October 8, 2020

October 8, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, The major difference in this election is that one Party wants to replace the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. While Mike Pence proved that he was qualified to serve as Vice President, Sen. Kamala Harris failed to even demonstrate that she was even qualified to be a U.S Senator. What’s more, the Commission on Presidential Debates continues to move the goal post on its rules for upcoming debates. Similarly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues lobbying bogus threats of invoking the 25th Amendment on President Trump to remove him from office for mental illness. This will not happen. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in and says that Pelosi knows this will not be a reality, and what’s in question is whether she should remain Speaker. Making such egregious allegations just before an election begs the question of whether Pelosi has the mental capacity to hold the office of Speaker. Afterward, Gov Gretchen Whitmer is using a horrible event aimed at her to blame the president of the united states. The plot to kidnap and harm her was sick and it’s equally as sick to blame Trump for the actions of others. The president has denounced the KKK and has done more in his first term for American Americans than any other president in modern history. Trump made lynching a federal hate crime. Now the hacks at the NY Times are gearing up to blame the plot on Whitmer on Trump, by saying that he’s a White supremacist. Finally, candidate Dale Crafts for Maine’s 2nd congressional district calls in with an update on his campaign.


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President very wisely is making the use of national talk radio. He will be on Russia’s show tomorrow. He will be on the show tomorrow from 6 to 6thirty pm Eastern Time. And we very much look forward to it. We can give him air cover where others cannot. And so I think that’s a very, very good decision by the president. And we look forward to having him on for a full 30 minutes, no commercials, no breaks the top of the hour to the bottom of the hour and so you’ll hear him on Rush and you’ll hear him on the Mark Levin Show. You know, the debate last night was fantastic. The vice president, the United States, was brilliant. And yet what’s interesting is he didn’t have to do anything. Extraordinary or unique? To make it abundantly clear that he’s qualified to be vice president and president of the United States because the role of a vice president is really to be qualified to step up if necessary. Kamala Harris demonstrated she’s really not even qualified to be a United States senator. She was bouncing around up there like a valley girl, Mr. Producer. With all due respect. And she had a couple of bad one liners memorized, like don’t lecture me about prosecutions, I thought that was bizarre. And a few others. She was completely vapid on farm policy. All this talk about how they’re going to attack on the Corona virus, she had absolutely nothing to offer. Zero. I can’t think of a profound. Forget about profound and important point she even mentioned. I really can’t. Really quite remarkable. And then the facial movements and so forth. But what’s appalling is this. The very next thing early this morning, this so-called Commission on presidential debates. Changes the rules for the next debate. They don’t care about the medical science. That the president, the United States, can in fact debate can debate the same way that the vice president and Kamala Harris debate it, distance, plastic shields, whatever. This commission is a disaster. Every moderator. Has been biased, every moderator asks questions. That assumed the Democrat talking points. Even as night. Even last night. Hey, you want to follow the signs? Well, then how can you call a baby in a womb? A choice. What does the science tell us about that baby in the womb? Is it a baby or isn’t it a baby? Or in last night’s case, you want to pack the Supreme Court. FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court. You know who stopped him? A Democrat senator from North Carolina pulled together enough Democrats and enough Republicans to stop. And wouldn’t that wouldn’t that harm separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of the Supreme Court? No questions, no pressing. Yet there’s a big deal. A very big deal. And now we have Nancy Pelosi up there and Nancy Pelosi is mentally ill. Just so you understand, she’s mentally ill. She has the shakes. Her face with old age is malformed. She’s very big on wanting mental tests. We’d like to have the mental test of Nancy Pelosi after all. As the media are fond of telling us, she’s second inline to the presidency. Where’s her health records? Has anybody seen Nancy Pelosi’s health records? Has anybody seen anything about Nancy Pelosi’s mental condition? Has anybody seen Nancy Pelosi’s taxes? I mean, she is second in line. Of course not. And will she be asked about that? No. Tomorrow she’s here. He just wait. Tomorrow, 25thAmendment, 25th Amendment. She’s such an idiot in the media that cover her are so stupid and illiterate when it comes to our Constitution. That they’ll sit there and lap it up and they know that they’ll sit there and lap it up. And so now we have another non-issue. And unfortunately, it’s going to take me to deal with it. As I try and bring truth and reality to what’s taking place, so take a look at the 25th Amendment, what she’s honing in on a section for. Section 4. And we will dispense with this rather quickly. But I’ll take up two or three news cycles because