November 19, 2020

November 19, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the reporting on the Trump campaign’s legal challenges is just as bad as the reporting on the Russia hoax. CNN and MSNBC don’t care about the facts at all. America deserves better. There are two types of challenges being brought: Constitutional challenges citing the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause as referenced by SCOTUS in Bush v. Gore; if there’s disparate treatment of votes it’s unfair. Period.  Plus, there are Article II challenges with respect to who has the authority to make election laws. This can have an effect on results states across the country. Secondly, there are fraud allegations and the quantity of fraud is not the test. The Trump team has multiple affidavits and there isn’t even another case in history that even comes close to having this many sworn affidavits. The mere fact of fraud lends itself to voter disenfranchisement and the Court can create a remedy to address that. Then, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in to highlight the importance of truth in American history, unlike the revisionist charlatans who wrote the 1619 Project. Cotton also pointed out how dangerous consent decrees are to the republic. Afterward, President Trump defied the odds, while not only following the science on coronavirus but making strides in science with Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the China virus vaccine creation and distribution.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Housr 1 Segment 1

I have to say what I have to say, regardless of the consequences, the reporting and commentary on what the Trump campaign team is trying to do is as disgraceful as the reporting and commentary on the Russia hoax. The lawyers involved in these cases on behalf of the Trump campaign are definitely fighting an uphill battle. But they are fighting righteous battles. Enormous instances of fraud are being found and being provided to them. They’re tracking them down. They’re getting affidavits. They have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits in their lawsuits. The clock is ticking and they’re under pressure at the same time. And there’s two different types of lawsuits being brought. And I must say, I’ve watched Jonathan Turley and my former buddy Andy McCarthy, and I think her name is Kristen Fisher. I don’t know what kind of legal background she’s had, if she’s ever been in a courtroom or ever handled a case. And the reporting and commentary, in my view, is really it needs to get better. Let me put it that way. And on CNN and MSNBC, they don’t care about the truth at all. They are pathological serial liars. You have to be a psycho to get a job on CNN and MSNBC, so I dismiss them all together and I say this. In terms of the commentary and the reporting to by trying to be very positive and contribute to what I hope will be an improvement. You’ve got two kinds of cases going on here. You’ve got constitutional challenges and then you have challenges based on fraud and in some cases there’s an overlap. The constitutional challenges in Pennsylvania and elsewhere raise questions of the equal protection clause of the Constitution, the 14th Amendment in this clause was referenced by the US Supreme Court itself in Bush versus Gore. And that is basically this. You can’t have disparate treatment. From one voter to another, based on geography, based on political party or anything else, for that matter, based on the manner in which they vote. Because otherwise, you’re going to disenfranchise some voters. While promoting the votes of other voters. It’s a very serious issue. It’s the Equal Protection Clause, 14th Amendment. There’s also a challenge on Article two, Section one, clause two on who gets to make election laws again, a very serious matter. The court took it up in Bush versus Gore, took a look at it, but it didn’t actually have to rule on that. But the court wants to rule on that. At least some of the members of the court do, which is why Associate Justice Samuel Alito not once but twice ordered the secretary of state of Pennsylvania to segregate ballots. Seems like a pretty important issue, doesn’t it? Now we’re told that that only amounts to 10,000 ballots. And I’m thinking to myself, who are the commentators on television that only amounts to 10,000 ballots? Well, that only amounts to 10,000 ballots in Pennsylvania. But maybe it amounts to more than 10,000 ballots in Pennsylvania, if you look at the actual lawsuits, they’re bringing the raising the equal protection clause in a variety of circumstances. But if the court rules, as it should, that only the state legislatures can make the election laws and state courts and state governors and state secretaries of state and state election boards can’t that can have an effect across the country. He could have an effect across the country. In states like Georgia. Well, the secretary of state entered into a. A secret decree. With the Democrat Party, which is also being litigated by Lin Wood, you’ve got to look at this whole thing. If there’s a Supreme Court decision in the Supreme Court decision on Article two has an effect across the states, I don’t know. I haven’t done an analysis of it. But the point is, these are constitutional cases. You don’t need evidence of fraud. You don’t need evidence of further constitutional cases, and so if you have institutionalized instances where governors or state, secretaries of state or the Supreme Court of the state have put their finger on the weight of the Democrat Party against the Republican Party, of