January 6, 2021

January 6, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Anarchy is not to be accepted and those that broke into the Capitol building are lucky they were not all shot upon breaking the doors and rushing into the building. This violence must be denounced not excused. Storming the capital building was stupid and accomplished nothing. All this does is give the left and the media fodder for their attack on President Trump and conservatives. Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of people that assembled did not storm the Capital but peacefully assembled. All summer long Antifa was criticized by conservatives for their attacks on federal buildings and anyone breaching the Capitol must be equally criticized. There is no defense for people that take it amongst themselves to break the law and break into Congress. Then, the media is desperately trying to tie the President to this violence. The mob that breached the Capitol Building does not represent all of the supporters that peaceably assembled in support of Trump. Challenging the electoral count is worthy of the time it takes on the floor of Congress to deliberate. Later, the Senators fulfilling their duty by objecting to the electoral college vote count are not to blame for the actions of an unscrupulous few. Ideas have consequences but arguments based on principles are important. The Pennsylvania State Legislature has requested that Congress stop counting their electors’ votes because of new information obtained and their inability to convene because they are statutorily out of session.


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Mark Levin, I hope you listen to the entire hour so I can thoroughly go over what I think I know the media will not. They’ll cherry pick, but that’s the nature of the media and I’ll get to them. They’re part of the problem. What kind of idiots? Stormed the Capitol building. Take it over temporarily. And think they’re achieving anything. What are you going to achieve by that? Absolutely nothing except for the left and the media who already hate our guts. Honest to God, what do people think they’re going to achieve by doing that? Do they think that the. The D.C. Police Department or the Capitol Police or the FBI or the Secret Service of the United States military are going to allow them to hold the Capitol building. What is the point of that? Other than to give talking points to The New York Times and CNN and the Washington Post and MSNBC and Chris Wallace and Juan Williams and all the rest of them. We’re talking about the mob, the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who were peaceably assembling. And did not. Breach the Capitol building, now they’re the mop. Now, I want to be crystal clear about this. You and I, we are conservatives, you and I, we are constitutionalists, you and I believe in law and order. That is exactly why we condemn antifa, exactly why we condemn black lives matter. And all the looting and rioting and mayhem and killing and arson that took place all summer long. And if those groups had breached the Capitol building, we would be appalled. So we need to know exactly who these people are, who did this. Some people are saying it’s a false flag movement is sending me pictures of antifa and so forth. Others are saying, well, that’s it was swell what they did. That’s our building. I want to know who these people are. I want to know if they’re going to be charged. Because they should be. They broke the law, what they did was criminal. No, it wasn’t a constitutional crisis. No, they didn’t stop us from counting Elector’s. But what they did was criminal, lawless, idiotic, moronic. And we cannot have groups. I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what their cause is. Taking over our governmental buildings, period, stop. That’s it. That’s it. And I want these people punished. I want them identified and I want them punished. I want to know who they are. We want to know who they are, don’t we? I mean, you’re going to go into the. On the Senate floor. Into Pelosi’s chair and do what? Take pictures of yourself, send selfies to your friends. The hell does that do absolutely nothing. And it didn’t do anything. You know, have you ever been with a group of people? And you’re trying to do something productive, maybe you’re at a protest and then there’s a few nuts, there’s a few folks, a few wild men or wild women. And you say to the person, you see, that guy is kind of a nut. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the lawless can’t define us, we can’t allow that to happen. The kooks can’t define us. We can’t allow that to happen. There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who are peacefully protesting from all over the country. They’re. Who didn’t breach the Capitol building or they’d still be there? Who had no no desire to breach the Capitol building, they were showing their support for the president, they were protesting against a stolen election. But violence. It would never even occur to me to breach the Capitol building or any other building. They’re the ones who pull down monuments. They’re the ones who burn down stuff. We’re not them, we’re us. And the police. We say we support the police. And we’re defying the police. So let there be no mistake about it. I’m watching this television. I’m watching this take place, and I can’t believe it. What next? The Supreme Court. That’s even less protected than the Capitol building. Now, there is absolutely no defense for what took place, the breaching of the walls and security in the Capitol building. What if a senator was killed? What if a congressman was killed? What if the vice president was killed? This isn’t a joke. People get on the Internet, they’re really tough. On the one hand, the left calls me a Nazi and on the other hand. Some people are calling me a sellout, I don’t care. Call me whatever you want. I would never do this and I would never tell my children that it was OK to do this or my grandchildren that it was OK to do this, it’s not OK to do this