November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the government doesn’t have the power to cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas; they were never intended to have this power.  Government doesn’t have a right to tell you not to assemble.  The Pollyanna’s who can’t see how President Trump wins this election – they are missing the point – this is about defending the American republic – not about politics. Then, as our history teaches, the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party are all examples of the British imposing tyranny upon the Americans. This sounds eerily similar to all of the edicts that Democrat governors are demanding as of late.  Later, esteemed Attorney, and Trump Legal Team member,  Lin Wood calls in to discuss his lawsuit against the State of Georgia challenging a consent agreement that was entered in by the State’s Secretary of State and the law firm Perkins Coie which has previously represented Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat Party. Wood is filing a motion to stop the sham recount that’s currently occurring. Wood says that the law is clear and that this election was stolen from President Trump. This is a coup disguised as an election and both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in it.


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No Thanksgiving, no Christmas. Because the government at any level has the power to tell you that the answer is no. The answer is no. And they can even use this virus as an excuse. No church. No masks, no synagogue disagreement with the power to tell you not to assemble, no. In fact, it’s right there in the First Amendment. Freedom of assembly, the freedom of association. The government does have the power to do any of this, none of it. Terms of this. Coronavirus, we’ve had worse viruses in our history, people talk about the virus that took place at the turn of the last century. Kill the equivalent of two and a half million people. But it doesn’t matter in the sense of the Constitution, there’s no exceptions, there’s no footnotes in the Constitution. Yes, there are health steps. Government at different levels can take, but they are not free to destroy your religious liberty, your right to assembly. They’re not free to do that period. Period. The government is corrupted, the culture is corrupted, individuals no longer care about their liberty. When people gather in protest, what’s being done, they’re called white supremacists. They say we have two Americas now, we actually have more than that, but two in this sense. When you’re being spoken to and talked down to by somebody on television. Who self identifies as a journalist. They haven’t lost their jobs, they get paid no matter what. The teachers unions. Their members get paid no matter what. The federal, state, local bureaucracies look at pay no matter what. Now, there’s some exceptions, but not many, in fact, in the county I live in, the teachers got a pay increase. They’ll have their health insurance taken care of, their pension payments will continue. They’re utterly unaffected, utterly unaffected. They go to the grocery store, the foods, they’re. They fill up their car, the gasoline is there. They open their spigot, the water’s their. The electricity in their home, the natural gas is in their home oil as they need their home, everything is the same. They’re utterly unaffected. Nothing’s happened to them and the vast majority. These individuals are Democrats, not all, but the vast majority. So when we have these shutdowns or a significant shutdowns in these states, economic shutdowns and then civil liberties shutdowns, they don’t care. Half the country doesn’t give a crap. And part of that half knows if they go on the streets today and beat the crap out of people. Calling themselves Black Lives Matter or Antifa, if they set stores on fire or do whatever they want to do, nobody’s going to stop them. The office of the president elect’s so-called he’ll put out a statement blaming white supremacists. White supremacists. What the hell are they talking about? Now we need to continue to fight everywhere we can in every courtroom in the country, regardless of the outcome. Because everything’s on the line, they’ve told us everything’s on the line, Schumer said everything’s on the table. Well, if everything’s on the table, why will we surrender any single case, any single courtroom? Why would we withdraw? That’s why when you bring these Pollyannas in, these former federal prosecutors and others, I don’t see the votes. I don’t see who cares what they see and don’t see. They don’t see the big picture. Or you have. Hosts on cable TV screaming at Trump people, are you going to get the votes, where are you going to get the votes? Where are you going to get the votes? When there are accounts taking place, when there’s litigation taking place, what do you mean, where are we going to get the votes? We fight and fight and fight and. We were in a shabby, shabby. And so in this context, I want to read you a few things, I want to remind you who we are. I want to remind you how we got to the American Revolution and the mere fact that I bring up the American Revolution means the left will attack me as some kind of militia type. I don’t care. It’s not what I am. This is what I do. Perspective. They want to talk about Marx. I want to talk about our history. The Stamp Act. March 1765. Does anybody know what happened? As our friends at history, Darkcoin point out, among others. To recoup some of the massive debt left after the war was over with France, parliament passed laws such as the Act, which for the first time taxed a wide range of transgressions excuse me, transactions in the in the colonies. Up until then, the colony had its own government, which decides which taxes they would have and collected them. They felt they spent a lot of blood and treasure to protect the colonists, however, from the Indians, the British did. And so they should pay their fair share. The colonists didn’t see it that way. They resented not only having to buy goods from the British, but pay taxes on them as well. The tax never got collected because there were riots all over the place. Ultimately, Benjamin Franklin convinced the British to rescind it, but that only made things worse. That made the Americans think they could push back against anything the British wanted. Two years later, we had what’s called the Townsen X parliament, again, tried to assert its authority by passing