September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, America is a partially occupied country and if the democrats win in November their ‘brown-shirted thuggery’ will occupy all of our land. When you’re no longer safe to have free speech and walk the streets, America is no longer free. Then, George Soros funded the campaigns of scores of candidates for mayor and prosecutors knowing that they intended to be soft on crime and had no intention of enforcing the law. This is in sync with the long history of the Democrats which have shunned civil rights and skirted the system to achieve their political goals. Later, Democrats are power-hungry American-Marxists. Herbert Marcuse was a Marxist philosopher in France and together with Saul Alinsky and others, they have been fundamentally transforming America with their teachings on colleges and universities across the country. Their goal is to break the American social contract. Afterward, Kamala Harris says she’s proud of accused rapist Jacob Blake. Joe Biden remains mostly silent of the violent riots still plaguing some American cities.

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Welcome back. I got an email from Ron Maxwell, director, producer. And he wrote this to me and I thought it was very, very important. He wrote, it’s not safe. Guys, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Steer clear of any and all urban areas. One wrong turn could be the last one taken. If it’s in a Democratic controlled city, there will be no police, no one to protect you. Here’s the hard truth. We’re now living in a partially occupied country. If the Democrats win the national election in November, it will become a totally occupied country. Their 21st century version of the brown shirted thugs of pre-war Germany, posing as the opposite of what they really are, will be rampant all across. Others have endured, even triumphed in these conditions. But it took time, decades. We must look to their example, Lech Walesa in occupied Poland, Vaclav Havel and occupied Czechoslovakia. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the Soviet Union. To pretend otherwise is to indulge a dangerous delusion. When you cannot speak your own mind without fear of retribution or even a physical harm, you no longer living in a free country. When you realize that you are preempting what you say or what you write in public, you are no longer living in a free country. When you are not safe on your own streets. You are no longer living. In a free country. Then he’s right. He’s right. Chaos is coming to Mayberry. Writes Leo home and Leo home and dotcom. The majority of Americans still have no idea that they are living in the midst of a low boil civil war. They sit back on comfy couches, watch on TV or computer screens, little snippets of the new normal. They see chaos enveloping large cities Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, DC. But don’t believe it will come to their small city or the suburbs. They believe Dr. Anthony Fauci in certain health experts who tell them it’s best to stay inside even as they watch increasingly shocking events play out on their illuminated screens. For the lack of a better term, let’s call these people the believers. They take whatever is said by their favorite media personalities, their politician of choice at face value and have lost all ability to engage in critical thinking skills if they ever had any to begin with. The lonely realize that they are being herded like sheep into a new type of society. Where authorities talked down the citizens and bark orders at them like a parent would scold a child after the low boil gets turned up to a roaring flame. The heat has, in fact, already been turned up from low to medium as attacks on random cops and Trump supporters have resulted in death and severe injury to dozens in the above mentioned cities. The cancelled culture is escalating. It’s no longer just people’s freedom of speech being curtailed, but their very thoughts to sit in silence as the revolution proceeds is no longer acceptable. You must actively and enthusiastically voice your support for its twisted values. White silence as violence shot the protesters described in the media as mostly peaceful. Own your white privilege and learn to control your implicit bias. The H.R. departments are big corporations. Instructor Human Capital formerly called employees. It’s been going on for years at public schools, universities and corporate workplaces. But now the thought police are venturing outside of these spaces to engage with the general public and you never know when you might encounter one of their jackbooted thugs. It happened at Roanoke, Virginia, last Friday, August 28. In an incident that did not get reported in any media until now, Joe Mantle. Not his real name was sitting with his girlfriend in an outdoor dining area along the downtown, scoring Roanoke about six thirty pm. Were among about 100 diners and drawing a summer evening of rare socializing during the ongoing cove at 19 restrictions imposed by Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph NORTHAM. Roanoke has a black mayor and a black police chief. But that hasn’t stopped large crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters from holding rallies throughout