November 13, 2020

November 13, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others say to wear a mask and people are complying. Yet, according to the media, infection rates are spiking. Joe Biden never had a coronavirus plan, he pretended to have a plan. President Trump did have a plan to accelerate a vaccine and therapeutics. Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says the coronavirus is negatively affecting individual liberty by politicians. Alito added that the lockdowns also impact religious liberty. Then, Michigan Assembly Speaker Lee Chatfield joins the show to express why both parties must fulfill their constitutional duty to ensure free and fair elections. He added that there were too many irregularities to ‘just move on’ so they have subpoenaed some evidence. Later, former President Obama says that Trump is delegitimizing democracy. Yet it was the party of Obama that went into state courts asking to eliminate signature verification on ballots, eliminating the need for postmarks on ballots, and not allowing republicans to cure their ballots while allowing democrats to cure theirs. Afterward, Dominion voting software has been problematic in the past and this is why these various audits and investigations are necessary. Yet the media continue obfuscating from the truth. One media type, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, even went as far as comparing the President to Hitler while discussing Kristallnacht, the program against Jews known as the Night of the Broken Glass.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Stay with us. I’ve got a ton to cover. First of all, you noticed lots of attention to the coronavirus cases there rising higher than ever before, we’re being told. It’s become a pandemic on a pandemic. And the media’s right there to report on it. They’re all over it. Still. Not talking about mortality rates, but here’s my question. You ready think about this, here’s my question, I ask a lot of questions on this show that really intended to be rhetorical, but here’s my question. The vast majority of Americans, 92 percent. Wear masks. Whether among other people outside, large groups inside. The vast majority of the American people have been wearing masks. Since Dr. Anthony Fauci told us not to wear masks and then suggest that we do wear masks. My point is, have you noticed there’s no reporting on whether or not the growing numbers of people who are getting this virus wore masks? The answer is, of course, they wore masks. And I have no doubt the vast majority of those who are getting this virus wore masks. Why is this an important issue? Because Joe Biden Fauci and the other bureaucrats in the federal government want you to believe that if he would just wear masks, we could get this under control while we are just wearing masks. We are staying six feet apart. There are plastic barriers everywhere you go. In other words, the American people are, in fact, embracing. These policy initiatives that are being put out there by forcing the others, here’s the point. They have no answer. And they’re never going to admit it. Biden never had a plan. He pretended he did. The only one with a plan was the president of the United States, and we’ll talk about this a little later. And his vaccine, he knew right away we got to get a vaccine. We’ve got to get therapeutics. We have to either kill this thing or be able to treat this thing as fast as possible. He knew wearing masks wasn’t the answer. Wearing masks wasn’t the answer, and today. While we wear masks, it’s still not the answer. Now, the media don’t even realize they’re undermining the argument that Dr. Fauci and Biden and all the other propagandists. Maybe on the edges, you can address this with masks and so maybe on the edges, but the fact is this is a virus. It’s a pandemic. And a whole hell of a lot of people are going to get it no matter what the federal government does, no matter what the federal bureaucrats tell us to do, no matter what these fascistic governors do to our economies and due to our liberties, the fact is it’s a virus. They can’t kill the common cold, they can’t kill flus and they can’t kill this virus. Except with a vaccine. Congress hasn’t done a damn thing about a vaccine, Nancy Pelosi’s been attacking the president of the United States every step of the way, the state that handled this the worst, there’s really three of them. There’s New York, New Jersey and California, close behind the Michigan and Illinois, maybe all five. But let me say. The fact of the matter is, the fact of the matter is masks do not stop the virus. It has nothing to do with science, nothing. So the more masks the American people wear now, we’re told this next phase of the coronavirus is worse than the first. So why are we winning masks? I mean, I’ll continue to do it. But you get my point. So when they keep going, why are you they got away. And then there’s Joe Biden, wear your pants. I mean, your mask. Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK. And then they pretend we need a national mandate and without a national mandate, we’ll continue to see the spread of the virus, national mandate or no national mandate. The virus spreads. The virus does whatever the hell the virus wants to do. And so the only answer was always to find a vaccine and therapeutics and Trump was on top of this from day one, gets no damn credit. And this Pfizer corporation should go to hell. Why do I say that, Mark, the coming up with a vaccine, because they politically time the announcement. In a way that Donald Trump. And his administration and their enormous efforts to get this vaccine out as fast as possible would be become disputed. And we’re told today by the top expert who’s on top of the vaccine. You’re going to have vaccines in December. They’re already being produced by the tens of millions in December. 25 million doses and then he said 20 to 25 million doses every month there after. Every month thereafter, the president said they’re going to senior citizens first and then the first responders second. The fact of the matter is one day this will be written about by a sober press. Had a drunken left wing press and historians, this was the greatest. Most effective response to a pandemic in world history. And Governor Cuomo, the president, the United States is not targeting New York, he can’t send millions of vaccines into New York. When you announced in advance that you’re not going to accept the science. Behind these vaccines, even though there’s federal regulators involved, they have these independent commission to look at it, even though we’ve had tens of thousands of individuals who’ve been using these during these various trials, you’re the one who announced that you wouldn’t use them right away. The president can’t send a million, two million dosages of a vaccine in New York and not know what the hell is going to happen to them. You’re a clown. And some of the people who vote for you, not my listeners, thank God, but they’re clowns to. They vote to destroy themselves, there’s nothing we can do about that, but if those vaccines are going to be used elsewhere without all your political games and your shenanigans, why wouldn’t the president make sure that governors you heard the vice president again, we’ll get to this later. The vice president said, look. Governors get everything in place, so when we send you this stuff, you’ll be ready. You’ll be ready now. Notice how Joe Biden last week tried to take credit for all this, Joe Biden, who’s in his basement picking his nose day after day, he wants to take credit in the office of the president elect. Which is right next to the bathroom in his rec room. Mask’s. All the masks you could possibly want, they’re everywhere, people are wearing them everywhere, and now we’re told the coronaviruses worse, it’s surging worse than it ever was. All-time highs. Imagine that lockdowns. Do you know why there’s such an aggressive push for lockdowns folks? Because the bureaucrats. The politicians. The media mouthpieces. Teachers. All the rest who are on the public dole. And people who are getting government checks. They’re utterly unaffected by a lockdown. They get paid, they get their pensions, they get their medical care, they get their subsidies. People on welfare, people on food stamps, those payments never stop. It’s the people in the private sector who pay for everything. And put food on the table and make sure we have gasoline to put in our automobiles. You people in the private sector. You’re the ones who are shut down. I live in a county where they gave the teachers a pay raise and they walked into a classroom at all during the time they get a pay raise. It’s offensive. It’s appalling. That’s why. They have no problem with a lockdown. The people who are calling for a lockdown, professors. Bureaucrats, politicians, leftwing media types, they’re all going to get paid. They don’t lose their jobs. They don’t lose their jobs, you lose your job, you lose your business, you lose your home, you lose your livelihood. For them, it doesn’t matter. They keep chugging along. Think about that. Think about that. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I want to ask the criminal division of the Justice Department, I know how they function, the voter fraud section, I want to ask the U.S. attorneys around the country, where the hell are you? I’m getting 10 calls a day about fraud out in the field. A day. I can’t handle them all. Where are you? We have corrupt, corrupt secretaries of state, we have corrupt districts attorney, a district attorney’s. Why are you. They’re busy undermining the attorney general, the Department of Justice. I’ll give you a perfect example. And of course, The Washington Post hasn’t sent a single reporter in the field to track down any of the fraud. Nor has The New York Times, they all seem to think if they interview a commissioner or somebody on the board of elections or a public official and they say we have no evidence of fraud. Wow, wow. That’s some investigative reporting. We used to have really good investigative reporting nationally and especially locally. They would start looking into these issues and then they’d say, wait, there’s more, there’s more that none of that anymore. Headline Federal prosecutors assigned to monitor election malfeasance tell BA they see no evidence of substantial irregularities, 16 assistant United States attorneys specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election. This is this group at Main Justice that is a rogue group that didn’t like the fact that the attorney general put out a memo and said. To pursue substantial allegations of voting and fraud and so forth, or irregularities, and within 72 hours or 96 hours or so, they issue a letter. And they say they. Urged the attorney general on Friday to rescind his recent memorandum allowing investigators to publicly pursue allegations of vote tabulation irregularities in certain cases before results are certified, saying they had seen no evidence of any substantial anomalies. So listen to this. They are supposed to look into anomalies, in other words, fraud. They issue a letter that the attorney general should withdraw his memo. Urging them to look into potential fraud and that they are sitting in Washington, D.C. on their fat asses. These bureaucrats. They have said, hey. We don’t see anything. They don’t see anything. There are hundreds and hundreds of signed affidavits under penalty of perjury by courageous citizens all over this country. Have these 16 assistant United States attorneys collected those affidavits, interviewed these people, pursued their allegations, not one of them. Not one of them. And The Washington Post knows it. The Washington Post is poison, it’s corrupt, it’s cancer. The guy who’s chairman of it, Fred Ryan, I don’t know where the hell he is and what happened to this guy. In a letter, an image of which was shown to The Washington Post, you can see this is all about. Press undermining the president, undermining election, we actually have 16 assistant United States attorneys, and by the way, there’s about 900 to a thousand of them. We actually have 16 of them now. Who are undermining the rule of law? Shown to the Washington by a letter in a letter, an image of which was shown to The Washington Post, the assistant U.S. attorney told Barr that the release of his Monday memorandum, which changed long standing Justice Department policy on the steps prosecutors can take before the results of an election is certified, quote, thrust career prosecutors into partisan politics, unquote. Save a bunch of hacks here, probably liberal Democrats, whatever they are. Their career civil servants, you and I are paying their salaries, their pension benefits, their medical benefits, their vacation leave, their sick leave, we’re subsidizing them and their whole damn family. And this is what they do. The scientists wrote that in the places where they served as district election officers, taking in reports of possible election related crimes, there was no evidence that the kind of fraud Barr’s memo had highlighted. I want them to go to Philadelphia and I want them to talk to the volunteer lawyers who are working on this case, many of whom have talked to me. I want them to go to Michigan and talk to a number of the lawyers working on those cases, a number of whom have talked to me. And it is amazing to me that we have U.S. assistant U.S. attorney, 16 of them out of a thousand or so. 16 of them. They say we don’t have anything, we don’t see anything. The policy change was not based, in fact, they said. This was specifically done to try and stop. Stop the. The Trump campaign from pursuing its rights under state constitutions, under the federal constitution and under state law, and then we have this cybersecurity and infrastructure. National Security Agency calls 2020 election most secure in American history, most secure in American history. So this group is headed by a partisan who Trump has wanted to fire. Who Trump is wanted to fire the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency. They say this is the cleanest ever when states have close elections, many will recount about it goes on in a political statement, much like those assistant U.S. attorneys, I have no idea. A handful of days after the election whether this is the most secure in American history. So what we have here is a bunch of bureaucratic hacks trying to undermine the process.

