October 16, 2020

October 16, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, If Democrats win it will be due to senior citizens and those in the suburbs who are voting for Biden to destroy the supreme court, to destroy the Electoral College, and to destroy American life as we’ve known it. America has achieved the long-desired goal of being energy independent from foreign oil and Joe Biden would destroy that. Biden will continue the Obama Administration legacy of federal government control over zoning and schools in suburbs across America. Doing this allows the federal government to use suburban tax dollars to fund the larger cities in the area. Then, President Trump has more in common with President Lincoln than is commonly thought. Lincoln published his speeches and thoughts so voters would have access to them because the media called him a demon. Trump is similar with his rallies and tweets. Trump will be considered one of the greatest Presidents in American History. Later, Biden was in the US Senate for 39 years and did nothing to fix immigration, supported segregationists, and has the nerve to ask Black Americans for their vote. Biden was Vice President for 8 years and also did nothing to correct the injustices he harps on in his campaign. Plus, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins the show to discuss section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how it shields big tech companies from liability and from being treated like any other business when they stifle speech These protections were designed for antiquated internet platforms of the 1990s, not the digital juggernauts they’ve become today. Afterward, Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in to discuss illegal voting in New York’s first district as he heads into reelection with President Trump. Finally, Congressional candidate Randy Feenstra calls in with an update on his campaign for Iowa’s 4th district.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I got to thinking, you know. If, in fact, the Democrats win, if the most extreme political agenda in American history is the most dangerous anti constitutional agenda in American history becomes reality. It will largely be the fault. Now the suburbs. And senior citizens. I’m not talking about you folks in the audience. I’m talking about. Senior citizens generally in the suburbs, according to what I’m reading. Blue collar workers, union members. Conservatives. People who do not have college degrees, they may have gone to college, choose me or community college or not at all. I strongly in Donald Trump’s camp. The weaknesses appear to be among seniors in the suburbs. Now, the irony here cannot really be stressed enough. Seniors. Who are most familiar with the greatness of this country? Who helped build the greatness of this country and have received much of the benefits of the greatness of this country. Again, I’m not talking about you. You know who I’m talking about. You have in your neighborhoods and your families and among your friends, they will be among those who will vote to destroy the Supreme Court. That Australia’s Senate. To destroy the way we vote under the Electoral College. And destroy the way we legislate. I have the 110 page Communist Manifesto here, it’s called Biden Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations. I believe I am the only. TV or radio host is actually truthfully read. Because they’re frightening. And they’re going to tell you that they have a mandate and that this is their mandate. Seniors know that we’ve spent decades fighting to be energy independent. Today we are energy independent. We don’t have to rely on anyone in the Middle East. OPEC would not have to rely on Russia. It was a national security threat at one point. There is no such threat anymore. We’re now energy independent. One of the first things they attack on Biden Sanders unity task force is our energy independence. They destroy it. They go after the combustion engine, I’m just telling this to sit the whole country. But seniors in the combustion engine. They don’t really know what they’re going to replace. They say they’re going replace with electricity. The problem is they go after electricity. They go after all. RELIABLE common forms of energy and what do you get, you get California brownouts, blackouts, fires. Expenses through the roof. Economic dislocation and people fleeing. So this isn’t theoretical. This is reality, we see what happens. With one party rule. And then the suburbs. I did a specific show on this on Fox. I’ve talked about it on live in TV. I’ve talked about it repeatedly behind this microphone. Barack Obama and now Joe Biden in particular, Joe Biden, want to destroy the suburbs. It’s not just about low income housing. The federal government will decide in no town or suburb in this country, no county in this country can do anything without the approval of the federal government deciding where you can put a library. We can put a school. We can put a gas station. What kind of zoning you’ll have in terms of housing? Very hostile to single family homes. They want to devour the tax base in order to help fund the city’s. And so this notion of suburbs by the urban planners of the left, by the community activists to the left. This is something they’ve been wanting for 30 or 40 years to destroy the suburbs. And that the bizarre irony is, no matter how many times I say to the president, sir says it, it probably doesn’t have an impact on the people who live in the suburbs. Not you. You know, I mean. It will affect the quality of life. It will affect. Representative government who gets to make decisions. It’ll affect the school system, still affect how does it affect everything? Because no longer will suburbs be sovereign. Now, one of the great things about our democracy in America. The two volume book of books that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about is all these different towns and communities and counties and mayors and councils and supervisors and