January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The media continues to cause more and more damage with their lies. This program has always insisted on adherence to the Constitution. All violence should be condemned, all efforts to block the free exercise of speech, not even the first amendment, but simply speech overall should be condemned. The 2020 election had serious constitutional issues, and it’s legitimate and necessary to raise those issues, and our elected officials in government need to correct it and follow the Constitution. Then, as outlined in “The Liberty Amendments”, the Convention of States movement is a civil and Constitutional way to bring about change in our government. Mitch McConnell always gets good press in The Washington Post because he plays ball with the Democrats; he supported Gerald Ford instead of Ronald Reagan, he went to war with the Tea Party, and now he’s supporting Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment effort. Later, Pollster to President Trump, John McLaughlin joins the show to discuss new polling that shows that 70% of those surveyed believe technology companies have too much power and need to be regulated. McLaughlin says that the President has been steadily gaining support despite the smears by Washington politicians and the media. Afterward, Secretary Mike Pompeo has indicated that Iran is on the move funding operations to secretly ramp up their nuclear program and fund proxy antagonists. One of the lead brokers of the controversial Obama-era Iran deal is now being floated for CIA Director.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

All right. The country has gone crazy, or I should say Washington’s going crazy. First, I want to make a comment to the media in this country. You’re causing a lot of damage, you already have and you are now. You did the last four years, the last five years, and you’re doing it now. Let me let me tell you folks something. When you’re sitting in my position. The third biggest host in the country. And you are a passionate defender of the Constitution of the United States. In all respects. You’re not a right winger. You have never preached violence. You don’t preach revolution. But you insist on compliance with the Constitution, you’re targeted. You’re attacked. There are serious issues in this election, the same media that spent two, three years on Russia, collusion and lying all about it. There were serious issues in this election. I never chased down all the fraud issues and so forth. There were constitutional issues, legitimate concerns. About who makes state law when it comes to the electors in a variety of states. And the Democrat Party went into these states and they changed the rules of the law. That’s not a fabrication. That’s not an incitement. That’s a fact. And if Republicans ever hope to win the presidency again, they’re going to have to fix this. The state legislatures are going to have to stand up and enforce the federal constitution. The mere fact that I explain this over and over again. Apparently makes me a a right winger. Now, the only reason you’re called a right winger is to give the impression that maybe you’re a fascist or worse, a Hitlerian. And it’s a very. Irresponsible, immoral thing that keeps saying about somebody, not just me, but other people. And the goal here is to prevent me from speaking. Speaking, not inciting, speaking. We’ve had two articles in a row in The Washington Post that have been lies. The last one by Paul Farhi. Is wrong, and they have yet to print a correction, and so it is still out there. Circulating everywhere. And The Washington Post refuses to print a correction, I never received a memo from Cumulous. Because I don’t inspire or incite anyone or anything if they’re nuts out there and kooks out there, I can’t control that. But this pattern by The Washington Post, The New York Times and the others. They’re playing with fire and what do I mean by that? There are crazy people out there. And the more you try and dehumanize somebody you disagree with where the right winger character. There are other things that are simply not true. The more you create a caricature the more you dehumanize somebody. Well. The more they get threatened. In other words, you’re creating in a dangerous environment for them and their family. And so I’m telling the media in this country, you’re conducting yourself in an irresponsible way. All violence should be condemned, all of it. All of it must be condemned. And I don’t think that’s a controversial position. At all. All efforts at destroying free speech in this country, I’m not talking about the First Amendment, I’m talking about free speech should be condemned. Condemned. And it’s not we have the biggest. Most threatening monopolistic activity taking place right now. Against a small social site. That was, quote unquote, competing with Twitter and all of Twitter’s allies. In the Silicon Valley have teamed up to destroy Parler, Parler can’t find a platform. It used to be that we would all object to this. To the attack on speech like this, but it hasn’t occurred, in fact, the Post, The New York Times and the others have participated in this. They are purging and cleansing. Their own editorial pages, their own op ed pages, their own