October 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, President Donald Trump joins the show! Trump discussed how the suburbs are at stake if Democrats win in November and will advance their plan to jam high-rise public housing into suburban communities zoned for single-family homes. Trump said he feels strong following his recovery remarking that “you need to meet people to run a country, you can’t just hide in the White House residence.” Trump, then reflected on Joe Biden’s inability to lead and his 47 years of poor political and foreign policy saying, “This is not Joe’s prime time, let’s not kid ourselves.” Plus, Trump shared that he’s seeing more enthusiasm now than he did in 2016, because voters don’t want to vote with phony mail-in ballots. He said it’s going to be really difficult to beat this enthusiasm, but Democrats cheat, so we have to work hard. Despite the attacks, Trump decided to take the lead on peace in the middle east. With three Nobel Peace Prize recommendations as a result of his leadership as President. He went on to say that Nancy Pelosi is setting the stage to put in Kamala Harris in place as President under the 25th amendment commission. Pelosi wasn’t all there and is hatefully obsesses with the 25th Amendment since removing Trump via impeachment didn’t work. Then, the Commission on Presidential Debates is reportedly non-partisan but Bob Dole says he knows all of them, and none of them like Trump. Trump criticized the debate commission for their unfair treatment. Finally, State Senator Pat Fallon calls in to discuss his run for Texas’s 4th congressional district.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin here. But more importantly, the great president of the United States, Donald Trump. How are you, sir? Hello, Mark. Thank you. How do you feel? I feel great. Really good. Really good. Thank you. You know, on your worst day at more energy than Joe Biden, have you noticed that? Well, he doesn’t have much. I will say that. He doesn’t have what it takes, but people know that. Hopefully, that will make a big difference on November 3rd and before that. Let’s get into some of these issues, Mr. President. I don’t think despite the fact that you keep raising it, I don’t think people are really paying attention to Joe Biden’s plans on the American suburbs out there. You know what he’s planning to do because you put an end to it, right? Destroy the suburbs and put low income housing there. That’s going to bring a lot of crime. The suburbs is going to be the next target of the radical left. You know that. You know that. Anybody, I think. But they’re going to the suburbs are going to be the target. They talk about the suburban women, suburban women. Hopefully they’re going to be voting for Trump because they’re going to be in big trouble. Yeah, because he’s picked up the Obama plan. Right. They train about 40 or 50 counties. It was a disaster. And in addition to this housing, they want to control local zoning. So there’s no single family homes. They want to control where you can put libraries. We can put transportation. They want to nationalize zoning and the media. The media seem to cover this up like so many other issues, don’t they? They don’t talk about it. It’s a tremendous problem. It’s something they just don’t talk about. Well, they don’t talk about the fact that he says no fracking, no fracking. And then he gets the nomination through luck because Elizabeth Warren didn’t give Bernie the chance to do it. You know, I mean, in all fairness to Bernie, he had it made. And then Super Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren stayed in and got a few votes and Bernie would have won every single state. And at least Bernie has some energy behind them. You know, whether you like him or not, obviously, Bernie was a disaster. But whether you like him or not, he had energy. But Elizabeth Warren, for the second time, this happened to Bernie. But you’re right. The suburbs are in deep trouble because of this. And it’s a plan to destroy the suburbs. And it’s you know, Cory Booker is the one that I don’t know, obviously, the architect of anything. He was so bad when he ran for president. But and so as Kamala, by the way, so bad when she ran for president, and nobody was meaner to Joe Biden than Kamala. But that’s what we have. But the suburbs, we’re going to keep the suburbs strong. The American dream. You know, it’s very strange, this campaign, because you want to get out. You want to meet the people. You want to go into these states. Talk to the people. You spent a lot of time at these events, often two hours, sometimes two and a half hours talking about what you want to do. You’re very entertaining. You connect with the public. Joe Biden pretty much has decided he’s going to stay in the house. Here’s my question to you. It’s the most bizarre campaign because you’re the only one they report about Joe Biden staying in the House. Does that scientists tell you, Mr. President, that you need to stay in the basement of the White House? They just tell you a distance to where mass and wash your hands. And that’s sort of what Joe Biden’s doing is not compelled by the science or the viruses. Well, I’ll tell you this. I mean, I could stay in the White House and just, you know, upstairs. Don’t even go down to the Oval Office and everything would be fine. But you can’t