March 3, 2021

March 3, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, 108 illegal immigrants at the border have tested positive for the coronavirus and President Biden is letting them into the United States. Biden hasn’t done a damn thing to fight this virus. Democrats sit back and regulate honest taxpaying citizens while allowing communicable diseases to enter the country. Then, Democrats reject our economic system and want to blow out the filibuster. Stacy Abrams falsely says Republicans want to go back to the Jim Crow era while they work to destroy the electoral college. The H.R. 1 Bill is wrong and misstates the filibuster rule which dates back to the debate in ancient Rome. Later, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to explain that Democrats are now pushing for a voting age of 16 years old and increased public funds for future elections. Afterward, Benjamin Netanyahu continues to be targeted by activist prosecutors. The tyranny and persecution against Jews in that region rages on, while the Israelis have the firepower to flatten Gaza they show restraint.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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108 illegal immigrants. Who tested positive for the coronavirus after their arrival in Texas since late January. Had been released by the Border Patrol into Texas and are free to travel to other parts of the U.S. and in fact, they have Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland among three states. We actually have a president of the United States. Who has invited illegal aliens into the country? The vast majority of them are not tested because they’re illegal aliens, we don’t even know they’re here in many cases, but those who are some percentage. And when they have the virus. They’re allowing them. And setting them free within the borders of the United States and they’re traveling all over the country. Now, American citizens who have traveled outside the country and come back. No one there tested a number two. If they’re tested in, they’re positive, they’re quarantined. Now, ladies and gentlemen. Joe Biden hasn’t done a damn thing to fight this virus. Despite his claims and the point I raised last night, which I’ll remind you was underscored today, believe it or not, or. Recently, it was today or last night. In the press room. But now. People are coming into this country who have this virus, and it raises the question, people coming into this country, they must have all kinds of diseases and they’re certainly not being stopped if it’s found out or they’re being freed. How does that make you feel? Now, this Joe Biden agenda is so radical, so anti-American, so anti citizen. That if he were to run today and his agenda were known for the last six weeks, it wouldn’t have even been close, he would have been slaughtered in this election despite. All the violations of our federal constitution by the various states. Simply, no question about it. Philip Romero, spokesman for the border city of Brownsville, told Fox News they’re telling the migrants who tested positive to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to quarantine and maintain social distance, but that Brownsville doesn’t have the authority to stop them from traveling to the rest of the country. Listen, here’s what you do. You came here legally, OK? No one. Here’s your date to come back in front of administrative law judge so we can adjudicate you here illegally. OK, so you’ll come back? Yes. When is it? 2025. Oh, sure, sure. I’ll be back. OK, great. Number two, you have the coronavirus. Oh. Follow the CDC guidelines. Wear a mask and stay six feet away from everybody else. Would you do that, please? Absolutely. And as a matter of fact, because you have this virus. You must stay at home, but I don’t have a home. OK, you’re free to leave. Let’s think about this. Can you point to any other time in American history? When the United States under Democrats or Republicans. Allowed people with communicable diseases, deadly diseases. To walk freely. In our country. You know, we have all the logs from these various episodes, for instance. The Ellis Island. If you came to Ellis Island and you had some kind of disease you were not allowed to enter. Because back then, even the Democratic Party had some semblance of patriotism, even back then, the Democrat Party actually had a lot of people who loved America. But the leadership, not anymore, not anymore. So if you’re a foreigner, you came into our country illegally, you have the coronavirus. You’re allowed to go freely, you will not be deported if you like, we’ll even give you a lawyer. You can send your children to our public schools when they eventually open. We are going to get you free medical care and we will put you on a pathway to citizenship. Wow, that’s great. Now, if you’re a citizen here and you’re actually successful, we’re going to tax the crap out of you. We’re going to hound the crap out of you. We’re going to regulate the crap out of you. Now we’re going to we’re going to have a wealth tax, according to Elizabeth Warren, that idiot, a wealth tax. But don’t worry, it’ll only be on the very, very rich, it’ll never affect you, right, folks? You believe that? And you know what happens when you have a wealth tax, Mr. Producer, what do people do with their wealth? They move it overseas. They’re going to move their money overseas. You see, the Democrats don’t understand economics. They don’t understand the private sector, they don’t understand finance. They don’t understand the currency. They don’t