If there was ever any doubt

If there was ever any doubt, dimwitted Biden says it is his intention to immediately sellout America by joining the Paris Peace Accords, impose $15 an hour minimum wage, impose unionism throughout the country on workers who don’t want it, wipeout student debt, rejoin the Iran deal, pay millions to Palestinian terrorists, open the floodgate to illegal immigration, massive increase in taxes, killer regulations, reimpose critical race theory training throughout the federal government, ignore BLM and Antifa violence, force taxpayers to pay for infanticide — and that’s just for starters.  Biden is prepared to lockdown the country and eviscerate civil liberties. He has a target on the suburbs, private health care, non-government schools, undermining the judiciary, etc.  Biden’s l talking more now than he ever did as a candidate and purposely so. He was protected by the Praetorian Guard corrupt media and Big Tech and still is.

This is why we fight. This is why we insist that the Constitution be upheld in every state. This is why we reject the usual Republicans who’ve already surrendered.