legislation to tax goods that the Americans imported from Great Britain, the crown establish a board of custom commissioners to stop smuggling corruption among local officials in the colonies who are often in the illicit trade. American struck back by organizing a boycott of the British goods that were subject to taxation and began harassing the British customs commissioners. In an effort to quell the resistance, the British sent troops to Occupy Boston, which only deepened the feeling. Three years after that, March 1770, the Boston massacre. Simmering tensions between the British occupiers and British residents excuse me, a Boston residents boiled over one late afternoon when a disagreement between an apprentice wigmaker and a British soldier led to a crowd of two hundred colonists surrounding seven British soldiers. When the Americans began taunting the British and throwing things at them, the soldiers apparently lost their cool and began firing into the crowd. And as the smoke cleared, three men, including an African-American sailor named Crispus Attucks, were dead. Two others were mortally wounded. The massacre became a useful propaganda tool for the colonists. They right, especially after Paul Revere distributed an engraving that misleadingly depicted the British as the aggressors. And I’ll believe this for two seconds, but let’s continue the Boston Tea Party. Seventeen seventy three, the British eventually withdrew their forces from Boston, repelled much to the onerous TOWNSON legislation, but they left in place the tax on tea. Seventeen seventy three enacted a new law, the Teeth Act, to prop up the financially struggling British East India Company that gave the company extended favorable treatment under tax regulations, didn’t sit well with Americans. They didn’t want the British telling them that they had to buy their tea. But it wasn’t just about that. The Americans wanted to be able to trade with any country. They wanted the Sons of Liberty, led by, among others, Samuel Adams, decided to confront the British head on, thinly disguised as Mohawk’s. They boarded three ships in Boston Harbor and destroyed more than ninety two thousand pounds of British tea. They dumped it in the harbor today. They’d be penalized by the Environmental Protection Agency to make the point they were rebels rather than vandals. They avoided harming any of the crew or damaging the ships themselves and the next day even replaced a padlock that had been broken. Nevertheless, the act of defiance really ticked off. The British government and many of the East Indian company shareholders were members of parliament. They each had paid one thousand pound sterling for a share of the company. So in these bottom of the wrong people, so-called impostor destroyed their tiere. Their teather was a serious thing. This was a very serious thing for them to take the coercive axe. Seventy four. In response to the Boston Tea Party, the British government decided it had to tame the rebellious colonists in Massachusetts. In the spring of 1774, parliament passed a series of laws, the coercive acts, which closed Boston Harbor until restitution was paid for the destroyed to replace the colonies elected council with one appointed by the British, gave sweeping powers to the British military Governor General Thomas Gage and forbade town meetings without approval. That sounds like a current governor’s hallmark. We have the right to vote. Doesn’t seem to matter. The right to vote. Is not a right for those we vote for to conduct themselves in tyrannical ways. Then you have seventeen seventy five, Lexington and Concord, and then you have a 1776 the British attacks on coastal towns and then of course you have Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence. Today. We have governors and mayors telling us there will not be Thanksgiving. Or you will not meet in your own homes and a group of more than 10. Or you will not go to church. Whether the Jews in Brooklyn, you shall not meet for funerals or holidays. And then we have so-called experts in Washington, D.C., like Dr. Fouche, you think this is just well. With the media in this country that is supposed to defend our civil liberties. Which has joined in with the tyrants. The most aggressive governors are the ones that are applauded the most by the Washington bureaucrats in the media. We’ve come a long way. A long way. Now, when we say resist, when I say resist, I don’t mean violence like the left does. I don’t mean looting and burning and arson, but I mean shooting people and stabbing people. What I mean is of millions of us choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, millions of us choose to celebrate Christmas and millions of us. Choose to meet in church and synagogues and mosques and so forth, not a damn thing they can do about it. We’ve met all their demands with masks, shutting schools six feet apart, washing hands, sanitizers, vast majority of us have changed our lifestyles, changed our social circles, changed how we interact with our families. And the virus is back with a vengeance, they tell us. The scientists are wrong, the media are wrong, the fascistic governors are wrong. It’s the therapeutics in the vaccines, vaccines that will save lives. Not their surface little. And superficial demands. And threats. Against law abiding American citizens. And it was Donald Trump who said, open the schools, open the economy, put in place warp speed to get US therapeutics and to get us vaccines. Because he understood, he understood. That we could not destroy our liberty, we could not destroy our First Amendment and our constitutional rights and our civil liberties, we could not and must not while fighting this very. And the way to fight this virus is with true science. True science, therapeutics and vaccines. And so he gave seed money to most of these pharmaceutical companies, billions of dollars. So they would move more quickly, cut the FDA in the Fauci red tape that was in the way, not the safety and scientific standards, but the usual bureaucracy. And it exists everywhere, whether it’s the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy or the FDA. And his actions, among other things, have resulted in the therapeutics and soon to be vaccines that will take place. And then what will be the excuse of the governors? They’re not going to stop. As a matter of fact, God forbid, if Joe Biden’s presence in the United States, he’s got some ideas to. When we come back, I’ll go through them. We’ll be right back.

