October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh announced that his lung cancer is progressing so he is advancing his treatment. Rush is the Babe Ruth of conservative talk radio and said that this was a play to round third base. Then, several former national security analysts that were not appointed by Trump have penned a letter to provide cover for Biden by spreading their own disinformation campaign and went to POLITICO to help spread their propaganda to the masses. Neither former VP Joe Biden nor Hunter Biden have denied that it is his laptop or that he’d ever been there. The DOJ and FBI agree that the laptop is authentic and the property of Hunter Biden. Later, In light of Chief Justice Roberts’ siding with liberal-leaning justices concerning a recent case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the PA legislature must draft a resolution and present it to their state Supreme Court indicating that they must comply under article II of the US Constitution enforcing existing laws which gives the legislature, not the courts the power over elections. Afterward, US Sen.Dan Sullivan joins the show to discuss how far-left groups are attacking him in his bid for reelection in Alaska. Finally, House candidate August Pfluger calls in with an update on his campaign for Texas’ 11th Congressional district.


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I want to begin this program. With words that some of you have heard, but some of you have not. And these are words from. Actually, one of my closest friends, almost like a brother. Says his brother, David. And somebody who’s done so much to make this a better country. And that’s Rush Limbaugh from yesterday. And I’ll let him speak in his own words. Cut 17. Go ahead. Rush Limbaugh, who utterly transform the radio landscape, made a stunning announcement the other day. The upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and I wish I didn’t have to tell you this and I thought about not telling you. All right. That’s not that’s actually not the right cut. Unfortunately. OK, Rush said yesterday that there’s been some digression. That is my return. In his. Cancer, I mean, the cancer has been there, been somewhat under control, but it’s progressing again. That’s what he said. And you also pointed out that. He’s just happy everyday when he’s able to get up awake. And. It is something when, you know, he said, and I wish we had his words, but we don’t. When you know that there is an end period coming. And you said it much more articulately than I did. And I just want to say this. There is no smarter, wiser. More intelligent. Individual that I’ve ever known. And he has through radio, through broadcasting. I think he’s helped save this country for a period of time. We’re headed into a very bleak, potentially very bleak period, we’re looking into the abyss. And unfortunately, the country can go in either direction. The Russia’s a remarkable man who fights and fights and fights every day, gets behind the microphone when he could give up. He could say, no, I’m just going to focus on. On me. But he doesn’t do that. He very, very strongly wants Donald Trump to get re-elected. He very strongly cares about the future of this country. And he wants the best for the people of this country. It’s an amazing thing, really. I think about my mother and father who recently passed away and. They care very much about the next generation. They care very much about what the country’s going to look like down the road. And so it’s it’s crucial that we fight. Ladies and gentlemen, for future generations, for our children and our grandchildren. They will leave this country better off them than how we found it. It’s very, very important. And. We’ll find the appropriate audio and I’m going to play it. I’ll dig it up myself of what Rush had to say yesterday, because it’s very important, it’s very poignant and it’s very rush. And he’s not crying on anybody’s shoulder. No, he was asked about it and he’s honest. He’s a very, very honest man, has always been a very honest man. I first listen to him. I don’t know how many years. Twenty five years ago. So powerful, his words, programs, so a. I remember my buddy Eric and I. Before I became F. Lee Levin, when we would go to lunch, you know, I worked at Landmark Legal Foundation. I always had the transistor radio with me at the time and my earplugs. Transistor radio in in the air, earplugs. Cause I didn’t want to miss it. And you start on this. He has a way of explaining things that only he can do in all of us are different, but he’s he’s unique among the unique. He is a way of explaining things that other people simply cannot do. He looks at things. In a very unique way where other people don’t look at them. It’s really quite remarkable. And he is one of a kind. And I think it was Neal Boortz who first said he’s the Babe Ruth of our business, and that’s absolutely true. He is the Babe Ruth of this business, but he’s the Babe Ruth period. Patriotism. He’s the Babe Ruth. Of constitutionalism and Republicanism. And here’s the truth. None of these