President Trump deserves our thanks, support, and blessings

Despite this virus, President Trump has worked 20 hours everyday, dealing with challenges most presidents never have to confront (including the pandemic and the economic consequences), meeting with hundreds if not thousands of leaders from industry and science, medicine and pharmaceuticals, foreign leaders and members of Congress, and on and on — as well as running an election in which he travels to the states to earn the public’s vote, all while dealing with an extremely hostile press, Democrat Party, and federal bureaucracy — and it is truly remarkable he did not get this virus earlier. Even since the onset of this virus, Donald Trump has been one of the most active and successful presidents not only before the pandemic, but since. He does not waste a day of his presidency. He did not govern from the White House basement and he did not put his own health before his presidential duties. And despite his critics, those who work with President Trump know that he follows the science and the advice of doctors, he social distances and wears a mask whenever appropriate. President Trump deserves our thanks, support, and blessings.