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And then in the second hour, Rudy Giuliani brought a major lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Yesterday, we had Sidney Pough, tremendous lawyer as well, who’s looking at this Whole Dominion voter system. Now back to what I was talking about only a short period here, I posted today if there was ever any doubt dimwitted Biden is a sellout. And he hasn’t he has an intention to immediately sell out America by joining the Paris peace accords again, remember what I said about our founding and post fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage imposed unionism throughout the country and workers who don’t want it wipe out student debt free college, rejoin the Iran deal, pay millions to the Palestinian terrorists, open the floodgates to illegal immigration. He’s already initiating all this massive increases in taxes. Killer regulations reimposed critical race theory training throughout the federal government, ignore and and BLM violence force the taxpayers to pay for infanticide. He’s prepared to lock down the country, eviscerate civil liberties targets. His targets on the suburbs, on private health care, are non-government schools and undermining the judiciary. And the list goes on and on. Joe Biden is a tyrant.

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Speaking of principle patriots, Lin Wood does not like injustice and he’s willing to spend time to root out those who promote it. And he’s one of the great lawyers in this country. Lin Wood, how are you, my friend? Mark, I’m doing well. How are you? I’m well, you know, we’ve all been better here watching this tyranny spread. Lin Wood, you brought a lawsuit in Georgia, and rather than have the media filled, frankly, with a bunch of numbskulls, just put it down. I would like you to explain what you’re doing in Georgia, because I think it’s crucially important. Thank you, Mark. I filed a lawsuit on my behalf as a collector, which means I voted in Georgia in person. My lawsuit is based on a consent agreement reached in March of 20 20 by the secretary of state with the Democratic Party and a lawsuit represented by Perkins Couey, also known as the Hillary Clinton firm, where they changed by consent agreement the rules relating to absentee ballots for the November general election. You can’t do that. Any change in the rules with respect to a federal election and a state election has to be made as a matter of law by the legislature in Georgia. The legislature didn’t do it. The election in Georgia on November the 3rd was unlawful. It also violated equal protection because there were less stringent confirmation rules for paper ballots versus the individuals like me who voted in person. It also violated due process. So we filed a lawsuit last week. We amended it yesterday to add the due process claim because the due process process claim goes to the sham recount that’s underway in Georgia right now. Later this evening, I will be filing a motion for a temporary restraining order asking for an emergency hearing to stop this recount, not to certify the vote because they are doing nothing more and more than recounting the illegal votes. They’re not doing one thing to determine valid vs. invalid. The secretary of state goes on TV and says that he is the secretary of state of Georgia is a liar. I don’t make those types of accusations lightly. But I will tell you that our secretary of state and our governor, Brian Camp, are dirty. They’re corrupted by Chinese money. I know it based on evidence I’ve seen. George has got a clean house. We’ve got to change our government. But first, we’ve got to have a special session of the Georgia legislature called so they can elect the electors to vote for Donald Trump, who, by the way, won a landslide victory in Georgia, as he did across the nation. Then they’re going to have to have a new election on all the down ballots in January because the whole process was infected by the illegal absentee ballot procedure. And it was also infected with a call it a computer virus. The computer voting system in Georgia, Dominion, contains software that was manipulated where they control the voting within a network of corporations around the globe. This election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes. So we’re uncovering step by step the layers of the onion. And we’re going to get to the to the truth. And the truth is, Donald Trump has been re-elected by this country to serve as president for four more years. The truth will come out in Lynwood. There was a time of PBS’s back in October. Twenty six not that long ago. A few weeks ago, The New York Times, NBC, they all did stories on this dimension voter system, how it could be easily hacked. They did a story in September, how they slapped on some kind of change to it quickly. A lot of it was focused in Georgia. This secretary of state. You make such an important point here. He doesn’t have the power to cut a deal with the Democrats to change state election law. A judge doesn’t have the power as secretary of state doesn’t have a power. The governor doesn’t have the power. Nobody has the power yet. He doesn’t in a consent decree decree with the Democrat Party. That is an abomination. He did it in the dark of night. I talked to many legislators in Georgia. They didn’t know it was even done. I’ll