downtown, demanding an end to what they believe is the nationwide targeted killings of black men by systematically racist police departments. Suddenly, white dot while dining near the 2 0 2 restaurant in the city market area, Joe heard loud voices along the street leading to the outdoor cafe. A group of at least half a dozen men dressed all in black with black face masks entered the outdoor dining area as they moved to the center. They started talking to diners in an aggressive manner. Now, Roanoke is no tiny town. Its population is 100,000.It’s home to several small colleges. But nor is it anywhere near the size of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or Washington. The intruders appear to be in their early to mid 20s, identify themselves as black lives matter. When Joe saw what was going on, he got up and approached his waitress. We’re not here to support BLM. We didn’t come here for that. We’re not going to have a conversation about this. And that made them the agitators very angry, he said. We’d already ordered our food. I told the waitress, I’ll pay you for the dinner, but we’re not going to stay under these circumstances. You can either control the environment or we have to leave. Well. Not seeing any police or any action on the part of the restaurant staff to remove the agitators. His girlfriend got up to leave. I just told her we’re going to walk back to my place three or four blocks away. So we walk down aside street toward my apartment. That’s when things got, as Joe described it, pretty crazy. After they’d proceeded about a block and a half from downtown, Joe noticed four of the black clad agitators, three white men and one African-American heading toward the couple, yelling, No justice, no peace. I didn’t really know what to do. They saw us and we saw them. Joe said they started walking faster toward us. I just told her to run in the opposite direction and try to get back downtown area where all the people were. I can’t run because I have a foot issue. She was frantic and upset. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I wasn’t going to let them run over the top of me. I’m just not that type of guy. Joe, an options trader and former radio talk show host in his early 50s, tried to stay calm, believing perhaps he could draw on his gift of gab and talk his way out of a dangerous situation. The conversation lasted about five minutes, the more they engaged, the angrier the group of agitators became. It came down to this, Joe said. They said, you either raise your fist in solidarity or you get on the ground and lay before some beg for forgiveness. The four men were yelling at the top of their voices at me. As the conversation started to run in circles, Joe could see it wasn’t going anywhere. He issued the following ultimatum. He said, I will not be lying down before you and I will not be raising my fist. So I would suggest you calmly walk away from me right now, he said. The four men started laughing. One of them leaned toward me, tried to hit me with his right arm. I just ducked out of the way and he missed me. Then I hit him in the throat as hard as I could. He landed on the ground. Joe said the other guy proceeded to attack me. So I hit him hard. They could not breathe. One was crying and the other was screaming and a lot of pain. The third Black Lives Matter. Thug flew into a rage. I’m going to kill you right now, he yelled. I just put my hand on my side. Didn’t say anything. He took a bold swing with a stick, which looked like a broom handle. I caught it in my hand and I caught him off guard. And he went face first in the sidewalk. I think he broke his nose. There was blood everywhere. When he looked up the fourth Black Lives Matter agitator was gone. The other three were getting up and walking away. By that time, a police officer arrived. All of them were gone. My girlfriend saw it all from a distance. It was only our fifth date. She was like, I’ve never been on a day like this in my life. I said, well, neither have I. Joe stands 5 feet, 11inches and weighs about 198 pounds, he said at least two of the attackers appeared bigger. I never imagined something like this would happen in Roanoke. I’ve seen it happening elsewhere since they started calling for defunding the police, he said. But looking back, the signs were there. He said Black Lives Matter held daily protests rally for weeks in front of the city police station. The mayor, Roanoke Sherman Lee, allowed BLM to paint its anti police graffiti on a portion of the highway leading up to the center square. Quote, he’s a Democrat mayor. So he let them put that out there on a personal level. I’ve asked to speak to the mayor about financial issues related to the budget and he refused to have a conversation or meet with me. But ironically, the lady from Black Lives Matter said she had met with the mayor three or four times. I told her, imagine that I’m trying to look out for the financial fortunes of the city and here with what I consider a terrorist organization, you get to meet with the mayor. But I don’t. Joe won’t be going downtown anymore. He won’t be eating downtown anymore. He said we were having a great time up to the point they started harassing people. We’ve never seen anything like this before in our city. There will