January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Nothing has changed in the last 24 hours following the Capitol building siege, yet Democrats and Republicans alike are turning on President Trump. Some going as far as calling for the removal of the President in his last 13 days in office by way of the 25th Amendment, as well as threats of another impeachment. Plus, Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao has announced her resignation just eight days shy of the administration’s end. The media is falsely claiming that Trump incited an insurrection. These vile remarks by the media are cancerous to our republic. One publisher has gone as far as canceling the book deal of one Republican Senator for his support of the constitution at yesterday’s electoral vote count and certification. Later, the double standard of the Democrats and RINO’s for only calling out violence when they don’t agree is appalling. The fact is President Trump did not make any calls for violence, period. Afterward, Ben Domenech of The Federalist calls in to discuss the consequences of the capitol assault.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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You know, I came on the air here yesterday right out of the box. I condemned what took place, the Capitol building in the strongest terms. I don’t know how many times we counted that Mr. Producer had to be, what, a dozen times? I’m not part of any. Violent group, and neither are the 74 million people who voted for our president. But it appears nothing has changed in 24 hours, ladies and gentlemen, not a damn thing, not a damn thing. That never trumps the media, the Democrats, the rhinos, same damn thing. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware. Has called on two of his colleagues to resign, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, why? Why should they resign? This is the mind of a totalitarian. They see their moment, their moment of exploitation. Biden, as you’ll hear in a moment, Biden says that this was Black Lives Matter, those protesters, the outcome would have been very different. They would have been treated differently. And now other Democrats are saying the same thing. So now it’s a racist issue. A racist issue. The 25th Amendment, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the reprobate Adam Kinzinger never Trumper. Do they even know what the 25th Amendment is for? It’s not even relevant to what they’re saying, moreover, mechanically, it’s impossible to get it done in time. Well, let’s impeach him again. To what end? That doesn’t even make any sense. Then we have these. These resignations. Which are getting all kinds of attention. People I’ve never heard of resigning. Suddenly, their big names and Elaine Chao. Mitch McConnell’s wife announced today that she is resigning now what’s today, Mr. Producer? Thursday, she’s resigning effective Monday. Eight days before the administration’s over, wow, what courage. So the rats are jumping ship Mulvany. The president backed this guy, even though he put both feet in his mouth on both hands in his mouth. Mulvany. So now you see. The attorney general, the former attorney general of the United States, who I liked, says the president betrayed his supporters. And there are others which I’ll get to in a minute. I went back and I listened to his speech, Mr. Producer. There’s not one word where he encourages violence, not one, not one. In fact, he used the word peacefully. Protest. That Congress. Peacefully. And so now. You’re to believe that the president incited violence. Promoted an insurrection. It wanted to overthrow the government. He did none of those things. The same forces that tried to destroy him during the campaign, in addition to. Republicans who’ve now found their courage in addition to people who have served in the administration and have benefited from this president, now they’re positioning themselves. Most of them are creatures of Washington. Elaine Chao, Mulvany at all. They just can’t put up with this anymore. They can’t put up with him. Because you see the president of the United States. He told people to go to the Capitol building and Sacket. I listen to what he said, he never said that. So you have to project, you have to infer. Front page of The New York Times today is a disgrace. Front page of The Washington Post today is a disgrace. Front page of USA Today. Today is a disgrace. Front page of The New York Daily News. Today is a disgrace. They can’t just focus on the perpetrators, they can’t just focus on the thugs, the violent nut jobs. Who breached the Capitol building? They’re the ones who deserve to be punished no, no, no, no, no. It’s our chance not just to get Trump. But all the people who peacefully protested there, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them. And all his supporters, millions and millions of them. And the way we unite is to