January 8, 2021

January 8, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Free speech is under attack. Twitter has suspended President Trump’s account indefinitely and Apple is threatening to suspend Parler from its App Store. Parler investor Dan Bongino joins the show to explain how today’s digital town square is under siege. Publishers like the New York Times are liable for what they publish. Platforms like Twitter and Parler are currently exempt from liability due to Section 230. The left favors monopolies and hates competition. So in response to the fascistic policies at Twitter, Mark Levin has voluntarily suspended its Twitter account. Then, in one of Nancy Pelosi’s last political breaths, she and the Democrats are now insisting on impeaching Trump for a second time falsely claiming that he has called an insurrection on Capitol Hill. Yet, Pelosi incited an insurrection calling federal police “storm troopers” and assaulted our Constitution by allowing the attack on federal courts. Kamala Harris called for continued riots this summer, should she be impeached too? Marxist progressivism is incompatible with Constitutionalism. Marxists reject the principles of God-given rights, private property, and the founding of our country. Tens of millions of Americans support our country, the Constitution, and President Trump who won the White House in 2016, fair and square. Their goal is to silence all dissent and weaken our liberties like free speech and self-protection. Constitutionalists reject violence, and the neo-Marxists welcome the overturning of America’s Constitutional system. Later, Jason Whitlock, founder of the sports and culture website Outkick, agrees that Trump was part of the reason for Wednesday’s chaos, but that it wasn’t solely Trump. Whitlock added that Trump supporters have been ostracized and that big tech and others are drunk on the power they have.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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My purpose this evening is my purpose every evening behind this microphone. On live TV, on Life, Liberty and Levin, through my books is to defend and protect this republic. Whether some of you listening, believe it or not. Whether millennials believe it or not. I do this for them. I do this for our families, for our children and our grandchildren, whether they understand it or not. Progressivism is an offshoot of Marxism. Marxism is a dark, impoverishing, destructive ideology. Progressivism and constitutionalism are incompatible. Incompatible. The early progressives, I call them status or neo Marxists, the end of the eighteen hundreds of the early nineteen hundreds. They made it abundantly clear that they rejected the constitutional republic. That they even rejected the Declaration of Independence, the basis for the founding of this nation. On unalienable rights. They believed in private property rights, not distributing and redistributing property based on what a central government decides. The reason we had a civil war. Was because the Declaration of Independence compelled it, you don’t have to believe me, believe Abraham Lincoln. Who led the forces of the union to end slavery and to keep the nation together? He believes strongly in the Constitution. A little over 100 years ago, this alien ideology of Marxism, or they call it progressivism or democratic socialism. Where centralized government bureaucrats, politicians have enormous power over your lives to redistribute wealth. To impose affirmative action, sometimes for whites, sometimes for blacks, depending on the on the century. It is an evil ideology that rejects individualism. That rejects true equal justice. And that rejects limited, dispersed government. This is the force we are confronting today. You can see a rogue House of Representatives where Nancy Pelosi has a 10 or 11 member majority. Seeking to impeach a president a second time. Based on what the Democrats and their media, based on what never Trump insist was an effort by the president of the United States. To cause an insurrection. Very breaching of the Capitol building. If you listen to the speech. You cannot conclude that that’s the case. If you listen to the speech as a partisan, if you listen to the speech, is somebody who hates Trump, if you listen to the speech, is a neo Marxist. Then you will use it and anything else to continue to drag this country through the gutter, to continue to distract this nation from the threats of communist China. From the refusal to assist individuals and small businesses who are in dire straits. You will continue an obsession. Because you hate Trump and you hate the fact that in 2016 he defeated Hillary Clinton fair and square, and that the great progressive abstraction. Was stopped in its tracks. And now they intend to pick it up again. When you watch people, Republicans putative Republicans like Ben Sasse and Adam Kinzinger. You can see what it was like. In the early days of this republic, when you had individuals who undermined the American Revolution. As they are now undermining the constitution of this country. There are tens of millions of Americans, tens of millions of Americans who reject this ideology. There are tens of millions of Americans who embrace our constitutional system. There are tens of millions of Americans who believe in the Bill of Rights. And tonight. They are all being dismissed because of a power hungry relative handful of statist neo Marxists in Washington, D.C., and that includes the media. What took place in this past election cannot be dismissed. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia all violated the federal constitution, does this get discussed in the newsrooms today? No, it does not. And so Republicans cannot win these states when running for president of the United States now. And they want to make sure that Pelosi’s the Schumer’s the CNN’s The New York Times, MSNBC, Washington Post and all the rest of them. That you will never again raise objections, legal or otherwise. To unconstitutional activities. In these four states or any other states, and I’m not even getting into fraud, I’m getting into what took place in these states as a result of the Biden campaign, the Democrat Party and its surrogates. An individual public office holders in the state’s. We reject violence, we believe in the civil society. We reject neo Marxism. And the overturning of our constitutional system, we embrace our history, we embrace our Constitution. And they label all of us right wingers, whatever The New York Times or Washington Post writes about me, I’m a right winger, not a constitutionalist, not a conservative, but a right winger. They want to create the impression of the Third Reich. That killed six million of my people. At the same time as the media outlets in this country and the Democrat Party in this country advance the cause of anti-Semitism, celebrate AOC. And celebrate other individuals in the Congress and politicians. Who say anti-Semitic things. Like Raphael Warnock, who just got elected from the state of Georgia. Thirteen days from now. Joe Biden will be sworn in. And still, what’s the story tonight? That Nancy Pelosi, a weakened. Barely. Able to hold on to power. Speaker of the House. In her final political breath. Once the drag the nation again. Through this process, except this time. No investigation and no hearing, just go right to the guillotine. Right to the guillotine. This party, the Democrat Party, has destroyed one tradition and institution after another. With the first impeachment, they destroyed the impeachment institution, it’s now used as willy nilly to go after a president with whom you disagree. It is shocking. We have individuals. Individuals in newsrooms in this country who are demanding that every Republican resign. We have corporations in this country, Simon and Schuster, that prevent a senator from writing a book, even though they have a contract with him and the book is about the cancer culture. We have a newspaper in this country, The New York Times, who attacks. A veteran, a hero, Tom Cotton, because he dared to speak out against the riots that occurred earlier this summer and they apologized for writing his op ed and they fired the op ed editorial page. Ed, as a result of running the article. We have case after case after case where media figures we’re celebrating aren’t even Black Lives Matter. We’re celebrating riots, we’re celebrating looting and arson, which resulted in the death of at least 12 individuals. We have streets named after Black Lives Matter. We have basketball players. We have commissioners. Football players honoring Black Lives Matter, a Marxist anarchist organization, it doesn’t represent All Blacks, it’s not up for election. It uses the iron fist, the iron fist. To gain attention, it is backed by Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James. You have succeeded more in this society. And it’s surrounded by more luxury than any other human beings ever on the face of the planet. This is a fantastic country. But they’re destroying it from within. They have an agenda. The neo Marxist status, a.k.a. the progressives, a.k.a. the Democratic Socialists. And their agenda is to silence all opposition. To hold onto power for as long as they can. They want to weaken the electoral process, and they already have. They want to weaken free speech, and they already have. They want to weaken freedom of association and the freedom of exercise of religion, which their governors have done one after another. They’re targeting the Second Amendment. You’re right to bear arms. They do not believe in due process, they believe in conformity and uniformity. That’s what this so-called cancer culture is all about, there is no academic freedom or free speech on our college campuses anymore, the 1619 project. This 1619 project, if you want to destroy America, you couldn’t do a better job than putting out the 1619 project, communist China, fascist Russia. They’re all laughing at us, the 1619 project has its purpose. To destroy the belief in this country by our younger people in elementary schools and secondary schools where they’re passing it out like lollipops. Now, we condemn violence of all kinds, they don’t. We condemn riots of all kinds, they don’t. We condemn what took place at the Capitol Building, what took place at the federal courthouse in Portland, what took place against the good people of Minneapolis, the police officers in New York City, the shop owners in Philadelphia now. We stand for the civil society. They do not. They do not. Nancy Pelosi. Wants to impeach a president who she knows cannot be removed from office. Mr. Producer, wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi who compared federal law enforcement at the federal courthouse in Portland to Nazis? Stormtroopers, do we have that? Listen to this, folks, go ahead. They acted like storm troopers and they did, and my colleagues have said that as well. What is? I’m an organizer. That’s how I came into all of this chair of the California Democratic Party. And peaceful protest is who we are and what we do. And do some other people come along and and try to disrupt? Yes, but you don’t send in people acting like storm troopers into the scene and evoking even more even more unease and unrest. Why isn’t she expelled from the United States House of Representatives? Why aren’t the Republicans Hagen? Rising to expel her. You talk about insurrection. You talk about inciting riots, that was a federal courthouse that could not do business where federal judges are one hundred days in a row, Molotov cocktails, they sort the breach. It broke windows on and on. And she excuses it. She even embraces it, and she calls the brave men and women in law enforcement who are trying to protect that building a kind of storm troopers and that they are inciting the rioters and teeth and black lives matter. Should she not be expelled from the House of Representatives? I asked Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader. Are you not going to take action to try and remove her, whether you can or not? Repair was asking guests over and over and over again the other week who were challenging the votes from some of these states that I talked about it, the electors. What’s your end game? What’s your end game? Well, Brett. What’s Nancy Pelosi’s endgame? What is it anybody her? And when we return, I’m going to tell you. That if they impeach Donald Trump for this, then the incoming vice president, Kamala Harris, must be impeached to. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

John Lewis, his life was never taken away from him on the Pettus Bridge at a time, and only two percent of the African-Americans in Alabama were registered to vote. He was trying to get the vote for black people in Alabama and was met by a mob of police officers. This president is demonstrating once again with seven storm troopers into Portland and other cities. He’s doing the same thing today that John Lewis fought against in Selma, Alabama. Oh, so there was a civil rights event. And that’s the comparison. And the and the federal law enforcement that are trying to protect a federal courthouse. Our storm troopers, the second of the top three Democrats in the House of Representatives to refer to federal law enforcement as the Third Reich. They have a high tolerance for violence and rioting and arson and looting, whereas I and you have no tolerance for it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Twitter has done something truly outrageous. It is now permanently suspending the president from Twitter and it has taken some of his recent posts and it has twisted them and turned them into a pretzel. So the end of free speech. So I’m just announcing now with our millions of millions of listeners and followers, we are suspending. Our participation in Twitter, we have abandoned our participation in Facebook, we are suspending our participation in Twitter, and if you care about what I say, you listen to this radio program with 14 million listeners. You can listen to our podcast with eight million listeners. You can go to our various websites or you can go to parler. It’s at Mark Levin Show Parlor or at Mark Levin Show, Rumble, and what you’re going to learn next hour is now Apple is going to target Parler. And so free speech is under attack by these massive international corporations, these multibillionaires who have a political agenda. All of you have gone on these sites have encouraged you to go on my sites. You’ve been monetized, your private information has been sold, your private information is now examined by people you don’t even know. And at least for me, my whole point in this radio show is about principle and about education and information. So we have this oligopoly. A billionaires who want to control political speech in this country, I’m not participating. There was a fantastic piece written by Jason Whitlock from Out Kick on the Blaze today. Jason, I have to say, you’re becoming. Actually, one of one of the wise men of our era, and you’ve been very brave to do it, you broke away from the you know, from the corporate world pretty much. You broke away from stereotypes on the left. You’re an independent thinker. You say what you believe. You don’t give a damn about all the incoming. And it really is an honor to have you on this program. What was it that you were writing or did write on The Blaze? Well, I just tried to set the record straight in terms of. Where Wednesday’s event, what brought it on and where it’s coming from and everybody wants to blame President Trump and and I do think President Trump inspired the events, but I don’t think he was remotely alone or the primary inspiration for what transpired on Wednesday. I believe the mainstream media, social media, Facebook of the politicians, professional athletes, Hollywood have all sold the seed that came to fruition on Wednesday. You have defined Trump supporters as racists, as Nazis, as sexist. You decided to ignore and or silence Trump supporters and is just not right. And it’s like Newton’s third law. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And what transpired on Wednesday, I think very predictable. And if the country and the people in power decide we’re going to ignore and silence 74 million voters and many more million people who support the president, I think we’re going to be headed for a civil war because I’m not sure we have any other choice. And let me ask you something, Jason Whitlock, the days following the breach of the Capitol building, it’s actually gotten worse. You have Nancy Pelosi wants to have an impeachment with no purpose other than to smear. You’ve got the the media trashing seven, as you point out, 74 million people. You’ve got really radical people being brought on television talking about trying to rationalize what took place. It’s it seems like nobody’s learned anything and they’re not policing themselves. It’s, you know, absolute power corrupts and this is progressive and big tech drunk on their power. And they’ve been headed down this path for a dozen years. You know, I think at one point early on, they called Barack Obama the the Facebook president. He had figured out Facebook and social media before anyone else. And this has always been the end game to create a matrix, a fantasy world, because that’s what social media is. It’s a fantasy world. It’s not a reflection of reality. And the events on Wednesday, prime example, I’m looking at the social media influencers who double as professional athletes, LeBron, they’re off into this hypothetical thing. Oh, if it had been black people that storm the capital. Oh, my God, what would have happened? And I’m like, hey, man, has anybody what’s what happened in 2020 and what the police endured and how restrained they were throughout all of 2020 while they were absolutely abused across the country, nightly face to face encounters, buildings burning, rioting, looting, murders, and the police remarkably restrained. And I’m looking at Doc Rivers, the head coach of the 76 was like, oh, my God, if this had been black people, the capital, there would have been dogs let loose and tear gas and billy clubs. And there’s been none of that. In all of 20/20 and we’ve seen lawless black protesters, it’s it’s a fantasy world where we’re now stenographer’s, the media is stenographer’s, we’re not journalists. We just write down what the elites say and presented as fact. We don’t question anything progressive elite say. We just print it as fact. We let the reader, I guess, make up their mind on whether this is accurate, this whole notion that there’s two Americas and they’re right. There are two Americas, one for progressive elites and their groupies and one for the rest of us. We live by two different rules. You know, I listen, it’s hard to listen to LeBron James had to be honest with you. It’s hard to listen to a guy who. Is one of the educated and educated and is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and. To keep being down for the revolution and so forth and so on, I watch these coaches, all these people trashing people who maybe earn 40, 50000 dollars a year and follow the law and pay their taxes and aren’t doing anything to anybody. I look at Facebook and Twitter and upon on the NBA and LeBron James, they all have become fantastically wealthy from communist China. They have a high tolerance level for genocide, for concentration camps in other countries. This is a magnificent country, how is it that they don’t see it, how is it that they don’t see it? I think they do see it or some fear. I think others do what they’re told. I think for a lot of professional athletes and Mark, you know, I made my bones as a sports journalist and I was a former college athlete. I have an affinity for athletes. But what has become crystal clear, these guys are just well out over their skis more. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They and their elites, they live in a bubble. They’re worth millions of dollars. They’ve been pampered and catered to since they were 14 years old. They’ve been rich, many of them, since they were 18, 19 years old. They haven’t lived in the working class world. They have no idea. And social media has so polarized that it troubles me so much as a black person and a proud black person in America. My parents were factory workers. My dad built a bar in the inner city that catered to factory workers, working class people, the people I grew up with, all black. Remind me and are no different than the working class people that support President Trump, and it’s a shame that we can’t see the common ground between the working class. And Margaret, some people may be listening. Yes, I have acquired some wealth, I’m not talking about myself. I’m not working class. I’m part of the elite one percent. But my roots and my concern are for people that can make the same journey that I made from poverty because of my working class parents and the investment they made in me and my brother. And we have climbed the ladder and live the American dream. And I want other people to be able to experience that. I want other working class parents to be able to do what my parents did. We have to bring back manufacturing and we have to eliminate these elites who live in a bubble, who live in a theoretical world, who live over social