More on that Atlantic story

The anti-Trump story was obviously planted with the Biden-supporting, Trump-hating leftwing Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic. Who planted it? The reason given for cloaking the source or sources in anonymity is utterly specious, that is, fear of being attacked on Twitter. Yet, we are unable to question the motives of the individuals involved because of their anonymity. Moreover, why didn’t Goldberg ask numerous others who were on the trip with the president who deny the story, and who would’ve done so on the record?
The reason is that it would’ve undermined the narrative Goldberg was promoting, which he intended to harm the president with media-generated controversy 60-days before the election.

Certain other media like AP, Washington Post and Fox claim to have confirmed the story. But they’ve not confirmed the story. They’ve confirmed what one or more of the still anonymous sources told Goldberg. That doesn’t confirm the allegations. And notice these other media outlets knew who to contact despite their anonymity. And they also kept their identity from the public so these sources couldn’t be challenged and scrutinized. They pulled a similar stunt with the so-called “whistleblower” and the Ukrainian phone call, whose name is still never to be printed or mentioned by the media.

All of this should infuriate the public as these dishonorable ex-generals (that’s my guess) and perhaps other deep state actors, working with a corrupt Democrat Party-media, attempt to yet again influence the outcome of a presidential race and hope to install the mentally incompetent Biden in the Oval Office. And, of course, the sick irony is that Biden was the #2 in an administration that loathed our military, undermined its readiness, and is supported by radical leftwing groups like Black Lives Matter that accuse our military of war crimes.