September 14, 2020

September 14, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The war on police continues as two cops were ambushed in an attempted assassination. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not connected to this, but they sure as hell have been passively silent on this violence. Then, the left relies on the public’s ignorance and the Democrats and their allies in the media are blaming President Trump for the systemic racism, coronavirus deaths, riots, looting, and now wildfires in California are being blamed on Trump too. The problem is that Democrats have run Oregon, Washington, and California into the ground, in many cases having one-party control, following Clinton era anti-logging policies, yet they blame Trump. Later, football ratings are down 28% because patriots have taken a knee to the NFL. This is the result of politicizing a sport when Americans just want to enjoy watching a game not get insulted by Marxist, anarchist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in to discuss the House agenda, Commitment to America. Finally, former NFL player and now Congressional candidate, Burgess Owners joins the show.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

The war on law enforcement, the war on cops continued over the weekend and we all saw it. We saw some bastard run up to a. A car, a police vehicle with two policemen sitting in their. And he sought to execute them in cold blood. Now, if you’re going to say that police officers are systemically racist. That they routinely abuse people. That the bad apples are all the apples. You’re going to show video night after night, day after day. Suggesting that police officers are killers. You create an environment that is extraordinarily violent and dangerous. And our media. And the mayors and governors in these areas. And the Biden campaign have done exactly that. To be clear, obviously. I’m not connecting any of them. With the effort to murder those two police officers. What I am saying is that police officers have been harmed and maimed and killed during the course of the last several months. In these riots and in this violence. And there’s gonna be more of it. Because Joe Biden. Even when he says or tweets. Against this sort of thing. It’s almost passive. And then he and then he puts out a tweet about assault weapons bans, sought weapons, was an assault weapon used in this case. Ladies and gentlemen, there was a pistol used in this case. And so they go back to their knee jerk responses. He got a vice presidential candidate. And Kamala Harris, who is defending, quote unquote, protesting, defending Black Lives Matter. Who supported along with certain Biden staffers. Bailing out violent criminals. This is chaos. Tamara Keith. And Biden and Harris do not have an answer to it. Because it would require police officers and potentially the military, like the National Guard, among others, to put it down. And they’re not prepared to do that. Not now, not tomorrow, not the next day. That’s number one. Number two, as I observe what’s taking place the last several days in the Biden campaign, in the media. They’re literally blaming the president of the United States. For the riots. Which, of course. The mayors and the governors, among others, are supposed to be addressing directly. They’re blaming the president, the United States, for deaths related to the Corona virus. Even though none of that is in the president’s control. President doesn’t run the hospitals. He’s not in charge of the doctors. He’s not in charge whether people wear face masks or where they go or what’s open and what’s not open. And so Biden and the others want you to believe that as the death toll goes up. And by the way, many of these deaths. Do not have as their primary cause the virus. We’ve had that discussion for months and months and months. But I want to move on. So now the deaths from the virus are on Trump. The riots are on Trump. The deaths from the virus are on Trump. Oh, it gets better. The wildfires in Oregon, California and Washington state. That’s on Trump, too, because he didn’t sign the Paris Accord because he’s a climate change denier. So that’s on Trump, too. Now. What else? Systemic racism. That’s a phrase you’ve become familiar with the last few months. That’s on Trump, too, because a Charlottesville, you know. So riots. The virus tests the West Coast, fires, systemic racism all on Trump. And this is how they intend to win the presidency. And yetevery one of these. Is a failure of the Democrat Party and the left. Every damn one of them. The Democrats have been running California for years and years and years, it’s a one party state. They’re in control of the environmental commissions. They’re in control of the major cities. They’re in control the decisions that are made with respect to the the timber, the forests and all the rest of it. Republicans have no say. The president, the United States has no say it’s theirs. They own the whole thing. And yet they hide behind climate change. Well, what’s the problem? Climate change is that climate change in Wyoming, Mr. Producer? Is there climate change in Montana? Idaho. Big country out there, ladies and gentlemen. Climate change in Colorado. Now, we’ve had forest fires before and we’ve had huge fires before, but they’re getting worse and worse and worse not because of climate change, but because of the people in charge of managing these areas of our country. These dark blue states