Now, they lecture the president’s lawyers and the rest of it. They can stick it!

Let’s see, Georgie invites Christie on his show, predictably Christie trashes Trump’s lawyers, and Hogan, the Maryland governor who voted for Reagan this last election, and Toomey, who was involved in the appointment of the Pennsylvania judge who should not have dismissed that case, are also critical. None of these three nitwits have addressed what the Democrats have done in these states to make it extremely difficult for a Republican presidential nominee to win these states again, and none of them have any concern at all about the constitutional issues. I understand this is hard and the pressure can be unbearable for some, but there are several very important matters at stake. And I would add, the Democrats plan to destroy the federal Constitution as applies to the Supreme Court, the makeup of the Senate, and the electoral college. They bloviate on TV, beat their chests in righteous indignation, and then pat themselves on the head. They know how to play the media game. But they are not in the fight, and they have no idea for how to fight. They are also making it easier for judges and justices to bail, which is becoming a huge problem. I am so sick and tired of these political charlatans. As if a couple more weeks to let these things play out will somehow do grave damage to the country, as opposed to what the Democrats are doing to our institutions. Meanwhile, these players were either silent throughout the Democrat-media-Russia-collusion-hoax and all the rest of the outrageous abuses of power that went along with it, or they were involved in it (like Georgie). Now, they lecture the president’s lawyers and the rest of it. They can stick it!