To Rubio, Christie, and others

… where were you when courts in PA and other states were unconstitutionally changing the state election laws in violation of Art. II of the federal constitution? Hundreds of lawsuits were brought by the Democrats, working for Biden and the DNC, undertook this nationwide strategy and I heard little from the peanut galleries. Moreover, numerous Democrat state legislatures changed their election laws in the recent past for the purpose of making it more difficult for Trump and Republicans to win, by changing mail-in voting rules, etc. Again, this all matters. So, when they say count every legal vote, the issue of what is legal was decided in ways that are very troubling in some cases — no postmark, no signatures, no matching signatures, etc. These politicians should be saying — support the federal constitution, support what was existing state election law, and then count every legal vote cast. The Supreme Court, under John Roberts, had a chance to uphold the constitution but failed. That’s where the real problem rests.