Hour 1 Segment 3

There have been a number of published reports about anomalies and potential anomalies in the state of Michigan. And the Michigan legislature is Republican. And the speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, is a very serious man and we have him on the phone right now. Mr. Speaker, how are you, sir? Hey, I’m doing well. Good evening, Mark. Thanks for having me on the show. I am not calling from an undisclosed location. I’m from Michigan, but happy to be on the show. My friend, Lansing, Michigan. You know, one of my mentors in the Reagan administration, Dr. Lawrence Davenport from Lansing, Michigan. What a great man too. OK, Mr. Speaker, what’s going on in Michigan? What are you doing? Well, we convened a rare committee session a couple a couple of days ago, Mark, because we’ve had we’ve had reports from across the state of irregularities in our voting process. And what we did is we did something that was pretty historic. We sent evidence preservation letters to a couple of clerks here in our state to request evidence from them, to inform them we don’t want any evidence destroyed. But we also also even more importantly than that, Mark, we issued a joint subpoena to the Bureau of Elections for all records relating to mass mailings of absentee voter applications and the process by which they mailed those out. What we want to do, Mark, is we want to provide certainty in our state. We want every single voter in the state of Michigan to know that they have a fair process of voting and we want that and we want to ensure that they have peace of mind. That’s where the Michigan voter deserves. And we are going to provide that. We’re not out right now, Mark, saying that there was mass voter fraud in our state, but there were enough irregularities that we want to do some investigations, we want to do some fact finding. And if there were if there was fraud, then it will be prosecuted because that’s what we need in our country. That’s what we need in our state is fair elections. And we’re going to do all we can to ensure that we have it now. Do you think your governor will certify the electors before you guys are done? Well, some of these subpoenas that we issued and the letters that were requested, we need information back by November 16th, some of those the certification by the board of canvassers will come in December. So it’s really not necessarily up to the legislature or the governor, according to our state law, when those are certified, it’s the board of canvassers. And should they split and not be able to certify it? Well, then we’d have something that would have occurred for the first time in our state. And then it will be somewhat of a constitutional crisis in terms of what happens if our article to, you know, of the US Constitution, where it belongs to the state legislatures, but we do already have a system set in place for how that is to operate. So, Mark, right now our number one goal is to investigate these irregularities. And I would tell you this, this is not about being a Republican, Mark. This is not about being a Democrat. This is not about who you voted for. Every single American in our country and every single Michigander who values our constitutional republic and our system of government and our principles and values that got us to this place of being a shining city on a hill should want to ensure that we have fair elections. And when there are irregularities, they need to be investigated. That’s what we are doing. That’s why we issued the subpoenas. That’s why we sent these. And that’s why we sent these letters to these clerks. And that’s why we’re looking into this Dominion software to ensure everything that was done was done the right way. And I don’t think that’s too much to ask from, you know, from our system of government here in this country. No, I don’t think it does. And I’m sure you had bipartisan support. I’m sure the Democrats are supporting your effort here, aren’t they? Well, I would tell you, Democrats only seem to be supportive of investigations when it deals with a fake Russian hoax or whether it deals with a fake impeachment. I can’t say that too many Democrats are in support of this investigation right now. But again, it shouldn’t be partisan. And you know what? We are fully welcoming their involvement in this process because this isn’t about being Republican or Democrat, it’s about being American. And I will tell you this, Mark. The only way our constitutional republic can exist and work and function is when people in the state and people in this country have certainty in the integrity of our election process because there’s nothing more important than having integrity. And that’s what we’re looking into. And I would tell you this, this isn’t even about changing the results. This is about ensuring that we don’t have mass fraud in our state. This is about ensuring that we don’t have people trying to cut corners and she our system and we are going to make sure as the legislature, we’re going to fulfill our constitutional duty in ensuring that we have fair elections here in our state. So the Democrats are not supporting this effort. Mr. Speaker, how about the newspapers? Are they supportive of getting to the bottom of these issues? You know, it would seem, Mark, that in the state of Michigan, it’s much like what you’re seeing out of Washington. I think most newspapers at this point are ready to move on, say the election was fair and most inquiries have not been, I would describe, as supportive of our efforts to look into these irregularities that have occurred across our state. But I would say that we’re not doing this for the press and we are not doing this for even the Republicans. And we’re not doing this for the Democrats are doing this because we feel we have a duty to do it and we’re not going to be intimidated by that. We’re going to look into this the best we