other syndicated shows would be here but for Rush Limbaugh. And that includes me and that includes Hannity And it includes everybody. None of them. Not one of them. There was some guy who was on radio today wants to be big, he wants to be syndicated here, even wants to take Russia’s slot one day and. It’s depressing and sickening as that thought it. And he wrote he was whining about the fact that, you know, these guys who are in radio, they don’t want to build up other people. They want to enrich themselves. They don’t make room for, you know, that annex. Then I cry, I thought to myself, what a punk. What a for. I admire brick layers, but this isn’t the job. That we do here. The number one job is the audience. You don’t make waves or anything of the sort. And I thought about my own career. But for Rush, I wouldn’t have this career either, which Sean neither would most of us. And I thought about the people I brought on here who’ve made their own careers, but who I certainly was opened, whether was Ben Shapiro, whether was my buddy, also my other buddy, Dan Bongino and others who we bring in from time to time. My buddy Michael in Houston. We open up our programs all the time to other people. But the whiners and the complainers and those who think they have a right to step up and be in somebody’s slot, in the end, they’re never going to make it because they don’t get it. You decide. You decide. But I want you to think of this country without. Myriad hosts and conservative talk radio. I want you to think of this country. Without this voice of liberty that we’re able to have. They’re always attacking it, but that’s the other point. They attack conservative talk radio. But they mostly attack Rush. Over the years, they always thought if we could take out Rush Limbaugh, we can take our talk radio. So there are more individuals or individuals in this business who are more provocative, who say crazy ass things every day. But they’re not on anybody’s radar screen, so they can get away with it. Rush. Hey, hang on his every syllable. And they have taken one. After another campaign to try and destroy him. But they can’t destroy him. You know why? Because of you, you won’t allow it. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

All right. It’s a lot to get here, two ladies and gentlemen can see the IBF TPP poll here. Trump versus Biden race suddenly looks like 2016. Today’s Trump versus Biden poll found the race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has suddenly gotten much tighter. The IBD types latest 2020 presidential poll update shows that Republicans are rallying around Trump. Biden is leaking Democratic support and the gap among independents has narrowed. The latest? The TPP Trump vs. Biden poll update shows the Democratic challenger leading the Republican incumbent by two point three points forty eight point one percent to forty five point eight percent and a four way presidential poll of likely voters, the libertarian these libertarians kill us has three percent. The Green Party point nine percent. Since the Organization 2020 Presidential Tracking Poll launched on Monday, October 12, Biden’s support has slipped three point eight points from fifty one point nine percent to a new low watermark of forty eight point one percent. Trump poll numbers have gone the other way, rising two point four points to his new high watermark of forty five point eight percent. Biden’s lead peaked at eight point six points in October 13th presidential poll. Biden’s narrow support reflects Trump’s gains more third party support. More voters are undecided or declined to say whom they support. Let’s see here, I’m sure getting the worthwhile aspects to tell you Joe Biden’s lead among likely independent voters narrowed to a 45 to 41 percent margin. Donald Trump is now having a much easier time corralling Republicans than Biden is having and nailing down Democratic votes. Biden leads 90 to seven percent among Democrats. Trump leads 94 percent to 4 percent among Republicans. Let’s stop there. Second. I want you to think about this. You’ve got these some of these Republicans. Tom Ridge and Christie Todd Whitman and John K. Sick and Colin Powell, who votes for Democrats. Anyway, they’re coming out. They want. They want you to think there’s this this juggernaut of Republicans leaving the president. He’s got 94 percent support among Republicans. You look at the Massachusetts governor flunky. You look at the Maryland governor flunky votes for Ronald Reagan, throws his vote away there in the 4 percent. Ben Sasse. He’s in the 4 percent. The Never Trump Republicans, the Lincoln Project Republican. They’re all in the 4 percent. Not in the 94 percent. And. You look in some of these states. One poll has the president one point behind in North Carolina, one point behind in Florida. I don’t believe he’s behind in any of these states. But doesn’t matter. I’m just making a point. That it looks like things are closing. When you look at the early vote, the mail in vote, the earliest to the early vote. You know, they were talking about a huge lead for Democrats. And now you read Democrat strategists saying, look. The Trump army of Republicans is beginning to show up. So where you have states with in-person early voting. The Republicans are starting to show up and they’re starting to show up big. And so the battle is on. The battle is on. It’s a very, very important fact. Really is. And the Democrats, once people know what they stand for. Once people understand what they stand for. The Democrats would lose badly. I’ll give you an example. Packing the Supreme Court. There’s a New York Times poll that just came out today. And this is the enemy. 