September 15, 2020

September 15, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Energy independence was once inconceivable, now it’s a reality in the United States. ISIS once brutalized parts of the middle east but President Trump defeated ISIS early on his administration. The previous administration gave Iran cash when they were looking to gain nuclear capability, but Trump reversed it. Trump stood up to Syria when they gassed their citizens and he ended diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority because they refused to acknowledge our strongest ally in the middle east. It took an outsider to achieve this, yet the Democrats just want to attack Trump. Then, Democrats are creating unique complications with respect to the upcoming election. The Constitution (Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2) leaves it to the state legislatures to choose the electors. A Pelosi presidency is unlikely but a possibility if the 270 electoral vote threshold isn’t met and the voting moves from state legislatures to the House of Representatives. Later, Joe Biden has still not condemned Cuomo, Murphy, and other Democrats that made the delayed decision to comingle COVID-19 patients with the elderly in the nursing homes. We’ve seen Biden’s record on a pandemic response and his delivery time for a vaccine doesn’t begin to compare to Trump and there likely would have been tens of thousands of more deaths as a result.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

It’s incredible to me. You’re gonna be 63 years old, not too distant future. I’ve watched the Middle East as I’ve watched so much of the world. Most of my life. This president has put in place certain things that were never imaginable. Such as energy independence, energy independence. When we were lying on the Arab states and opaque where they would blackmail us. And we used to have even in our days to get in line to get our gas. The price of fuel went through the roof. Now we’re energy independent. Need leading another country in the face of the earth to provide us with our energy. This isn’t celebrated, it’s attacked by the Democrats and the media and the left that attacked. Now, they concocted something called climate change. Climate change. Oh, yes. So we need to destroy our energy independence. We need to slash electrical use, electricity use. We need to slash natural gas use. We need to slash oil use and coal use. We need to impoverish ourselves to save the planet. What kind of insanity is this? Then just four or five years ago, ISIS. Controlled so much of the Middle East. Slaughtering innocent human beings left and right. And we saw it on the Internet, how they were killing people every imaginable sick, grotesque way. They were raping little girls. Brutalizing people. This president defeats ISIS. You don’t wanna hear about ISIS anymore. When’s the last time you heard about ISIS? The Iran deal. Obama violates the treaty clause of the constitution with the assistance of a whole bunch of Republicans. And without getting into the weeds on that, he winds up supporting the release of one hundred and fifty billion dollars to the number one terrorist regime in the world. And we give them one point a billion dollars in cash. We do it under cover of darkness. Congress didn’t approve that, so Obama did it. And what was this supposed to bias? Time. The terrorist regime it promised that it wouldn’t seek. Nuclear weapons. Just nuclear power, of course. For an oil rich nation and needed nuclear power. And when John Kerry felt secretary of state was asked at the time, how can you trust them? He basically said, and I paraphrase, Well, we really can’t. So we had this Iran deal. Russia was all for it. China was all for the appeasers in Europe were all for. The Israelis were strongly against it. The Arab countries were strongly against it. The Republicans, for the most part, were against it. And Donald Trump was absolutely against. So what does he do? He kills it for the vast majority of it. He kills. And he was told by the Democrats, by the media, by the left. That that was a disastrous decision. What else does our president do? He follows through on promises. Which every other president failed to do. He campaigned, he said, I will move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is. And any moves our embassy to Jerusalem. And they said that would cause all kinds of violence and strife in the Middle East. You can’t do that. And he did it. He went further, he defunded the Palestinian Authority. Which was using our tax dollars. It’s called the Teller Act, which was using our tax dollars. To subsidize terrorists who got pensions and subsidies where they would kill Americans or Jews in Israel. And the more mayhem and death they created, the bigger the pension. He said enough of that. He shut down their office in Washington, D.C., which was a beehive of terrorist activity. The Golan Heights. He recognized Israel’s sovereignty, a fact over the Golan Heights. Then he came up with a peace deal. He and the prime minister of Israel. Two tremendous leaders. Which gave the Palestinians an avenue. For peace for actually two states, but among other things. They had to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and they had to agree to stop the terrorist activity. Both were a bridge too far. They couldn’t do it. They wouldn’t do it. Among other things. Then you have the president of the United States. Standing up to Syria, where Obama would not when Syria was gassing its own people not once but twice, they got hit by the United States and that stopped them. President of the United States. What does he do now? He sees that this. Prototype for so-called peace in the Middle East. And cutting it. He remembers. When the Israelis offered over90 percent of Jerusalem. To Yasser Arafat, I think was like 96 percent give it day and they turned it down. He saw that. The Clinton negotiations were a failure. He saw that Obama was turning on Israel and back in the Palestinians and trying to pressure the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, to