run a country like that. You have to meet people. You have to talk to people. You have to see what’s going on. You have to look them in the eye. And, you know, you expose yourself when you do that kind of thing. I go out to the rallies. I do rallies, big rallies. I think we have tremendous enthusiasm, by the way. I think we have enthusiasm like even greater than we had four years ago, Mark. I think you’re seeing and, you know, they don’t show them often, but we’re getting very good polls for up in Arizona, for up in Florida. We’re getting very good polls. A lot of them came out today. People are appreciating what we’re doing and they know that Joe Biden is not equipped to be president mentally. Never was. But now it’s a whole different ballgame, not because he’s 78or whatever the ages, because I know a lot of people that are a lot older than him and they’re 100 percent. But he’s not 100 percent and he’s not 75 percent either. And I can tell you that Putin and President Xi and Kim Jong loon and all these people that you’re dealing with, they are a hundred percent. You know, something very strange here also. Which is Joe Biden’s been around almost half a century in Washington, D.C., as these cozy relationships with these reporters, right, with these medias, because he’s lived in the same swamp as all the rest of them. I listened to him say things like, if I’m elected president, this is what we’re gonna do with health care if I’m elected president. This is what we’re thinking to myself, hey, man, you’ve been around 47 years. You haven’t done a damn thing. Do you notice this, too? What has he done? I can’t really think of anything significant. Well, he’s cause problems. But but I will say this. I’ve and I’ve said it for a long time, 47 years. And he’s got very little to show for it except negative things. I mean, if you look is the secretary of state, secretary of defense said that he’s never made a good foreign policy decision ever once. Very nasty thing to say. But, you know, the nasty group of people. But no, Joe, Joe is not. And itis not. This is not his primetime right now. Let’s not kid ourselves. When you look at him. And yet maybe it won’t matter that much. You know, you have the media is bought and paid for. You take a look at what’s going on with the media’s corrupt. They give him the questions and give him the answers. And I mean, where did you win? Who would even think this could possibly happen? Where they ask him a question and he reads it off. He reads the answer off a teleprompter. I mean, is that even possible? I’ve had I’ve taken thousands of questions. Nobody’s ever given me the questions and and given me the answers. And then let me whoever heard of a news conference, we have a teleprompter. And you’re reading the teleprompter when you answer a question, because that means, Mark, that they gave you the question. I can’t even believe it. To be honest with you. But I watched that thing the other night, that NBC News deal that was like for a young person, that newscast was like for a 12 year old child the way they treated him. That wasn’t for an adult. And they’re getting excoriated even by people on their side. Lester Holt, news conference. They never gave me a news conference like that. No, they never will. Mr. President, there is there’s an effort to paint you as somebody you’re not. Biden and the Democrats and the media, they want to run against somebody. You’re not segregationist, the white supremacists, all these awful, awful things. And yet they never asked Biden about his record, his record in working with a segregationist, his war record against integration, his record of saying the most Godawful things about he doesn’t want his kids to be in a cultural jungle and and on and on and on and on. On the other hand, when it comes to the African-American community, the Hispanic community, other communities, you have tried to make specific policy decisions that would create wealth and opportunity in these in these communities as well. And so you never really get a fair opportunity to compare your record on race and his record on race. No doubt. And it’s a shame. I’m not sure that a Republican does. Actually, if you think about it, it’s not just me, but it’s me. I think more so because I’ve done more for the black community than anybody since Abraham Lincoln. I really have, no matter how you cut it. Criminal justice reform, prison reform. Historically, black colleges and universities got them funded long term, which Obama never did. Obama never did criminal justice reform. They couldn’t believe that. I got it, actually. They couldn’t believe it when I got it done. And opportunity zones were Tim Scott is great guy from South Carolina, as you know, the the senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott. And we did all these things and we had the best job numbers in the history of our country for. I mean, honestly, for everybody. But for the black community, we had the best job numbers in history. Most people working best homeownership, everything every statistic was the best that we got hit by the plague from China. And it set it back somewhat. But still, people recognize it’s not my fault. That’s. And we’re coming out of it very strong because the foundations were so good. Marc, we’re coming out of it very, very strong. You see the numbers are coming out great. We’re