58 percent of the people polled oppose it. 31 percent support it. Look at the breakdown here. Independent voters oppose it, 65 to 25 percent men oppose it. 71 to 23 percent women oppose it. Thirty forty seven to 38 percent. Voters with grad degrees oppose it, too. So virtually across the board, the American people are telling Biden to keep his hands off the court. They oppose packing the court. If you say to people. Do you think we should shut down oil production in America? The vast majority would say no. Do you think we should shut down the production of natural gas? The vast majority would say no. But they don’t they don’t pose it that way, it’s like, hey, yeah. Shouldn’t we have electric cars and when meals. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Same with health care, if health care was posed the honest way, not the way the Democrats talk about it. The Democrats will be in big trouble on health care. Hey, you will be a you should be able to keep your pre-existing condition coverage. Well, we all believe that, but that’s really not the Democrat way. The Democrat way is, hey, if you have a pre-existing condition like heart disease or diabetes or something like that. Yes. You’re not going to get to keep your specialist. You’re not going to get to see your doctor. We’re not going to pay for most of it, even though they talk about free health care. You’re going to wait in long, long lines. See, they’ll never ask it the right way because that’s the right way. That’s the right way. It’s like this flashy thing everybody loves flashy, right? I don’t I can’t stand the guy, never shut the hell up. And all he does is say wear a mask. It’s like this guy found me the other days on 60 Minutes. He trashes the president, you know. That was a super spreader there. And I really cringed when the president was, Erin. So The Washington Examiner asked Fouci if the woman’s march. This left wing kooks in D.C. was a possible super spreader event. Would you support that? He said he didn’t respond because he’s a liberal. More than happy to take a question from 60 Minutes trashing the president. But when it comes to the radical left wing group, the women’s march. Hey, isn’t that a super spreader event? He didn’t respond. I’ll be right back.

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Have you noticed on this Hunter Biden story. How righteous it is that they keep talking about Russian disinformation? And now we have dozens of former intelligence officers who have no access to anything. This is Politico saying it has all the earmarks of a classical Russian information operation. Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is a Joe Biden disinformation campaign. Tess here, more than 50 senior Intel officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of e-mails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden. Quote, has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation. More than 50 former senior intel officials have signed onto a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of e-mails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son. Well, there’s a disinformation campaign. It was signed Monday in this. This is, by the way, what we call sort of and it’s not news. This is a concoction national. Nick Shapiro, a former top aide under CIA Director John Brennan, provided Politico with a letter on Monday. And he knew he could feed it to Politico and they were regurgitated. He noted that Intel community leaders who have signed this letter worked for past four presidents, including Trump. Now, let me tell you how clever that is when they say including Trump. They include people who were holdovers, who were in the national security office and not necessarily people appointed by Trump. Former Trump official center. Let’s see, Glenn Gerth, still the former NSA general counsel, Rick Leggett, the former deputy NSA director who appointed them. Mark, whose name I can’t read pronounce a retired CIA senior operations officer goes on like this. Now, I just want you to think about this a second. These are individuals who no longer work in the intelligence services, who have access to nothing. And yet their word is worthy of news coverage. Why? Because it pushes a narrative, we have John Radcliffe, the director of National Intel, who said on Monday they have no evidence whatsoever, not. Of Russian involvement. We’ve got all kinds of information. All kinds of information. That is traceable signature of Hunter Biden. Individuals