course, you should litigate that. If they couldn’t get what they want from the state legislature and so go to the state Supreme Court and get what they want, I’m sure, of course you should litigate that. How is that frivolous? Frivolous neither in this election or any election going forward. And it’s an amazing thing to hear the commentators say it only affects 10000 ballots when the judge, one of the judges in the federal district court case, when they were raising this issue of curing ballots, that only dark blue areas were told that they could cure about ballots, meaning you could open the ballots in violation of state law and contact the voter and tell them to fix their ballot, that that advice and guidance was given to only boards of election in blue areas and not red areas. The judge, an Obama appointee, a federal judge in central Pennsylvania, said, well, you would have me. Throw out hundreds of thousands of ballots. So on the one hand, we have the judge saying you would have me throw out hundreds of thousands of ballots under the equal protection clause. On the other hand, we have a commentator on my favorite cable network saying, oh, well, that part of the ruling on Article two only affects 10000 ballots. But it’s more complicated than that and it’s broader than that. We’re talking about Article two, but we’re also talking about the equal protection clause. Now, if the judge at the district court level, the Obama judge, throws it out and we’re going to have a reporter with no legal experience whatsoever, then get on TV and say they lost another one. You lose a lot of cases before you win cases. That’s the way it works in many parts of the country. You don’t pick the judges, you can’t help but sometimes. But that’s a serious challenge, isn’t it, ladies and gentlemen? Now, another point. There’s a lot of confusion here, and unfortunately, it’s been given by former prosecutors and law professors. Really absurd. The quantity of the fraud. First, there’s no fraud, you can’t prove it. Now there’s not enough fraud to matter. And they know it sitting in their studios in Washington, in New York and elsewhere in the country. They know there’s not enough fraud. How do we know? Because Giuliani in the hundreds of volunteers, they haven’t shown us enough fraud. Number one, the quantity of fraud is not the test. You have sworn affidavits by American citizens, also election officials under penalty of perjury, you didn’t have that in the Russia hoax case. You didn’t have that in the Stacey Abrams case in Georgia, you’ve got it up the wazoo here. So the quantity of the affidavits and the seriousness of the affidavits is unparalleled in American history, in American history. The fact of fraud. The fact of fraud. Can raise serious, even grave concerns of voter disenfranchisement. That’s enough. That’s enough to get a positive ruling from a court and the court can fashion a remedy, doesn’t have to accept the remedy that’s proposed by the judges at court, can fashion a remedy, including transparency. That is, protect those ballots, we want to take a look, protect that software, we want to take a look. That should be enough. Nobody walks in the court and says, I have one hundred and fifty thousand ballots here, your honor, all of which. Our problematic. What kind of stupid commentary are we getting? It’s not a numerical test. And yet these instances of fraud can lead to evidence. Of widespread fraud, and that’s usually how it works. When you’re prosecuting the mob. You get you get a ratfink, you get a sauce, you get information and you build from that. You don’t have to go in front of a federal court and say, look, I need all these warrants, I need all these wiretaps because we have evidence that we have seventy three members of that family, that you don’t need that. And yet the report was. The Giuliani team did not credibly explain their path to victory. They have credibly, credibly explain their litigation activity. Which could well be a path to victory. And this litigation strategy in these various states where the laws have been changed in many cases illegally with a tracking down 30, 40, 50 different types of voting activity, even with the states, there’s different activity in different counties is a very difficult and complicated business. And she said they didn’t reveal enough fraud to affect the election. They didn’t reveal enough fraud to affect the election, how do we know that? Well, they hadn’t presented it. Now they’re not going to present it. It’s not possible to present. They’re bringing lawsuits about fraud, they need access to information, they need a court. To assist, if it sees fraud, they don’t have a grand jury, they don’t have subpoena power, they don’t have the FBI or the state equivalent behind them, they’re litigating civil cases in civil court or civil cases, not criminal cases. So it’s very appalling, the extent of the anger. And the attempt. The attempt. To smear. These lawyers who are doing their jobs and we sat here for three and a half years on the Russia hoax, they didn’t have signed affidavits, they even had criminal investigation, say the grand jury. They had congressional hearings. They had the FBI involved. They had the intelligence agencies involved, and there was nothing there. These lawyers who are who are suing in an investigation on behalf of the Trump campaign, they don’t have any criminal investigative investigatory powers. They don’t have any grand juries. They don’t have the FBI or the intelligence agencies or Congress behind them. They’re on their own. And they’re trying to look at these Democrat machines. And