almost ready to hit a brand new stock market high in the middle of a pandemic. And I say rounding the corner of the pandemic. But it’s been it’s been pretty amazing. It’s been it’s been incredible. And I think we’re going to do very, very well with Hispanic. I think we’re going to do very well with the black community. I think we’re going to do very well with. I think we’re going to do very well with everybody. I can tell you, we had tremendous enthusiasm for years ago. It’s much more now you look at these boats. I mean, thousands of boats are rivers and oceans. I mean, every weekend and tractors now and trucks and thousands of trucks the other day in Iowa. Thousands and thousands of trucks. Nobody’s ever seen that. It’s organic. It just forms. We’re not doing it. It’s been an amazing period of time, actually. And I think I think you’re going to see that they want to vote. You know, our voters want to vote. They don’t want to. They don’t want to send in those phony ballots which are turning out to be a disaster. I don’t know if you saw today, today in Ohio. Fifty thousand ballots were wrong. Fraudulent. Fifty thousand. You know, you’re talking about that would be a good win. And 50000ballots in Ohio. It’s incredible what’s going on. Actually, incredible. Let me let me ask you a few my questions and let’s talk about this past. Think about all the things you’ve done, all the time you spent on the team. You put together the experts, the pharmacy, the Defense Production Act, how cheap barracks on and on and on and on. And the Democrats are sitting in the basement and shooting spitballs and blaming you for over hundred thousand deaths when you had nothing to do with what happened in the nursing homes and so forth. What do you think about that? Well, I think it’s a shame. And I think it’s now starting when you look at the vaccines that were coming out with we’re coming out with incredible medicines and vaccines regenerate. And when you look at what’s happening, I think people are starting to see what a good job we’ve done. You know, the ventilators, nobody could have done what we’ve done with the biggest probably the biggest thing that’s happened since. In terms of mobilization since World War 2, they say generators and we’re making it for right now all over the world. And, you know, our job is to stock and to help. The governor is the 50 governors, some of whom have done a great job, some of whom have done a terrible job. But we did that. We got them what they needed. They were their cupboards were bare. They should have been full. But when I took over, we were bare from Obama and Biden. By the way, Biden did one of the worst jobs ever with the H1N1 swine flu, did a terrible job. And, you know, they. All they do is they sit back and they criticize. But we’ve done a fantastic job. And you’re going to see it now with the medicines and with the vaccines, because we’re so far ahead. This would have taken somebody else years to come through. And we’re doing it. I mean, literally in a matter of months, we were able to do things that were that have been amazing. You know, Mr. President, you’re running in part on defending the Constitution, defending the Supreme Court, defending the institution of the Senate, defending the voting process, including the Electoral College. Joe Biden doesn’t even have the guts to say what he would do with the Supreme Court. What he would do with the filibuster. What do the American people to make of this? Well, he’s going to obviously pack the court. Nobody even thought this was possible. I guess FDR tried it. He didn’t make it. But they’re going to end the filibuster. They’re going to do use their nuclear as the expression, use the nuclear option. Of course, Harry Reid did that. And that’s why I’m going to end up with 300judges by the end of my first term, which is shocking. That’s a record. And three Supreme Court judges. But Harry Reid, what he did was, you know, I always say thank you, Harry Reid, but they’re going to do that. It’s that Biden so much. It’s, you know, the radical left and they’re going to pack the Supreme Court. I don’t even know how many judges you’re talking about. It could be much more than the 16. They’re going to add new states so that they’ll end up in, you know, picking up two senators from every state. They. More than two. By the way. You know, they don’t do. But they can earn much more. And they’re going to really stack the system. And that’s why it is the most important election we’ve ever had. Mark. Without question. Know, I agree completely. Because the Democrat Party wants to do is take over the government and take over the Constitution. So there’s never competition to defeat them, just like California. And you’re gonna have a hard time reading this book. They’re gonna have a hard time beating us again. I don’t know if you heard me before we got cut off. But the fact is that we have tremendous enthusiasm on this tremendous far more than we had then. And the real polls are showing we’re leading all over the place. The real polls, not the fake polls put out by the newspapers, put out by the media. I mean, just look at these polls, 9:00, every party out there coming to agree with me. You need to bring five or 10 people to the poll. You need to be Paul Revere. You need to make sure that you don’t just open that you’re in charge of five or 