can. We’re going to receive this information from these courts. We’re going to receive the information from the secretary of state that we subpoenaed. And we’re going to look into it and we’re going to make sure that this was done fairly, because I think that is our responsibility and that’s what the people sent us here to do. A couple more questions. Mr. Speaker, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says this election was the most secure in American history. Was the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency. Do they’ve been in touch with your office at all? They have not. No, ma’am. I have not been in communication with them. And, you know, I would say that people so they don’t they really don’t know what’s taken place in Michigan, do they? I would tell you this. We’ve had more we had more irregularities in Michigan this time than what I can remember in past history marked. And that’s what we’re going to look into. Let me ask you my next question. If 16 assistant United States attorneys have announced that they have seen no irregularities anywhere in the country, had they have any one of them been in touch with you? They have not. So the assistant United States attorneys in the Cyber Security Infrastructure Security Agency in Washington, D.C., they’ve announced this is clean, this is done. Let’s move on. You’re saying, wait a minute, we we don’t know. Clean done. Move on. We’re just starting our investigation. And none of them were in touch with you, correct? That is correct. And and what I would tell you is, is we were the ones elected by the people of our state to ensure we had fair election processes and integrity in our election system. They were. And you know what I would say, that’s what my late grandfather said. People do what you inspect, not what you expect. And I tell you what we’re going to do is we’re going to be inspecting the process of this election system to make sure it was fair. And Mark, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. No people in our state. Deserve to know that there is still integrity in the election process in our country. This is not about changing the results, but we are going to look into this. We are going to make sure there was no fraud and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. If there was and if there was, I hope those people are prosecuted. Have The Washington Post or New York Times contacted you to inquire about your efforts here? Yeah, they’ve been in contact with my office probably on a daily basis. Are they are they troubled by what you’re trying to do? You know, judging by the questions that I have coming in from the media outlets across the country, I don’t I’m not certain markets say the truth, that it’s a real, genuine desire to know what we are doing, more questions to simply pigeonhole us and to categorize our efforts as trying to undermine the election process, which it couldn’t be further from from the opposite of that, Mark, we are just simply trying to verify and validate it. We’re not trying to undermine anything. We’re trying to make sure that there’s people in our country who haven’t already done that. And I would say this, no one should be afraid of a little investigation to make sure we have integrity in our election process, because I think that’s what the people of our state and our country deserve. In a time when there’s a lot of political division, you’re very wise. What you’re doing is very, very important. Here we see the day when, in fact, trying to determine whether there is campaign integrity and voter integrity and whether everybody’s vote that’s supposed to count is counted and everybody’s vote who’s not supposed to count isn’t counted like dead people. I didn’t know that was a conservative Republican right wing issue, but that’s where we are today. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank you. Stay strong. We greatly appreciate your efforts at honest government. Thank you, Mark. It’s a pleasure being on the show. God bless you. Take care of yourself. There’s the speaker of the House of Michigan. He and along with the Senate side. Investigating and have issued subpoenas to determine the. Whether this election was fair and square. They’ve got no support from the Democrats, no support from the media, and here we have an agency in Washington, D.C., the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency calls 2020 election most secure in American history, and they haven’t even been in touch. With the leaders of the state legislature who are investigating this. But they’re promoted. By the media, the assistant United States attorneys, any one of whom I would ask to call a program. They issue a letter, they make it public to The Washington Post, which tells you everything you need to know, they violate internal Justice Department procedures. That’s why it was done, you know, very sleazily. They’re upset that the attorney general wants to investigate claims of fraud. And now the attorney general is under attack. I want to read something to you, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of a thousand pieces of information I’ve got in two weeks. Subject. Urgent, Delaware County, that’s Delaware County, Pennsylvania, one of the big counties outside of Philadelphia. Bureau of Elections, missing precinct data action required from judges of election. From Iacono, Christina. Official email county, Delaware, brought us dear Delaware County poll worker. Subject is urgent. Delaware County Board of Elections, missing precinct data action required from judges of election. This one out yesterday gave Delaware County poll worker. Thank you very much for your service on Election Day. We know that it was a long day and that things may have been missed during the closing procedures at the end of the night. Unfortunately, due to missing data, election results from your precinct, this is to all