as I’ve been saying for weeks now, these reporters aren’t in the field actually trying to find out what’s going on, they’re sitting back. Like opinion makers. Well, they didn’t present us with this and they didn’t present us with that. They laid out a strong legal foundation, if it gets to where it needs to go, nobody knows. We don’t control the judiciary, we don’t control the luck or the bad luck of how district court judge has chosen or a panel on the circuit court has chosen or whether or not Supreme Court justices will do their jobs or not. Jonathan Turley goes on, and this is some magnificent conspiracy theory. Well, maybe ought to educate himself. And I say it respectfully. I have article after article after I ran out of ink and paper and my pathetic little printer, Huffington Post over and over again, articles PB’s. NBC. New York Times, USA Today. What are they concerned about that? The Dominion voting systems. The PBS article excuse me, story I played for you in full there was just a few weeks ago. I guess they fixed everything. And Dominion is linked and is part of a company that was, in fact set up by the Venezuelan regime and Hugo Chavez to steal elections. Canada Elections Department announces it doesn’t use the controversial Dominican voting systems. Even though the headquarters isn’t CANET, they won’t use it. Threats to Georgia elections loom despite new paper ballot voting. They have the Dominion voting. So where did this appear? The Atlanta Journal. Constipation. Well, your ballot, be safe, computer experts, sound warnings on America’s voting machines. That’s USA Today, USA Today, the black box, voting machines, computer vote tampering and vote counting irregularities. That’s the Huffington Post. I should send these articles to these genius lawyers and commentators and reporters. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

By the way, anyone who disagrees with me on this is free to call and debate me more than happy. It’s very difficult to get people on here to debate perfectly honest. But whether they be professor, former federal prosecutor or reporter, I’m more than happy to do it. And on a completely different subject, I posted, I believe it was earlier this evening, a link to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. There are others out there, too, but that’s the one I’m associated with. That’s where I got Barney. And this is our biggest charity. And we barely we barely tapped to the surface and we do everything we can. I feel like we can do more, but we do need to get as many dogs out of these kill shelters in these ravaged areas as possible and to get them into foster homes and to get them adopted. And once I retire from behind the microphone or behind the TV camera, that will be my life’s focus, just is what it is. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Our friend Purley says who has really no information. All this reporting under Dominion voting systems prior to the election by left wing news outlets, concerns by left wing senators all silenced. Now it’s conspiracy theories. They learn all the Atlanta Journal Constitution last time I checked there in Georgia, the selection this week of a one hundred and seven million dollar electronic voting system that combines familiar touch screen machines. The paper ballots was a big step for a state that continues to face criticism and legal challenges over its handling of the 2008 election. Yeah, right. That involves, of course, Stacey Abrams. But critics say the system will be vulnerable to hacking and getting the machines ready in time for the statewide presidential primary in March won’t be easy. It goes on and on. And they’re not the only the only ones. I told you recently and I played it for years. October 26, PBS did a whole seven minute, eight minute segment on it. USA Today, where your ballot be safe. Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines. Must be kooks over there. Huffington Post, left wing, the black box, voting machines, computer vote tampering and vote counting irregularities. You know damn well. If Biden were in the position of Trump and Trump is in the position of Biden, they would be accusing Trump and the Republicans of doing all these things. Doing all these things and the commentators on TV, including my favorite cable network and all the rest, will be sounding quite differently. All the all the instances of fraud, they wouldn’t dismiss them. Now we have a congressional Democrats raised security concerns about dominion on the voting machine companies, I told you about this yesterday at Just the News, John Salomon’s outstanding site, and they quote them. They wrote multiple letters I quoted them to yesterday, Huffington Post exclusive on the heels of Diebold premier purchase. Canadian voting firm Dominion also acquire Sequoia lies about Chavez ties in announcement. Wow, that must be a conspiracy. Conspiracy, it’s fact. And we hear nothing anymore about the intervention in our elections by the Russians or the Chinese or the Iranians or the North Koreans. It’s silent. It’s the most perfect election in American history, despite the fact we have massive mail and voting. Like we’ve never seen before, which in 2005, the Carter James Baker commission said. Is the most serious area where fraud occurs, no fraud, ladies and gentlemen, I know because they told me on TV it’s OK. It’s not a big deal. This isn’t news that we’re getting its commentary dressed up as news. And then during the break, I’m watching this guy, Trey Yingst, I think it’s why I angsty who’s in the Middle East Fox. I believe I never met the