10 people. You agree with that? I do, because they cheat. And you look at what’s going on with the ballots today. I don’t know if you saw in Ohio, great state were leading way a lot in Ohio, but the 50000 ballots, 50000, you know, that is I mean, you could win by 50000. That’s a lot. Fifty thousand ballots were. Something happened, manipulated, let’s call it fifty. They’re finding ballots in garbage cans with the Trump name on it. Military ballots. They find ballots. They found a whole blank of ballots in a river in a stream. In a very good state. But it’s disgraceful. And then you look at some of the races recently, even look at the Iowa racein the primary. The Democrat primary who won that race, they still don’t know. And that small time, compared to what we’re talking about, you know, we’re talking about a nation. No, it’s a very it’s a very serious threat. We’re watching it very closely. And the good news is we’re winning a lot of cases we’re winning. We just want a big win today. We’re winning a lot of cases. How about where they want to have the ballots in by a certain time and then they don’t have to count them until two weeks after the election’s over? Crazy. That means that means or the whole country is going to have to wait for one state to let us know who won the election. Right. But we’re winning those cases. We just won one today. And just because you want to nominate somebody to the Supreme Court and dead, which is your constitutional duty in the Senate, which is Republican, chooses to vote on it, you know, there’s never been a president in American history, not one who hasn’t done exactly what you did. Sure. And they turn it around and make it like you’re doing something exceptional. It’s unbelievable. Nothing. I’m elected to be president. In fact, Justice Ginsburg years ago when she was in sort of the same position, but opposite party, she said, no, the president is elected for four years, not for three years. And it’s as simple as that. And we have a lot of time. I mean, we should do it quickly and should be done before the election. But, you know, we have a lot of time after the election to. But I don’t wanna even suggest that because I don’t want to give the Republicans any ideas to slow it down. You made a lot of decisions. You’re always attacked, but you made a lot of decisions you were attacked for in the Middle East. They told you don’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Don’t move the embassy there. Don’t recognize sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t repeal the Iran deal. And now peace is breaking out as a result of the Trump doctrine. The Trump Doctrine, you’ve been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And they still attack you in the media, in the Democrat Party. You got to wonder, don’t you? Well, I was nominated for, I guess, three times now, and the media doesn’t even mention that when Obama got nominated, it was the biggest I remember it took over the world and nobody knew what he did, including him. He had no idea what he did to get nominated. It was at the beginning and should have never been nominated. But we’re going to have peace in the Middle East without blood all over the sand. And I did it the opposite way. And you have to see, I have countries lined up that want to get into the deal now. They want to get into the deal. And it’s a great thing to see. And it’s not only it’s not costing us anything. I just did it the reverse of what these people did. And then they used to criticize me. Now they’re all saying, well, this is really surprising. Remember, Kerry got up and said it will never happen, that doing it the way I’m doing it will never happen. He had no clue. He gave one hundred and fifty billion dollars to Iran and one point eight billion in cash. And he never left the table, never left, never stood up in indignation because they ripped us off so badly. But now Iran. I’ll tell you what. If I win if and when, hopefully when. But if I win, they’ll come to the table and they’ll agree to everything. Because if you look at terror right now, they’re not you know, Iran is doing very, very poorly because the sanctions that I put on and they don’t want to. They don’t have the money to give it to terrorist organizations now. I say that very mildly, because, you know, it’s easy to create problems. But look at what’s happened over the last two years. Look at what’s happened with North Korea. We were supposed to be in a war with North Korea immediately after I took office. Obama expected to be. What’s happened? Nothing. Sanctions are on the relationships. Fine. No war. And that’s a nuclear war where millions of people would be killed. Millions. Nothing’s happened. I have a good relationship. It’s crazy. You know, today we have a good relationship with another country. People say, oh, is that terrible? No, it’s a good thing, not a bad thing. At the same time, I built a military. We have the best equipment. We’re the envy of the world, Russia, China. They all would love to have the stuff we have. We have the greatest equipment ever built ever in history. Ever in history. Hopefully we don’t have to use it. Quick question, energy independent. This country’s been trying to be energy independent for half a century. You’ve put in policies in place with fracking and so forth. Fuel prices are very, very low. Right. You