December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Communist China’s Manchurian candidate is Joe Biden. America has known about Joe Biden, his son, his brother, and all of the individuals he will bring to the table in the name of China. It’s no surprise that the Biden’s are under federal criminal investigation. China is on the ascendancy and America will be on the decadency if Biden becomes President. Then, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Schweitzer, the New York Post, and others have exposed the Bidens’ corrupt connections with China and others. Big Tech and Big Media run the cover-up for the Chinese and thanks to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas we know that CNN and the left in the media are complicit in all of this. Later, in the 1990s China donated to Bill Clinton and now Biden has brought in lots of dark money from all over, why not from China? Rep. Eric Swalwell cannot answer if he had sex with Fang Fang, the Chinese spy that he’s been accused of being involved with. After, Nancy Pelosi has admitted to delaying an aid package for coronavirus relief while dismissing Swalwell’s China scandal. Meanwhile, the radical Raphael Warnock supports known anti-Semites and has railed against Israelis in the past.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

First things first. I’ll be on Hannity TV tonight, 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it. So I hope to see you there. And happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends out there. Happy Hanukkah. It’s a wonderful time of the year, especially little kids. They love it. And this is the first night of Hanukkah. So there we have it turns out, ladies and gentlemen. The so-called president elect is actually a Manchurian candidate. That’s right, you heard it here first, China’s Manchurian Candidate, Communist, China’s man in Washington. And we know it. We know about him, his brother, we know about his son. I talked the other day about the individuals that. He would bring into the administration and their ties to China and how they wish to appease China. I’ve talked about a two-war front that we’re facing, the fifth column within the United States and China. And that this is the worst possible administration, should it come to pass, God forbid. At the worst possible time. Because China is on the ascendancy and Joe Biden will drag us down into the descendants, see? The media in this country. They’re a cancer on the body politic. First Amendment protection for what? We need a real media First Amendment protection. You saw here a real iron triangle, an iron triangle. Of the corrupt media, the corrupt Democrat Party. And the corrupt Biden family. And when I say media, I include big tech. Big tech Twitter in particular, targeting The New York Post wouldn’t even allow the New York Post story to run. I’m talking about Peter Schweizer was on my Fox show way back in September 2019, laying out Ukraine and China. Way back. And on this radio show. Back on October 23, 2020 is one point out and in a few minutes. And so we have this Manchurian Candidate now. And if in the end these lawsuits aren’t successful, he will be in the Oval Office. Think about that. Think about that. Let’s take a look. At the story today from Politico. Now, what’s interesting about Politico. Is that back on October 19, 2020, it ran a story called Hunter Biden story is Russian Disinfo. Dozens of former Intel officials say Politico and the rest of the corrupt media, some of which has been bought up by communist China. In the worst and the biggest cover up in modern American history. It’s not like they didn’t have the information. How many times did I come on this radio show and say they have the emails, the texts, the names of witnesses, there’s a hard drive. How hard is it to follow up on this? Not at all. Not at all. But they wouldn’t do it. And I want to hand out a Pulitzer Prize to James O’Keefe. And his magnificent staff at Project Veritas, because we know exactly what. Jeff Zucker over at CNN was doing affirmatively, was in cover up mode, don’t go down that deep rabbit hole. What? I’m going to do that. Cover up. I told you, just as The New York Times covered up the Holocaust. Just as they had paid on their staff, Walter Durante, a mouthpiece for Stalin who was slaughtering the Ukrainians. Major issue after major issue. The media in this country. Have been corrupt, corrupt a long time, but more corrupt now than ever before. And back. In October 19, 2020, Politico. Natasha Bertran, if that is her name, wrote, More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed onto a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to one Biden. Has all the classic earmarks, quote unquote, of a Russian information operation, more than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed onto a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son has those earmarks. Now, these letters with people signing them don’t just happen. The campaign, undoubtably, the campaign, the Biden campaign, undoubtably. Began the signature process with this letter, the vast majority of those signing this letter supported Joe Biden for president of the United States. And Politico was more than happy. To promote it as a news story, and they weren’t the only one. It goes on while the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence. They said their national security experience had made them deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s handiwork. If we are right, they added, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this, these 