the media will want it to take up two or three news cycles. Here’s Section 4. Of the 25th Amendment. Whenever the vice president and a majority of either the principal officers or the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide. Transmit to the president pro tem of the Senate. The speaker of the House, their written declaration that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. The Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as acting president. Now he goes on. It goes on, it’s more complicated than this. It involves the cabinet, involves the vice president. And in the end you need two thirds vote of both houses to remove a president. So that’s not going to happen. You don’t even need two thirds vote of both houses to remove a president under impeachment. If a majority in the House impeaches. Right. And you need 60 members of the Senate to remove. Here you would need more. Two thirds vote of both houses. That would mean two thirds vote of the House of Representatives, so that’s not going to happen. The cabinet is not going to vote. Or the vice president majority in the cabinet, a vice president, that the president’s unable to discharge his powers or duties of office. So what we have heard is Nancy Pelosi abusing her power, trying to create news cycles, knowing full well she can manipulate the media. And unfortunately, a lot of the population to bring up the president’s mental condition. This is loathsome. Now for the media out there. Of such other body as Congress may by law provide. There is no other body that’s been provided by law by Congress. So all Nancy Pelosi is going to do tomorrow is do a fan dance. For the guys and gals in the media who will be throwing dollar bills, if you will, add Nancy Pelosi with phony questions. They have to pass a law for another body. What is she called some commission she wants to set up, which has to be passed by the House, passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president. Now, that’s just not going to happen. So what is she doing? She’s not doing anything. Except attacking the president, trying to put the patina of the constitution around her idiocy, knowing full well that the morons who cover her on cable TV and the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost and the rest of it. But just chew this up while they’re throwing around the 25th Amendment, the president’s and say you’re not. And that’s it. It’s Nancy Pelosi who’s insane. It’s Nancy Pelosi who’s mentally ill. She’s off her rocker. There is no law that’s been passed by Congress to craft this other body. Respecting the president’s physical or mental ability to do his job. This is a fake issue. It is a concocted new story. Got it. It goes nowhere. Zero. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

The Republican leader, the House of Representatives is Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi is a crackpot. I’m just I’m just going to tell you this. She’s talking about the 25th Amendment under the under the fourth section of the 25th Amendment. The vice president majority have either the principal officers of the executive apartments or such other body as Congress may by law provide can begin the removal process. For a president who’s said to be unfit physically or mentally takes two thirds of both houses. But you don’t have a law and there is no body that’s been set up. And that would require a vote in the House that have to be passed in the Senate and signed by the current president. So she’s basically doing a fan dance for the reporters, one who I’m sure going to be throwing dollar bills at her. She knows this will not be a reality. This is just another attempt to attack our democracy. And you know what it really brings into question whether she should be speaker. What is her mental capacity to even bring this up? We are talking 27 days before an election. You know, she’s second in line to the president right after the vice president to bring this up at this time. The only fathoms of why I think she could doit is she’s believing Joe Biden is going to win. They’re going to win the Senate. They’re going to win the House. And she questions his mental capacity and want Kamala Harris to become president. That is the only way I think she would ever think of that. But it does bring into question whether she should still be speaker of the House. And I’m getting together with a number of members. And I will tell you, there’s people on the other side that even raised this question as well, because think about who she’s partnering with, Congressman Raskin. This is the exact same man that introduced this in 2017. Another crack that. Yeah. Oh, he’s beyond a crackpot. Remember who he was even prior two days prior to the president Trump being sworn in. He goes to a rally and says, I’m going to impeach him. That is his whole legacy of being in Congress to try to impeach a president under no basis, but only go against what the voters of America have decided. These people want to dismantle our society. So you’re going to get together and look at ways to do what the Pelosi we’re going to get we’re going to get together, find out ways that we can craft something, because it brings into it really brings into question her own mental capacity to be speaker of the House 27 days before an election, to raise this, knowing that she could not pass it, knowing that she’s second in line to the presidency. This is not somebody who should be serving as the speaker of the House of Representatives. So it’s a question from our own body, should she be removed from that position? And how would we go about in the house determining