rapid processing, reception and relief centers. Three designated hubs will move migrant families more quickly from the border region into the U.S. A.. ICE officials told immigration advocates and relief organizations they are ending long term detention of migrant families, reports the San Antonio Express News. The facilities will be rebranded and renamed, not detention centers anymore. You ready for this? Reception centers? So with one word. They’ve now changed the entire policy, you’re not detained for deportation. You are received it’s a reception area. So you can be allowed into the United States. All these people coming illegally, the plan by Biden officials is to convert long term family detention centers in South Texas into Ellis Island style rapid processing hubs with a stated goal releasing migrant families into the United States. A. within 72 hours. All right, Texas is going to go purple to blue now. That’s exactly what’s gone on here. Russell, hold a senior. This official told staff members in an email report by The Washington Post that unaccompanied minors and families this year expected to be the highest numbers observed in over 20 years. This is all intended. This is all intended. We’re apprehending more kids than we can possibly release, a senior Homes Homeland Security official told CNN. We’re not keeping up. So that’s what’s going on. The Biden administration. Is destroying the immigration system now, he should be impeached for this. But I had Kevin McCarthy on what was a Wednesday, Mr. Producer, and he said, we follow the law, we don’t impeach. Biden is unilaterally and single handedly destroying our country. Our country, here’s Jen Psaki again, cut three go, I will say that the big difference, which we certainly understand the outcome may be an influx, as we’ve seen, of more money being may be an influx genius. What did you flunk, addition and subtraction. You see how they treat human beings. Well, there may be an influx and we’re being humane, of course, go ahead. Or kicking children out of there’s naturally by design, I’m no mathematician, but going to be more children who come in. Let me ask you something, Pesach. How many of these children have been molested? How many of these children have the coronavirus? How many of these children are being brought into this country by coyotes? She wouldn’t be able to answer a single one of those questions, and yet there she is sanctimoniously lecturing we the people. The Democrat Party. Of 30, 40 years ago, ladies and gentlemen, simply does not exist anymore, and this is what needs to be explained to the American people. This is not a pro-American pro worker. Political party anymore. It’s an anti-American anti worker party. That’s exactly what it is. It is now the plaything of the hardcore Hate America radical left. That is celebrated by The New York Times and The Washington Post and the rest of the corrupt media. And Joe Biden is legacy hunting. That’s what he’s doing. Legacy hunting. And so my question is this how does this end and where does this end? So anybody who wants to come into the United States comes into the United States because that’s the humane thing to do. Is it the humane thing to do that to the American citizens? Excuse me? It’s the humane thing to do to the citizens on the on the border. You have a Democrat congressman on the southern border. Of Texas with Mexico. All year, I believe his name is or Collioure. He’s been making more noise than anybody else. This is a disaster, he’s saying we’re being overwhelmed. You want to know why? Because if you’re a Democrat in that district and you live there, you don’t like this, you don’t support this. You’re an American citizen. Your community is being overrun. You don’t know who these people are. People are just showing up by the hundreds in the thousands. But Joe Biden. Lives in a gilded cage, as he puts it, over at the White House. He’ll be protected. He’ll be safe. All these fools in the Capitol building, almost none of them live or work on the southern border. The Democrat Party sees this as an advantage down the road. All this talk about white privilege, we’ll get rid of that boy. I’ll tell you what. Those of you who voted for him, you’re happy. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

We’ve not only lost control of our border, ladies and gents, we’ve lost control of the interior of the United States. We don’t know who these people are. We really don’t know how many are here. We don’t know how many people have been here illegally for decades. They keep throwing out this eleven million number. What people don’t procreate. I mean, people don’t have chain migration. Other people haven’t come in illegally since 2008. There’s only 11 million illegal aliens. Now, you and I know that’s a lie. Then they want to change our voting system, our voting system so individuals can vote, not just citizens, individuals. They’ve changed our census system. So we count everybody, not just citizens. Why? So you elect more Democrats to Congress. This whole thing is being fixed for the Democrat Party. That’s what’s happening. That country’s going down the tubes for the for the power of the Democrat Party. And they’re perfectly happy with it, all these things going on, you hear no complaints from the Democrats, none of them. None of them, even CNN has to admit, Priscilla Alvarez, cut for Mr. Producer, go, yes, we are seeing an increase of migrants at the US Mexico border and trends indicate that that number is probably going to grow in the coming weeks. Now, as you mentioned, the Biden administration is maintained because we have reception centers now, not detention centers. And within 72 hours, they are processed and into the interior of the United States. Who the hell wouldn’t do that? Go ahead, challenge, but clearly some level of concern here with President Biden asking senior members of his team to go to the border to assess the idiot finally wakes up their story after story going on. And I’m going to send a team down there to see what’s going on. You don’t need to send a team down there to see what’s going on, you idiot. You have statistics, you have data. You have individuals who are down there who work for you, who are