are a disaster, a disaster. When it comes to the environment, the irony is the hard left, the dark blue states are a disaster for the environment. Absolute disaster. What’s going on now in Oregon and California, parts of Washington state? Exxon Mobile couldn’t do if it wanted to do. It’s not because of climate change. Go on the Internet. There’s expert after expert saying the same thing, they’ve been saying it for years. I talked about this the other day. Other talk show hosts are now talking about it. Decades and decades of liberal policies. That do not allow logging. That do not allow cleanups. Do not allow preventative burns any of these things. And it’s been going on since the mid 1990s under the Clinton administration. They set the policy in these governors embraced it. And they paved the way for these massive wildfires pave the way. This has been going on for 30 years. Doesn’t do a climate change. It’s getting hotter and hotter, these flatter answers. Some parts of the globe are getting hotter. Some parts of the globe are getting cooler. We have no control of what the sun does to us. I wrote in Liberty and Tyranny. How old is that book? Now it’s over 10 years old, I think, of the coming that coming blackouts and brownouts in California. Why? Because I’m Nostradamus? No, because of the policies. Go ahead. Look it up. That coming brownout, some blackouts in other states that follow California’s lead. They’ll have the same problem. It is an environmental disaster. Because of the left. But they want to keep talking about climate change. Because that’s a that’s an abstraction. Man made climate change of all things. It’s an abstraction. So the fact in California that they’re already cutting their energy usage. Is not enough. The fact that they’re taxed up the wazoo. They’re regulated up the wazoo. It’s not enough because it’s never enough. That’s the nature of the left. They’re not the problem. Their ideology is not the problem. The people are the problem. And this is where we’re going in every part of our economy and culture. Every part of our society. Should Joe Biden win? They’ve got the toughest environmental rules in the country, in California. The state is burning. They have the highest taxes in the country, in California. They’re going bankrupt. A beautiful state with natural resources that at one time. Was run perfectly well. Under Reagan, Deukmejian, Wilson. But you’ve now had a series of lefties, you’ve had Jerry Brown. They’ve got Newsome and others, one party state. They pray to the idol of climate change, please pray to the idol of leftism, and they destroyed the state. They’ve destroyed it. They’ve destroyed the state’s environment. And people now. Their entire lifestyles have been changed. Says a real world effect on people. Thousands of homes burned to the ground. God knows how many animals. Dozens of people are dead. And they blame climate change. They might as well blame Mother Nature when it doesn’t matter. They take responsibility for nothing. Nothing. The riots. Remember what they said about the riots? In Portland, because the press in the United States and in federal law enforcement, they’re still writing in Portland. Had nothing to do with federal law enforcement member Nancy Pelosi called federal law enforcement. Never forget storm troopers. Interesting, they don’t play that on TV now, now that two police officers, not federal, but it doesn’t matter. Were ambushed and shot execution style. In L.A. County, two sheriffs deputies. The language that is used is appalling. Now we have this pandemic. We’ve turned the corner on this pandemic. We have literally turned the corner on this pandemic. People are still dying and they’re still dying from cancer and heart disease. They’re still dying from strokes. Suicide, a whole number of things. People are dying from about two and a half million people in this country a year die. But the only charge they keep is the Corona virus, and they can’t even explain that chart to you. They can’t even explain the definition. When they code, somebody in is dying from the Corona virus and they’re not going to. But the president has nothing to do with the increase or the decrease. It is what it is at this point. Everything’s being done that can be done. And so when we get a vaccine, that’s when the precipice on the precipice. In four or five weeks. They attack the president. They say it’s political. It’s too fast. Is it safe? The idiot Harris I won’t use it because it’s Trump like Trump’s in the lab working on the on the virus. On the vaccine. You need to think very clearly about what’s going on here, folks. Very clearly. There’s a reason why there’s riots and these Democrats cities with these Democratic governors, very few in Republican towns with Republican governors. There’s a reason why these heavy Democrat states are burning. Now, I’m not saying they wouldn’t necessarily burn otherwise, but not like this. Decades and decades of left wing policies. Let nature. I remember where I was, I was let nature be. Don’t mess with nature. Don’t mess with. It’s really quite appalling. But they have an answer for everything. It’s certainly not them. So the answer is climate change, because Trump is not a true believer. It’s Trump’s fault. The police. Systemic racism. And if you don’t believe in systemic racism, there’s something wrong with you. They have an answer and an excuse for everything, but that’s all it is an excuse. And excuse. I’ll be right back.