get behind the Democrats, behind the media, to push the progressive agenda. That’s how we unite. The media in this country are vile and poisonous and cancerous. They’ve caused much of that hate. Much of the division. That exists in this country. Absolutely awful. They don’t report the news and I’ll get to that in a minute. The New York Times Jeremy Peters is back, Jeremy Barth, The Washington Post, I guess everybody’s name Jeremy. Maybe they’re inbreds. I don’t know. And now any senator. Can say anything about any of you and about the president of the United States and the colleagues they don’t like. See, Ted Cruz should resign because he dared to suggest that we need an election commission to find out what took place. No, no, no, no. He incited violence, don’t you see? Josh Hawley. Said, look, there were changes in some of these states and I’ll get to that in in a minute, and that, yes, we do have a constitutional power to reject votes. No, no, no. He needs to go. He needs to resign. Did you see Simon and Schuster, Mr. Producer? They canceled his book contract today. Simon and Schuster cancelled Josh Hallie’s book contract today. It’s going to get worse. It’s going to get worse. They’re going to attack freedom of speech, freedom of association, the free exercise of religion. They’re going to attack the Second Amendment. Mark, look what you’re stirring up, I’m not stirring up a damn thing. My views of the course of decades could not be clear. I write books. I talk on the radio, I talk on TV. Everything I say is based on principle and mission. Everything I say is based on liberty, family, faith, the constitution, the declaration, a reverence for this country. My enemies are my critics can’t say the same. Can’t say the same. Now, according to The New York Times, Jeremy Peters, I’m not sufficiently. Well, I’m not sufficiently bending over backwards here. Listen to the title of the New York Times piece, The Holocaust, denying New York Times how Trump’s allies are still defending him. Denial, deflection, disinformation. This is a news article. They falsely claim President Trump had no role in spurring the assault on the Capitol. If the president of the United States wanted to spur an assault on the Capitol, a violent attack on the Capitol, he would have said so. He didn’t and there wouldn’t have been a few hundred people who broke into that capitol. There would have been a few hundred thousand people if they listen to him. And they wouldn’t because he didn’t. He did no such thing. You know who’s been encouraging violence, AOC? You know who’s been encouraging violence, the media. Black Lives Matter. Antifa, oh, you see, I’m deflecting now denial and disinformation. You know who else has been encouraging violence, The New York Times. And The Washington Post. And the way they’ve been covering violence all damn summer long and CNN and MSNBC. And the Democrat mayors and the Democrat governors, they’ve not only been encouraging violence, many of them have been celebrating violence. How many black lives plazas are there out there? Well, we’ll look at that, a Marxist group in anti-semite group, an anti-American Marxist group. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s name a plaza after them. They’re beating the crap out of people. Burning their storefronts. Same with antifa. And they get completely disparate treatment by The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the destructive, hateful left wing media in this country. Hey, Jeremy, tell us about the 16 19 project and the lies that you’re teaching our children about this country. Tell us how that helps unity. These punks, these media organizations, they don’t police themselves. Into the article, he attacks many of us, but he Mark Levin, his radio program reaches 11 million people each week. No, it doesn’t. It’s closer to 20 million. Told his listeners that while he thought the rioters were idiots who had hurt the Trump movement, there was a possibility that they weren’t really Trump supporters. I spent an entire hour talking about this, and this guy has it down to two sentences. I don’t need an interpreter, a left wing, phony fraud, so-called journalist interpreting for me on my damn website. You can listen to the whole thing. But he knows his readership won’t listen to the whole thing. They’re going to want to know what Jeremy has to say. He’s a fraud. He’s a punk. Over The Washington Post. Jeremy Barr, not all Trump supporters, conservative media tries to shift blame, cast doubt on identities of capital invaders. Did I say shift blame and cast doubt on capital invaders? I said these people need to be identified and punished and we need to know who they are. So that controversial. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the problem with the two Germanys. They want the entire Trump movement and all Trump supporters and voters to be disparaged. But this isn’t MSNBC or CNN behind this microphone. This isn’t the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal. This isn’t the editorial page of The New York Times and The Washington Post. No, we’re serious here. You don’t paint a whole community with a broad brush. The president of the United States didn’t say a damn thing, Delbar. People, many don’t like what he said because he was going on about the election and so forth, but who cares if you like it or not? Did the president call out the military? No. Did you do any of those things? No. So they go to the people who hate Trump, they go to madness, they go to Kelly. They go to these people now resigned like three hours before the end of the administration to show how independent they are. Elaine Chao, I resign effective Monday. So offended. Well, why don’t you resign the second? Oh, and it’s a race thing. Oh, yeah. The Capitol Police would have shot people dead, left and right, if they had been black. Is that what happened throughout? This country where Black Lives Matter was rioting, is that what happens? Tell me which Black Lives Matter activists did the cop shoot? Does anybody know one? How about Antifa? Does anybody know one? And this is coming from Joe Biden, who wants to unite us, ladies and gentlemen, he wants to unite us. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 2

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll have unity in this country, apparently. If you surrender your principal, if you confess that you were wrong to support President Trump and vote for him. If you accept the lockdown’s if you accept the attack on the Jews in Brooklyn by the mayor. If you if you accept what Cuomo did with a senior citizens, if you accept open borders and illegal immigration. If he accept radicals on the courts, if he accept packing the Supreme Court, packing the Senate, eliminating the Electoral College, accepting the unconstitutional changes and state election procedures, if you’ll accept Joe Biden and Schumer and Pelosi. Then we can have unity in this country for you white people, if you’ll accept the fact. That you are interminably racist. And few minorities, if you will, accept the fact that you’re in terminally dependent on the Democrat Party, we can have unity. It’s a marvelous thing. We could have a one party system. And look at the paradise we’ll have with a one party system, New York. California, Maryland, D.C., where people can’t flee these states fast enough and come into red states where they then vote Democrat and destroy those states, but that’s for another day. And so every single single trooper out there, you’re responsible for what happened in that Capitol building, even though the president did not incite violence. Not once did he tell people to rush that building or go to that building. He wasn’t AOC. He wasn’t Kamala Harris. He wasn’t Talib, not once. But now that’s the story. And they’re sticking to it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Let me try this again, because apparently some people are not hearing properly. Anybody who commits an act of violence. Should be punished. The so-called bail reform. Were the worst kind of criminals are let out on the streets. Is not bail reform at all. The election by Sauza prosecutors who won’t prosecute, whether it’s in L.A. or other cities, San Francisco has created a great deal of mayhem and violence. When Black Lives Matter and Antifa committed act of violence, I denounced it, all of society should have denounced it. And when these people yesterday breached the Capitol building. Everybody should have denounced it into the best I can tell everybody has denounced. Certainly everybody I know. In conservative radio and conservatives on television. That’s what we mean by law and order. It’s one thing to say, as some have said, that the president wasn’t forceful enough or quick enough. In denouncing it, it’s another thing to say he incited it. I don’t go along with the mob, I don’t go along with the crowd, I don’t believe in conformity and uniformity. I believe in thinking for yourself. And so people sometimes have difficulty categorizing me. You’re defending Trump. I defend the truth and the facts. If he can show me specifically where he incited violence against Congress, I want to see it. You don’t have it. Now, what is it that Chuck Schumer is inciting today, or Nancy Pelosi or Adam Kinzinger? Or Senator Coons or Larry Hogan, Joe Biden, the things he’s saying today. Are they inciting violence or are they bringing the country together? Well, if that’s what they want to do, they ought to do it. Donald Trump has gone in 13 days, 13 days. Biden will be in office, presumably for four years. The Democrats now control Congress. So why are they worried about the 25th Amendment and impeachment, which is not going to happen? Why are they saying? Whites are treated differently when they commit acts of violence than other people, why are they rationalizing