man, but I’ve been watching his reporting. And of course, he’s very pro Palestinian, like almost all the rest of the media. The New York Times, Washington Post and so forth, you may not know this, but the secretary of state, this is a remarkable man. He’s a great man. He’s in the Middle East. He’s in Israel. And he decided, I’m going to go into Samarra, you know, Judea and Samaria. This is the the historic center of the Jewish people. So, of course, Yingst calls it the West Bank, he’s never going to call it by its historic name, the West Bank, a name that was given to it by the Jordanian government because it was, quote unquote, the West Bank of Jordan. And they keep calling that. Then he tells us of these international decisions that these areas are considered Palestinian or these areas are considered in dispute. They’re not in dispute as was not giving them away ever. Palestinians have no claim to them, not in the Bible, not anywhere. It’s amazing all over the world, indigenous people, indigenous, even in our own country, we talk about indigenous people who have rights and we view them as victims. In the case of the Jews, they’re viewed as the provocateurs. Now, if these areas that are considered see, you see, Treh, I actually know the Oslo Accords and all the rest, this area that Pompeo visited is not in dispute. The Palestinians have portions of today in some huge portions, then there is sort of no go areas where sort of both sides. At least in past, agreements have no claim, and then there’s the Jewish areas, and so Pompeo visited the Jewish areas and this guy trading’s basically said these areas are in dispute according to end of the international law. International groups, what kind of what kind of nonsense is that? So Pompeo visits a winery there, the Psagot Winery, which sells wine in our own country. Very controversial, he says no secretary of state has ever done it. That’s why he’s a great man, visited a winery in the West Bank. He was said to have done. Did something else extremely controversial. Ladies and gentlemen, what did he do? He said for now on products ship. From Judea and Samaria by Jews will be labeled products from the state of Israel, not from. You know, Occupy territory, the West Bank, or however they wish to put it, that was said to be very, very controversial as well. Not only that, Pompeo announced that, look, we have these BDS movements that these anti-Semitic movements by these so-called non-profit and other organizations. And as far as I’m concerned, Pompeo says we’ve had it with this anti-Semitism, any organization. That is involved in this anti-Semitic movement. We’re going to make sure that they don’t get funding of any kind from the federal government, the United States government. That was said to be controversial to. By young, I know nothing about Trey Yingst. Sethi’s these highly. Highly partisan in the way that he reports, I was going to say something else, but I’ll be restrained. Highly partisan. It was very painful to watch, but watch, I did have a question with the flick of a switch, all the concerns about the Dominion voting system are gone now. Now we have reports by Reporters Axios, which is a left wing site, and others telling us how the Trump team’s pathway is nonexistent. The Trump theme is, do you know what this is all aimed at? Ladies and gentlemen, the judges. The media are trying to influence the judges, particularly on the US Supreme Court, with a case that’s pending there. That’s what they’re doing. They’re also trying to influence the outcome of the Georgia election for the two Senate seats. They don’t want anything really dug into there and they want to influence the outcome of the 2004 presidential race. There’s no evidence of fraud or violations of the Constitution. Why should we change anything? People don’t want to sign their ballots or forget or if they sign and they don’t really match with the signature they gave before or they fail to get a postal stamp. So we see that the vote came in on time. What’s the problem? There’s no evidence of fraud because they’ve taken fraud and they’ve institutionalized it. They’ve enshrined it. That’s what they’ve done. No evidence of fraud here. It’s also legal, it’s it’s also Alice in Wonderland. And yet, as is pointed out, a town hall by Guy Benson, yes, Democrats and media hypocrites on Stacey Abrams and the sanctity of accepting election results. And Mary Katharine Ham and what is now a famous television clip on CNN handed these fools their lunch. Says her margin of loss to Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia was fifty four thousand seven hundred and twenty three, substantially larger than he says Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin combined. If those three states had voted slightly differently with all else equal, the Electoral College would have been deadlocked at two sixty nine. And the Democrat Party and the media have continued to promote the lie that Stacey Abrams actually won and the vote was stolen from her. Where’s the evidence for that? Fifty four thousand seven hundred twenty three votes. They can take the margin in Arizona, Georgia. And Wisconsin combined, that’s over 45,000 about. Rather than recoiling in horror at her continual refusal to concede a race she lost, Abram’s party and media cheering section has handsomely rewarded her behavior. Democrats elevated her stature by selecting her as their official responded to the subsequent State of the Union address. Donors have showered her organizations on various initiatives with mounds of cash. She’s been given glossy, glowing treatment and