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Joe Biden was in the Senate about thirty nine years. Did he sponsor any climate change legislation, quote unquote? Nothing that I can find, Mr. Madison. He acts like he. He was an observer all these decades and now he’s just decided to run for office, this great paragon. Well, what did he do on climate change when he was in the United States Senate for almost40 years? Nothing. Democrats say they like to follow the science. No, they don’t. They never follow the science. They only believe that a baby in the womb is a baby. So they call it a choice. Follow the science. There it is. You can see it on the sonogram, you can see it’s a baby. It’s got it. No, no. That’s a choice. It’s a feat. It’s not a sunny human being. But follow the science. One of the great pharmaceutical companies in the world. That’s close to having a vaccine. They should be cheered, Pfizer, the CEO, was on Face the Nation. He said we’re going to be done probably by the end of October. Then it’s up to the FDA and the government. They have 44,000 participants started with 30000. They’re going to 44,000. We’ve never seen anything like this before, ever. And they have followed all the protocols. And Kamala Harris wants you to believe it’s dangerous. They don’t follow the science. Their favorite governor is putting. Chinese virus. Positive patients and with senior citizens who didn’t follow the science, they don’t say a thing about him. Nothing. Not a word. Should we be celebrating Pfizer? She will be very excited about what’s about to take place. No. The Democrats are scared to death that this will happen before the election. They want it to fail. They want the president to hit the brakes. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Sunday Night Football TV ratings dropped 28 percent from the 2019 opener. I want to thank you and all the rest of the patriots out there. You took a knee against the NFL. They took a knee against our country. TV ratings for the first Sunday night football game of the NFL season were down in a big way. Reports The Daily Caller. Quarter to the deadline, the Rams beating the Cowboys and SNF was watched by fourteen point eight. One million viewers on NBC scored a four point seven in the early ratings, which means roughly four point seven percent of households watched it. That’s a 28 percent decline in the ratings. A 23 percent decline in viewership from the 20 19 opener. As always, numbers are subject to change as more information comes in, but the numbers aren’t pretty. This is what happens when you make everything political, the NFL put two of the biggest names at all pro sports in a prime time game against each other and still people didn’t care as much as they did last year. When you turn sports into political debates and not just political debates into a left wing enterprise, people are going to tune out. It’s that simple. Not a mystery. People watch sports to have fun. They don’t want to get lecturing. Might only be one game, but the NFL is in serious trouble. If this is a trend that continues all season long and I hope it does. The Levant Defund Movement, the Levant B.S. movement. We use their medicine against them. And then we don’t need jack asses who get on TV and start lecturing us. Like we’re morons, like we don’t know anything. Chris Collingsworth. Thursday Night Football. Cut 20 to go. I feel like I have to start off by saying I stand behind these players 100 percent, 100 percent. What they’re trying to do is create positive change in this country since it frankly is long, long overdue. So let’s just get that alleyway and go call football. Wow. How courageous. With the commissioner and the players all saying the same thing, how courageous. What would have been better? Chris Hollingsworth, if he had said, you know what, this is a great country. We all get to exercise our First Amendment. We men and women who’ve died for that, right. No, no, no. Bring positive change to this country. By what, calling the fans systemically racist, by embracing Black Lives Matter, a Marxist, anarchist, anti-American, anti-Semitic organization? Chris Hollingsworth, what do you think about the anti-Semitism? I think the next Thursday night football, you should address that. What do you think about that, Chrissy? You know, people who love America to listen to these lectures and quite frankly, as a small percentage of the population and Jews, a Jew to hear black lives matter. This is positive. No, it’s not. The people who hate my guts so people hate my country. And so he asked to make this statement. So he’s part of the good ole boy network. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. How many broadcasters in this business that is football? Have you heard speak out and say anything contrary to this? None. I mean, Jason Whitlock and so where but I mean, people who are covering the game, how many have spoken? Not one. Because this is gutless. This is easy. Let me start to soar by saying, gee, wow, what a plan. You got that out. You know, at the end of my show last night on Life, Liberty and Levin, and I’m not going to indulge this too much. I talked about my grandfather, my great uncle. These were. Remarkable men. And they weren’t alone in my family or in this country. They were extremely poor. Extremely poor as they went through the Depression. And I pointed out that my grandfather, my great uncle, they get into one of these old rickety trucks. They would drive it from Philadelphia out to western Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh. They would fill it up with coal and I mean, they would with shovels and all that dirt and all the dust, they would fill it up with coal, drive it back all the way back. And go door to door and sell the call because back then coal was used for cooking. It was used for heating. It was used for many things. And they worked like hell. And then when we were attacked in 1941 at Pearl Harbor, they both joined the Marines. My grandfather was he was an older man. He was 34 years old. He joined the Marines and he wound up, but he would Jima and Guam and his brother in law. Name was William, but they called him Tiger. Teddy. Used to sit in the passenger side when he would go and get the call. The two of them would. He fought it at the Guadalcanal. Now, these were strong, tough street men. My grandfather time was pretty big, it was 6 2, he’d been a boxer. Tugger is brother in law, had huge hands, was a very strong man. There was no white privilege. They didn’t have any privilege. They worked for every damn thing they got. Everything they work for every damn thing they could to take care of their families. Nobody handed them a damn thing. They didn’t have welfare. They didn’t have food stamps. They didn’t have anything. It was available. They never took it. And that white privilege when they went over to fight the Japanese. That doesn’t look like white privilege to me. Those men fighting on the beaches, he would jima and fighting in Guam and Guadalcanal. That was hell. That was hell on Earth. I don’t need lectures from Chris Hollingsworth or anybody else, for that matter. Period. Appalling. Multimillionaires running up and down a football field, a basketball court, baseball fields, Hollywood. Living lives that no human beings on the face of the earth have ever lived. Regardless of color, anything else? Putting down people who make a fraction of what they make. Who break their backs every damn day with dirt under their nails. That they’re systemically racist. In the greatest country, in the face, the earth. And the Democrat Party believes it and promotes it. For power. I want you to listen to Joe Biden. I want you to listen to him how now he’s trying to tie these fires in the West to climate change, to the suburbs, to Donald Trump. This is how sick this is. Cut one go. From climate denial may not have caused these fires. Now, do you believe this? Were the fact checkers. Whether Woodward’s. Donald Trump’s climate denial may have caused these fires. Go ahead. Could floods record her kids? But if he gets a second one. Record floods and record hurricanes. We’ve had floods and hurricanes before, massive floods and massive hurricanes, and this jackass was sitting in the Senate for 39 years, what the hell they do about it? If he really believes in this, what did he do? He didn’t do anything. Nothing. Go ahead. These hellish events will continue to become more common, more devastating and more deadly. Meanwhile, Donald Trump warns that integration is threatening our suburbs. We do know he’s not warning that integration is threatening. He’s such a friggin liar. This guy, I despise him even in his current mental state. He’s always been this way. Donald Trump is not against integration. You where, you jackass? Don’t you remember when you’re closing up? To the bigots and the segregationists, Donald Trump has never been a bigot or a segregationist. Not for one second. That was you. You clown. Donald Trump believes the suburbs should have sovereignty, that they should be able to rule over themselves, the towns, the townships, the cities. The nature of the country. That’s the way it was created. You don’t. The suburbs are diverse. They’re the most diverse place on this in this country. Almost 40 percent of the suburbs are minority. Almost 40 percent. It’s not about against integration. He doesn’t believe this federal government should be zoning. And ruling out single family