agree to a deal or deal’s. That would threaten the existence of Israel. So the president being an outsider. Not part of the old State Department bureaucracy or national security bureaucracy or the any of the rest of the bureaucracy. Says, you know what? We’re going to try something different. And what would that be? We’re going to encourage. Some of the more moderate Arab states. To work out a deal with Israel. Because they have a common enemy, it’s called Iran, the Islam Nazi regime in Iran, which is threatening all these Gulf Arab states. The UAE, which is probably the most advanced, modernized wealthiest of the states, was the first Bahrain. In many ways, a client state of Saudi Arabia was the second. Israel already behind the scenes quietly. Has the best relations that’s ever had with Egypt. Has the best relations it’s ever had was Saudi Arabia. Israel has a security agreement with Jordan, not because it needs Jordan, but because Jordan needs Israel. And the president says, let’s build on this, let’s build on this. Let’s get peace where we might be able to actually get peace. Because the Palestinians are in some respects, you know, they’re like and TFA are black lives matter violent. Marxist oriented. It’s not a perfect parallel, but it’s good enough. We’ve tried a half a century with the Palestinians. But they’re corrupt. Hamas is a terrorist regime. Supported by the Iranians, the mother of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah. Abbas. Himself a long time terrorist. Runs the Palestinian Authority like a mobster. His concisely areas are family members and friends. They divide up the economy, they divide up industries, they divide up the geography. They make sure a certain percentage of their people are poor and stay poor and they’re treated as refugees so they can parade them around in front of the United Nations, among other things. President said, let’s break this up. That’s enough of this. Let’s stir this up in an in a way that. That might actually bring peace. Then Netanyahu a decade ago. Had his own doctrine, which said the same thing, we must bypass the Palestinians and try and deal directly with the Arab states. And look at this. Look how it’s bearing fruit. Look what’s taking place. Today on the South Lawn. I was proud to be there. There’s so many other patriots, family members and others. On the South Lawn of the White House today. The present United States. The prime minister of Israel, the foreign minister of the UAE and the foreign minister of Bahrain were all there. And they signed a peace treaty. They’re going to normalize diplomatic ties. They’re going to open embassies in Jerusalem. The Israelis are gonna open embassies in the capitals of those Arab states. There’s going to be travel and commerce and, yes, security agreements. This is absolutely incredible what’s happened to the Middle East in four years under this president. From ISIS to energy independence. To defunding Iran. To this is growth of. Alliances that could never have been imagined. And the Democrats are attacking it. And the media, for the most part, are ignoring it. We live in a country today. Where we’re close to having one party rule, the Democrat Party. It’s not the old Democrat party of Scoop Jackson or Moynihan or anything of the kind. It is an extremely radical, violent party. With propaganda machines in our major media from The New York Times, The Washington Post and every network news room and almost all the cable newsrooms, these are propaganda. Machines. So we’re close to having one party rule, and that’s what this election is about. Joe Biden has said that he will go back to pushing a two state solution and he will reintroduce the Iran deal. He will destroy everything that’s been done. Joe Biden has said, and I’m telling you in it’s hundred and ten page Communist Manifesto that he wants to eliminate fossil fuels. That’s not a joke. It’s not a Trump lie. It is a fact. AOC is involved at marquees, involved all the radical nut jobs you can imagine. That would put an end to energy independence. Not only would it drive up enormously our energy costs, you’d see blackouts and brownouts all over this country. That would make California look like a joke, but it would have severe national security implications. Because now we’ve handed power back. To oil rich countries overseas, and that would include Russia. The reason they won’t recognize this president’s incredible accomplishments. The reason why they will not give him a Nobel Peace Prize. Despite the fact he’s earned it and then some. Is because to do so would demonstrate. What a lousy, dangerous President Barack Obama was and what a lousy, dangerous Vice President Biden was. And what a lousy, dangerous party the Democrat Party is. They ruled against America. They ruled against prosperity. They ruled against the cops. They ruled against the military. They ruled against a vaccine. They ruled against peace. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Let’s think clearly I want you to put all the propaganda and static aside that you’ve been hearing now month after month. I want you to think about. The rioting and violence in our cities. These are Democrat cities and Democrat state. They’re trying to blame it on president. The China virus. President didn’t introduce this virus into this country. He’s done everything humanly possible to confront it and address it. Some of the governors, particularly the bigger states, have screwed up royally and their conduct has resulted in the death of thousands and thousands of people. President didn’t do that. They’re trying to blame the president for the deaths. The economy was shut down, had to be shut down. He was listening to the science social distancing masks. Was a virus. We never had before, it was very complex. Now he’s fighting to open the economy. They’re fighting against him in New York, California and Illinois, in New Jersey and other places. So they blame the president for the economy. But look at the bright side of things, ladies and gentlemen, we have turned the corner on the virus. We have turned the corner on the on the economy. They are going to get better. They’re on the road to getting better. But look, look at our national security strong. Look at our military strong. Look at our foreign policy. Actually, the president’s been brilliant. Look at our border. It’s getting secured with a war. They wouldn’t help him build it. And I can go on and on. When you look at the Trump record. Look at that Trump record with all the lies and propaganda and the static. It is a tremendous record. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