news pages, as Barry Weiss had written when she resigned from The New York Times, but you can see it. There’s not a voice anywhere in these news conglomerates. That are promoting the First Amendment and speech. But forget about the First Amendment just speech. We don’t push for closing down speech here. And then you look at what’s going on on Capitol Hill, it’s a circus. If the vice president doesn’t pursue the 25th Amendment, that we will impeach the president, the 25th Amendment is not relevant here, period. And so you’re going to impeach the president with what Jonathan Turley calls a snap impeachment. It’s amazing to me. There’s an article now in The New York Times. Repeated elsewhere. In Fox News, Mitch McConnell believes Trump committed impeachable offenses, supports Democrats impeachment efforts. Now, this wouldn’t be in The New York Times or anywhere else if Mitch McConnell hadn’t leaked it. So Mitch McConnell wants Donald Trump impeached. It’s shocking. And the piece goes on to say, what Mitch McConnell wants is to be rid of Trump and his movement. Mitch McConnell went to war with the Tea Party also. Mitch McConnell was for Gerald Ford against Ronald Reagan also. He was against the Reagan revolution, the Tea Party movement, the Trump revolution. Mitch McConnell, why do you think Mitch McConnell almost never gets bad press in The Washington Post or The New York Times? Oh, now and then when he’s in a skirmish with Nancy Pelosi, but they’re never to try and take the guy down. They write more horrible things about me than they do him. Because he’s a leaker and he’s a player. Liz Cheney put out a statement that was utterly false. She’s going to vote for impeachment because and I paraphrase, Donald Trump brought the mob, he organized the mob and he let loose the mob. But Donald Trump did not organize this event. He didn’t organize it at all, he shut up and he spoke. And we have a former prosecutor from Washington, D.C., who’s been on FOX and elsewhere saying. I reviewed what he said, and I have prosecuted people for inciting riots. The president did not incite violence. I looked at what the president said, the president did not incite violence, Jonathan Turley, liberal Democrat, Professor George Washington Law School, he looked at it. He did not incite violence. Alan Dershowitz looked at it, he did not insult, but anything we say doesn’t matter. You know why this is the French Revolution. In effect. It doesn’t matter. It’s an amazing thing to watch the Constitution being used. And unconstitutional ways, you’re going to have an impeachment without an investigation. You’re going to violate every single process that’s been in place for every single impeachment up to now. Because the president, they say, incited an insurrection, the president of the United States just signed a document, I think it was yesterday, to allow up to 15000 National Guard to be in Washington, D.C. during Joe Biden’s inauguration. And by the way, I remember during his inauguration, wasn’t there a riot, Mr. Producer? Two or three hundred people arrested. Cars burning. This is what I mean, you have to be consistent and moral, you have to denounce violence, period. And I don’t think there are any National Guard there either. Now, what happened at the Capitol Building is an utter and complete disgrace. It is an utter and complete disgrace and people are angry and they ought to be angry and I might add proudly. That it looks like the FBI and all federal law enforcement assisted by you, the American people. I really hunting down the perpetrators, which is exactly what we talked about here, don’t paint with a broad brush. Don’t attack 74, 75 million people, 74, 75 million people didn’t do this. And most of us are disgusted by it. Now, when you lay siege to the Capitol building or siege to the White House or a federal courthouse. Yes. You’re attacking our government. When I wrote the Liberty Amendments, I endorse something called Convention of States. I still endorse this. And why do I say that it is a constitutional, civil, legitimate way under our system? To effect change and change in a way where we get back to our constitutionalism. A legitimate way, the process that’s set up by the framers of the Constitution, then nothing radical about it. What’s radical is what Chuck Schumer is proposing, what’s radical is what Nancy Pelosi is doing, but to see Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney to support again. An impeachment that is unconstitutional, that is extraordinarily dangerous because it empowers Congress now. Really? For anything or any time or any way to impeach a president and to have the Republican leader in the Senate. The Republican leader in the Senate. To support impeachment is really shocking, and here’s another piece from Fox News, Morgan Phillips. GOP leadership will not lobby members to vote against President Trump’s impeachment to House Republican leadership, sources said. This is a conscience vote for the members, I don’t believe it will be whipped, one senior Republican aide said. Nevertheless, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said in a letter to GOP House members that he opposes impeaching the president. He said doing so would further divide the country in the wake of the attack on the Capitol last week and proposed other ways the House could respond. So what’s been accomplished here? Is what will be written in the history books, I’m afraid, is that Donald Trump incited an insurrection. And not only are they really brave Republicans, righteous moral Republicans stood up against the. And then we got to destroy Ted Cruz and we have to destroy Whouley and anybody else in the House under 39 members. And anybody else in the Senate who dared to say, hey, maybe we need a commission to look at this vote no. So the Democrats for years went on about Russia collusion, that Trump’s an illegitimate president, George W. Bush was an illegitimate president. Remember that after Florida. That’s fine, right? No, it’s not fine. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

