November 16, 2020

November 16, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Dominion Voting System was recently profiled by PBS as part of their reporting on making elections more secure. However, Democrats filed multiple lawsuits prior to the election to weaken the safeguards protecting elections in all of the battleground states. Alex Halderman, a white-hat hacker checking for vulnerabilities, found that glitches in the programs caused candidate names to disappear. There were several systemic issues with the Dominion Voting System that affected the election and they were known at least three weeks prior to the election. Yet, federal judge Amy Totenberg allowed the State of Georgia to use this system anyway even after the vulnerabilities were known and a last-minute patch was issued to repair it. Then, Federal litigator Sidney Powell calls in to discuss an affidavit from a witness that has come forward to testify of their involvement in using this software to change vote counts in Venezuela and at least one other country. Powell re-iterated that there is plenty of opposition from all sides to end this litigation. Sen.’s Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-KS) have issued letters in the past requesting information on the security of this software. Powell believes that Dominion Voting System has negatively affected several million votes in favor of Joe Biden. The people attacking the recount are undermining our constitutional system. Those trying to eliminate Trump’s due process are showing their fascistic colors. Later, Paramilitary Democrats like BLM and ANTIFA must be brought to justice and investigated to the fullest extent. Afterward, Dinesh D’Souza calls in to discuss his new movie – Trump Card The Movie.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

The two big topics, the election, the coronavirus, and in the third hour, several others, great guests. The great Sydney Power’s going to be on here at the bottom of the hour. We’re going to talk about, among other things, the Dominion voting system. We’re also going to talk about this vaccine, because now Joe Biden’s out there saying, hey, if you don’t let us in on this and we’re not involved in distributing it, you’re costing lives. Who is this idiot? Who contributed nothing? To this process, wear masks where we’re paying billions and billions of dollars for the FDA and this and that and the other. God knows the pension and the medical benefits, the Fauci wear masks. I can get a third grader, get my lollipop, say the same thing, wear masks. Now, the coronavirus infection rate is through the roof. They keep telling us, right. Them people are wearing masks more than ever before, they’re wearing masks, they’re wearing gloves, they’re wearing raincoats, they’re wearing flippers. Everybody pretty much. So the masks aren’t cutting it, apparently. But more on that later. The Dominion voting system sounds like a conspiracy theory, is there something wrong, by the way, they just found a few thousand ballots in Republican area and in Georgia. Remember that you’re like, what is it, 14,000, 11,000, 15,000 apart, this matters, it’s all this pressure. Hey, stop, you’re undermining democracy. Stop, stop. We don’t need lectures from people who tried to destroy democracy four years ago and every day since. Again, more on that later. The Dominion voting system. Wow, that I mean, is there anything, all the kooky Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, there must be something wrong. Where are the media? Why aren’t they looking into the the Dominion voting system? Where are they? Where’s the constipated news network? Where’s my LSD? Where are they? Well, guess what, ladies and gentlemen. Guess what? Three weeks ago. There is a whole big segment done on Dominion voting. Oh, yeah, by PBS, PBS. The Public Broadcasting System, a.k.a. the Public Broadcasting System, during the news hour had tip right, Schoop, October 26, 2020. Now, I would never normally do this. Unless I wanted to take a nap during the show, which I never want to do, but I want you to listen to this, increase the volume on your radio. Or whatever device you listen to, call the family around the Dominion voting system, which is one of the key issues being raised and about to be raised by the Trump campaign, among several others. Listen to this PBS, not me one go protecting the voting process from outside interference is a high priority this election season. In his latest report, Miles O’Brien looks at some of the latest technology being used in Georgia and whether it provides a stronger defense against tampering than the traditional paper ballot. It’s part of our ongoing leading edge series on science and innovation on. In Georgia, early voting turnout is high. The presidential race is a toss-up and both Senate seats are in play. So naturally, why is everybody on public TV sound like they just smoked a joint? Hey, yes, well, anyway, go ahead watching what voters here will do while in the world of computer science, they are tensely tracking what the voting machines will do, just kind of a petri dish. Alex Halderman is a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan. There’s a lot more we have to learn about George’s election system, and that’s going to help inform how to better secure our elections, not just in Georgia in November, but across the country for years to come. He’s among a handful of independent election security experts getting unprecedented