tell you, Mark, when you when you look at what’s happened in Georgia and then you start connecting the dots around the nation and you look at this Dominion computer system, voting system, the citizens of the state of Georgia cast their votes and then their votes went around the globe where they were manipulated by software. This was not the first time that it was done. They did it. I’ve heard clearly in 2012. Biden and Obama did it in Florida. Hillary Clinton used it in 2016, but her algorithm came up short. Donald Trump won by so many votes, they used it in twenty eighteen in the midterm elections to win the House this year. They added in the safeguard where if the computer algorithm, which can shift the votes, three percent did not provide enough votes, they’ve started bringing in the special ballots mail in ballots. Donald Trump won by such a large margin that in the middle of the night they had to stop counting. And you’ll see in key states, they started bringing in ballots by the truckload, all of them for Biden, many of them in these mail in ballots with little bubbles for you to circle over the person you selected. All of them for Biden with perfect circles. I believe upon examination you’re going to find those perfect circles were made by a computer. This election was stolen, but they got caught. You know what? People need to know that this this this company, this it’s Canadian company. But it’s really, you’re right, it’s many national nations involved that it originally had ties. It actually started just going to say, go ahead, start in Venezuela. Yeah, I’m so it actually started in Venezuela. Chavez used it to win elections. They use the mechanism to sell to individuals or entities elections in other countries, Argentina, China, the ownership change to Canada at some point. But the key is that this particular software is not only in Dominion voting systems. It in fact did and was used in many different voting systems. Check on the name Shūgo Smartmatic. Then they go. They take that software to manipulate the votes in servers, Amazon servers in Barcelona and Frankfurt, owned by a company called Sattell. Then they manipulate the vote and reported out real time through a company called Clarity. And that’s what people observed at this time. They could see the votes actually being switched where the Republican votes would go down, say, a thousand and the Democratic vote would go up a thousand. This was a fraud and they got called the amount. So you’re entitled to your answer to people like Karl Rove, who was on TV last night, and he said the vote numbers in these major cities, in these major battleground areas really were similar to what they were with Hillary Clinton. Your answer is, while they were less this time around, they shouldn’t have been similar to what Hillary Clinton got. Isn’t that your point? That’s one of many points. Listen, I have to tell you that what I’ve learned over the past two weeks, I wouldn’t trust a lot of Democrats, but I wouldn’t trust a lot of Republicans. You look at the Republicans that are not fighting for the American people to have their vote counted and to have the president they voted for elected. And I’m very suspicious of them. I’ve seen them on TV and the ones that are sitting around saying this was done right, they’re going to all be called out in due time because they are trying to defeat President Trump even within his own party. Now, you’re in federal court, I take it. I know. I’m in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia, in the northern district. Whatever the trial court rules will be subject to an appeal to the 11th Circuit. We got a good set of judge judges on the 11th Circuit. And then obviously it’s subject to being appealed to the United States Supreme Court. But the law is clear. It’s the same law that Justice Alito relied on in his earlier order in Pennsylvania. It’s the same law that was relied on a couple of days ago when a state court judge ruled that the governor of California could not change the rules in California, had to be done by the legislature. Isn’t it amazing, these forces that actually pose representative government, you know, on the one hand, the left wants to get rid of the Electoral College, they talk about the national popular vote. The Washington Post had an editorial on that. And then they want judges. And as long as they agree with the result and secretaries of state and. Governors to usurp the legislative power that’s in Article two of the Constitution, they just believe in the ends justify the means, don’t they? Let me be straightforward and let’s call it what it is they want to overthrow the constitution of our country. This is nothing more than a revolution attempt to overthrow our government. A coup in the disguise of an election turned out to be a fraudulent election by design. I think it’s perhaps I think there are entities behind us that are globalist like George Soros. I think there’s an element of the military industrial complex. But I’ll tell you, the driving force markets, communist China, they have infiltrated our government at state, local and national level. Some people, card-Carrying, communist, a number of people have been corrupted, corrupted by Chinese money and even subject, I believe, to extortion. The American people need to wake up and I think they are we the people are