care. There’s enough cherry pick crackpots and our universities that will back up whatever they do. Because they’re more leftist than they are professional and what they teach. A three percent wealth tax on a very, very wealthy and by the way, not only will that three percent go up and up and up and up, but the definition of wealthy will be broader and broader, broader to include many of you small business people. It’s only three percent. What’s the problem? Three percent plus they want to kick up the federal income tax at the highest levels to like 47 to 48 percent. But what’s your problem? Then if you live in one of these high tax states, they flop another 10 percent on top of that. That’s how you create jobs, right? Democrats don’t create jobs. Unless, of course, they create them for foreign countries like in the oil field. One hundred and eight illegal immigrants got into this country and were released. Who have? The Korona China virus. How many others have come into this country that have this virus and we don’t even know? And we don’t even know and of course, Joe Biden isn’t going to have a press conference where he stands alone behind the podium. What the hell could he possibly say now when he accuses the governor of Texas and the governor, Mississippi, of essentially being Neanderthals? Wow. Takes one to know one, that’s for sure. He spent a whole life being a Neanderthal that said, tell me which is worse, governors following the data that they have the science from their own experts and making rational decisions like this. Because we even heard an expert there, all experts and expert from Johns Hopkins, say by April they’ll be herd immunity by April. Well, by my last check, today’s March 3rd. By April, they’ll be herd immunity by the end of May. Everybody will have been vaccinated and then Joe Biden will take credit. That’s simple. That’s how it works. Having not lifted a finger except the scratches head, that’s it. How many illegal aliens are coming across the border that have this? Virus. We have no idea. None. So people from Central and South America coming into this country with the virus. And how are we going to use our vaccines on people who come into the country illegally and what’s going to happen to our hospitals and all the rest of it? Oh, don’t worry. This is what I mean. It’s so these people are so insane. You damn well better not open your salon, you damn well better not open your gym, you damn well better not open your your restaurant. No, no, no, I we’re going to find you 14 trillion dollars and drag your ass and put you in jail while they’re letting criminals out the back door. OK, got it. But if you’re illegal aliens, don’t ask, don’t tell. This is the world of the left. This is the world of the Democrat Party and apparently, ladies and gentlemen, we’re surrounded by enough idiots in this country that they vote for this sort of thing. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

What is the purpose of immigration, what has always been the purpose of immigration? Is the purpose of immigration to serve the immigrant, as people argue today, is the purpose of immigration, to serve the immigrant, the needs and the desires and the wants of the immigrant? No. No, our our so-called elected officials don’t represent. Foreigners. They don’t represent foreigners, they represent us, we, the people, the United States citizen. The purpose of immigration. Is to improve the United States. To invite people into our country who will improve the United States now, the way we do it now, we don’t get to ask the question. We don’t even ask the question if people are self-sufficient financially, we used to ask that question, not anymore. If they have any kind of illness or disease, we used to ask that question, not anymore. If they had the coronavirus and we find out about it, we release them into the community. In essence, what Joe Biden is doing is a kind of national. Andrew Cuomo, he’s not even living, limiting it to nursing homes, he’s just saying, come on and then if you have the virus. He releases the. Joe Biden is now pressuring schools and states to vaccinate teachers. So here’s pretty much the priority list for vaccinations for Biden and his administration, number one, Biden, number two. Harris number three. Pelosi number four, Schumer Democrats take care of themselves, even though they oppose the entire project. After that, criminals. After that, illegal aliens. After that, teachers who refused to go into the classroom. In other words, their base. Is prioritized, right, criminals, illegal aliens and teachers. That’s that’s the priority that they have because Biden wants to be able to say, see, I told you. You know, this book by Daniel Boorstein, the image that I’ve written about and on freedom of the press and I’ve talked about here this this book. It’s just so brilliant and so precious. And you don’t hear me say that about many books and he wrote it on. 61, he was a professor at University of Chicago, he would eventually become the the head of the Library of Congress. Now, back then, you could actually get confirmed when you’re trying to, you know, defend your country today. If you defend your country, you can’t get confirmed. You’re a white supremacist, even if you’re not white. That’s so brilliant, was this book The Image? And I would encourage you to go online and get a copy of it in paperback, whatever. But I’ve talked about it before, it’s worth reminding it’s also in on freedom of the press. He talked about pseudo events. That the media, politicians, Hollywood and others, they