access to the inner workings of the state’s 107 million dollar voting system rolled out earlier this year. Also taking a deep dive. Election security white hat hacker Harry Herstein. They have set up a complicated system which is centralized, doesn’t seem to have any safeguards. George’s vote tallying system is a complex assortment of laptops, iPads, magnetic cards, touch screens, printers and scanners, lots of moving parts. This is the poll on Election Day. It is used to check in voters. Rick Perry is Fulton County’s director of registration and elections. He gave me a demo. It tells whether we issued an absentee by mail ballot, whether somebody voted early or whether they voted that absentee ballot or whether they they’re still eligible to vote. Once a voter is deemed eligible, the iPad activates a magnetic card, which in turn unlocks a so-called ballot marking device, or BMD. This is a pretty complicated way to do something you could do with pen and paper. There are advantages here, right? Yes. The advantages are puts a true mark on the screen. When done, the voter prints a ballot. So elections are recorded in human readable text and in a QR code, which is read and counted by an optical scanner. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says this is more accurate than pen and paper. The problem with pen and paper is sometimes you have your instructions on what you’re supposed to do, but you end up with spoiled ballots. Sometimes people will put an X here, but then they’ll circle this one here or they’ll make different marks on it. What did they really mean? They’re still elections officials tell us they seldom see a hand marked ballot where they can’t determine voter intent. In twenty nineteen, Georgia bought the devices from a Canadian company called Dominion Voting Systems. They replaced paperless machines like these made by a now defunct company called Diebold Election Systems. A federal judge forced the state to scrap the discredited devices. Election security activist Merryland Marks was part of the lawsuit that triggered the change. But for her ballot, marking devices now used widely in 14 states are not the ideal remedy. We need paper records that are marked by the voter with the voters on hand where we know that was recorded the way that the voter wanted it recorded. So she and the other plaintiffs took aim at the new voting machines. The lawsuit came into sharp focus after their chaotic debut in the June primary. The poll pads took as long as 30 hours to download the voter database, displayed the wrong races and would randomly shut down and the power hungry ballot marking devices Blue Circuit breakers in numerous locations, poll workers, many of whom had no hands on training because of the pandemic. We’re often befuddled by the new technology. We’ve learned a lot of lessons and we’re putting technicians every single polling place. We have to make sure that not only do the poll workers know how to use the equipment, but then these technicians are going to be relied upon to fix any issues. We want to just fly under the radar and do our jobs and, you know, stay away from the news. But election security experts working for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the state have uncovered several troubling issues. Alex Halderman looked closely at the QR codes where the votes are encoded for the scanner. By analyzing the structure of the QR codes, I’ve been able to learn that there’s nothing that stops an attacker from just duplicating one, and that duplicate would count the same as the original barcode. And in late September, another concern came to light. During testing, election workers found half the names of the twenty one candidates for Senate intermittently disappeared from screens. During the review phase, Dominion sent out a. Last minute software, a patch, I’m worried that the Georgia system is the technical equivalent to the 737, Max, they’ve just made a last minute software change that might well have unintended consequences and cause even more severe problems on Election Day. You never want to rush something which is missing critical and this is mission critical into production without proper time testing. That’s really one of the ways that actors are finding the vulnerabilities they exploit. E looking for honest learning abilities and finding out if they can be weaponized, if they can be exploited despite all the concerns. Federal Judge Amy Totenberg decided to let the election proceed with the ballot marking device system. The secretary of state says post-election audits will bring any QR code discrepancies to light where the process of really, you know, continue to expand the capabilities that we have so we can audit more of the races. When we do the audit, we actually do it on human readable portion and not on the QR code. Alex Halderman and his team at the University of Michigan conducted a mock election to see if voters are likely to catch mistakes on the printouts. Only seven percent spotted a deliberately planted error. So double check your ballot before you scan for the PBS News Hour. I’m Miles O’Brien in Atlanta for the Mark Levin Show on Mark Levin sitting on my ass right behind this microphone now. Now, do you know why this is a big issue? This Dominion voting system has never been used. In a major, broad election before. It’s being used in 14 states. In scores of counties. PBS was honest about it three weeks ago. So when reporters are