period. Period. But when you have Chris Wallace on TV talking about the mob. So hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people, he’s sitting in his studio, he’s not even there are now responsible for this. It is outrageous. Or when Juan Williams is now blaming the president of the United States, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, it is outrageous, the endless effort to exploit events. It’s what infuriates law abiding, peaceful Americans like you and me. Who are fed up with it? Who are fed up with it? No, there’s no justification for this whatsoever. And then Joe Biden comes out and he gives a speech. He’s a little late with his law and order speeches. Minneapolis was burning, Seattle was burning, Portland was burning, New York was burning. Philadelphia was burning. We never got a speech like that from Joe Biden, ever. The federal courthouse in Portland under attack for over three months in a row, and Nancy Pelosi, when the feds go in there, they’re trying to stop it. And other Democrats call them storm troopers. A reference to the Third Reich and Hitler. All of this is unforgivable. All of it. All of it. To politicize events like this. By media figures and by political figures is disgusting. It’s outrageous. And I guess we don’t support the funding the police anymore, do we? The Metropolitan Police. The Capitol Police. The National Guard, the FBI, the Secret Service are all. In and around the capital tonight. The mayor. Ask the president to send in the National Guard, and he did. So I guess we don’t support defunding the police now, do we? But what took place in the Capitol building today? Is a disgraced. It’s a disgrace. And now the effort to exploit a politically. By certain politicians and certain media figures. Pushes further fuel on the fire and they don’t care. They say we have to unite everybody back off, but this one, this one, this one’s at fault. The people who did this must be punished. For the sake of those who didn’t. And is that a signal that it won’t be tolerated? And that’s the truth. You know, when I was a teenager, I think I’ve told some of this, but not often. I would take the train from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., with my buddy Eric. And sometimes my buddy Jack would be with us and we would sit in the galleries and we would watch the House and the Senate and we would walk around freely, it’s not like it is today with all the barriers and so forth. And there was no problem whatsoever. Prior to this march today. This peaceful march today. When you go into Washington, D.C., you see a city that’s burned out. You see a city where you when the sun goes down, you better not be on the streets, you see a city where they have to protect the White House because Donald Trump is in their. You see a city with businesses boarded up the capital, the United States. And now this. Then the media showing photographs and videos of this looping in and over and over and over and over again. To underscore what took place today and I’m going to do this for the next 10 years, that’s what these idiots have done. That’s what these fools have done. I have spoken out. About this election, I’ve spoken out. In great detail, so there’s no ambiguity about my views and what took place in some of these states in violation of Article two, Section one clause to the Constitution. And the deepest recesses of my heart. I believe that what took place here. Was an outrage. But the Democrat Party did. In those states, as I’ve explained, day in and day out, is an outrage. But you don’t breach the Capitol building. You don’t threaten public officials. You don’t force force law enforcement. To draw their weapons. The vast majority of us, the overwhelming majority of us, ninety nine point nine percent of us, we watch this and we’re disgusted by it, but we also know this. That the same people who are reporting on this. Embrace Black Lives Matter and in fact, had their leaders on TV praising them. That they told us that antifa. Was not a violent movement that they told us that these people were mostly peaceful protesters, which you do not hear tonight, by the way. We know that we have to behave. Much, much better than the marches on the left. We remember what they said about the Tea Party, which was. As nonviolent. As any Gandhi protest. It’s just the way it is. So when these knuckleheads. Breached the walls of the Capitol. Break in to the Capitol, they reminded me of a Black Lives Matter. But the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters who didn’t. Are now being called the mob. By Chris Wallace. And he’s not the only one, that’s what I was watching, I was appalled. So now the broad brush is used to paint everybody, everybody. Now, all of us apparently breach the Capitol building. So we condemn this over and over and over again. But our principles remain. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

You know, let me just for a moment mention this, I think the newsrooms in this country, these corporations that own these news companies, really need to take some responsibility for what’s taken place over the last several years, what took place over this summer, what’s taking place now? You have some individuals in these newsrooms who are not news people. Most of them hate Trump. And they hate Trump supporters. They don’t report the news. Why would you call everybody who attends at this protest of overwhelming majority who are peaceful part of the mob? Why do you try to humiliate people who voted for the president? Why do you try to humiliate people who have sincere and substantive concerns about the nature of this election and then try to throw them in with the clowns who rushed to the Capitol building? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, it is absolutely shocking to see what we saw today. Absolutely. It’s contemptible. To see what we saw today at the Capitol Building. And we are very lucky that somebody other than one individual who was shot, I don’t know all the details at this point, very lucky. A member of Congress was unharmed. The vice president was unharmed and so forth. I don’t know who these people were. Who did this? I’m not talking about politics. I’m not defending people like this. Who take it upon themselves to break the law. The charge under way into the Capitol building, into the middle of Congress. I mean, anarchy cannot be accepted. It’s that simple. And by the way, many of them are lucky they weren’t shot dead. Because if you’re charging onto the Senate floor, the House floor, you’re charging into somebody’s office, whether it’s McConnell or Pelosi, you can be shot dead. Law enforcement for law enforcement, they don’t know what the hell you’re doing. And we should all denounce it. We must not embrace this or excuse it or pretend it away. Now we need to know who these people are. We need to know who they are. We didn’t know what affiliations they had, if any, and we need to know that they’re going to be punished. But what I’m hearing now on television, on news is this desperate effort to tie the president to this. I just heard it. Would Brett Bare? That his speech. And that the president himself, and he is not the only one, so I’m not picking on him. Doesn’t he have some responsibility for this? I mean, people left the rally and they went to the Capitol building, they went to the Capitol building to protest, hundreds and hundreds went, but hundreds and hundreds did not breach it. And this is the problem, this is what I’m talking about when you paint with a broad brush, when you start attacking people, calling all the people a mob, all the people breach the Capitol building. No, that’s simply not true. I happen to know several people who were there peacefully marching. And then they left. The reporters on the ground know that’s not true. The woman who was shot has died. I don’t know any details about it, but the woman who was shot has died. But they’re trying to make. Political hay out of this is what? Is what so many of us are sick of here. The hypocrisy, the contradictions. We’re sick of it. Now, Congressman is a Dan Crenshaw, Mr. Producers at the fellow’s name from from Texas. He opposes the challenges. To the electoral votes, and he says this is part of the problem, you know, when you centralize decision making in Washington, D.C. like this, every four years, we’re going to have the same problem, Congressman. When the state of Pennsylvania and the state of Virginia excuse me, in the state of Georgia, in the state of Wisconsin, in the state of Michigan, violate the federal constitution away, as I’ve discussed over and over again, they don’t get a pass. At a minimum, that matter needs to be debated on the floor of the House, whether it changes the election results or not, it is certainly worthy of time. If you’re going to debate the naming of a post office, if you’re going to debate how much money this one gets or that one gets, certainly when it comes to a core act like selecting a president or vice president. Congress has a role, it’s a deliberative body. It may be people should have thought about that before they changed the rules in these various states like never before, an unprecedented strategic undermining of state law. And you don’t ever hear about it. It’s just the people who are objecting, they’re the problem is Whorley going to step down now and crews, they’re going to step down or they can continue with this, you see. This is what they get out of the breach of the Capitol building. They don’t know who these people are. But they project their own opinion on top of it, I’ll project my opinion, I don’t know who these people are. There’s no excuse, no justification whatsoever. For all I know, I could play the same game. And it’s a game and it’s a sick game. Maybe they were angry. Chuck Schumer, who said, if we take the Senate, we’re going to destroy the judiciary, destroy the Senate, destroy the filibuster. Maybe that got them angry her. Congressman, what do you think of that? But this is how it works in the media and this is how it works in politics. There’s a Kairouan right now, pro Trump protesters turned violent and stormed Capitol. During an TIFA and BLM, you never saw. Democrats supporting rioters burn buildings, you never saw that. And so they’re desperate to project Donald Trump didn’t ask anybody to storm anything, to destroy anything. They just want him to leave already. Just leave. And don’t fight. So I hope my words aren’t twisted, I know they will be. I want to give no quarter whatsoever to people who are violent. I don’t care what their cause. To people who stormed government buildings, I don’t care what their cost. To people who pull down monuments or attack the cops, I don’t care what their cause. We believe in law and order, we believe in the constitutional process, we believe in fighting. But fighting through the system, not destroying the system. We’ll leave that to the other side. Now, what’s the outcome of this attack on the Capitol building? Did it change a thing that went on within that building, not a thing. But it’s done great damage. It’s done great damage in many respects. We can now be used against all of you and will be. And be. The disgraced. It’s shocking. And it’s going to be used over and over again, even though none of you had anything to do with it. None of you. I know the injustice of this. You’re treated differently. You’re looked down upon. You hear it every damn day in the media. Every damn day. And yet you didn’t do this. And yet you oppose this. You we are the law abiding citizens of this country were the ones who pay the taxes, we’re the ones who fund the system. We’re the ones who comply with the law. We’re the ones who salute the flag, put our hand on our heart and sing the national anthem. We’re the ones who believe in law and order and justice. And we do not believe. In supporting people who climb the walls of the Capitol, who break the windows and break down the doors. Who forced police to draw their weapons, clowns going on the Senate floor was about a half a dozen of them clowns. Now they try to paint that that broad brush. Sitting