this? Is this how you unite the country? I call it as I see it. I’m all for uniting the country. I’m all for it, but you can’t watch news on CNN and MSNBC and barely any other cable program. And not be appalled by the way this is covered. When the Portland federal courthouse was under attack 100 nights in a row, Nancy Pelosi referred to federal law enforcement. Akin to Stormtroopers and Kleiber. Well, you know, Mark Trump didn’t come out, Trump came out. Faster and more effectively than Biden did during any of these events. But look, I’m not going to play this game. I’m not going to play this game. When people commit acts of violence, they need to be punished. I don’t care what party they are, I don’t care what ideology they are, I don’t care who they are. Period. Law and order. That’s where I am. I also believe in the Constitution. What took place in Pennsylvania? And Michigan and Wisconsin and Georgia, I’ve talked about this many, many times, and, you know, it’s funny, there hasn’t been an effective response yet. When the Republican state legislatures were supplanted in violation of Article two, Section one clause to the Constitution by governors and secretaries of states and even state courts. That was unconstitutional. Now, Rand Paul was on television the other day, is an earnest man, as I said, and he said, we got to work with these state legislatures to change their laws. I don’t have a problem with that. But how does that fix anything? If the governor or the secretary of state. Or the Supreme Court of the state. Is able to change the law, the election law that the state legislature has passed and put in place. And they’re able to do it in defiance of the federal constitution, how do you fix that? As an example, let’s say the state legislature of Pennsylvania says, all right, look, no more mail in voting unless there’s a specific reason for it. Somebody is handicapped or they’re sick or they’re overseas or what have you, absentee ballots and they can mail them in. And we need certain kinds of ID when you vote, we need ID. We want the vast majority of people to vote in person because there’s checks there and on and on. Let’s say a legislature passes that. Let’s say it’s the Pennsylvania Republican legislature, they pass that. Well, ladies and gentlemen. What stops the state Supreme Court from doing exactly what it did? Rewriting the election laws. And this is the conundrum, this is the problem, this is what has so many people frustrated. What do we do about that? The failure by the U.S. Supreme Court. To uphold its end of the bargain. The failure of the United States Supreme Court to enforce Article two, Section one, Clause two has led to many of these problems. Many. Another cat’s out of the bag. How do we fix it? Problem is, the Democrats don’t want to fix it, they’re the ones who brought over 300 lawsuits after the 2016 election. They’re the ones that said we got to get around these Republican legislatures. And they did they went to Democrat governors, Democrat secretaries of state, Democrat election boards and Democrat elected supreme courts. And they changed it. Now, the fact that a couple senators took note means that they should resign from office. Or in the case of Josh Whouley, lose a book deal with Simon and Schuster. They should be cancelled all together. It’s really quite shocking. 74, 75 million people voted for Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer think we should use the 25th Amendment or impeachment when they know he won’t be removed from impeachment and they know the 25th Amendment doesn’t even apply. So what are they doing other than upsetting people who don’t agree with them? What is Kinzinger doing? Never Trumper. Other than upsetting people who don’t agree with him. Larry Hogan, a never Trump or the governor of Maryland, same thing. They know it won’t work, they know they can’t do it, so why are they bringing it up? You want to unite the country, then unite the country. You have a Democrat. Just elected a freshman from St. Louis. Her name is Corey Busch, and she’s demanding that every single Republican be removed from office. Every single Republican. Is that rational? Does that unite the country, every single Republican? Joe Scarborough calls for the arrest, the arrest of Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump, the arrest. Based on what? Is this kind of language, this kind of talk? Going to unite the country. Unbelievable. In my view. And the media stoking the flames at The New York Times and The Washington Post, the media stoking the flames at CNN and MSNBC and elsewhere. Why? The violence that took place yesterday at the Capitol Building should have awakened people. And Schumer’s announced that he’s still going to pack the Supreme Court, he’s still going to pack the Senate with Democrats. They still want to take out the Electoral College, which, of course, they defended all last night. But they still