50 fraud’s hacks. Did a great disservice to this country. A great disservice had absolutely no information that it was a Russian hoax, as a matter of fact. Shortly thereafter, the director of national intelligence explicitly said the Russians are not involved in this. Now, how did he know? Because he knew something he couldn’t tell us. Well, what was that, Mark, that there was a grand jury investigating this? A grand jury. The only entities, the only people that would report on this. And Peter Schweizer, who deserves a Medal of Freedom, in my view. Is Peter. Conservative talk radio Fox picked it up, not the news side, the opinion side. Of course, The New York Post. And others. But not many others. It was blocked by big tech. It was censored by big media. And the propaganda was burped up by the Biden campaign through both big tech and big media. We have a huge problem in this country. Autocracy and fascism in the media in big tech. In Washington, D.C.. Now we have Politico. From last night. Reversing course. Justice Department’s interest in Hunter Biden covered more than taxes. I want to thank Politico for nothing. For nothing. Because before the election, they were in cover up mode. Now they give us some stories. By the way. I’m going to keep commenting on these things. How many of you think that Joe Biden. In January. Whatever ordered. No travel between China and the United States, how many of you would think Joe Biden would have ordered that, given that he’s the Manchurian Candidate? You know damn well he would not have. Resulting in tens of thousands more deaths, maybe hundreds of thousands more deaths. I know the other hosts, TV and radio are listening attentively to all right, you can use this stuff. Because it needs to get out. And we better hope. That that Pennsylvania case, which is coming up again, filed as a writ. Not as an emergency appeal, and we better hope the Texas case. Has some legs with this Supreme Court or God forbid, God forbid, the Manchurian Candidate will be in the Oval Office. Communist China’s man in Washington. And that whole damn party has been bought off the whole damn party. Remember Feinstein, of course, Swalwell. God knows how many. And then it’s incoming, so called appointees. I went through this at great length the other day, all China appeasers, all of them. The man he wants as secretary of state, the man he wants to run the National Security Council, his vice president, all China sellouts. Political hunter Biden has faced recent tax problems in July, the District of Columbia levied a 453 thousand dollar lean against him for unpaid state taxes, which he quickly satisfied that just had half a million hanging out there. The federal investigation into president elect playwright Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been more extensive than a statement from the Hunter. Biden indicates, according to a person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. Joe Biden has been lying to the American people, lie throughout this campaign, covered up the facts and once again. It was Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who instinctively and factually. No. Knew what was taking place. And so the media turn on Donald Trump, oh, poor, poor Hunter Biden, leave him alone. He had a drug problem. Our prisons are filled with people who have drug problems. Yesterday, Hunter Biden said he had been contacted about a tax investigation out of the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware, in addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the southern district of New York also scrutinize Senator Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation. The person said that as early that as of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Biden’s foreign ties. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because they’re not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. In addition to those probes and Hunter Biden, federal authorities in western district of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business at which Joe Biden’s brother, James, was involved. Federal officials have asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business, according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, who said it remains ongoing. So there are now two criminal investigations of the Biden family, his brother and his son. Now, how many times we talked about his brother and his son? But there comes Politico, there’s no indication that Joe Biden himself is under investigation, did they ever talk that way about Donald Trump? But if the cases remain open when Biden takes office, they could complicate his presidency and shine an unflattering light on his relative’s dealings, which often seek to capitalize on the Biden family’s political connections. Wow. A little bit too late, don’t you think, folks? I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately. I shut up, you idiot Hunter. Yes. The Biden transition, which had previously denied any awareness of federal probes into his business dealings, struck a defensive note in a statement accompanying Hunter’s This is a flat out lie. Of course, Joe Biden knows his son is under investigation. Of course, Joe Biden knew about the Paris medals, of course, Joe Biden knew about the China connections. What what’s going on here, ladies and gentlemen, the sun doesn’t talk to the father, the brother with the hospitals in western Pennsylvania, he doesn’t talk to his brother. His brother died. It’s so outrageous. More when I return.

