July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that has been used safely for more than half a century. Yet, Anthony Fauci has come out against using it as a treatment for COVID-19, despite his lack of experience in actually treating patients with this medication. Rather than sit with America’s Frontline Doctors, Fauci would rather ignore them and criticize the group’s experiences on cable news. Social media tyrants were quick to remove a video from a press conference where nearly a dozen licensed physicians held to support Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and prophylactic. Then, conservatives have to fight like hell to keep what they earned at the ballot box. The left will use every part of the government and its power to reverse the results of an election. They will turn to the courts and the bureaucracy to fundamentally change America just like they’d shut down websites they’d like to censor. Later, who is ANTIFA? Teachers, bureaucrats, and college students all seem to have the time to be down with ‘the revolution’ by day and riot by night, all while getting paid. Afterward, Rep. Devin Nunes joins the show to discuss new revelations in the Russian collusion hoax. Namely, the source for the Christopher Steele dossier was born in Russia but was actually a previous employee of the left-leaning Brookings Institute and an employee of Steele’s who was in turn employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Russian Government. Nunes reiterated that it was the Democrats that initiated this, not the Russians as they falsely and maliciously leaked to their accomplices in the media.


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