don’t want it. I get rid of the filibuster rule, so any law they want can get passed. Is that going to unite the country? No, it’s not going to unite anybody. I think you’re going to see more recriminations. I think you’re going to see more clamping down on free speech. I see, I think you’re going to see more. Conformity on college campuses and universities where people with different views are not going to be able to express them. And absolutely the wrong lessons were learned from this. That’s what I think you’re going to see. And all these people. I mean, you have to admit, Trump got 74 million votes more than any other incumbent president. They’re not going anywhere, so to keep trashing them, keep denouncing them, keep dismissing them, keep pushing them around. It’s not going to go well. I warned. About something like this, not the Capitol, obviously. That things will get ugly. Months ago. Months ago. So take the foot off the gas pedal. You Democrats control all aspects of the elected part of our federal government now. Take the foot off the gas pedal. It’s one thing to promote your policies within the four walls of the constitutional system. It’s quite another to have policies that have as their purpose, to destroy the walls of the constitutional system. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Here, let’s unite around this concept, ladies and gentlemen. We continue to condemn what took place at the Capitol building. I didn’t need any prodding to do that. I’m an individual with the principles and morals. But then why? Can’t Jeremy Bah of The Washington Post. Why can’t Jeremy W. Peters of The New York Times also condemn the rioters and the violence? A Black Lives Matter and Antifa. In other words. I believe in treating people equally. I don’t care if they’re wearing Trump shirts or not. R.A.F. with their black garb or whomever it is. But we can’t even agree on that. Because the media, Jeremy W. Peters and Jeremy Bar, New York Times, Washington Post, respectively. They don’t believe in that. They believe the bomb and the antifa cause are righteous cause, therefore the ends justify the means. That’s what the media believe in this country. But the ends don’t justify the means. And so condemn them all. But here’s the problem, Mr. Producer, they’re not going to condemn Black Lives Matter because they endorsed Biden. In the case of Antifa, they’ve been pretending for at least a decade that Antifa doesn’t even exist. Because they come from the hard left. And you have professional sports, you have corporate corporations. Embracing Black Lives Matter and I think a part, it’s due to its title. Because we all know black lives matter, all lives matter, but if you say I don’t support Black Lives Matter, you sound like a nut, but that’s the problem. But they’ve told us who they are, they’re also an anti-Semitic group that believe belongs and believes in the BDS movement. They’ve now yanked that off their Web site. They yanked off their Web site. The their opposition to actually the family, not why, because if you look at Marxist. Ten principles in the Communist Manifesto, he wants to eliminate the family. Why does he want to eliminate the family? Why did Mao want to eliminate the family? Why do they want to eliminate faith? Because they want people reliant on the party, the Communist Party and the government. The founders of Black Lives Matter have told us they’re indoctrinated into the Marxist ideology, why don’t we believe them? And yet we have fabulously wealthy athletes, fabulously wealthy executives in courtrooms who contribute to that organization, you can believe in equality, justice and civil rights without supporting Black Lives Matter. Now we have Black Lives Matter Boulevard and so forth. The same mayor of New York. Who painted? A Black Lives Matter St.. Directed law enforcement to go into Brooklyn, New York, and round up Hasidic Jews. Because they were exercising their First Amendment right, the religious right. They insisted on going to funerals. They insisted on going to weddings. Yet if you ride it in the streets. The cops were told to stand down if you wanted to go to a funeral. Or you wanted to. To celebrate Rosh Hashanah. You were told, no, you must not and you cannot. Well, the concerns of outrage there, none, almost none. Now, we got to hate Trump, that’s the focus. That’s it, case closed. I call them as I see them, it’s that simple, of course, I want unity in this country. Does Chuck Schumer want unity in this country? Chuck Schumer has been around for decades. Donald Trump will be leaving soon. And Chuck Schumer hopes to be around for decades more Pelosi’s. He’s been around for decades. And look how they’re talking today. Look what they want to do. Do they sound like they’ve learned anything from yesterday? Are you kidding me? They’re doubling down. They’re tripling down. They’re quadrupling down. I’ll be right back. One podcast network.