telling you what’s going on. And you understand me? I’m going to send it. Yeah. What am I thinking? Sheila Jackson. Amy, go ahead. Is happening on the ground. Yeah. Well, isn’t that fascinating? He’s taking really effective action. He’s sending a team down there to see what’s going on. Can you imagine these people in charge of our health care system? Can you imagine? Can you imagine these people in charge of climate change, climate change, they can’t even control the border, they don’t even want to control the border climate change, we’re going to give them access to all of our private sector activity. Seriously? And then he went, he still wants to spend this two trillion dollars. And I touched on this Bloomberg U.S. Treasuries tumbled the new driving long maturity yields to their highest levels this week, pushing up inflation expectations as traders continue to price in that problem. The market, meanwhile, a market proxy for the anticipated annual inflation rate for the next half decade exceeded two and a half percent for the first time since 2008, aided by climbing oil prices. Well, gee, you know what? You don’t have to be a mathematician, Pisarski, to figure this out. You’re driving up oil prices. You’re spending. Like a drunken Marxist. Two of the main reasons you get inflation. Meanwhile, the communist Chinese are on the move, and I’m going to touch on that next hour, we are launching Operation Hollow Out America. That’s what’s going on here. We have one of the dumbest human beings to walk on the earth sitting in the Oval Office. One of the dumbest senators was one of the dumbest vice presidents. Now look at him. He’s so out of it, he can’t even hold a press conference. He’s so out of it, he can’t even take questions. What kind of a republic is this, the most powerful man in the country can’t be held accountable. It’s just too much for him to take questions today. Today, the vice president of the United States had to take a call from the prime minister of Israel because the president of the United States is not capable of taking a call from the prime minister of Israel. I want to thank the media in America. You’re a disgusting gaggle of pukes. That’s what you are. You, a bunch of punks, a real bunch of loathsome left wing Democrat punks. You’re so damn corrupt, you’re so in the tank. You have no idea you have destroyed the First Amendment and any notion of journalism. And I want to thank Dr. Jill Biden, she knows exactly what her husband is, she knows exactly what he’s capable and incapable of, but she sits there and she smile because she wanted to be in the White House. She wanted to be the first lady. Nobody talks about it, so I’ll talk about it. No shame whatsoever has to finish her own husbands, has to finish his sentences. Shame on us. Mark, you’re so angry today. Yes, I am angry today, I’m very angry today. Watching what’s happening to our country. You know, my father, my two grandfathers, my uncles. Served in the United States military, fought for this country. Joe Biden didn’t do a damn thing, Chuck Schumer didn’t do a damn thing, Nancy Pelosi didn’t do a damn thing, none of them. Most of these jerks in the media, these executives in the media. They never did anything for this country either, so we have in this country people who literally put their lives on the line to defend us. To defend our principles, our system, our republic. And then we have this. And then we have this. It’s really disgusting what’s happening here. It’s appalling. They’re busy canceling. Canceling Mr. Potato Head, this is their focus, this this is where they’re dragging our country. Now, I want to say something that five years ago wouldn’t have been controversial, Mr. Producer, and those who have little kids, you might want to cover their ears. Although depending on your school district, they probably heard this over and over again, you already cover your ears. If you have a penis, you are a biological male. If you have a vagina, you’re a biological female. If you change your penis to a vagina, you’re still a biological male. If you change your vagina to a penis, you’re still a biological female. That’s what DNA tells us. That’s what the science tells us. Did I say something wrong, Mr. Producer? Did I say something wrong, America now? If you’re a biological male, you should not be participating in sports with biological females, in fact, that actually violates federal law. But because federal law has been turned inside out and upside down, it’s been actually used to promote biological boys. Competing with biological girls and high school sports, now, what does that mean? That means biological girls who are competing with biological boys can’t win. They can’t get scholarships. You’ve just destroyed athletics. For girls in high school. Now, this is called a civil right, doing such a thing is now a civil right in America. Really? Gee, I guess I’m old fashioned, I can remember just 12 years ago when Barack Obama wouldn’t acknowledge same sex marriage. He said he couldn’t support it. Now, we must acknowledge the fact that a boy is a girl and a girl is a boy, whether we like it or not or what. You’ll be fired. Maybe you’ll be fired. Amazing, isn’t it? Did you ever think Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? Would be controversial because one is missing and one is misses and they have changing parts that don’t even affect the genitalia. Did you think that would be controversial, Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss. We now have 11 Hollywood types. Who have been caught reading Dr. Seuss. Including, by the way, African-Americans, there was no problem with it until three days ago. So all of a sudden, Dr. Seuss is racist now, Dr. Seuss himself was a civil rights advocate, but no, no, no, he’s a racist because what is it, green eggs and ham, you know? Yeah, it’s against green stuff. I don’t know. I don’t get it. Curious George is racist, why? Because there’s a monkey on the cover, are there not monkeys in our zoos are not monkeys in the jungles are the No. What is. I have to do with anything. Well, that can be interpreted no through your sick, insane mind, it could be interpreted that way. And by the way, this is a white supremacist