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Joe Biden was a Republican and the media. Was doing what the media do in this country, we’d be talking now about impeachment, wouldn’t we? Should he be elected? Wouldn’t we media? Isn’t that what you did? Media? Isn’t that what you did to Donald Trump with no evidence of anything where you cooked up crap? Right. Media. You remember that media. How about you Democrats? You remember that Democrats. You don’t remember that, do you? Media Matters, media, all the other slime balls out there, impeachment, right? Impeachment. Joe Biden is praying to God right now as I speak. He’s on his knees with his mask on, of course, praying to the good Lord. That they take those two seats in Georgia because, God forbid, if he does become president, the United States, he wants to be able to stonewall everything that Democrats will run every committee in the United States Congress. There will be no investigation of this corruption, I can assure you not. None. And his brother, FBI agents, meanwhile, been asking about James Biden’s dealings with a hospital company, AmeriCorps. And operate in rural hospitals as part of an investigation based out of the western district of Pennsylvania. In late January, FBI agents raided an American hospital in Ellwood City, Pa., carted off boxes. The raid, which has previously been reported, followed crippling dysfunction at the hospital. Former business contact of James Bidens has said that he invoked his powerful older brother’s name and influence in the course of his involvement with AmeriCorps, though he has disputed their accounts. Department of HHS inspectors general office is also involved in the investigation. Now, this is what happens when you have early voting. This is what happens when you have a corrupt media, a corrupt Democrat party. This is what happens. And so here we are now. We knew it all along. We’ve talked about it all along. We meaning you and me. And here we are. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So I’ll be on Hannity tonight, depending on how much time I have. I definitely want to hammer this subject and I’d like to hammer the election subject, too. But again, it’ll depend on how much time I have. But I hope you’ll join me. I’m doing it for us. We live in now, folks, this election is not over until all the legal votes are counted and all the illegal ones are discarded no matter what the corporate media say. And despite the the spitballs in the bleachers, the former federal prosecutors and their ilk, the fact is that this has been a massively fraudulent election on many levels. And we have many judges who just don’t want to hear about it. The China’s Global Times propaganda outlet. Wasn’t able on Tuesday. See, the data this that I pulled this up. This is back on November 27th, back on November 27. OK, unable to contain its excitement about the Biden presidency, it praised the new foreign policy team as a group of elites who are very predictable in foreign policy with a multilateral mindset that will help restore U.S. leadership and strengthen connections with allies. This is unlike Trump, I’m quoting from them, unlike the Trump approach, which combines people with little experience and extremists who deeply believe in protectionism and nationalism. They attacked Trump, praised by. And who are among the China appeasers that are Manchurian Candidate would appoint if he gets a chance, Anthony Blinken. Would be Secretary of State Avril Haines, would be a director of national intelligence, John Kerry would have a cabinet level position. They are China appeasers. And by the way, they’re all around peace are still in Cuba pieces to one in the same. But there are China appeasers. But the biggest appeaser, of course. Is Joe Biden. These are the worst of the worst. Now, I interviewed Peter Schweizer for his new book. Back on October 23. Almost two months ago. When he had laid out the case on the Biden family deals. And the Biden family deals and we were lucky we got the first exclusive radio interview with Peter Sweitzer, in fact, back in twenty nineteen. On the subject of Ukraine and China and Hunter Biden, we also got our first exclusive on Life, Liberty and Levin back then. Peter is a is really a national hero in this regard. He’s been trying to raise concerns about this China and other foreign connections for a long, long time. Here’s part of what we discussed a few months ago, cannot go. And what’s interesting here is the timeline, Mark. The discussions start on Christmas Eve of 2015. That’s important because, of course, Joe Biden is still vice president of the United States. And that’s when Tony is first contacted by another Biden associates saying, I’m putting together a deal with a prominent American family, which the chain reveals is the Biden’s