be no more freedom in the world if we fail to stop this in America. If you standup to them, they’re less likely to cause problems, and that’s what we need to do as a town, as a county, as a nation. He added. And sheriffs needed deputized people right now to be ready to defend their towns. These in your face public demands to submit to BLM are not just happening in Washington and now Roanoke, Rochester, New York, right there. And a McDonald’s. Rochester, New York. An elderly couple eating outside a restaurant. We remember the believers will need to see the violence right in their own city or county before they’re acknowledged as a problem. They don’t realize they won’t be able to sit this one out. They won’t be able to watch on the sidelines and stay above the fray. The believers have been conditioned, and I’m talking about, by the way, when he talks about all these suburbanites who feel they’re going to vote Democrat. The believers have been conditioned believe technocrats like Dr. Fauci that politicized the politicized scientist who picks and chooses the science of the day based on how he wishes to manipulate the herd. They appear to represent the majority right now in America, living in an alternate reality of their own convenience. They’re the ones who wouldn’t hesitate to call the police or the health inspector on a restaurant owner who wasn’t requiring mass. So the grocer isn’t making customers obey all the rules laid up by the government. But others of us aren’t so gullible. They have discernment to read the signs of times and are already preparing for the day when the lever currently set on medium boil gets turned up to high, whether it comes next week or next month or next year. They know it’s coming. They know it’s coming. It’s coming. It’s here, it’s spreading. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

See the number one defense we have against the Marxist higher anarchists. His law enforcement. When George Soros funded scores of elections for prosecutors, had no intention of prosecuting criminals in every intention of prosecuting police officers. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was funding a counterrevolution in the United States. These radical progressive mayors in these cities. When they’re watching the riots, the looting and the burning. They have no stake in small businesses. They have no stake in capitalism. They have no stake in defending, quote unquote, white people or even people of color who are part of the system. The Democrat Party has been a very evil and diabolical party for a very long time. Little periods of respite here in their. But it had no problem being the force behind slavery. And the civil war. No problem being the force behind decades of segregation. It had no problems of being the force behind decades of violating the voting rights of minorities. Poll taxes and literacy. Text. Jim Crow generally. It had no problem fighting every single Civil Rights Act that’s ever been offered. And now, of course. He uses the very same people. Those very same people are used to abuse. To continue to try and gain power. And now they call themselves democratic socialists or progressives. They are Marxists in American form of Marxism, but they are Marxists. And they will do whatever they have to do for power. It’s party first. After the bottom of the hour, we’re going to take a little bit more time so you can understand exactly what’s taking place here. Who behind it and the ideology that they are embracing. This is why many people say, Mark, what do you do for a hobby? This iswhat I do. I study freedom and I studied tyranny. This is what I do. And moral tyranny. When I return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I consider this one of the most important programs I’ve ever done in. So I hope you’ll stick with me. I have in front of me. Several books. Most of the people who’ve written these books you’ve never heard of before. But they’ve had enormous influence on this country. People say ignore the elitist, ignore the intellectuals, never ignore the elitist, never in are the intellectuals. And by lead, I don’t mean substantively elite. I mean the so-called masterminds. They’re the ones who push the agenda. I have a book in front of me called Marks An Education by Jean and Yan. Ever hear Jean Annual? Radical possibilities. Public policy, urban education and a new social movement. Jean Anya. There’s just tip of the iceberg. Ever hear Herbert Marchese? Or every living Marxist has. Everybody in Black Lives Matter has everybody in and TFA has. And half the members of the Democratic caucus in Congress have. He was a Marxist. Philosopher. In France and then in the United States. Case studies and diversity and social justice education by Gorski and Bethenny ever hear them? This one, you know. Rules for radicals. Saul Alinsky. Jay Rosen, what are journalists for? One of the individuals who has radically altered. Ina tremendously harmful way, journalism in this country. I have scores of books like this. These are the people who. We’re fundamentally transforming your nation. They’re not alone. Colleges and universities are filled with tenured professors like this. Now, you’ve heard of Cloud and Piven. I’ve talked about them any time, Frances, Fox Piven and Richard a cloud, both professors Columbia wrote many, many essays. And I want to read something to you. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. The title of the company, the collection of essays for this book they have is the breaking of the American Social Compact. I think that tells you what they want to do. They say the American social compact was forged in response to the protest movements of the 30s and 60s. Now, after two decades of relative quiescence by the poor and the working class, the programs are under sustained attack unless new protest movements emerge. The victories of the thirties and sixties will be rolled back. Indeed, are already being rolled back. And when you hear them talk about the poor. Doesn’t really matter. They could be talking about blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, it doesn’t matter. They say we think poor people win in the by that they mean minorities and others, mainly when they mobilize in disruptive protests for the obvious reason, they lack the resources to exert influence in conventional ways, such as forming organizations, petitioning, lobbying, influencing the media, buying politicians. By disrupt the protest, we mean acts such as incendiary as. Riots, Siddons Other forms of civil disobedience, great surges and demands for relief, benefits, rent strikes, wildcat strikes or obstruct obstructing production by stopping assembly lines or, you know, burning down buildings, interrupting people at restaurants. They call it the disruption, the disruption argument, which they first made in 1963. Mass disruption, they say, both its emergence and its successors. Is closely related to electoral politics. On the one hand, poor people or you can say anti for BLM. Do not ordinarily rise up if they sense no support from at least a significant fraction of regime leaders is as likely to be the case when the dominant party is secure. Then these people are likely to be treated roughly or ignored. And when a regime is insecure, it is more likely to bargain actively for support. It may then issue appeals, which signals vulnerability to demands from the bottom. In other words, you burn enough stuff, you loot enough stuff. You’re right enough. Disrupt enough. Then the system will bend. The regime will become insecure. Now, you’ve seen that in many cities, haven’t you? They go on, of course, I’m not going to read the whole book. Once protest movements and electoral the census. So rather than consensus. They coined this word half a day a half a century ago, the census. In other words, breaking up. Once protest movements and electoral dissents has subsided in each period, the victories won were eroded. The losses are not likely to be reversed easily to save social programs, it’s likely to take protests, at least on the scale it took to win them. Now the words riots. Some signs of mass protest have emerged in other advanced capitalist countries France, Germany, Italy, Canada, for example. The question is whether such protests will continue and spread even in the United States. Gee, I wonder. Will it they go on, social movements thrive on conflict. By contrast, electoral politics demands strategies of consensus and coalition. Movements have the impact they do on electoral politics, mainly because the issues they raise and the strife they generate widens cleavages among voter groups. We call this the census politics to differentiate it from the usual process of building electoral influence by recruiting adherence, stumbling coalitions or what might be called consensus politics. We think the evidence suggests that movements play a large role, perhaps a determining role in the periodic electoral D alignments and realignments that bring new regimes to power and usher in new public policy areas in American history. Other conditions must also be present before movements can cause destabilizing cleavages. Movements are not likely to have much impact unless economic and social conditions are already eroding established electoral alliances and allegiances and coalitions. So the corona virus. Was exploited by these people, they sat and they waited. Then the George Floyd thing hit and they ignited. The gas. It was all planned. It was all planned. They talk about the significance of the census politics, in other words, of destroying alignments of consensus. Once the role of parties in electoral democracy is acknowledged, so is the likelihood of a host of systematic distortions of voter preferences. To understand the importance of movements in electoral politics, we must appreciate not only the influence, the influences that distort the essentially Democratic mission of organizing voter majorities, but the deeply conservative tendencies of electoral politics, even apart from such distortions. In a two party system. To win state office, party leaders and their candidates must build broad majorities. They strive to do this by holding the allegiance of those who voted for them in the past while attracting marginal voters for the contending party to do this. They try to avoid conflict and search instead for the consensual appeals and promises that preserve and if possible, and large existing voting coalitions. And so they write that their job. Is to destroy that whole narrative. They say what