slash taxes and you were focused on the middle class working people more than anybody else. Right. Joe Biden says he’s going to reverse all this. Yeah. So what happens when he reverses all this? Everything goes in the opposite direction, right? Well, you’ll get rid of your cars. You’ll get rid of your television sets. You’ll get rid of your air conditioners. You’ll have rolling blackouts or brownouts if you’re lucky. Brownouts. You’ll get rid of everything and you know, we have the greatest where right now we’re energy independent. We don’t have to be in the Middle East, except we’ll protect Israel, will protect some of the people that we protect. But we don’t have to be in the Middle East anymore, we don’t need the oil, we have more oil than they do. We’re energy independent now for the first time. And you’re right. Look at the gasoline prices at two dollars unless nobody thought that was possible. That’s like a tax cut. But I gave the biggest tax cut in history. He wants to end it. That means that every family is going to have to pay two, three, four thousand dollars a year more if you include energy in that. That means that every family will have to pay three, four, five thousand dollars a year more if you include energy, because you won’t have you won’t be able to buy two dollar fuel anymore for your car. I mean, the zone for two dollars. You can forget about that. We have this thing rolling so well and it was perfect until China came along with the plague, but now it’s getting great again. Really great. It’s going to be whenever have one of the best years we’ve ever had next year. And he wants to raise everybody’s taxes. You know, it’s amazing, Marc, because nobody ever talks about it. But he’s against the Second Amendment. It’s not even him. It’s his people. They’re never going to allow. The Second Amendment is going to be obliterated, totally obliterated, and so many other things. When he talks, when he get selected on the basis there will be no fracking and the following day after they get elected, they change it, saying there will be fracking. He says it very modestly because they’ll never allow it to happen. They’ll never allow fracking to happen. That means you lose Pennsylvania. You lose you lose everything. But but if I did that. Could you imagine if I ran on the basis of no fracking, then all of a sudden one day you say, all right. Fracking that don’t even question him on this stuff. They don’t even question him because the press is very corrupt in our country. It’s extremely corrupt. You know, you raise a very important point. And I want to circle back briefly on the Supreme Court, the Senate, the filibuster, the the Electoral College and so forth. How do you remain silent on things when you’re going to put your hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and you won’t tell the American people where you stand. We know where you stand. You’re against all this stuff. And yet and yet he gets away with it. I’m going to tell you, Senator. Mr. Mr President, look, this this commission on the presidential debates, I hire moderators that are extremely hostile to you. And so I looked at this. The co-chair gave nine thousand dollars to the Democrats. Another co-chair gave 5000 dollars to a Democrat. Jane Harman’s on the board of directors, old Democrat. She gave 30000 of the Democrats. You got another guy, another Democrat, who said about you. There’s a great deal of fear and a great deal of anxiety in the country about you. You got another one on their board that says you’re disqualified. You should be disqualified as commander in chief. Then you have another guy who says you’re ill equipped to be president. He’s a former Obama flunky. Then you have Olympia Snowe, who’s sort of a left wing Democrat, and she says you’re hurting our brand. How in the hell can they set up a commission like this, which is supposed to be objective and impartial? Clearly, it’s not. And then you’re required to comply. They don’t even contact your campaign to discuss what they want to do. Well, I know all about that. And if you look at it, if you remember last time we against Crooked Hillary, I had a debate where they isolated my mike and they were forced to apologize legally. They were forced to apologize. They would turn my mike down. Up and down whenever I look at her. And we caught them and they actually apologized that it over. You remembered. But it’s an important factor. No, it’s a Clinton Obama group of people. And, you know, you have the one guy, the chairman who is this, who is basically a never jumper. But now you put on Chris Wallace. He was terrible the other night. I thought Chris Wallace was a disgrace the other night because we had we had Biden. He was on the run. When I talked to him about the Russian, what did you get? Three and a half million dollars from the head of Russia, from Moscow. As you know, the mayor of Moscow is what he was totally on the run. And then what about the billion dollars? You’re not going to do it unless you get rid of the prosecutor. And Chris Wallace kept interjecting, saying, you can’t say that. You can’t do this. Chris Wallace was terrible the other night. He will never be, Mike. That’s the only thing I can say about Chris. You’ll never be, like I said all the time, but he was bad. And now they have a never Trump or I didn’t know too much about this guy from