dominated society, that’s why the borders are open, that’s why people are coming into this country by the millions who aren’t white, because it’s a white. Racist society. Now, how much more of this insane crap do we have to put up with? How much more? They’ve got fencing with razor wire on the top. Around the Capitol building to protect members of Congress. From a violent uprising that attacked members of Congress where nobody had a gun. Meanwhile, the borders wide open. A wall was being built and they stopped. Now, it seems to me if it’s good enough to have an open border for anybody to come in here, whether they have covid-19, whether they have weapons, whether they’re rapists or murders, we don’t know who that is coming in. If it’s good enough for Texas, if it’s good enough for Arizona, if it’s good enough for California and New Mexico, then by God, it ought to be good enough for the Capitol building. No, this isn’t NPR where we all talk like we. Like we have plates in our head. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Not detention centers, no more their reception centers, one official, as reported by The Washington Examiner, said the new name would mark the Biden administration’s intentions to use the, quote, reception centers not for holding people in custody, but for serving a sending off points for releasing migrants into the United States. This is shocking. Quote, These facilities are going up, but they’re being utilized differently, the direction is very clear. Release them as fast as possible, said the first person. If you can get and see if you can’t receive migrants from a Border Patrol station, listen to this. Then release them right there at the Border Patrol station. Just do it. If that area gets overcrowded, they’re giving instructions to ICE to then bust them further into the interior of the United States. Have you ever heard of anything like this, Mr. Producer? America says if we we have to observe this, we have to accept this. You can’t even access your member of Congress they work behind now. Tall fences with razor wire surrounded by the National Guard, you can’t get a hold of your member of Congress, your senator. There are no hearings whatsoever that you can attend or give your input into. You can’t protest anything because of the defense in the National Guard. I’m going to tell you what’s going on right now. I’m going to tell you exactly what’s going on right now. Pelosi is the National Guard there in those fences and we’re not to prevent another incursion. But to prevent us from contacting and meeting our members of Congress to prevent us from attending congressional hearings, to prevent us from sitting in the galleries. From meeting face to face with our members of Congress, that’s what she’s preventing. And they say they wanted for two more months. Isn’t that convenient? So the first 100 or so days of the Biden presidency were they’re ramming this stuff through, ramming it through one after another after another, we the people have no freaking idea what’s going on. We have no access to any members of Congress. This idiot is signing executive orders. They’re changing the names of facilities in order to change what these facilities do. And we have to sit here and listen to this stuff, what our kids can’t go to school and now we’re told you can’t get Mr. Potato Head. All in seven weeks. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. The same official said Border Patrol is looking at putting up temporary tent facilities as overflow facilities in Yuma, Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona, planning for overflow border patrol facilities where all illegal crossers are held before they are transferred to ICE. They’re all going to be released into the interior of the country. They’re all going to be released into the interior of the country, pretty much that National Guard is being put there clearly against its will. Those fences with razor wire at the top, they’re being put there not because there’s a threat. What happened? I thought there was something was going to happen on Tuesday. Nothing. Nothing. They’re there to stop us, you and me. From meeting with members of Congress. From attending hearings that aren’t taking place. From peaceful protest about what’s happening in our government. And they’re going to keep that fence with the razor wire and that National Guard there for the next 60 to 90 days while they do their dirty work. That’s exactly what’s going on now. That’s the trick. They have no intelligence whatsoever. They certainly haven’t made it public to the American people that there are any threats to the Capitol building. Now, there are threats to the Portland courthouse that’s going on. Again, there are other threats out there. But the great FBI director. Can we ever find. A good FBI director, what is he? You got to be like last in your class or something to be the FBI director, you have to be a real schmo to be the FBI. There’s Ray. I didn’t read the memo. It was several days later, you idiot. You didn’t read the memo or they’re talking about possible. You know, violence at the Capitol Building. And I shut up, you idiot. Notice how Nancy Pelosi escapes any accountability whatsoever, she’s in charge. What did she know and when did she know it? I don’t know. I can’t get her. There’s barbed wire. There’s there’s troops there, you know? Oh, OK. Well, you know. She’s not held to account for anything, nothing. They are destroying the system. They are breaching the firewalls in the constitutional republic. This is your Democrat Party that wants to burn down figuratively, but nonetheless the Republican replace it with something else with the help of the 16 19 project at The New York Times, with the help of clowns over there like Philip Bump at The Washington Post. They have no sense of patriotism, no sense of Americanism whatsoever. The media not only thoroughly corrupt, their advocates for this advocates. It’s really amazing. It’s too bad the Capitol isn’t right there in McAllen, Texas. Too bad The Washington Post doesn’t move its headquarters to El Paso. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s too bad the White House isn’t in. Tijuana. All right, I’ll be right back.