So a guy was indicted, this name is Lonnie Kaufman, we’ve never heard of him here and never heard of him in my life. And in the bill of particulars and in the indictment, they have some evidence indicating how dangerous the man is. And I want you to see how John Crucell is he with The Hill newspaper, Mr. Producer, I want I want to show you how this guy endangers people’s lives. He writes, breaking, chilling new details on Lani Kaufman, the man arrested for bringing explosives and guns to the Capitol Police found a note containing a list of bad guys, including a judge and good guys, and contact information for right wing pundits Mark Levin, Hannity and Senator Ted Cruz. All right. I went back and looked at this indictment. There is no good guys list. He scribbled names and public numbers on the front of a notebook. He scribbles my name, Hannity’s name and Cruz’s name, he scribbles down one 877 three eight one three eight one one, which I tell 14 people about every evening. And he scraped most of the I guess, the phone numbers for Hannity and Cruz, these aren’t personal numbers. Or anything of the sort. And I went back and I looked at the charges against this guy, doesn’t say good guys list. He calls the judge a bad guy. There’s no good guys list. I honestly don’t know if he’s a kook that listens or if I’m a target of this guy. I have no idea, but there was no good guys list. It’s written, I’m looking at it now, it’s written on the cover. It looks like a Motel six. Book of some kind, magazine of some kind. In pencil. So what does that mean? I have no idea what that means good guys list. So what’s the purpose of doing that? To enrage more people against Cruz and Hannity and me and I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. Neither does he. I just went back and read the indictment on this as it relates to this example. I don’t know if I’m on a hit list. But it says nothing about a good guys list. Over time, we’ll know. But in addition to the ninety nine point nine nine percent of the wonderful people who listen to this program, there are nut jobs. Just this are a nut jobs who listen to Bernie Sanders and go to a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia, and shoot congressmen. So I don’t know what this John Crucell at the Hill newspaper is up to, but I suspect others will do exactly what he did. Shameful and dangerous. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So that fellow writes for The Hill newspaper, right, Mr. Producer? Well, The Hill newspaper needs to publish a correction immediately. Mr. Finkelstein. He’s the owner publisher. They need to publish a correction immediately, and it’s time that reporters report the facts. One story after another. I was not a good list, I mean, I just went back and looked in the indictment again and the exhibit. Why would you say that? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. The repercussions for my family and me. Are problematic. But the media. Completely out of control. There’s a great American who passed away last evening or yesterday, Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, were. Probably the greatest philanthropists in this country. But they don’t and didn’t tout their charitable donations like some wealthy people do. They didn’t insist that their names be. On top of every single contribution they ever made. I’ll give you an example of who these people are. When the casinos were shut down for months, really half a year or even longer. In Las Vegas because casino magnate. He insisted on paying all of his employees their full salaries. Continue to contribute to their pensions and contribute and continue to give them for medical coverage. Because he said that’s what his father would have wanted him to do. He grew up dirt poor. When he was a young teenager at a newspaper route. Served in the military. And he built a fortune of approximately 25 billion dollar. He’s the American dream. And he and his wife have been spectacularly philanthropic in very quiet ways. And they love this country and he love this country. He was perhaps the biggest. Supporter. Of constitutionalism, of the Republican Party, of the Trump presidency, of anybody else. He saw the dangers of the progressive movement. He saw what could unravel what you see in front of your eyes. And he worked very, very hard on the American Israel relationship. Miriam Adelson was born in Israel. And Sheldon Adelson believes strongly, as did Miriam and does Miriam. And the history