boards. He thought it was magnificent and he thought because of that, America will never go the way of Europe. There can never be a monarchy, never really a threat. To the Republicanism. But that’s true unless the people in the suburbs. Vote to destroy themselves. And what is amazing to me is they just don’t believe or they don’t comprehend what the Democrat Party has become with the face of Joe Biden. Joe Biden just looks like the uncle who’s kind of dazed, but he’d never do these things. But of course they will. They’re telling us they’re going to do these things and they’re going to make sure they do these things because they’re going to legislate without checks and balances. They’re going to have the courts back them up no matter how many towns sue in order to get their sovereignty back. It’s not gonna matter. The fix is in if they get elected. Now go back to the senior citizens. Joe Biden says he wants to lower the age of Medicare from 65 to 60. The trustees of the Medicare system say Medicare’s going broke. If you lower the age from 65 to 60. Medicare is dead because it has to cover more people with less money as having come in. It’s over. And people on Medicare and in other forms of government care. Joe Biden has said he believes illegal aliens should have free health care, illegal aliens, that right now is 20 million additional people. They don’t believe in borders. So you count 20 million plus chain migration. It’s 100 million, 100 million people in the country. In our schools where the suburbs have no say about the schools, no say about where the schools will be, no say about anything. Flooding into the health care system as well. What’s going to happen? It’s going to collapse. There will be no more Medicare. They talk about Obamacare, pre-existing conditions, there’ll be no Obamacare. There won’t be enough doctors and nurses and hospitals and facilities. You think the Corona virus put pressure on our medical system? What do you think? 20, 30, 40, 80, 100 million people are going to do who haven’t paid one penny into the system. What do you think’s going to happen to Medicare when they lower the age to 60? It’s going to collapse. The president should have overwhelming support among seniors. He should have overwhelming support in the suburb. You weigh that against tweets. Tweets seriously. Really, you want to know about Joe Biden’s character? Joe, it’s Joe Biden who they should be asking the question, will you denounce white supremacy because Joe Biden embraced white supremacy early in his career into the mid mid year of his career. Donald Trump didn’t fight integration in our cities, in our schools. Joe Biden fought integration and he not only fought integration and I’ve read it to you. He sounded like. A horrific segregationist. He penned friendship letters with James Eastland. And John Stennis, two of the greatest segregationists and racists at the time from Mississippi. With Tallmadge from Georgia. He didn’t just work with them. He befriended them. Donald Trump never did anything like that. And yet the media keep asking him, will you denounce white supremacy? They’ve never even brought up Joe Biden’s record ever. Ever. But will be the senior citizens in our country. In the suburbs, in our country. That will turn this country inside out. To be the most radical leftist post constitutional industrial nation on the face of the Earth. Senior citizens in the suburbs. I want to salute those. Blue collar workers union. Non-union, I want to salute you. I want to salute you men and women. To get dirt under your fingers, to do jobs that a lot of people want to. While Joe Biden is hiding out in his house. And I want to salute my fellow conservatives. Because it is you who are supporting this president. I want to salute the growing number of Hispanics in this country. Who is supporting this president? I want to salute the growing number. Of black Americans. Not significant, but growing. Who are supporting this president? But based on the data that I’m looking at, if we lose this country. It’s going to be due to our senior citizens in our suburbs. Now, look, I know you listen to this show. I’m not talking about you. Don’t take it personally. Look, I’m a senior citizen. I just entered the senior citizen age and I live in the suburbs. Okay. I’m not condemning you, I’m not condemning me. I’m looking down my street like you should look in your neighborhood. Because according to the data. It’s the senior citizens in the suburbs, particularly the women in the suburbs, who are shifting towards Joe Biden. They haven’t looked at this agenda. They don’t believe Joe Biden’s a bad guy. They don’t believe he’s going to institute these things. And he is. And they are. And there’ll be no turning back because they’re going to destroy the checks and balances of the Constitution to acquire what they want, a temporary majority, a temporary faction. And I saw it take place here right in my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia. It took one session. Less than one year. For the Democrats would have small majority in the House and the Senate and their Democrat governor, you know, Northam. To institute some of the most radical pro-abortion laws in the nation, some of the most radical gun control laws in the nation. Taxes galore. It’s appalling. The polling. I’m calling on seniors. To talk to your fellow seniors. I’m calling on suburbanites to talk to your fellow suburbanites. Because the irony is. The people who have built this country and have benefited from this country. Are about to vote for a party that is committed to destroying this country. The people who live in the suburbs, which are more and more diverse. But have a better lifestyle than many other people in this country. Many of them, particularly the women, are prepared to vote for the most radical and extremist agenda in American history, where they’re going to destroy their own communities, their own schools. It is bizarre, but it’s the truth. That’s what’s lining up here. I’ll be right back.