create these phony events. They’re not realistic, they’re not the real world, they create these pseudo events. And President Trump is very close, fake news, but fake news is even worse, they lie, but pseudo events. And conversely, they censor real news, so like the Hunter Biden scandal, sensitive, it never existed. Pseudo event. The Russia collusion story and that sort of event spawned more pseudo events related to the Russian collusion story. So for years of pseudo events, that is. Unreal events, things that actually didn’t happen, but are talked about endlessly as news stories. Joe Biden’s handling of the vaccine. Where he praises himself and gets praise is a pseudo event, it’s also propaganda, in other words, he’s never done anything. It never happened. It’s a non-event. And yet it’s a news story. Joe Biden being the great humanitarian who’s so compassionate about people south of the border that he’s rejected and repealed almost all of President Trump’s security measures because the man is such a big heart. That’s a lie, but it’s a pseudo event, he doesn’t have such a big heart. He has created more misery. More illness and potentially more death on the southern border. In six weeks. Than virtually any other person could have. And it’s going to get worse. They have nowhere to put these kids. They have nowhere to put the adults. They have nowhere to put people who are trying to virus positive. So all of them. Listen to me. Eventually going to be released. All of them are eventually going to be released. Meanwhile. People who drive DUI, that’s very serious, people who drive drunk. Is it not? Other Mothers Against Drunk Driving, all that. You can kill people, you’re drunk behind a 4500 pound vehicle. So if you’re drunk or if you’ve assaulted somebody, including a police officer. Or a whole string of criminal activity. That used to result in your immediate deportation. Now they say you will not be deported if you’ve committed those those crimes. What kind of a community are we creating even in the countries these people come from, if they commit those offenses, they’re considered crimes. So this is what Joe Biden is doing to America, our schools closed, illegal aliens, welcome to come in, send him into the interior of the United States. Even if they have the virus. We know I have no idea what other illnesses might be out there. Meanwhile, these poor people are desperate to come to the racist white supremacist America. They’re suffering as a result of the Biden policy.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, the people coming across the border now are not the college educated scientists, engineers, mathematicians and so forth. They’re very, very poor people who are unskilled or have no skills. Low skills coming into this country. That’s who they are. In addition to children and teenagers. A country can’t survive like this, ladies and gents, it’s just not possible. The Democrats in every respect, whether it’s the environment, whether it’s immigration, whether it’s education, whatever it is, they’re pulling every thread they possibly can to undo the fabric of this nation because they are what I said, they are neo Marxists. And I don’t need the media to tell me what to say and what to think because they’re the worst of the worst. They covered up for the Nazis in this country. Oh, yes, they did. And I’ve proven it over and over and over again. I look at things this way. I try noodle over these things all the time. You see the Democrats trying to destroy the electoral system because you have Stacey Abrams and other reprobates out there talking about we have 15 different systems were democracy flourishes in some states and not in others, and they want to take us back. She recently said to Jim Crow. She’s an ass Jim Crow, seriously, that’s her party, not our party, but nobody wants to take anybody back to Jim Crow. That’s just ridiculous. And when she said that when she was interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper, he never said a damn thing. And I’ll get to that later. What Stacey Abrams wants is anarchy. And when there’s anarchy, the Democrats win, the Republicans don’t know what to do about it. The judges are scared to death. The Democrats win when there’s anarchy. We know this. How do we know this? Because they’ve told us so. That’s how. There’s anarchy in the elections in California, you don’t know who’s won, the races are close. You have the harvesting of all this stuff going on as a matter of law because they want anarchy. When there’s anarchy, the system collapses, it’s flooded. Then they blame the system and they claim power Cloward implements. That’s exactly what’s going on, and then they’ll accuse you of trying to deny people the right to vote. Solinsky. Attacking you personally must be a white supremacist. These are all Marxists. These are all Marxists. So now we have this effort to nationalize the vote. And when people learn exactly what’s in the vote, there would be no voter I.D. and, you know, it’s interesting in minority communities, they want voter ID. There have been polls done on this. No voter I.D., but if you say it’s the white supremacists who are doing it, then it’s, oh, we can’t support that, but it’s not the white supremacist doing it. They would burn down the system, too, if they could. They don’t support Republicanism, smaller Republicanism, they don’t support the Constitution. From their perspective, they were white majority rule. So they’re not constitutionalists or anything of that kind. The reason we have a system set up the way we do is we would