endless string of magazine covers, covers and fawning interviews. She’s been vetted by celebrities and turned into a Hollywood film producer. She’s been empowered, enriched and emboldened. Losing an election and refusing to concede in her case has made her famous and influential, and her shameless undermining of democracy has paid off in spades. Her profile has never been higher to the point that she vaulted on to many analysts vice presidential short lists, having only held office as a state representative. But mentioning any of this. Even as Abrams is being glorified by the news media as a heroine for democracy, literally as that same news media is aghast by Trump’s lack of concession, is a bridge too far? For the media. This is why you hate the media. This is why reporters would do well to try and actually report there are more stories about this Dominion voting system that liberal Democrats, that governments, that others. Experts, news organizations were very, very concerned about, but it just worked so perfectly, Mr. Producer, there’s no need for transparency, no need to get a hold of any of the software, no need to check any of it. No, no, no. To conspiracy theory, I know I heard it from a professor on television. There’s no evidence of anything I know. I heard it from a former federal prosecutor. The entire press conference by drilling on the others was a complete fraud, no credible explanation of a path, they didn’t reveal enough fraud. They didn’t talk about the court cases that have been overturned. I heard this from about a twenty three year old reporter. So just roll it up. No canvasing, no recounts, no litigation, no constitutional challenges, and we’ll just deal with it in two years and in four years. Right, America. Will that make you happy? No one would infuriate you. For good reason, three and a half years of this Russian hoax bullcrap. And now where’s the evidence, where’s the evidence where you’ve got hundreds of affidavits? Involving hundreds and hundreds of examples of fraud, it doesn’t add up. Look how they keep moving the P. In the shell game, no evidence, not enough evidence, where’s the evidence? The same people who push the Russia hoax when there was no evidence day in and day out, day in and day out, day in and day out, legal analysts, former federal prosecutors, former Justice Department officials telling us how serious this is when there was nothing. We have signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. In civil actions, not criminal actions, civil actions. And this is the crap we get. I’ll be right back.

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Scheduled to be on this Sunday’s Life, Liberty and live is Rudy Giuliani for the first half of the program, Victor Davis Hanson, the second half. You’re not going to want to miss the show. You’re not going to want to miss this show. In my humble opinion, 8:00 p.m. Eastern is always Sunday. If he can’t watch it live, you can always DVR at the following weekend. There is no live show. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and the holidays will be coming. So I hope you’ll watch this. You can set your record now, 8:00 p.m. Eastern. It’ll be Rudy Giuliani for the first half. Victor Davis Hanson for the second half. That’s the schedule. And me for all of it. All right. Bye. Republican canvassers rescind their votes to certify Wayne County, Michigan results. These two these two Republican canvassers were viciously attacked as racist. They were threatened. They were intimidated. The woman her child was threatened and so they buckled. And then later they thought about it and they said, no, we’re not going to give in to this. So they rescinded it. That should be a headline everywhere in this country, but they laugh at them. Trump campaign lawyer under protection from threats of harm. This is a single lawyer practitioner who was involved in that case in Pennsylvania. That’s why Rudy had to fly in. Among other reasons, she was threatened. She’s not protected by the United States Marshals, among others, because she represented the Trump campaign in court or was supposed to. I’ve heard nothing about this from the big media, from big tech, nothing where we have lawyers and law firms now being intimidated and threatened. This is disgusting. Waiting for John Turley and Andy McCarthy and Kristen Fisher and this guy in the Middle East, Trey Yank’s, maybe others. Maybe they’ll comment on that. Maybe not. Hey, this is very perplexing to me. We had the FBI director, Ray, and the head of the cyber security group, whatever that is, warn us that the Russians were trying to sway the election for Joe Biden and the Chinese were excuse me for Donald Trump. And the Chinese were trying to sway it for Trump, for Chinese are trying to sway it for Biden, Russians, for Trump. That’s what they all said. Now we’re told it’s a fanciful conspiracy theory to even think they tried. What are they talking about? What are they talking about? Again, it’s like a light switch on and off. So the Russians didn’t do anything. The Chinese didn’t do anything. The Dominion voting system, which was attacked by at least two dozen different entities, members of Congress. Security experts, some some experts and colleges. As well as as well as media organizations now, that’s a conspiracy theory to. I’m telling you, you got to give credit to these lawyers, they’re putting their necks on the line and they’re being trashed, stabbed in the back. At the same time, the media in this country are sickening. And there’s a growing level of sickening media personalities out there. I’ll be right back.