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Pfizer announced today that it could apply for emergency use authorization in the United States per Corona virus vaccine. By late November, that’s five to six weeks from now. It’s after the election. It would be truly a a sickening irony. If this president, who has worked so hard to get this vaccine as fast as he possibly could, which is a cure, pretty much a vaccine. If he were to lose this election and then two to three weeks later, we have a vaccine. It would be a shame. Be a damn shame. That the media and the Democrat Party will have succeeded. In a treacherous campaign. To turn an enormous success that we should be celebrating into an enormous disaster. An open letter, Pfizer chairman and CEO Albert Purina. Made the announcement about the progress in developing a coronavirus vaccine with its partner, Biogen Tech and biotechnology company that manufactures immunotherapies. I know there’s a great deal of confusion regarding exactly what it will take to ensure its development and approval. And given the critical public health considerations and the importance of transparency, I would like to provide greater clarity around the development timelines for Pfizer’s and a partner. Biogen techs covered 19 vaccine. He says are operating at the speed of science, but there are three steps that must happen before the company can release it. And he goes on. But they’re going to seek emergency authorization to make the vaccine available by the end of November, at which time the president has already set up the manufacturing and production and the distribution for the vaccine. We’ve never seen anything like this in American history. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

In just a minute or two, I’m going to tell you something that may surprise some of you. And that is. How similar? Abraham Lincoln. And Donald Trump actually are that Trump has more in common with Abraham Lincoln than you might think. Take a little bit about Abraham Lincoln. John Crib was a fantastic author and he wrote a piece in the Hill a few days ago. And he is in many ways a historian. He’s written about subjects ranging from history to education. During the Reagan administration, he served in the Departments of Justice and Education, National Endowment for the Humanities, and he’s a Lincoln scholar. And he wrote a novel. Old Abe. So he knows what he’s talking about. And so while the illiterate media and others keep trying to tear down our president, I keep trying to bring you what I consider to be very substantive information. Trump has more in common with Lincoln than you might think. He writes, This summer’s Republican National Convention was full of references to Abraham Lincoln, which is no surprise given that Donald Trump likes to compare himself to the 16th president. It’s a comparison that aggravates Trump’s critics who don’t like to see the man they consider the nation’s worst chief executive, linked with a man widely regarded as the best. This may make those critics heads explode. But there is some fascinating parallels between the two presidents as well as some contrasts. For starters, they share the same political party. Lincoln was the first Republican president. Trump is the 19th. Both men were long shot candidates. In 1860, Lincoln, like Trump, defeated a field of better connected rivals to capture the Republican nomination and then win the general election. Both men came to office with little or no government experience. Lincoln had served only four terms in the Illinois legislature and one term in Congress. Trumpets spent zero time in government. Trump, on the other hand, had far more executive experience before his presidency, Lincoln ran a two man law firm with a reputation for disorganization. He often stored important papers in his hat and in the corner of a Springfield, Illinois, office had a stack of documents labeled When You Can’t Find It Anywhere Else. Look in this. Both men experienced harsh reactions to their elections in 1860, secessionists wore ribbons with slogans such as resistance to Lincoln is obedience to God resistance. Sound familiar, folks? Lincoln governed during the most divided era in our nation’s history. Trump is governing and perhaps the most acrimonious period since the Civil War. Both presidencies have been times of extreme media partisanship. In Lincoln’s day, newspapers were closely aligned with a Democratic or Republican parties and it showed in their reporting. I covered this and on freedom of the press as well. In 1863, for example, after Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, the Democratic