grilling and berating. Trump lawyers and others are on television, which I saw yesterday, which almost made me throw up. They’re utterly ill informed about what’s taking place, how many how many ballots. How are you going to make this up? When I read people at National Review, in other words, you know, there’s only 10000 votes and they have no idea. What the Trump campaign’s coming up with have no idea what these volunteer lawyers are focused on, none. Well, how are you going to make up those votes? So in addition to outright fraud, of which there are. Infinite examples that they’re trying to pull together, in addition to the outright violations of the Constitution, not only Article two, but the equal protection clause. You have true and serious issues related to the Dominion voting system. All this effort. I’m watching it now right before I come on the show. You know, we have senators saying he really needs we have Haza Hutchison, H, the big Saison Hutchison is out there now saying Biden is the winner. We got Rubio, that Biden is the one who the hell cares what they say. There’s a politicians who are unencumbered with anything. They have to talk to any of the litigators. They haven’t gone into the field. There are serious systemic issues with respect to the Binyon voting system that require serious audits. Some states are refusing to do them because they have Democrat secretaries of state. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the governor of Ohio and the governor of Arkansas and the senator from Florida and the rest of them actually knew what the hell they were talking about? Wouldn’t it be refreshing? Now, this was the PBS NewsHour piece on October 26, 2020, before the election. You’ve heard squat since the election. Well, now we’ve had. Hundreds of millions. Well, what is it? It’s about 150, 160 million people vote. Far more than were in the testing system, far more than we’re in the testing system. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Why won’t Trump help Trump’s not killing people according to. He’s killing people because he won’t show Biden how they intend to distribute the vaccine. I suspect the reason they won’t show Biden how to distribute the vaccine is because everything’s already in place. It doesn’t matter who the president of the United States is, because this president put the system in place, the process will work. So Biden comes up with mud balls. That’s all he ever does. First of all, he lied during the campaign. On what vaccine? We can’t trust it. Kamala Harris said the same. And still, you don’t hear Biden saying, you know, we want to salute the president of the United States. He doesn’t even say that for the vaccine. And you don’t even hear from Republicans, where the hell of a. There was one man who drove this. It wasn’t falta, he was on the sidelines wearing a mask. It wasn’t the FDA that is tons of red tape that they had to cut through. It was Trump. Trump. I’ll be right back

Hour 1 Segment 2

In a few minutes, we’re going to have an exclusive interview with Sydney Powell, who, as you know, is a tremendous lawyer and dogged as hell, and she’s working and she’s working on this very issue with US Dominion voting system. And I think it was this system they found some time ago, shortly after the general election, that it. At a town 6,000 votes to Biden, but they really belong to Trump, I believe it was the system. And so you’ve literally had people on the air, on TV and radio. News people and hosts who said there’s no evidence of fraud. It’s preposterous when you look at these filings, but put that aside. Why haven’t they done a single story on the Dominion voting system since PBS did on October 26? Not one. Why don’t they go into these areas and find out what happened with the Dominion voting system? They can bring these security experts with them. There’s not a single newsroom in America that’s done that. Not one. Because they don’t want to change the call of the election. Now, some of these states are very, very close. Still, they’re very, very close. You don’t have to flip a 100,000 votes. And some of these states you’re looking at three, four or five, six, the case of Wisconsin, you’re looking at seven or eight thousand votes. The case of Atlanta, something in that ballpark. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Well, as I have my friend, Sydney pal here, I’m seeing my friends at Fox with a Kairouan experts deny voting for with the minion voting machines. Now, Sydney, pal, I played for seven minutes to the top of this hour. The piece done by PBS on October twenty six, 2020 before the election, where there were experts, security experts that were extremely concerned about this voting system, they can call it fraud, they can call it whatever they want. And it’s. Mark, she’s gone, we have to get her back. I was just whispered in my ear. OK, well, let’s try and get her back. Anyway, let me get back to my point, my point is that you have them, you have the media out there, friend and foe. That are just blowing off this Dominion voting issue. And they haven’t even looked into it. I mean, PB’s looked into it on October 26. I played that for you. All right, let’s hope we’re back, Sydney, pal, how are you? It was phenomenal information coming in from patriotic Americans who are fed up with the corruption all over, including with the CIA and FBI. And I want to focus, though. I want to focus, though, on the Dominion voting machines, where now