C-SPAN, but it turns out that he’s never Trumper. So I don’t care about that because I’ve had Martha Raddatz, I’ve had them all. And I’ve always won the debates. I think we won the debate the other night. But, you know, he kept saying false things, lying about soldiers and graves lying a made up story. They made up the story. You know, they’ll make up a story and put it out like it’s real. So if you don’t interrupt me and then people assume it’s you have to sort of stick up for yourself. But they are a bad group of people. And this debate commission, you know, it sounds so good. The presidential commission and debates sound so wonderful. No, it’s in my opinion, it’s a crooked deal. But you look at the guy. They give him me for the next debate. He’s never chopper Steve Scully. Mr. President, it always seemed nice that we didn’t know it was in every area. I don’t know him. I don’t know if I ever met him. But he’s a C-SPAN guy, but he’s never jumper. And you can’t put in ever Trump, right. Chris Wallace is essentially an anti Trump guy. But Fox is a whole different ballgame. When somebody told me that they were asking me about the difference between this and four years ago, one of the biggest differences in Fox is Fox is a whole different ballgame than it used to be. Fox was great. Fox was great. Fox is no longer great. It’s I don’t know. Something happened. Very sad. Gee, I’m going to get a few calls about that, but you got to be able to speak your mind. I said on Fox, I don’t care what differences I make at this point, but FOX is a whole different ballgame. And you know that Paul Ryan on the board and there was a big difference. I think that was a big difference. Paul Ryan, once they put Paul Ryan on the board. I mean, Nancy Pelosi issued a subpoena today with Paul Ryan where they had the majority. He wouldn’t issue a subpoena. She gives them out like cookies with Paul Ryan. Can I ask you about Nancy Pelosi? She’s out there. I don’t think she has it together. I’m just being perfectly honest with who she is talking about the 25th Amendment. They don’t even know what the 20s are in her 25th Amendment. Use it on her. Well, there needs to be something when you have the number two in line for the presidency. It appears to me to be quite unhinged. And she is obsessed. She is so filled with hate with you in this 25th Amendment thing is just another ruse, just like the impeachment thing was another ruse. Mr. President, here’s my question to you. She seems to be saying if you don’t give hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars to these blue states to bail them out, to bail out their pensions, these mayors who don’t take action against the rider and bail them out, then the airlines can drop dead. The people on unemployment can drop dead. The small businesses can drop that. Is she holding a gun to the head of thecountry? I don’t think so, because I have to be honest with you. I want to give stimulus money. I believe in stimulus. I do. It wasn’t the people’s fault. And I want to give stimulus, even if it helps some of the states and they’re badly run blue states, Democrat states. But but I actually you know, I’ll give you a little difference. I want to give stimulus because, you know, it’s a good thing and not a bad thing. And we get the money back anyway in one form or another. But you don’t want to bailout these pension funds? No, but I think no. It depends on, you know, which one you’re talking about, why they were hurt, et cetera, et cetera. But I’m OK with stimulus. I’m on the side of stimulus all the way. But I will tell you this on the 25th Amendment. I think they want to use it for Biden. That’s why they’re doing it. They want to put it in for Biden. Now, that’s interesting. And I think they want to use it so that. Kamala can take over for Biden because Biden is not there. Everybody knows that he is at his batting at 50 percent of his lucky. And I think they want to use it for putting Kamala, who is adream for them, even though she did very, very poorly. But she a dream for them. She’s their dream candidate because he’s radical left. Like she’s not even socialist. She’s beyond socialist. I won’t use the word, but she is far beyond socialist. And what they’re doing is I and I’ve been told this by good pretty good sources. They like, you know, this amendment or commission for the twenty-fifth Amendment, so that if he gets in they can switch and they’ll flip over like you so fast. You have no idea. Well, we went over. But I want to thank you, Mr. President, for all your time, sir, for the technical bug there. But we muscled through it and our best to the first lady. How she feeling? She’s doing good. She’s doing good. She had it. But she’s a strong young in good shape. She ate. She can roll through it. It’s an amazing thing, but it’s incredible with what they’ve developed over the last few months. What we’ve been able to develop, these scientists and doctors are brilliant. And you’ll be seeing that very soon. All right, sir. God bless and thank you very much. Thank you very much, Mark. All right. Be well. President United States. So I’ll be curious to know what you think, folks. Prison United States sounded great to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear the time the president spent with my buddy Rush because I was on an airplane, but I understand it was absolutely