on emails, we have dates, times, we have texts, photographs, videos. And for these 50, that’s a classical Russian disinformation operation. Well, for me, this is a classical Joe Biden disinformation operation, pure politics in bed with the media. It doesn’t matter who any of these people are. It doesn’t matter what any of their backgrounds are. They don’t know a damn thing. Nothing. But Politico puts it out there because Politico. Is a fraud. It’s not a news operation, it’s corrupt. So it runs with it, and you’re to be impressed that there’s 50 people who have served in the intelligence agencies. Who signed the letter? Now, every one of these individuals, if we went to court, a law would be thrown out. It’s not even here say they haven’t heard anything. Haven’t seen anything. They’re irrelevant to the case. They’re relevant to this period. So let me go back to what I’ve said before, which is makes this very, very simple. If you’re Joe Biden, you pick up the phone and you call your son a hunter and you say, is that your laptop? They have your signature. For all we know, they have security cameras in this little store. Tell me the true sign is at your laptop, then we have our answer. Because his son would have to say yes. Now, how do I know this? Because of his son said no. They would tell us it’s not his laptop. It’s that simple. It’s not his laptop, it’s not his e-mails. That’s not him having sex. That’s not him doing drugs. It’s not him. It’s not his laptop, son. Were you ever in that retail store? See, they’re worried there may be witnesses. And as I say, there may be security cameras. Yes or no, son? The answer is yes. How do I know? Because they won’t definitively say his son was never in that computer shop, son. Did you ever meet that gentleman? Who runs the little store there, the computer repair shop? He can’t say no. The answer’s yes. Why? Because that’s the third point. They could say he never met this man. He was never in the shop. And that’s not his laptop. Simple. Simple son. Number four. Did you sign an invoice or a contract that looks like your signature? He can’t say no. The answer is yes. Why? Because it’s his signature. Why else? Because they don’t deny it. They don’t come out and say, that’s not his signature. He never signed it. Number five. Son, did your lawyer call? The gentleman who runs his computer repair shop and say that he wanted the laptop and the hard drive back. Hunter No, I didn’t say no. The answer is yes. Why? Cos all they have to say is my lawyer, is there any Grabowski, Esq., and he never calls the guy. But he did call the guy. That’s just five instances off the top of my head. Now weigh that against this Politico article. Several dozen former intelligence officials have said this is a classical Russian information operation, has all the earmarks. What is that? That’s bull. That’s nothing. That doesn’t mean anything. Now, it’s conceivable because Joe Biden is a pathological liar. Has been his entire life. Guess his son is a chip off the old block. It’s conceivable at the debate, if he’s confronted by the president, he’ll lie. Because there won’t be time for the truth to catch up. He’s got a Pretoria guard obstructing America’s ability to get to the truth, and that Praetorian Guard obviously are the media. But the fact is, it’s very easy to say that’s not his laptop. That’s not his hard drive. That’s not a signature. He never went into the store. He never met the gentleman and his attorney never made a call. Kimball. But we get these smokescreens about a Russian ops. About the former intelligence officials who don’t know anything, just tell it, giving their opinion. In other words, a lot of flak being thrown out there against the wall. To try and provide misdirection. And deception. And of course, this is what the Democrat Party operatives are doing and then this is what the media does. Now, why are they so concerned about all this? I explain this. Why? Why don’t. Why did they just come out and say, you know what? That’s his laptop. Those are his emails. Who gives a crap? He’s in business. He’s doing business overseas. What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal? People do this all the time. Well, number one, he’s never registered as a foreign agent. We are people now going to prison over that. Robert Mueller was involved in sending at least bringing charges on that. And so 100 bodies never even registered as a foreign aid. That’s shocking, given all the foreign activities he’s involved in. But that’s not the key point. Because some of the emails are incriminating. Against Joe Biden. We’d actually have to answer some questions, Joe. Joe? No, Joe, I’m over here. Joe, pay attention. Put down your black and white milkshake and pay attention. I’m over here. Joe, you said repeatedly we have your own video, just like we have you, that you oppose fracking and oppose fossil fuels. But we have you on video where you said you know nothing about your son’s business activities. You’ve never asked him. We’ve an e-mail from the number two Embarrass Mark. The former company where he