we’re having people say, experts say that the Dominion voting machines, there’s no fraud. And I played a piece at the top of the hour with PBS October 26 when they did seven minutes of how this system can be penetrated. But even more than that, how the system is imperfect and they slap something on the end of September to try to improve it. Why are the media ignoring the Dominion voting machines or the system? Because it’s going to blow up the whole election. It’s going to blow up local elections. That’s going to blow up congressional elections for some people because they can pick and choose who they want to win. I’ve got a firsthand witness. And in fact, I just emailed you an affidavit from a witness that can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places, but he was present for the creation of the system for the specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez. And then they exploded it all over Latin America. It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion system specifically built for doing this very thing, for changing the results of elections. He saw it done. He knows exactly how they do it. He explained how they do it. He’s seen it work. And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly in the states that suddenly went down, you know, they stopped counting the votes, that it’s because the lead was so great for President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate research on the machines to make it come out for Biden. And you have evidence to this effect, witnesses to this effect? I do indeed. All right. The fact is, the fact that the voting machine displays the voting result, that the voter intent and then print out a paper ballot which reflects that change does not matter. It is the software that counts the digitized vote and reports the results. The software itself is the one that changes the information electronically to the result that the operator of the software and voting system intends to produce, since that’s how it’s done. So the software and the software itself configures the vote and voting without changing the selection made by the voter. The software. That’s the result. Regardless of what the voter votes. It’s shocking. And this system is in. How many states do you know? Thirty thousand also says. Yeah, he also said was even worse than that because he says that the same software DNA is in every voting system in the country. And lucky me, my damn emails down, I can’t even pull it up right now. Now, I’m concerned about these judges, particularly these these these local trials, state judges and all the media pressure to end this thing. And Republicans now coming out and saying, you know, let’s end this thing. What kind of form can you get this in front of where you’re going to have a fair shake? Well, I would imagine it’s going into the Georgia lawsuit tomorrow, I’ll make it available for the people in Pennsylvania to add to their filing tomorrow. And this is I mean, I’ve got other witnesses contacting me to reporting it and creating the affidavits with them as fast as we possibly can. But I’ve got corroboration for this already. I want the audience to understand insider and want the audience to understand how hard you’re working, how far all these volunteer lawyers are working, that this sort of thing takes time, which is one reason why the media, the Democrats want you to stop, isn’t it? Oh, yes, everybody in the pet is trying to stop me from doing this. Even people around the president. Oh, really? Well, that’s that that’s unfortunate, but this Dominion voting machine, I mean, PBS raised concerned about it October 26. I don’t have another news group out there that’s since the election. I mean, PBS was raising concerns about this on a much smaller scale when they were basically just doing testing and so forth. And these security experts came in and said this is this a very problematic system and Georgia just adopted it this year. And then they they had they had to put a patch on the system because they were having problems with the system. And and it’s as if it’s all of a sudden perfect with tens of millions of people using it. That patch mark was probably the change in the software needed to make sure that Biden won. Hmm. And people are going to listen to this, you know, the beautiful people, as you know, Sydney, you and Mark are nuts with your conspiracy theories and so forth. And you know what? They don’t study this stuff. They haven’t looked into this stuff. It’s not their name under penalty of perjury. They might very well actually benefit from it in some way. There’s no telling how many people who bought it for themselves in one fashion and another or who got paid off by Dominion to have it put into their state. No telling how many how many states have investigated the Dominion voting system since the election, I’m not aware of any. No, I don’t think so. Texas rejected it, but unfortunately, we thought they were doing the right thing, whether they were rejecting Dominion. But they may have problems with the software they got because this witness says that the DNA of the tabulation capability and the vote change capability is in every system in the country because they used to play off the Smartmatic software that was designed to do this. I mean, this is a huge problem and the fact that our government has been warned repeatedly. Carolyn Maloney, the congresswoman from New York, I think tried to tell people several