superb. And I think what the president’s doing is very, very wise. He’s gone on the biggest radio shows that are out there. He’s going on the biggest TV shows that are out there while he. Well, he can’t go to these rallies and so forth and very, very wise politically and otherwise, because he can get his message out. Without people barking at him, without people spinning what he’s saying, without people attacking him, without without all the drama. And you’ll notice he can talk for an hour or two hours and he can talk very easily about these issues that he’s dealing with. Joe Biden does not make himself available for this kind of a conversation. Forget about me. I understand he thinks I’m a smartass. He told me that once, but he’s not capable of a period. And he starts mumbling and fumbling and so forth and so on. This commission, this presidential commission is like so much that is involved with the government or quasi governmental has been has been poisoned. The left always devours these institutions. They secrete themselves into these institutions. The board and the management of the Commission on Presidential Debates is far left. It’s Democrat. They can point to Farrakhan that Farrakhan Farrakhan, who was the head of the Nevada Republican Party and also had some at the RNC. But he’s a you know, he’s a throwaway. He’s just he’s a Republican who gets along to go along. He’s a he’s an old lobbyist for casinos, among other things. That’s not the way the Democrats play ball. Then he goes on TV, says, we want a virtual debate because, you know, we’re concerned about our staff. I don’t get this. You go into a grocery store and you see people working their butts off. You see them putting food on the shelves. You see the cashiers. You see the pharmacists. You see the assistance to the pharmacies. So much of our economy is functioning. So many of our people are functioning. But they can’t put on a debate. It’s like Joe Biden. This is a this is a fraud. What Joe Biden is doing, ladies and gentlemen, he’s hiding behind this virus. He’s hiding behind this virus. No credible scientists, no credible expert says you have to stay in your house hour after hour after hour after hour. None. None. There is socialist. Excuse me, social distancing. But it doesn’t say you have to hide in a hovel. And really, nobody is unless you’re so sickly and so elderly, you need to be protected and that might be him. Now, what’s interesting to me is Nancy Pelosi talks about Donald Trump. We know what Donald Trump’s drugs, what drugs he was on. We have no idea what drugs Joe Biden is on. None. And nobody asks. We’ve no idea what drugs Nancy Pelosi is on, she’s 80 years old. She’s on something. What is she on? It’s quite apparent. No, Nancy Pelosi is number two inline to be president, right? Why isn’t she and her big dumb husband, Paul, why don’t they release their tax returns? Show us the way they’re extraordinarily wealthy, but they don’t. Now she’s going to create this phony commission, she’s not creating anything because the Senate’s not going to vote for it. And the president’s not going to sign it. But it’s very interesting what the president said actually make some sense to me. They would love to set this up. So one day they kick the can down the road and they can being Joe Biden. Everything’s on the table, that’s what Schumer said. Everything’s on the table and I think everything is on the table. I really do. And that’s why the president’s right when he says this is the most important election certainly in modern history. I would argue it’s the most important election since 1864 when Abraham Lincoln was they thought he was behind until General Sherman broke through, took Atlanta and then were burned his way through Georgia to the sea. They needed a big victory and they got a big victory. And Abraham Lincoln was re-elected. This is that that important? We are fighting for our Constitution. You heard the present president standing up for the Supreme Court. He’s standing up for the Senate, the filibuster rule, the Electoral College. The Democrats want to attack and control our government. The reason they want to do these things is not because of the benefit of the American people, because they will be in power for 100 years. And this president is the only thing that stands between us and them. So I’m hoping all you Levinites out there, as I say, over and over and over again. Please don’t let it go in one ear and out the other. I don’t. Please take responsibility forgetting 5, 10 people to the polls are making sure they vote early. It’s crucially, crucially important. And if all of you listening do this. We will win in a landslide. If all of you listening will do this, we will learn and win in a landslide. Interesting. The president talking about certain polls when it comes to Arizona and Florida and so forth. Very, very interesting. We talk about the polls here not often. But I think there in some ways a distraction, and I think in many ways they’re the put out there to dispirit us. The dispirit us, and that’s not what I’m trying to do here. Trying to rally the troops for the country each and every one of you as a Paul Revere. Each and every one of you is a Thomas Paine. That’s how important this is. This is 1776. They think it’s 1619. It’s 1776. Politically speaking. You should be excited. You should be motivated. You should have resolve. You should be saying to yourself and your family, what can we do? How can we contribute? Getting people out to vote as many as you possibly can. That’s how you do it. That’s how you do it. And you can make a huge difference in this election. They’re not counting on you doing this. They’re not counting on you doing this at all. But I am. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