the precincts in Delaware County cannot be confirmed and approved for final tabulation until the missing data is reconciled. In order to ensure that all votes cast will be counted, we need at least one member of your election team to come to the machine warehouse ASAP to help complete forms. If you were the minority inspector and we’re providing an envelope at the close of polls, please bring the envelope with you to ensure the county has as much data as possible to correct issues in the precinct. The missing data may be any of the following. One missing yellow numbered list of voters, two incorrect numbers in the yellow book, that is numbers that do not match the scanner tabulation, three missing ballot reconciliation forms. This impacts the ballot chain of custody for missing information. And the close of Knight Returns sheet five missing returns. She. The machine warehouse is located, blah, blah, blah, and will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from eight thirty a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. I’m not going to give you the identities beyond the names, so, you know, this is the real deal. How to prosecute as miss stuff like this, it’s all over the place. How did the media miss something like all over the place, because they don’t want to have it, they don’t want to look, this is one of a thousand threads and you pull the thread and you see where it takes you. That’s what serious investigators to instead they’re issuing letters, the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency calls 2020 election most secure in American history. Why did they do that? Because the leadership of that entity hates President Trump. And so they undermine our election procedures by putting out propaganda that the same media that hates Trump and loves Biden then burps up these antics. Assistant U.S. attorneys, why do they issue this letter? Because they hate the attorney general and they hate Trump. And they don’t want to do their jobs. I just read this. Let’s see if I’m contacted by anybody in the criminal division of the Justice Department or any United States attorney’s office that says, can we have a copy of that? And I’ll give you a copy of it. But that’s not evidence of a crime, you don’t have evidence in advance of investigation. There’s a thousand examples like this. And these poor lawyers who are, you know, I hear people calling in at some of my friend shows as I was driving today, we need real lawyers, realtors, people sit on their fat asses eating chocolate frosted donuts. Because this one firm had to pull out of Pennsylvania, you know why that firm pulled out of Pennsylvania? Because the lead lawyer was threatened. Personally threatened. Personally threatened. Isn’t that worth a criminal investigation rather than some of you folks trashing the guy? We have the Lincoln Project threatening lawyers and their law firms, encouraging people to threaten them. Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? I haven’t. I haven’t. I have an email that literally admits anomalies in the data and the vote right here in one of the biggest counties in Pennsylvania. How hard would it have been for The Washington Post to do an investigation of The New York Times? How hard would it have been for the hell’s the U.S. attorney, Swayne? I think his name is in Philadelphia. Where is he? Where is he? Nowhere. Nowhere, I’m sure some intrepid reporter and one of the cable channels are run to Philadelphia and interview the. The secretary of state or maybe an election official. Have you found any fraud here? No, there’s no fraud, nothing. No problem here. Look at that. Look, there’s no fraud here. Wow. And then you get. But even if there is, there’s not enough. Excuse me, there’s not enough fraud here, we’re not going to know if you have a lot of fraud, maybe affects a million votes, and then we might take a look if you can present it to us and hand it to us on a silver platter. Well, you got 3000 votes here. Five. Who cares? I don’t know. Congressional races. That were close as hell, Senate races that were close as how state races and local races close as hell matters to them, too, you know. What a complete crapshoot this is. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Today is one of those days where I’ve got so much I want to get to, not the superficial stuff that everybody knows that already talked about, I really want to dig in and just worry I won’t have enough time. And by the way, don’t forget to watch Sunday. Kayleigh McEnany on and and Joe Concha. And we’re going to take a very close look at some of this fraud, some of the institutionalized fraud and the media. So that’s 8:00 p.m. on Life, Liberty and Levein, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, if he can’t watch a live, you might want to DVR at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, Life, Liberty and Levin. And I’ll be a little hot under the collar myself, I think when Barack Milhouse Beneteau says that the president of the United States and I will address this more next hour. But here’s a flavor is undermining democracy. When this man unleashed the FBI against the media, when this man unleashed the IRS against the Tea Party, when this man under his administration unleashed the FBI against the candidate of the opposing party. When this man’s intelligence agencies got involved in our campaign as well, I don’t need any lectures from Barack Obama who believes in the 1619 project, not the 1776 project. Barack Obama, who writes an 800 page book, his third narcissistic, egomaniacal autobiography, 800 damned pages. You think he’s Winston Churchill? He’s no Winston Churchill, that’s for sure. Filled with, oh, poor Barack. He was so discriminated against, he became president of the United States and worth one or 200 million poor Barack Obama. Don’t we all wish that we were as poor as Barack Obama? I’ll be right back.