years ago, even closer and and Elizabeth Warren complained about it. And now they’re scrubbing the Internet of their complaints and the articles that they were relying on to complain about it. I do happen to have a copy of a study that Carolyn Maloney, the that of somebody in Seattle that said it was unreliable and dangerous and easily hacked. And I think the president tweeted out a hack, a hack of a hackathon or something intentionally about people try to excel and wouldn’t submit it for testing because it’s made to be hacked. It’s made to be controlled by faddy. In fact, just to back up your point, Sydney pal. I have in front of me a letter, December six, 2019. Signed by it’s a long letter, I got to get to the bottom of the damn thing because liberals, you know, they can’t write in two letters, but Elizabeth Warren was one of them. Ron Widen was another one. As I said, I don’t have it all in front of me right now. And they were sending this to Sammy Monument and Tony Tammar. And these are H.I.G. Capital LLC and they’re concerned they’re concerned about, quote, three election technology vendors. This is the first paragraph we’re writing to request information. H.I.G. Capital Investment and Hart InterCivic Ink, one of three election technology vendors responsible for developing manufacturing, maintaining the vast majority of voting machines and software in the U.S. and to request information about your firm structure if this letter goes on and on, they do not trust this software company. They do not trust this technology vendor company. And if it goes on for almost 15 pages and all of a sudden silence, you don’t hear a thing from these three senators and one congressman. Isn’t that amazing? That’s just amazing. Yep, and I just want people to know that there used to be serious questions about these systems. This is a different system, the Dominion system, and they act like, you know, unfortunately, you have to read National Review and the others say you can only get 10,000 votes at a Pennsylvania, you know, at this every day, not even following all the activity that’s going on on the ground, are they Sedney Power? No, not at all. And this could change millions of votes. In fact, what they do is they run an algorithm against all the original votes that scrape by. From Trump and give them to Biden and all kinds of places that you wouldn’t even notice unless and until something went wrong and what went wrong was that a huge landslide for President Trump was so huge, they had to shut down the machines and go back. Sailboat’s. And that’s why there were shutdowns in Washington that were shut down that night of the election where they stopped counting the very machines that were going to die and whatever, however they do it to make the vote come out for Trump. And this guy does. My witness here witnessed that happen in real time in Venezuela. He knows that’s how it works. We are particularly concerned that secretive and trouble plagued companies owned by private equity firms are responsible for manufacture and maintaining companies owned by private equity firms, voting machines and other election administration equipment have long skimped on security in favor of convenience, leaving voting systems across the country prone to security problems. Dec. six, 2019. Elizabeth Warren 2019. Where the hell is she today? Right. And where the hell is the press corps that would use it against their own their own people too? I have evidence that they used it to screw Bernie Sanders out of the California primary in 2016, but Hillary Clinton did that. Oh, you know that the admiral, retired admiral who is president of Dominion is now on the transition team, though, the fake transition team for the fake candidate, Biden, for the fake office of the president here, the signatories, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, as you had mentioned, Ron Wyden and a member of Congress by the name of Mark Ocampo, Spokane. And and nobody even goes to them today, nobody has anybody asked them and and by the way, they wrote to one company after another. They wrote to that company I just mentioned to another company called the McCarthy Group. They wrote to one company, one vendor after another after another with the same letter. Here’s one to Staple Street Capital Group. They’re very concerned about the funding of these companies. They’re very concerned about the about the security of these companies that they have so much control over the vote. And now. Don’t say anything, don’t know, don’t say anything, and you’re trying to bring it all to light through the process, through a lawsuit, and it’s hurry up, hurry up. Well, what’s the problem here? Yeah, there’s no I’m so sick of listening to these hosts and so forth. You know what they do? Sedney People don’t go to Philadelphia and put a microphone in the face of a commissioner who’s a defendant. What do you think? Have you found any. There’s no fraud here. There’s no fraud here. He doesn’t know he’s lying. The possibility some election officials would not know that the machines had been done like this, others will and will be complicit in it. That will be the hard part to sort out. But it won’t be hard. It’s not hard because I’ve already done it, for the most part, figured out where the huge problems were. And it’s all the swing states shut down overnight. All those states would have gone for Trump and the Electoral College. I mean, the legislatures need to effect the will of