Chicago Times proclaimed that, quote, The cheek of every American must tinge. Excuse me. The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly flat and dished watery utterances of Lincoln’s speech. The Springfield Republican in Massachusetts called it a perfect gem. Deep in feeling comeback and compact and thought and expression. Lincoln, like Trump, was furiously attacked in the media. Newspapers called him a demon, a buffoon, a miserable failure, a disgrace to the nation. Quote, The man who votes for Lincoln now is a traitor, unquote. One Wisconsin newspaper asserted when he ran for re-election in 1864. You can imagine what Southern newspapers wrote of Lincoln. Trump returns the media’s fire almost daily, but his assaults have been a war of words. Lincoln’s counterattack could be more aggressive. His administration believes some opposition newspaper fueled treason. And during the Civil War, federal authorities sometimes harassed or even closed anti-war newspapers and they arrested editors. Lincoln did not order the suppression, but he rarely objected. Lincoln, like Trump, developed ingenious and end runs around the press to communicate directly with the people. He managed to get letters and speeches widely published so voters would know his thoughts and words. Trump has done the same with rallies, 90 minute press conferences and his tweets. The Washington political establishment viewed Lincoln like Trump with wariness and outright hostility. He was considered a rube from the prairies. Clearly out of his depth, Mary Lincoln, like Melania Trump, was snubbed by many in the nation’s capital. Trump is somewhat of a street fighter. His instinct when hit is to hit back twice as hard in his younger days. Lincoln also was a scrapper. He once defended a colleague from an unruly audience by threatening to break heads with a stone pitcher. On another occasion, he came close to doing a political rival with broad swords. With age, he became more conciliatory. As president, he sometimes cooled off by writing blistering letters and then filing them away without mailing them. No tweeting for Lincoln. But Lincoln, of course, was a wartime president. Trump and his allies consider themselves engaged in a kind of soft war on at least two fronts. First, against the swamp. That is an entrenched Washington elite. And second, against a hard left insurgency that aims to radically transform our country. In both cases, Trump supporters believe he is defending the nation’s founding principles. His opponents strenuously disagree. That perhaps is the area of comparison with Lincoln that matters most. Lincoln was fiercely dedicated to our founding principles, especially those in the Declaration of Independence. His favorite founding document that we are all created equal and we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He knew that as long as we stick to our founding principles, America can be a great nation. And in the end, history judges presidents largely on the defense of those principles. And that is one reason we admire Lincoln so much. He defended them to the end. If any president from any party wants to be compared to Lincoln, let it be for that defending our principles to the end. Now, for some of you, this may seem a stretch. But for a history, it will not be a stretch. Whatever happens on Election Day and thereafter. I’m going to tell you something now for which I will be marked. Donald Trump will be considered one of the greatest presidents in American history. I am somebody who studies history. I am somebody who is obsessed with reading about American history. Mostly. From original books and original documents, but also others. I’ve written eight books. Seven of which are about our history, our founding. About our philosophy and our principles and about those that seek to destroy this country with their philosophy and principles. And I do believe. That this president. He’s one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. I do believe that. And I’m going to tell you something else for which I will be, Mark, but I don’t much care because the people who do the marking are typically. Ignoramuses and political hacks. Donald Trump has run one of the most truthful and honest administrations in American history. Where recent presidents, more modern presidents have used the IRS and have used the FBI. And even the CIA. Like Johnson and Nixon against their political opponents, against newspapers and the like. Donald Trump has never done any of that. And its history will point out once we get past. The current politicians, the current reporters. And the current author’s Donald Trump will have been a victim. Have a grave effort. To destroy his candidacy and his present. There is not a resistance that we’re facing. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a counter revolution. It’s more than a resistance. The Democrat Party from time to time seeks to destroy the country. And so far, it has failed. The question is whether. Enough of our citizens are going to vote to destroy our country. If they’re paying attention. I’m asking our seniors, I’m asking our fellow citizens in the suburbs. I’m asking people who are even considering voting for Biden haven’t done so yet. Please think about what you’re doing. Put aside the corrupt press. There was corrupt press during the Civil War, there was a corrupt press soon after the founding of the nation. There was corrupt press at the beginning of the last century, including The New York Times. Please put aside the press. Let’s all think for ourselves. Why do they hate Trump? Because of his tweets? No, of course not. Because he stands in the way. 110 page Biden Sanders manifesto. Because he nominates people to the bench. Very constitutionalists who seek to uphold the Constitution. Donald Trump isn’t a conservative intellectual. He’s not a scholar. He’s a president. Lincoln wasn’t a conservative intellectual and he wasn’t a scholar either, but he knew right from wrong. As Donald Trump knows, right from wrong. And both men loved this country. You know, after I interviewed the president. Believe it wasn’t a Thursday that I taped him for the September 17th Life, Liberty and Levin. The president was kind enough to invite me. My wife. My stepson had been in town. To attend an event at the National Archives. And at that event at the National Archives, the president gave a. 20 minute speech. About the founders, about the declaration. But the Revolutionary War about the Constitution. Genuinely concerned that all of this is being lost in our public education, in our public debate. This was when the riots were as hot as could be. He said we must. We must get reverence for our country back. We must teach it in our schools. And he’s coming created a commission to do exactly that. This is a remarkable man in so many ways, isn’t it? 74 years old. His experience. What Tierney is like. He’s experiencing what the extremists are up to. Any standing up to them? You may not like the way he talks and tweets about the media, but you need to understand the media. These media corporations have thrown in with the extremists. They will survive no matter who is elected. When you look at who makes up the media. George Stephanopoulos. The sham, the interview, a Biden last night. The abuses of our president. A week or two earlier this Savannah Guthrie, as it turns out, I looked it up. Her husband is a very active Democrat. A supporter of Obama. They’re everywhere. They have ceded the media with leftists and Democrats. That’s like seeing the media. With supporters of the Confederacy. During the time of Lincoln’s presidency. I’m not talking about the ideology, I’m talking about the problem. Think for yourselves. And then get people to vote. We need you to get five to 10 people to vote. Then I want to thank the other hosts, some of whom are backbenchers now who are finally encouraging people to vote. I don’t know where they held a band, but I’ll do what I have to do. The weekend is ahead of us. You’ve got to act. I’ll be right back.

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You know, ladies and gentlemen, I’m just trying to convey to as many people as I can. Fellow citizens from the deepest crevices of my mind. The case for saving this country. And I’m really continue to do it. I mean, I’ve got piles and piles of news stories here and so forth. I’m never gonna get to them. And so I’m trying to talk from my heart and my soul to you, my fellow citizens. The weekends here, he got to get 5 or 10 people to vote or line up to vote each and every one of you. You just can’t put it off. We’re going to we’re gonna have a very difficult time in the days and years ahead. You know, the governor of Maryland has made much to do today about the fact that he voted early and voted for Ronald Reagan, that he would not vote for either Biden or Trump. So he threw his vote away. But he wanted to make a statement that he’s a Reaganite. I was a Reaganite in 1976 and 1980, and I have to tell you, I don’t remember Governor Hogan being around. But I want to talk to you about that, about Hogan and these so-called never trumped Republicans and the Lincoln Group, which besmirch as Lincoln’s name. Briefly, when we come back, we’ll delve into other matters as well. We’ll be right back.