of that country of Jerusalem. Of Hebron and so many other magnificent parts of Israel, when you look at the Bible. And his wife, Miriam, wrote an absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what you call it, statement, essay about her husband. That he’s utterly irreplaceable. Now, he was the love of her life. Now, what a team they were. And unfortunately, he passed away. And some people are irreplaceable. So I wanted to mention that and so. People really are who who knew him? My wife and I got to meet him on a few social occasions, but got to know him. That’s how easy was to talk to Miriam to Nisa’s can be. You would know that this is a man of enormous wealth and. Just down to earth. The very caring human being. And he will be sorely missed by two countries. And certainly by his family. I just saw a little snippet of coverage of him on TV, and basically all they talked about was his political donations, so they never understood the man and they still don’t understand the man. All right, back to the back to the gutter. Democrats are eyeing punishing Republicans who challenged Biden’s win, so in addition to Liz Cheney, in addition to Mitch McConnell, you can see you can see the the the almost glee through their anger, if you will, of the old guard. McConnell’s the old guard in 76. He opposed Reagan who back Ford. He opposed the Tea Party. He opposed the Trump presidency. He’s backed heavily by the editorial page of The New York Times writers at National Review about what a tremendous leader he is, a tremendous leader. No, I don’t think so. Massive spending. Borders still wide open. Well, what about the president had to fight them tooth and nail? Mitch McConnell can’t even communicate with the American people. He has no no ability to speak, really. So what he does when he runs for re-election is he pours millions and millions of millions of dollars into his campaigns and frankly, he will likely would have lost. But for Donald Trump, in fact, most many of these senators, if not most, who were up for re-election or election would have lost. But for Trump, the House would never be as close as it is, but for Trump. And despite my saying so and Jonathan Turley saying so and Alan Dershowitz, I don’t know these guys, I mean, they come at these conclusions on their own that impeaching a president like this would do grave damage to our system of government, our constitutional system. The self-righteous among them beat their chests. Liz Cheney, who’s always hated Trump because she strongly disagree with his foreign policy. But Liz Cheney’s foreign policies are irrational. I consider myself a hawk, her foreign policy is irrational. The number three Republican in the House. And so you’re going to see some of this take place in the House and in the Senate, you’re going to see House members and senators, Republicans. Who are rightly going to say that they are furious with what took place at the Capitol and are wrongly going to blame the president and then. Are going to do further damage to the Constitution and to this country, which is really on a powder keg country, on a powder keg. And when you have Biden out there, constant references to the Nazis and his surrogate media, constant references to the Nazis and so forth, it’s just appalling. The bad guys should be punished and punished aggressively and immediately, all of them left, right in between period. And then we can have a debate over policy. Then we can have a debate over policy, but I’m not going to accept any moral preening from the left on the Democrat Party that tolerated violence over and over and over again. They gave bail to violent lawbreakers. And then painted their name, the organization’s name on the streets, for God’s sakes, who trashed the police officers and now have reversed roles and all of a sudden, no. Be consistent in your morality. Ladies and gentlemen, consistently opposed to violence. And embrace the Constitution. There’s Chuck Schumer embracing the Constitution. As Nancy Pelosi No. Any of these two Democrat scholars who happen to be correct? They’re saying they’re going to do a lot of damage to our constitutional order, and you have a former prosecutor right out of Washington. We know his political affiliation. If he has and he’s saying I used to prosecute these crimes against violent protesters and there’s nothing here. And when you listen again. And what the president said with a sober mind, you’ll see there was no incitement, there was the opposite. He told the crowd to be peaceful, peaceful. In the warrant of a warrant, Ted Cruz and Josh Hallie’s disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. They were in the building. They never even spoke to the crowd, they were in the building. Raising legitimate concerns. All crews wanted to do is what they did in 1876, have a commission, 10 days. Let’s take a look. No, no, no, no, no. So he’s to be destroyed for that. He’s to be disbarred. The Democrats didn’t talk that way when their members were objecting to electors in the past elections. And now we have the extension of this looking like the French Revolution off with anybody’s head, who ever wore MAGA, who ever attended IMAG event. Even if they were peaceful. On Wednesday, we have a picture of them, we got to fire them, they