the people and certify those states as Trump wins every one of them. And there more, too. But definitely those. What’s going on here is shocking, I think this this really does look at the dark underbelly of the system, particularly Democrat strongholds, machines, cities and states. You can see also Sydney Power. We have Republicans that are going along. You can see what’s going on on Georgia, which is a disgrace because the system was resting at the last minute. And I have had a lawyer tell me that he has a client who knows that there were essentially wild type payoffs to family members of the secretary of state and the governor. Now you’re making allegations just to protect the company here. I can’t prove or disprove what you’re saying. You’re saying that. Right, I’m saying the lawyer told me that a lawyer has a client who told me that. All right. But but I’m just saying I have no independent knowledge of this, right? Yes. All right. We have not confirmed that yet either. All right, well, I think the the the core issue here, which is that this Dominion company and they’re not the only one, has had problems in the past. And some of these states and counties went ahead and and and and bought their systems. It’s a Canadian company bought their systems despite the fact that they had some serious issues. And I mean, amazingly, PB’s pointed it out on October 26, three weeks ago, and everybody is silent except you and the campaign. It’s really a disgusting thing. All right, my friend, we’re going to keep monitoring this. And I want to thank you. I know you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting. I want to thank you very, very much. Well, we can’t wait for you to read this affidavit because it’s mind blowing. And I can’t wait for this. And in Venezuela, for this very purpose, for the purpose of corrupting elections, I mean, it was exported around the world by communist money. Or democratic socialists, you know why my problem is I can’t my email is all screwed up. I’m going to read it late tonight. I’ll figure out a way to get it. Sydney, thank you very, very much. Make sure you lock your doors. All right. Thanks. God bless. Take care. The great Sydney pal. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

There’s no evidence that there’s anything wrong in the Dominican voting system, ladies and gentlemen. No evidence was a judge going to allow it to be audited. That’s the issue, are we going to get to the next step? Will they allow us to look? Now, at least the issue, the Dominion voting system should be addressed in an honest way, I mean, PBS did in October 26. I haven’t seen anybody else to. October six, 2012, New York Slimes error and fraud, at issue is absentee voting rises. October 2012. About Florida, Tallahassee, on the morning of the primary here in August, the local elections board met to decide which absentee ballots to count wasn’t an easy job. The board tossed out some ballots because they arrived without signature required on the outside of the envelope. Not to worry about that today in Pennsylvania, if rejected on that said, see inside with a signature should have been and if and it debated what to do with the ballots in which the signature on the envelope did not quite match the one on the county’s fault. This article goes on and on and on. The New York Times, Adam Liptak, if he’s still with us, he’s not speaking out about all the possibilities of mistakes, systemic problems and fraud with absentee ballots. We’re not even talking about absentee ballots. We’re talking about mail in ballots and in some cases, ballots met. From the Westwood One podcast network. He’s here now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we’ve once again made contact with our leader, Mike. Tell America Mark Levin here, our number 877 three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. You know, not a single one of these commentators on any of the cable shows, even even my colleagues, my favorite cable channel should be free to comment on fraud and what’s taking place in these states and cities if they haven’t even looked into it to agree with me. Mr. Producer. All they do as they speak, they pull out white boards, look at these numbers, I’m not interested in statisticians. I’m not interested in statistician’s. You’ve got patriots, you’ve got people on the ground who are trying to get these cases heard, you have judges who are blocking them, you have judges that say, well, that’s speculation and they won’t go the next step or they have to do is audits. All they have to do is look into the they won’t do it. Many of them won’t do it. I just played you the PBS piece last hour. I just started reading you The New York Times piece from what is it, eight years ago, and I could read a ton more pieces to you. About the kind of fraud or systemic issues that come up and so forth. I also pointed out to you a letter that was written by Elizabeth Warren and Ron Widen and and two others, Amy Klobuchar and some jerk in the house. To multiple companies concerned about what the accuracy of these voting systems. It’s as if they never wrote the letter and they’re not alone. And they’re not alone. Now, why am I bringing this up? Because we actually have experts and who are concerned about this. It experts, security experts. To bring some professor in from Michigan or something like that, I don’t know if this is outrageous and so forth of what’s outrageous. What’s outrageous? And they try and turn Trump into some kind of a but something wrong with him. He must be all right. I want to talk about. The the huge march in support of the president over the weekend. There were there had to be 100,000 people there. So as the group begins to disperse. And night begins to fall over Washington, D.C.. And people begin to separate from the crowd, walking through various side streets and so forth to go to their parking lots or their hotels, they’re attacked. By wolf packs, wolf packs. Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and they’re proud of it. And it’s hard to watch on the Internet. It’s hard to watch an old man. Hit, beaten, it’s hard to watch a man. You sit in the back of his head, I’m looking at right now, it falls on the ground and then they kick his face. Now, I have a couple of questions to ask you first. Who are these people? How hard is it? For law enforcement to follow some of them home. Or to follow some of them to wherever they’re going to track them down. And in the drag, their ass is out of their houses, are dragged their asses out of some pub. And throw him in prison. And so they get their hearing, how hard is that? They’re terrorizing little kids, there was a 10 year old little girl, there was a you could see a mixed marriage couple with a woman had her baby in her stroller, a 10 year old kid, a 13 year old. They’re crying. They’re screaming at the tops of their lungs. And Tifa, Black Lives Matter where where’s LeBron James? Where all the sportscasters, where’s everybody? And then I got to watch and read. Biden puts out a statement about white supremacists, white supremacist. These people need to be rounded up. The president of the United States. Is able to fight his way back into the courts and everything else. The system is so, so against him, but I feel like he’s got a shot at this. I really do. Of course, it’s an uphill battle. We’re fighting the system. That he’ll bring in. Active duty military and put an end to this. And for the left out there, which says nothing about the way these people are brutalized. They can go to hell. They can go to hell. To watch that man who was trying to walk away. From BLM and ATF and as he’s walking away. Some some guy runs from behind him and punches him from behind and he falls to the ground. You can see unconscious because, you know, you started to Twitter, he’s on the ground, and then somebody comes up and kicks him in the head and then another one comes up in case I mean, these are heartless, subhuman cockroaches. That’s right. I said it. And they had to track them down, find out where they how they live. Find out where the hell they’re gone, drag their asses out of these homes and everything and put them in prison. Is this the first time we’ve had riders like this, you know, but it is the first time they haven’t been put down? The problem is you have these leftists, these progressives who run these cities. And you have these leftists and these progressives who run the media. Your pollsters like Brian Stelter. Moronic, stupid little. And Jake Tapper and all these other losers on louses. Just disgusting. Track them down, find out where the hell these people are. They 20 arrests, only 20 arrests. And it’s like I’m trying to write like seven of them are armed with weapons, guns. And Biden’s reaction, timid and lacking and blaming white supremacists, I tell you, this is the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party and it’s still out there. They’re the enforcers. We remember what we talked about over the months. If they win Georgia and if the president of the United States loses. It’s not just a choice between capitalism and socialism and constitutionalism and autocracy, they wished to replace country with party. They want you to have allegiance to the party and allegiance to the ideology that’s Marxism and neo Marxism, that’s Mao, that’s Lenin, that’s Stalin, that’s Castro. They are the state, their party is the state. That’s why they have targeted the United States Supreme Court, that they cannot have an independent Supreme Court. That’s intolerable. They must control the legislature, the Senate, they must destroy the way we vote. They got to close in the House. So Nancy Pelosi will push harder. Harder. To destroy the vote. That’s what’s going on. To watch this stuff where there’s four or five people on one guy just pounding away, these are wolf packs, that’s what they are. These are wolf packs and they wait for people. When they’re alone or they’re in a small group and they surround them are people who are eating dinner outside where they’re throwing firecrackers. These are paramilitary Democrats. BLM said they wanted Biden to win and Trump to lose, you don’t hear from Oprah. Has she said anything negative, LeBron, has he said anything negative, Steve Carey, that slob from San Antonio, I can’t remember his name. What’s that coach’s name? Popovich. Whatever. Steve Kerr. And I could go down the list, all these mayors and corporate oh, biolab, look at that. What about the violence? Doesn’t matter. You need to understand Marxism is OK, the violence is OK. Their agenda is OK. Fascism not OK. Well, neither are OK. Because they use the same tactics. And if you support BLM, you not only support Marxism, you support violence and fascism. And so does the Democrat Party. And he’s done Fuld’s that voted for the Democrat Party one day they’ll pay. The problem is we’re all going to pay. They’re all going to pay. I’ll be right back.