homes, ladies, latest intel we’ve done shows on this, what happened in West Chester, New York, West Chester, New York was taken to court by the Obama Biden administration, not because there are any issues with race or discrimination, but because they wanted to change Westchester County. It had nothing to do with race or diversity because Westchester County is very diverse. I’d like Vermont. Where Bernie Sanders is from. Unlike Martha’s Vineyard. Where Obama has a home. Unlike Brentwood and Beverly Hills, where LeBron James has a home. And so just in this one or two sentences, Trump’s fall climate change trumps against integration. Climate change is going to wipe out the suburbs. I mean, folks. This is sick. Go ahead. But you know what is actually threatening our suburbs? Wildfires are burning the suburbs in the west. Floods are wiping out suburban neighborhoods in the Midwest. Hurricanes are shot up, you idiot. You raise your voice like a like in a padded room. Scratch in the walls for oatmeal. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Honest to God, folks. Greatest country in the world do we really want a certified idiot to be president of the United, say everything aside. Can you imagine Listen to this guy for four years. I mean, really. Guy needs to be in one of those white coats. What do you call those things? We tie them up. Abdullah? And then he raises his voice. So now they’ve tied the suburbs. Straitjacket the suburbs to climate change, to floods, hurricanes, fires and Donald Trump. How stupid. If you were in third grade doing a test and you’re right, that’s that. You know what, we’re gonna hold you back. Yeah. Yeah. You’re just not. You’re not with it. Joe. They must think you are so damn stupid. It’s climate change in Trump. That’s why we have fire the Democrats control Washington state, Oregon and California, and it’s Mother Nature’s fault and Trump’s fault. I’ll think about that. The Democrats control these cities. It’s not climate change. In these cities. It’s the left burn in these cities that Trump’s fault and federal law enforcement’s fault. Not think about. We got the China virus, Pelosi calls it the Trump virus, so the virus all over the world. That’s Trump’s fault. Now, how much are you going to put up with this bullcrap? So big signing ceremony at the White House tomorrow. And it involves Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu involves the UAE, among others, and, of course, the president, the United States. He’s done a fantastic job. Spreading peace. They don’t talk about that. We’ll see if we can track down my buddy Ron Dermer. He’s the ambassador from Israel to the United States. We’ve become very, very close friends. If he’s not with the prime minister to talk about that later in the day on Life, Liberty and Levin, oh, my Lord. This is the schedule. Sometimes people back out. This coming Sunday, the president of the United States. The following Sunday, the secretary of state. The Sunday after that, Senator Ted Cruz. Very, very close friend. The Sunday after that, another close friend man I call my pastor. Pastor Hagee. That’s just the next four shows. It’s a grand slam, isn’t it, Mr. Producer? And so we will bring you the very best broadcasting we can. Particularly in the lead up to the election, that is where I am focused, focus focused. All these people were books. If I can help you, great. But I need to focus on the on the country now and the election. We will have the Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, is asked to come on, he’ll come on at the end of the program. He he very much wants to talk about the issues that are important. I think he’s got a very good collection of issues that he wants to discuss, among other things. So that’ll be very exciting. So we have the Democrats now, in addition to blaming the president for the wildfires on the West Coast, not the governors, not the legislators, not Biden, who’s been around since, you know. Forever. No, no. The president. You gonna buy that? If you buy that, you’re out of your mind. The failure to run these cities and protect police officers. That’s the president’s fault. That’s sick. I’m telling you. Systemic racism, whatever that is, they can you define it? On the left, they can’t even define it. You just had to believe you damn well better believe in an hour out. I’ll tell you what. That’s the president’s fault. Presidents securing the border. He’s having to grow the economy twice. He’s built up the military. He’s trying to defend police officers and bring law and order to this country. He’s done more for the black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian community than every Democrat president, modern history, as far as I can tell. I’ll be right back.