do. And we are doing deals overseas. And there’s a great level of detail in the communications that he has now turned over to the U.S. Senate. I’ve seen some of them, but they’re very explicit in a couple of things, Mark. Number one, these are not Hunter Biden deals. The Chinese are very explicit that these are Biden family deals, and that’s an important distinction. The second thing that it shows, Mark, is that these deals involve discussions with Joe Biden. After Biden uses code, he’ll say, I need to talk to my chairman, Tony. Here’s from another colleague. He says, well, who’s the chairman? He says that’s his dad. So his dad is involved in these discussions. And then you actually have the transfer of money. There is a Chinese energy company called CFC. It’s tied to the Chinese military. And you actually have communications where there was a deal cut. CFC is going to put 10 million dollars into this LLC. This is an LLC. Tony is is running five million of that. Ten million dollars is a forgiveable, not secured five million dollar loan from the Chinese to the Biden family. And the Senate report confirms they didn’t know what it was, but confirms that that five million dollars did make its way to the Biden, it made its way to the Biden’s. Now, let me ask you something. If you’re a serious reporter here, serious news operation running a serious news room. How do you not look into that? How do you not look into that? Well, they didn’t. I don’t know of any newsroom. Well, there were a couple that did, but most did not. Most, if not most, who I know did not. This isn’t just Hunter Biden, it’s not just James Biden, it’s the Biden family. Joe Biden. Joe Biden, shall we get the impeachment committee ready? What do you think, Democrats, what do you think? Media, huh? What do you think? Cut 19, go when you consider five million made it to the Bidens and he gets hunters three and a half million from the widow of the ex-mayor of Moscow, and he’s got other Chinese deals going, one point five dollars billion, where he makes a percentage interest, as is one of the facilitators and on and on. Sounds to me like Hunter Biden, first of all, made millions and millions of dollars off these foreign companies that have ties in many cases to these corrupt or communist governments. And that’s number one. That’s right. Now, number two, when his father says Joe Biden with respect to Ukraine, he says broadly, I don’t I’m not involved in his business dealings. I’m doing this off the top of my head. I don’t know anything about them that simply isn’t possible anymore, is it? It’s not. It’s not. First of all, you know, Joe Biden’s blanket statement that I have never discussed with my family, their business dealings. Hunter, Biden himself has contradicted that. He said he talked to his dad about charisma. We know that when he said I’ve never had any interactions with their business partners. We know that on that trip that they took on Air Force Two to Beijing, China, that you and I have discussed before, that Hunter Biden introduced his business partners to his father on that trip. The Chinese executives have said that that happens. Now, you have these emails showing that this is not a Hunter Biden going rogue kind of venture. This is a Biden family enterprise. That five million dollar loan, for example. It’s not a hunter. It’s to the Biden family. That’s what the communications show. So you are exactly right. And the question that we have always asked is, you know, what is the Biden family selling when they are collecting this money? They don’t have skills. They don’t have a product, they don’t have services. What are they selling? And they are selling. Joe Biden’s position is power and power as vice president of the United States. That is what is up for sale because Joe Biden has nothing else to sell. And Joe Biden wanted to make money. Lunch bucket, Joe, more like buckets of cash, Joe. Now, cut 20, Mr. Producer, go, and what else is astonishing is that the American media, the Praetorian Guard, the vast majority of the American media won’t touch this story despite the fact we have names of witnesses, we have emails, we have dates, we have times, we have texts, we have photos. The Biden campaign hasn’t denied anything. They haven’t denied that. That’s Hunter’s computer. They haven’t denied that Hunter went into that store. They haven’t denied that that’s his signature on the invoice. They haven’t denied that his lawyer called asking for the computer back. They haven’t denied any of it, have they know? Well, and, you know, look, Mark, you and I, one of the first interviews I gave in January of twenty eighteen was on my book Secret Empires, when we first talked about the Bidens and the relationship with the Chinese. The first thing that the Biden said was it’s not true. Those deals