media, have no connection to working class people, but get on social media and these press conferences and tell the media that they somehow speak for working class black America or just working class America. They don’t. They’re doing the bidding of global elites who want American companies to make money in China and every place else and have access to that cheap foreign labor while people here in America, the small businessmen and the working class man has been annihilated. It’s it’s immoral. Can I. I don’t know what your schedule is. Can I carry over for one more segment? Is that possible? All right. Jason Whitlock is who you’re listening to. He is absolutely fantastic. And we’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Mr. Producer put it up on what’s left. We have now a Rumble and Parlor. We have suspended our own account ourselves on Twitter because I’m not participating any long in a fascist mindset organization. I’m just not going to do it. And Facebook’s constant censorship, I’m not going to do it, so the millions of you who are following me on both those sites go to at Mark Levin Show Parler at Mark Levin Show, Rumble, and where we find true entrepreneurs who believe in speech and debate and engagement. That’s where we’re going to go. Jason Whitlock, what do you make of this? I mean, you have a publisher that has now canceled its contract with a senator who didn’t cite anything. You have Twitter putting out just outrageous information now, chopping people off. We now know that Apple is about to attack parler. This is a huge effort to devour these little, you know, safe harbors, is it not? It’s an effort to streamline communication and completely control communication. And it’s the culmination of what big tech has been building for a long time. I probably started talking about this five or six years ago, that Silicon Valley is in control of America. Northern California is in control of the media. And that’s completely different than New York being in control of the media. And they my view is that they feel so emboldened by what they were able to pull off with this election that they’re just going all in and they need to go all in before any truth leak out. And they feel like they have enough of the celebrity class influence or class. And they’re looking at a segment of the American population, not question anything. And so it’s it’s like the it’s like the climax of a plan that’s been 20 years in the making. And they’re going for the gold right now. I think Trump was such a disruption and they’re so fearful of another disruption that they have no in their view, they have no choice but to go all in right now. Listen, if someone. More of. Articulate or who would play the game better than Trump did, would come in and pick up Trump’s message. It would be game set and match. And so they have to stop that from Josh, Holly or anybody, a Ted Cruz, anybody else thinking that they’re going to pick up Trump’s audience and support and put a more sophisticated message around it. They have to put an end to that. That would be a worst case scenario. Nightmare for for the left. Do you think that’s what the second impeachment about is also about where they’re sending a signal? Look, you dare step out. We’re going to destroy you. It’s not enough to defeat you, we’re going to destroy you. I mean, the president’s going to be gone and, what, less than two weeks by the time they’re finished will be gone like in six or five days. They can’t get a vote out of the Senate. If they do, nothing’s going to happen. So here we are, another fan dance. But they’re sending messages, aren’t they? I’m going to be completely fair here. I think both sides this week and on Wednesday we’re sending messages. I think Trump knows that Pelosi and the people on the far left would love nothing more than to put him in jail. And I think part of what transpired on Wednesday was a show of force, that there would be consequences for jailing me or my my family and I think the left and the elites, because I don’t even think the resistance to Trump goes beyond the left. It’s the establishment is the elite. It’s and so I think they loved and did nothing to prevent people from storming the Capitol. There’s videos of security, escorting people in opening doors, gates or whatever, letting people in. I think they wanted what happened to happen. Anybody that looked out in the afternoon and saw that massive crowd and rally that Trump was having should have been stated. We feel like, wow, they’re coming to the capital. We have to beef up security and be prepared. They did just the opposite. And so I think they wanted so they could say insurrection and paint the Trump supporters with this negative brush and diminish president further diminish President Trump’s legacy. And so I just think both sides have been playing a high stakes game of smearing each other and sending messages to each got to run. I’m not cutting you off. I don’t want you to think I’ve got to run because of a heart. I want to make a prediction to you. Well, you and I are going to be smeared in The Washington Post, a New York Times tomorrow, the next day. Just a prediction, Jason. I got to run. We can’t wait to have you back. That music means I got to dance off the stage here. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you. And we’ll be right back..