not going to let somebody come in here and take over our government and take away our freedoms. The American public will fight back and we will win. Just takes time. Now, the Democrat Party, I mean, we got this big race in Georgia, two of them, and I guess this is one of the reasons you’re also bringing this case. I’m very concerned that we get this system fixed ASAP. The Democrat Party has openly said they want to destroy the Constitution. They want to destroy the judiciary and the Supreme Court. They want to destroy the Senate and back it. They want to destroy the filibuster rule. They even want to destroy the Electoral College. So many Republicans in rural areas are less populated. States lose the franchise effectively. They’re not represented. The Washington Post, again, as I say, two days ago, was pushing this. These people really aren’t kidding. So when people hear you, Linwood, talking about what you feel is taking place here, they really need to pay attention. Anyway, they need to pay attention and they need to pay attention, because I’m right, we have in this country right now. A large group of people who have tried to influence the masses, the propaganda tool has been the mainstream media and the social media calling the socialistic media, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not even that partisan. I voted for Democrats for president and Republican for president. But if you’re right about what you said about me in the beginning of your show, Mark, I do not like injustice. I love truth. And truth is going to prevail in this country. This country was founded under God. It was meant to be free. Our Constitution was based on the laws of God in the Bible. And it’s not a matter of trying to preach to people. It’s a matter of trying to tell people to wake up, realize what this country was founded for and the principles that we stand for and be principled people, not preferential people who go with whatever you prefer, go with principles. The fundamental principle that apply in my practice of law is apply the principle of truth, the good, the bad and the ugly, but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. America is going to learn the truth soon that Donald Trump won an overwhelming landslide, probably historic victory. That’s what everybody in the country felt. That’s what the voters have felt. That’s why you got 96 mile caravans in Arizona. That’s why you’ve had millions go to rallies. The people in this country are not going to be denied their right to vote and they’re never going to be denied their freedom. Wood, we really appreciate what you’re doing here. We’ll keep close track of it and just know there are millions of us who want you to succeed. And God bless you, my friend. God bless you, Mark. Thank you very much. All right, and we’ll be right back.

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See, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, you have to remember, the Florida Supreme Court is a rogue court. It’s seven justices, five of whom are left wing Democrats and their elected. And so they come out of this radical they’re not just liberals radical mindset. And so there’s a headline. NBC News Pennsylvania Court rejects Trump claim on ballot observers. So they say the ruling is likely to undercut the Trump campaign’s case in federal court. Why? One state or one federal court. Your widespread rejection of. Of election observers, ladies, how are we supposed to run elections if the courts in the state say you don’t have to have observers? Well, you don’t have to have postmarks, so you don’t have to have signatures of the signatures, don’t have the match, how the hell are we ever going to run a fair election? And the courts are in on this. The courts are literally in on this. It’s absolutely shocking what’s taking place here. At seven, 20, we’ll have Rudy Giuliani on, he just argued a case in federal court in Pennsylvania literally finished about 30, 40 minutes ago. It went on for a significant period of time. And so you’ve heard from Lin Wood and his Georgia case, which raised serious constitutional issues, equal protection clause, due process clause and Article two. Well, how many ballots is that, we have no idea. The point is to to raise these constitutional issues and see if these courts are going to embrace their oath or not. There is a huge disconnect. Between what the left is doing and what so many Republicans and pseudo conservatives are doing on and off TV. The left has a paramilitary wing. Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the media make excuses for both. And in the case of Black Lives Matter, because of their nomenclature, they’re supported by professional athletes, by professional sports, by massive corporations. They’re promoted in our schools and universities. It’s shocking. And they’re in our streets pummeling people, burning things and attacking the cops. And then they have wolf packs. So an older man or an interracial couple with a baby carriage and a baby and a 10 year old and a 13 year old, they go down an alley to get to their car, get to the hotel. They are literally attacked. Meanwhile, we’re told, give it up, Republicans give it up and told by Republicans, give what up? We’re not hating anybody. We’re not. No, no. You see, we’re the ones undermining democracy. We’re the ones undermining tradition.