if she’s mentally fit? Are you going to recommend the same commission? Take a look at her mental capacity. I mean. Submit any kind of records about her health or mental health and so forth. I doubt she does right to be speaker number two from the presidency. Number two. Yeah. And think about it. If she is now saying they should have a commission to do that with the president, shouldn’t you do that with all three people who are in line to the presidency? The president themselves or the vice president and the speaker of the House? Shouldn’t she have to submit to the same test that she’s trying to claim? I think she’d have a very difficult time being able to pass what she’s putting out there. I think she would. I think she’s clearly reached a point in her life where there’s deterioration. I mean, she’s shaking up there. She slurs her words like like Biden in many respects. And let’s look at it this way to the airline industry has gone bust. Tens of thousands of jobs, pilots, flight attendants, ticket agents and so on. She says, look, it’s gonna go bust unless you give me, you know, another hundred or two or three, four hundred billion dollars to bail out the pension plans in these blue states. Now, what kind of a mind is that exactly? She mentions cannabis more than she mentions jobs and her two point six billion or 3 trillion dollar bill. But this is even more telling. Think about the pain that she has caused America. And this is another deflection. Why is she doing this when she knows it will go nowhere? It brings question into so close before an election. She’s tried to deflect for her from her own ability of what she’s done. Penalizing America by holding up any relief bill. The president says he’s ready to do it. We have one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars already appropriated sitting there to go to small businesses to grow their employees. We have more than 100 billion that can go to states. We have resources that almost a trillion that have already been appropriated that you don’t even have to spend more money, but it’s willing to go and she’s holding it all up. But I think the big news are you just broke here and it really is big is that you’re pulling together a a group of members to try and determine if Nancy Pelosi is fit any further to be speaker of the House, correct? That is exactly correct. If she is going forward with what she talks about right now, it raises the question of her ability to be speaker of the House. They’re doing this with 27 days to go, knowing that it cannot go anywhere brings into doubt with her own mental capacity and what she has been doing and the pain to the American public by withholding the ability to bring relief during this current situation. And remember, Mark, with every covered package that we went forward with, she held it up from her ice cream at the refrigerator to her money. More for the Kennedy Center each and every time she inflicted more pain onto the American public. All right, my friend, I want to thank you and the members who are going to work with you, because I think this is long overdue. I think Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated at these press really and otherwise when she does interviews on MSNBC and CNN that she’s really she’s really unhinged and she’s taking her personal hate to the present for the president to a new level. And she is harming this country. All these people that need relief, all these businesses that need relief that are going to go into our airlines, for God sakes, she’s holding them all hostage. She’s demanding money, a shakedown, blackmail for her blue state governors and mayors. And now this on the president, the United States in the middle of a pandemic. Kevin? Yes. All right, my friend. Thank you. A very important initiative. I appreciate it. There you have it. The House Republicans are now going to look into whether Nancy Pelosi is able to do her job and whether she’s fit anymore to be speaker and the number two in line to be president, the United States. That’s very, very important. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

So I get an inquiry. You gotta love this time, Mr. Bates. I guess they don’t realize. I have a microphone from the New York Slimes gentleman by the name of Davey. I don’t know who he is. He’s the he’s a tech reporter for The New York Times. And I’m going to post this. And he says, I’m a reporter with The New York Times, where I’m writing about drawing rumors of Election Day coup. I’m hoping to reach Mark Levin first tweet and Facebook post in which he said, quote, If a defeated Biden does not concede and his party’s riders take to the streets in a coup attempt against President Trump, will the military but needed to stop them? He goes on disinformation experts have told us that talk of an election, a coup, is riling up people online and that real world harm may well be a possibility on November 3rd. I wanted to ask Mark. I wanted to ask if Mark had a comment or if he wanted to add further context to his posts for our piece to help contextualize what he meant. It was Davey, a woman. And so this is a typical hit job being set up by The New York Times. Let me know if you’d like to chat about the story or any part of this inquiry, unquote. So I’m going to post this and I’ll, of course, will respond publicly because who can trust The New York Times? My response is let me respond publicly to you, since I don’t trust the Holocaust denying New York Times to get right, whatever I say. Davey, no offense, but you’re not very sharp. This was my sarcastic response to the Democrats mocking what they’ve been saying for