didn’t happen. Then when we demonstrated again and again that the deals had happened, the position shift shifted and that was that this had no effect on on Joe Biden’s policies. When we demonstrated that Joe Biden, Joe Biden’s policies favor the Chinese and the Ukrainians and these other foreign interests, then they shifted and said, I never discussed my business dealings with my. My family, now that that has has been proven to be a lie, they have shifted further and they said, well, I did not participate in any of those deals. What Tony has brought to the table today is that, yes, in fact, indeed, you did participate on these deals. So they have shifted the yardstick every single way in each and every instance. They have been deceptive and they have lied. And they are now at a point where they need to answer this question. And Joe Biden needs to stand before the American people and answer these questions and be he’s he’s not going to he’s not going to be pressed if it comes up tonight. Mm hmm. In the debate, kept bringing it up. Donald Trump and who kept shooting it down, the moderators. Moderators, what a pathetic joke, news media, what a pathetic joke, newsrooms. What a circle morons they are in there, it’s just unbelievable. It’s the people on conservative talk radio look at Peter Schweizer has been on top of this, first and foremost, Tony, who he’s talking about is the is the gentleman who went on record first with Peter Schweizer and then with others, Tucker. To make the point. That Joe Biden knew. About the several of these transactions he knew and that money was said to be put aside for Joe Biden and the media had absolutely no interest. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You remember when Rudy was on Life, Liberty and Levin, ladies and gentlemen, wasn’t that long ago, and he was also involved in the and the release of the information to The New York Post, you’ll recall, and because the information was provided to him and his firm. And by the gentleman who ran the the retail shop, the sort of computer fix it shop where Unabiding dropped off his computer and left it there, it signed a contract, but left it there. And that information was given to the FBI, you’ll recall, and was also given to Rudy Giuliani’s firm and Rudy Giuliani came on Life, Liberty and Levin, and we spent, I believe it was an entire hour going over this with him. And what happened? They attacked Rudy. Rudy has been right about the Ukraine. Rudy has been right about China, Rudy’s been right. And they try and destroy the guy. Rudi’s know for. And he had his firm look through this material and the material was released to The New York Post, The New York Post was very brave. But so was Rudy. And we’re going to go back and we’re going to look at the interview we had with Rudy, I also want you to know that the Biden education lead the person who is in the lead, they say. Should, God forbid, he become president, the United States. Is another sycophant for the communist regime in China, two seven, 2017 book Empowered Educators How High Performing System Shape Teaching Quality Around the world should explain the centrality of the teacher to Chinese students. Teachers in China are revered as elders. She failed to mention that any other teacher student relationship could result in imprisonment. Chinese government continually cracks down on Western values in the classroom by sending state sponsored inspectors to monitor teachers, particularly in higher education. So Joe Biden is an appeaser. He’s a Manchurian candidate, as far as I’m concerned. His whole entire family is corrupt. His campaign was corrupt. They lied through their teeth to the American people. They had to know at least that some of this was going on, the investigation of his brother, the investigation, which has nothing to do with China, but nonetheless the investigation of his son. He pretends he doesn’t know what his son is doing. And then we have these emails coming forward and an eyewitness coming forward under oath prepared to say anything that needs to be said in terms of the truth. He’s willing to testify. And he says Joe Biden knew and the emails show Joe Biden was in on a deal. And The New York Times and The Washington Post and CNN and MSNBC were too busy trying to trash our president. Trash Rudy Giuliani, trash The New York Post. Then get off their asses and look into it. Same with the election. Same deal. What we’re going to hear six months from now, there was so much evidence, I don’t know why you understand. It’s disgusting, and so this is the situation we’re in now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now more important than ever that the man who won election, Donald Trump, is the president of the United States. And if not, the resistance starts right here. I’ll be right back.