February 18, 2021

February 18, 2021

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, it’s important that Andrew Cuomo be investigated, and scrutinized by the media. The question is why didn’t the left within the media say something when this program exposed Cuomo’s deadly decision. Now, New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim says that Cuomo has berated him for asking for the true amount of nursing home deaths. Then, Joe Biden is at war with America from within. The Democrats seek to redistribute wealth through reparation. Most Americans’ ancestors weren’t even alive during the civil war. This is the exact opposite of what Lincoln wanted. This is a pretext to make permanent the power they currently have. It’s the same with immigration, why would America open up its borders amid a pandemic? Democrat policies are hurting America. Later, Mayor Bill deBlasio says that threatening phone calls, like the one received by Kim, are “classic Andrew Cuomo.” Intimidation and mob-like tactics are par for the course within NY politics. Teachers’ unions do the same, which is why Biden and the CDC succumb to their demands to delay the opening of schools which will only further hurt children. It is tax-payer funded teachers that now stand in the school doorway preventing our children from entering the schoolhouse. Parents all across America must organize by the thousands and demand that schools open or demand a voucher, school shut-downs must not be allowed to continue. Afterward, Victor Davis Hanson joins the show and explains that Biden was a virtual candidate and now president. Hanson says that the neo-socialist movement has crept its way into all areas of US culture including sporting events, investments, and web searches. Biden is trying to outdo what Obama did in an even shorter time.


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