not have a federal government, but for the states, the old colonies getting together to create it, they did not surrender all of their authority. In fact, they preserved a lot of it within the constitutional structure. And this is exactly what the Democrats have been trying to destroy. They turned it on its head when they broke away in the Confederacy. Federalism, he turned it on its head. Treated as nullification, which the left does today when it comes to sanctuary cities, the left has borrowed a lot from the old Confederacy. They’ve just turned the tables, that’s all. But Americanism, they never embrace Republicanism, they never embrace constitutionalism, they never embrace. So why should you have signature comparisons when somebody votes by mail an absentee ballot? Ladies and gentlemen, why should you have a witness, even a clerk when somebody votes absentee ballot and they can’t have that? All of this is illegal now if they pass their law. Why can’t we just send ballots out to these long lists of people that are being kept at the DMV and the welfare office or at the Department of Labor or wherever, and just send them out because the lists are not right. And by the way, if you try to correct the lists, you’re legally banned from doing so. What do you think of that? And it gets worse. And I’m not going to go through it again, maybe I have to in a few days. And so I watched the Stacey Abrams and I listen to her on a clip on the Internet and she says the Republicans want to go back to Jim Crow. No, actually, we just want to go back to 2019. And I believe that’s Jim Crow. And she goes on about we have these disparate systems in the states, so you have democracy in some states and not in other states now we’ve democracy in every state, but we also have cheating and lying and institutionalized fraud in the blue states. Because that’s the way they want. What’s going on here? And it can be confusing, so let me make it as easy as I know how the purpose of the states is to keep a check on the central government so the left doesn’t believe in a check on the central government. The left wants to blow out the filibuster rule. The left wants to blow out a court that it believes is hostile to their agenda. It’s really not they don’t need to blow it out. That court’s doing anything they want them to do. The left wants to eliminate the Electoral College. Even when they win it from time to time, isn’t it interesting we haven’t heard about them blowing out the Electoral College lately, have we, Mr. Producer? Now. Now, when they win, or at least when they’re perceived to have won, they’re fine. When they lose, that’s when they want to alter everything. Because for them, what the ends justify the means. So what’s going on here? There’s various forms of totalitarianism, various degrees of it, intensities of it, there’s various forms of tyranny. Which can lead to totalitarianism and your constitution was developed to try and protect us from all of them. There are two kinds of tyranny that were prominent. When the constitutional convention was convened, two types, primarily not exclusively. One was the tyranny of the mob. They saw what was breaking loose or what broke loose in France. That was a sort of Rousso in Revolutionary People’s. This is why I never say I’m a populist. I say I’m a conservative. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to do popular things. But I reject the mob and we’ll get into this. So that said. They thought to themselves, we we have unalienable rights, that’s what the Declaration of Independence of 1776 says. We have unalienable rights, our rights come from God. Their natural rights. They’re truisms. No human being can take them away. No collection of human beings can take them away. They can’t give them to us either. We are born with this. We’re born with this. That’s why we cannot have people vote at the ballot box or vote in Congress and so forth, and whether or not we have our unalienable rights, there are rights. Look at the Bill of Rights, which came after the adoption of the Constitution itself, there was a debate over whether to have a bill of rights. Why? Because the framers didn’t want a bill of rights just out of scorn. No, they were trying to figure out, can we list them all? Do we even know what they all are? So the first Congress proposed 17 amendments. Went to the Senate, the Senate whittle it down to 12. Those 12 were then adopted by the House. Two thirds vote of both parties, then they were sent to the states. The states ratify 10 of them, that’s your Bill of Rights, the first 10. And you’ll notice number nine and number 10 are very, very important and they’re completely ignored. Number nine basically to me is a concise recognition of the Declaration of Independence and your unalienable rights that they belong to you. And there’s not a damn thing the government can do about them. You’re not to be there’s a circle of liberty around you through which the government cannot molest you. That’s the way we have to look at then the 10th Amendment. Federalism. You know, we went to great lengths and spent a lot of time breaking out Article one, Article two, Article three, the other articles, who has what power power defined. And so. OK, now we have the 10th Amendment. Whatever we haven’t given to you, the federal government that we are creating, we’re going to obviously retain for ourselves in the States. Now, this is what the modern Democrat Party is destroying and has destroyed and great in great measure. The ninth and the 10th Amendment. They’re working their way through