How many presidents think about this? Connect with the people the way this president. None. None. How many presidents make themselves available? Forget about me. Make themselves available the way this president does. None, absolutely none. You’re watching a remarkable time in American history and you’re watching. The what do they call the forces of darkness trying to destroy him. Trying to destroy him. We now have all the documents. I won’t bore you with it, you know what they tried to do to him? They set him up with this phony Russia issue. They spied on his campaign. They set up as General Flynn. Obama was in on the whole thing Biden knew. How could he not? Hillary Clinton and the DNC working with a an organization that worked with a Russian spy. And then they turned the whole narrative on its head that it’s Trump working with the Russians. It’s Trump who sold out to Vladimir Putin. We have never had anything like ladies in here. This was a scandal committed against us. We the American people. This was a coup, a coup attempt, whether The New York Times and Davey Alba, get it or not. It is shocking what they did and shocking you have what they did for years. They knew this whole thing was a lie. And they launched a criminal investigation, hoping to force the president out of office to set him up on obstruction or perjury, having nothing to do with the lies. They lied to the FISA court. They lied to the American people over and over and over again. You had Stalinist like flunkies like Adam Shiff out there. And of course, even Pelosi. And now look what they tried to do to this commission. Bob Dole is a man of enormous courage and integrity. A hero. And he just tweeted out a statement. It would be awfully nice of if George Bush would wake the hell up. And others. Bob Dole tweeted out a statement that no Republicans on the debate commission support Trump. I just went through the list. They’re almost all Democrats, partisan Democrats. This isn’t some objective organization. Board of the directors include Senator John Danforth, he’d never Trump or Olympia Snowe and never Trump or. It’s just it’s appalling. And Bob Dole’s right to call it out. And this is why you get the kind of moderators that you get. I don’t blame the president for being angry. But everything everything is tinged with this leftism in this Democrat Party stuff. They are doing everything humanly possible to prevent him from being reelected. What are they scared of? What are they scared of? They’re scared of you. And they’re scared of him. Because he’s bringing American, putting it back on the right track. He’s putting it back on the right track. And they don’t want the right track. They want to destroy the Supreme Court. They want to destroy the Senate. They want to destroy the way we elect people. They want to destroy the way we pass legislation. The Democrat Party wants complete and full control and the media want them to have complete and full control. Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, D Lemon, Fredo Cuomo, who else? Who else? All of them. Why? They’re all Democrats. George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd, all Democrats, all leftists, all of them. Every damn one of them. Same at The New York Times, same at The Washington Post. But we’ve never had a president that relates to the people like this. They’re called commoners. They’re rate related to the commoner, to the middle class, a hardworking. We’ve never had a president who relates to people like this. Never. And be a damn shame if we lose him. And you’re gonna be damn sorry if we do. Who cares about him interrupting Biden? Somebody needs to interrupt that old fool. He should be interrupted a thousand times. He’s such an a hole. Did I say that? I did. Recorded and push it out. I don’t call him Hitler the way they call our man Hitler. But look at the mentally unhinged Nancy Pelosi. Ever seen anybody in public life conduct themselves this way? She’s a fruitcake. She’s lost in. And look at Schumer’s like dog winning, bargaining with his eye, with his left wing agenda. As he prays to liberalism and false idols. Unbelievable. President. Connecting with the American people, looking for every way to talk to the American people. Comes on talk radio, goes on cable TV. He faces down a left wing Democrat hostile kamikaze press. He confronts them. Where’s Joe Biden? Can have a president who conducts himself like Joe Biden, for God’s sakes. Are grossly quirks have more guts than Joe Biden? All right. We’ve got a lot to talk about in the next two hours of the program. I don’t take my foot off the gas pedal on Friday. I push it down on the gas pedal on Friday. And so we’ve got a lot of things we want to get into here. Again, we want to thank the president, United States. He stayed way over. And we very much appreciate him and we appreciate him talking to you. He wants to talk to you. He wanted to do this very, very much. I’ll be right back.