weren’t even close to the Capitol, but it wouldn’t matter. The entire Republican Party now is to be. Disembowelled. By the corporatists who want to do business desperately with the communist Chinese, they’re just desperate to do business with the communist Chinese. Then the old guard Republicans. They want to wash their hands of the 74 million people, the way they wanted to wash their hands of the Tea Party, you know, it’s an amazing thing how the Democrats protect their base and now the Republicans attack their base. It’s an amazing thing. How they accept the narrative that all 74 million who voted for the president and them are somehow white supremacists or something. And these tech companies, all of them, all of them are in bed with a communist Chinese regime that is genocidal. That has concentration camps and they don’t give a damn, they just don’t care, and now is their opportunity. I said it the other day, we’re now having basically a social credit system the way they have in communist China, but it is being done for the left through their high tech big tech companies. You know, getting grades, I bet the big tech companies have databases on everybody. And what they like or dislike about what they posted, it doesn’t concern apparently the media, civil libertarian groups, none of them are concerned. Because the ends justify the means. And The Daily Caller, which is an excellent site. They point out Joe Biden’s ties to big tech, Joe Biden has hired at least 14 current or former executives from five major tech firms to service an administration or advise his transition team. The firm’s Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook have all clamped down this week on President Trump and Parler. And I might add conservative groups and conservatives. And by the way, conservative groups and cancer, they’re not out there promoting violence. Conservatives have long expressed concern over Biden and Democrats close ties to the major tech companies and I will take it a step further and their close ties to the communist Chinese. And this has a lot to do with it. Apple’s top lobbyist is a longtime Biden adviser, former executives from Twitter and Facebook are also joining the Biden White House. My God. In many ways, these big tech companies are state run companies. Not mechanically, not in any overt legal way. But by a wink and a nod, they know what’s expected of them and they’re doing it. We have never seen such an attack. On speech in our country ever. Ever we have never seen such an attack on fruit. This monopoly. A big tech companies based in California, for the most part, pushing one ideological and party agenda. And Mitch McConnell wants to impeach the president. Liz Cheney wants to impeach the president. But we have long memories. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

So Democrats are eyeing punishing Republicans who challenged Biden’s win. Why would you do that? What is this? Someone counting electors if some Republicans objected. They’re to be punished, you see you see the trampling that’s going on by the United States Congress. Look, I understand they’re upset. I don’t blame them for being upset. I don’t blame them for being upset that a mob stormed the. Storming the Capitol building. Maybe there are hundreds of them, but there are hundreds of thousands of people there. We’ve had them call in to this program. They didn’t even know what was going on. They never got to the Capitol building. And so you ought not paint with a broad brush, but that’s not even my point here. My point here is you’re going to take retribution. On colleagues who raise questions about the election. Some of them very good questions, they didn’t bring up Russia collusion, do they, Mr. Producer? No, I don’t think so. Mitch McConnell supports impeachment. Even when he knows how to do grave damage to our constitutional system, Liz Cheney puts out a false statement. As another never Trumper. Knowing that if she succeeds, it’ll do grave damage to our constitutional system. You don’t rush impeachment, you don’t rush trials, you don’t do these sorts of things. And they’re projecting their anger over the last four or five years against Trump, you can really see it now because they know he’s leaving office. They’re projecting their anger, their fury on Trump. And yet. In so many ways, it was the Democrats who sought to cripple this administration and I won’t go through the list of horribles, you know exactly what they are. Shocking horribles, as a matter of fact. Shocking. Led by the media. Russia collusion and all the rest of it. And still, the things that are said on these so-called news platforms. About the millions and millions, tens of millions of people who voted for this president. Is unbelievable to me, outrageous to me. Now, one other thing. Donald Trump is leaving office. This effort to get him right before he leaves office, two to falsely project upon him an insurrection. An insurrection when they can’t point to a single word or sentence that he said he didn’t use, the military didn’t use the police. But that aside, this is done in fascistic and communist regimes. This was done in fascistic and communist regimes to get even to punish, to eliminate, it’s really very, very worrisome. I’ll be right back.