weeks. Democrats like Biden, Clinton, Gore, Pelosi, Podesta and others. I’m deeply concerned about their dog whistles to violent groups like and Teeth and BLM and other Democrat friendly groups, which deeply concerns me. In other words, I just replaced their names with the names that they’ve been using. And so hopefully, Davy, if that is her name, we’ll put this into her into her story. I don’t really care. We always monitor the media to see if there’s any litigious activity that they can be triggered on my part because I’m chomping at the bit. Trust me. But we’ll see. But here is an effort you can see by the increase to reverse what’s been going on. We’re going to need the military to remove Trump from the Oval Office. Have we heard this over and over again? Don’t concede under any circumstances, says Hillary Clinton. Biden is on a cop comedian’s show. Yes, yes. We may have to use the mirror. Al Gore. We may have to use the military. Podesta they have war games all set up. And I sarcastically attack them in The New York Times. Oh, is Mark inciting? This is how it works. But I’m here and we will do whatever we have to do to address these people. Let us not quickly leave the news that Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House, has made. It is very unlikely that they have the ability to remove the speaker of the House. As a result of her mental incapacity to do her job any further. And yet Kevin McCarthy wants to look into this in response to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi has no chance under the 25thAmendment. I’ve been coming close to removing the president, the United States, and yet this is a story that the media covering because Nancy Pelosi burped it out of her mouth. And here she is at her press briefing today. The clown of the Congress fan dancing in front of a. As lobbering media can’t one go? Give us your prospects here of where you think things are. Given your talks with Matt Nugent and the president and McConnell’s, I guess, hesitancy to or disagreement about the larger package, could you give us what your prospects are at this moment? Well, I don’t know what the prospects are when we hear people saying. I’m young and I’m a perfect, perfect specimen. Instead of addressing the fact that, what,50000 people were infected and reported to be infected yesterday, nearly a thousand people died. What are we talking about here tomorrow? By the way, tomorrow. Come here tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about the 25thAmendment, but not to take attention away from the subject we have now. Oh, OK. We got it. Carl Bernstein. That fat slob, what did he have to say? Go ahead. Really, we need facts and there are facts available particularly. First of all, we don’t know the president’s physiological health. We don’t know about whether or not he has definitively called it pneumonia. That every suggestion in the city does have covered pneumonia and is still suffering from it. And let’s let’s listen to this idiot. Just listen to how he. Listen to what they say. Go ahead. We don’t know what damage may have been done. We don’t know the test to his vital signs. We need full disclosure and immediately and also the real possibility that this is a time with the 25th Amendment needs to be considered, but it can’t be considered without more facts in it. Now, Eddie, it can’t be considered at all. And so what they want to do here is do an investigation into the president’s mental health. Three and a half weeks before the election. These are vile individuals. They are a cancer on the body politic, just like The New York Times. It is a complete disgrace. The way the 25th Amendment works. It doesn’t work for them. There is no law that exists and no law that will be passed. Creating such other body is Congress made by law provide. You have the vice president and a majority of the principal officers with the executive departments that have to make a determination on the president’s inability to serve as president. And, you know. It’s never been used this way by any political party to try and take out a president like this. Never. Just because one party in and pitied, particularly unhinged, unbalanced individuals in one party like Pelosi in there and their backup. Carl Bernstein and others make allegations. Doesn’t trigger an investigation that doesn’t trigger anything. Nothing. The fact that people who hate the Constitution, who are going to destroy the Supreme Court the first minute they get are gonna destroy the United States Senate, the first minute they get the legislative process, the first minute they get the Electoral College, the first minute they get. Are worried about the president’s health and they just want to look into this with the virus and so forth. This isn’t a game. We’ve got people suffering in this country. And there’s only one person who stands between relief for these people and no relief. And it’s Nancy Pelosi. She has presented a bill and her Democrats voted for a bill that would change our electoral system completely, that would force election laws on states that reject them. To create a majority Democrat Congress for the rest of time. They say no. She wants hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out the massive pension deficits in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California and other blue states. She wants hundreds of billions of dollars not to improve schools. For social distancing and other protections for students who go into these classrooms. But a blank check basically for the teachers unions. And the president has said no. So let me ask you who’s mentally ill? Who seems mentally ill to you? Pelosi. And here we are an election in three and a half weeks until the 25th Amendment has nothing to do with any of this. They throw it around. They throw it around like so they can talk about the president’s mental health. Democrats, left wing crackpot Democrats. Like old Stalinists. It’s truly disgusting, truly disgusting. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