says. Thank you for the opportunity. To talk to you. Joe, and so far your campaign has said that wasn’t on your official schedule. It’s possible that you had an informal discussion or meeting with the. With the Burris executive. Now, nobody asked if was on your former schedule. We don’t care about that. You’re really throwing up too much flak here. Too many diversion. We’re not interested in a. You said you never asked your son about any of that, why would you meet with the number two or have a conversation, even informal conversation with the number two? Moreover, if you did, why isn’t it on your official schedule? In other words, what are you hiding? Why isn’t it on your official schedule? There was a lot of questions that could be asked of Joe Biden. You’ll get none of them from this moderator on Thursday, who is a complete left wing Democrat hack, and the media are running to her defense. Look at this. Everybody’s attacking her. It must be the Trump choir out there. Must be Fox and talk radio talking this poor woman. Yeah, right. Got it. We’re the only ones exposing her. And apparently in these e-mails, we see business deals between Hunter Biden and a company in Kazakhstan. He’s got business deals with a communist Chinese front company, and he’s dealing with three Chinese who are tied to the communist China’s military and intelligence services. Course we have. We have Hunter working with, but he’s smart. And of course, the issue of Biden interfering by urging the firing of the prosecutor. That’s just dismissed by the media in the demo. Why all the hay in the European Union? I thought like I was corrupt. They didn’t want them either. And that’s I keep saying two things can be true at the same time. That can be a part on the stove and it can be hot. Two things can be true at the same time. The European Union may have wanted this guy fired. But it’s also possible that Biden obstructed justice. So two things can be true at the same time. So every time the media tries something like that, look at us, we have 50 former Intel official. This must be Russia. No. Just keep asking yourself the same question. Why won’t the campaign deny that’s the laptop, the hard drive, his emails, his photographs, his signature? His lawyer? All right. We’ll be right back.

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Here’s the part of the clip that I wanted to play for you regarding Rush’s comments yesterday. Go ahead. Manageable. But there’s always the reality and the knowledge that that can change and that can come back because it is cancer. It eventually outsmart pretty much everything you throw at it. And this. Of course, this is stage 4. Lung cancer. It was a lot of people have said white, why did you wait until it was staged? There was no way to know when it was stage one. Is the thing, there would’ve been no reason to go get a bunch of scans, a stage of stage one, just a bunch of little nodules running around that, even if you got a scan that showed a bunch of nodules, they say gonna keep a sharp eye on this is some nodules here or some nodules there, but it really doesn’t present as what it is, this type of cancer until it’s stage 4. And Stage 4 is, as they say, terminal. So. We have some recent progression. It’s not dramatic, but it is the wrong direction. So we have to tweak the treatment plan, which we did, and the chemotherapy drugs in hopes of keeping additional progression at bay for as long as possible. The idea now is to keep it where it is or maybe have it reduced again. We’ve shown that that has passed. Well, there you go. And of course, all of our prayers in here and love in world go toward our friend Rush Limbaugh. And we will keep plowing ahead as well. Here. Um. There’s another breaking story, of course, nobody will care about but us over right scoop. At times, Hunter Biden got a six figure yearly retainer from a credit card company while Daddy Biden worked on major credit card legislation. You know, folks, when you consider how Donald Trump was abused, how he and his family were investigated, the subpoenas. The interviews, the document demands and on and on and on when you consider what happened to him and his family. This is just appalling that Joe Biden gets away with this. On every level. On every level. There’s not a congressional hearing of any merit. I know we’re close to election, but the government goes on. You know, life goes on. No criminal investigation for sure. No demands for special counsel except a small group in the House of Representatives. There are demands for a special counsel to look into President Trump and Russia collusion within a predicate without any factual information whatsoever. You see the liars and the buffoons on CNN and MSNBC. In The New York Times and The Washington Post running these these front stories, these phony stories to divert attention. This is a corrupt family. This is an extremely corrupt family. Joe Biden’s been on the public payroll the vast majority of his life. He has all these mansions. Look at his tax returns. Mark, that’s the last place you go to look. I’ll be right back.