When you really look at the accomplishments of this is quite remarkable. The problem is you got to get through the massive propaganda activity that’s going on, all these forces that are arrayed. Against this president, there’s a reason why they never wanted him to be president of the United States and there’s a reason why they tried to take him out. And there’s a reason now why they don’t want him to come back. He’s shaken up. Our diplomacy and foreign policy in a very effective way. He’s shaken up our media by exposing them. They will never again, never again the media. Have the trust of hundreds of millions or tens of millions of Americans. He’s shaken up the left that thought they had a glide path to control. This country for the next hundred years. Truly remarkable. Just like this deal in the Middle East, truly incredible. It’s not just one number of things he’s done in the Middle East. I strongly disagree with the idea, which the president mentioned on Fox and Friends today, that he would sell F-35s to the UAE. You understand F-35s cost us billions and billions of dollars. The technology, the stop technology is second to none. And the UAE is a small country, doesn’t have the ability to protect that technology from the Chinese and and from the Russians and from the Iranians. And I heard the president say, you know, our technology last seven years, maybe 10 years, so be it. But it’s taken decades to develop it in enormous amounts of money. Somebody told me while the Chinese have that, you know, similar techno. Well, then let the Chinese give it to the UK and then we’ll steal it from them. But we have to get smart about the use of our technology. The president’s putting in place a very, very smart foreign policy, particularly as it affects the Middle East. But it would be very foolish and it would undermine that foreign policy if he just starts selling our top technology to these various countries. We need to have an edge to. Technology is the edge we have when it comes to our national security. The Chinese, our number is. By far. And you have a. The Chinese and the Russians, they believe in bulk, so they build enormous number of tanks, enormous number of this enormous number that we need our technological edge. So why would we sell our brand new best fighter jet to the UAE? It doesn’t make sense. So I will continue to strongly oppose that, despite all the best efforts to spin it. As I say, I was on the side at the South Lawn watching this with. So many wonderful people, family members, friends and even strangers, one after another would come up to me. People were ecstatic about what’s taking place. I just want you to think about four years ago there was no possibility of peace. ISIS was on the move, slaughtering and raping left and right. Iran had received tens of billions of dollars. It was on the move. Now all of that’s been reversed, all of it. This is why the Democrats don’t want to talk about it. This is why the media don’t want to talk about it, but you should. Here’s the president today cut one go. For generations, the people of the Middle East have been held back by old conflicts, hostilities, lies, treachery. So many things held them back. Actually lies that the Jews and Arabs were enemies and that Al Aqsa Mosque was under attack constantly. They would say it was under attack. These lies passed down from generation to generation, fueled a vicious cycle of terror and violence had spread across the region and all over the world. These agreements prove that the nations of the region are breaking free from the failed approaches of the past. Today’s signing sets history on a new course, and there will be other countries very, very soon that will follow these great leaders. The people of the Middle East will no longer allow hatred of Israel to be fomented as an excuse for radicalism or extremism. So important. And they’ll no longer allow the great destiny of their region to be denied. Cut to go on my first foreign trip as president. I had the honor of addressing the leaders of more than 54 Arab and Muslim nations in Saudi Arabia. My message that day was very simple. I urge the nations of the Middle East to set aside their differences, unite against the common enemy of civilization, and work together toward the noble aims of security and prosperity. I offered America’s friendship. I offered America’s help. But I said clearly that the nations of the regions had to decide what kind of a future they wanted for their children and for their families and for their nation itself. No one could make that choice for them. They had to do that themselves. Today, the world sees that they’re choosing cooperation over conflict, friendship over amity, prosperity over poverty and hope over despair. They are choosing a future in which Arabs and Israelis, Muslims, Jews and Christians can live together, pray together and dream together side by side in harmony, community and peace. All ignored by the networks mentioned maybe in passing, but that’s it. And so the media aren’t really about reporting actual news, even big news. The media can lie to you by censorship, by omission. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Is the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu? Cut. Three go. This day is a pivot of history. It heralds a new dawn of peace. For thousands of years, the Jewish people have prayed for peace. For decades, the Jewish state has prayed for peace. And this is why today we are filled with such profound gratitude. I am grateful to you, President Trump, for your decisive leadership. You have unequivocally stood by Israel’s side. You boldly confronted the tyrants of Tehran. You’ve proposed a realistic vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And you have successfully brokered the historic peace that we are signing today, a peace that has broad support in Israel and America, in the Middle East. Indeed, in the entire world. Cat Forgo. Let us pause for a moment to appreciate this remarkable day. Let us rise above any political divide. Let us put all cynicism aside that is feel on this day. The pulse of history for long after the pandemic has gone. The piece we make today will endure. Ladies and gentlemen. I have devoted my life to securing Israel’s place among the nations to ensure the future of the one and only Jewish state. To accomplish that goal. I worked to make Israel strong, very strong for history, has taught us that strength brings security, strength brings allies and ultimately. And this is something President Trump has said again and again, ultimately, strength brings peace. The UAE foreign minister today, Abdullah bin Zayed R. Narayan, say that fast ten times. Cut 5 go. This initiative would not have been possible without the efforts of His Excellency President Donald Trump and his team, who worked hard and sincerely for us all to reach here. Most notably, my counterpart, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the president of the United States, and all those who are genuine about the principle of peace in the United States. Who have strived to realize this measure achievement. And now the farm Bahrain Foreign Minister Abdul Latif bin Rashid R Zamani. Cut 6 go the declaration supporting peace between the kingdom of Bahrain and the state of Israel is an historic step on the road to genuine and lasting peace, security and prosperity across the region. And for all who live there, regardless of religion, sect, ethnicity or ideology. For too long, the Middle East has been set back by conflict and mistrust, causing untold destruction and thwarting the potential of generations of. Our best and brightest young people. Now. I am convinced we have the opportunity to change that. Now, I know for a fact that Joe Biden could never do this. Because he was vice president for a years. Then he was a senator. For 39 years. And he was always wrong about everything. Joe Biden could not have done this. This is why the Democrats are not going to talk about me. This is why the media will not talk about it. But you should. It’s magnificent. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You know, it’s an amazing thing. The Democrats like to claim that they’re the environmentalists and yet it’s their states that burn because of their outrageous policies. There’s a New York Times piece today taking a whack at a number of conservatives, including me. And if I have time, I’ll get to it. If I don’t, I don’t. But they are truly stupid and pathetic people who are right over there. Morons galore. But here again, you have a president who is trying a different approach and it’s working. And so they’ll dismiss it. They’ll ignore it. They’ll give it faint praise and then they’ll move on. It’s remarkable what Donald Trump has done in such a short period of time in the Middle East. It really is quite remarkable. I think so. You know, even now. Joe Biden. Makes a trip, the Florida. Joe Biden hasn’t been to Florida in two years. In two years. So there’s really nothing that commands Joe Biden into the office of the presidency? Nothing. Not as intelligence. Quite the opposite. Not as experience. Quite the opposite. Not his private sector background. He has none. Not as leadership. He’s never been a leader. There is nothing that commands. Joe Biden to the office of the presidency. Nothing. This is why yesterday he gets behind a microphone and starts screaming about the suburbs are going to be burning and flooding and blown away and so forth and so on. Sounded like a lunatic in a padded room. He sounded like he was he was speaking in tongue. From the pages of The New York Times. You need to understand. Most of you do, that the left will never take responsibility for its failures ever. Because otherwise they would destroy themselves. No, the. The. The. The plot or the planning is the opposite, which is. We haven’t gone far enough. We’ve tried everything that needs to be tried. We haven’t experimented enough. We haven’t taken enough of your liberty, enough for your private private property. Women controlled you enough. We haven’t redistributed wealth enough. We just never really. Have gone to the extent to which we need to go. To perfects society. And so they don’t manage their forests, these Democrats. They don’t manage Timberland at timber areas. It’s logical what’s going to happen, they burn horribly, killing people. Wildlife homes, you name it. And they blame climate change. They might as well be praying idols. The idea of climate change is responsible. Not them. And they don’t learn because they don’t want to learn. They claim to be the party of knowledge and science. Here you have a president, the United States, who has created a glidepath in the Middle East for peace. And in order to do so, he had to reverse virtually every major policy and decision that Obama and Biden made, they were rewarding the enemy. With tens of billions of dollars. They recount time to the to the Palestinian terrorists, and then they were putting the shoulder on Israel, demanding that they give up land, demanding that they go along with these crazy deals. President United States has taken a different tack. He said, no, no. Let’s work with the good guys. Let’s not undermine Israel and that’s not undermine these Arab Gulf states. While we’re rewarding Iran and so the media is so invested in the Democrat Party and that ideology that it cannot give the president credit. It cannot give Netanyahu credit. It cannot report honestly, because then they destroy themselves. I’ll be right back.