All right, here’s my response to Davey, I just add it to it. Let me respond publicly to you, since I don’t trust The New York Times to get to get right, whatever I say. Davey, no offense, but you’re not very sharp. This was my sarcastic response to the Democrats mocking what they’ve been saying for weeks. Democrats like Biden, Clinton, Gore, Pelosi, Podesta and others. I’m deeply concerned about their dog whistles to violent groups like ATF and BLM and other Democrat friendly groups, which deeply concerns me. If you were concerned about riling up people, why didn’t you confront the Democrat Party leadership? The New York Times has a horrific history of censorship on the greatest the gravest of matters, such as its intentional censorship of the Holocaust and its publishing of Stalin, planted lies written by Walter Durante when Stalin was starving to death. Millions of Ukrainians. And you’ve been nowhere over the last several months when the Democrats are talking about using the military against President Donald Trump. Shameful. Does that kind of cover it, Mr. Producer? I’m not going to allow them to turn the tables because they are participants in this. Ladies and gentlemen, big time. Do you think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to get away? With ducking the issue, a pack in the court right up to election day, ladies and gentlemen. This is truly a profound issue. Profound issue. This is an assault on our constitution and separation of powers. I wonder what Fredo Cuomo thinks, you know, I got to give credit. I got to give credit where credit’s due. That phrase. That phrase that Frito Cuomo. Yes, and he is afraid. Cuomo. But the truth is, this is a huge issue. So I want to give credit where credit is due. Ari Fleischer, I think, came up with that phrase. Fredo Cuomo, Mr. Producer. The great Ari Fleischer I don’t even know Ari Fleischer just I give him credit because credit is due. But do you think they’re going to get away with this, ladies and gentlemen? And do you think if the Republicans proposed this right now, if they today said we’re going to support legislation, if we take the House and the Senate and the presidency? To change the core, what do you think would have happened? What do you think would have happened if they said it two years ago? What do you think they want? What have happened? Look how the Democrats in the media respond when the president, United States, following his constitutional responsibility, the Senate’s following its constitutional responsibility over one justice. Can you imagine if they said, you know, we’re going to pack the court, we’re going to add six more justices on, by the way, we’re going to put four more Democrats in the Senate. And when we’re done with that, we’re going to kill a filibuster rule. So you can’t stop anything we’re doing. Oh, I’m going to change all kinds of voting procedures. So we’re going to win forever more. What do you think they’d say? Who will? Who would they call Hitler and Stalin then? Would they call Hitler and Stalin? And we have this presidential commission. They want a virtual debate. Who are these people? They don’t even consult with the campaigns. Present United States said this morning they just heard about it on the news. These are the party nominees. This is our election, the election of the people, we set up another bureaucracy. I looked at this commission on presidential debates like 15 people, 20 people. They’d been there forever. They’re long in the tooth. They’re bureaucrats. They get paid real money from you and me. It’s incredible. No formal debates on television didn’t start till the 1960s, 1960, Nixon, Kennedy, with Howard K. Smith as the moderator, and Howard K. Smith was a great journalist. Hence a great moderator. It’s like. McNeil Layer Layer was a great moderator, hadn’t been any great moderator. You can see the way the questions are asked and how and how they embrace the. The left agenda. But I have read the Lincoln Douglas debates. And basically the way it worked. Basically. Was. They each had an hour. An hour opening the debate, the campaigns agree. The candidates agreed. These were seven debates, nine Illinois congressional district. Each debate would open within our address. Each had an hour to speak. The other would then speak for an hour and so that the candidate had opened for an hour. The candidate who is second had an hour and a half. Then they had 30 minutes a rebuttal. So you really got to hear. What the candidates had to say. So the first candidate, the one who went first had an hour. The one who won second had 90 minutes and then 30 minutes of rebuttal. For the one who went first. Douglas there running for the Senate in 1858. And even though the state legislature appointed, they were trying to influence who the state legislature should appoint. So they ran as if it was an election, even though it wasn’t. And Douglas Steven A. Douglas, he was the incumbent senator. And so in the seven debates, Douglas says the incumbent, he went first four times. The campaigns can work this out or not work it out, but we cannot have people who are claimed or assign them the title of journalist and they’re putting their finger on the scales. That’s got to stop. I’ll be right back.