the first they’re at war with the second, they’re undermining the fourth and the fifth. They don’t even know what’s in the sixth in the eight. Don’t worry about it. But anyway. That’s what they say, things like we need to have a national system. The framers knew a national system. That’s not properly reined in his tyranny. The rule of the majority. Whether it is. Understood to. A national system or the rule? Of a relative handful, whether it is again understood through a national system, the centralization of power feeds both tyrannies. The tyranny of the mob. And autocracy, the tyranny of the few. Centralized power, disseminated power makes it much more difficult. For the mob to form in terms of a governmental aspect or for this autocracy to develop. So when they say we want a national system of elections, we want it centralized, we want the feds to oversee it. They want tyranny is what they want, anarchy leads to tyranny. They don’t want any resistance from the states. Especially the state legislatures, and so they go through and they accuse people of being racists. One thing, Jim Crow, the most heinous things they can accuse people of goodwill are believing when they don’t believe it in the least. It’s because they are fascistic. And they’re in there and their actions and they are Marxist in their ideology. So rule of the majority without checks. Then, rule of a centralized autocracy without checks. If Republicans elect a president like Trump, they know they’ve created all these powers and so they must remove him, they must condemn him and they must degrade him, they must destroy him. The Democrats want both the rule of the mob and the rule of the autocrat’s. The framers clearly had no intention of ceding to this new federal government they created. Plenary power, general. Far reaching power to run elections. Now, how do we know that? Because they didn’t write that in the Constitution. Why would they talk about state legislatures? Why would they talk about states setting rules? Why would they do that? If I’m wrong. And the left is correct, how do they explain that language? They don’t and they don’t care. Remember what upset? The wave around the Constitution and they think that serves their purposes, otherwise they burn it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Another thing to keep in mind, Stacey Abrams, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their ilk, they’re not operating in good faith. They’re not operating in goodwill. Now, we’ve already dealt with these people and they’ve already accused us of all kinds of horrendous things. These aren’t, quote unquote, good government people, these are power hungry political hacks. They have a bare majority in the House. I think it’s 10 or 11 votes, they have no majority in the Senate. But for the vice president, who gets the vote? Notice they’re not recommending we eliminate that they never want to eliminate. Think about it. They never want to eliminate any part of the Constitution. That they feel empowers them ever. Ever. So they’re very self-serving when they cherry pick those parts of the Constitution that they want us to live without. That they want us to live with, that they have. No good faith or goodwill with us. They don’t have the best interests of the country in mind. It’s not just this. Again, this is the same party that wants to eviscerate separation of powers with the courts. Same party that wants to eliminate the filibuster rule and by the way, I’ve done some research on that you’ve heard it said the filibuster rule was a rule put in place by white segregationists and slave owners. Really, it goes back to ancient Rome. The filibuster goes back to ancient Rome, and I think it actually goes before that to Athens, but at least they can trace it back to ancient Rome, had nothing to do with white supremacists or anything of the sort. Nothing the battle was about. Not just representation, but legislation and deliberation that would affect all parts of the country. It literally had nothing to do with race. It’s more geographic than anything else and the number of people population wise. Goes all the way back to ancient Rome. Took me 15 minutes to research that, and yet we had politicians coming on the air going on about. Yeah, that filibuster rule. How about the Electoral College? I looked into this. The Electoral College was used by ancient societies to it wasn’t created by the southern plantation owners. But it doesn’t matter. There lies like the 1619 project is a lie. You must hate your country, you must and in order to hate your country, you must surrender your liberty, surrender your property, surrender your income. To whom to the government that you’re supposed to hate? Unbelievable. And I know the thought of the top of my mind here, but I I had a Biden Mr. Producer. I had a Biden what am I doing here, and I’ve lost my place. Why am I here? I don’t understand. That’s my Biden. The Constitution, they say they’re they’re defending it while they’re destroying it. Now, I and you don’t have to just look at that, let’s look at this real fast. Donald Trump secure the borders. Nobody was getting in here with coronaviruses who were known to have coronavirus. He limited travel from countries where the virus was breaking out. Biden would never have done that and he didn’t do it. He got three vaccines going to during his presidency, one soon after his presidency, had them produced, had a whole development and distribution system. And what is Biden do? He brings people into this country who have the virus. That’s his contribution.