we need. Because of the immobility of the two party system. Is an electoral realignment. Through periodic convulsions called realignments. We need an accumulated political tension. Resulting from the failure of the party system to respond to the problems generated by dynamic capitalist economy. And static party system. And so they must press, they say, the potential for realignment, which the two parties seek to suppress. Justice people had to be mobilized to support parties, they write in the issues and candidates they put forward. So do they have to be mobilized to desert them? Social movements are often the mobilizes of disaffection. We think social movements are politically effective precisely when they mobilize electoral disaffection. A fragmented governmental system in the United States means that the opposition party usually continues to control some part of the government apparatus. And so it is itself constrained by the need to hold together a majority by promoting consensus. And by the way, you know who their target is, Mr. Producer. The Democrat Party. They say we must control the Democrat Party. The Republican Party is useless. We must control the Democrat Party. And they do. Bernie Sanders knows exactly what I’m reading to you. Jillian Omar. Rashid Pelly, AOC Pressley, they know exactly what I’m reading to you. To appreciate the role of social movements in helping to precipitate electoral convulsion and realignment, we have to pay attention to the distinctive dynamics of social movements that enable them to do what party politicians do not. We emphasize the defiant and disruptive strategies of protest movements that arise among lower strata groups that have few regular political resources. We think the argument we’re making here helps account for why disrupt the protests such as strikes or riots. Sometimes force reform responses from the state social movements tend to emerge at moments when the electoral system itself signals the emergence of new potential conflicts. Signs of increased volatility appear in electoral politics, usually traceable to changes in the economy or social life that generate new discontents or encourage new aspiration. So they’re opportunists. You see. The evidence of vote of volatility in turn may prompt party leaders to do what they characteristically do to attempt to hold together their coalition. Only now they will employ more expansive rhetoric, acknowledging grievances among their constituents that are ordinarily ignored or naming and thus perhaps fuelling aspirations that only beginning to emerge like systemic racism. Oh, yes, yes, yes. And you see all the corporations follow to after the right, all their systemic racism, OBL lamb and painted on our courts and in our streets and all the rest. Movements can break. The monopoly. The politics, at least for a brief moment. Movements mount marches and rallies, strikes and sit ins, theatrical and sometimes a violent confrontation. The inflammatory rhetoric and dramatic representations of collective indignation associated with these tactics project new definition of social reality. You see all this, our definitions of the social reality of new groups into public discourse. They change understandings not only of what is real, but what is possible and what is just as a result. Grievances that are otherwise naturalised or submerged become political issues. Movements raise new issues, and when new issues take center stage of politics, the balance of political forces changes. And it goes on. That is exactly what’s taking place. Riots. Riots. Changing the language, changing the issues. With the system buckling. Looking for accommodation, looking for peace. The universities, the corporations. Professional sports. All appeasing and if not worse, embracing. The disintegration. The civil society. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

The demands of black lives matter and in truth, have nothing to do with race. Race is a fig leaf. You’ll notice more and more the people riding under the nomenklatura black lives matter white. So could be race, it could be the environment. Could be immigration. Kirby, economics doesn’t really matter. I watch the suckers. LeBron James and others. Oprah Winfrey, who throw in with this and don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re throwing in with. I watch them never Trumpers and people like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse who have no idea what’s taking place in this country. They think they’re smart, they’re actually quite crude and stupid. Most of the Republicans have no idea what’s taking place in this country. The president does instinctively. Instinctively. Which is why they hate him with such a passion. They were hoping for a Bush or Romney or McCain type or something like that. Who would buckle? Trump is not buckling. Trump is not accommodating the Marxist left. He’s fighting them. He’s fighting their mouthpieces in the media. He’s fighting their intellectuals and academia. He’s fighting them in the culture in Hollywood. And he’s fighting them in the Democrat Party. This is beyond conservative, liberal, beyond Republican, Democrat. Well, beyond, we’ve got a lot more. You’re not going to hear this anywhere else. I guarantee it. And I’ll be right back.