in the chair, the president of the Senate, what kind of an idiot does that? Goes into McConnell’s office, sits in his chair, goes into Pelosi’s office, sits in his chair, anybody here support that? Anybody here think that’s a good idea? Nobody does. It’s really quite simple. The irony of the mayor of Washington, D.C.. And the speaker of the House calling the police, although, of course, they call the police, who else would you call? Well. You’ve got an entire defund the police movement or undermine the police movement. When they were trying to defend the Portland federal courthouse, the Mark Hatfield federal courthouse, when the feds moved in there because the local police wouldn’t, it’s a federal courthouse, she trashed them. Not so much today. Because we need the police. To protect us. Countries in a very bad state right now. And I’ll give you my take on this, putting aside. This disaster today. The powers that be would not accept the 2016 election. The elements of the FBI and the intelligence agencies, whether the Democrat Party and Pelosi wanted to remove the president, Schumer demanding a special counsel, the media day in and day out, using the most horrific language to talk about the president, the United States and so forth and trashing the people that support them on MSNBC. You’re called neo-Nazis. People get sick and tired of this. They don’t like being put down like this. By the media. And yet none of you were the ones that rushed the Capitol building. But you’re wondering what the hell’s happened to my country. What the hell’s happened in my country with a corrupt media? And then we see what’s been targeted in some of these states. And you’re constantly told to stand down and move along. It’s frustrating, that’s why hundreds of thousands of people turned out today to protest, not to rush the Capitol building, for God’s sakes. But the protests like Americans do. Like Americans do. I remember the Tea Party movement, I was a Tea Party advocate. I went to several Tea Party rallies. I remember that one rally I attended. There must have been 40000 people, no violence whatsoever. No trash whatsoever. And we were attacked. By the Democrat members of Congress, by The Washington Post. They lied about us. We were attacked. By Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Karl Rove and others, I don’t mean physically, they attacked us. We delivered them over 60 seats in the House and several senators and they said they would have won the Senate, but for us. We were attacked by the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal. Certain geniuses at National Review. We were attacked. Trump supporters attacked. Never trumps the Lincoln Project. They don’t play fair, they have brass knuckles. The media promotes. The media promote this, the Democrats say they’re going to destroy the Constitution. We’re going to change America. We’re going to pack the Supreme Court, we’re going to pack the Senate, we’re going to get rid of the filibuster so we can pass whatever we want. We’re going to change the Electoral College. With a mere majority, minimum majority in the House and Kamala Harris breaking the tie vote in the Senate, we’re going to change everything. We’re going to take your health care. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do that. People are upset and they’re frustrated. And they’re mocked and humiliated. And the media corporations, the big corporations do nothing about it, they don’t police their people. They have helped, contributed. To the great divide that now exists in this country, the great divide. That the poison in our politics, you listen to Joe Scarborough or Don Lemon. Or Jake Tapper or Andrea Mitchell or Brian Williams or the rest of them. It’s day in and day out. I don’t blame any of them or any of you for what took place at the Capitol Building. I’m talking about the bigger picture. The bigger picture. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Now, as best I can tell, I’m just watching the television, I see no violence occurring now in Washington. To you, Mr. Producer, on the left side, they show no violence and on the right side, they keep playing and looping footage from earlier today over and over and over again. Why? Why are the media doing that? You can answer that question yourselves, the other day, Senator Josh Hallie’s home was attacked. His young wife was in there in their brand new baby. He was out of town, attacked. They’re private property was violated, there were dozens of. Antifa and or BLM protesters there, they went up to the door, they tried to open the door, they tried to go into the house, they had megaphones. And of course, his wife was scared to death. And The Washington Post didn’t think it was that big a deal. Wasn’t that big a deal? They were peaceful protesters. I think any violent rioters should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I think any people who breach a government building, especially the Capitol building of the Supreme Court of the White House, should have the book thrown at them. And that’s been part of the problem that’s been too lax. People pulling down monuments, it’s been too lax. Our institutions under attack and let me make it very clear, when you breach the Capitol building that way, you’re attacking one of our institutions. We just can’t have people who have differences of agreement. Breaching our building’s. Threatening people and putting people in very, very dangerous positions, we can’t have that. It’s called the civil society. The reason the reason I was so outspoken and aggressive in condemning Black Lives Matter and Antifa is because I don’t believe in that kind of violence any more than I believe in what happened at the Capitol building today in the breach of those walls by a relatively small percentage of the overall population. And so we do not celebrate these people. We condemn them. We’re not the NBA. We’re not corporate executives. We’re not newsrooms. We condemn them all, but especially those who attack our institutions of government, period. I’ll be right back.